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Alicia Keys

Alicia Augello Cook (born January 25, 1981), better known by her stage name Alicia Keys, is an American R&B singer-songwriter, record producer, and actress.

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Y'all. Marshall Mathers and Alicia Keys in "Like Home" is incredible. Art shines in dark times. And this guy REALLY…
Favorite people in cinema and music:. Alicia Keys. Nina Simone. Naomi Watts. Jake Gyllenhaal. Marion Cotillard. Kyle Mac…
sometimes I forget that a guy named Bone Crusher once tried to teach me karate and serenade me with "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys
Em listens to all those people but has Alicia Keys and Ed Sheeran on his album
Hi Reba. Mail from Fart. Dear Pee, My middle name is Vladimir. What's yours? Bye for now, Alicia Keys. It's Dixy y…
Empire Cast - Powerful (feat. Jussie Smollett and Alicia Keys) on Liquid Hip Hop Radio.
Olivia was the first lady of J Records and the label said 'phuck you' when Alicia Keys popped off. Such a shame. She had some heat.
An ad that shows a fluffy Dave Benson-Phillips with a slow and meager cover of Iron Maiden 'Rime Of The Ancient Mariner' sung by Alicia Keys
Gabriella Union and Alicia Keys were both messing with Married men, Gabby still in movies/tv Shows, and Alicia is s…
Now listening to Bond themes. Still don't understand how Jack White and Alicia Keys managed to combine to make such a hideous mess.
"I went to an Alicia Keys concert over the weekend and I think I may have gotten high, accidentally"- best Michael Scott quote ever
If there was a court of light skinned queens, it'd be: Jada Pickett-Smith, Beyonce, Sanaa Lathan and Alicia Keys
Mark kumari ' is alias mayor ' Eric Garcetti ' los Angeles mayor '. The famous' Alicia Keys ' is my daughter '. The illegal management is
Real Madrid is cutting off cat turds in the mousehole. Cary Grant is playing sports in Italy. Alicia Keys has constipation.
Five times Clive Davis changed the course of music He helped Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys be…
Aside from RiRi.. 'All of the Lights' has the vocals of 14 or so artists.. including Elton John, Alicia Keys, La Ro…
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//I don't know. Sombra and Laura sure copied that hairstyle from Alicia Keys.
"Honey came in and she caught me red handed creeping with the girl next door" - Alicia Keys
If I Ain't Got You by Alicia Keys will always be one of my favourite songs
Singer Alicia Keys and her cute son get matching hairstyles
Whoever you first think of when "My Boo" by Usher & Alicia Keys comes on the radio is probably the love of your life. just…
Pardon mу FrenchPlease do not cry Boeing. Frank Zampino…
Alicia Keys- Fallin . I swear I wanted to be Alicia so bad as a kid, she's perfect 😍😍
Shawn talking about wanting to collaborate in the future with more artists like or Alicia Keys
is on NBC so they could always go with medley of artists(Adam Levine, Blake, Alicia Keys, Gwen, Miley, Pharelle etc)
Words still can't describe my love for Alicia Keys and John Legend the only person Ik that can smile and still look sad
Alicia Keys best album has to be, The Element of Freedom.
A guy that can get hyped listening to SOB but also simp to Alicia Keys, is a guy I want.
People Are we think Alicia Keys and run your
This tribute pic that Alicia Keys did for Muhammad Ali is amazing.
✨✨✨✨I justifiably compared debut to the work of a 20 y.o. Alicia Keys, and she's going just as far✨✨✨
Earth wind and fire. Ed Edd and Eddy. Martin Tommy and Cole. Jay Z, Alicia Keys & Lil Mama
I had to show my confusion through my playlist this morning 😂😕. 1.Alicia Keys. 2. Benjamin Dube . 3. Beyonce. 4. Adele. 5. Bob Marley. Now J cole
Did you know? J Sutta has an unreleased track called "Inside Out", written by Toby Gad (Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Selen…
Women who inspire me: Asa Soltan, Gabrielle Bernstein, Nicki Reed, Maya Angelou, Oprah, Alicia Keys, and Mindy Kaling
Being crooned to sleep by Frank Ocean, Lana Del Rey, The xx, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys. so soothing. I'm so soothed.
Now we are playing Baby Cham ft Alicia Keys - ghetto story(remix) enjoy
Lisa Fischer - How can I ease the pain. Alicia Keys - Like you'll never see me again . Eve- Gotta Man
John Legend and Alicia Keys should have a piano battle
I'm just going to start drawing to look like Alicia Keys and Jon Bon Jovi
NY has Jay-Z. NY has Al Pacino. NY has Eddy Murphy . NY has Michael Jordan. NY has Rich Porter. NY has Alicia Keys. NY ha…
Nobody (feat. Alicia Keys & Nicki Minaj) by DJ Khaled is on iTunes rap songs chart.
Live look doing her best Alicia Keys impersonation in right now.
Saw a pic of Nomzamo Mbatha with Alicia Keys, *** Mbatha slays Keys OVER. She literally looks like the international from the two.
Alicia Keys' The Element of Freedom was a really solid project. I need that Alicia back.
The list goes on, Alicia Keys, John Legend, Eryka Badu, Chaka Khan, and too many more to name. That's entertainment baby!
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I'm crying because this just looks like Zoe Kravitz with Alicia Keys' though process.
winner gives us the scoop about some truly valuable in-the-moment advice from Alicia Keys.
anytime someone says Alicia Keys can't sing I think of this PERFORMANCE where she sounded exactly like the CD.
Another blow for students as the SU have boycotted The Mary Tyler Moore Hour for fear they will draw attention to Alicia Keys.
Enjoying sounds of "Loungin' Chapter 7: Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Mos Def..." by on
NEW - String Quartet Tribute to Alicia Keys by Tribute to Alicia Keya
Guys we can do it! Let's make Alicia Keys and Stephanie happy!
Alicia Keys, Demi Lovato, John Legend and Ed Sheeran have been named by TIME some of the most influential people in the…
My first day at DGC I had them Alicia Keys braids...I came from MGPS that didn't care what you did to your hair as long as it was neat.
Snoop, T.I., YG, Alicia Keys and More Honor 2Pac at Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Ceremony
Snoop, T.I., Treach, Y.G, Alicia Keys and more are on hand for Tupac's induction of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:
See Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys and more honor Tupac with a riveting medley at
Met Snoop Dogg, met Jackson Browne, Steve Perry winked at me, listened to Alicia Keys sing acapela backstage…
Selena Gomez is set to host this year's 'We Day' in California. Alessia Cara, Demi Lovato, Alicia Keys, DJ Khaled & more are…
Alessia is set to appear at @ April 27 at The Forum in Los Angeles with Selena Gomez, Alicia Keys, Demi Lovato an…
I love how Alicia Keys has low key always been slaying
Alicia Keys ain't even a key. but dat voice can have the key to ma ❤
Alicia Keys' 'Girl on Fire' never gets old. Ever. ❤
I actually love Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys now !!!
Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys are too cute!!
Alicia Keys and Swizz Beats are a power couple
Alicia Keys lost her key when Becky Lynch TOOK it and took this LOOK with her! Jack Sparrow found his TREASURE toni…
Yo why u mad? So does that mean Swizz Beats should disown Alicia Keys?? She's mixed too. Yet she's still a BLACK woman
Jorja Smith's music gives me a similar feeling I got growing up to Alicia Keys ✨
that was beautiful cover of Alicia Keys. I was singing along low key to the lyrics. Should be proud
Drake went in reverse. He use to have Alicia Keys and Jay features now he got Giggs and Jorja Smith. Brought the album down a notch.
Alicia Keys pledged to go make-up free. . She is at the forefront of the movement and brings finesse to t…
When people tell me I look like Alicia keys 😻
Req dong Jack White & alicia keys - Another way to die sondtrek film james bond Quantum of Solace
Usher and Alicia Keys: "It started when we were younger, you were mine.". Me: MY BO
you look like Alicia keys in this picture
Some people want diamond rings some just want everything but everything means if I ain't got you, you, you... -Alicia keys ❤😍
Alicia Keys is so flawless like is that even legal to look that good
“y'all ever noticed that KEYshia Cole and Alicia KEYs never seem to actually be on the right key?”
Listen to Holy War by Alicia Keys — I HAVE SEVERAL TIMES TODAY. I don't plan on listeni...
Jay Z and Alicia Keys gave us "Empire State of Mind". So, Moesch Madness thought they'd drop "Badger State of Mind". https:/…
...Barman says, "Just in time. Lori Singer, Brenda Song, Alicia Keys, Lena Horne & Leah Pipes just took the stage."
More Celebrity Gossip on - Proof You Can Wear a Head Wrap as Well as Alicia Keys
Yet again, Alicia Keys is wearing the Heathcliff Huxtable collection
Did u know Alicia Keys made her acting debut at age 5 on the Cosby show? is on NOW! "Superwoman…
Jack Cassidy from The Partridge Family group tries out on The Voice and picks Alicia Keys to be ...
"These girls are on fire," sings Alicia Keys while walking the stage at rally
After being in NYC I understand how Alicia Keys song, Empire State of Mind, sums up the excitement!
Best part of 'Quantum of Solace' was opening theme song by Jack White & Alicia Keys. Barely.
On radiohhh_com BLUE "Harlem's Nocturne/Karma (contains excerpts from Violin Concerto in D major, Op 77 by Johannes Brahms)" by Alicia Keys
Girl power! Gwen Stefani giggles as Alicia Keys roasts Blake Shelton and Adam Levine on The Voice premiere
Also. Alicia Keys - If I ain't got you. Carl Thomas - Superstar. Jay- Z - You must love me. Michael Jackson - The Lady of My Life
02-28 on the 'Fastest 4 Minutes' of Her Life Making Her Live Grammy
Unthinkable by Alicia Keys is such a pretty song
Unthinkable by Alicia Keys on Hip Hop and R&B
Alicia Keys and Felicia Keys duet has me shook
15 yrs ago, Alicia Keys snagged 5 Grammys for her debut, including Best New Artist & SOTY. Catch her on 'The Voice' Mo…
Take us back to 2008 Alicia Keys era.
One of the reason why I started to sing! Alicia Keys. 😙
So on Remix category.there was actually no Remix?.Meanwhile the Alicia Keys remix was on high rotation and playe…
Wow! The Filipina girl chose Alicia Keys as her coach. Guess who is super jealous right now 😭😢
48. Y'all know I had to add my girl Alicia Keys in this thread
02-28 draws on raw wounds for frank and powerful 'This Is What the
AND for number 50. The young and legendary Alicia keys with this forever will be A1 song 💓😭
Frank Ocean, Alicia Keys, The Black Madonna and more react to Moonlight and Viola Davis Oscar wins:…
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All we want is for you to listen🎧 to the pod the way Alicia Keys looks👀 at
y'all the way my voice went from Wendy Williams "How U Doin" to Alicia Keys "You Don't Know My Name" had her *** sitti…
Oh yeah it real artistic...who needs Bonnie Raitt or Alicia Keys or Emmy Lou
says the one who listens for Jessie McCartney and Alicia Keys when he works out. 😷☠️
Alicia Keys: Some people want diamond rings Some just want everything But everything means nothing If I ain't got you…
Kate Hudson, Alicia Keys and Kelly Rutherford Swear by Practice to Stay Centered via
Musicians Lada Gaga and Alicia Keys along with Oscar winner Jessica Lawrence are among more than 140 celebrities…
Maren Morris performed at the with Alicia Keys wearing an embellished Spring'17 bodysuit. ht…
I'm enjoying these cross-genre duets like Alicia Keys and Maren Morris. Proves that good music is good music, genre an illus…
99% was🔥Beyonce, Bruno, and Maren Morris / Alicia Keys stood out to me though.
Maren Morris and Alicia Keys just exploded! Power duo, singing Once.
Alicia Keys & Maren Morris was great at the Grammy's tonight !
The performance with Maren Morris and Alicia Keys was the bomb.
I have no idea who Maren Morris (sp?) is but her outfit is bomb af and of course Alicia Keys was slaying
Still no make-up for the beautiful Alicia Keys with Maren Morris. Wonderful performance.
Hamilton Collection
Metallica and Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys and Maren Morris, Kelsea Ballerini and Lukas Graham doing duets. Genres are dead.
Um, I thought I saw her in the Alicia Keys outfit last Thursday...
Alicia Keys been wifey since the If I Ain't Got U video
Maren Morris can sing, but there's no out singing Alicia Keys
Looking forward to the Maren Morris/Alicia Keys duet, Gary Clark Jr performing, and Camila Cabello presenting.
Kate Hudson, Alicia Keys and Kelly Rutherford swear by Kundalini yoga practice to stay centered https:/…
I grew up listening to singers like Alicia Keys, Rahim Devaughn, Jill Scott, Anthony Hamilton and Erykah Badu. Thanks ma
Saturday night with Alicia Keys, Dakota Johnson and the Memphis Grizzlies.
Some days i wanna be Beyonce, other days Solange or Erykah Badu or Rihanna or Alicia Keys and sometimes Tamar Braxton.
Should you give your skin a rest from using makeup as Alicia Keys has?...
Morning brought to you by Alicia baby. Alicia Keys -- Fallin (Live At Manchester Cathedral) via
Jane Fonda, Alicia Keys, Madonna, Julia Roberts and scores more stars join the march - San Bernardino County Sun
Alicia Keys, Whoopie Goldberg, Linda Sarsour, Michael Moore, John Lewis and so-o many more, called for ACTION…
They're in line to see Alicia Keys, Maddona & Katie Perry, & they think they r all there 4 the march! Huh!
Marilyn Monroe, Michelle Obama, Chachi Gonzales, Beyonce, Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, I could go on and on but
What is the number one rule Pink and Alicia Keys' trainer has for her famous clients?.
Common and Alicia Keys among top albums dropping Nov. 4 - Daily O'Collegian
Chance The Rapper, Janelle Monáe, J. Cole, Alicia Keys & many more visit President Barack Obama at the White House today. htt…
Stella McCartney celebrates her pre-fall collection at Harlem's Cotton Club with a little help from Alicia Keys
The best looking celebrities are the african american ones by far: Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Meagan Goode, Ha…
Will Smith, John Legend and Alicia Keys also among artists to appear on half-hour versions of James Corden's smash ... - RollingStone.c…
Alicia Keys, John Legend buckle up for 'Carpool Karaoke' series - CNET
Also: Alicia Keys with John Legend, James Corden with Will Smith and Blake Shelton with Chelsea Handler.
Of all the black people to disrespect, they choose Alicia Keys? HOW SWAY? HOW THEY GONE DISRESPECT HER AND NOT JADE…
Slight work. All of the lights X Kanye West ft Rihanna and Alicia Keys.
"Everybody got a past but you can never go back." -Alicia Keys
depending on who you are going for and judging from the mixtape, Queen Latifah, Ashanti, Beyonce, John Legend, Alicia Keys :)
If a movie has Viola Davis, Queen Latifah, Cicely Tyson, Alicia Keys, Octavia Spencer or Taraji then it's gonna be a good one!
Alicia Keys on You Don't Know My Name is a rare example of a woman shooting her shot. She wasn't playing around not one bit
You gotta pack your car with the people you love and blast no one by Alicia Keys and have everyone singing, best friends…
Obama and the Mexican Mafia with the Israeli groups and Alicia Keys are all talking and telling me that I'm not all…
Alicia Keys, Esperanza Spaulding and KING all make the cut
Lil Kim is the Queen of Rap. Alicia Keys is the Queen of RnB. Lauryn Hill is the Queen of Hip Hop. Eryka Badu is the Queen of Soul
Mood: You don't know my name by Alicia Keys
Alicia Keys without makeup leaves me in awe.
Alicia Keys, Sia and dozens of musicians sign letter supporting pipeline protesters
Have you heard the bacon pancake ft Alicia Keys mashup?
Even though a girl iz like a freaky alien witout makeup eye love hur.. It causes cancer so join me & Alicia Keys in ending cosmetics
Lol Wow Wow. How is Alicia keys meant to pick?
Diary by Alicia Keys >>>>>> this was her last good album before well you know she started to suck
she's been racist in the past exactly ESP that remark she made toward Alicia Keys and how she's pretty for…
Feeling U, Feeling Me [Interlude] - Alicia Keys Tune in...and lose yourself.
Alicia keys really thought she was gonna make a comeback with that album ha
Alicia Keys is a national treasure & should be treated as such
she is racist remember what she said about Alicia Keys cause I do
You not have any thoughts on the new Alicia Keys LP?
Alicia Keys, Sia and other musicians sign letter supporting pipeline protesters by via
So tired. work in the morning. neighbors blasting No one by Alicia Keys.
I'm falling in love with Alicia keys new album
Alicia Keys's Blended family is the official step mom anthem.
29. Alicia Keys - Jane Doe. - childhood bop. - only song on this album that's actually in A minor lmao
Meet former Alicia Keys and Mario producer and manager, Mr. Allan Cole. He is now my manager and leading and guiding me to…
"Hamilton Mixtape" features covers by such artists as Usher, Kelly Clarkson, Nas, Ben Folds, and Alicia Keys.
Only could put a new 🔥album together with Usher, Wiz, Chance, John Legend, Alicia Keys, Sia, and every…
DJ Barry Harris' remix of Alicia Keys' 'In Common' is FIRE!!! "You must be messed up too"
I started the Alicia Keys album & it begins with a poem that reminds me of a Black History program put on by 8th graders.…
Now playing Girl on fire by Alicia Keys!
In Common by Alicia Keys x Kaskade from the album In Common - Single
I swear Nicki got cursed from working with Bey. It happened to all of the females that worked with her. Gaga, Shakira, Alicia Keys, etc
Okay but Alicia Keys is so beautiful and talented and kind hearted can I be her
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The voice has made me realize how much I actually love Alicia keys
Alicia Keys switches from new single to political song Holy War on The Voice
Someone kill me so I can come back as Alicia Keys
You say this as if Alicia keys doesn't have a natural Afro & Beyonce hasn't been rocking braids since she was 6 yrs old l…
Alicia Keys says Beyonce is a real painter and has skills, there was this pic floating yrs ago from a painting party s…
why do people sleep on Alicia Keys & Ciara
*** y'all knew Alicia Keys released a new album?
"Alicia keys is more talented than Mariah Carey, HANDS DOWN" HANDS DOWN?!?!!
And I love kick boxing. It's a lot of fun. It gives you a lot of confidence when you can kick somebody in the head. Alicia Keys
Teenage love affair video by Alicia keys is a classic.
I added a video to a playlist Alicia Keys - Holy War (Lyric)
(VOA) Blessed, Grateful for Career Success : Alicia Keys is winning — not..
Chile they mindswell cue Alicia Keys' Unthinkable right now
happy birthday my ❤️ enjoy your day Alicia keys ya sexy mofo❤️
RIP to my voice because I just put on my Alicia Keys album on fun blast on this half an hour drive home
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Alicia Keys! Check out her performance of her new single Holy War on The Voice posted at…
Congrats to She collects her seventh No. 1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart
Alicia Keys released an album this year. Usher. Beyoncé. Kanye. Drake. Frank Ocean. Faves. You'd think our playlist would b…
Albums of the week: From Robbie Williams to Alicia Keys - Belfast Telegraph -
I can make one for you. just been listening to Emeli Sande, Alicia Keys, Common... Joe also has a new album out.
Joe, Emeli Sande, Alicia Keys & Common all dropped new albums. Life is good.
Listen to Alicia Keys (Preveiw) by BenjiBandz on part 2 comin very soon😈
Alicia Keys dropped a New Album November 4th.Get it FREE with your Library Card and Freegal!
can I just meet Alicia Keys and not you?
Gaga, Kelly Clarkson, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars, The Weeknd. Where is your new music? Get with it gurl!
I don't know what it is but when a woman has a little raspy voice I find it attractive. Alicia keys can't talk too me in person lol
It doesn't get much better than Elmo and Alicia Keys!
Alicia Keys without makeup leaves me speechless
The diary of Alicia keys is NOT Alicia Keys best album. Don't @ me.
I mean I always liked Alicia Keys but I think the Voice made me fall in LOVE with her 😍
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Ladies and gentlemen, Alicia Keys... How could u not love this woman?
We got way too much In Common by Alicia Keys is a jam yhoo!
Alicia Keys- If I ain't got you...will make me feel "some type of way" forever
When Starbucks segues from the Alicia Keys marathon to...Dusty Springfield? Lana Del Reycist? Nancy Sinatra? Hope S…
Alicia Keys is really trying to make us cry today 😢
Just walked into Starbucks to two pretty *** mixed girls passionately singing Alicia Keys & immediately felt at peace
Alicia keys album is something serious. 😭
Alicia's Keys album is so freaking good I can't
if i ain't got you by alicia keys always gets me choked up. she's such a GODDES.
"She's living in a world and it's on fire, feeling the catastrophe, but she knows she can fly away." -Alicia Keys
['Holy War' by Alicia Keys]. 'Forgiveness is the only real revenge. ..Nurse our wounds before they scar'.
"Here" by is her masterpiece as she infuses herself in her music.
Soulful songstress is back with her sixth studio album 'HERE' | Read our review by at
A radiant talks feminism and the women who inspire her with
Alicia Keys' new project is definitely worth the download, peeps
Meet Black Singles 300x250
LOVE LOVE LOVE Alicia Keys new album!!! She is one of the reasons I ever wanted to sing in the first place . I...
Alicia Keys continues her 'make-up free crusade' on cover shoot as she calls anti-feminists 'crazy' - Daily Mail
Is this the 'Miseducation of Alicia Keys'? - St. George Daily Spectrum
yo I think the piano from The Gospel on Alicia Keys new album is from the wu tang st ides commercial/cuban linx skit!
New badbadnotgood, Ghostface Killa, and Alicia Keys continue to be the real mvp
Who's ur fav singer? — Scott Helman is literally bae and Alicia Keys is queen
Do u like Alicia keys — Sometimes she's excellent sometimes she's not
Turned on Alicia Keys album and she's screaming at me already
So did Beyoncé, Solange, and Alicia Keys get together and decided to wake everyone up?!
Alicia Keys dropped hotter bars in kill your mamma then most of y'all favorite rappers🔥🔥 don't @ me
if u don't sing ya heart out @ the top of your lungs to Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Keisha Cole or Mary J Blige.we can't…
Stream new album featuring contributions from A$AP Rocky, and more: htt…
This new Alicia Keys album has some serious heaters on it.
.is showing us a side of her we've never seen before with the release of her 6th album "Here".
Alicia Keys new album has a few gems on it "Pawn It All", "She Don't Really Care" and "Girl Can't Be Herself" are my faves.
Alicia Keys is a simple and elegant beauty 😍
Gonna check out this new Alicia Keys tonight.
Alicia Keys has a new album so 2016 isn't all bad.
Alicia Keys did her thang on this album
Was that your cover? Are you singing that Alicia Keys cover?
Alicia Keys 'here' album is heavy, worth its weight in gold.
I already know this Alicia Keys album is fire, g.
I like Alicia Keys no makeup, female positivity thing, but not everybody's skin is as gorgeous as hers.
Are Alicia keys and Ciara fans the same?
Alicia Keys says her son Egypt could be a musician in the making: "He's super musical."
This is the most guitar I've ever heard on an Alicia Keys project. I like it.
'HERE' by Alicia Keys has climbed to on the Worldwide iTunes Album Chart.
Alicia Keys told 92.3 FM in NYC that she loves how kind Miley is, how much of a hippie she is and how much knowledge of m…
alicia keys "here" is proportionate to Lauryn Hill's "unplugged" album
idk how youtube took me on a journey from Alicia Keys to Akon but I'm glad it did
Alicia Keys literally made an album, put it in our faces, and said "Here.". LMAO
Gonna give Alicia keys new album a listen!
Alicia Keys new album is so beautiful
⚡ How fans are reacting to Alicia Keys' new album 🎧.
Imma give Alicia Keys a lil mo time
Dare I say this is the Miseducation of Alicia Keys in a Lauryn Hill inspired kinda of way
MUST WATCH: Alicia Keys passionately makes the case for Hillary Clinton and explains why she has chosen to
Alicia Keys & Paula Patton could go for sisters 🤔
My playlist goes from Alicia Keys, to Bobby Day, to Jon Pardi. 🎶👌🏻
You only really need Pony by Genuine but If I ain't got you by Alicia Keys and Aston Martin Music by Rick Ross are also up there
Tidal X: 1015 livestream is on, with Beyonce, Alicia Keys and Nicki Minaj: Watch it here now!
Your Phone’s on Lockdown. Enjoy the Show.: Other entertainers have since used Yondr, including Alicia Keys, G...
Last summer the U.S. had ITS royal wedding -- the marriage of Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz. The House of Beatz shall have an heir!
Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys on the Voice. They both have such an incredible energy and way about them.
“I think Michael Jackson has influenced every performer on the face of the earth." - Alicia Keys
State of mind: Empire. Jay Z & Alicia Keys - Empire State of Mind - Live Amercian Music Awards ... for
'The Voice' gives Fenton native a new lease on life: Gabriel Violett is new to coach Alicia Keys' team.
I will NEVER look at Alicia Keys again she stole someone husband and they off happily ever after. Oh please.
FAME Recording Studio in Muscle Shoals. Grand had the honor of making music with Alicia Keys.…
word pon road is Alicia Keys is shutting down TS this Sun. Biggest closure for one individual 6-7 city blocks no vehicles
Lauryn Hill..Jenny Rivera .. Gwen stefani .. Sade Adu .. Alicia Keys .. I had to think about that a lot .
Cause John Legend, Alicia Keys, & Taylor Swift are out of tax bracket (and aren't broken), it's Reby Sky on piano!
Alicia Keys has an original song in Listen to the inspiration behind the song & see the movie today: https:…
bailey you *** !! me and sam are musically inclined ok. you should hear us sing Fallin by Alicia Keys..
cue Alicia Keys "New York" cause is one step closer to the Pinstripe Bowl!
I guess something people wouldn't expect me to listen to are artists like Alicia Keys. But she i
I really cannot get away from Alicia Keys. It's really sick.
Lyft driver just told me my voice > Alicia Keys so tht means im the next Voice judge and having the next swizz baby
I forgot to ask, has the "Alicia Keys is keeping her man even with no make up, and you can't" brigade come out yet?
yes im from New York. yes my alarm clock is Empire State of Mind featuring Alicia Keys. yes I eat rats
So someone else wrote Un-thinkable, gave it to drake and he told Alicia Keys he wrote it? That's serious beloved
singing Alicia Keys is my aesthetic 🙌🏽
Can't sleep so I'm jamming to old Alicia Keys while on Pinterest and it's making me feel so much better :-)
Alicia Keys really risked it all when she was a waitress on Lennox making that call & admitting she used milk instead of w…
That moment u have to decide if it's worth it to ask ur neighbor to turn "Fallin" by Alicia Keys down...cuz u know they're goin' thru 💩
Alicia Keys is a natural beauty, and anyone who says she needs makeup needs to get their eyes checked as well as their attitude.
Alicia Keys doesn't wear makeup and she's a hero. I skipped mascara and people kept asking if I had the flu.
Aw OK. Tune in and see Alicia Keys wearing no makeup. Black women clowning her.
I'm definitely over hearing about Alicia Keys not wearing makeup. Big freaking whoop. Lol
Why everyone is still talking about
Decided 20+ yrs ago. Regularly told to smile more. No time to worry what others think. Go
Alicia keys will always and forever be wifey
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