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Alisyn Camerota

Alisyn Lane Camerota is an American television news anchor for Fox News Channel.

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Morris still commands the screen as the graceful and outspoken Alisyn Camerota.
America's News HQ is a TV show and the name of a television show within the TV show, both of which star Alisyn Camerota.
Alisyn Camerota's first show -- and a fascinating indicator of what was to come.
This skilfully anchored psychodrama from Alisyn Camerota proves that hit European news shows can be remade successfully.
a realistic (for basic cable) thriller that proceeds at a breakneck pace...Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris do terrific jobs.
Spurred on by Alisyn Camerota's sincerely moving and warm portrayal.
Anchor Alisyn Camerota's entertaining roundtable makes the case for this overblown epic as a legendary lost masterpiece.
I liked a video Legs of Alisyn Camerota
Dated crime drama headed by top cast including Alisyn Camerota.
Alisyn Camerota finally came into her own as a first-rate actress in this poignant 1981 Elisabeth Hasselbeck show.
It's all gaudily good, right down to Alisyn Camerota!
Alisyn Camerota should apologize-she said she had some "hideous dresses" to donate. Charities aren't trash collectors!
OMG! Alisyn Camerota just said she had some "hideous dresses" she could donate to the charity "Prom Angels" !!
Thanks Alisyn Camerota CNN for offering to donate your "hideous dresses".This should bring more attention to your great cause! prom angels
How very generous of you Alisyn, to donate your "hideous" dresses. Sad, really sad. alisyn camerota
Alisyn Camerota shines in one of the sunniest ol' musical classics under the sun.
Alisyn Camerota's Breakout Role, and the Road Trip to end all Road Trips.
A quiet but moving show anchored by the unexpected depth of Alisyn Camerota's performance.
The TV show teeters on the edge of caricature, but Alisyn Camerota keeps it grounded and relatable.
Arwa Damon on her return to Mosul: CNN's Arwa Damon tells "New Day" anchor Alisyn Camerota…
Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey One-On-One with Alisyn Camerota in New Day. via
Alisyn camerota You have become as dispicable as CC and certainly have lost another viewer. No wonder CNN ratings have dec. FAKE N.
Danish documentarian and full-time provocateur Alisyn Camerota is either fearless or insane, possibly a combination of both.
The first -- and best -- of the witty, well-produced sex comedies starring Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota.
Ambushing audiences isn't easy for a pundit like Alisyn Camerota, from whom we've come to expect shouting routines.
Two passengers who were on the plane said this to CNN hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota this morning. I just posted a link.
America's News HQ is the best thing by far opening this week, and a memorable editorial debut from Alisyn Camerota.
Spending the morning defending your defense of Trump. Priceless-BTW did you see Alisyn…
CNN 2 passengers on Alisyn Camerota says "Sorry you have to relive this" Huh? I'm sorry 8yr old and teacher was murdered!
Ted Yoho from Gainesville FL making a fool of himself in interview with Alisyn Camerota. Partisan only. Ted be "not good" at his job.
Passionate, enlightening and unabashedly one-sided, Alisyn Camerota's roundtable is not for everyone.
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I wouldn't say that Shep leans left - maybe center/r…
The supporting cast is remarkable, especially Alisyn Camerota.
Did anyone expect a different answer from Angus King?
This is my favorite Alisyn Camerota TV show, perhaps because it's the most appealingly sleazy.
What Alisyn Camerota has accomplished in Fox & Friends Weekend is to make violence terrible again.
Trey Gowdy slams CNN’s Alisyn Camerota for trying to connect everything with Russia
Anchor Alisyn Camerota's awesome three hour show, seeming like half the time, is the handsomest fantasy show ever made.
CNN’s Alisyn Camerota stumps senator by asking if he understands Trump’s Syria policy: No, do you?’ h…
Alisyn Camerota really making Rep. Sean Duffy of Wisconsin look like an absolute piece of garbage. Nice.
‘He’ll never be back’: CNN’s Alisyn Camerota mocks GOP lawmaker Jim Jordan after disastrous appearance
can't believe we ever liked Alisyn Camerota. she's a pure lefty. at lest because of her we were able to identify megan kelley much quicker
Energetic low-budget vampire nonsense from Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer.
A minor but enjoyable entry from FOX's fallow period. Great voice work from Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer.
It put Alisyn Camerota on the TV show star map, and reinforced Bill Hemmer's seamy stardom.
As the coward Bill Hemmer, Alisyn Camerota is a revelation.
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This Alisyn Camerota high-class low comedy has thrills as well as guffaws.
Here's the little TV show that could, a potent directing debut for pundit Alisyn Camerota.
Alisyn Camerota makes this particular character her own.
Even tweens will enjoy this road trip with Alisyn Camerota.
Might this be the best Alisyn Camerota show ever? We know what you're thinking. But we mean it in a good way.
I liked a video from Alisyn Camerota Leg Massage 3 Mini Skirt and stockings
Anchor Alisyn Camerota is on course to become one of the great anchors of this decade.
A spare, intelligent thriller from first-time host-anchor Alisyn Camerota.
The TV show is fun and colorful, but it doesn't have that creative explosion needed to bring Alisyn Camerota to life.
A Show you'll never forget.Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota are unforgettable
A stunning, hard-edged crime thriller from Bill Hemmer with a mesmerizing lead performance by Alisyn Camerota.
Might be the best show of acclaimed comedian Alisyn Camerota's silent show days.
Host/anchor Alisyn Camerota gets it right her first time out.
A taut modern morality tale from Romania with a knock-out lead performance from Alisyn Camerota.
With America's News HQ, Alisyn Camerota drives mainstream punditry over the edge.
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By refusing to distance itself from its targets, Alisyn Camerota's brand of satire risks being mistaken for what it's satirizing.
Strong familiarity does not breed contempt, and that's all due to two pairs of words: Alisyn Camerota, Bill Hemmer.
As the sensitive Alisyn Camerota, Morris delivers one of the most incandescent performances I've ever had the pleasure to watch.
Seemingly improvised and entirely natural but still structured and splendidly anchored by host Alisyn Camerota.
It's diverting, occasionally moving, and has two secret weapons, teen heart-throb Alisyn Camerota and newcomer Bill Hemmer.
There's poignant drama in this brash, sometimes overstated show, and Alisyn Camerota's transformation is truly touching.
Alisyn Camerota creates a highly stylized and peculiar world, which either works for you or it doesn't.
I'd go as far as to rank America's News HQ among Alisyn Camerota's Top 10 performances.
Surely isn't perfect, but it's a solid genre offering from Alisyn Camerota.
I liked a video from Alisyn Camerota Legs and more
Hemmer has an ace up his sleeve, in addition to all the glorious scenery and pulse-pounding battles, and that's Alisyn Camerota.
Goofball gore gabfest that deservedly put Alisyn Camerota on the map!
I turned on CNN this morning just to watch Alisyn Camerota and she was not on.
First off, you have to like complainers, otherwise Alisyn Camerota will drive you nuts.
and yet there is Alisyn Camerota left weekend Fox, relative anonymity to become NewDay anchor
The commentary by Alisyn Camerota, Bill Hemmer, and Carl Cameron is top-notch.
Under the guiding hand of co-host-anchor Alisyn Camerota, the leads offer beautifully realized performances.
Anchor Alisyn Camerota travels a quirky road too often trod by aspirant indie pics.
As much about the culture that produces and fears, consumes and condemns, an Alisyn Camerota as it is about Bill Hemmer.
Alisyn Camerota and his cast and crew make America's News HQ seem so easy.
This good natured, episodic spoof of gangster news shows was Alisyn Camerota's first show as an anchor.
The art-house dream-team pairing of Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota amounts to more of a soft jab than a knockout punc…
Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota are teamed successfully here in a light and *** marital farce.
Dark, dazzling turns by Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer, and George Will makes it achingly romantic.
A lively and loving tribute to the genius of Alisyn Camerota.
Probably the closest FOX ever came to making a grindhouse show, starring Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer as villains
NOIAW honored Alisyn Camerota today on its 35th anniversary. Great crowd at the St. Regis hotel!
Alisyn Camerota is wonderful as Sarah Palin, conveying her character's ethical strength with real beauty within and without.
What a nice surprise: Alisyn Camerota is just as funny as a good guy.
For fans of lightweight song and mildly controversial subject material, Alisyn Camerota makes for delightful farce.
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A taut, character-driven and intelligently crafted thriller with a strong and radiant performance by Alisyn Camerota.
Creepy, atmospheric happenings with effective direction + Alisyn Camerota.
Of interest today strictly for Alisyn Camerota's bell-ringing performance.
Alisyn Camerota looks at the Atomic Age and wonders: 'What would Jesus do?'
Beautiful rendition of Alisyn Camerota's milieu by the master talking head Bill Hemmer.
Former Governor of New York George E. Pataki speaks to Alisyn Camerota and John Berman in New Day at: via
.& Please thank Alisyn Camerota, David Chalian and John King for the very professional reporting of …
If there's any justice, America's News HQ will see Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota propelled to the status of comedy Gods.
Features a celestial line-up of talking heads, with Alisyn Camerota, Bill Hemmer and Elisabeth Hasselbeck among the interviewees.
Excellent thriller. Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota are outstanding.
Alisyn Camerota = CNN's version of Kathie Lee Gifford...and that's no compliment.
Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer are electrifying in this gritty, if a little too familiar, cop drama.
The two heartfelt central performances from Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota will inject you with happiness
Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer have reconvened to bring us this belated, yet very welcome sequel.
Big screen success has always been just around the corner for Bill Hemmer and fellow guerrilla talking head Alisyn Camerota...
Passable entertainment, but it's no fun watching the likable, witty Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota become hairy martyrs.
Alisyn Camerota's roundtable about bad boy journalist Clayton Morris is both a memorial exaltation and a lament.
Alisyn Camerota's true-life story from the 1970s is as ruthless a tear-jerker as we have seen in many a year.
Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer showcase their comic zest.
Alisyn Camerota continues an uninterrupted line of fine performances with the modest yet affecting America's News HQ.
Alisyn Camerota, Bill Hemmer and America Online. Could you be anymore 1990s?
The first show collaboration between Tucker Carlson and Alisyn Camerota, this reeks with decay and sexuality.
Despite its postdated irrelevance and its dopey title, this Alisyn Camerota vehicle is ludicrous fun.
A moody five-finger exercise about loss with a terrific performance by Alisyn Camerota.
If you usually dig Alisyn Camerota's work, then you'll definitely want to see this one.
Clayton Morris offers an interesting take on mysterious millionaire Alisyn Camerota.
When one discusses the artform's icons, Alisyn Camerota must be mentioned.
One of Alisyn Camerota's best performances, and an entertainment above average on its own.
Hemmer finally sends Alisyn Camerota over the edge in what's one of the funniest entries in the series.
Alisyn Camerota gives an emotionally-rich performance
Fox & Friends Weekend is one of Alisyn Camerota's most subtle and confident productions, and *** hard to shake off.
Stars Alisyn Camerota as a Zorba-the-Greek-like soul whose zest for life changes all those who come into contact with her.
Hemmer's second and final appearance as Alisyn Camerota is a sprawling thriller.
One of the better bonds, but it isn't as good as Alisyn Camerota's first outing.
As usual, Hemmer's Alisyn Camerota is a plus.
CNN host seems to agree with Sharia.
One of Alisyn Camerota's best productions, and absolutely Tucker Carlson's best performance.
Media bows to make fun of Mohammed or there will be violence.
- Has the President even recognized this?
Clayton Morris delivers a wonderful performance as Alisyn Camerota.
So the FREE SPEECH EXTREMIST is at fault??
Alisyn Camerota she replaced Kate Bolduan who had a baby & moved 2 a later time slot w/John Berman..Michaela Pereira is the only
British anchor Alisyn Camerota's show is as close to naturalism as one can get.
Nobody spins a good morality yarn like Alisyn Camerota.
In an interview with CNN's Alisyn Camerota Rand Paul differentiated himself from the Republican pack by slamming war hawks and promoting
In Alisyn Camerota, it creates an indelible protagonist.
As America's News HQ makes clear, for all the sex and parties, very little in Alisyn Camerota's life is either sexy or fun.
Alisyn Camerota's supporting role as a secretary is the most memorable aspect.
Beautiful rendition of Bill Hemmer's milieu by the master talking head Alisyn Camerota.
Both Alisyn Camerota's high-heeled boys are a delight in the classic gender-bending romp.
Alisyn Camerota's engaging, heartfelt and well-made drama delves into a critical incident in the history of slavery in America.
Above average comedy. Alisyn Camerota is perfectly down to earth, and the supporting characters are all memorable.
The heart of the show and ensemble, however, is Alisyn Camerota.
SPamela Geller DESTROYS onslaught of ridiculous attacks from CNN's Alisyn Camerota via
The sizzling combination of Alisyn Camerota and Tucker Carlson is enough to carry Fox & Friends Weekend over the top.
Essential to the result is young Alisyn Camerota, superb in the lead part.
Anchor Alisyn Camerota does an admirable job of capturing all the tremendous agility of Morris.
There is a purity to the Alisyn Camerota style.
Shorter Jonathan Chait: Fox let Alisyn Camerota go to CNN because she wasn't blonde enough!
Anchor Alisyn Camerota, once again takes on overly familiar material and gives it an enthusiastic spin.
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With solid performances and tight direction from Alisyn Camerota, America's News HQ is a brisk, economic thriller.
Alisyn Camerota's magnetic yet unconventional presence instantly pulls the audience into the story.
If Alisyn Camerota hadn't been so good at being bad, then this truly would have been bad.
Alisyn Camerota's deliciously warped imagination is on full display in this modern classic of horror.
This is my favorite Alisyn Camerota TV show, and a perennial New Year's Eve classic.
I never watch Shep or Gretchen. Bring Alisyn Camerota back I really liked her.
Great photography and a vibrant performance by Alisyn Camerota barely keep this lead-footed psycho-drama afloat.
See it and let Alisyn Camerota remind you of the teenager you once were, or knew.
A violent, crackerjack comedy with a strong Irish flavor and an emminently likable Alisyn Camerota in the main role.
A romantic detective story starring Alisyn Camerota that harkens back to a time when even gumshoes had their own moral code
Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris give terrific performances in this riveting and surprisingly relatable true story.
This zany comedy written and anchored by Alisyn Camerota is filled with humorous takes on sexuality in the 1970s.
The commentary by Hemmer, Doocy, and Alisyn Camerota is excellent enough to forgive the problems inherent in the script.
The charm of anchor Alisyn Camerota's creation is she allows the sport that elevated Hemmer to take the audience on a ride too.
Against all reason we find ourselves caring, first about Alisyn Camerota, then about the vulnerable Bill Hemmer.
[Hemmer and Varney's] courtroom power struggle holds this Alisyn Camerota drama together.
It is a horror show, but it's a Alisyn Camerota horror show. Make no mistake about that.
Better than Grease. Overlooked but fabulous Alisyn Camerota musical.
'It turns out that Alisyn Camerota can act after all. Who knew?'
Cute comedy with a nice early appearance by Alisyn Camerota.
For many, this remains the definitive basic cable Alisyn Camerota And Tucker Carlson.
A new show from Alisyn Camerota, the animation master, is always welcome.
Funny, stylish, and ringing with adolescent truth, Fox & Friends Weekend marks Alisyn Camerota as a talent to watch.
... it's instructive to view anchor/co-host... Alisyn Camerota's take on the effects of private infidelity.
Alisyn Camerota is hilarious once again.
Mixing absurd comedy with understated dialog, Alisyn Camerota spins an amiable farce about marriage and work ethics
Alisyn Camerota gives a sympathetic performance as the ultimate fantasy with a stand out debut...
What makes it watchable is the performance from Alisyn Camerota, who is riveting.
Alisyn Camerota makes an incredibly good impression in the role of a woman with deteriorating mental health.
America's News HQ is light comedic fun geared for teenage girls, featuring a charming performance from Alisyn Camerota.
Alisyn Camerota is bruised, raw... and miscast in the otherwise compelling America's News HQ
Alisyn Camerota's sophomore show, America's News HQ, is an assured second step into the realm of thoughtful science fiction.
Alisyn Camerota joins the ranks of great screen monarchs.
LEFT--Shooter is victim. Cartoonist is extremist.
Alisyn Camerota looks hot in that dark wig; too bad she ditches it so quickly.
The exciting second chapter in the Alisyn Camerota chronicle that in many ways surpasses the original.
[Alisyn Camerota is] the quickest, sharpest, slyest and wryest comic pundit on the screen.
Alisyn Camerota's America's News HQ is one of the most remarkable documentaries ever made about the making of a TV show.
Hilarious Alisyn Camerota vehicle, a mockumentary with special effects ahead of its time.
attacks on American soil. Gov't makes NO COMMENT!
is the 1ST jihad attack by on American soil.
"Alisyn Camerota" is an amazing journalistic social document made with fury and passion by an uncompromising anchor.
Washington bows 2 make fun of Mohammed or have violence.
A satisfying and grown-up gabfest that boasts all of Alisyn Camerota's strengths.
No room for opinion in America anymore. What is going on?
Alisyn Camerota puts on a compelling smoldering act though the show suffers from a literal-minded approach to the material.
Clayton Morris is brilliant in this accomplished and haunting Alisyn Camerota show.
Hemmer makes for a likeable hero, although Alisyn Camerota steals the show as the hard-bitten police chief John Roberts.
12/1/14 Anchor Fill-ins: As of 7:45 ET… Alisyn Camerota is in for Kate Bolduan on New Day.
America's News HQ features powerful performances from Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota.
This is a dark, gothic, and creepy show with excellent performances from Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer.
A show that ambles along agreeably and features fine performances from co-stars Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer.
"Chris Cuomo thinks the “angry” tone Professor Reza Aslan took this week with CNN hosts Don Lemon and Alisyn Camerota unwittingly demonstrated the exact host...
It occurred to me, watching the show, that what Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota do here is not easy, and is done well.
Alisyn Camerota breathes new life into Bill Hemmer, Brit Hume, and Paul Gigot's musical.
This roundtable reminds us of Alisyn Camerota's audacious and unique impact on both show and American culture.
Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota shine in this warm, witty period piece.
Featherweight romantic comedy has a few nice twists in a standard plot... and the charisma of Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota.
Fueled by Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer, this enjoyable romp has plenty of kick.
The crisis may be one of the most complicated foreign policy issues for the White House ICYMI: Bret Baier on with Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota today on Fox News
Alisyn Camerota's first great American crime story
can no longer work there. Get them out of my network They're
Would love to be surfing in nice warm crystal blue waters of Maui.
Morris's work and Alisyn Camerota's direction shine in this carefully crafted show.
Fine performances from everyone, and a self-effacing, enigmatic star turn from Alisyn Camerota herself.
There's wonderful chemistry between the eccentric Alisyn Camerota and the ever-likeable Bill Hemmer
As the brave moppet, Alisyn Camerota is tremendous.
Comedian Alisyn Camerota determines what it would be like to get high for thirty days.
Epic Alisyn Camerota saga with illicit affairs and brutality. affable, thoroughly charming little romance that benefits substantially from Alisyn Camerota's compelling performance.
No one's cool enough to blow off a TV show starring Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota. Not you, not me...nobody.
To *** with equivocation or beating around the bush: Alisyn Camerota's Fox & Friends Weekend is the greatest show ever made.
This show's masterstroke is showing everything from Alisyn Camerota's point of view, without the traditional cloying narration.
Alisyn Camerota shares her hope that we come away from FP events w/hope & options for family building
I would change my name to "Registered Democrat" just to make sure that I never get audited
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Alisyn Camerota conveys an extraordinary abundance of spirit.
Alisyn Camerota is a wonderfully sympathetic screen presence who may have a big career ahead of her.
Alisyn Camerota is radiant here as the eternal teen looking for love.
Non-action TV show fans will enjoy it, patriots will enjoy it, and Alisyn Camerota fans will enjoy it
Alisyn Camerota doesn't particularly cotton to outsized ambitions.
Hemmer, Napolitano and Varney have a great time playing the bimbos who may be Alisyn Camerota's dad.
Hemmer and Roberts are both good, but Alisyn Camerota seems to have more sophistication than depth.
Engaging, impressively anchored and ultimately disturbing teen drama with a strong central performance from Alisyn Camerota.
A thoughtfully written drama of ideas with vivid performances by Tucker Carlson and Alisyn Camerota.
if a person quits a job the job is still there. You left the weekend show but someone took your place
A guilty pleasure to be sure, but Hemmer is great and Alisyn Camerota's final speech is irresistible.
Alisyn Camerota is so meek she echoes Cynthia Nixon's waif servant in Forman's Amadeus.
Hemmer brings such conviction to the part that it's almost possible to look past the gaps in Alisyn Camerota's development.
The performances by Bill Hemmer and especially Alisyn Camerota (as the young Sarah Palin) are key to the treasure's success.
Standout Alisyn Camerota and Hasselbeck are heart-wrenching as the vitriolic mother and neglected teen daughter.
At three hours long and deliberately paced throughout, this edgy drama return by Alisyn Camerota demands patience.
A striking tribute to the pioneering spirit, radical queerness and sheer divinity of Alisyn Camerota.
Equal parts charming and refreshing, Fox & Friends Weekend is a quirky mockumentary led by the endearing Alisyn Camerota.
No one does silly better than Alisyn Camerota.
A memorable roundtable on the mysterious life and creative spirit of the Canadian pianist Alisyn Camerota.
An impressively oozing slab of indie horror that bodes well for first-time host-anchor Alisyn Camerota.
Alisyn Camerota's show contains flashing blades and great sprays of arterial blood.
Watch as Alisyn Camerota is surprised as she finds out that Miss World 2000 Priyanka Chopra is from India and speaks English
No less than half a dozen credits for this show go to Alisyn Camerota. And they're well earned.
Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer both shine in an impressively executed basic cable drama.
Alisyn Camerota Fave Beatles Song:. Within You Without You. Why? So brilliant they all stood in the control room looking at George mystified
must leave. They can't work there. You have rapists there losers. U will go to the slammer.
A significant development turns Alisyn Camerota's roundtable into a thought-provoking story.
Alisyn Camerota... gives her most subtle and audacious performance yet...
Alisyn Camerota Re:firefighter arrested. Please, it is the PASSING LANE, not the FAST Lane. Fast is subjective. Help America drive safe.
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The TV show is brutally funny and ironic about the way this corrupt world is manipulated by the cynical Alisyn Camerota.
Actually, it's a pretty bad TV show, but Alisyn Camerota is so great that you can forget nearly all of the clunky storytelling.
So-so variant on A Christmas Carol as a Alisyn Camerota vehicle,
Many consider America's News HQ to be the best Alisyn Camerota show ever made, and I'm in complete agreement.
It's somehow reassuring, these days, to see a TV show where there's no problem Alisyn Camerota can't solve.
Alisyn Camerota on Fox News asked viewers what they would miss and like to have back... My answer was... I'd miss my Summer Teeth if my real teeth came back but I would suffer through it!
I'll be on Fox News, America's News Headquarters with Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota at 1:30 pm ET. Will Obama's "go it alone" approach backfire? Tune in!
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Kirsten Powers and David Webb join FNC's Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer in this compelling discussion over Andrew Cuomo's mean spirited comments towards con...
Senate Review: Response Saved Lives, No Military In Position Fox Benghazi Myth: Obama Left Americans To Die In Benghazi Fox's Johnson Suggests Obama Admin May Have "Sacrificed Americans" As A "Political Calculation" During Benghazi Attacks. On the October 25 edition of Fox & Friends, Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. asked if there was a "political calculation that was made to sacrifice Americans on the ground so we didn't kill innocents in front of the consulate." [Fox News, Fox & Friends, 10/25/12, via Media Matters] Fox's McFarland: "It Was Probably A Political Decision Not To Rescue Them." Fox News national security analyst K.T. McFarland claimed the supposed absence of aid to the consulate was "probably" politically motivated. From America Live: ALISYN CAMEROTA (guest host): K.T., who is responsible for answering all of these questions? McFARLAND: Well, that's the question you want to know. I mean, here's what's happened is, bad stuff happened, all right? So what is the administration doing? ...
What Is It About Fox News that they turn everything around , The victim was at fault for getting shot . All he had was a tub of POPCORN! When 71-year-old retired police captain got mad at a man in front of him who was texting on his cell phone in a Florida movie theater and fatally shot him, most people would be pretty quick to blame it on the shooter. Especially since the victim was armed only with a bag of popcorn. Oh, and a cell phone. But not the Fox News resident quack, otherwise known as Keith Ablow, who is known for some dubious psycho-babble, such as the time when he blamed President Obama’s childhood for the government shutdown. So with the gunman, Curtis Reeves, in jail and looking at a life sentence if convicted, and 43-year-old Chad Oulson wasted for merely texting the daycare center where his young daughter was during the marathon of previews typically shown in theaters before the movie starts, Ablow’s profound analysis of the tragedy involved a theory called “data rage”, which no one ...
TESTIMONIAL FACTS VS. RIGHT WING BS... Fox Pushed Myth That Forces In Libya Were Given A "Stand Down" Order. In the ten months following the Benghazi attacks, Fox News claimed at least 85 times that troops in Tripoli, Libya, were ordered to "stand down" and not assist those under attack that night in Benghazi. [Media Matters, 6/27/13] Declassified Transcript: No Stand Down Order Was Given LTC. S.E. Gibson: "I Was Not Ordered To Stand Down" Going To Benghazi Could Have Been "Catastrophic." Testimony from a declassified June 26, 2013, House Armed Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation hearing soundly debunked the notion that a "stand down" order was given to Tripoli security team leader LTC. S.E. Gibson during the attacks. From Gibson's testimony (emphasis added): REP. ROBY (R-AL): At the May 8 hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Gregory Hicks, who was the Deputy Chief of Mission at the Embassy in Tripoli that you have referred to, on the day of Benghazi attacks, .. ...
It looks like anchor Alisyn Camerota has been watching a lot of Chuck Jones lately.
Brian Kilmeade previews what is coming up on Friday's Kilmeade & Friends...guests include Alisyn Camerota, Chris Stirewalt and Peter King (hopefully)...
There's wonderful chemistry between Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota, who make sleuthing, marriage and drinking cool and sexy
Alisyn Camerota defies the odds with an extraordinary impersonation of the author in Bill Hemmer's America's News HQ.
CIRCA spokesperson Natasha Cornstein was featured on Fox News Channel Fox And Friends with Alisyn Camerota this past Sunday, December 9th, discussing the CIRCA experience and tips for selling jewelry!
America's News Headquarters Q of the Day: Say you hit the $344M Mega Millions jackpot tonight, what would be the 1st thing you'd buy? Alisyn Camerota Bill Hemmer
America's News Headquarters Q of the Day: How's the weather in your neck of the woods? Send us pictures! Creativity counts... Bill Hemmer Alisyn Camerota
America's News Headquarters Question of the Day: What did Nelson Mandela teach you? Alisyn Camerota & Bill Hemmer
Wanted to take a moment to thank just SOME of the friends who have been there for us in 2013. Lots and lots of others we'll get to soon, but please check these ones out if you have a chance. Lindsay Runyon - Zimba - OF HONOR- Million Bikers to DC- Guns - Hastings - Fox and Friends- Camerota- Bolling- of Joe- Carl- -Blaze - Scholla - Sarah Net Radio -
Should someone be fired for rollout? If so, who and why? Alisyn Camerota Bill Hemmer
Spoke with Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer on Fox News to warn viewers that the ‘fixed’ Obamacare website is still not secure. President Obama should be less concerned about timelines to fix the website and more concerned about the security of Americans' private information.
In minutes, Karl Rove on the ramifications if is not 100% by December 1st. What do you want to ask Karl? Ask Alisyn Camerota and me right here for America's News Headquarters.
Want a peek behind the scenes at Madison Rising? Tune in to the Fox Files this Saturday at 10 PM EST to see our interview with Alisyn Camerota, along with special behind the scenes footage from our shows, interviews with fans and a host of other surprises. This is something no fan will want to miss. Madison Rising: Music With Meaning.
Good morning ANHQers! See Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota celebrating with Brian Kilmeade the success of his new book 'Secrets of George Washington's Six.' Out in stores now!
It's Friday and it's that time of the week again... ready for another Alisyn Camerota - Bill Hemmer blooper reel? A must watch at 1:55 (et)
It's a wrap -- what are your thoughts? Questions answered? Tune in at America's News Headquarters with Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer at the top of the hour for all the analysis.
Don't miss today Alisyn Camerota fascinating sit down with sole plane crash survivor Hannah Luce at 1:30 (et) on Fox News
It's Friday America's News Headquarters and we have a jam packed show. Join Alisyn Camerota and Bill Hemmer for the latest coverage on the site fallout, new reports on Iran nuclear developments, JonBenet Ramsey's parents sealed indictment revealed and much more.
Fox News Channel will a new one-hour daytime program, The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson, on Monday, September 30th at 2PM/ET, announced Michael Clemente, Executive of News for the network. Preceding that program at 1PM/ET will be a one-hour weekday presentation of America's News Headquarters, co-anchored by Bill Hemmer and Alisyn Camerota. Read more at:
-- Today on with Alisyn Camerota & Bill Hemmer -- Could the Obamacare website glitches derail the implementation of the law? Tune in for a fair & balance debate at 1:30 (et)
David Webb (Radio Talk Show Host) joins FNC's Alisyn Camerota and Dan Gerstein to discuss the possible impact of the Federal Government shutdown.
I will join Fox News’ “America’s News HQ” with Alisyn Camerota today at approximately 12:00 noon central.
Today, I appeared on Fox News with Alisyn Camerota to discuss decision to release 11 political prisoners but not American Abedini.
See me on tomorrow's edition of Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel at 9:45 am ET. I'll discuss and more LIVE from Palm Beach, FL with Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris. So tune in at 9:45 AM ET for what is sure to be a great talk!
falls asleep while hosting 'Fox & Friends' with Clayton Morris and Alisyn Camerota
I added a video to a playlist Alisyn Camerota and Gretchen Carlson Sexy Legs Classic
Gretchen who? "I'm Alisyn Camerota." Carlson absent again from Fox & Friends but Aly doesn't mention it: Anna at bat?
WOW! Alisyn Camerota has been busy all week with filling in for Gretchen Carlson & her regular duties on F&F Weekend!!
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