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Allen West

Allen Bernard West (born February 7, 1961) is an American politician serving as the U.S. Representative for .

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Sweet 16 matchup of KU and Iowa St at Sprint Ctr in KC would be huge. It's called both Allen FH West & Hilton Colis. South.
• Allen West: Congress demands State Dept. investigation of OBAMA over his involvement in….
Here's a List of Things Iris West Needs to Look for in a Hero Who Isn't Barry "Time Travel Is Hard" Allen
get Upset over meme posted on Allen West’s FB-Get used to it-trend is here to stay
And Another myth from the 2016 election explodes - Allen West Republic
Host Col Jamie Williamson - Col Allen West and Emerging Threats for the New Ad
when you are back on the west? I decided I am finally going to try the fried musubi & you can be test taster 😌😂
Inspired by Trump, look at what DESPERATE left launches now... - Allen B. West -
Allen West: I seriously CANNOT believe what this lawmaker is trying to SHOVE through in Texas!
. West Coast Pirates v from Ken Allen Field not far away…
Good practice meet today! We showed those Allen and Plano West people whatsup!
Rachel Maddow receives ultimate mantle of shame - from fellow lib! - Allen B. West -
By drawing with McKinney Boyd, Allen girls soccer clinches the seed in 6-6A. Plano West will be the 3 seed.
Tomi Lahren drops major TRUTHBOMB on 'The View;' and it's delicious - Allen B. West -
Stacy Dash, Ben Carson and Allen West all in one
Don't forget Tim Scott and Mia Love re "the blacks" not even gonna mention psycho Allen West ...
wrong Montel there are many blacks who support Trump. Shaq , Charles Barkley, Allen West just to name a few.
Rep. Allen West: "Unconscionable" military cannot fire when fired upon
May I nominate Col. Allen West as Secretary of the Army. He'd be a Perfect fit. A former Congressman as well
It looks like nobody else cares about former congressman Allen West.
Allen West "As a combat veteran with 22 years of service, I can't turn my back on this young soldier. And based... https:…
“In this video, former Congressman, LTCOL Allen West appeared on FOX News with Neil Cavuto to discuss Iran. Mr.
I have never had a female MC. Allen West, Bill Nelson, some R rep, then in NM, all male as well
I always saw Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, & Col. Allen West as Americans & that’s what I see in this picture;…
only a politician you agree with, so no Mia Love, Condi Rice, Allen West, Tim Scott, Thomas Sowell or Herman Cain ?
Eve, there are MANY great Americans of color, Allen West, Herman Cain, Ben Carson, Sheriff Clarke, etc, etc. True…
He'll never be the GOP nominee anyway. We'll find a replacement for him in FL, like Allen West or Dr. Carson.
The "deplorables" though Trump would pick nutjobs like Allen West and Louie Gohmert. Sorry, globalists and Goldman Sachs.
Allen West and Tim Scott for Deputy Secretary positions. Allen West, Dep Sec of Defense!!
Rex for State. Perry for Energy. Fiorina floated for a top intelligence post. Allen West at Trump Tower. ALL THE SMOKE & MIRRO…
LOOK>Allen West gives CAIR islamist a good old dose of American truth. Masks are off folks now is the time h…
Allen West is at Trump Tower a few days after posting a message about "exterminating Muslims". This is fine:
Allen West: Obama EXPOSED via Obama used the military as a "jobs program."
Horrific genocidal statement by military veteran and former congressman Allen West, a notorious Muslim hater emboldened by Tru…
Very Happy to see & hear you met with Amb John Bolton, Allen West, Gen Petraeus & Kris Kobach. They belong on your team.
You should also consider Gov Huckabee, Allen West and Hermain Cain if possible for your admin!
He did- with bottom feeders like Jesse Lee Peterson and Allen West. I've always voted GOP, but he's just abhorrent. No ma'am!
If this is true, this is awesome. Now all we need is Allen West as SoS.
"I'd rather see Gary Sinise or Allen West to be honest. Sarah seems unhinged at times." — Fah Qew
U.S. Marines against Romney for Secretary of state we've got better like Bobby Jindal or Allen West
No to Romney as Secretary of State... yes to Bobby Jindal, you or Allen West... help pick someone better B4 2 late
Help stop Romney as Secretary of State in favor of Bobby Jindal or Allen West. Trump in charge or is Ryan?
Great. Get Herman Caine and Allen West involved. First Administration to involve 3 former black presidential candid…
Check out Allen West and Michelle Bachmann. Stay away from Lindsey Graham.
. Who is your... 1. Sec of State: Bobby Jindal. 2. CofS: Priebus is a good pick. 3. AG: Ted Cruz. 4. SecDef: Allen West
Well, he wouldn't be the first. Bob Graham did it. So did Charlie Crist. Mildly surprised Allen West hasn't conside…
Ben Carson, Sheriff David Clark, Allen West, Dr Darrell Scott, Pastor Mark Burns - all Trump's men- all black.
Trey Gowdy, Allen West, David Clarke, Huckabee, Jeff Sessions, that's a good start.
Please don't overlook Col. Allen West in your search for your team
Please find a place for Col. Allen West
Wouldn't it be great if Col. Allen West becomes our new Secretary of Defense? Like the new page that promotes his...
Col. Allen West may be a good candidate to oversee the VA cleanup🇺🇸
Congratulations President Trump. Col. Allen West a perfect choice to head the VA.
Thank you for your service, Lt. Col. Allen West!
I do hope Col. Allen West would be a great dept. Sec. Defense , Jim Webb ,please find a spot for him. Sec.of Navy in Reagan s
Col. Allen West for Secretary of State. What say you.
don't forget about Col. Allen West either. A great patriot!
Col. Allen West , Capt. Jim Webb , Rudy , Carlson , Huckabee , Kelly Ann ,all good. Rice too ,great pick. Trey Howdy ,yes!
What are you smoking? Allen West retired as a LT Col. Nowhere near a 1star general.
Maybe you can find a spot for Lt. Col. Allen West. He is a real patriot that i greatly admire.
Been on Col.Allen West side for years!Great man!Can see him & VP Pence on motorcycle ride together😂pure awesome
Will Lt. Col. Allen West be in a Trump cabinet?
Thank you Donald Jr! Col Allen West for President Trump's Cabinet and of course Dr. Ben Carson!!!
Good evening. It's true what Col. Allen West should be Defense Secretary ?.
Put Col.Allen West in charge of the VA
please please please have Col. Allen West as your SecDef
How about Col. Allen West for Secretary of Defense??? Just a thought
I love Allen West.. There are very few people in government that I trust..Col. West is one of them
I pray that can find room in his administration for my favorite guy Col. Allen West.
Col. Allen West states what we all believe!
Can Col.Allen West be speaker of the House? Or does he have to be a member?
Lt. Col. Allen West, you sir are spot on!
A worthy read by the great Col. Allen West-he covers it all. I have a theory about James Comey… via
Lt. Col. Allen West visits GU to discuss "The Truth About Radical Islam" | by
Go ask Allen West in his reelection campaign the supervisor of elections Gertrude Walker ran to the hospital with a fake emergency!
Bob Dole offered wise words in this article from Allen West.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
'Obama saying Assad must go is one of the dumbest statements ever!' - frmr congressman Allen West
People who should not be on TV giving opinions;. Ray Lewis. Sarah Palin. Donald Trump. Alan Keyes. Allen West. Michelle Bachmann. Sean Hannity
LOL! All he was missing was Herman Cain, Alan Keys, Allen West, and Clarence Thomas. What a joke!
Allen West explains to Colin Kaepernick that its' DEMOCRATS who have DESTROYED black Americans.
Allen West: Folks, I caution you, things are not as they appear via
Allen West: MIND CONTROL, What we MUST do to reform education, before it's too late via
Worth reading this thoughtful article by Allen West.
If Ben Carson and Allen West support you openly to African Americans more support will come and dont forget Colin Powell
Allen West: 'Demagogue' Obama a Threat to America's Existence as a Constitutional Republic |
Allen West: Turn on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and PBS see if this is their top story  - Allen West Republic
Allen West: Thanks to Obama, I'm saying goodbye to something else I love - Allen West Republic
Allen West: What Obama did last night is utterly OFFENSIVE to our military - Allen West Republic
Allen West: What's happening to this Sailor and NOT to Hillary is DESPICABLE! - Allen West Republic
Allen West: What just happened up north is VERY concerning!
Election 2024 Roger Ailes/Allen West on the American Authoritarian Party ticket vs Kanye West and The Situation
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Herman Cain, Ben Carson, David Clarke, Omarosa, Mark Burns, Darrell Scott, Allen West and Diamond and Silk (lol) are the 1%
Uncle Ben Carson is nothing but a token as is the usual, i.e., Michael Steele, Allen West, Katrina Pierson
Allen West is one of my Patriot heroes! This man speaks the truth for the good of the people!
Allen West schools a Muslim and speaks the TRUTH about Islam at http…
If this were Allen West and Fiorina, fairly certain you wouldn't feel the same. Identity politics make people dumb. https:/…
Allen West: I've just discovered Obama’s SECRET plan to hand Hillary the election
Sooo...basically she's just gonna be face-timing with Dennis Rodman, Allen West, Ben Carson & Herschel Walker?
[VIDEO] "Back the Blue" Sunday at First Baptist of Dallas with LTC Allen West
Allen West: Why is Western Media and Elected Officials Dismissing and Excusing this Enemy? |
Allen West: Terror in France, coup in Turkey as Obama celebrates THIS?! |
"No more excuses, Barack Obama is a liar, he should resign." - Allen West
Still thinking he'll pull a switcheroo later in the campaign and add General Mattis, Allen West, or Sheriff Clarke.
Allen West: We just discovered another big fat government COVER-UP |
Allen West: What is the future for the 'real' American dreamers? |
Allen West: I had the sick feeling this would happen; here's how we MUST respond |
guess who revealed that? Allen West. From court filings. That is evidence. To defend alton sterling is disgusting.
Allen West: Liberal progressive polices have promoted destruction of black family [Video] |
Please get someone as your VP that can address racism. IT is not Newt. Herman Cain, Allen West, Ben Carson
You're probably "talking" about the ex presidential candidate lieutenant colonel Allen West. Sorry, I have a dry sense of humor.
have you thought about colonel Allen West for VP?. Military & congressional experience. A good. man.
Allen West: thinks we're all *** after what he just said about attack. https:/…
Allen West: We’re watching deliberate genocide, folks, and Obama won’t say a DA*N thing!
. I hope Allen West is on that list of VP choices. A Col. with military experience as well as former congressman.
Allen West: We're watching deliberate genocide, folks, and Obama won't say a DA*N thing! via
Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Allen West, so many great African Americans for kids to look up to!
dont forget about Jessie Lee Peterson, Allen West, Alan Keyes, Larry Elder, Armstrong Williams and "Silk & Diamond" lol
Really? If so, why didn't it work for Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Allen West, Herman Cain or Ben Carson...
who is that? Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Allen West or Clarence Thomas?
Lt. Col. Allen West on the Obama admin.: “They continue to deny, they even continue to lie about the nature & the existence of…
Here is Allen West about change of Allah to 'god'.👉Alarming video: Muslims define themselves❗️
Allen West: After your HISSY fit Mr. President, I need to school you on something! via
VIDEO : Owns a Representative from . Allen West puts this FOOL in his place!!! .
Member of the U.S congress from (Florida) Allen West, says: anyone with Obama' a threat to the gene pool"
Nice list. I like Allen West in there. Trey Gowdy is a BOSS! . What about Sheriff Clarke?
Allen West would be an excellent choice.He was in House Of Reps. lieutenant Colonel,Army,IraqWar,Persian Gulf War
Allen West: New law in this state would make it ILLEGAL to be conservative |
Allen West "Amazing: We’ve finally found something that SHUTS UP Sean Penn" |
Allen West "When this Navy SEAL was sitting in jail, he never dreamed what would happen next" |
Allen West “Powerful: This needs to be seen by every LIBERAL PUNK who thinks only ‘Black Lives Matter’ [VIDEO] -
Allen West "If I were advising Trump on foreign policy, I'd suggest he do this PDQ" |
Allen West "FOUL! Seattle passes sneaky law to STOP you from buying guns" |
Allen West "FOUL! Sneaky law to STOP you from buying guns"
What do Allen West, Ollie North, Larry Craig &Ted Nugent have in common? (besides being nutters)
BREAKING: Gov issues harsh ruling on Hillary e-mails. Slowly they turn, step by step inch by inch. via Allen West.
Allen West "VA Secretary should be FIRED for these despicable comments"
If ur black, practice homosexual culture (Michael Sam, etc.) or act like a *** (Ben Carson, Allen West, etc.).
Allen West would be good choice .. Military background
Never occurrs to them to approach Jim DeMint and Allen West...
If they're going for west allen. They should've took slowly . I mean. Iris felt like they're ment to be just bec of the future and earth 2😂
I think the knowledge might have came from helping Zoom but who know with these writers
Let me guess Caitlin would be that person even tho she has married/dated everybody that isn't Barry
on letting his ship flag fly high!!"Barry Allen is destined to be w Iris West" https…
ALLEN WEST: "President Obama, before you try that gun grab, I have a WARNING for you... So help me God."
Louis van Gaal is still in shock this morning after the coach was attacked at West Ham. He's not used to seeing so mu…
preach Devon preach! 🙌🏾👌🏾 the only one for Barry Allen is Iris West
Just like in the comics, Iris West is Barry Allen's anchor.
My nominee for is Barry Allen and Iris West
Barry Allen can't die obviously. Plus I think wally west is going to be a speedster. I can tell from old books of the flash
I'm a conservative because I believe in peace - real peace, not just the peace of mind. - Allen West
Barry and Iris are going to be together. It is their destiny. West Allen is going to happen! End of discussion.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
I want to be loved as much as Barry Allen loves Iris West
well I think he should know better he was so sure he didn't want anybody to know West Ham could get relegated 😑
I better get a westallen kiss next episode
I hope that there's more to what we see but hopefully not a villain
WEST (Allen) COAST! The episode of that I directed is on RIGHT NOW!
they're repeating everything else so why not that? Though I don't think so
I actually enjoyed that episode outside of Iris
What I just discovered about Bowe Bergdahl’s whereabouts DISGUSTS me - Allen B. West -
"You're everything to me. You always have been." BARRY FCKING ALLEN SAID THIS TO HIS FUTURE WIFE, IRIS FCKING WEST .
Allen, Martello ejected as University falls 3-0 to West Orange in regional baseball final:
Barry Allen is the more popular flash , but Wally West ends up being the more powerful flash ..
Sh! Take the credit, Iris. Also: that gasp you give before the hug in the last scene makes me so Flashin' happy. ht…
In my opinion Ezra would of made a better Wally West than Barry Allen but either way he will OWN THAT ROLE.
"All I know is that you're everything to me,always have been and your voice will always bring me home" -Barry Allen to Iris…
Please consider . Allen West for VP he is articulate won't be intimidated & a REAL PATRIOT
LOL!! and ONLY whites w/ racist placaters like Omarosa, Allen West, Stacey Dash allowed at Trump Tower Grill!
back in the day, when Donald Trump threw a fundraiser for Allen West in Trump Tower:
I'd like to see retired Sen. Tom Coburn and Col. Allen West on a Conservative ticket.
might b winner VP Allen West he's tuff on terrorist good outlook 4 our military plans experienced intelligent straight up
have great respect for Allen West. don't think he will be VP pick b/c of. media smears by et al
~ How can you say that!!! Kasich is pro `common core`. Should be Condi Rice, Allen West, David Patreous.
picking Allen West we support you here in Florida Florida Rod Allen West that God had a bigger blessing for him AMEN...
Americans that could be POTUS and actually make America great again. Allen West, David Clarke, Clay Higgins, Ron...
Nope. Successful and intelligent black ppl don't need to vote Democrat. See Tim Scott, Condi Rice, Allen West, Mia Love, etc.
Barry Curtis interviews Allen West | with on | via
Oh the of you,Calling me,DrBen Carson,Allen West,Sen.Jeff Sessions,Carl Icahn, Chris Christie, etc blind sheep
When will she just go away...she almost looks histrionic, Allen West, no Leo Dicaprio, no Bobby Kennedy all hurt her
Ohhh that's why Mia Love, Tim Scott, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Allen West are Republicans...
According to her, Allen West, Seth MacFarlane & Leo DiCaprio all want her so...
I read a little about Allen West and I was so for Ben Carson and Marco Rubio but will u be voting for a candidate? I don't know?
from the get go. Same for her accusations against Allen West, Seth McFarland, Dice, etc
Alan Grayson, Allen West and a big fat scam
Sure did. As well as, Allen West, the NYPD, Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane, &…
Allen West has predicted that President Barack Obama will build upon his controversial visit to Cuba this month...
she accused Allen West of Groping her, Charles Johnson of hacking her computer...
.If you check the source of the Allen West allegation, Charles Johnson, notorious liar claimed that, not Michelle
Michelle Fields is an attention seeker who once claimed Allen West groped her but later went silent," along with...
she's also accused of harassment, Charles Johnson for hacking, Allen West for groping.
will Allen West, Charles C. Johnson & the NYPD turn themselves in 2 since Fields accused them lol
Michele Fields accused former U.S. congressman Allen West of groping her in front of an elevator while they were colleag…
I want something on Allen West that doesn't come from Charles C. Johnson.
.- Students for Liberty, Leonardo diCaprio, Allen West, NYPD. The psycho is a professional victim.
1/2 All the men Michelle Fields has accused of molesting/physically handling her: Allen West, NYPD,Matt Damon,Robert Kennedy,Chuck Johnson
Allen West could be good as could Condi to a lesser extent ... How old is Fred Thompson these days? Or draft
Not only that...same charge against the NYPD in 2011...& Allen West, too? No it won't work. ht…
She's a liar. Matt Damon, Charles Johnson, NYPD, Allen West, all victims of her lying.
So what happened to her when Allen West supposedly groped her and she sued
Robin Shaw's could you direct me to where you saw Allen West endorsed Trump. Cruz supporters argue that claim.
It was clear Boehner wasn't, so I voted for Allen West. Meanwhile, Establishment Doug ignored his constituents and voted for Boehner.
One person to look at for a possible vp is Allen West. The gentleman is a former congressman and retired Army officer.
12. Black Republicans like Allen West, Tim Scott, Mia Love, Michael Steele will suddenly be the most popular people in DC :-)
Collegian sat down with retired Army lieutenant colonel and former Florida congressman Allen West to talk about...
"Never read your own press or drink your own bath water." . -Allen West (R) Former Florida Congressman
Whoa: Look how Laura Bush responds when asked if she'll vote for Trump ~via Allen West
Laura Ingraham & Allen West, 2 bona fide wing-nuts. I hope the salary is enough for having sold your soul. FAIR & BALANCED!
Seriously who would you want to see as VP for Trump. Cruz not allowed. Allen West? Mike chucklebee? Hmm ovanka Donald Jr?
It's not up to us. I like Lt. Col. Allen West a lot. Trump will assemble a stellar cabinet.
You'll be looking at then. Check out her jumping Matt Damon & claiming an Allen West sexual assault.
Allen West "JUST IN, America faces terrifying new threat...People NEED to Know"
... lol of course u do. . Allen West -killer. Clarence Thomas -rapist . Ben Carson is best of the list.
Allen West is a great man! . I stand by him and Clarence Thomas and Dr. Ben Carson ANY day!
you, Beyoncé and Al Sharpton could learn from men like Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Clearance Thomas and Allen West.
"A female "reporter" with a history of falsely accusing people (NYPD, Allen West, Matt Damon, Robert…" — Guest
Fields the attention hog Allen West. Matt Damon, now this F(CK her U didnt get 2 C her ***
It could be because you're a known liar around the office? Like false Allen West groping accusation?
Didn't she accuse Allen West of groping her infestation but later recanted? Ya, this was orchestrated.
she likes to be the story, Allen West, Matt Damon THIS . ME
Fields accused Allen West of groping her breasts in elevator. West denied, PJ Media fired him.
A well rehearsed setup. Didn't she accuse Allen West of groping but recanted?🤔
Same who accused Allen West of groping but later recanted? She'll do anything for attention.
Ya ok. I remember a similar stoty from your girl about Allen West. Remember? Funny how she just let that go
It filters down to voters. They in turn elect people like...Joe Walsh, Allen West, Michelle Bachmann. They have no interest i…
What we have on Capital Hill- career politicians - Michelle Bachmann left for telling truth - Allen West never re-elected. Writing on wall
I recommend Allen West for a cabinet appointment
please speak with Allen West about the vice presidency.
i would change Allen West for Retired Marine General James Mattis for Trump's SECDEF.
Not long ago Allen West was waving a piece of paper around & claiming the Congressional Progressive Caucus were all a bunch of commies.
Allen West would be my Secretary of Defense Cruz would b my VP or Get Carson in HHS
My boss had on his fresh white new balances and instinctively I yelled *** ALLEN" yeah it didn't go over too well...
"When more Americans prefer freebies to freedom, these great United States will become a fertile ground for tyranny." - Allen West
. would shoot himself in the foot if he took any of them as VP. Allen West is his best choice
This argument is getting old. Who wouldn't love an Allen West , Dr.Carson, Thomas Sowell, or Herman Cain for POTUS to name a few?
Allen West always tells the truth like it is. Wish he ran for president.
So is Allen West compensating for his failed Army career or his failed political career with that bike?
Iris West-Allen. Sounds perfect. Iris now knows about Earth-Two WestAllen. . Help.
He's worried about her and strictly a friend. Now let's talk about Iris West-Allen please.
Meet Allen Ritter, the secret weapon behind hits from Rihanna, Drake, and Kanye West
Here's my drawing of Iris West... Allen? So excited for tonight's ep ❤️
Lt.Col. Allen West has NOT endorsed Trump. This is a scam and he's called B.S. on it.
Folks, we're about to have a MUCH BIGGER problem than the government breaking into your phone... - Allen B. West -
It's fake, Allen West has already said this is a lie. A pretty dishonest lie.
hope you make a wise choice on your VP selection like Allen West instead of one of your lying opponets
Earth 1 Jay Garrick aka Hunter Zolomon is Zoom and the man in the mask is probably Wally West or Henry Allen
Deven Williams with 28 as Hills West dethroned Brentwood 86-69. Allen with 40 in final game.
Meet the secret weapon behind hits from and
“Honestly, I’m sick of the trap sound—every producer is doing that. I want to show versatility.” —
Allen West does not Why Charles Martel hated blacks because of Saint Benedict monks refusal to support him in war .
Allen West former member of the U.S. House of Representatives and retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel at the Don!
TERRIFYING: EU police chief just revealed how many ISIS jihadists are .. ~via Allen West
4 secretary of state, Sarah Palin, VP, Allen West, Head of the Military Command -
Rand Paul,Allen West ,Carly Fiorina lets untie& endorse Ted Cruz so we can save our much Beloved Country,America.RT
Jim Moran, an old white Democrat congressman in 2012 said Allen West wasn't authentically black.
Lincoln day dinner in effingham is next week. I will be speaking, Allen West and a lot of local politicians will...
FYI: Patrick Hampton is a male version of Stacey Dash, or another Allen West, Wayne Dupree type: internalized racist
Allen West “Look what happened to U.S. company that lobbied for Iran nuke deal” via
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
A lot of people know his histoy. Allen West is just slow on the uptake.
Up to me, I would draft Col. Allen West. No one will f**k with him. Patriot.
Lt. Col. Allen West asks b hussein o why he does not visit an or church instead of a mosque...
Hoping Cruz wins the nomination. Excellent VP picks for me --- Rand Paul or Allen West
Allen West: ‘Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamist’ The Col. is stating the obvious.
I agree. I like Allen West, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum, Huckabee. But I really don't think they have a snowballs..
Some Monday Motivation from Lt. Col. Allen West, who will speak at our Nashville Freedom Conference.
Current at the Tarrant County Lincoln Day Dinner at the Omni Hotel. Lt. Col. Allen West is presence Governor...
Trump needs a fierce VP, (ie: Dennis Michael Lynch or Allen West), or fear he'll be another JFK
Great evening at last night's Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner with Lt. Col. Allen West. Thx for your service!
An example. Col. Allen West would make a great president. He knows what Islam is. I don't care that he is black.
.This isn't looking too legit, Randy. Allen West, as noted by Cheryl, and no ID of which ratings bureau (Nielson, etc.).
Eric A.- Allen West is up there with Michell Malkin as the most bizarre right wing lunatics out there. sad 4 America
We're doomed: Nearly half of college grads don't even know THIS about our government ~via Allen West
The college republicans at my university are bringing in Allen West for MLK week. I have no idea how that poster in the hall disappeared. :)
Allen West "Here are the questions that need to be asked about Iran and our 10 Sailors" - Allen West Republic
What is former congressman Allen West saying in this post?
Allen West a one term congressman .
just in: Donna Brazile is actually Allen West dressed as a drag queen.
you are citing Allen West and you are afraid I look stupid. Oh Honey, you just funny.I may be stupid but not compared to you
Allen West - Florida ... Colonel - congressman and Patriot leading in America today
I am voting for Trump but Allen West would be great advisor or cabinet member.
I'd love to see Mike Lee or Allen West or Jeff Sessions or a couple others as Ted Cruz running mate. :)
After reading Allen West's words, I'm no longer tempted to leave the Grand Old Party. Fight to take our Party back..
You should learn from people like Ben Carson, or Sheriff David Clarke, or Allen West, or Condoleezza Rice.
Allen West "46 killed, hostages taken at airport base, why is Obama silent on this one?"
True. Communist Party USA has 87 seated in congress - Allen West, I think, was last to out them.
Allen West “If no one else will stand up to what Obama just said about bigotry, I WILL!” via
"Allen West" and "the truth" do not inhabit the same area code. Reading your other link now.
They funded the campaign against Allen West. I smell Nancy Pelosi 4 some reason
Allen West is an *** / A former congressman mistakenly blamed Islam when he couldn't buy booze at Walmart
"We are a nation of lions, sadly being led by sheep." ~ Allen West . .
Excellent piece by Allen West re: how nanny state has hurt Black America:
You go Dr. Carson! The leftists can't stand a Black Conservative! Look what they do to Clarence Thomas, Allen West?
Enjoying an amazing speech from former Congressman, Col. Allen West at the Nueces County Republican…
Hanging out in Corpus waiting for the Nueces County GOP event with Allen West tonight. Ck'd in with Congressman Blake watching football.
MT If Obama's family were there in Paris, would it be a setback? ~Allen West
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