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Alicia Menendez

Alicia Jacobsen Menendez (b. 1983) is a TV commentator, radio host, and writer based in Washington, DC.

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Mindy Kaling: People want women of color to play roles other than terrorists via
Greene co-founded Define American in June 2011 with Jose Antonio Vargas, Jake Brewer, and Alicia Menendez.
Is it just me or does the Alicia lady look like
"To me, it was like a nightmare, like a movie, like it couldn’t be reality." - Alicia Hercz on murder.
I told you, Alicia is spilling that tea... dog's head in the refrigerator ... she is a tell all book
Wonderful interview. // Mindy Kaling in conversation with Alicia Menendez
69 donations to go in just three hours! You are an incredible community. Thank you. . Thank you Alicia Menendez,...
After Hurricane Matthew, Florida extended voter registration by a week. Alicia Menendez​ thinks we can do better than that.
Trevor and Alicia Menendez discuss Clinton and Trump’s tepid race comments during the first presidential debate.
The Fusion with Jorge Ramos and Alicia Menendez begins now:
Alicia Menendez and I are getting ready for tomorrow's Fusion Libertarian Forum. What are your questions?
What it's like to be pregnant and fearing Zika: Alicia Menendez is an anch...
Paul Krugman, Matthew Dowd, Alicia Menendez, and Bill Kristol on Donald Sterling and Cliven Bundy's race remarks.
Jorge Ramos and Alicia Menendez on what we can expect from tonight's
Jorge Ramos and Alicia Menendez on the third Republican debate
Look for Asia Parrott and Brianna Reeves on “Young Montgomery” talking YAC with hosts Alicia Escoto, Daniel Menéndez.
Hamilton Collection
Fusion's Alicia Menendez reminds the media that 'sexist coverage influences how we vote'.
Sexist campaign coverage isn't just bad; it "influences how we vote," says Menendez.
Alicia Menendez, Can I ask you for a favour and check my Bio? I'm currently holding an xBox giveaway :D
Alicia Menendez, What Samsung products do you use every day?
Alicia Menendez, Good day. I would like to humbly tell you that I have an xBox giveaway today. Please check my bio xD
How do we vote for Alicia Menendez or her show?
When Rubio is talking about Clinton, is he really talking about Jeb Bush?
"Even if you're a mess your entire life, you can redeem yourself w/ 1 day of perfection." on weddings
Get to know our new bridal blogger and why she's so obsessed with weddings!
Josh Gad and Kevin Hart teach Alicia Menedez how to bust some moves on the wedding dance floor
.is getting married next month! "Wedding Ringer" star Kevin Hart has some ideas for her vows:
I'M BACK! Check out my latest piece on Fusion with Alicia Menendez Tonight! You don't wanna miss all the crazy...
Someone take Alicia Menendez off the election coverage. Cecilia Vega, Amy Robach, Rebecca Jarvis are more credible. Or Dan Abrams.
Taylor sat down with Fusion’s Alicia Menendez to talk about her latest project “1989″. READ FULL ARTICLE:
We can't wait to see you Alicia Menendez @ Keds!!
I say "sis". OH, you know what, there's an interview with Janet Mock...
Catch our latest interview in for the Alicia Menendez show on the new Fusion network!…
Could this be some of their sinister past activities?
"There's the most annoying young progressive liberal named Alicia Menendez, who is a regular FOX news…" — KSEMBB1
Had a blast on The Wendy Williams Show Panel today with Steve Wilkos of The Steve Wilkos Show and Alicia Menendez! Did you see it?
Univision digital , are you ready? Alicia Menendez + Kevin Conroy. Total audience engagement.
In a recent interview with Fusion host Alicia Menendez, comedian and The View co-host, Sherri Shepard, tried to candidly share her heart and love for people. However, what was intended to help defuse faulty rumors became a new target for critics to say the prominent TV host was condemning the LGBT c...
(Note: The following open letter originally ran on and is reprinted with permission from the network and Alicia Menendez.) Dear Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto,
Rep. Jackie Speier (D-CA) talks with Fusion's Alicia Menendez about what it's like to be a woman in Congress.
Actress Cameron Diaz talked with Fusion's Alicia Menendez about society's obsession with anti-aging.
Programming alert: Tune in to Good Morning America tomorrow as our own Alicia Menendez will deliver the news that pops!
Tune into right now to see subbing in for Jorge Ramos with Alicia Menendez
Neat WaPo article about I still wish I had :(
It'll be on ... under the Alicia Menendez Tonight p…
It'll be on ... under the Alicia Menendez Tonight page
Photo: hiddensky: Hey Guys I’m going to be at the Alicia Menendez tonight’s show in 15 mins talking about...
I spy on on the Alicia Menendez show now Fios channel 108 speaking about fatherhood & child support
I see you & the new pics Ms Menendez! Very Beautiful! Keep up the great work Alicia on the new show! Proud of You Lady!
Hey Krutika...I wanted to see if you can join us on our show tonight (with Alicia Menendez on
Congrats to my boy Russell Contreras being named to this list LatinoVoices Picks 13 "Top Young Latinos" in Newsrooms "So much is changing so fast in Latino media," Pablo Manriquez wrote Tuesday for HuffPost LatinoVoices. "What began with the launch of FOX News Latino in 2011 created a booming new ethnic media market, as Huffington Post, NBC, CNN, ESPN, and others quickly followed suit. Late last month, Univision joined ABC News to launch the most significant investment in Latino media to-date: Fusion, a 24-hour cable news channel with a target audience of English-speaking Hispanic millennials. "During the early years of this decade young Latinos have been arriving motivated and succeeding quickly in American newsrooms. It is now up to the rising class of young newsroom Latinos to keep moving in and moving up as mentors and facilitators for others. While there is still a lot of work to do, below are 13 top young Latinos in American newsrooms (listed alphabetically by first name) who are leading the way. . ...
ALICIA MENENDEZ TONIGHT Hey "Halloween Grinch"-don't get your show on TV but am enjoying snippets posted on website!
Is Fusion host Alicia Menendez the new voice of millennials? article argues she is
Priyanka Chopra, sits down with Alicia Menendez to discuss the new definition of beauty on -
Loved this interview and can't thank Fusion Network and the Alicia Menendez Show enough for featuring…
Awesome article about Alicia Menendez & - I want to see the show now! via
According to this, is "hunky" and sets a saucy tone for the newsroom with shirts unbuttoned to his navel.
Come for the profile, stay for the & photobomb:
I thought i would share these BOLD claims with RM fans. sorry to post in an area that's not related.. Jehmu Greene shared a link. 3 hours ago ICYMI (like I did), read this spot-on piece about the anchor who is: "the next big thing...the steak and the sizzle...even brainier version of MSNBC’s Rachel animal in the studio...dominates the room...emotionally intelligent..." The one and only Alicia Menendez The rise of Alicia Menendez, a voice for the millennials New network bets on a bold, high-risk choice to carry its news and culture show — and be the next big thing. Lee Isleofcarls ah the Rachael Maddow upgrade.. hmm. I wonder how she feels about this?
On set for the Alicia Menendez show with the most perfect background ever.
Interviewing with the Alicia Menendez Tonight Show on the Fusion Network! Watch me and some amazing women talk about breaking boundaries in pageantry. Happy Miss Universe Eve ;)
Hi Robyn, I'm a producer for ABC/Unvision FUSION network. We would love to interview you for Alicia Menendez Tonight.
Sneak preview: WP lede ''Picks of the Week'' story for tablet:
live!! check out talking sex & tech w Alicia Menendez TODAY at 4 pm PST right here -->
looking forward to talking Sex & Tech with Alicia Menendez this afternoon!! (4 pm PST) -->
Looking forward to taking on ACB'S ALICIA MENENDEZ TONIGHT via
Tonight's panel discussion with host Alicia Menendez... Watch out for her show on the network…
Jim Graves, who lost to Michele Bachmann in Minnesota's sixth congressional district in 2012 and was planning to run against her again in 2014, joined HuffPost Live Wednesday to react to the news that Bachmann will no be running for reelection. He told HuffPost Live host Alicia Menendez that while "...
Coming up: Alicia Menendez and Marc Lamont Hill on Boston's tragedy.
According to the U.S. Census Bureau data, women are making 77 cents for every dollar that men make with the gap even larger for African American and Latino women. Equal pay activist Lilly Ledbetter joins Huffpost Live host Alicia Menendez to discuss this.
New Jersey Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez has denied soliciting prostitutes in the Dominican Republic but admitted he traveled at least three times on a donor’s private plane to and from the country.
Over the weekend, many were disgusted that ABC conducted a lengthy interview with Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ), but failed to ask him a single question about the allegations that he paid young foreigners to sleep with him. Especially considering Menendez may soon take over the prominent role of c...
Menendez likes the ones that remind him of Alicia(his daughter)
Para los hombres y las mujeres que dudaron que la reforma migratoria se iba a realizar pronto, aquí les adelanto el primer párrafo del acuerdo en el Senado. Luego se los traduzco, esto va a ser en capítulos como en las telenovelas. Bipartisan Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform Senators Schumer, McCain, Durbin, Graham, Menendez, Rubio, Bennet, and Flake Introduction We recognize that our immigration system is broken. And while border security has improved significantly over the last two Administrations, we still don’t have a functioning immigration system. This has created a situation where up to 11 million undocumented immigrants are living in the shadows. Our legislation acknowledges these realities by finally committing the resources needed to secure the border, modernize and streamline our current legal immigration system, while creating a tough but fair legalization program for individuals who are currently here. We will ensure that this is a successful permanent reform to our immigra ...
How do young people pick a career? advice with Ari Melber, Abby Huntsman, Alicia Menendez, Michael Skolnik and NYC Councilman Joel Rivera.
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Of course, Sen Menendez and his daughter Alicia Menendez exude the moral character of the lib left. ;-)
Sen. Chuck Schumer told HuffPost Live Friday that the National Rifle Association has become a very extreme group that “doesn’t even represent average gun holders.” Schumer said, The NRA is a fringe group, “but whether enough of his colleagues are ready to admit that, he is not sure.” This New York Democrat told HuffPost Live’s Alicia Menendez when he worked on the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, which went into effect in 1994, the NRA “had such power that they filled it up with loopholes.” The Brady Law required background checks for firearm purchasers. Democrat Chuck Schumer of NY needs to be sent home without any benefits and be required to reimburse the Citizens of this country for all the pay and benefits he has voted for himself over the years. He does not believe in the US Constitution as if evident by his actions.
Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) sat down with HuffPost Live Friday, where he made a noteworthy statement about the rapidly-growing National Rifle Association. Responding to interviewer Alicia Menendez...
Josh and Alicia talk about Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera, who died over the weekend in a plane crash in Mexico.
Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA) joined HuffPost Live host Alicia Menendez to discuss the fiscal cliff, and blamed conservative media for blowing the crisis out of proportion as a means of scaring people. "The Rush Limbaughs and the echo chambers around the country have really manufactured this," he said, ...
HuffPost Live hosts Josh Zepps and Alicia Menendez talk with HuffPost Washington Bureau Chief…
New Wall St is a huge boy's club. That's why we need a female Treasury Secretary.
About to join Alicia Menendez on to discuss why President Obama won the Cuban American vote.
Oh no. I wrote for Alicia Menendez's blog to give a conservative perspective. I thanked her for the opportunity. I have been compromised.
Bob Menendez's daughter, the politically vocal Alicia Menendez is a womens' studies graduate from Harvard.
Tune in to today at 12:30pm EST as I join host Alicia Menendez and a panel about the dangers of boredom!
Heading into the debate, Biden has to use his political expertise to help Obama dig out from the avalanche in Denver. Obama-Biden can't afford another weak performance. Sam Stein, Christina M. Martinez, Jared Bernstein, Ny Etuk, and Vinclane Ngomsi join Alicia Menendez to discuss.
Video on A new article claims Mitt Romney’s family has taken over his campaign after a “private frustration” with campaign officials. Could the intervention backfire? Dana Milbank of the Washington Post and Alicia Menendez of HuffPost Live join PoliticsNation.
Video on Karl Rove has written an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal and accused Obama of campaigning on falsehoods. Radio host Joe Madison and Alicia Menendez of HuffPost Live talk with Rev. Al Sharpton about the latest Republican tactics.
Senate Republicans blocked a bill Wednesday that would have provided a billion dollars towards helping veterans find work.
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Alicia Menendez "now Barack O'bama can jujitzu it" while talking about deflecting Romney "lies" attacks
And you had Rosario Dawson Lawrence. So you had a Latina not named Alicia Menendez or Maria Teresa Kumar. We need some Latino intellectuals.
This is not the plot for the new season of "The Walking Dead." The military is actually training people to combat a potential zombie apocalypse. Better safe than sorry? Alicia Menendez is joined by Brad Barker, Glenn Stutzky, Joseph Blady, Matt Zeller and Meghan Hurwitt.
Voter Fraud: James O' Keefe's Project Veritas shows how easy voter fraud is without Identification: When an undercover conservative reporter can vote as Ben Jealous, Bill Maher, or David Brock if he wants, there's a hole as wide as the Grand Canyon in the system. James O’Keefe’s new video shows Project Veritas going into poll locations in DC on April 3, being offered ballots for Ben Jealous, President & CEO of the NAACP; one Bill Maher; and David Brock (Project Veritas says they could not verify whether the David Brock for which they were offered a ballot was the same David Brock as the Media Matters president). Hilariously, Project Veritas also shows that you can’t get into Media Matters without showing ID. The video also depicts Project Veritas going to a polling place and asking about Alicia Menendez, daughter of New Jersey Senator Robert Menendez (D) and political commentator on MSNBC; a poll worker asks to see ID, preventing Project Veritas from being offered Menendez’s ballot.
I like Al Sharpton's show, but I'm pretty sure he tried to introduce Alicia Menendez today and ended up with "Flindancian Mandanderson."
Video on Criticism is being launched at the Romney campaign from all sides, with some even asking if Romney can make a comeback. Steve Kornacki, co-host of MSNBC’s The Cycle and Alicia Menendez of HuffPost Live discuss the GOP’s uncertainty about their candidate.
Video - Eliot Spitzer, former Attorney General and Governor of New York, stops by HuffPost Live to talk about the conventions and what we're not hearing from the campaigns. Alicia Menendez is also joined by Anthony Fisher, Brennan Lowery, Hassani Turner, Lynne Schwartz and Taryn Mitchell.
Does deserve all the crap she's been getting for cheating? Tell us here
Video - In 2010, 46 million Americans, including 16 million kids lived in poverty, a figure expected to rise. What is really being done to combat the war on poverty in America? Alicia Menendez is joined by Mark Horvath, Corbyn Hightower, Carey Fuller and Sandy Boch to discuss
What we thought to be quote-unquote exhaustion was something much deeper, much broader and it lasted much longer, the elder Jackson said to HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill and Alicia Menendez on Thursday.
Video on Former president Bill Clinton will play a leading role in the upcoming Democratic National Convention. Clinton will make the big prime-time speech focused on the economy. Are Republicans going to embrace their recent political history as well? Alicia Menendez of HuffPost Live and...
Sure! Sound off on any topic you'd like, and we might turn it into a segment:
Video on Just over a year ago, Rep. Anthony Weiner resigned after a text message scandal. Some sources close to Weiner say he’s seriously considering running for mayor of New York. Can he make a comeback? Errol Lewis of ‘Inside City Hall’ and Alicia Menendez of HuffPost Live discuss th...
Video on Joy Reid and Alicia Menendez discuss the missed opportunity on the part of Mitt Romney to take advantage of high unemployment within minority groups.
Huffpo's Alicia Menendez, Harvard grad & daughter of New Jersey senator, talks of growing up middle class on MSNBC's
Video on At a conference for the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Official in Orlando, Fl., President Obama restated his commitment to moving forward on immigration. Alicia Menendez and Rod Smith join Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss the speech.
Video on The Romney campaign continues to dodge questions on their candidate's immigration policy as a new poll shows President Obama with a 13-point lead. MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell covers the 2012 headlines with MSNBC's Steve Kornacki and HuffPost Live's Alicia Menendez.
Tonight the roll of Krystal Ball is being played by Alicia Menendez.
Video on President Obama’s new policy on immigration is popular, but not everyone is a fan. When asked about it, Mitt Romney was unable to provide an alternative plan when asked about the policy, other than to say it would be replaced by a “long-term solution”. Alicia Menendez of HuffPost...
Today, Izzy Ortega of the Heritage Foundation joins Alicia Menendez and I on Power Play on Cristina Radio!
Yikes! Alicia Menendez tells James O’Keefe where to stick his voter fraud:
It's about time someone stood up to James O'Keefe, and Alicia Menendez did it with aplomb:
Alicia Menendez tells James O'Keefe where he can stick his voter fraud video:
Crazy! Alicia Menendez of NBC: "James O'Keefe tried to steal my vote"
PR: Alicia Menendez and Bettina Inclán co-hosting radio show on SiriusXM targeting U.S. Hispanics on the recently...
rollcall: Heard on the Hill: Latina Activists Spearheading New Talk Show – Alicia Menendez and Bettina Inclán
Seems Alicia Menendez is unaware that the current tax rates help the middle class, even more than the payroll tax "cut" does...
On right about now with Alicia Menendez. Watch Juan talk about his book, coming up!
New Obama political director is no token. Must-read take from
Reflections from yesterday: what to do when scandals hit (via
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I can NOT listen when Meggie Mac or Alicia Menendez (?) are on the air. I figure their appeal HAS to be purely as "eye candy."
MISS LIBTARD Alicia Menendez is certainly showing her true colors on O'Relly her dad is a LIBTARD also!
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