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Alice In Chains

Alice in Chains is an American rock band formed in Seattle, Washington, in 1987 by guitarist and songwriter Jerry Cantrell and original lead vocalist Layne Staley.

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Photo of Sean Kinney of Alice In Chains warming up during soundcheck at The Hollywood Palladium by Marty Temme.…
Alice In Chains, Dirt: "Rooster" was written by guitarist Jerry Cantrell, not Staley.
Been on an Alice In Chains bender for a week now. Devil Put Dinosaurs Here is amazing, beginning to end.
Alice In Chains to nirvana to Kenny Chesney to bob Marley to Pink Floyd to red hot chili peppers to George jones to Tim McGraw to Metallica
I like Jerry Cantrell's playing from Alice In Chains. So probably them or Bush
Similar comments were made by Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains in a Guitar Player interview...
Oh, that's such a hard question. Maybe William Duvall who now leads Alice In Chains
ya know who I miss Layne Staley from Alice In Chains who also did Mad Season ' river of deceit '
it's Miller Time, folks ,, fire up the Alice In Chains, it's go time #
BTW: When I saw Alice In Chains in 1991 up in Spokane, I still remember when Layne Staley was hocking loogies into the crowd the whole time.
In the mood for some Alice In Chains... If only I had a time machine so I could see the Layne Staley, best vocals e…
Here's a picture of Alice In Chains with Jerry Cantrell's 3-legged dog on the cover of their self titled album, bec…
that dude in the middle looks like Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains. LOL!
New Jerry Cantrell Song - Alice In Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrel has a song in the new Keanu Reeves movie John...
04. Jerry Cantrell. The brains behind Alice In Chains. When you take the mantle of "Riff Lord" off Tony Iommi, you…
I actually grew up just a couple of miles from Jerry Cantrell. (Alice In Chains)
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The Ear really digs this new track from Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains for the John Wick: Chapter 2 soundtrack.
Jamming with Jerry Cantrell and Mike Inez of Alice In Chains at with my camp band "Franklinstein". ht…
He liked Katy Perry, Alice In Chains, and Megadeth. I'm not sure what hot take to go with here.
I'm listening to I Stay Away - Alice In Chains on Electric Circus Radio!
I still agree with Mike Inez from Alice In Chains when Metallica showed up hairless for AIC's Unplug…
Layne Staley with them metal Jim Morrison vibes. Alice in Chains - We Die Young, Live in Rio
that's what I say when I wear my Alice In Chains shirt
Now playing Down In A Hole by Alice In Chains! Send us your demos and we will throw 'em on the air! ceo
Apparently at local bars in VT they just play Alice In Chains all night and dedicate each depressing song to another individual local.
Its less autobiographical than it used to be (density issues). Why else would Alice in Chains go next to Lords of Acid?
Blasting Alice In Chains through the headphones and prepping steaks! 🔥👍🏻
Listening to velvet revolver, Amy Winehouse and Alice In Chains. Gone way too *** soon
Moment when you stay a bit out of the Alice in Chains zone while jamming on the song itself :P
If you like Metal, check out my playlist Metal Inside. Lamb of God, Slayer, Alice in Chains, Megadeth, etc.
Surprisingly Corbin is interested more so in Alice In Chains' darker material. . It's not quite 'Wheels on the Bus,' however
I'll tell you an album I didn't expect to hold up for me as well as it does: Alice In Chains' Dirt.
Dear on . Phalice in Chains, is my new band name. . We're a Alice in Chains tribute band. We're into S and M.
Kick tonight off with the best acoustic song of all time. Alice in Chains - Nutshell (MTV Unplugged)
If someone asked me what my favorite song about a rooster is, I'd probably say "Rooster" by Alice in Chains.
Alice In Chains covers Tears from Rush's 2112 40th Anniversary Reissue. It sounds great with the haunting AIC...
It's like if Primal Fear met Alice in Chains, featuring a badass violin
Now playing Down in a Hole by Alice in Chains!
Just had a 20 minute conversation with Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney of Alice In Chains
Dirt by Alice In Chains is almost exactly Electric Funeral by Black Sabbath how did I just notice now
This is the man I came to see tonight. Jerry Cantrell, the leader of Alice In Chains & my …
Alice In Chains' Jerry Cantrell & Mike Inez are Guest Stars at Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp - RockCam
Hope you guys have a headbanging day and check out my video review of "Jar of Flies" by Alice In Chains in honor of the late Layne Staley
August 25th: On this Day. 2007 , A concert paying tribute to late Alice In Chains singer Layne Staley is held in...
Alice In Chains opened for GnR last night. 20 years ago to the day, Layne Staley played his final show with them.
Alice In Chains - MTV Unplugged. 100% inspired by reminding me of how Layne Stayley is THE greatest singer. Period.
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I don't know much about Alice In Chains but their music seems the most animalistic talented pure solid rock, it's to stand up & fall down.
Alice In Chains announce North American tour: Alice In Chains have announced dates for the first leg of a sum...
I want to write a thing about how Alice In Chains' Nutshell relates to Arnold's Dover Beach a la Paglia... and I haven't smoked in awhile...
Oh jesus. Today is now an Alice in Chains day.
Never forget how great this era of music was! Alice In Chains - Man in the Box (Official Video) via
On the 14th anniversary of Layne's death, it's the Alice in Chains catalogue. ♫
I never thought I'd be listening to Alice in Chains sans-irony but here I am putting on Would
Very first band to come on Pandora this morning?? Alice in Chains on Layne's anniversary. \m/…
Rest In Peace, amazing voice, can't ever be duplicated. Alice in Chains changed my life.
Listen to Alice In Chains - Love, Hate, Love by Naysha Laurin on
Layne's vocals are so powerful. Seeing Alice in Chains live was something you will never forget. I remember...
Nirvana/Alice in Chains - Man In Bloom [Grunge] Today is the anniversary of two of the greatest musician's deaths. …
Also RIP Layne Staley of Alice in Chains. A day to play some badass music, that's for sure.
Alice in chains - we die young . thank you Layne thanx for your music & thank you for your flossy hair & sweet soul
One of the best rock vocalists ever. Loved Alice in Chains so much.
Listening to a whole lot of Nirvana and Alice in Chains today 😔
Also on this date in 2002, Alice in Chains' Layne Staley passed away. Here are the isolated vocals from "Would":
Tribute day to Layne Staley... Gonna be jamming Alice in Chains all day on the radio.
Am I Inside by Alice In Chains One of my favourite AIC songs. ♫
Alice in Chains 'Nutshell'(MTV unplugged live). "If I can't be my own, I'd feel better dead".
On now: I Stay Away by ALICE IN CHAINS (from Jar Of Flies 1994): The Seattle band was started in 1987 by guitarist…
Today we pay tribute to the late Kurt Cobain & Layne Staley. Nothing but Alice in Chains during the 9am hour with... https…
Any chance of Nirvana and Alice in Chains sometime? Today being the anniversary of Layne Staley and Kurt Cobain passing.
Today in 2002,the music world lost a legend when Layne Staley, lead singer with Alice In Chains was found dead RIP. https…
Nevermind.. Rip Cobain and Layne Staley from Alice. In Chains :'( :'( . Smell like teen sprit ..
Today in 2002 died Layne Staley, lead singer and co-songwriter of Alice in Chains.
Listen to Pretty Done by Alice In Chains on - I know how you feel!
ANNOUNCED TODAY!. Alice In Chains will join for the SOLD OUT dates at T-Mobile Arena Las Vegas on April 8th and 9th.
Listen to Lying Season by Alice In Chains on I have SERIOUSLY underestimated Jerry Cantrell.
should i put in:Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Alice In Chains, Judas Priest, Nirvana, Poison, Kiss, or Pearl Jam??( )or just anyone
MC: Coming up on The NB 90's Nooner:. Alice In Chains. Limp Bizkit. + more. Listen live
Tonight at work we have listened to Kid Rock, Alice In Chains, and other sludgy trailer rock. . I am pleased beyond belief.
20 years from now I'm probably still going to hear Alice In Chains during the national Hawks broadcast.
Will there be a group of bands to have the impact/importance of Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains?
November 1995 - Alice In Chains released their self-titled third studio album, it's also the last with Layne Staley. ht…
Now playing Voices by Alice In Chains on Blondy Radio. Listen on Stream
I TOTALLY get that. I see more Alice In Chains & Stone Temple Pilots on here than ever on Metal Mania!
i met Andrew in 89' when Alice in Chains released Would? i knew it was about Andrews substance abuse. i still cry...
Alice in Chains quotes the defense tonight perfectly: "What I see is unreal. I've written my own part."
I added a video to a playlist Angry Chair - Alice in Chains
I added a video to a playlist Rooster - Alice in Chains
I added a video to a playlist Down in a Hole - Alice in Chains
I added a video to a playlist Them Bones - Alice in Chains
I am the man who puts on Alice in Chains at the bar but sings "here comes the Kooger" if u were wondering
Only Living Witness was like a slightly more hardcore Alice in Chains.
I forgot how much alice in chains jams
Alice in Chains by Alice in Chains (Vinyl, Nov-1995, Columbia (USA)) sealed
Hot tea, Alice in Chains, and sounds like a good night to me :)
Sometimes, you just need a night of nothing but Alice in Chains.
Some of my favorite bands:. Nirvana. Alice in Chains. Foo Fighters. Soundgarden. Mudhoney . Rage Against the Machine. Red Hot Chili Peppers
I'm listening to Man In The Box - Alice in Chains on Work Order Radio!
Head on over and check out the killer photos and live show review by Brett Tully, RockRevolt PhotoJournalist!
"Into the flood again. Same old trip it was back then". Alice in Chains - Would? via
Alice in Chains - I Stay Away on your ROCK & JOCK Home of NEA, LIVE from the Medic One Studios!
I liked them. Alice in Chains too...
"Sunshine...sweet love my labor. Don't mind...I don't care no more". Alice in Chains - Sunshine. Good Morning Friday!! .
Listening to Alice In Chains is sort of like watching Bridget Jones's Diary. But replace "Bridget Jones" with "Layne's heroin addiction".
I'm listening to Alice In Chains' Dirt record, and straight up Jerry Cantrell is a genius with a guitar. Those riffs are quality.
Sean Kinney: “On fans who criticize Alice In Chains for continuing without Layne Staley: “I always have the c…
Alice In Chains live at the Brady Theater 7/31. Tix on sale now. Click for details!
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I added a video to a playlist Alice In Chains: Rooster, Live at The Pearl, Palms, Las Vegas, Nevada,
In the past week I've been compared to Alice In Chains, Stone Sour and Zakk Wylde so why arent you listening to this
Lil salty about that. Alice In Chains better get in soon along with Pearl Jam. And how hasn't Soundgarden made it in yet?? Wtff?!
RIP Layne Staley 😢💘. Alice In Chains was the best Grunge band of all time!. FYI Kurt Cobain died on this day as well.
Alice In Chains - Shame In You. This song is perfect. I could write a book about what it means to me. So beautiful.
Yeah that ruins the music after a vocalist switch. STP, Alice In Chains, Sneaker Pimps, don't seem to matter
Seattle now has pot vending machines and created Layne Thomas Staley?Alice In Chains - Would? & Junkhead 💚
Alice In Chains - Sunshine [Grunge] This song has one of my favourite choruses. RIP Layne Staley.
For Rock USA 2015 I would like to see Metallica, Iron Maiden, Avenged Sevenfold, ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Alice In Chains... One can only dream xD \m/ \m/
Alice in Chains Announces US Tour Date - hollowaic Alice In Chains will be playing the WinStar World,,,
Voices. Alice In Chains • The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here on guilty pleasure of mine top live band
Another song from my solo section recorded at home.This time Its one and the only Alice in Chains...This song nutshell is one of the most beautiful track ...
Alice In Chains as my wakeup call, thank you very much
yeah men. Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden. I pretty much only like 90s rock and roll anyway lol
The best ROCK on ROCK TRAXX RADIO, now playing: Alice in Chains - Hollow
My cure for insomnia is Alice in Chains.
Listening to some Alice In Chains in the dark 😎
Alice In Chains and Nirvana type of night 😪
I'm content af rn just laying down & listening to some Alice in Chains
all the people singing Alice in Chains are all black.
I've been having Alice In Chains songs in my head all day.
Incubus and Alice in Chains were my childhood
Intro to Alice in Chains Unplugged photo. Posted October 1 2014. With 614 likes! The best of October 2014!. *laura
wanted to listen to something different for once, but ended up listening to Alice in Chains.
Listening to Alice In Chains on powered by Slacker. Free on select Samsung Galaxy devices:
My uncle keeps going on YouTube to blast Slipknot and Alice in chains and I'm just trying to edit pictures
Probably a bad night. Friend of mine saw them as an opening act for Alice in Chains...said they were amazing
dude yes my favorite bands in 5th grade were Pearl Jam, alice in chains & slipknot LOL seriously
If your favorite Alice In Chains song isn't Rooster then something is wrong with your brain
This picture has nothing incorrect. Alice in Chains 😍
How was Kevin Smith able to afford to put an Alice in Chains song in Clerks on that small of a budget during the peak of the grunge era?
I can like creed and like Alice In Chains as well, *** Jerry Cantrell likes them too
*Paul is singing a Stone Temple Pilots song*. "What's the difference between Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains?"
Alice In Chains, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica, and ACDC is life right now
I listen to Alice In Chains. I saw what drugs did to Layne Staly and Mike Starr. Not fun,at all.
Even after the rave...because I wouldn't sign a contract, I still won best male vocalist with Alice In Chains, Best male vocalist over "Layne Stayley. Best vocalist over Lena Horne and an all time achievement award at the same Grammy's. This is around the time when Slayer won a grammy for their version of *** Awaits without Rupaul "Jeff" and James Hetfield won best metal vocalist even over Alice In Chains.
Black Star Riders Announce New Album “The Killer Instinct” 23rd February 2015 UK & Eire Tour – March 2015 Fresh from the critically acclaimed debut album “All *** Breaks Loose” in 2013, Black Star Riders are set to release a new studio album, “The Killer Instinct”, in February 2015. The album will be followed by a full UK and Eire co-headline tour The band toured 2013’s “All *** Breaks Loose” for a year – playing across the globe. October 2014 saw them gather in Nashville, TN and enter the studio with heralded producer Nick Raskulinecz (Rush, The Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, Mastodon) to start recording the follow up. The result is The Killer Instinct. Ricky Warwick explains, “Life's not fair, never has been, never will. Sometimes you have to live with a killer instinct just to survive in the ongoing pursuit of happiness. Because nobody can do for you what you should be doing for yourself.” Full tracklisting is as follows 1. The Killer Instinct 6. Blindsided 2. Bullet Blue ...
An exclusive clip of Alice In Chains performing "Would?" from Guitar Center Sessions presented by JBL with host Nic Harcourt. See an all-new episode on Augus...
Back To the Shack by Weezer on Radio 92.9! Next up: Alice In Chains.
Today's record pool rewind heads back to 1993. Immortal records - Happy Walters label out on the west coast in L.A provided an advanced exclusive promo vinyl single to the pool of his recent signing - April's Motel Room. Happy was the guy who launched artists such as Rage Against the Machine, Cypress Hill, Korn, and House Of Pain. Happy separately but along with Rick Rubin arguably created the rock and hip hop sound. The five members of April's Motel Room out of Simi Valley were Tom Kelly on vocals and guitar, John Baffa on percussion, Mike Hoolihan on bass, Sam Nickell on guitar and vocals, and Arron Zidenberg on drums. April's Motel Room created a groovy alt-rock club track with God that is similar to Stone Temple Pilots or Alice In Chains. The track would go on to climb the charts and hit during the meteoric rise of grunge in the summer of '93. One of my fave alt tracks of that year.
Alice In Chains performing No Excuses live at the Hollywood Palladium at a benefit concert for Norwood Fisher of Fishbone. This is the first time this show c...
Cannot believe we're 100 posts into the Top 500! Thank you all so much for taking such an interest in my favorite albums of all time. I've found an amazing amount of joy in sharing my favorite music with you, generating great music conversation, and getting boosts of energy from your 'likes' every day. Here's a list of 500-401 in case you'd like a quick recap. Next up...and the 300s! 401: The Pretender - Jackson Browne (1976) 402: Countdown To Ecstasy - Steely Dan (1973) 403: Train Of Thought - Dream Theater (2003) 404: Dad Loves His Work - James Taylor (1981) 405: Facelift - Alice In Chains (1990) 406: Let It Be - The Beatles (1970) 407: London Calling - The Clash (1979) 408: Mob Rules - Black Sabbath (1981) 409: Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel (1970) 410: Dr. Feelgood - Motley Crue (1989) 411: Grace Under Pressure Tour - Rush (1984) 412: Sabotage - Black Sabbath (1975) 413: "Heroes" - David Bowie (1977) 414: The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan - Bob Dylan (1963) 415: The Stranger - Billy Joel (197 ...
Alice In Chains - Rooster for you and for my uncle who fought in the Korean War and for all POW/vets
Shaun Morgan of Seether tells Layne Staley can’t be replaced in Alice In Chains
Will Smith with Alice In Chains and Timbaland working with Chris Cornell are two things I will never forget.
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We're not like Alice In Chains where somebody dies and the band breaks up. Ann Wilson
I've been challenged a few times to do things I'm grateful for which is 3 things for 7 days, and instead of nominating another 3 people to do this, I nominate one, Olivia Long: 1. Olivia x10.5 2. Drums x10.5 11 Albums that have been highly influential over me, and apparently if you read this, you have to do this and tag me in your post: 1. Dream Theater: (undecided due to how many epic albums they have) 2. The Winery Dogs: debut/self-titled 3. Liquid Tension Experiment: 1 & 2 4. Alice In Chains: Best of the Box (again too many good albums) 5. King Diamond: Them 6. Metallica: Ride the Lightning 7. Anthrax: Anthologies (again too many good albums) 8. Rush: Moving Pictures 9. White Zombie La Sexorcisto 10. Primus: They Can't All be Zingers (again too many good albums) 11. Limp Bizkit: Chocolate Starfish & The Hotdog Flavored Water 10 Movies that I can't live without, but I'm not going to nominate anyone: 1. Troy 2. The 13th Warrior 3. TMNT 1, 2, & 3 (live action movies) 4. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children ...
Music Choice TV just played Nirvana, Blind Melon, and Alice In Chains all in a row. It was like hitting the Dead Junkie Musician trifecta.
The Vitamin String Quartet Tribute have done Alice In Chains!! Yay! :-D - Would? via
If you like Alice In Chains check out either this album or Degradation Trip by Jerry Cantrell.
as soon as I put these my pandora has played nothing but Radiohead and Alice In Chains, with a little Tool
This is my jam: Lesson Learned by Alice In Chains ♫
It's Jerry Cantrell, man! Guitarists & singer of the current Alice In Chains line up.
My sister and I are going to see Alice In Chains at the Soaring Eagle Casino august 20!! I'm super pumped
Happy Bday, Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains! His idols include Frehley, Angus Young & Van Halen, but he was raised on coun…
Where remained as a member for a month. During this tour, Araya befriended Jerry Cantrell, guitarist Alice In Chains.
Your Decision by Alice In Chains . double Lacey Sturm after Alice In Chains finishes
For the record, I saw Alice In Chains play at the Hordern with Layne Staley! it was unforgettable!
Did you know Man In The Box was the last song Layne Staley sang with Alice In Chains? They used that song to...
Was never much of an Alice In Chains. I don't understand why, Layne Staley was a prolific writer.
Alice In Chains - Dirt still rules. Heavy, great vocals, and every Jerry Cantrell solo is a song in itself.
Here it is! Alice In Chains at Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant on August 20th...and you have a chance to...
Alice In Chains and the Stanley Cup Finals holy smokes this goes well together!!! source
First person to bring me a 6 pack of redbull (preferably 3 sugar free) to the trailer right outside the entrance to harrahs stir cove, gets a free ticket to Alice In Chains! we are thirsty and need energy for this long night!!
First show of the 2014 Stir Cove Season tonight! Also my first time ever to see Alice In Chains! Sold out show!
If you're going to Alice In Chains at Stir Cove tonight and plan on eating at Caddy's Riverside Grille before hand PLEASE make a reservation by calling (712) 256-9222. See you tonight!
Alice In Chains rocking it out at the Horseshoe Casino in Elizabeth, IN last night. Bucket List checked off again. Had an awesome time with Anthony & Brittany Riebsomer!
Now this is how I like to start my Memorial Day Weekend!! Alice In Chains at Horseshoe Casino last night.
Awesome Song! So Heavy and tight. The Guitar tone, the haunting vocals, and that killer distorted bass sound. Looking forward to seeing them live tomorrow night. Its obvious that Jerry Cantrell is the sound and voice of Alice In Chains. Really Great Album!
Alice In Chains performing their hit single "Them Bones" of off their album "Dirt" on the TV show Later...With Jools Holland in May of 1993.
Do you like Joe Walsh, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Queen, AC/DC, Green Day, Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, Beastie Boys, Krokus, J. Geils Band, Alice In Chains, Radiohead, Def Leppard, Grand Funk Railroad, Metallica, Neil Young, Quiet Riot, Led Zepplin, Deep Purple, Foghat, Golden Earring. Godsmack, Rage Against The Machine, Chuck Berry. From Keith Parkhurst. The Water Buffaloes cover a lot of ground. We have three jam packed sets planned for the evening. We'll come out of the gate snorting, so you don't want to be late. There is sure to be something that causes you to throw up your horns whether you stampede through for one set, or stay and graze all night. Ooh ah wah!!
I'm a wreck Lmao! Playing with Last Night at Aces North tonight! Incubus, Alice In Chains, Collective Soul, System of a Down, STP, Seether, 30 Seconds to Mars, Radiohead, Chevelle, Foo Fighters and much more! Come on out and make fun of me!
Taking Jarl on a musical tour of my youth. So far we have covered Alice In Chains, Verve, REM, The Cranberries and U2. I'm saving Pearl Jam and Sound Garden for the end... Who am I forgetting?
Today's musician birthdays: Jack Bruce, vocals, bass (West, Bruce & Laing, Cream, BBM) is 71 today, born in 1943 Derek Leckenby, lead guitar (Herman's Hermits) was born on this day in 1943. He died June 4, 1994, aged 51 David Byrne, vocals, guitar (Talking Heads) is 62 today, born in 1952 Ian Astbury, vocals (The Cult) is 52 today, born in 1962 Mike Inez, guitar (Alice In Chains) is 48 today, born in 1966 Dan Auerbach, vocals, guitar (The Black Keys) is 35 today, born in 1979 Today's musician deaths: Keith Relf, vocals, harmonica (The Yardbirds, Armageddon, Renaissance) died by electrocution on this day in 1976, aged 33
Natasha Howell is the winner of 2 tickets to Alice In Chains at the big sandy arena May 16... congrats!!!
Enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see Alice In Chains at the Roanoke Performing Arts Theatre on May 14 and a $50 merch voucher redeemable at the merch stand day of show. Share this contest on your Timeline and receive one additional entry for each of your friends that clicks and enters.…
Since I seem to be the only person NOT able to go to the big M3 show today, and instead have to spend my day raking, hauling dirt and planting new grass seed on my front lawn, I- out of spite- am going to listen to nothing but Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, Nirvana & Alice In Chains whilst I work.
ok, I wanna get tickets to some up coming concerts. April 30th, An evening with Sevendust acoustic, Mercury Ballroom, Powerman 5000 May 8th at Diamond Pub and Billiards, David Allen Coe May 16th at Jim Porters May 22, Alice In Chains at Horseshoe Casino, Willie Nelson with Allison Krauss and Union Station at waterfront park on June 6th I want to go to at least one, I just wanna know if there is anyone who would want to go with me? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? lol TO Bad Rob Zombie is already sold out! gr
Nirvana inducted into R & R Hall of Fame? Anyone ever hear of another Seattle band called Alice In Chains? Or Soundgarden? Dave Grohl is amazing, however: Kurt Cobain = overrated My thought of the day...
This was the soundtrack to my weekend thanks to my app. I made a Nirvana/Alice In Chains…
more of an Alice in Chains kinda guy myself, but Black Sabbath is a good start to anyone's day !
Alice in chains on this morning commute during rush hour traffic.I think so! Top of the morning to ya all!!
While you remember Kurt, also give Alice in Chains a spin for who died 12 years ago today. ***
Alice in Chains-a-thon. R.i.p Layne Staley. 12 years today.
Tribute To Kurt Cobain - the guy was a true genuine human being.
Alice in Chains live in Rio full concert January 22, 1993
Who am I, is this me? Am I one or thirteen? I've gone cold, hard to deal Used to stand where I kneel.Alice In Chains
. Layne Staley "alice in chains". Also died april 5th (2002 though). All this talk of kurt reminds me how good alice in chains were.
Hello! Have you listened to my music? I get the Alice In Chains reference too - something about the melodies...
Can't believe one of my favourite albums is 22 years old!.Alice in Chains' "Dirt" should be heard by all!!
Alice in chains is Pain . Nirvana is death . Pearl Jam is Hope
Alice in Chains took a break in the studio to play an incredible version of "Your Decision," a track from their 2009 album "Black Gives Way to Blue." For mor...
I'm listening to Grind by Alice In Chains on Pandora
33 days until I see alice in chains and I am still not emotionally prepared
Nirvana were the first band that got me into Rock but Alice in Chains got me into Metal! \m/
soundgarden and Alice in chains. 😐 yeah it was a tie. The *** head didn't even mention Pearl Jam.
I miss the old MTV unpluggeds. Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, and Staind were 3 of the best. I still have the nirvana album.
Kinda wanna go see the goo goo dolls and drop kick Murphy's and Alice in chains at sunfest this year!
Man, I wish people would remember and recognize Layne Staley (lead singer of Alice in Chains) as much as they do Kurt Cobain. Both great singers, but to me, Layne was by far the best. RIP Layne and Kurt, you guys are sorely missed.
I also think a lot of people forget just how much of Alice In Chains' harmonious sound was down to Jerry Cantrell as well as Layne
There are not to many concerts that I would pay to go to anymore. Today I drive by the Brady and see that Alice in Chains is coming. First concert in Tulsa since Metallica came that I would pay to see. (I did consider paying to go see Def Leopard). Came home, looked on the internet, sold out. I guess it wasn't meant to be.
Was trying to get my 2 daughters into girly tunes and when glen put on Alice in chains they both just start singing Staggats probably makes them listen to his bunk tunes lol
Now, the other day was all about Kurt Cobain, but what should never be forgotten is that April 5 is also the day we lost Layne Staley from Alice in Chains. The weekend just gone was the 12th anniversary of his passing. So, today I ask which was the better band? I know AiC are still going, but if they had stayed gone…. Personally I admire both but for me Layne/AiC wins this. Go for it, which band was better and what is your favourite song by your choice???
Heard local band 'Rusted' on the radio tonight, they sound JUST like Alice in Chains. Really great.
Alice in Chains on my bass. I'm killing it tonight son!!!
I suppose Alice In Chains are about the only good influence i want.
And next up on the Country Music Awards: Metallica, Megadeth, and Alice In Chains.
Had a half decent day. Work 12-4 at the Hut and gave them my notice of LOA for the summer. 6 days a week between two jobs is too much. Came home, changed clothes, grabbed the keys, put the top down and Alice in Chains in the Shaker1000 and took a drive in the country. Most of you will never experience the drive I took but I live in Central PA and I had to dodge dozens of Amish horse and buggies and road apples (horse poo) but Alice handles awesome! I caught one Amish boy wide eyed looking at Alice and I can't help but think he will fall asleep questioning his faith tonight!
Not quite sure what happened to the daughter's one direction cd - but glad it's gone missing. She's rocking the Alice in Chains going to sleep tonight.
Nosso cover de alice in chains, queen of the rodeo!!
Pantera. Guns n roses Alice in chains. Dallas green. What more do you need on the ol' iPod...
Alice in Chains on the Bose on a Sunday.Sparkin' up the grill in a bit and there will be rib-eyes, sauteed shrooms, tossed salad and prawn kebabs on the the Bar-B. Whew! .I'm not THAT *** !!
They've survived personal tragedy, but the hardest thing for Alice in Chains may be finding a way to live with themselves
Headed to academy sports listening to alice in chains unplugged. Ashamed they don't make music like this anymore
Anyone else feel old when you hear Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains on the classic rock station? Not that I'm complaining or anything.
We just saw the bass player for Alice in Chains at the grocery store!! How random and cool!!
Alice In Chains - Don't Follow. From the EP - Jar of Flies. (1994) Lyrics: Hey, I ain't never coming home Hey, I'll just wander my own road Hey, I can't meet...
The Alice in Chains singer died on April 5, 2002
I'm going to see Alice In Chains May 1st -- I sure wish Layne was still here to be with them
So who will i be running into at the alice in chains concert may 17 ?
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Sunday afternoon cruise always a treat with some Alice in Chains - Dirt, other than Facelift, by far one of my top albums of the 90's- dirty business ;$
So last night Mike and I played a modified game of Trivial Pursuit-if you failed to answer you pie question correctly, you could challenge with a hand of Gin-rummy-SO FUN!!! We listened to all Nirvana and Alice in Chains in tribute and it was so mellow and chill. Now we are packing the car for a impromptu picnic at Ft Flagler! The perfect way to spend the day before a new quarter starts at work :)
Layne Staley died 12 years ago today. Alice in Chains frontman. R.I.P.
Would it be wrong of me as a parent to take Ava to a Alice in Chains concert?
Chilling to some Alice In Chains Unplugged such a good album
Sitting with Tim. He's reloading some brass and I am doing a skull and cross bones latch hook (yeah, I know the 80's are calling). We've got Life Of Agony and Alice In Chains playing on random on the computer. Today is a good day.
I keep seeing all of these Kurt Cobain and Nirvana posts...but where are the Layne Staley posts, or did we just forget about Alice in Chains?
find myself listening to this album A LOT recently, check it out for some superb lead guitar from the main man of Alice In Chains.
Since yesterday was also the anniversary of the death of Layne Staley, lead singer for my favorite band, it's time for an unasked for, completely subjective, self-indulgent ranking, that no one save it's author should care about. Top Ten Alice in Chains Songs. 10. Over Now 9. Down in a Hole 8. Rooster 7. Them Bones 6. Heaven Beside You 5. No Excuses 4. Nutshell 3. Man in the Box 2. Got Me Wrong 1. Would?
Yesterday and today I would never forget Kurt Cobain and Layne Staley. Rip brothers . Long live Nirvana and Alice in Chains. We all metal heads do miss u guys. I miss and love u guys.
R I P Layne Staley! 12 years ago today alice in chains lost a great brother and INCREDIBLE singer..
Though years later, I never realized Layne Staley died the day after Kurt Cobain. That's crazy. Here's to a largely under-celebrated talent. Alice in Chains were and remain one of the most unique rock bands of their era.
Windows down Alice In Chains blaring...not too shabby of a ride home from work
Two pioneers of grunge rock died from heroin on this day in rock n roll history. Kurt Cobain died 20 years ago on this day in 1994 from a self inflicted 20 gauge shot gun blast to the head. Needles and heroin were found near his dead body which wasn't found until the 8th. Layne Staley from Alice In Chains also died on April 5th but in the year 2002. He had been using heroin for many years. His frail body was found on his couch surrounded by drugs. He was 6'1" and weight 81 pounds when he died. (Posted by John Perry)
In relation to my last status update, I just remembered that Layne Staley of Alice In Chains died today as well. I think I'll listen to 'Nutshell" and sob for ten years because wow April 5 is the worst day of the entire year and should be removed.
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24 years ago, a 13 year old me declared Alice In Chains his favorite band ever after watching Headbangers Ball at 1am on a Saturday night and seeing the video for 'Man In The Box' for the first time. I remember snapping out of a half awake state to pay attention to the video and feeling that I was witnessing history take place. It was unlike anything I'd ever seen or heard. I convinced my dad to take me to Tower Records and buy me the cd the next day. I must have played it 100 times that first week. Later that year I was turned on to Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Nevermind and Ten were incredible, life changing albums, but today those early records are hard for me to listen to. Maybe because those songs have had too much radio play, but regardless, they've lost a lot of the nostalgia for me. That early Alice In Chains stuff however still holds up in my opinion. Jar of Flies! Mad Season! My Junior year of high school I snuck into the 10th grade yearbook photo shoot and had my photo taken as 'Layne Staley.' At the ...
Tonight's Woodpile Workout set a record for amount done in one go...74 pieces loaded, hauled, thrown inside and stocked up to dry. Previously 60 was my best count. Whew...that calls for celebrating with a Coke Zero, a cigarette, and hm.maybe some Alice In Chains off the Jar of Flies EP.
1950 - Doobie Brothers co-founder and drummer, John Hartman, is born in Falls Church, VA. 1953 - Cinderella guitarist Jeff LeBar has a birthday. 1965 - *** Jagger, Keith Richards and Bill Wyman are denied use of a gas station men’s room so they take a whiz outside on the wall. Of course, they’re busted adding one more story to the Rolling Stones’ legend. 1966- “19th Nervous Breakdown” can’t make it to in the U.S. The Rolling Stones song peaks, lodged behind Barry Sandler’s “The Ballad Of The Green Berets.” 1966 - Jerry Fulton Cantrell Jr., guitarist for Alice In Chains, is born in Tacoma, Washington. 1967 - Melody Maker announces the formation of Traffic (with Steve Winwood and Dave Mason). 1970- Having landed at just two and a half months earlier, Steppenwolf’s politically-oriented "Monster" album goes gold. 1972- Neil Young’s “Heart Of Gold,” off his “Harvest” album, is the song in the U.S. 1977 - The Clash release their first single “White Riot.” 1978 - California Ja . ...
If only I'd been alive to see Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam and every other grunge band play at Warped, sigh
In case you're wondering the set may* include tunes by the following bands: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Radiohead, Black Sabbath, QOTSA, Cream, Led Zeppelin, Alice In Chains, etc. *No guarantees and the band's decision is final ;)
Man I like Alice In Chains and Metallica and The Jesus And Mary Chain! Look at me I'm so special and diverse... Die in a fire please.
Why did Layne Staley have to die. Alice In Chains might be my favorite rock band ever. Only wish I could see him perform live
Early morning jam session listening to Alice In Chains. 1 of my favs. Still so sad Layne Staley died. Never got to see him in concert:(
Alice In Chains all *** day. God I love this band so much. Ugh Layne Staley 😩
Nutshell is a song composed by the Seattle grunge band Alice in Chains in 1994 and was part of the semi-acoustic EP "Jar of Flies". Nutshell is one of the be...
Just played a 13 alice in chains set, nothing like jamming out there tunes!!!
yeah their "attempt" at sounding like alice in chains was a disaster. Kurt trying to mimic staleys vocal style was just awful.
Alice in Chains would always get like 3 great songs cut and then be like, "we're out of heroin money. Throw some crap in there & wrap it."
"Voices" available now on Alice in Chains' album 'The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here,' download on iTunes: Official music video for Alice...
Alice in Chains was a very uneven band but at their best they were THE best.
Going to plan a 90s party at my place. Grunge/alt 90s party. This way its a theme and no one will turn off Alice In Chains for something awful.
When I get back from doing time in the corpse im gonna make the most badass war movie with an alice in chains soundtrack
Sometimes I listen to Alice In Chains and my *** gets hard.
Jamming to a nice mix of Chevelle, Seether, Staind, Korn, Alice In Chains, and several other bands while studying for my sociology exam
If you don't like nirvana, Alice in chains, Pearl Jam (etc). Then you're officially the dumbest human being on planet earth
Kickin' it old school tonight...lil Alice In Chains, lil STP, throw in some Radiohead and I'm AFS. Jen Merlo Colgan knows what that's all about!
If you witnessed the greatness of Alice In Chains unplugged, consider yourself extremely blessed.
Alice in Chains live at the Key Arena in Seattle,WA this is during the BLACKDIAMONDSKYE tour. I finally fixed the quality of the picture and nows its in full...
Alice in chains man in a box please subscribe to my channel
May 16th Alice in Chains will be playing in Syracuse at the Landmark theatre. I would love to get a group together to go. Anyone down? I want to buy my ticket by Friday. We can carpool!
Just so everyone knows 3 Chairs and a Bar Stool is an acoustic jam band featuring Jonny Bates, Alex Sansare, Troy Sansare (singing), and Stu McQueen. (Eric Clapton, Alice in Chains, etc).
I've been listening to old Alice in chains for the past month it's sick af
never said he wasn't, was just jamming to the Alice in Chains one earlier
Got some pics of a few kits from the Adelaide Big Day Out main stage coming up: Green Day, The Living End, Alice In Chains & more!
now I want to languish in your cleavage and listen to Alice in Chains.
Not even halfway home and I've already listened to Lion King, Foo Fighters, Alice in Chains, Tupac and Alan Jackson. Music is music folks.
I stay away.I stay awayyy.I stay awayeah.I stay awayy...its easy to sing along with an alice in chains song...just sayin...
Hoy es dia de Alice in Chains Unplugged MTV
While packing up I was talking to someone about playlists, and we decided we had to come up with a soundtrack to our lives with 10 songs. So, here's my life soundtrack, past, present, and future. 1. Lowlife living the high life - kid rock 2. Wasted youth / everything louder than everything else - meatloaf 3. Fight for your right - beastie boys 4. What if I. - pennywise 5. Jet city woman - queensryche 6. Them Bones - Alice in chains 7. Atheist peace - bad religion 8. Better dead than wed - Darrow chemical company 9. Mother - Danzig 10. Professional killer - KMFDM 11. (Bonus track) I'm sexy and I know it - LMFAO
Is that the three legged dog from the Alice In Chains album cover?
ok Sara Lunn and Melanie Hillock, you asked for my 12. 1. August and Everything After - Counting Crow 2. Off the Wall - Michael Jackson 3. Tracy Chapman - Tracy Chapman 4. Mis-education of Lauryn Hill - Lauryn Hill 5.Ten - Pearl Jam 6. Jar of Flies and MTV Unplugged Alice in Chains (I don't care if this is cheating. They have to be together) 7. Crash - Dave Matthews Band 8. You Were Here - Sarah Harmer 9. Songs in the Key of Life - Stevie Wonder 10.Mozart: Requiem - Academy of St. Martin in the Fields & Sir Neville Marriner 11. Peace Beyond Passion - Meshell Ndegeocello 12. The Natch'l Blues - Taj Mahal That was so hard.
Alice in chains on April 26 at the winstar casino..
I like Seether, I like Alter Bridge, I like Alice In Chains, I like Pearl Jam,I like Soundgarden. I DO NOT LIKE JUST METULZ
Ken with the Alice in Chains bumpin
ALICE IN CHAINS announces their 2014 tour dates! Get you tickets at
Stephen from NORMAN, Ok wishes they had Unplugged by Alice in Chains
funny thing is I was wondering if you guys are into Alice in Chains too lol def my kinda guitar playing
Spotify 90's Smash Hits Radio, you giveth (Alice in Chains) and then you taketh away (Cherry Poppin' Daddies)
Got me wrong ,an Alice in Chains song. The MTV unplugged version recorded live in 1996. All rights go to the authors. I DO NOT own this song. R.I.P. Layne St...
Register on the ROCK 103 Contest Page to enter to win a pair of tickets for Alice In Chains at The Brady Theater on Friday, April 25th!
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So whatever my dad didn't expose me to, my sons did. I listen to everything from Alice in Chains & Insane Clown Posse to...
Alice in Chains at the Horseshoe Casino this summer! *** ya! Herb Farmer!
THIS Saturday relive the awesomeness of Alice In Chains with tribute band GRIND! Special Guests None Taken / 8PM / 21+ Show / $10 (+fees) in advance, $12 (+fees) on the day of show
For those of you who were unaware, we are doing a cover split with local Noisecore band DSGNS! It is titled "Nostalgia for the end times" and will only be available at shows, not for download online. It will be in a bundle deal including a limited press Cassette, as well as an awesome AIC Insvrgence rip shirt. (We'll include digital download link with purchase of bundle.) Here is a teaser Trailer showing some clips from our covers of "Them Bones" and "Would". We have any Alice In Chains fans in the building?
Alice in Chains + Down + Walking Papers, Sydney – Gig ReviewAlice in Chains + Down + Walking Papers The Enmore Theatre, Sydney 25 February 2014 Review by Jess MillerAs the night was drawing in the streets of Newtown were covered in a blanket of black t-shirts. The grunge community was out in full fo...
Alright, saw this list on a few friends' pages... Gonna give it a quick "go" as i have literally nothing better to do with a broken foot on a Saturday morning... Pick 12 Albums in no particular order that would "define" your all time favorite albums. (ill call these my deserted island must haves right off the top of my head) in NO order: 1-Strapping Young Lad- Alien 2-Down- NOLA 3-Pantera - Far Beyond Driven/ Great Southern Trendkill (flip a coin for me) 4-John Coltrane- A Love Supreme 5-Faith No More- Angel Dust 6-Metallica- ...And Justice for All 7-Tool- Lateralus 8-Alice In Chains- Alice in Chains (3 legged dog cover) 9-Led Zeppelin- Physical Graffiti 10-Sepultura- Chaos AD 11-Van Halen- Fair Warning 12-Jimi Hendrix- Band of Gypsies Bakers Dozen, Lucky 13- Red Hot Chili Peppers- Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magik
Alice In Chains without Layne Staley is like The Doors without Jim Morrison, it just doesn't work."
Thanks Ged Green for nominating me, this is going to be bloody hard! List 12 albums that did something for you over the years, and then tag ten people. Don't forget to mention the person who nominated you. 1. Black Sabbath- Master Of Reality 2. Metallica- Ride The Lightning 3. Dream Theater- Awake 4. Pantera- Cowboys From *** 5. Mastodon- The Hunter 6. Pink Floyd- Meddle 7. Alice In Chains- Dirt 8. Testament- The New Order 9. Iron Maiden- Powerslave 10. Killswitch Engage- Alive Or Just Breathing 11. Meshuggah- Contradictions Collapse 12. Ozzy Osbourne- Diary Of A Madman This was hard to choose from as there are loads more i can put down but to put it down to 12, it was tough! Cal Matthews, Bryan Hancox, Ben Jenkins, Samantha Dewsbery, Kasia Cichocka, Kat Porter, Daniel Holyhead, Harriet Daley, Ross Palmer, Jonathon Nisbet
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