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Ali Williams

Alexander James Ali Williams (born 30 April 1981 in Auckland) is a New Zealand rugby union player at the position of lock.

Kieran Read Bakkies Botha Dan Carter Piri Weepu Steffon Armitage

I cant' stand wendy williams show, I wish I could program my tv to auto randomize to a different channel. but ali wentworth is on!
I had no idea that u don't go to uni and went travelling
Ali is on the Wendy Williams Show today.
Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas, says a member of his staff was shot in Alexandria and is receiving medical attention
You're a wanna be, not really French are you
The shot by Morgan Williams to end UConn 111 game winning streak
I still cry over the fact tjat robin williams said ali in an arabic accent correctly in aladdin like . thank you so much
Neil Leifer's surreal overhead shot from the 1966 bout between Muhammad Ali and Cleveland Williams
I swear this was Ken Williams lol Muhammad Ali Joe Adcock
So far the Senate's celebration of Tennessee Williams Tuesday really blows.
This man is Legend! Bill Russell, Mohammed Ali, Tiger Woods & Serena Williams. Move over, you just got company!
DW:"I'm in charge of negotiations". "That might violate the Ali act if you're in charge, Dana". DW:…
Sounds like a good local opportunity to meet up please sh…
Deron Williams snuck back onto the court. Security hasn’t noticed yet.
Why would you fall for a Deron Williams shot fake?!
Dennis Rodman, Serena Williams, and Muhammed Ali would like a word
.& named as 2017 Jesse Owens Award recipients by IAA To be honored 4-…
This is Ali Williams, Hoop Dancer. Join her for this fun class. Ages 6 - adult are welcome. Register online...
Please rt, Casey Williams 14 has been missing from 9.30pm on Saturday 10th June in Enfield.
There were a couple of years where Ali Williams appeared in the Weetbix ads when he subsequently sp…
He needs to be told from time to time
"I sit and talk to god, and he just laughs at my plans". Ovo ni pijana lol 😂Ali Robbie Williams in ❤️
Iraqi minister of youth met ambassador Stephanie Williams today, will send an official request to to organise a friendly in Iraq.
It baffles me how you actually think your point is valid, have you ever heard of Serena Willi…
Lebron James, Serena Williams, Marshawn Lynch, Usain Bolt, Muhammad Ali, and Allyson Felix are my favorite athletes of all time.
Glad to see De Bon Coeur up fine after her fall. Prince Ali yet another Graded winner for Munir and Souede in France this year.
Joanne Stoler is introducing our 3 panelists Alex Williams, Ali Kazimi and Julia Creet.
The plenary will include three filmmakers (Julia Creet, Alex Williams, and Ali Kazimi)
Remember when Ali Williams mom came to grad rehearsal for her bc she had class
If Chelsey announces a run for congress in a small NY district should move…
Thanks Sayyad Wajed Ali for the follow! ThePikoffTeam-Keller Williams Houston is excited to connect
And level 42 in one concert with my lovely wife x – attending UB40 Ft. Ali, Astro, Mickey Llanelli at Parc y...
The talent of our young people in Newark needs to be shared with the world. Thank you Junius Williams and ALI -...
🌽🌽🌽 I've never talked to you, but I do remember you always going into Mr. Williams class like 30 minuets into class this year 😂
Kids were asked what they'd do if they could meet Muhammad Ali. Then Ali entered the classroom... Priceless! (1/2) htt…
4. Beyoncé dragging Wendy Williams on her Talkshow for calling Destinys child "Beyoncé and the girls"
I think you gotta look at Serena Williams here. Maybe Muhammad Ali. Vote is with Brady though
Give us Ali Velshi in reg slot comment, Halliburton Cheney Wall *** & Gretel no Sust w/Heli Williams as arbi…
Borough Cmdr Sue Williams attended a rally in Altab Ali Park with Community Leaders
Today on Good Day Sacramento Michael Marks was with Ali Williams the Coach of Arden Hills Country...
New Zealand Rugby and Kieran Read express disappointment after All Blacks tarnished by Ali Williams arrest
New Zealand Rugby and Kieran Read express disappointment in Ali Williams after arrest for allegedly buying cocaine
'Respect our standards': Kieran Read weighs in on Ali Williams and Dan Carter tarnishing the All Blacks name…
Kieran Read disappointed Ali Williams has damaged the All Blacks brand
Rugby union players Ali Williams and James O'Connor arrested in Paris
Serena Williams, Michael phelps, Muhammad Ali are all greater
Congrats to our Free Tennis Day club winners Australind (WA) and Victory Park (Vic) 🎾🇦🇺. More:
. Look at this lovely. Princess maisie😘
GOAT ATHLETES Williams, Ali, Jordan, Brady, Phelps, Bolt ... that's it that's all
.& link to form The Williams Brothers, show us "What NY Sound Like" https…
Check out my collab with What Ny Sound Like
the joke is on you as Ali Williams deposited all money directly into mine and Trevor's account…
Tonight's episode brought to you from Ali LeRoi by way of Tennessee Williams
According to Robbie Williams, Harry Styles is working with Bruno Mars and Max Martin on his solo album!
Ali Williams & boys chatting about the facilities they have used.Memo V Toulon
there are lots of networking groups in Salisbury ... WOW meet once a month on a Wednesday lunchtime
- being new to I'd like to Other colleagues are Chambers members. Any recommendations?
that will be it then! We have an informal ex elevate group ( did you go to that one?)
Yes Nicky I am around I go to WIBN and Salisbury chamber I miss WOW perhaps I'll join again in Jan you ok?
Thanks, yes it really hit me hard, I'm never ill!
that's *** , glad you're back on your feet! Will we see you at WOW or other networking events? X
that flu was soon nasty I was out for two weeks. Leaves you defeated... glad your well.
Ali Unlimited joining up the dots . offering business admin with experience in a range of business functional…
Serena slams tennis inequality and discrimination
Ali and Bridges hit home runs. Plus, Williams and Harris in the Supporting Actress category deserve accolades in my opinion.
Got 2 of my listings under contract today. — feeling blessed at Hina Ali Realty Keller Williams Realty Plano
1966 Ali who beat Cleveland Williams would have toyed with him, and broken his heart.
This just in / Esto acaba de salir... Muhammad Ali vs. “Big Cat” Williams | 11 of the World’s Most Iconic Photo...
Anyways, my Top 3 Greatest Athletes still remain the same: SERENA WILLIAMS, Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan. 💯💯💯
Mayweather has done what NO OTHER black athlete has ever done.Not Ali, not MJ, not LeBron, Tiger or Serena Williams. Gotta respect his work.
‘We must continue to dream big’: an open letter from Serena Williams. G.O.A.T, period. Only rivalled by Ali.
trust me bro it's killing me listening to Robbie Williams 10 times a day
5 Star: Ali m. "Mr. Williams represented me in my Family case last year and his honesty and experience with Law..."
50 years ago today, Muhammad Ali KO'd Cleveland Williams leading to one of the best photographs ever taken.
VIDEO: Lawrence Dallaglio & Ali Williams - The importance of the team behind the team
Aerial Shot of Muhammed Ali after knocking out Cleveland Williams in 1966.
Cleveland Williams 1966 promising heavyweight who fought Ali...shot by police in traffic stop . ...neednew training of police
.claim the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award; Williams miss out for only the 3rd time in 2016
First career multi-goal game for Middletown alum Ali Williams ('16) at App State.
Another One!!! Ali Williams scores again to further the Mountaineer's lead to 7-0.
GOAL , Ali Williams! App State jumps on the board early. Score: 1-0 App
Serena Williams beat Johanna Larsson to surpass Martina Navratilova for the most Grand Slam wins by a woman (307). https:…
FASTEST PIT STOPS (after 36 of 53 laps): The all-conquering Williams pit crew are NOT quickest 😯. 🇮🇹
Mike Williams (has a career-high 174 receiving yards tonight in his first game since breaking neck in season…
Aging gracefully, might be playing the smartest tennis of her career
- crushes Siegemund to reach fourth round
so many my dad, *** Gregory, Lucille Ball , The Dalai Lama, Robert Williams and Muhammad Ali
Some big serving by seals her place in week two over Laura
"Imagine if there was no Ali Baba and Opa Williams "Nite of a thousand laffs," many of the present day comedians...
Move over, Martina. Serena Williams now holds the record for most Grand Slam wins (307) in women's tennis history.
Serena Williams won a record 307th Grand Slam match to reach the fourth round.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Former All Black Ali Williams and family move to Paris
results: breaks Navratilova's record with third-round win
Serena Williams. The most grand slam matches won in the history of the women's game.
- Sublime surpasses Navratilova to set Grand Slam record
Serena Williams beats Johanna Larsson 6-2 6-1 in third round. Andy Murray is on court next.
Six sets played, six sets won. dispatches to move safely into week two.
Serena Williams now plays Johanna Larsson for a place in the fourth round. Live:
Serena Williams & Andy Murray are back on court at tonight - LIVE on SS6 at 17:00 (CAT).
The 1st ever video I did Kart Williams, Ali my sister and a lot of other people were in this one.
Ndimubwengula by Naira Ali on hosted by Selector Williams. Predict the number one Jam.
Yup.. Sounds pretty familiar to me! I guess it's time to burn your Muhammad Ali posters!!!
Prince Ali- Another reason to love Robin Williams for playing the genie
Don’t count the days, make the days count. ~ Muhammad Ali
I don't know about y'all, but these LIMITED EDITION ALI designs are going bananas! Make sure you get yours today...
We are delighted to announced that our new head coach will be Ali Williams. See a full article on
Trump would have deported both Ted Williams and Muhammad Ali : two more answers to
Muhammad Ali knocks out Cleveland Williams,1966 The story behind one of the most iconic sports photos of all time
Serena Williams and Andy Murray powered into the third round with decisive straight-sets victories.
It's more about his stance not the flag... Remember the once most hated man in America? They called him Muhammad Ali.. Remember?
Good to see Rashid and Ali win the cricket for England v Pakistan. And they call Ashley Williams English.. Make your m…
Pharrell Williams cancels playing in israel on July 21st.
Like my status if u went over data this month using Pokemon go - ali williams
1. Prince Ali - Aladdin . Ima start off with my dad Aladdin. Robin Williams was great as Genie rip 😢
Pharrell makes modest gesture toward rights in Azerbaijan, but still silent on Palestine
Ali Williams is one of those people that just makes me happy because she's so genuinely hilarious and kind
Ali Williams X they missing out if they not here ! It's a lot of good game . Somebody could of got a deal today OMMIO
" Ali , rate him 1-10 " smh Mr.Williams why you do me like that 💀
Serena tries dog's food ... and pays price
The very beautiful on great words by Ms williams, agreed with all your points. Big fan. Thanks, and take care.
Hi here's 4 pics of me taking selfies in every type of lighting I could find
SB FINAL: Glacier beats Flathead 17-0 in the second game of a doubleheader. Pack won the opener 16-1. Ali Williams 12 Ks in each.
Julia Henry tried to make diving catch. Just missed. Ball went to 2B Ali Lusk, who threw a strike to C Lexi Williams. Close but looked out.
Dumb comparison I can see comparing Jackie to Ruth, Clemente, Ted Williams, Mickey, Jesse Owens, Ali, etc.
On Cameron & Rhea are back, Asif Ali and tons more!
falls ill after eating dog food ... then wins at Italian Open
Ali v Cleveland: an iconic sports picture
Serena Williams says she's OK after eating dog food at Italian Open...! Full story:
Katys friendship with Allison Williams is flawless i love Ali aka Marnie aka my fav from queens!!
I am so busy and stressed I have to schedule time to cry about being so busy and stressed
So Ali Williams just threw her second perfect game of the year, and it was just about the best game you can possibly pitch…
The difference between boys and men
every time I see you I fall in love some more
Mark Ruffalo is so underrated but look at him
this is our relationship to a T omg
The electorate did not ask for a ragbag coalition with UKIP says and I will not back it.
All purpose parts banner
Kirsty Williams should be an honorary member of 😜
I sleep in such small increments I can no longer tell says apart I just went to to my Tuesday class did u guys know it's Wednesday
Full credit to showing real leadership & listening to the people of Wales. Not scrambling for power at any…
Ali Williams was on it. And Dawson asked him that since Carter etc had retired were the AB's weaker.
Williams fronted the eatery about $80, which manager Ali Rahman eventually tried to return. When…
Jessica Williams ETHERED folks who hated on Beyoncé's Super Bowl performance.
I find that a lil ironic since the NAACP has historically spoke against militant resistance. I won't forget how they trea…
Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee 🐝.The hands 👐 can't hit👊 what the eyes👀 see - The Great Muhammad Ali 🐐👑
I would even have Ben williams before Ali da bas yard
look at what Tyson, Ali and Mayweather work with I need that
I'm more of a Tyson guy, can dodge like Ali but I like being the aggressor
Meet Ali,a shepherd from who can safely graze his cattle after flood protection works implemented https:…
I love raping people in black ops 62-1 baby
Happy Birthday, John Williams! We've chosen 12 of his most underrated tracks:
Jack Johnson, Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, Cam Newton, Venus Williams-Black athletes at the top of their game who challenged white supremacy.
Jack Johnson, Ali, Cam Newton, Serena Williams. They all have something in common: Unforgiveable Blackness.Thanks
Pharrell Williams wanted Lucky Ali so bad that he sang a Grammy winning song for him. I'm impressed.
A child will pick that penny up and be very happy about it. You're actually contributing to the planet's happiness.
UPDATE: D’Andre Williams was safely located this morning in KCMO. Thank you all for getting this information out http…
really interesting view from Ali Williams, AB's see Cpt as "guy that does the media stuff" 15 on field leaders.
check out this amazing article on and Serena Williams Is Today’s Muhammad Ali via
i see that MAC is testing their products on bigger rats now.
Dude this is another one of my sisters AWESOME songs!
Rite, Sherwin Williams up in flames Trinidad News These include Sabina Ali, who is the wife of the owner of Kleen Rite, Ann Marie Corbin,
.has named Serena Williams '15 Sportsperson of the Year (now new name for Sportsman of the Year going forward).
In honor of THIS, here's a piece I wrote on why is the Ali for our times.
We love Ali Williams and all of the support she has given all of us over the years. She'll be missed! x
Just finished watching Ranbir Kapoor reminded me of Robin Williams. Miss him. Hat's off Imtiaz Ali. Story tellin…
nah I'm just gonna slip my teachers a 20
Tyrone Williams & Omar Smith were robbed of 12 pigs, which they valued at more than $200,000 ht…
Breast Cancer Awareness
On Air: Ali Quinn is Most Wonderful Time Of The Year by Andy Williams on 60s on a Sunday
I properly love the Prince Ali song, amazed I still knew it word for word. Robin Williams is the best of all time for me, legend
I had to go to me hand and then our Ali's didn't I, me heads battered, it. Is Monday tomorrow though isn't it?
MOM yet again."the best player on the ball that I've ever played against" - Ali Williams
Ali Williams and extolling Armitage steal in which he clearly never released! Sigh
Ali Williams thinks Healy might have to put a suit on in the coming week...
Ali Williams scathing on Church. Must agree. So silly!
what about elegant version of ALI WILLIAMS?
Why does Ali Williams always wear the same suit? I mean, surely he could mix his colours and not just wear all bla...oh, wait - never mind.
Why does Ali Williams always wear the black suit, black shirt and black tie get up ? We get it you were an All Black
On reflection, Ali Williams' position as DC's media advisor is inspired. Puts boot into English rugby, now has gigs w/ BT AND Sky. Genius.
Rugby hero: 'I want to be like Bolt, Ali'
Love the Ali Williams quote on BT Sport Rugby Tonight What makes McCaw the greatest player ever? "Simple he drinks more Water than Beer"
Just interviewed the great Ali Williams, ex-All Black and 3 time European Cup winner. Apparently the secret to success i…
me: mom can I go out . mom: no it's too late . me:
The World XV team to take on has been named. Bakkies Botha is captain, joined by Steffon Armitage, Ali Williams and Carl Hayman
Attend a dinner event with Dan Carter, Richie McCaw, and Ali Williams in Auckland! . Support their iSport Foundation
RHP Ali Williams released, RHP Kyle Zimmer to NWA from Lexington, C Micah Gibbs on DL, C Parker Morin activated from DL.
Brother Ali - I'll be around ft. Phonte and Stokley Williams
My friend...Debbie Ali-Williams, Owner/Funeral Director of All People's Funeral Home did a beautiful job with the...
lmao iont think we're gonna see that soon. Even if it was a woman built like Laila Ali with Serena Williams forearms
sometimes I feel like snoop dog is my dad
He mustn't have been aware of who Ali actually is.
Ali Williams to play for World XV against Springboks
I do feel for Paul O'Connell. He's been a brilliant player for Munster and Ireland as well. He'll be a good replacement for Ali Williams
Ali Williams to captain the Rough Riders in USAs inaugural pro-rugby tournament against the Leicester Tigers...The…
Toulon & former All Blacks lock Ali Williams: 'I've never loved an Australian as much as I loved Drew Mitchell when he scored that try.'
Ali Williams stars as Toulon win the European Champions Cup: Former All Blacks lock Ali Williams has pu...
Monumental call from Wayne Barnes. Harsh on Ali Williams. Is a guy not allowed to challenge for a ball in the modern game?
Strong day for Glacier w/ wins at Sentinel (9-0) & Big Sky (3-1). Junior ace Ali Williams racked up 31 K's for Wolfpack…
Ali Williams at 4 & Bakkies Botha at 5... Toulon's second row is so intimidating!
Ali Williams and Bakkies Botha doing it for the old guard in the engine room
& their 2nd row is made up of Bakkies Botha & Ali Williams. The harder the challenge...
Keyshawn Johnson is Ali Williams when he does the weather
Ali Williams is a boofhead in this too! Just like real life
'Islam is reviving British values', says former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams
Is Islam reviving 'British values'? The former Archbishop of Canterbury thinks so
Brilliant work from Clare Lott, Neil and Ali Williams in this mornings Fast Class. Worked extremely hard!
I liked a video Night at the Museum 3 | official trailer US (2014) Robin Williams Ben …
but I did the forehead crinkle smile :/
I'm not at all u looked like a normal cute human I went through middle school looking like bok Choy
I have to delete those soon bc i still have a scar from when Mackenzie tried to light me on fire with incense
Paul George is currently in surgery on his right leg. Team USA & Brooklyn Nets surgeon Dr. Riley Williams is with him.
“Cary Williams better than Richard Sherman”you on angel dust
Nothing more humbling than seeing Hayley Williams do some serious worshiping.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
SPOILER LINE:. You’ve been spying on me? Well maybe now you’ll understand why I turned to Noel. At least someone still has…
Incredible finish. Cece Williams of ATAC touches first in 4:13.52. NBAC's Easop Lee is 4:13.65. Easily our top two times …
Thank you, Denise Williams, for sharing such a personal story about your son with us...
Ali knocks out Cleveland 'Big Cat' Williams in three rounds at the Houston Astrodome
BOB McDONNELL IN CONVERTIBLE - Image sent by former Virginia first lady to Jonnie Williams
Kathy DeVault, "Ali" Williams, and Tara Bell to discuss how dual coding/ will help identify gaps:
The Heineken Cup bows out as a tournament with Toulon Rugby proving they are a Test strength Club side with a phenomenal bench ,what other side could take off Bakkies Botha and replace him with another RWC Winner in Ali Williams. Steffon Armitage after this game must be brought back into the England team, what an astonishing performance ! Saracens F.C. were hugely underpowered against an awesome team lead magnificently by the one and only Jonny Wilkinson.A great game slightly spoiled by an atrocious playing surface which the Welsh Rugby Union should be ashamed of.
She's the one . Louis: the incredible Robbie Williams!
Onestly wat do we even lern at skool y do we half to go
I'm surprised Ben Wilson didn't appoint his best mate Ben Williams
if we're dating but don't have nerf gun fights every weekend are we really dating?¿
OMG nya i thought you were talking about me i almost cried
I want a best friend that I can make out with
i used tomake fun of my nextdoorneighbor but now he drives a Mercedes and is goingto Stanford so moral ofthe story dont call ur neighbor fat
I used to think Deron Williams was gone be in the hall of fame one day.. I'd be surprised he ever made another all star gam…
I added a video to a playlist Muhammad Ali vs Cleveland Williams Full Fight
AG Kathleen Kane gives Philly DA Seth Williams the Tyron Ali "Sting" case file.
Mo Williams is gonna regret pissing off Troy Daniels
Would squeaky clean detective fiction be too true to be good? | Liz Williams via
Oh dear to Pharrell's 'new black'. Quote of the day 'at best his inner hippie needs to check it's privilege ..'.
Waitin On Ali Williams today to come put the final touches on my new mixtape "got a show on May 17th in Conga Park coming up all friends and fam come show your support...
Ali Williams.. nd Johnette Easter. Lets go to Cinco De Maya.. this weekend.. they are having USA Boxing..
And now over to Ali williams for the weather report. IT'S RAINING SIDEWWAYS.
Ashanti Barnes, Ali Williams, MrSteven Carter, Daniel Hall Jr I'm off from work let's get it!
“Great shot of Muhammad Ali after knocking down Cleveland Williams in 1966, by Neil Leifer
For those of you who are missing rugby don't forget For Everyone Co-Founder Ali Williams is part way through his...
lets do it... Will mt view allow dogs
dude why haven't Ali and josh boned yet
aw mak ton is sick D: hekka sorry bro lol
wut the frick man that's hella effed up >:DDD
Ali I own it we can watch it... Warning: it gets intense
you obviously have seen Elysium. That was stressful.
IS THIS REAL LIFE um why didn't you bother telling me this
at least off of the first 3 albums and a few on AM
When is Ali getting her phone back :(
"When is Ali getting her phone back :(" i LOVE YOU
teenage boy here who did the exact same thing. Confirmed, you are a teenage boy
Muhammad Ali knocks out Cleveland Williams at the Astrodome, Houston, 1966 cc:
and Chad Johnson. A remember when t.o almost got his *** beat by Roy williams lol. He was wild.
hello Ali n maddo! 2nd best all game, poor in centre midfield nothing out wide however R.Williams player well
How Danny Williams destroyed Mike tyson. Wonder how people compare him with Muhammad Ali
MISS: Shaun Williams' penalty saved by Ali Al-Habsi and the score remains 2-2
this one has my vote: Ali v. Williams in 1966, by Neil Leifer
Congratulations Mr Ali, Mrs Williams & Miss Jobs who all won £1000 cash at our recent exhibitions!
Benji Marshall can have Israel Folau-like impact Rory Best has signed a new two-year Irish contract that will run until June 2O16. Return for big Vic?: Two years after his retirement from the game, Springbok legend Victor Matfield is rumoured to be on the verge of making a comeback. 36 year old Matfield, who terrorised sides across the game along with Bakkies Botha in the second row, is currently a member of the Bulls coaching ticket in Pretoria. Reports emerging from South Africa suggest Matfield, along with former Springbok flyhalf Derick Hougaard could make a return to the Super Rugby club on a short-term basis. A similar report broke last year, which said Matfield wanted to return to the Springbok setup and while that never materialised, this return seems a lot more likely. Toulon confirm that Ali Williams has signed a one year contract extension with a possible additional one year add on. Cian Healy is out for 6-8 weeks after having ankle surgery and could miss the start of the 6 nations South Africa ...
Alyssa:"This story is obviously about Mexicans so i am going to read it in my Spanish accent. Actually I'll just read it in Jayden's voice."
There's literally never a time when Taco Bell and or blackrock don't sound good
“People who hide their feelings usually care the most” maybe that's it.
I miss my 8th grade teachers they were my faves.
Last night at the auction I accidently put my arm up & bid R2500 telling how tall Ali Williams is.
I think freshmen forgot they have tutorial tomorrow 😂
I will punch you in the face tomorrow you poop god
I just want to be able to wear sweaters and leggings and boots and hoodies
lots of love to those who lost their lives in the tragedy 12 years ago, and the dear friends and families. Your legacy lives on.💕
yeah I have her she looks exactly like the human version of ms frizzle yes.
Kylie Jenner is like 16 and has more perfection in her pinky than I'll ever have in my whole body. I've accepted it
do you have Nightingale bc idk if you ever saw magic school bus but the teacher ya they're twins
honors is the only thing they have so yep and I'm hanging in there
This week just isn't a good week at all
I'm not sure about this one..but probably since it's our first time!
Update your maps at Navteq
yes he ended it. Wrecking ball shows that he stripped her of what she was and took everything so yeah
they broke up didn't they and I thought it was nick jonas but ohwell
okay thanks! And if we just do it do we get 100%?
Miley needs some serious self respect..has Liam left her yet?
So excited to not have split lunch tomorrow 🎉🙌
I just said something like times have clearly changed since this time because during this time, and then i said like the laws
my total at McDonalds was $9.11 can we please omg illuminati satan omg
I played a song in band by them once
do you know what house I'm talking about? It's like on the corner where we split but on my side
Pouring on campus - what will YOU do if you didn't bring an
The NYSE holds a moment of silence in remembrance of the victims of 9/11.
Kristen Rodeheaver, Grace Marie, Anastasia Kassar, Nathalie, Paige Hurd, Ali Williams, Rachel Barnes, Chanel Celaya this girls are so lucky!
Bryan Habana and Ali Williams pose with the new Toulon home kit by Burdda
Casual morning meeting a few all blacks. Savea, whitelock, franks, Ali Williams and Conrad smith just to name a few
Ok guys.. helped needed.. out with the boys last night, and we were discussing bringing back Game of Two Halves.. funk it up.. use social media.. ( my brain is already full of ideas) Which got me thinking, which sportspeople, past or present would work on the show..? Marc Ellis is a no brainer.. how about Macca v Ali Williams.. ?? Thoughts please.. who is funny.. and 'out there' to not give a rats if they embarrass themselves in front of a national audience.
domain names
Tana Umaga, Piri Weepu, Ali Williams will always be the Gangsters of the Haka
Morning guys... sport today.. here we go. - The Highlanders.. where did that come from last night.. wow! Rugby perfection for forty minutes... - Dan Carter set to take all of super rugby off next year.. that will fire up the anti sabatical club! - Ben Smith also set to be offered a new four year deal with a sabatical clause. - the All Black squad is out at 2.30 today... how many new players with Hansen go with? - Marina Erakovic loses in three sets at the French Open and cops a penalty for receiving coaching from the stands. - Ali Williams is forced to pay Andrew Hore $100 for betting on last nigh's match.. both guys stuffed the cash in their socks and paid up bang on full time.. classic! - dare I say it.. the Black Caps can win a series tonight...
A new era for All Blacks locks?. .So much can happen in one week is the sentence that All Blacks coach Steve Hansen might be mumbling to himself after his most experienced available Test lock by some margin - Ali Williams with 77-Tests - announced his international retirement, while perhaps New Zealand's leading second row forward Sam Whitelock was ruled out with a finger injury from facing the incoming French. So now, Brodie Retallick stands to be potentially the leading lock for the World Champions, and form and recent selections point towards Luke Romano getting a nod in the starting XV. Size is the vogue at the moment for the All Blacks locks, and the loss of Whitelock cannot be underestimated as he has been close to being the form second rower of Investec Super Rugby. Retallick has been a typical beacon for the Chiefs, while there is a hint that Dominic Bird could make the grade to get into the 22 - even if an uncapped and departing (to Ireland) Craig Clarke remains on some armchair selector's pages. ...
Ali Williams retires from Test Rugby today, whats your favourite ali moment. a) the opening try of the lions series b) his cross field kick for Doug Howlett c) breaking his jaw going for a big shot on Chabal
Ali Williams a 'great' All Black, yes or no??? Thoughts...
Ali Williams (Blues & All Blacks lock) has announced that he will retire from International Rugby. Super 12 Title, Tri Nations, World Cup, Bledisloe, Lions Tour, NPC, Ranfurly Shield...just to name a few - Williams has been through it all and succeeded. 32-year-old Williams retires from the All Blacks as the second most capped lock of all time, playing 77 Tests in a career which spanned a decade from 2002 to 2012. He will continue to play for the Blues. Read more here:
Congratulations to Frank Halai, Steven Luatua, Keven Mealamu, Charles Piutau, Rene Ranger, Francis Saili, Piri Weepu and Ali Williams from The Blues who have been selected for the All Blacks training camps! What are your thoughts on the selections made?
This is what happens when Ali Williams spends over 2 weeks trying to do the admin for visa applications...Camille...
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