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Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena is a football stadium in the north of Munich, Bavaria, Germany.

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Bayern Munich defender David Alaba would prefer to join Arsenal over Man Utd should he leave the Allianz Arena, reports the Daily Mirror.
Welcome to the Champions League. Welcome to the Camp Nou/Allianz Arena.
9 years ago today, Bolton drew 2-2 against Bayern Munich in the Allianz Arena. Tonight they face Cheltenham in the Ch…
On this day in 2007, Bolton drew 2-2 in the UEFA Cup against Bayern at the Allianz Arena. Look at the teams! 😳😳😳
Pep Guardiola jokes with former Bayern Munich colleagues upon return to the Allianz Arena
Pep Guardiola makes a swift return to the Allianz Arena as his Man City side take on Bayern Munich tonight.
Bayern Munich lights Allianz Arena red, white and blue for July 4 - Sports Illustrated
Pre-Season Schedule: In 12 days will play Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena. Guardiola's first game against his former club.
I guess the question is: what did he ride from Allianz Arena to Signal Iduna Park?
DJ @ Allianz Arena playing let me entertain you by Robbie Williams 👌🏽👏🏻
The atmosphere of Allianz Arena made Renato Sanches choose Bayern. So much for the 'theatre of dreams'
all Bayern facilities. Mirror only for Allianz Arena.
I can see one day Liverpool going to the Camp Noun, Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Allianz Arena etc etc and getting a result…
Vitoria proud of Benfica despite Bayern defeat: Arturo Vidal hit the only goal of the game in the Allianz Arena and…
INJURY-TIME. Five minutes more to play at the Allianz Arena!.
Germany beat Italy 4-1 in Munich – video highlights: Germany play Italy at the Allianz Arena in Munich on Tues...
Security checks on Guardiola and his assistants as they entered the Allianz Arena [via ]
Pep Guardiola meets Chantal Borgonovo at the Allianz Arena: the picture -
Reported target doubles lead against at the Allianz Arena.
Five things learned from Italy’s defeat to Germany: On Tuesday evening at the Allianz Arena, Germany swept asi...
Incredible at the Allianz Arena last night 🙌🏼 🇩🇪 V 🇮🇹 - 4-1 ⚽️ by olistautner
Watching x At my home, the Allianz Arena. 🇩🇪 x 🇮🇹
The last time Ranocchia played at the Allianz Arena, Goran Pandev destroyed Bayern Munich hopes in the last minute in 2010-2011 CL.
SportBILD: Lewandowski is set to sign a fresh deal with the club that will tie him to the Allianz Arena club until 2021.
According to Austria's Kronen Zeitung, Chelsea will be the opponent for the first ever match at Rapid Wien's new stadium, the Allianz Arena
Went I get older I want to visit these stadiums : St James Park , Signal Iduna Park , Juventus Stadium and the Allianz Arena. ⚽👍☺
Friendly reminder that City beat Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena with a CB pairing of Joleon Lescott and Martin Demichel…
In 2007, Gilardino & Inzaghi did this to Bayern at the Allianz Arena. That Seedorf back heel pass to Inzaghi killed Van Buyten simple.
One of the reason for a crazy atmosphere at Allianz Arena
It's happening at the Emirates,earlier on,it happened at the Allianz Arena
B Munich v Chelsea - UCL Final 2012: Chelsea take on Bayern Munich at the Allianz Arena in the Champions League final. Can…
Stunning goal, that. You'd see that for years to come if it were scored at the Nou Camp or the Allianz Arena
Bayern Munich legend Lothar Matthaus believes that Pep Guardiola should have stayed a bit longer at the Allianz Arena.
Ter Stegen's save against Bayern at the Allianz Arena was something else.
Allianz Arena no clique de Lennart Preiss - Getty Images for Audi
Also made a model of the Allianz Arena.
POW! Football Latest: Bayern Munich vs Arsenal LIVE score: Follow the action as it happens from the Allianz Arena
Bayern Munich on Wednesday at the Allianz Arena. Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday at the Emirates. . This is going to be a g…
I think this is only the 2nd penalty that Müller missed after the one he missed vs Arsenal in 2014 at Allianz Arena.
And I watched the last one live at Allianz Arena 😍
Can anyone help with the tickets for vs. at The Allianz Arena?
. . Allianz Arena : Bayern Munchin stadum in which is totally…
My dream is to attend Oktoberfest and attend a game at the Allianz Arena. Wasted
Cant imagine the people who watched the game live at The Allianz Arena. Must have been mental.
Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge claims that Pep Guardiola is happy at the Allianz Arena and insisted he will be their manager next season.
SECOND HALF! The lead 1-0 at the Allianz Arena as the second period gets underway. Great work, lads! Keep it u…
KICK-OFF! We're underway at the Allianz Arena, where the are looking to record their third straight win over
Robert Lewandowski scores 5 goals when beating Wolfsburg last week at Allianz Arena 😏 but unluckily, he isn't Arsenal player 😭😭😭
Fancy heading to the Bernabeu, Allianz Arena and Amsterdam Arena all in the SAME week?
People asked why i did not snapchat a lot when i was at Allianz Arena ! And i said cuze i was too busy enjoying it 😍
The Allianz Arena will light as a huge piece of burger! 😍😍😍😍
Walking on to the Bayern pitch with the Champions League music be like... @ Allianz Arena
Liverpool leaves Anfield then and will play at Munich's Allianz Arena from now on yeah?
I'm in love with Germany. Luckily got to go to Allianz Arena the May before Chelsea won the UCL there. It's immense
This is how Allianz Arena will look. Yes, it's a McDonalds burger 🍔
Holger Badstuber was at Allianz Arena watching yesterday!
Next we went to the Allianz Arena and checked out the awesome stadium that FC Bayern Munich plays in!…
The young Lenny realised his dream today to be at Allianz Arena with his Bayern heroes
Some may say the Allianz Arena is the eighth wonder of the world; I say it is Arturo Vidal's hair.
AC Milan and Bayern Munich clash at the Allianz Arena later and we're backing unders:
Going to see Real Madrid play Bayern in August at the Allianz Arena 😎😎
You can do the following attractions while watching at BMW Museum. Deutsches Museum. Allianz Arena Tour. Nymphenburg Palace
Have you forgotten that quickly how he was benched after the 4-0 at Allianz Arena because he wasn't "physical enough" 😂😂
CONFIRMED: Harry Kane is of to the Allianz Arena! (Source:
Bundesliga: Benatia pledges future to Bayern: ... first season at the Allianz Arena having made a 26million eu...
Do you want to see Butt, Breitner, Sergio & Co. playing at the Allianz Arena? Th...
My brother was about to cry when we passed by the Allianz Arena 😂
will face Inter Milan all stars at Allianz Arena in 11/July/2015.
then Wembley would have cost half the amount! how much did Allianz Arena cost?
Stamford Bridge is going to look similar to the Allianz Arena if the rumours that those architects that designed that were hired by Roman
First time that a shirt inside Allianz Arena ?
Why Bayern Munich will Bounce Back in Europe: It says much about the level of expectation at the Allianz Arena...
Falling straight into bed after showering is my most favorite feeling right after being in Allianz Arena to watch FC Bayern playing live.😊👍🏼
incredible scenes as man utd overcome their 3-1 loss at the allianz arena to progress to the UCL final, magical.
Watch a home-match at the Allianz Arena in Munich, Germany. Join JFC - season 6 to experience the action.
Ever seen the Allianz Arena all lit up? Join JFC and watch this wonderful sight in person.
Others have the Allianz Arena; we have the Gaffe Arena: The past days have been a sobering moment for us all. ...
And this is arena where Sterling can only dream to play. Keep and I don't give S*** about Sterling
It’s a date, São Paulo. September 19th at Allianz Arena. Don’t stand me up.
Good luck the legends of Old Trafford and the Allianz arena
The last encounter at the Allianz Arena ended with a 3-3 draw with goals from Cole and Scholes amongst others
What?:p no they were founded in 1860. They're our biggest enemy hinne byel3abo bil Allianz Arena kamen
Jaidi played 90 minutes and headed a stoppage time equaliser as Tunisia drew 2-2 with Saudi Arabia at the Allianz Arena, in Munich
Chelsea consult architects who designed Bird's Nest and Allianz Arena over plans to make Stamford Bridge bigger!
BEITEN BURKHARDT celebrates 25 years with Partner Meeting and Events in Munich at the Allianz Arena
I'm in love with the Allianz Arena 😍😍🇩🇪
Allianz Arena Tour Scheduled. Im so excited for this trip😍
Someday in my life I will go to M&T bank stadium as well as Allianz Arena
are we playing 1860 at the Allianz arena? Would be a dream to see the swans abroad in a stadium as beautiful as that!
Just been to visit the Allianz arena, best ground I've ever seen.
Bringing the red vibe to the Allianz Arena.. 💪 @ Allianz Arena
Munich is so cool. People were surfing on a river and Allianz Arena 😋
The Allianz Arena playing field has been named Bundesliga Pitch of the Year 2014/15 by the German Football League
At home in the Allianz Arena everything is possible and with the great support of our fans we want to reach the Champi…
It's been 10 years since Bayern Munich moved their home to the glorious Allianz Arena.
Yesterday at Allianz Arena. Totally wrong result, but still a very nice stadium.
Happy 10th anniversary to the best stadium in the world, Allianz Arena! ❤️. Greatness, Beauty and pride 😍😍.
Bayern have lost interest in Raheem Sterling after meeting with his agent, as Aidy Ward requested the Allianz Arena be rena…
ON THIS DAY: In 2012, Chelsea won the UEFA Champions League, after defeating Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena.
Bucket list type day: went to a Bundesliga 2 game at Allianz Arena and the home team won! Unbeatable stadium atmosphere!
Our Cube for Allianz Arena, Munich Germany. Have any of you seen a match at this awesome stadium?. The Allianz...
Unbelievable time at Allianz Arena! Amazing stadium and the museum shows what a successful club they are!
Bayern boss Pep Guardiola has denied reports linking him to a move to Manchester City citing that he has one more year at the Allianz Arena.
- went to watch 1860 Munich at the Allianz Arena on Sunday, what a stadium! Check out Polter's goal for Berlin though
When You see stadiums like the Juventus Stadium or Allianz Arena it makes Me wish We built the Emirates steeper. The bowl is too shallow.
don't get mr wrong its a nice stadium. But Wembley + Allianz Arena are better . +. Camp Nou. Bernebau
Last time Bayern lost a penalty shot out was against Chelsea. In the Champions League Final. In the Allianz Arena
In 2007, Bolton managed a 2-2 draw in the Allianz Arena vs. Bayern in the UEFA Cup!. See the brilliant footage here - http…
From Signal Iduna Park to the Allianz Arena, to the Estadio Vicente Calderon to the Bernabeu!
We won against Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena where most people thought it was impossible and the same people think we cannot win in Monaco"
They told us we would be raped by Bayern at the Allianz Arena in the past 2 seasons. Instead we almost knocked them out. It aint over yet.
On . Allianz Arena'll turn green in (a little Tuesday morning rhyme)
Happy St. Patrick's Day, fans! To celebrate, the Allianz Arena will be lit up in green tonight.
they're called "The Gunners" for a reason :p who expected they would beat Bayern at Allianz Arena 0-2 after losing home 1-3 ?
I've also seen us being the first English club ever to win at the Bernabeu, at the Allianz Arena and at San Siro. I've seen too many things.
have won at San Siro, Guiseppe Mieza, Bernabeu, Allianz Arena. Why can't we win enough at Stade Louis II to make d quarter finals?
na so we no kuku win for everywhere. We won at allianz arena. No? Bernabeu nko?
from and Olympiaturm and Allianz Arena green!
Going green. Allianz Arena lights up for St. Patrick's Day!
The Allianz Arena in Munich turns green for St. Patrick's Day!! 🍀
They beat Bayern 2-0 at the Allianz Arena...if they can channel that team spirit then I don't see why they should...
Boys should just replicate the performance against Bayern @ the Allianz arena.
well i wanna see the vatican, always wanted to! Buut I also wanna see the allianz arena but all in good time eh crocks
Allianz Arena looks amazing in green for St. Patricks day😍🍀
This Team is way better than the team that beat Bayern Munchen 2nil at the Allianz arena so wat you saying?
Even the Allianz Arena in munich shines green for St. Patrick's day :D
Scenes if we throw a party at the Camp Nou like we did at Allianz Arena ;)
We've done it before at SanSiro, we've come so close at Allianz Arena, we will do it in Monaco
Allianz celebrates by turning the Allianz Arena green, find out more from Sinead Browne, AGCS COO
Allianz Arena in 'the world goes green on St Patrick’s Day'
Weird to think we have won at the Allianz Arena more recent than Old Trafford.
Allianz arena being increased to 75,000 makes me happy
Hello!Look,our video of the construction of the arena! /Franzi
Allianz Arena to Old Trafford? German star in potential move away from Munich|
TRANSFER GOSSIP Barcelona forward Lionel Messi, 27, has alerted Manchester United to his potential availability by saying he does not know where he will be playing next year. (Guardian) United are also on red alert over a move for Bayern Munich forward Thomas Muller, 25, who is keen on a move away from the Allianz Arena. (Daily Star) Juventus are interested in signing Liverpool forward Mario Balotelli, 24, on a loan deal this month, with an option for a £14m permanent deal in the summer. (The Times) Arsenal are prepared to increase their bid to land Legia Warsaw midfielder Krystian Bielik, 17, but face competition from German club Hamburg. (The Times) The Sun's back page on Tuesday The Gunners have also been sounded out over a move for Swansea striker Bafetimbi Gomis, 29. (Daily Mail) West Ham midfielder Ravel Morrison, 21, is on the verge of a move to Italian club Lazio after falling out of favour at Upton Park. (Mirror) Tottenham striker Emmanuel Adebayor is holding talks over a move to Parma, but the ...
Bayern received the green light to increase the Allianz Arena capacity to 75,000 fans for both Bundesliga & UCL
Life goal:. Watch a Bayern game at Allianz Arena before Lahms retirement(2018)
Arsenal Is the first English Club to beat Real Madrid at the Bernabeu and A.C Milan at San Siro and also Bayern at the Al…
Really don't want Julian Brandt to join He's a really promising and exciting player, but I fear he'd vanish at the Allianz Arena.
Capacity increase at the Allianz Arena. :') . League games: 71,000 ---> 75,000. Champions League: 68,000 --->...
Now i have reason to reach Allianz Arena before 2018. So wait for me, Captain.
Bayern about to increase the capacity of Allianz Arena. Same with Madrid and Barca. what are u waiting for?
Green light for increase. granted permission to raise capacity at Allianz Arena
"I did not need to speak with for my choice. San Siro/Allianz Arena? Here stadiums aren't full as in Germany"
Bayern Munich have had permission granted to increase the capacity of the Allianz Arena from 71,437 to 75,024.
Bayern Munich have increased the capacity of the Allianz-Arena to 75,000 - Only a few months after completely paying o…
According to reports, Muller is desperate for a change of scenery and has told his agent to secure him a move away from …
Mostly cos I wanna see Berlin Wall + go tour Allianz Arena as well
Had i got better gpa and TUM offered me an interview and accepted me, I would've been 30 mins away from Allianz Arena for 4 months.
Just arrived in Munich. Time to purchase some Bayern gear to really jump on board the bandwagon tonight at Allianz Arena!
Is this a preview of what we'll be seeing at the Allianz Arena in the future..?
DEC 16: Top Tips December 16, 2014 Leave a comment In England on Tuesday there are two Capital One Cup quarter-finals and while I’m currently favouring Chelsea at Derby and Southampton at Sheffield Utd I want to see team news before making a final decision. There are six FA Cup replays and of those Luton at home to Bury, Rochdale at home to Aldershot and Yeovil at home to Accrington could be the best bets. In the Bundesliga Bayern Munich at home to Freiburg is one of four games and in the Spanish Cup there are four second-leg ties including Barcelona v Huesca and Valencia v Rayo Vallecano. Bayern have conceded just three Bundesliga goals all season and have kept clean sheets in seven of their last eight in all competitions which suggests the leaders to win to nil – but I can’t recommend that again so I’ll be on them on the handicaps. Real Madrid are in action against Cruz in the Club World Cup in Morocco. Derby County vs. Chelsea Jose Mourinho’s men defeated Hull City 2-0 at the weekend to exten ...
Bayern Munich's, Allianz Arena is the no 1 ground in Europe for % attendance . Graph via
Pep set to offer 'Plan B' Sterling an Allianz Arena future: Bayern Munich are considering a bid for Liverpool and England midfielder ...
Good Mooring , Its Matchday last game at Allianz Arena in 2014 Let's win
Kids escorted the team onto the pitch of the Allianz Arena: via
When I'm older,I wanna travel Europe. Watch games at the Allianz arena, wolfestadion,bernebeau, vicente Calderon, besiktas at home, and more
LIVE: Follow all the action from Munich with our rolling blog. direct from Allianz Arena.
Bayern's 346 million € Allianz Arena is now fully paid off. 16 years earli
Camp Nou Allianz Arena Old Trafford etc, and we have "Juventus Stadium". Gotta come up with a better name
I am a Real Madrid fan and I like to see dortmund play but you guy remember the 4-0 we give you guys again in allianz arena
. only in Munich. Allianz Arena. see firework in 31Dec. relaxed at cafe. nothing so special, justly same as being in Tokyo.
guess who will be at Allianz Arena tomorrow :)
Brilliant time in Munich topped off with taking Treeve to watch against Leverkeusen at the Allianz Arena.
Laser show and Glühwein: . script. The Allianz Arena will be a blaze of festive colour on Tuesday n...
Tomorrow is last match in the Allianz Arena :(
Well that's true, it had nothing to do with football. It was the biggest massacre ever happened @ Allianz Arena where Barca …
Super Eagles forward Ahmed Musa was in action as his Russian team CSKA Moscow crashed out of the UEFA Champions League on Wednesday night in Germany. Thomas Muller's first-half penalty and late goals from Sebastian Rode and Mario Gotze sealed a routine 3-0 victory for Bayern, while defeat for CSKA means they cannot even enjoy the consolation of Europa League football in the new year. The Bundesliga champions came into Wednesday's clash at the Allianz Arena already confirmed as pool winners, while the picture was slightly more complicated for CSKA. Leonid Slutsky's men needed a win in Munich and had to hope the game between Roma and Manchester City in Italy ended in anything other than victory for the home side. In the end, both results went against CSKA - City claiming second spot with a 2-0 win in Rome while they finished bottom of the group with five points. The most pleasing aspect of a straightforward dead-rubber win for Bayern boss Pep Guardiola is sure to be the long-awaited return to his starting X ...
D I D-Y O U-K N O W? 1. Michael Own remains the only Liverpool player to receive the Ballon D'or. 2. Bayern Munich played its home games at Munich Olympiastadion for 33 years before moving to Allianz Arena in 2005. 3. In 2010, Messi , Iniesta and Xavi were chosen as the 3 best players in the world as they bagged the top spots at the FIFA Ballon D'or, an unprecedented feat by a club. 4. In 2006, Juventus were relegated to Serie B for the first time in its history as a result of match fixing scandal. The club was stripped of the two titles won under Fabio Capello in 2005 and 2006. They were promoted straight back up as Serie B league winners after the 2006-07 season. 5. In 1908, AC Milan splitted due to internal disagreement over the signing of foreign players and Inter Milan was born. 6. In 1994-95 season, Atletico Madrid avoided relegation by a draw on the last day of the season. This prompted managerial change along with a wholesale squad clearance during the summer 1995 transfer window. 7. In 1920 Madri ...
Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz wants to extend the Allianz Arena capacity by another 10,000 seats
Off to Allianz Arena to buy a scarf with Thomas Muller’a face on it wo
Mario Gotze, Robert Lewandowksi and Arjen Robben all scored as Bayern Munich swept aside Hoffenheim 4-0 at the Allianz Arena on Saturday
Alonso: Hard for a German to beat Messi & Ronaldo to Ballon d'Or 19-Nov-2014 The midfielder feels a German player has a chance if the award is decided on team success, but the Madrid and Barca stars have it wrapped up based on individual displays Bayern Munich star Xabi Alonso believes that it would be tough for a German player to beat Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi to the Ballon d'Or. The veteran Spaniard made a surprise summer move to the Allianz Arena from Real Madrid, where he played alongside Ronaldo and enjoyed many battles with Messi's Barcelona. A number of Bayern's contingent of German World Cup winners are nominated for the prestigious award, including the likes of Philipp Lahm, Thomas Muller and Manuel Neuer, but Alonso feels the Liga pairing are still ahead of the competition in terms of individual performances. He told Sport Bild: "It's a very general question: is the award about individual, personal performances? "In this case, it would be tough against Messi and Ronaldo. Or is it about t ...
Before I die i want to visit the Allianz Arena, the Signal Iduna Park, the Camp Nou and the Santiago Bernabeu 😩
New Pictures Of Akwa Ibom Stadium (2014) The Akwa Ibom Stadium is modelled after the Allianz Arena in Germany, the home ground of reigning German Champions Bayern Munich, the Stadium boasts 4 -tier, covered, seating terrace, all-natural grass, high-tech floodlights and security cameras, 36 emergency exits, bullet proof VVIP and VIP along with other ultra-modern facilities, with a 30,000 capacity ultra modern complex that is already regarded as the best in the West African region and compared with South Africa’s Soccer city. With 10 Year Maintenance Contract With Berger
In the fourth week of the champions leauge Chelsea held in Maribor home in Slovenia , PSG Barcelona and Bayern Munich qualified for the round 16. In the continueing matches of the Uefa Champions Leauge Bayern Munich won against their guests As Roma in Allianz Arena stadium.Frank Ribery scored his second goal in this year Champions leauge competitions in the first half before Mario Gotze finish of Italian giants in 86th minutes. In the other matches psg were hosting Apeol Nycuyprus from Cyrups. The french gaints started the game with power and the result of their attacks was the goal that was netted by Edinson Cavani on a great assist by Georgy wan der wiel.the result did nt change and parisians finished their job to make their qulification to round 16 with an easy victory.Chelsea whom expected to win against Maribor were held in the Capital of Slovenia.The blues stunned Maribor in Stamford Bridge with 6 goals to 0 .the Slovenians started the games and had the chance to open scoring in the first half but . ...
Bayern Munich 1-0 AS ROMA. Frank Ribery with the first goal of the game at the Allianz Arena, and sending Bayern on at the moment.
Sunset at the Allianz Arena. Kickoff at 11:30 PM live on Neo Prime.
Liverpool FC transfer gossip: Reds face Marco Reus battle, January move for Ezequiel Lavezzi, Divock Origi to stay at Lille, Victor Valdes not yet done A round-up of the Reds transfer rumours from around the web Liverpool FC face a battle to sign reported target Marco Reus, according to the Daily Star, with Bayern Munich readying a bid for the Borussia Dortmund star. The Reds, Arsenal and Manchester United are apparently among a host of European clubs monitoring the 25-year-old's situation. Dortmund are desperate to secure Reus to a new contract, due to a £28m buyout clause, inserted into his current deal, which becomes active next summer. But Bayern chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge admits the Bundesliga champions are interested in bringing him to the Allianz Arena. Meanwhile, the Express believe Brendan Rodgers will respond to the news Edinson Cavani is not for sale by moving for his PSG team-mate Ezequiel Lavezzi in January. The Argentina international was tracked by Rodgers over the summer, and accordin ...
League Matches round up: In Spain: Real Madrid 5 - 1 Elche In Germany: Bayern Munich 4 - 0 Paderborn Eintracht Frankfurt 2 - 2 Mainz 05 Hoffenheim 3 - 3 Freiburg Werder Bremen 0 - 3 Schalke 04 In Italy: Empoli 2 - 2 AC Milan Pep Guardiola's side may have been unspectacular in the opening four games of their title defence, yet Bayern never looked like losing at the Allianz Arena against Paderborn, as Gotze's double, Robert Lewandowski's half-volley and Thomas Muller's close-range finish late on secured victory and top spot in the table. Meanwhile in Spain, Cristiano Ronaldo struck four times as Real Madrid maintained their remarkable resurgence with a 5-1 victory over Elche at the Santiago Bernabeu on Tuesday evening. Ronaldo's night had hardly begun as he would have wished - he was at fault for the 15th-minute penalty that gave Elche a shock lead through Edu Albacar. Madrid and Ronaldo in particular - rallied, with three quick goals of their own through Gareth Bale and a double from the FIFA Ballon d'Or w ...
Bayern Munich were in a rampant mood, as they thrashed Paderborn 4-0 in a Bundesliga clash at the Allianz Arena on Tuesday night.
FULL TIME : Bayern Munich 1 - 0 Manchester City The England goalkeeper was finally beaten late on having kept out Pep Guardiola's side for the majority of the 90 minutes as City suffered defeat in their group stage opener. Jerome Boateng scored a dramatic late winner as Bayern Munich kicked off their Champions League campaign with a 1-0 victory over Manchester City. City goalkeeper Joe Hart frustrated the Bundesliga champions for long periods of the Group E opener at the Allianz Arena on Wednesday, as Bayern looked set to start the group stages with a draw. Thomas Muller ought to have put the Bavarian giants in front inside a minute when he rounded Hart but could only fire wide when he finally got his shot away. Manuel Pellegrini could only watch on from the stands as he served a touchline ban, with his assistant Ruben Cousillas taking charge on the sidelines, and he must have had his head in his hands as former City defender Boateng's half-volley deflected past Hart at the death. "Bayern edge out the vic ...
Bayern Munich 1-0 Manchester City - Martin Samuel's match report from the Allianz Arena
MUNICH, Germany, Sept 17, 2014 (AFP) - A superb strike by Jerome Boateng with a minute remaining earned Bayern Munich a dramatic 1-0 victory against Manchester City in their opening Champions League game of the season on Wednesday. An inspired performance by City goalkeeper Joe Hart looked to have secured his team a point in the meeting of the English and German champions at Munich's Allianz Arena. But former City defender Boateng hammered a volley into the net in the dying seconds, although his venomous strike appeared to take a deflection off Bayern's Mario Goetze on its way in. Hart had pulled off a string of fine saves from Thomas Mueller, David Alaba, Goetze and Boateng but the England international was finally beaten as Bayern earned a deserved win in their opening Group E fixture. Manchester City had come back from two goals down to beat Bayern 3-2 at the same venue in last season's group stages and they started with Edin Dzeko, who has yet to score this season, leading the attack instead of Sergio ...
Pep Guardiola says Manchester United cannot afford to buy Bayern Munich's star players and believes their decline should serve as a lesson to other clubs in Europe. United have been a perennial giant in English and European football under Sir Alex Ferguson, but the Scot's retirement at the end of the 2012-13 season has seen them go downhill rapidly. Louis van Gaal was rumoured to be chasing three Bayern Munich players as he looked to add to bolster his squad, with Arjen Robben, Thomas Muller and Bastian Schweinsteiger all linked. Muller recently hinted that he turned down "astronomical" money to join United and Guardiola has added that the 13-time Premier League champions couldn't afford to lure his players away from the Allianz Arena. "[United] didn't have enough money," he told reporters. "I saw they spent a lot of money. It’s good for my friend Louis. It’s part of the game. "All of the clubs in the world want the players of another club. It depends on the player. If the player wants to play he will ...
Munich (Germany): For the fifth time in four years, European giants Bayern Munich and Manchester City will play each other in the Champions League group stages. The opening game in Group E on Wednesday sees the German and English champions meet in Munich's Allianz Arena, where City came back from two goals down to win 3-2 in their final group game last December. [ 606 more words. ]
Didier Drogba has returned to training with Chelsea ahead of a possible first European outing with the club since scoring the winning goal in the 2012 Champions League final. Drogba's first spell with the Blues ended with him scoring the decisive penalty which defeated Bayern Munich in the final at the Allianz Arena. He has now given manager Jose Mourinho a big boost by returning from injury sooner than expected, showing no ill effects as he trained with the Chelsea squad at their Cobham base on Tuesday. Drogba rejoined Chelsea this summer after a spell at Galatasaray but missed Saturday's win over Swansea because of an ankle injury which was expected to keep him out of the Group G match against Schalke on Wednesday. Mourinho is likely to start with in-form Diego Costa up front at Stamford Bridge but Drogba may well gain a place on the bench. Watch Chelsea play Schalke live on Sky Sports 1 from 7.30pm on Wednesday.
Welcome to Santiago Bernabeu, Chicharito! . Welcome to Old Trafford, Falcao! . Welcome to Allianz Arena, Alonso! . Welcome back to BVB, Kagawa!
Toni Kroos believes there is a completely different mentality at Real Madrid than the one he was used to at Bayern Munich. The Germany international joined the Santiago Bernabeu side in a deal believed to be worth €25 million and says he is already adapting to his surroundings in Spain - despite discovering a very different approach to the one he became used to at the Allianz Arena. "The mentality here at Madrid is different than at Bayern," Kroos was quoted as saying by Sport Bild. "When training started at 10:30 at Bayern, everybody would be ready to go at 10:30. Things are a bit different here. I got used to it pretty quickly, though. Everything is a bit more relaxed and loose. "I briefly considered using a translator at Madrid, but I didn't like the idea of having someone around me all the time. I can get by using English. And Sami Khedira helped me out with some minor things in the beginning. He was really helpful for me." Kroos then went on to make it clear that he doesn't feel any extra pressure ...
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