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Ali Jaber

Sheikh Ali Jaber, (Arabic:علي جابر), born Ali ibn Abdullah ibn Ali Jabber (Arabic: علي بن عبدالله بن علي جابر), was born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in 1951 or 1952. He was Imam at the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca and considered as one the best reciters in the world.

Sheikh Ali Jaber May Allah Najwa Karam

Hadeeth of the Day-- (Monday) Safar 7th, 1438 AH). Topic: The Merit of Five Daily Prayers . Jaber Allah be...
Aerial footage by Ali Younis of the Grand Opening of Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center-Opera House on05-11-2016 .
.so true! you ought to take care of dean Ali Jaber!
thousands of Muslim Indonesia from different regions including from Malang. And Syeikh Ali Jaber, hit by…
Don't tell people your plans, show them your results. @ Jaber Al Ali Al Sabah,Kuwait
and syafakallah to Sheikh Ali Jaber n chaplains arifin ilham. may always be in the protection of Allah
Lecture on the History of Skywriting: Anne Carson & Faisal Bin Ali Jaber via
Do not run after the one who tries to avoid you -Imam Ali a.s in other words if people want to walk out of your life then ✌🏽️
Behind the scene of new project with Ali Saleh Jaber
Meraas Brings La Dolce Vita to with Opening of The Outlet Village located in Jebel Ali; featuring over 125 https…
Wallahi Ali Jaber's recitation give peace to the heart. Not my no 1 reciter, but definitely amongst the best. May Allah have mercy upon him
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I'm cheering I work with Ali tomorrow 11 to 4 😂
May Allah the Most Glorified have mercy upon Ali Jaber.
yeah I thought it was Ali Jaber for a bit! Their voices are almost identical. Ali Jaber rahimuhullah was much smoother though
his voice is amazing. Quickly become a favorite of mine. Reminds me of the late Ali Jaber rahimahullah
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Okay so today at 6 i'll be there with alanoud, jaber, Omar, Zaina, Ali, James & muhammed 😉
The reason why he sound like Sheikh Ali Jaber is because he was Sheikh Ali Jaber's student.
If you havent tried listening to Ali jaber's recitation please try doing so 😍🙏🏻
Feels as if Ali Jaber is back at the haram Yh
think he was a student of Ali jaber Rahimahullah hence the similarity
His Majesty holds talks with His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jaber Al Sabah in
Sheikh Salah Ba'Uthman is a carbon copy of Sheikh Ali Jaber (rh). And that's not a bad thing :)
I don't but Ali Jaber from Arab's Got Talent might.
What a way to recite on your debut as a haram imam, imitation of Sheikh Ali Jaber
This is Sh. Ali Jaber imitation is awesome
so good. Close your eyes. You'll think it's Sheikh Ali Jaber
With his qira'a, It's like this Imam leading taraweeh prayers in Makkah graduated from the school of Sheikh Ali Jaber
I liked a video New video muzammil hasballah dan syekh ali jaber
1st piece: Yemeni man doubles down on 3.5yr quest for answers about US drone strike that killed his family https…
Adnoc to streamline operations across all activities, Sultan Al Jaber says via
Newly appointed imaam of masjid haram taraweeh sounds like Ali jaber 😍
Lol I have a question why does the guy in the middle look like Ali Jaber?
SubhanAllah, it'll make you feel like you're praying behind Sh Ali Jaber! .
athletes today make 100 x more money than Ali did, but have 1000 x less of a positive influence on humanity.
I added a video to a playlist SURAH AT TAQWIR SYECH ALI JABER
I added a video to a playlist SURAH EMAS SYECH ALI JABER ABBASSA
Happy birthday to the biggest retard of them all 😂😂 - Have a blast Jaber!!
She's blind but Allah has gifted her with beautiful voice when she recites the with Sheikh Ali Jaber.
he recites similar to Sheikh Ali Jaber (RH)
with Syekh Ali Jaber .. love this pic ♥
Meet Berhan Jaber (behind the panel) and Ahmed Ali. They're two broadcasters from the "Eritrean…
New imam of haramain sounds like Ali Jaber Masha'allah
When you come back from a European country... @ jaber al.ali
"The man has no imagination has no wings." -Muhammad Ali
Hamilton Collection
Ali H Jaber and the H stand for Hardinthepaint
Hate is a strong word please use it with great consideration - Jaber Ali
It's hard to pick one, they're all great. Budair, Kalbani, Juhany, Mohaisny, Shuraim, Ali Jaber, Hudhaify & Shuraim
Militants killed in clashes with at Menagh:. Imad Ali Hijazi. Jaber Ahmad Duk. Mohamad Hamsho
Young Male cat found in jaber Al Ali area, still in the street can anyone foster ? Call 66610320…
There's just something about Ali Jaber's recitation 😭
Ahmad bin Byat, vice-chairman and MD of Dubai Holding,Yusuff Ali, Sunny Varkey and Jaber Bin Hafez due for innaguration on feb 20
Sheikh Ali Jaber: the case of terrorism with regard to the political interests of: on…
Jab nasty hook good like Muhammad Ali
. A lot of Street Dogs in Jaber Al-Ahmad N2. For Detalis Pls Contacat us. ht…
Only Toufic Ali included in for Asia (barring surprise in Top 20). Abdallah Jaber & Haitham Dheeb should be included, IMO.
i brush after breakfast...i thought most ppl did? Maybe not
have you ever tasted food after brushing?! With your reply it seems you haven't!
HE Dr. Sultan Al Jaber, UAE Minister of State, delivering the opening remarks at 6th Assembly https:…
Wow I just heard the best Ali Jaber imitation ever. Thought I was getting good at it lol
10 years ago this week Sheikh Ali Jaber died in Jeddah Saudi Arabia 😔💔. May Allāh make him be among those who enter Jannah.
HM King Abdullah and Minister of State HE Dr Al Jaber during the launch of farm
Ali jaber thoughts at Tedex talk... * don't talk "NO" serious, it doesn't mean anything . * don't work with *** s :)
These guys Ali and Jaber don't know how to wake up once they fall asleep
We have a big celebration soon in Kuwait Jaber International Stadium .. Please kindly do and put Watch Live Event
FLORENCE, ITALY - Kuwait's Ambassador to Italy Sheikh Ali Khaled Al-Jaber Al-Sabah met with the Kuwait-Italian...
Mr.Ali Jaber and his son mouin jaber at one of live episodes ..
Then it's going to suck for me as well, since I live right next to that area. (Jaber Al Ali)
this story I think already answers that
the best video I've watched this year. ALL CREDITS FOR ALI ALHAMAD ❤️👊🏼 (best editor) 🙌🏼
Dr.Ali Jaber in my opinion the most important character in media his lucky to meet y king of act creativity reality kingSRK
I like Ali Jaber ...n love u with Kajol
omg Ali Jaber with SRwk n Kajol ..i miss u Ali ..hope see u in Arabs Got Talent
Mamedhassan Ali Jaber Mamedabdallah .. cousins ​​son was killed in Taiz today Hoalab warm Gore in his family home
if you guys are looking for new reciters to listen to, I'd suggest Sheikh Ali Jaber, sort of like Sudais, more or less
If you're a westerner mistakenly killed by a drone, Obama apologizes. This Yemeni man thought he could get the same. http:…
body of cameraman ali Jaber draped in flag taken thru crowds in benghazi
Arabic cameraman has been killed in Ali Hassaon Al Jaber. REST IN PEACE!!
Sign in Benghazi protest: The blood of Aljazeera cameraman Ali Jaber will draw the end of the tyrant
we can celebrate your birthday and Brady winning another ring at once good idea Ali you're a genius
clever, I'll give you that one . Ali - 90. Z - 1
Yemeni engineer and drones victim Faisal bin ali Jaber reacts to leak
No US apology for Yemen drone strike, from And sorry seems to the hardest word says
Faisal bin Ali Jaber sued the government following the 08/29/12 airstrike that killed his nephew, Waleed bin Ali Jaber
Obama sheepishly gives apology to after denying one to drone victim who lost his family ht…
Ali Jaber. He used to be Imam at the Haram
Old recordings of sh. Ali Jaber, May Allah have mercy on him, were playing on this channel I was watching and it made me think
This poor Yemeni guy thinks non-western civilian drone victims are entitled to the same apologies westerners get.
Allah Yerhamo cousin Ali, inshallah you rest in peace
Allah yerhamo my cousin Ali inshallah you rest in peace you'll forever be in our Hearts
PRSIDENT DAVIS. DO you understand his sorrow?.
Ali bought them lmao they tasted pretty fresh idk where he got them from tho
I added a video to a playlist surat- Almulk by Sheikh Ali Jaber and beautiful dua - by Ahmed Sulieman
From all the great Muslim inventors, scientists and scholars, The likes of Ali Jaber, Ibn Sina, Ibn...
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Never show off your happiness in front of a sad person. - Imam Husayn Ibn Ali (as)
ali jaber said on his verified account that mbc group isn't launching any new channels...How is that?
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no, Shuraim is 1, as well as slot 2,3, n 4 then comes Ali Jaber, then Imam Faisal then Uthman Mustafa Kamal
Ali jaber, hussri, minshawi, ma3srawi, and some others I think that aren't coming to my head, some of them you have to search in
My favorite reciter has to be Ali Jaber,allah yerhamo
Ali Jaber slowly becoming my fav don
I don't think that's the reason. I think it's evolution. Menopause affects women at 45 now, but at 16 before
Ali Jaber is just. Amazing. . May Allah have mercy on him. Favorite reciter.
By the way, Shi'ites are no better. Much worse in fact. Images of Ali, Hasan, Hussein, etc. رضي الله غنهم, depict Persians.
With Mr Ali Jaber and my colleague and friend at the
Dean Ali Jaber is at he is getting many selfie requests.
Syrian killed in individual row in Tripoli: NNA - Syrian national, Ahmad Jaber Ali, died in an individual row ...
Mr. Hasan Ali Jaber Asseri, Management Director, Municipality talks about operations at
"Do not show pleasure in somebody's downfall, for you have no knowledge of what the future holds in store for you" -Imam Al…
From Elaf & Ali's wedding yesterday. Congratulations to the couple, wishing them a long life filled…
Tune now to LBCI & LDC to watch the rerun of Asmaa min al tarikh with Mr Ali Jaber 󾌵
Breaking News: Israeli policemen executed Palestinian kid Ali Abu Ghannam16 years old by riddling his body with...
Ali Jaber a role model to be in the arabic society
Don't Miss Tonight Asmaa min Al Tarikh with Mr. Ali Jaber. at 10:00 pm on
I'm not the only one for whom the comparison with Abdulrahman al Awlaki, Manama Bibi, Salim bin Ali Jaber etc. is obvious & glaring
Faisal bin ali Jaber's brother-in-law and nephew were wrongfully killed in 2012. Where is their apology?
Great Moments in Dubai with Mr. Ali Jaber and a special documentary about the Lebanese Diaspora in UAE ...
Two days after Salim bin Ali Jaber's death by drone in Yemen the US had information that he had insulted al Qaeda
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its gotta be Ali he's the biggest snitch out there
Jaber Ali Abbas Al-Sharifi, a man from Damascus, field executed on 9/8/2012... How many more?
Popular on 500px : kuwait city sunset by j3booor
“Largest balloon collection forming the Iraqi flag in Baghdad today. Beautiful scenery. Beautiful 👌
Father of Qays Al-Kaz'ali, Secretary General of As'aib Ahl Al-Haqq (pictured right), is fighting in Tirkit
Share to win!. Tag your friends & share your wishes using and win a . Mahammad Jaber Ali
18 y/o martyr Ali Safi dies of critical injuries after being shot by live bullet by IOF in
Mohammad Ali Jaber Abu Salem, a man from Daraa, field executed on 8/21/2012... How many more?
Reciter Ali Jaber | Surah_ AlKahf...first ten verses are protection against dajjal (the antichrist)
Oh, you got nothing to do in the morning? It would be a shame if... The electricity went off for a few hours. - Jaber Al Ali
The stupidity is you believing in homosexuality
that's the stupidity I'm talking about
There only is one sexuality, straight. Those who aren't otherwise should be extinguished
I'm lost dudes but yung you should curb the language a bit , people's sexuality is ,..
No I'm not trying to insult you lmfao
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he has such a wide vocabulary. I do envy him for his superior English skills.
c. No idea what this guy is talking about moe
how? HOW? How is being a *** even remotely relevant to the subject?
Ali jaber i love you and i will always love ❤💝💕💖. By the way i love your new haircut 💇👅
Belal's birthday will be in Jannah this year!. May Allah bless his soul.
Ali Jaber looks good with the beard ;-) , just sayin'
Ali Jaber hails for anything that happens to Lebanese!
hello, do you have a branch in Jaber Al Ali?
I'm in Jaber al Ali .. It's not nice without you in it 💔
Every day we find More victims of violence- 11years old Ali Abduljalil lost his 1 eye http:…
same issue at Mishref, west Mishref and Jaber Al-Ali
Ali Al-Nimr (Sheikh Nimr's nephew) was arrested age 17 and sentenced to death by in May 2014.
Why Ali jaber is always Harassing najwa 😂
Meet Naji Al Ali - a Palestinian cartoonist who was killed by the Mossad in the 80s. was
Reunited with my Loulou and our judge star Ali jaber is here !!!
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best imitation of shiekh ali jaber by shiekh jamac hareed very beautiful: عبر
Picket in front of the White House to release opposition leader Sheikh Ali Salman
Career Goals: Ali Jaber (seriously google him he's brilliant)
22 new followers in the last day and it is more than just stats, I use it for growing my account! Try it
Ali Jaber (raheemahullah) has the most calming voice ever. mA
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🎥Video report by Reuters : Protesters, police clash after Washington criticizes arrest. …
Protests continue in for the sixth day for Sh Ali Salman.
Give me a 1 on 1 interview with Ali Jaber
It would be a better show without Ali jaber
The Guardian: In , human rights defenders are under attack – but we won’t be deterred.
& Ebrahim Sharif believes in peaceful struggle strategy & we follow them in
. Thank you Mr Ali Jaber I respect you as moroccan as well ...
I'm so sad does not deliver to Jaber Al-Ali in Kuwait :c
Thanx Mr.Ali Jaber , but every one who works and present any program on tv should repect our country !!!
Thank you Ali Jaber it's so kind from you
that's what Ali jaber said and you deserv all the chances. 👍
For those who ask for Ali Jaber's account, here you are
Hi mr ali jaber we as moroccan are deeply affended by wafaa elkilany when she assulted morocco on her programe tonight
Mourners in Saudi Arabia demand 'revenge' for security forces' killings in Awamiyah …
Ali Jaber gave props to Ahmed Helmy for staying on Arabs Got Talent despite cancer diagnosis
what do you mean did you see the safety called?? And then that run that was obviously in the end zone 😡
wahhh wahh sorry I don't understand losers
WAlla you guys are trash, we played the refs not the cheese heads.
Ali Adnan not allowed into UAE for Iraq's training camp because he joined the volunteers in fighting ISIS!. No comment
Ali Abu Abdullah, one of the five killed by security forces in earlier this month (via h…
It's not fair for other candidates.. Ali Jaber it was a big mistake sorry to say that ,,,
Listen and download Quran recited by Ali Jaber and learn more about him through his biography, photos and videos.
Gaza Surf Crew. Meet Fise, Ibrahim, Yousef, Moody, Jaber, Mohammed, Tareq, Ali. Big love to you guys
Ali Daei, Sami Al Jaber & all inducted into the Hall of Fame.
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Here's one of the snapshots where Jury Head Ali M Jaber and Chairman Shahzad Haider shared the same frame
Tunisia is holding its first presidential election since former dictator Ben Ali was ousted by http…
Tarek Anbar and Ali M Jaber discuss as they dine together during the jury session of
Jury session proceeds under the leadership of Ali M Jaber, jury head of
Here is Mr Ali M Jaber during the of going on at The Dubai Mall
May Allah hasten the return of our dear imam sahab Al 3asri wel zaman
they don't know that we have an awaited imam that's going to bring justice after they fill it with injustice do they? Habal
wallah. Always attacking us shia ever since Imam Ali a.s time
We just ran into Ali Jaber inside the media tent
Here we are introducing Jury Head of Jury Panel, Ali M. Jaber .
Here's what happens to your spine when you're constantly texting Photo: Kenneth Hansraj
Going to VCU with my soulmate Jaber bin Ali 7beeb gulbi ❤️💕🎶
I believe in Allah like I believe in the Sun; not because I see it, but because of it, I see everything ~ Imam Ali Ibn Abi…
We take immense pride in introducing our jury member, Ali M. Jaber forAwards 2014...
I'm so fancy you already know I'm in the fast lane from jaber ali to kaifan 🚙💨💃🏃
Looks like I'm going to join since I saw Mr. Ali Jaber now 😆.
wow your so funny haram everyone plz give Jaber the attention he craves from u guys
Question on Bassem Youssef 's show rocketing up. Can't wait to hear how Ali Jaber is gonna answer this one!
Interesting talk by Dr. Jaber Al. Ali, Dr. Mohammed Omar, Dr. Ala' Sharara, on the the use of…
RIP May you be granted the intercession of Imam Ali 🙌💙
when you put Abdul and Ali in a plane. . .
“The truth has left me with no friends.”
Didn't know about Hussain ibn Ali til now-touching story of compassion&standing up for what's right
Shia'at Ali in Qatif (. May Allah protect them from the dirty Wahhabis today.
Imam Ali was willing to forgive his murderer.
Shortly after Ali Ibn Abu Talib(as) was stabbed in Masjid Kufa, he said that if he survived Ibn Muljim's strike, he wou…
"There is enough light for those who wish to see". Imam Ali (as)
Ali Jaber will be speaking at I hope you're as excited as we are to see him speak! What panels are you planning on attending?
Esraa .. Congrats ! . You keep gain a lot of thawab each time I listen to it ..
Photoshoot taken by Ali Al-Jaber ali_al_jaber. Idea of photoshoot by ME The red suit…
Ali Ibn Abi Talib at a very young age. His never stopped him from excelling and becoming a companion
his name is ali not cap who tf does he think he is? Kal cap
KUWAIT CITY, Sept 27: A Kuwaiti citizen was arrested in Jaber Al- Ali area in possession of ‘heroin’ drugs and...
or here,anothr post sermon call 2action from an ally of Mr Ali, Tarif Jaber on SM to over 50 ICNEV members: htt…
History repeats it self the true Islamic military She3at Ali El Karar V.S. The Kufur Army ISIS. We all know how that'…
Sheikh Ali Jaber, Abdallah Matrood & Abdallah Basfar, SubhanAllah they're legends! Allah bless them all!
massacred 100s of Iraqis in June. Ali is the only known survivor (warning graphic video)
An aerial shot of Muhammad Ali after knocking out Cleveland Williams, 1966
I don't listen to him :) but here is a link for you brother.. A link for Ali Jaber
At this point i dont ever care. I'm just going with the flow. Whatever happens, happens.. @ Jaber Al-Ali
Ali Hussain Kadhim, a 23 year old survivor who was taken captive by the ISIS narrates his story.. .
Muhammad Ali talking a young man out of jumping '
A persons true worth is hidden under his tongue. . Hazrat Ali Radiallahoanho
"Never become a slave to somebody when Allah created you free.". - Imam Ali (as)
Why can't all the girls have a heart like Ali Jaber ❤️😍
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Ali jaber really made me thiknk that lool
Hi my name is Ali Jaber and I approve this flavor.
Hizaa! There is a REAL messaging app for to instamessage_app download and chat with…
JR. Ahmed Rawani in his life interview with Saud Al Jaber a young Qatari Researcher at Ali Bin Abi Taleb School .
Me & Mr. Ali Jaber thanks for his humility to allow me take a photo with him.
Mr stop you a stupid world to have such a stupid person ever employed
Creative, confident and or intelligent individuals tend to talk to themselves more frequently.
Your hands are stained with blood,your fingers with guilt.Your lips have spoken falsely,and your tongue mutters wicked things*.
Went to the funeral of Fuad Jaber, ambulance worker killed in Shejaiya. His 2-year-old daugher was crying in the a…
Martyrdom Fouad Jaber from the medical staff who was killed during doing his work in Shojae'ya by aircraft.
I like camels. How is this an insult?
you possibly have a peanut for a brain or so the brain with it's equivalent size Delts
How do you forget you were the most advanced civilization at a time and change so radically to a bunch of *** who can't take a stand
Sometimes I feel like us Arabs are just stupid, then I look at our history and how we have become and I know it's official. WE ARE STUPID!
I said, lemme hit it with that ovo goose on
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I have something better, Fred is actually good. Not even joking he just sucked at the WC for some reason
lost of people knew him he was monacos best player he was the best midfielder in France
hi man. Can you confirm me as a follower?
Imam Ali (AS) said:. "Lure your soul to worship, and be lenient towards it, and do not force it."
Sheikh Ali Hatam in Iraq: Maliki follows orders of Iran’s supreme leader
Nope, not at all. Ali Jaber is nice.
wait, you don't like Abdulbasit? Please tell me you love Ali Jaber.
you can always turn to consoling Ali
it's okay Ali were your friends we except you for who you are 😏😂
If you could make anyone in the world fall in love, which two people would you pu... — Najwa Karam and Ali Jaber :p
Sheikh Ali Hatam of Iraq: no political conciliation with Maliki
too bad I'm sad...and it's like 2:20 am here
Ah Algeria, you gave Germany a run for their money but you lost. Great game and cheers for both teams
Arabs cheering for Germany rather than Algeria are regards
Jamil Ali Abed Jaber, in his 60s, died of a heart attack as Israeli soldiers raided his home in Haris on June 21
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this isn't true? I think he means USA Lebanon not the actual country
I swear I have enormous potential, I just have no idea where to use it
I'm getting a paper and writing down who I feel like beating his *** I feel there's gonna be a lot of reoccurring names...
I'm on the Ali Jaber work schedule 😓 you comin out tonight for Hef?
12 yr old child Sayed Ahmed Jaber Jaffar was arrested today in
Tiberian dawn, Tiberian sun and red alert 1 are the only 90's gems to me
Traffic Jam at road 40 due to accident near Jaber Ali
“Often it isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out, it's the little pebble in your shoe.” . - Muhammad Ali
Cavalier of the week is Jaber Ali Hussain AlSholah for 01/6/2014.
according to what I read, females are better at multitasking but less efficient at single tasks.
A man begging for his wife's forgiveness inside Divorce Court. Chicago, 1948.
On an entirely different note, I gotta admit, Ali Jaber smashed this one out of the park.
What is the secret behind your smile? Congratulations on your martyrdom, Ahmad Ali Jaber
With pride and dignity, Islamic Resistance announces martyrdom of the blessed and brave lion, Ahmad Ali Jaber "Sajed"
A moment of patience in a. moment of anger saves a. thousand moments of. regrets". - Ali ibn Abi Tlib
SHE WAS IN DUBAI, OMG. And what's up with ALi Jaber and Nishan are they okay?
Most Beautiful and Heart Touching Surah Rehman by Sheikh Ali Jaber (Late) taken from taraweeh 1409 Hijri/ 1989
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CCTV footage shows two Palestinian teens shot dead by Israeli army posed no threat
Video shows unprovoked, cold-blooded killing of Palestinian boys by Israeli forces
Just love this chant so much!. Wilshere, Legend.. Don Ammar Jaber Adil Ali Baha Mohamed Bader
SANAD Ambassador Ali Jaber at the through the lens of .
According to and according to Mr.Ali Jaber : set Najwa Karam will be present in Arabs Got Talent season 4
Our ver own Pavo and Ali Jaber their first
I am listening to Quran Ali Jaber on Radio FM.Download the application from qoura'an feel psychological comfort
Urgent!!! . We need urgent foster for this dog until we find his family, he was found in Jaber Al Ali…
Best feeling: driving home listening to Ali Jaber.
Happy birthday to my brother from another mother Mr.Ali Jaber aka Cap. Lubz ya big guy inshallah 200 more
Had a great time at SANAD's Gala Dinner!! Well done Lubna & the team xx Was so nice to meet Ali Jaber & Tony Abou Jaoude :-)
maybe that will help me to sleep easier 😴 @ Jaber Al-Ali
Just returned from a night of singing at Ali Jaber's SANAD gala... now preparing for tomorrow night wish me luck!
then I told you its cheezy beezy .. maan listen to weezzoo double z From Jaber Al Ali
Join us & our Ambassador Ali Jaber on MAY 2nd
Ali Jaber the guy who runs MBC the TV channel is my uncle. Dunno why it's so surprising my other uncle works in al-jazeera
Waynak I have food come sit with me
I love this team of players so named Ali to return the hope that even a word welcoming
My gigantic ego was broken by a single GIRL! Terrible smh. Wonder why.
DMF 2014 hosts a conversation with Ali Jaber this year. What you would like to ask him?
Join us and our Ambassador Ali Jaber on may 2nd at the Hilton Beirut Metropolitan Palace
There's an illegal drifting show going on in Jaber Al Ali right now lol.
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