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Allen Toussaint

Allen Toussaint (born January 14, 1938) is an American musician, composer, record producer, and influential figure in New Orleans R&B.

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hi me again. here's another: rapper Toussaint wrongly getting cre…
Allen Toussaint's Life, Love and Faith album is brilliant all the way through
I'll let you have any Allen Toussaint tracks... just pure niceness. Also this track is quality and anything off th…
St James infirmary - Allen Toussaint now that's a summer tune right there
hi here's a random rec: life, love and faith by Allen Toussaint 😎
HB415 [NEW] Enacts the "Allen Toussaint Legacy Act" for the purpose of creating an individual property right of i...
I hope these lyrics I'm making up are not, in fact, Allen Toussaint songs that are just rattling around in my subconscious.…
I added a video to a playlist Allen Toussaint - Yes We Can Can
Last Train by Allen Toussaint from the album Southern Nights
Listening to a slinky prowling groove that has seemingly slipped off the radar. Written and produced by Allen Touss…
Queen of the Silver Dollar: The Studio Albums, 1975–1979 will be at indie shops 4/22
Nights on YouTube end with this. Swooning at the lyrics, and digging the quiet amazement on Allen Toussaint's face
Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint perform "The River in Reverse" on David Letterman in 2006. Title track to their LP
Allen Toussaint wrote this 1977 hit for Glen.
♫ How about some feel-good soul on this Friday evening? Here's the legendary Allen Toussaint with "Soul Sister" ♫
19:00 Paul Jones: The best in blues from Charles Brown, Sean Taylor, Allen Toussaint and Frankie Miller.
On the other hand..Randy Newman, the late Allen Toussaint, Robert Plant, others talking about Fats Domino on PBS special re-airing now.
📷 Quick oil pastel sketch of Allen Toussaint by Brian MonkeyMan Richard
Proud Mary - with Jennifer Hudson, feat. Allen Toussaint and Rebirth Brass Band by John Fogerty ♫
How I handled the election results: . Ordered more Allen Toussaint, James Booker, and John Boutte CDs.
On the first anniversary of his death this has never been more pertinent Allen Toussaint
O yes, that is definitely the one. :) I really miss Allen Toussaint
IDK but Allen Toussaint wrote one where a fortune teller predicts he'll find love & he falls in love w/the fortune teller :)
2015, Allen Toussaint the American musician and influential figure in New Orleans R&B died aged 77.
Putting together an Allen Toussaint playlist for the first anniversary of his death tomorrow. And I hate that that has to be the reason why.
Now Playing: . 「Early in the Mornin'」/ Cyndi Lauper featuring Allen Toussaint and B.B. King ♫…
Also on November 10: On this day in 2015, Allen Toussaint passed away.
I learned from Allen Toussaint that there are no bad ideas but only that some ideas work better than others in certain situations.
Allen Toussaint, David Bowie, Prince and now the USA. Hits keep coming...
"We must train ourselves to look toward the horizon for the silver linings." Allen Toussaint.. Please light a...
Legendary songwriter/bandleader Allen Toussaint died on this day in 2015.
Allen Toussaint died on this date on year ago.
"Allen Toussaint" . Aw... I just remembered we lost him last year.
Nice find but you've gone on to David Gates. Here he's at full force with Allen Toussaint song 1970.
Had the pleasure of seeing Allen toussaint at 2014 outstanding performance!
A few months before he died, Allen Toussaint honored Jerry Garcia with this rendition of "Get out of My Life, Woman…
ALLEN TOUSSAINT: "Southern Nights" . one of my all-time favourite songs (also an indication that i wd adore auto-tune when it arrived)
Well this just made my day: The great Allen Toussaint wrote and recorded a song called "Tim Tam"…
Some more sound to accompany my afternoon on internet - Allen Toussaint - American Tunes - his last work -
Allen Toussaint has an election day message for you - Yes We Can Can
… "Southern Nights" by ALLEN TOUSSAINT, which is one of my all-time favourite songs
♫ Played Go With It by Tokimonsta, Last Train by Allen Toussaint and 15 more songs at :
My music is homegrown from the garden of is everything to me short of br
Pro-Shot: Watch the late great Allen Toussaint perform "Get Out Of My Life Woman" at Dear Jerry tribute
enjoying some Eric Gale - a touch of silk. new York Studio players plus Allen Toussaint.
Viper's Drag (Thomas Fats Waller) by Allen Toussaint from the album American Tunes
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when your shuffle from to Glenn Campbell & Allen Toussaint to & to
Fascinating. Who needs Louis Armstrong, Wynton Marsalis, Fats Domino, Allen Toussaint, when you have Lil’ Wayne?
- Louis Armstrong, Professor Longhair, Fats Domino and Allen Toussaint. Sheets of music, all handwritten, were -
Can't let the day pass without posting this one - the late, great Allen Toussaint singing one of Paul Simon's best.
SotD: American Tune, Allen Toussaint, Brilliant, live, solo performance of the Simon classic.
Absolutely lovely! Paul Simon's "American Tune" by Allen Toussaint. Thanks for the RT,
Allen Toussaint was king of New Orleans piano. You might like this duet with Theresa Andersson.
Who can help me get my hands on "Piano Players Rarely Ever Play Together" feat Tuts Washington, Professor Longhair & Allen Toussaint?
Listening to 'St. James Infirmary' by Allen Toussaint via (From the Scene: New Orleans channel)
Listening to and Allen Toussaint's River In Reverse. Would have been nice if they'd hit at the time.
Why do we love the late great Allen Toussaint? Because he makes everyday bright. Tune in 6-10AM
Great evening of music with Loved shout out to Allen Toussaint. Yes We Can Can!
Before SRV there was Johnny Winter this amazing human being, song by Allen Toussaint!
when you have members of Little Feat & the Meters as your band & Allen Toussaint producing, your album better be great
I think Allen Toussaint wrote "country john" with the hope would slay that bassline someday...
The New Orleans Suspects and John Gros played an exceptionally super tight Allen Toussaint tribute set at the...
Allen Toussaint, New Orleans R&B legend, who has passed away at the age of 77
Elvis Costello, Palladium, gig review: A moving tribute to his late father Ross MacManus and Allen Toussaint:...
Arlo Guthrie, Bonnie Raitt, The Isley Brothers, Neil Young, and tribute to Allen Toussaint. How was your Sunday?
This week on American Routes - Celebrating the Allen Toussaint, a beloved Creole songwriter and producer. Airing...
A photo of B.B. King & Allen Toussaint hangs above the Blues Tent stage at 📷 htt…
In heaven of , he plays piano with Allen Toussaint . In mine, I play drums for .
Very excited to reveal details for our "Southern Late Nights" Jazz Fest shows at the Joy Theater with Live For...
New! Allen Toussaint band plans tributes at French Quarter Fest, Jazz Fest by JAZZofilo
An all-star group of greats from NOLA & beyond to honor Allen Toussaint with a performance at New Orleans
Chatting with has us remembering this incredible set from February of last year.
.on today with a story on Allen Toussaint's band's tributes at &
Another great article -- this one featuring Allen Toussaint's Band -- by author/writer John Wirt.
I was honored to interview The Allen Toussaint Band
Ebony Allen and Etienne Toussaint met through a mutual friend in Washington in October 2012
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Ebony Allen, Etienne Toussaint: Ebony Allen, a daughter of Lisa M. Allen of Charlotte, N.C., and Ronald V. Sumpter Sr. of Ridgeland,…
Tami was from the Gert Town neighbourhood of NOLA as was another Stones backing singer Merry Clayton. Oh, and Allen Toussaint !!!
schnittlich is now listening to Ascension Day by Allen Toussaint, Elvis Costello
New York City my Allen Toussaint tribute is Sunday night. If you miss it, you'll miss it!
.is releasing an all-star Allen Toussaint tribute album ::
Allen Toussaint the first artist featured in In Memoriam segment, ahead of Maurice White, BB King, Glenn Fry, D…
Explore the music of Allen Toussaint, Dr. John and the Neville Brothers NOW on LEGENDS OF New Orleans...only on...
Just booked first trip to New Orleans! Till Easter I'll be on a nonstop drip of Meters, Allen Toussaint, Armstrong, Dr. John, Irma Thomas...
Robbie Robertson talking about The Band working with the brilliant Allen Toussaint
When you're tracking percussion with your best buddy mikedillonband for your Allen Toussaint…
Musician and songwriter Allen Toussaint, a fixture in New Orleans R&B who crafted many iconic songs, died Nov. 10 at the age of 77.
'Allen Toussaint: A poet in time' by Jason Berry - New Orleans Magazine - January 2016
We have lost one of the legends of New Orleans and giants of the music world; Allen Toussaint has died.
Elton John's card at Allen Toussaint memorial at Orpheum Theatre. 2015
Allen Toussaint last visited us 2/15/2015 in Huntington, WV. Hear all 27 of our fav http…
Some late night funk from Etta James, Dr. John and Allen Toussaint- Groove Me
"If you just look around and enjoy what's happening you'll never run out of inspiration." - Allen Toussaint
A very special show tonight in tribute to the late great Allen Toussaint. Deacon John takes the…
not really. Allen Toussaint's account was deleted then came back.
Allen Toussaint's favorite song he ever wrote was Southern Nights (excerpt in this video). Not…
Although it is perfect weather to listen to Allen Toussaint. I assume it's always this humid in New Orleans.
I respect Natalie Cole but no way her passing deserves top of NYT site--when Allen Toussaint was covered way, way down. He was a giant.
When Allen Toussaint travelled to Woodstock to help The Band, someone took his suitcase by…
I'm watching the episode of BBC Songwriter's Circle with Allen Toussaint, James Dean Bradfield and John Grant. The episode they made FOR ME.
Thanks for the kind words. Our friend was a special gift.
I liked a video from Allen Toussaint Live
Lost great musicians 2015 . New Orleans giants:. Bo Dollis and Allen Toussaint (and Smokey. Johnson). And the great Blues Master BB King. RIP
I know requests are out but in honour of Allen Toussaint & as a galvanising force for change: Lee Dorsey – Yes We Can?
Our video tribute to locals we lost in 2015, with music by one of them, Allen Toussaint:
Lee Dorsey, teamed up with Allen Toussaint & The Meters, born on Dec 24th 1924.
Jon Batiste led a musical tribute to Allen Toussaint at City Winery (pics)
Jon Batiste performs during The Music of Allen Toussaint at City Winery via
Jon Batiste at The Music of Allen Toussaint in New York City. | Photo: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images by billboard...
The surviving members of The Flamingos, James Jackson, left, and Ben Gregory, Allen Toussaint's first band ...
Allen Toussaint tribute: 'There was three, now there is only two': James Jackson, drummer, left, and Ben Gregory,…
Two surviving members of Allen Toussaint's first band the Flamingos - Ben Gregory and James Jackson.
This is James Jackson and Benjamin Gregory. They were in Allen Toussaint's first band, the Flamingoes.
Allen Toussaint (1938-2015) I woke this empty morning to the sudden departure of a great and good man. David Simon - htt…
Yolanda Sonnabend, Allen Toussaint, Warren Mitchell, Robert Craft. Tributes on our obits page
going to be in New Orleans Thurs night. Maybe run into Jimmy if he's in town for Allen Toussaint's funeral on Friday.
Jon Cleary pays tribute to Allen Toussaint at a Tuesday night show at Chickie ... ...
Why we need to mark Allen Toussaint's passing. You knew him even if you didn't. NOLA Pianist & Songwriter Dies @ 77
New Orleans (AP) — New Orleans musical legend Allen Toussaint died Tuesday after a heart attack in Spain. Some reaction from artists and
Allen Toussaint, legendary New Orleans musician, dies at 77
Southern Nights by Allen Toussaint, found with Listen now:
I'm taking a brief break from reality today. Uncle Lionel hasn't passed. Allen Toussaint is alive. I can still call Travis Hill on da phone
Very sad to hear of the passing of Allen Toussaint. He was such an influential songwriter and performer. We will miss him
A special Allen Toussaint programme airs with this Sunday
Just heard the sad news that Allen Toussaint has died. Last year, he told us the "Southern Nights" story.
A midweek session with Allen Toussaint, Lord Huron, live Jason Isbell, Billy Bragg and more. ♫
iTunes best selling song: West End Blues - Allen Toussaint
Southern Nights, just as good as even when closed your eyes. Thank you, Allen Toussaint.
November 10th, Allen Toussaint, 77, US musician, songwriter ("Fortune Teller", "Working in the Coal Mine", "Southern Nights"), heart attack.
Southern skies, have you ever noticed southern skies? . Allen Toussaint - Southern Nights via
One of the songs written by Allen Toussaint, this song was done by Robert Palmer and Lowell George;
Thinking about his contributions R.I.P. Allen Toussaint - Southern Nights via
RIP Allen Toussaint. For the night that it is, with James Dean Bradfield
Lowell George with Allen Toussaint, we lost Allen today. (thanks Luke)
Allen Toussaint died. It's hard to choose, but I think this is my favorite song he recorded.
Some beautiful tributes here as artists remember Allen Toussaint: .
Gordon Campbell on the John Key smear attack, Russia’s sports doping and Allen Toussaint: The...
Another one of Allen Toussaint's beautiful songs...
The best tribute to Allen Toussaint so far today is producer Mark Bingham's photo of his feet, wearing socks and sandals.
What's the deal with Allen Toussaint? Doesn't Toussaint-Louverture have enough ravens? Who ARE these people?
RIP Allen Toussaint, largely responsible for putting the funk in New Orleans. Hear our mix: http…
Dr. John is heartbroken at the loss of his very dear friend Allen Toussaint. (photos @ &
The last time we worked together. Songwriting royalty. Allen Toussaint, Brian and Eddie Holland, Jill…
Royal Southern Brotherhood doing Fortune Teller in honor of Allen Toussaint!.
Allen Toussaint, the legendary songwriter and pianist, has died, WWL-TV reports
On Your Way Down by Little Feat from Dixie Chicken. First Allen Toussaint song I think I heard. ♫
No! Hadn't heard. Allen Toussaint wrote his own great American songbook. Among the greatest.
I learned the news from dad, who attended St. Joan of Arc Elementary School w/him. RIP to legendary Allen Toussaint.
Sad to hear of Allen Toussaint's death. Lowell George covering Toussaint here, what a combo
Beautiful appreciation of Allen Toussaint by someone uniquely qualified to spread the word of his genius.
Oh no, say it isn't so. Allen Toussaint gone?
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RIP, Allen Toussaint. What a career. He left an inspirational mark on generations of musicians & fans. That's...
Madrid official: New Orleans music great Allen Toussaint dies after heart attack at age 77
Allen Toussaint was one of the coolest people on earth. Brilliant, dynamic, humble. He will be missed. RIP
R.I.P. Allen Toussaint who passed yesterday. "One of the greats" is too small of a description for his life and...
Tribute to Allen Toussaint, New Orleans' soft-spoken genius, by Danny Eccleston, who interviewed him only last month http…
Allen Toussaint sings Pops Staples's verse on "The Weight," with Levon and mighty good company. Tears.
RIP Allen Toussaint - the world has lost a musical genius and beautiful spirit.
I'm going to listen to Lowell George & Allen Toussaint the rest of the day
Robert Palmer "From a Whisper to a Scream" (by Allen Toussaint) from 'Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley'.
It was this Lowell George recording that sent me in the direction of Allen Toussaint.
Lots of Allen Toussaint songs to choose, but this is always my jam: The Meters, Lowell George and Robert Palmer:
Listening to Piece of My Heart by Deacon John's Jump Blues featuring Allen Toussaint and Teedy Bou on
Listening to Let the Good Times Roll / Feel So Good by Deacon John's Jump Blues ft. Allen Toussaint on
Holy cow you guys. "Southern Nights (Remastered LP Version)" by Allen Toussaint from Southern Nights
Allen Toussaint - Sweet Touch of Love . via Enjoy listening to jazz music from 1970's.
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Discovered as well that big Allen Toussaint produced it, which makes sense. New Orleans to the bone!
Charlie's predicament and attitude: puts me in mind of Allen Toussaint's "On Your Way Down"
Been listening to Allen Toussaint albums all night. There's nothing you can tell me right now
The Allen Toussaint horn charts on The Rock of Ages are so friggin good.
Massive congrats to our MD, Philip Toussaint & Paul Allen for completing their Charity Bike Ride for
Let's get ready to rumble with Allen Toussaint & Theo Croker! Tix: 👉
My diner reminds me of Allen Toussaint
Allen Toussaint this morning on jettrebelradio
Eric Toussaint: The reign of the Bankocracy goes on
With his warm, breezy Southern Nights, Allen Toussaint humbly claimed his due
Allen Toussaint and my final visit to the BBQ bring the day in Lafayette Square to a close. Sleep happy NOLA
I'm here in NOLA...reminds me that this happened not too long ago...(that's Allen Toussaint). !
LIVE on Allen Toussaint is in the studio!
The legendary Allen Toussaint on the Eyewitness Morning News today!
Here's a little something from OffbeatMagazine New Orleans from our show this weekend!...
With legendary pianist Allen Toussaint at Crescent City Blues & BBQ Fest, New Orleans . Had an awesome day playing...
How many legends can fit on one stage? These photos from Blues & BBQ Fest should help answer
Allen Toussaint played this beautiful tribute to Michael Jackson shortly after he passed. .
Allen Toussaint playing City of New Orleans at the Orpheum Theater opening party
The Blind Boys of Alabama — DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE (featuring the Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Allen Toussaint)
Allen Toussaint at the 2007 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival via
hmmm CT and the sweet sound of Allen Toussaint. That spring is a springing! peace ... so much peace.
Favorite music to cook to: Allen Toussaint
Allen Toussaint knows more than me and you
Has anyone done a qualitative/quantitative analysis to determine whether or not everything Allen Toussaint's done has in fact been funky?
Allen Toussaint is an American Music legend, songwriter /composer,record producer, and influential figure in New...
DBacks need a starter how about the 'quality young power arm' of Allen Webster? He only has an 8 ERA in AAA
You have to hear Allen Toussaint spin the narratives that inspired Southern Nights. My favorite version by far. "I k…
Brickyard Blues by Allen Toussaint, which is an awesome song!!!
Hey that segue from Spoon to Allen Toussaint was a stroke of genius. 🙌🏻 cc/
So far I have The Waterboys, Prince & Allen Toussaint, but it's v much a changeable thing.
Preservation Hall, Allen Toussaint and Ani DiFranco team for Oct. 3 benefit in New Orleans
Roland Guerin and his his BTB 6-string on stage tonight in Los Angeles with the legendary Allen Toussaint!
ooh, they put Allen Toussaint on there.
Some of Charles' amazing totems featuring James Booker, Professor Longhair, and Allen Toussaint.
🎤 Allen Toussaint concert tixs for Nov 15 at Barbican Centre in London
Just played: Everything I do gonna be funky - Allen Toussaint
sort of cool to see Allen Toussaint there
Here's a clip from the first anniversary of THE LISTENING ROOM. The video is by Mary Sue Scott. Allen Toussaint...
Today's mood : "You will not lose, not if you use your heart" Allen Toussaint.
Soul Sister by Allen Toussaint from the album Life, Love and Faith
EC made a great album down here in New Orleans with Allen Toussaint. Ya Heard? Freedom for the Stallion. Oh *** yeah
Allen Toussaint and others talking about Bobby Charles, for a new documentary in progress: via
Just read that Harry Nilsson wanted to make an album of Allen Toussaint songs. How great would that have been? Oh man.
Found a version of Allen Toussaint's "Southern Nights" with James Dean Bradfield just sitting and watching him play! HEAVEN.
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Allen Toussaint - Sweet Touch of Love coming up.and some Bobby "Boris" Pickett.
day 3 highlights: Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, Allen Toussaint, Pitbull and more
Homeboy tromboneshorty rocking the house w Allen Toussaint at Saenger Theatre. @ The Saenger Theatre
Irma Thomas, Allen Toussaint, Rebirth Brass Band all play at the same time next Sunday at Jazz Fest 😐. That could be hardest decision ever
Allen Toussaint kicked off the festival season with panache at French Quarter Fest -
Steve Cropper, Eddie Floyd,Seasick Steve,Burnside,Dr John,Allen Toussaint in the same programme? Won't miss this! .
Allen Toussaint in Concert at Paramount Theatre - Austin, TX - Jan 31. Ticket Info:
Irma Thomas performs Jerry Ragovoy and Jimmy Norman’s "Time Is On My Side." Allen Toussaint is on piano.
DECEMBER 24 BIRTHDAYS! I was busy preparing for our family gathering yesterday, so I'm playing catch-up today! New Orleans singer Lee Dorsey (1924-1986) This is one of the many Dorsey songs written by Allen Toussaint.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Irving Lee Dorsey December 24, 1924 – December 1, 1986 was a pop and R&B singer during the 1960s. His biggest hits were "Ya Ya" (1961) and "Working in the Coal Mine" (1966). Much of his work was produced by Allen Toussaint with instrumental backing provided by the Meters. Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dorsey was a childhood friend of Fats Domino before moving to Portland, Oregon when he was ten years old. He served in the United States Navy in World War II and then began a career in prizefighting. Boxing as a lightweight in Portland in the early 1950s, he fought under the name Kid Chocolate and was reasonably successful. He retired from boxing in 1955 and returned to New Orleans, where he opened an auto repair business as well as singing in clubs at night. His first recording was "Lottie Mo", for the small Valiant label in 1958 (picked up by ABC Paramount in 1961), and he also recorded for the Rex label. These efforts were unsuccessful, but around 1960 he was discovered by A&R man Mars ...
The Ben Jaffe and Allen Toussaint interviews were a great history lesson, and I'd like to hear more of what they said.
Allen Toussaint's The Bright Mississippi is about as beautiful as a record can get without falling off the edge of the worl…
Major Louisiana love from Upcoming shows: Allen Toussaint, Flow Tribe, Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Soul Rebels & more!
Life is good. Tonight I get to see a master, Allen Toussaint. He's playing with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band,...
Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Allen Toussaint tour for the first time:
The Pointers did some great stuff with Allen Toussaint early on, worth seeking out!
Allen Toussaint: a musical giant in running for first Grammy
If your list of Great American Songwriters does not include Allen Toussaint then good luck being wrong forever
Pretty cool to hear the Preservation Hall guys being the funky horn section for Allen toussaint
Allen Toussaint sings "Hanging with Jimmy Buffet" with Jimmy Buffett at NOAAHH's 2010 concert.
Going to see Allen Toussaint and the Preservation Hall Jazz Band tonight
Allen Toussaint - The Bright Mississippi - dreaming of NOLA on a dreamy Saturday morn...
I was lucky enough to meet Allen Toussaint today! I have a fun memento to pass on to you next time we cross paths.
Tap your foot and snap those fingers at the concert with on 11/7!
So count your blessings when they ask permission. To govern with money and superstition. They tell you it...
The had nothing but good things to say about MASS MoCA's & show last night:
.LIVE is bringing a little New Orleans back to Austin with ALLEN TOUSSAINT. Saturday, January 31st
Allen Toussaint pitches Mardi Gras goodies into the crowd.
Just played: Feedom for the Stallion - Elvis Costello, Allen Toussaint
Certified New Orleans legends descend on Boston for one amazing show This is not one to miss!
Drop by session with and preview the "sweet and uplifting" sound to expect tonight at MM:
The Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Allen Toussaint join forces for an evening of legendary music making.
Enough of this. Here, have some Allen Toussaint, you'll thank me later:
Allen Toussaint. Dr. John. Trombone Shorty. Bourbon Street. New Orleans influences the music. Foo Fighters Sonic Highways premieres Friday at 11, only on HBO.
Got to see Allen Toussaint tonight with the Preservation Hall Band and it was amazing.
DETxNOLA: Special Discount Tickets to see legendary Preservation Hall Jazz Band with Allen Toussaint plus... -
A tale of two cities: New Orleans' Preservation Hall Jazz Band is back in Detroit — with Allen Toussaint.
Piano Maestro Performances by Armand St. Martin and Allen Toussaint (along with Marcia Ball, Davell
Just bought my tickets to for 10/14 - Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Allen Toussaint cc:
When it comes to Allen Toussaint, where do you start? Often described as the living heart and soul of New Orleans, the most musical city in the world, the musician, songwriter and producer’s presence at the TD Halifax Jazz Festival is a godsend to lovers of R&B and rock ’n’ roll, even if they don’t…
Yet another surprise radio jam Soul Sister by Allen Toussaint, from
Mike the bartender was spinning Allen Toussaint's Southern Nights and before the food even came out I…
Heading back home and who do we see at the airport? Allen Toussaint! Welcome back to New Orleans. It's good to be home.
How will you outdo yourself in 2015 Allen Toussaint was just too good last night. Such a great band - so much fun!
Great time at the with TD employees, customers and business partners- Allen Toussaint was awesome!
Become a FAN - Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Allen Toussaint will embark on a joint...
Allen Toussaint has just closed the set; such a magical show.
Allen Toussaint is magical. Another stellar night
Checking out Allen Toussaint at What a blast!
Update: Allen Toussaint, age 79, is currently throwing a Mardi Gras party in the tent. He is throwing…
It's Mardi Gras time as Allen Toussaint tosses gifts to the audience.
Allen Toussaint is throwing little footballs into the crowd.
Things I could never pull off: major bank robbery; freestyle rapping; the amazing purple suit Allen Toussaint is currently rocking.
Allen Toussaint says that is such a beautiful city and he's so happy to be here. We couldn't agree more.
Allen Toussaint rockin the stage Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, music on Muppets Most Wanted, Wolf of Wall Street & so much more.
New Orleans legend Allen Toussaint and band on stage tonight at the
Legendary songwriter Allen Toussaint on stage right now at the Festival Tent!
Allen toussaint is wearing a purple suit and playing in front of me. ..this is the most kind of amazing.
Allen Toussaint: Do you play?. Me: Used to play Dixieland clarinet. AT: Do you have your axe with you tonight?. Me: *dead*.
Allen Toussaint begins to tickle the ivory. Standing ovation intro.
Allen Toussaint is up next after this short break.
Mmmm... Craft beer smooth bubbly cider & the sweet sounds all the way from New Orleans, Allen Toussaint.
Gonna get jazzed up by Allen Toussaint tonight ☆
Just caught a bit of legendary songwriter Allen Toussaint's soundcheck. It's going to be a GREAT show!
Yowza. Allen Toussaint soundcheck for tonight's show w/ sounds amazing! Gonna be a great night,
Allen Toussaint is complimenting as he preps for his soundcheck "she means what she's singing".
WATCH: Legendary Jazz Musician Allen Toussaint talks with ahead of his appearance at
Fans of will recognize tonight's star W local star
Fabulous jazz on Saturday at 12 on 99.9fm Brad Mehldau,Chet Baker, TheloniusMonk,Anita Wardell, Allen Toussaint and more!
Great job on the interview with Allen Toussaint!
Many thanks to Allen Toussaint for joining us on The Morning News this morning!
Tour Dates: For 1st time ever, will tour with the Pres Hall Jazz Band for series of "combined shows"
Pumped to see Allen Toussaint tomorrow! Southern Nights (Live on Sound Opinions):
I had an amazing night at The Mint in New Orleans with Michael Bizar and special guests Allen Toussaint and Evan...
Allen Toussaint sings about my most excellent lunch today .
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NOLA legends Allen Toussaint and Preservation Hall Jazz Band are teaming up to co-headline a massive fall tour!
Hurricane Katrina shook loose a legend when it displaced Allen Toussaint from his native New Orleans. Even though he is a songwriter, producer, arranger and pianist of enormous gifts and influence, his name wasn't as familiar as some of the city's more flamboyant talents, many of whom made their fam…
Stream Southern Nights by Allen Toussaint; Chet Atkins on Rhythm Country and Blues for free on Grooveshark.
Listen and Love :) Listening to Southern Nights by Allen Toussaint; Chet Atkins via
Just to give you an idea we'll be doing songs by Joe Turner, Freddie Slack, Charles Brown, Jay McShann, Louis Jordan, Memphis Slim, Willie Mabon, Huey "Piano" Smith, Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, Tampa Red, Big Bill Broonzy, J.J. Cale, Howlin' Wolf, and many more ... whew!!! That sort of thing ... Hope to see you there! :-)
FLASH - PICKUP YOUR TICKETS THIS WEEKEND DO NOT BE SHUTOUT! . Maguire’s is excited to announce George Porter Jr. and the Running Pardners. A Benefit Concert supporting the Ocean Beach Community Fund as our first concert of the season on Friday night June 20th. George is best known as the bassist of the Meters, along with Art Neville, Leo Nocentelli, and Joseph Zigaboo Modeliste. During the course of a career spanning four decades, Porter has collaborated with artists such as Paul McCartney, Jimmy Buffet, David Byrne, Robbie Robertson,Taj Majal, Warren Haynes, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, John Scofield, Allen Toussaint to name just a few. His long term project with the “ Running Pardners “ is respected not only as a Quintessential New Orleans band but is receiving accolades on the jam band and festival scene. Doors open at 8:oomph. Tickets are $60 per person so call ahead to make your credit card reservation for “ Will Call tickets “ Maguire’s Restaurant 1 bay walk Ocean Beach, Fire Island N.Y ...
Monday I got to witness Kris Kristofferson and Randy Newman being presented with the Song Lyrics of Literary Excellence Award by PEN New England at the JFK Museum in Boston. The EMCEE was Elvis Costello. Rosanne Cash sang a Kristofferson song. T Bone Burnett got emotional talking about how much Kris meant to him. Kris Kristofferson even sang Me and Bobby McGee. Wow. Lyle Lovett said hearing Randy Newman on the radio showed him you could write a song about anything. Allen Toussaint played Randy Newman's Louisiana. Peter Wolf, read admiring notes from the John Prine, Jackson Browne, and James Taylor. Randy played a song and I was living in a dream, grinning from ear to hear. A big, big thank you to my pal Kathy Sands-Boehmer for inviting me to tag along. It was a magical musical afternoon.
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