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Allen Craig

Allen Thomas Craig (born July 18, 1984 in Mission Viejo, California) is a Major League Baseball outfielder and first baseman for the St.

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Then they better start moving some salary. Sandoval, Abad, Buchholz, Rusney, Allen Craig
I voted yes(not my $), but in 2012 and 2013 they had Allen Craig raking at 1B. If he hadn't broken so fast, it would be an easy no.
Before Castro's funeral, a week of mourning in Cuba. Photos by Tomas Munita and Mauricio Lima for
Craig Allen of Craig Allen Building, looking delighted with his new hoodie! ready to help
Meeting Scarlett johanasson, Chris Evans, Craig Campbell and Ray Allen today. It's gonna be a good day.
Red Sox don't need Edwin Encarnacion, we still got Allen Craig!! DH spot settled
old boo's be like "so how you been since we stopped talking" *** I been great. bye craig
Hugs to you. It's always sad when a favorite player goes. Hated when Allen Craig left but knew he had lost it
He split carries with Marcus Allen, the Hall of Fame running back.
Meanwhile, any bets the and Craig Thompson turn a blind eye like the ref? Dirty play,
Why can't Allen Craig be our new DH
This was a good interview. Tanner, Josh, Marcus and Coach Bohl are the best.
idk exactly lol. Can't be as bad as Marcus Smart. Or Grayson Allen 😂
Chris Evans, Ray Allen, Craig Campbell & Scarlett Johansson are at the USO rn so I went to the gym bc it's dead 👌🏼
Tony Allen on Troy Daniels breakout performance: "He has the ultimate green-light"
If Craig Bohl had any hair going into this season, he wouldn't anymore. Josh Allen is a roller coaster of a QB for Cowboys. So many ⬆️ & ⬇️
Boys Town leads Oakland Craig 51-25 at the half. Teddy Allen with 19.
Please join us for the Camp Craig Allen Christmas Party & Christmas Camp! Share with family and friends and we...
I do 2 just want them gone. They have no value along with Rusney and Allen Craig
Meet Craig Johnson author profile mysteries links to reviews…
How big banks are putting rain forests in peril, with wonderful but sad photos by Kemal Juffri for
This is fascinating, charming & nostalgic all at the same time. What an interesting story & incredible photos!
The Beatles are The positive late of The world
If Woody Allen had been born catholic and played in a rock and roll band, he'd likely be Craig Finn.
Allen Lazard will remain a in 2017.
Allen Lazard averaged 7.0 receptions, 114.0 yards and had 3 TD catches in his last five games. Ended year with 3-straight 10…
Tequila a Cowboy is going to be Rocking Tonight, Allen Craig takes the stage at 8:15p! I'll hit the decks at 11:15p!
Ray Allen would be nice. I'd be happy if they just had someone come in for a few days like KG did with the Clippers.
With Stanford's coming to Allen Filedhouse, a throwback to 96-97. Thanks
yeah but they only have one more year left of Allen Craig, so
Found my way downstairs and drank a cup of horchata
Order Miche Bag Online!
In Mexico, the Beatles are as popular as ever. Photos and video by for
the Valley: David & Ben Hayes & Tom Dabernig a dbl to go with earlier Mornington win; Dbls to Craig Williams, Robbie Griffiths & Matty Allen
Basketball star Timmy Allen pushing self at Red Mountain as mom fights for life via
Do Rusney and Allen Craig count towards the luxury tax? I keep hearing conflicting reports when it comes to that
Jaime, Jon Jay and Allen Craig all have a ring. A lot of great players in the MLB would kill for one.
then you have guys like Allen Craig making multi millions in Triple A. His benefit, but these guys should get paid.
Craig do you know what time you start in Cardiff tomorrow night?
Allen Craig's twin brother in RF not helping either.
They did wind up with Rick Porcello, Joe Kelly, and Allen Craig from that trade. I still would rather Lester than Porcello but *shrug*
Good for you, Joe Kelly. Say hi to Allen Craig. wherever he is.
Joe Kelly might could be a good reliever. Still not sure exactly where Allen Craig is
Us getting Lackey for a year and a half for Allen Craig and Joe Kelly was a steal, thanks Sox
Hey, remember when the Red Sox traded a year of John Lackey at the minimum and took on Allen Craig's contract so they could have Joe Kelly?
time to get Allen Craig some hacks too if we're being honest
Sh... dont mention Pablo. Allen Craig, Joe Kelly, Rusney Castillo. Nothing to see here.
you think they'll call up Allen Craig if Hanley goes on the injured list
HAPPY BIRTHDAY 2 former Allen Craig never forget what he did in ST.LOUIS. im rooting for him
Allen Craig? lol he was overrated then and now he blows
3. Craig XEN. - slapping soundcloud rappers across the face with the Allen Iverson arm sleeve on
Incredible to think Boston is paying what will be two non-roster players in Rusney Castillo and Allen Craig nearly $20 mil…
More than 70% of the balls he pulls are GB, Allen Craig is his last full season in the Majors? 77%. He's cooked!
Uh "Lucy" is it? Nice beard by the way:-) you forgot a few, Senator Larry Craig, Rep. Bob Allen, Congressman
Craig_D_Allen: Smugglers in West Bank open door to jobs in Israel, and violence. Photos by berehulak …
Paul Craig Roberts live now on Richie Allen Show: Must listen!
Craig_D_Allen: Mixed-gender bathroom rights in Mexico. nytimesworld photos by kirstenluce …
Mixed-gender bathroom rights in Mexico. photos by
Karaoke Court: let Craig David and the Carpenters settle your arguments
met some folk in Harrods Daniel Craig messaged me a while ago
Craig_D_Allen: Falluja kebab restaurant, once a favorite of insurgents and GIs alike, is reborn in Baghdad.…
Outstanding. Lily Allen shd be ashamed of herself, condemding pple on the basis of her own prejudice.
Update your maps at Navteq
Craig Allen and his absolutely amazing pictures. Here is Andy Warhol all marked out with little people.
Bad Patrick Star, Allen Gregory, Sanjay and Craig, the whole cast of Breadwinners, Peter Griffin, Stan Smith, etc.
So what's Allen Craig up to these days
what's the deal with Allen Craig? 3B/OF sitting in AAA for the Red Sox. Good fit for
Until Stephen Piscotty gets an adorable tortoise that...Tommy Pham, maybe...teases him over, he will never pass Allen Craig.
Butler can hang with Allen Craig in Pawtucket, lethal $20M DH combo in AAA.
Pawtucket Red Sox have placed LF Allen Craig on the 7-day disabled list retroactive to May 20, 2016.
just wait till Allen Craig comes up and hits 50 bombs.
Fans gave the Cardinals *** when they dealt away Allen Craig and Joe Kelly for John Lackey in 2014.
Allen Craig and Chris Dominguez back in the lineup for the as they square off against at 7:05
reinstate OF Allen Craig & 3B Chris Dominguez from the DL. Craig missed 30 games & Dominguez missed 26 both with oblique injuries
Ambassador Craig Allen and wife Micheline speaking with bhcmagazine on 🇺🇸🎨
How can you trust any For Profit entity? They are by definition solely in it for the money.
So that goal is the Allen Craig HR.
Red Sox offense all the more impressive given the total busts that are Pablo Sandoval, Allen Craig & Rusney Castillo.
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Sonny Gray > Clay Buchholz. Straight up swap right now, include allen craig in the deal
Listen...if Allen Craig can be put out to pasture in Pawtucket then so can Clay Buchholz.
what ever happens to that guy Allen he alive
Lumberport's Mark Allen Craig II received a sentence of 2-10 years in prison for two counts of domestic battery.
We should pass laws the keep GOP lawmakers like Larry Craig & Bob Allen out of our bathrooms! Not transgender people!
Congrats to the Attorney Craig Allen HS Athlete of the Week... Indian Creek's Madison Smith!
allen craig got outrighted with like 25M left
Great pix from of the Confederate community in...Brazil
Congrats to Attorney Craig Allen AoW IC junior 1st in 400 (57.77) & part of winning 4x8 (4A) and 4x4 (overall).
No. Too far to the left. Too risky to have 2 women. Election too important to risk. Pick Castro or Booker.
Great read from November '99: Buffett speaking at Allen & Co conference ht https…
Fancy three hairstyles, but can't decide which one to go with? No problem for Joe Allen. He just wears all three.
Applying Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery for building better Managed Services.
Freese would be completely forgotten if Allen Craig wasn't a game one hero. It's amazing how people forget Craig.
happening now till 2pm with by Craig & Allen
I booked an appointment on this cruise. After giving my room no, she said 'Are you James, Craig or Mike?' WHO IS MIKE?! STOP…
Allen!Hope you didn't put money on a Benteke hat trick?
Visiting LA for movie business , Craig Mazin , wonderful person. Allen in Hangover is great !
Happy Mother day Mom! Love you! Lisa Allen. Sorry Dad Craig Allen for cropping you out. Lol. Mom we need more...
Craig Allen’s New Music Favorites: Watching the HITS on my iPad! (Craig Allen photo). Seeing…
Craig Allen Linker in Clive, IA was just found at on 07th May 11pm
Somewhere on a bus, Allen Craig is banging his head against a window.
Talk about free spending, they've got $19M tied up this year in Rusney Castillo & Allen Craig who are w/the Pawtucket Red Sox.
Craig Allen's New Music Favorites: Seeing as I play music for a living, and talk about it, I am often ...
It's a shame we don't have Allen Craig to hit today.
except to the sox... we'll send you Pablo, Buchholz, Kelly, Castillo, and Allen Craig RIGHT NOW 5-1, what a deal!
Syrian family in Sweden feels tug of ailing sibling left behind. Photos by Mauricio Lima.
it is important to get Allen Craig ... err Matt Adams ... err what that rent-a-shortstop's name again ? Yeah, get him going.
Matt Adams is so terrible right now I just looked up Allen Craig's AAA stats to see if he'd be an upgrade. (Hint: They're about the same.)
Does Matt Adams look like he's ready to be Allen Craig without all the success? (y/n)
it's Allen Craig all over again... Except Adams never once had a season like Craig...
Adams is just like Allen Craig was.Matheny just showsway to much loyalty to these typr players
Any day now, the White Sox are gonna trade Chris Sale to the Red Sox for Allen Craig, Henry Owens, and low A filler
Matheny still pencils in Allen Craig and Jon Jay's names on the lineup card each morning
@ T10-3o: Allen Craig grounds out, 2B Darwin Barney to 1B Casey Kotchman.
You know that adrenaline rush when you narrowly avoid a car accident? I bet the Cardinals feel that way every time they see Allen Craig.
Toronto broadcast team talking about the far fall of Allen Craig ... 😢
@ T9-2o: Josh Rutledge walks. Allen Craig to 2nd.
I really want to see Allen Craig do well. He’s trying so hard and seems to be such a nice guy with a good attitude.
Oh, Allen Craig. Bless your heart. You'll prove me wrong some day.
Huh, Allen Craig and Casey Kotchman in the same game?
Allen Craig is still with the Red Sox?
Allen Craig is AB for the Red Sox right now.
@ B8-2o: Josh Thole strikes out swinging, C Sandy Leon to 1B Allen Craig.
Just saw Allen Craig in a Red Sox uniform in the Jays pre-game and I had completely forgotten he still played baseball.
Where were YOU when Allen Craig got the final out in 2011?
And Rusney Castillo is making tens of millions on the bench, and Allen Craig in AAA... and Porcello in the rotation for now.
Not only are paying Sandoval ($17.6 million) & Castillo ($11.3 mill) to sit on the bench, but Allen Craig is getting $9 mill in Pawt
Sox 2 pay $36.5 mil to Pablo ($17mil),Rusney($10.5 mill) Allen Craig ($9 mil) in 2016. add porcello, hanley.. who screwed cherington? he did
Listen to Paul Craig Roberts on Richie Allen from 03/31 starting 1:19:50. Tells HOW our media went from news-to-Evil!!!
Watching Game 6 I'm reminded of how good Allen Craig was. Man what happened to him?
is now playing ♫ on : Homero Espinosa, Allen Craig - Can You Feel The Beat (Original Mix)
is now playing ♫ on : Homero Espinosa, Allen Craig - Sleepless Nights (Stripped Mix)
Allen Craig is hitting .297 with 1 XBH this spring in ex news.
There's only one man ready to write a large book about Allen Craig's journey from legitimate star to nothingness. It's me.
See our latest MI and click to apply: Controls Engineer - Design - Allen Bradley -
is LIVE NOW on Join the conversation See you in the chat pit!
Red Sox great Allen Craig strikes out. It's good to see players establish consistency in Spring Training
Also Allen Craig making $9 million in AAA That's around $46 mill. The Brewers as a team have a payroll of $52 mill
have nearly $38MM wrapped up in players not expected to play everday, or even in the big leagues (Allen Craig)
seems like Allen Craig should be on this list
they're also paying Allen Craig 5 million a year to play in the minor leagues.
High socks do not do Allen Craig any favors.
In Rusney, Pablo and Allen Craig the have about $45 mil sitting on the bench or at Pawtucket.
You forgot Allen Craig in AAA who makes 9m this season & not to mention 11m in 2017 for
Poor Allen Craig... He'll always be the "Ringo Starr" of the Red Sox...
all I see is Allen Craig hitting cleanup
The worst place to live in Oklahoma is...: Silas Allen Apologies to readers who live in Craig and Major counties.…
guy is a bench player right now. He's got as much value as Allen Craig. Plus another 70 mil
they're still paying Allen Craig to play in Pawtucket, too, aren't they?
Jay over Pham last year, an injured Allen Craig over Oscar, Mark Ellis over Wong.there is a track record.
[SB Nation: Over the Monster] With Adam LaRoche retiring, could the Red Sox trade Allen Craig to the White S
Allen Craig lives, ladies and gentlemen. Solo homer to right field in first inning vs. Orioles.
Allen Craig has a podcast studio named after him, but if he keeps this up then he's going to have churches named after …
Wait who let Allen Craig in the park?
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You can't tell me baseball is doing poorly financially when Allen Craig is being paid a guaranteed $9 mil this year
Allen Craig in midseason form, just absolutely crushing this ball up the line.
My mistake, Allen Craig is due $21 million over the next two years.
Allen Craig is owed 9mm this year, 11mm next year, and has a team option for 2018 for 13mm with a 1mm buyout.
John Lackey for Joe Kelly and Allen Craig( the 11 million dollar a year triple A scrub) Not one of the Red Sox best moments...
PawSox superstar Allen Craig is owed $33 million over the next three years.
Congrats to state qualifiers Ethan Craig (1000m Intersectional Relay) and Evan Donhauser (55m hurdles)!
Our sat down today with Week 6 TCS Coach of the Week, Detroit Allen's Link to interview:
Kobe said the thing he respected most about TA’s defense was that he never asked for help. “Tony Allen was always beat…
I'm tired of hearing about OJ Simpson. The real question is did Craig really steal those boxes?
Discussing FBI vs. Apple today with Allen Gilbert and Craig Nolan. Act 46 with Rep Turner and others; and VSC Hall of Fame with Don Vickers
Need someone to fill in last minute for UFC 196.. Craig Allen vs Connor McGregor
almost the Allen Craig story as well
CASTILLO is a mystery with a gargantuan price tag (where's Allen Craig, LOL). Feel good about MB and X. VAS will need time.
thanks Joe-all that was missing from my day was an Allen Craig's greatest hits vid
"Liverpool fan Craig Allen, 27, told the S*n: “I saw this bloke proposing and took snaps to show my girlfriend.". BS. . "Pick a club for him"
Craig Allen , Liverpool fan told the S*n . Hope the *** gets run over .
WHO IS ROGUE? . MEGAN ALLEN, EMMA CRAIG, and TINA JENSEN are three soul sisters determined to take the world by...
I totally forget the Red Sox still had Allen Craig.
Craig Smith just performed a partial birth abortion on ice
I thought you guys recorded on Sunday? I need my fix of Allen Craig Studios man!
.Red Sox don't do a lot of due diligence when making deals. Pablo, Hanley bad investments. Allen Craig horrible trade
Or like they did with Allen Craig. Besides, Crawford and Beckett were not even close to being as useless as HanRam
Craig Gilroy really should be ahead of Dave K and Fergus McF in the pecking order.Outstanding talent.
Who the *** just called into WEEI and said ALLEN CRAIG is on steroids 😂😂
Just remembered Allen Craig is on the Red Sox
FINAL. Myisha Hines-Allen had 18 pts and 7 rebs, and Asia Durr add 14 pts and 5 rebs. for 3rd-straight win.
I am too. And then I get reminded we have Allen Craig no one else wants 😭
Craig Allen Aaron Yates I wish I had this as a kid. Lol
I was as prepared as I could be to read the Allen Craig comment. I wasn't sufficiently prepared.
I'll be honest, I read this quickly and thought you were calling out Allen Craig
Jaylen Johnson said Grayson Allen hit him in the mouth with the first swing. Said he thought the refs would see what happ…
Don't know if Grayson Allen is more upset about fouling out or the latest poll numbers in South Carolina.
Allen Craig of the vows he's not finished at the age of 31, even if he has looked it the last two years.
Allen Craig hopes to crack the Red Sox roster via
Allen Craig during his best season.
Allen Craig: "I feel like I have my base back." . Now he needs an opportunity, though it's unlikely w/ the Red Sox: https… seems to me Paul DeJong or Harrison Bader could be that next Matt Carpenter or Allen Craig..
How important do you think Allen Craig will be to the Sox overall success this season?
I'm still pulling for Allen Craig to make a come back. I miss that guy.
Craig_D_Allen: .DarcyNYT's fascinating dig into archives of unpublished nytphotos of black history. …
we got Craig westcarr from wallsall last season on the back of a 17 goal season b4 and he was pony!
Liz Potter on the death of everyone's favorite toy camera, the Holga.
I couldn't find the option of Allen Craig so I'm writing it in.
Years ago when Allen Knot Craig refused to pay a 5% favor for Vodacom in Nigeria he was critized. I respected.
I remember this when it was new! Awesome... Cindy Summerson Jeremy Faughn Allen Gerzoff Craig Leickem David Ondik...
A dig into the analog archives of for images of black history. All unpublished by until now
What do you think about this guys? Looks pretty grim. Allen Gerzoff David Ondik Craig Leickem Rafael Guzman
Who would you share this gorgeous view with? Congratulations on the feature!
Via TD's involvement with fraud king Allen Stanford
Great catching up with the brilliant emergency services crew
Alex Poythress of Kentucky on Allen Fieldhouse... "It was crazy - the loudest atmosphere I've ever been in."
What’s the collective noun for commissioners?
Allen Fieldhouse shows it hit 116.8 decibels on the jumbotron. Its what the kids call, lit.
A legendary face in the crowd for in Allen Fieldhouse
Keenan Allen calling out Chargers fans makes as much sense as Vince Wilfork pushing to be a Jenny Craig spokesman.
Gerzoff Craig Leickem Jeremy Faughn Yep, lets catch out breath for a minute.
I got to see Nicky being sized up for his new tricycle at James E Allen today. He was happy to see me , but...
Katrina Pierson Allen Gerzoff David Ondik Craig Leickem Looks like Mr New World Order has a new shill for his...
you're better with math than you are at remembering Allen Craig stats... ;)
Been thinking about Allen Craig a lot today.
loves him so Allen Craig, isn't that right Jared?!
Picked up this 16x20 of Allen Craig
Still think Allen Craig missing the players' salute to Don Orsillo was very Allen Craig-ish.
Craig Allen's 'Christmas Birthday, Birthday Christmas': “This was going to be for your birthday…but we didn't ... …
Luminaria Light Up Craig Allen's Neighborhood: Just when you thought you had "seen it all" in my neighborhood,...
And Dennis Hastert and Mark Foley and Ted Haggard and Larry Craig and Bruce Barclay and Troy King and Bob Allen and Aaron Shock
The icing on my fireglo faker Christmas cake. Thank you SO much Tim Allen: my photos cannot show the excellent...
Our misplaced nostalgia for cassette tapes.
Matt Adams, Ted Simmons for David Freese, and Curt Flood for Allen Craig, and you'll be right!!
Craig Allen Johnson gives a customized methodology that builds up the individual in the position.
Richie Allen interviews Paul Craig Roberts about Russia, Turkey, NATO, and where it's all heading:
The shoes would be an interesting piece to add to Allen Craig studio...
My anecdotal evidence shows that no one knows who Allen Robinson is. I asked 5 non-fantasy football fans. None had any clue…
I love Calvin Johnson as much as anyone, but him making the Pro Bowl over Allen Robinson is a joke
nope. Mets REALLY need to go after Allen Craig.
How relatable is the Chris Johnson situation to that of Allen Craig?
Hey Allen , Please Checkout our app that helps you find Fitness Buddies, Here's the link ->
Wanna catch Allen & Craig from performing live at Get your tickets here!
yes 2013 was crazy good. That's when my favorite player, Allen Craig, went off.
Please follow this link for the full statement on Bertram Allen.
Shout out to the best listener alive for sending Red Sox history to Allen Craig Studio! htt…
anyone else have their own 64 story? Craig Allen told us we were not getting one and then suprised us after we...
How are d Allen and fleener the most underused players in NFL? Demarco Murray ring a bell?
DC Honor Roll. Daleville gets 17 points from Kaylee Allen & 11 points from Mikayla Craig in the Broncos' Saturday win over Wes-Del.
I wouldn't bring him back but the likes of Milner, Allen and Lucas are hardly any better
I would have him ahead of Milner and Allen. Both are absolute garbage.
In our next game i'd like to see us go 442, Coutinho LM Allen CM Lucas CM Henderson RM and Benteke and Origi up top
Remember The Allen and Craig Show? We've got a new series you may love ;)
Allen Craig forgot about left field. Oppo isn't special.
any idea what happened to Allen Craig? Raked for 2 years, always looked like he had a great swing... Declined so fast
probably be something like Michael Wacha for one year of Allen Craig
Had a great time last night at the christmas party. With Suggie Suge, Craig Allen Ortiz, Artie, Brenda, Jessica,...
Allen is a better player than Lucas and Can
hoodie Allen is that woody Allen's getting cousin 😂😂😂
Obvs take someone like Gundogan/Bender over Gerrard but he would add much more than Lucas/Allen in mid
Lots of fun at the Camp Craig Allen Party yesterday!
Disabled Sportsperson of the year award winner and runners up: Craig Allen & Chris Mcmillan
Bartolo Colon had four RBI in 2015. Allen Craig had three.
"Hey BOS, sorry about Allen Craig. Tell you what: Jon Jay for David Price + $100 million"
Allen Craig has to visit Allen Craig studio at some point.
Red Sox remove Allen Craig from 40-man roster, grant free agency to Alex.. Related Articles:
TD in '12 get HRs by Allen Craig, Daniel Descalso and Carlos Beltran, twice, propelling them to a 12-4 win over Nats in the NLDS.
Allen Craig, who received MVP votes in 2012 and ’13, stays on the bench as Josh Rutledge bats again. Amazing, his downturn.
16 starts at Busch, 16 quality starts for John Lackey. ERA under 2. 500k. Allen Craig and Joe Kelly.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Remember when the Cardinals traded Joe Kelly and Allen Craig for John Lackey at league minimum?
John Lackey just tallied his 150th K and his 200th IP. Joe Kelly was just shut down for the year. Allen Craig was a sol…
Given the gravity of trading away Joe Kelly and Allen Craig, I'd have guessed this trade was a bigger deal.
.ya "minor" as in where Allen Craig and Joe Kelly were this season
wildcard pick... Tommy Pham has an Allen Craig like post season off the bench
Just wondering if my friend would still argue that Allen Craig would help the cardinals more this season than Tommy Pham would?
could someone explain what more we need to see from Allen Craig? the guy is done
Please, get Allen Craig off the field.
Physics r physics. Biomechanics r biomechanics. I understood Whip by comparing swings of Allen Craig and Ben Hogan.
The last time I saw Allen Craig was on the side of a milk carton
Allen Craig slugged .350 at Triple-A Pawtucket, which didn't rank him among the top 100 qualifying hitters in the International League.
man this game has gotten so bad, that the are lettin Allen Craig play
Allen Craig: "I needed to go down to minor leagues, and I feel like I did what I needed to do to get back" -
Red Sox purchased the contract of 1B/OF Allen Craig from Triple-A Pawtucket.
Allen Craig has been called up from Triple A. Thank God, now the season is definitely saved.
All purpose parts banner
Red Sox recall Allen Craig from Pawtucket - ESPN (blog)
Scale of 1-10 how excited is for a roster with both Robbie Ross and Allen Craig? Infinity?
I want this framed in Allen Craig studios
btw is Allen Craig still in your organization?
His first name is Allen and his last name is Craig
Phillips & Suarez the first pair of teammates with XBH in same inning since StL's Schumaker & Craig Allen on 7/21/12 vs Cubs (7th).
With Ben and John not coming back next year, I'd definitely give Allen Craig another chance at first base.
An RBI single by Allen Craig has given the and Edwin Escobar a 1-0 lead over Scranton/Wilkes-Barre after 2 full at McCoy.
And the get on the board first with an RBI single by DH Allen Craig to make it 1-0 in favor of the home team
INTERNATIONALS: Craig Forsyth, & Chris Martin are in the squad for &
Walking in War’s Path, an interactive with photography by Tomas Munita
Craig Allen shares random photos of everyday life - New Jersey 101.5 FM Radio
You're competing with Allen Craig & many other extremely notable people though.
Forever and ever and ever. (Unless he suddenly decides to pull an Allen Craig.)
Terrible comp time. Pham reminds me of when Allen Craig was a rookie. Looked a lil overmatched his first call, putting it together a bit now
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
And me too! Says Craig Wilson Allen. And me too! And me too-oo! His own vocal pattern. No fair..
I got him in the 6th and was worried about my WRs (him and K. Allen). No more…
Forgot that Bill James had projected Allen Craig for 30 HR's this season. Had Rusney Castillo for 22 HR's. The...
Allen Craig studios is looking sweet ... !!
Waiting for Tiger Woods to reemerge as a force in golf is like waiting for an Allen Craig to return from AAA to win an AL MVP. NGH!
Jake Westbrook that takes me back. Last yr I got Altuve for Allen Craig lmfao. Best part of fantasy is the lopsided trades.
Allen Craig laces a 2B to LF. Last 10 games: .342, 4 doubles, 8 RBIs, 3BBs. Hitting with more authority as of late
looks like did some decorating to Allen Craig studios
If Red Sox replaced Allen Craig's name w/ Jonny Gomes, would media and fans 180 and be smitten? Guy is getting on 37% of at-bats..
hi Craig have you been to Wernddu my first time it's awesome and it's on my door step
also when is Allen Craig returning to his throne as King of the Ding Dong Factory?
Timothy Craig Allen welcome to the team
Toronto get a pair of runs and the trail 5-2 heading into the 7th. Allen Craig set to leadoff
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