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Alfred Nobel

Alfred Bernhard Nobel (21 October 1833 – 10 December 1896) was a Swedish chemist, engineer, innovator, and armaments manufacturer.

Nobel Prize Economic Sciences Nobel Prizes Nobel Peace Prize San Remo

Success is not a place at which one arrives but rather the Spirit with which one undertakes & continues the Journey. -Alfred Nobel
On this day 1895, Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel will establishes the Nobel Prize. The inventor of dynamite. He also…
On this day Swedish Chemist Alfred Nobel's will establishes the Noble Prize. The inventor of Dynamite, also owns Bo…
It was at that moment that I realized the Nobel Peace Prize was a joke. Absolutely meaningless. I hope…
November 25th, 1867 Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel patents dynamite. How did I never know this?
Disruptive won 2nd prize in SKAPA tonight in the memory of Alfred Nobel. Prize by Mr Håkan Lans http…
. On this day in 1867, Alfred Nobel invented dynamite..💥. Dynamite fishing can damage the…
alfred nobel just called. I guess you know the rest of the story.
Good wishes alone will not ensure peace. . Alfred Nobel. everyday
This day in history- 11/25/1867 Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel patents dynamite.
Daily💭: Alfred Nobel invented on 25 November 1867. He started the to make up for that horrible weapon.
Today in 1867 dynamite was patented by a Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel.
On this day In 1867 Alfred Nobel patented Dynamite, give him a prize Boom!!! 💥
The Alfred Nobel Foundation called to say that I was going to probably get the Nobel Peace, but I…
Alfred Nobel just called to say that I was PROBABLY going to be named the new Peace Prize winner but I would have t…
Exactly 150 years ago today, Alfred Nobel patented dynamite. Not wishing to be remembered for the loss of life his inventi…
Alfred Nobel called to say I was PROBABLY going to win his “Peace Prize (award)” but I would have to agree to an intervi…
Alfred Nobel patented dynamite this day in 1867. Must have been a noisy day!
Alfred Nobel of Geesthacht, Germany patented dynamite 150 years ago today
Today, Nov 25 in history:. - Britain evacuated its last military position in the US (1783). - Alfred Nobel patents dy…
that on this day in 1867, Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel set a patent for That's an explosive…
Also bc I'm a scientist and a film nerd I have to include Carl Linnaeus, Svante Arrhenius, Alfred Nobel, Svante Paabo, and Ing…
A warm welcome to Paris by Linda Williams by the picture of Alfred Nobel at…
A word or name derived from the name of a person is called Eponym. Eg:. Eiffel Tower from Gustave Eiffel. Nobel Prize from Alfred Nobel.
*Nobel. Not noble. It was named after Alfred Nobel.
Listen to Dylan´s "Masters of War" . Alfred Nobel was a weapons manufacturer (Bofors Cannons now p…
The Morning Perk:. Who was known as ‘The Pioneer of Plywood?. a. Alfred Nobel [CORRECT. Of Nobel Prize fame, he...
My point is not there is an either/or choice.but even with good intentions, things go awry (Alfre…
kk and Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. U don't control what u create?
Alfred Nobel: not the swiftest pony in the fleet.
Alfred Nobel: "Contentment is the only real wealth"
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Thought Twice ? Alfred Nobel owned the Bofors Cannon Co today partly SAAB List…
Hope is nature's veil for hiding truth's nakedness. ~~ Alfred Bernhard Nobel
Why not "Masters of War" as a tribute to weapons manufacturer Alfred Nobel (Bofors Cannons now part of…
Can't go to today because the parole officer said no. But here's one I made earlier about Alfred Nobe…
not a false equivalence, same happened with Alfred Nobel invention.. Thats y he started Nobel Peace Prize.
Over the last few weeks, Nobel Prizes have been announced. Alfred Nobel himself had childhood epilepsy. He didn't...
MAXAM was founded by Alfred Nobel in 1872, today it has over 6.500 employees working on all five continents
He wrote"Masters of War" The prize money derives from Alfred Nobel´s dynamite and weapons (Bofors no…
Yeah, he won it because he used more of Alfred Nobel's invention (dynamite) tha…
Alfred Nobel would rather have thrown his money into the deep seas than fund the annual JOKE ON SWEDEN known as the Nobel "Peace…
Listen to Dylans "Masters of War" . Alfred Nobel owned Bofors Cannon Co. today p…
Dylans "Masters of War" is interesting considering that Alfred Nobel owned Bofors Cannons today part of SA…
I can forgive Alfred Nobel for having invented dynamite but only a fiend in human form could have invented the Nobe
Today is a special day:Day of Alfred Nobel
Sound very similar to the conundrum faced by Batman's butler, Alfred Nobel.
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Nobel Prize. Wed 10/12/2016, 2:51 PM. Please see our criteria for nominators: Self-nomination is not accepted.
Alas, I thought that was the aim of the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in "Economic Sciences" in Memory of Alfred Nobel?…
TIL there is no "Nobel Prize" for Economics - it is a separate prize created 67 years later, which Alfred Nobel's …
The first Nobel Prizes were awarded on Dec. 10, 1901 — the fifth anniversary of Alfred Nobel's death.
In 1893, an honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree was to be conferred upon Alfred Nobel.
To mark week two of writes about Alfred Nobel & living with epilepsy
Alfred Nobel stipulated that no distinction of race or colour will deter...
in 1898 it’s decided to be given an award to successful scientists every year by the foundation founded by Alfred Nobel.
even more ironic is Alfred Nobel who invented dynamite has the peace prize
Alfred Nobel’s last and testament is a perfect example of how a Will can affect lives after death
"Worry is the stomach's worst poison." ~Alfred Nobel
Written in 1895, Alfred Nobel's will endowed prizes for scientific research...
Obamawon itfor what he "would" do.Alfred Nobel must be vomiting in grave
Alfred Nobel's turning over in his grave!!!
Alfred Nobel's testament exhibit in Singapore. Like it? Yes! @ Singapore featured in NBC s Science of Love
Alfred Nobel - Home is where I work and I work everywhere.
Alfred Nobel. The man who invented dynamite; and tried to make amends, by setting up the nobel structure.
it was an endowment from the estate of alfred nobel the inventor of dynamite similar to the Rhodes scholarship
Booked 10 tickets today! Iba ang teamwork natin Alfred Nobel. 󾌳 . Thank you so much for the undying trust! ☺️...
I intend to leave after my death a large fund for the promotion of the peac...
TRUE FACT:. Nobel Prize is not given for MATHS.. . . BECAUSE.. . ALFRED NOBEL's wife ran away with a MATHS PROFESSOR. . Funny but Fact..! ;)
The life of Alfred Nobel and the details of famous women scientists presented in Niš:
Alfred Nobel made vast amounts of money in Azerbaijani oil wells, which are claimed to be some of the first in the world.
Hope is nature's veil for hiding truth's nakedness.
inspiration: read our firm's blog about Alfred Nobel & his Last & Testament!
Second to agriculture, humbug is the biggest industry of our age. -
Good wishes alone will not ensure peace.
So what? Alfred Nobel's company made explosives for war, but his name is affixed to peace prize
Today I relived my childhood and became once again fascinated with Alfred Nobel, his dynamite invention and the Nobel Peace Price.
Not many would know that was owned by Alfred the inventor of & after whom the is named
reminding us that Alfred Nobel stood for WAR himself!
I share a birthday with Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite!
As murderous industrial magnates go, Alfred Nobel is right up there with Ra...
Alfred Nobel's discoveries are characteristic; powerful explosives can help...
This is the lovely villa of Alfred Nobel in San Remo. He might not have been born Italian but he died here, in Sa… ht…
The truthful man is usually a liar.
wait no. That's not true. Invented by Alfred Nobel in Sweden
A block away from Alfred Nobel school there is a major drug and gang problem. Yet Emma Mitts of the 37th ward does nothing.
Point taken. Alfred Nobel was once a merchant of death.
The first time I saw nitroglycerine was in the beginning of the Crimean War...
TIL the will of inventor Alfred Nobel established the Nobel Prizes in 1895. There are 5 categories: chemistry, lit…
I don't get the "Nobel." Alfred Nobel established the Nobel Prize in 1895, long after Harriet performed her courageous acts.
I'm just really glad Alfred Nobel is not interesting at all and I have to write a 5 page paper on him by tomorrow
Nobel Prize after Alfred Nobel😉 But --> is welcome to Sweden and collect it😊
oh jeez. That makes me sad. I am the Alfred Nobel of column regret
Little Giant Ladders
One morning Alfred Nobel, the Swedish chemist who made a fortune from his invention of dynamite, awoke to find...
Nobel Prize in Economics in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2008. Paul Krugman "for his analysis of trade patterns and location of economic activity"
Red Red Red. . . BoOm! What was Alfred Nobel thinkin', a Noble Course? BoOM, dynamite and ANFO, gel and slurry, bOoM. . .what if I am he.
There isn't a Nobel Prize in mathematics entirely because Alfred Nobel didn't want one.
Alfred Nobel vs Fritz Haber, and their respective discoveries...
With every explosion happens today, we can thank Alfred Nobel for it.
Coincidentally, I told the story of the origin of the prize today. Great story.
Alfred Nobel read his own obituary. 😯
see also Alfred Nobel, a war profiteer
Alfred Nobel left his fortune to create the Nobel Prizes
Alfred Nobel did, but not in this way
No surprise Alfred Nobel was Swedish. Legacy he left the World reflected in gentle kindness and tolerance of Swedes. Thank you Stockholm
There is no Nobel Prize for mathematics as Alfred Nobel didn't want one
"To the greatest benefit of mankind!" ~ Alfred Nobel, a truly remarkable man, vision! At Museum.
I often regret inventing dynamite because of all the death it has caused. Oh, did I say "I"? I meant Alfred Nobel.
Wonderful episode! Especially liked the way Alfred Nobel's story was presented.
Alfred Nobel believed that social changes are brought about slowly, and som...
A heart can no more be forced to love than a stomach can be forced to digest food by persuasion. - Alfred Nobel
We're located in Calle Alfred Nobel, Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) and the average price is 50-100€ per night!
Fun fact: Alfred Nobel owned a dynamite factory and his workers sat on one-legged stools to keep them focused on their machines.
April 21 11:30am to 1:30pm at 2300 Alfred Nobel.
Today's question: How did Alfred Nobel's invention change your life?
Alfred Nobel tried a lot of different raptors to enhance your corporate event and educate your guests
On this day in History:. 1570 - Guy Fawkes, conspirator in the 1605 Gunpowder Plot, is born. . 1888 - Alfred Nobel...
My Swedish teacher's great great uncle was Alfred Nobel.
Always inspirational to have Alfred overseeing trips to the toilet at work
Today in 1888, Alfred Nobel's brother died. An obit calling Alfred "merchant of death" led to the creation of
Alfred Nobel- Dynamite and Peace book by Edith Meyer 1958 1st edition hardcover
It's almost like Alfred Nobel trying to apologize for dynamite:(
Alfred Nobel himself was an arms manufacturer. . The award is not to the 'most peaceful person' . The 'point' of war is peace
That statement is like saying that Alfred Nobel should have been careful in inventing the dynamite because it has harmed people.
3/5]dormant state of your energy defines you & the current state of your-being takes a back seat,e.g. Alfred Nobel invented
phtt.. Nobel. Even the patriarchy of Sweden knighted Linnaeus and not Alfred Nobel. Botany was more important that a mogul.
I guess the committee heard from the avatar of Alfred Nobel
Alfred Nobel’s laboratory in San Remo : where he tested & developed ideas. He'd also had a lab in Paris https:/…
Did you know Alfred Nobel dynamite inventor bequeathed the Nobel Prize after reading his own premature obituary?
The Nobel Museum -where we learn more about the Nobel Prize and its founder Alfred Nobel as well…
There's a rumor that Alfred Nobel thinks that Biology is not a real science discipline therefore he did not set up a Nobel Prize for biology
Alfred Nobel,invented dynamite for commercial purposes.Politicians used it as a weapon in world war 1.Regretful Nobel never married.
lmao Alfred Nobel was the first person to donate to this ill-fated polar expedition
38. May 7 – Alfred Nobel patents dynamite in the United Kingdom.
A recluse without books and ink is already in life a dead man. -
Do u knw Alfred nobel invented both dynamite and the Nobel Prize
Did you know that Alfred NOBEL also invented dynamite??. Video:
Literature is a catchall phrase Alfred Nobel used to award Prizes for the "Arts".
I nominate Messi for Alfred Nobel Prize for peace.
NEW The Nobel Prize: The Story of Alfred Nobel and the Most Famous Prize in the
Alfred Nobel is spinning in his grave again
"If I have a thousand ideas and only one turns out to be good, I am satisfied.". -Alfred Bernhard Nobel. (1833-1896)
I have not the slightest pretension to call my verses poetry; I write now a...
Point and laugh while he fell. Who's laughing now that I'm explosive like Alfred Nobel.
Alfred Nobel was much concerned, as are we all, with the tangible benefits ...
TIL there is no Nobel Prize for Mathematics because Alfred Nobel did not want one. via /r/
Donald Trump nominated for Nobel Peace Prize, which makes sense if you recall that Alfred Nobel invented dynamite.
Alfred Nobel's will stated that 94% of his total assets should be used to establish the Nobel Prizes.
Alfred Nobel? "The Merchant of Death"... I respect him as inventor. Still surprised with your choice
Besides, Ecnomics was never one of the prizes that Alfred Nobel established in his will.
Consider Alfred Nobel who was distraught to see man using his invention for good to do evil.
I mean, seriously. I don't think Alfred Nobel could have comprehended notion of discovery by collaboration of 100s or more
Alfred Nobel was inspired to make the dynamite after witnessing an explosion due to Master Yuen rubbing his hands together for warmth.
Hamilton Collection
Sad demise of a Nobel Laureate who was named after a textbook. Alfred Goodman Gilman (1941–2015): Cell
Which explosive did Alfred Nobel invent: dynamite
Great people have been awarded NPP but not according to will of Alfred Nobel. Scan through timing & list of awardees & it becomes obvious.
Alfred Nobel’s will stipulates NPP for fraternity between nations, abolition or reduction of standing armies & holding peace congresses.
For me writing biographies is impossible, unless they are brief and concise...
I guess the question was about a foreign leader. As a "foreigner," Yes, Alfred Nobel would've been perfect!
Alfred Nobel would be so proud! Nonwhite Invasion Crashes Swedish IQ - The New Observer
Just start explaining to everyone how a Nobel in Econ isn't a real Nobel Prize, just in honor of Alfred Nobel. That should cover ya
in fact, in my next novel, ALFRED NOBEL: VAMPIRE HUNTER...
“Kant's style is so heavy that after his pure reason, the reader longs for unreasonableness.” . ― Alfred Nobel
Both. Alfred Nobel, creator of the Peace Prize, invented dynamite
Europe, I think it is time to speak truth &replace Nobel Peace Prize with War Achievements List of Alfred Nobel
"The sick patriarchal Healthcare Sweden" -scandal surgeon who Used Love, Money, Alfred Nobel and the Pope
the use of major invention of Alfred Nobel guarantees award for farc? Many humans exploded for them.
Why did Alfred Blalock and Helen Taussig not receive the Nobel Prize?
- Hope is a natural veil to hide the truth nudity - Alfred V Nobel
Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite and gelignite, believed that his explosives would bring peace to the world.
one of the best things that happened today was learning all about Alfred Nobel at the Nobel Museum.
"Nobel Peace Prize committee accused of ignoring what Alfred Nobel wanted" - CBC news (+over 300 kommentarer).
Alfred Nobel would have been happy says Chair Committee
I'd prefer an Alfred Nobel or Pulitzer Prize over a Grammy or VMA anyday.
The Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences isn't a Nobel Prize per se. The Central Bank of Sweden created it as a tribute to Alfred Nobel
Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. Someone other than Abner Doubleday invented baseball. All rot in the ground, as you will soon.
Alfred Nobel's wifes publicity stunt offering a prize in his name...prior to that he was known as 'The merchant of death'
it's actually the "Memorial Prize in Economics" funded by a bank, not created by Alfred Nobel.
RIP! ALFRED Nobel!You have been disgraced... by this " fabricated"...that has no contribution in Pakistan!
: Alfred Nobel signed his third and final on November 27, 1895 in Paris. The will...
Nobel museum in Stockholm and Alfred Nobels will
The Nobel Museum was inspirational. Alfred Nobel is an inspirational man.
Alfred Nobel’s will goes on display for first time
Did you know that Alfred Nobel invented dynamite accidently??.
I agree,. Alfred Nobel blew away his home inventing dynamite, so does Pakistan creating terrorists. Afterall its their muck only.
You don't think this fuel crisis isn't a curse from Alfred Nobel for y'all linking his prestigious prize to this .smh
Naval Kishormishra is following the Interest "Alfred Bernhard Nobel" on -
Alfred Nobel. In 1888, Nobel was astonished to read his own obituary, titled The merchant of death is dead, in a...
Small utilities & big differences to the world. The Nobel Prize though. Noble Alfred Noble! :-)
OPINION: Nobel Peace Prize needs a change of direction if it is to reflect the vision of Alfred Nobel
Good morning. Today in 1888 Alfred Nobel read his obituary and was inspired to leave the legacy of the Nobel Prizes.
Alfred Nobel's vision for the peace prize - a world be freed of weapons, warriors and war - is forgotten
Follow Australian First Season Sire action at Breednet - weekend stakes-winners for Star Witness and Alfred Nobel
1888 - Alfred Nobel reads his own obituary, which inspires him to leave the legacy of the Nobel Prizes.
Behold, the season of congratulatory calls. The Alfred Nobel committee should just relocate to Nigeria.
G3 WA Sires' Produce winner Showy Chloe the first SW for Alfred Nobel (Danehill).
Alfred Nobel. Having the world changing paton for Dynamite under his name, many of people who's loved…
One more reason why Alfred Nobel is rolling in his grave.
Her beauty , cleavage ,color not enough 4u? U wanted her 2b steph hawking, Eienstien & Alfred Nobel too? Any way r u at least one
G3 win for an Alfred Nobel 2yr old at Ascot (Aus), did Coolmore sell him a year too early?
Lawyers have to make a living, and can only do so by inducing people to believe that a straight line is crooked. Alfred Nobel
... Give all the " aizazats" to her!! . but RIP to Alfred Nobel! ...would have commit suicide ... if lived!! :-)
... Sued Sahab !! Foolish Nation can't be fooled more! We know the reality of " Zalala" .! RIP Alfred Nobel ... for your insult !
Have recent recipients of the Nobel Peace Prize reflected the hopes of Alfred Nobel?
Um, wasn't the Nobel Prize started because Alfred Nobel created dynamite and wanted to atone for such?
Alfred Nobel, creator of the Nobel Peace Prize, invented dynamite and other deadly weapons
in the home town of Alfred Nobel Fantastic day with school leaders and educators.
Learn more about Alfred Nobel and his life in Saint Petersburg !.
Nobel Prizes in Medicine or Physiology (2001 to 2014): What Nobel Prize and Who is Alfred…
Learned about aristocratic fettuccine sauce in Oops. I meant Alfred Nobel. *stomach growls* Maybe we should start serving food...
Alfred Nobel set up his little contest after reading his own obituary one morning, printed by accident, and...
Alfred Nobel: from the Merchant of death to the founder of a foundation dedicated to celebrating those who work to improve mankind
It's funny that Alfred Nobel invented dynamite but also left money for a peace prize
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Rap Blogger or famous 19th century chemist Alfred Nobel?
The man himself, Alfred Nobel, at the small but perfectly formed Nobelmuseet
A good discussion on the life and legacy of Alfred Nobel. And good practice for a talk I am giving at ASI in May.
Big s/o to Alfred Nobel for literally inventing dynamite and then getting a peace award named after him despite the haters
I never knew Alfred Nobel was a polyglot.
Alfred Nobel (Peace Prize) invented dynamite and other explosives.
Alfred Nobel's will on public display for the first time in Stockholm http:…
Alfred Nobel (who the Nobel Prize was named after) was the inventor of Dynamite, Gelignite, and Ballistite
83 - Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prize, invented dynamite in 1866.
Wanted Broodmare in foal to Alfred Nobel, inbox me.
Alfred Nobel’s Krümmel factory in Germany started production of blasting oil, the brand name for nitroglycerine.
"Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry.". -Alfred Nobel.
Alfred Nobel accidentally killed his own brother in a home laboratory explosion.
Alfred Nobel, who gave us the Peace Prize, also invented dynamite and was dubbed the “merchant of death”.
Justice is to be found only in imagination. ~ Alfred Nobel
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So what do you think of Alfred Nobel's quote?
Did you know Alfred Nobel invented to dynamite?.
Alfred Nobel is my *** In his will, he dedicated his wealth to the establishment of the Nobel peace award. What have you done?
If the inventor of the loudspeaker saw how it was being used in India today he probably would have felt how Alfred Nobel did about dynamite.
The Art World Celebrates Alfred Nobel. Alfred Nobel, a man of Swedish heritage died in 1896 and in...
Nobel Prize result 4rm a late change in D will of Alfred Nobel who did not want 2 be remembered as propagator of violence-he invente dynamit
"Every man ought to have the chance to correct his obituary in midstream and write a new one." - Alfred Nobel
Like Gandhi and India's religious intolerance, Alfred Nobel would be shocked by Obama winning Nobel Prize for Peace in 2009!
'Don't take Panadol for another man's headache' - Alfred Nobel , 1921
The Nobel Peace Prize is really an irony from Alfred Nobel.
Guglielmo Marconi thanks to him we have cell phones. T.Y. Marconi, great job, UR up there with Edison and Alfred Nobel, nobel revolutionized
probably when Alfred Nobel is indicted for enabling suicide bombers. ;)
. Mr Prez.. Alfred Nobel would have died without creating Nobel Prize if he knew- you would get Nobel Peace Prize!.
"Contentment is the only real wealth.". -Alfred Nobel
I added a video to a playlist Famous Personalities "Alfred Bernhard Nobel"
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Technology can be used for good or evil. Ask Alfred Nobel.
not art related but still a valid example: Alfred Nobel. Created dynamite, and look at all of the destruction that it has made.
Alfred Nobel invented dynamite for those who play trivia crack
Contentment is the only real wealth||Alfred Nobel
Contentment is the only real wealth. //Alfred Nobel
I'm in barns & Nobel & got it & the shinning by Stephen king, & then books about Alfred Hitchcock. They workers must think I'm crazy
Deep thought of the day: Contentment is the only real wealth. - Alfred Nobel
his name was Alfred Nobel and anyone who studied freshman history would know this x)
board has 3 Nobel Prize winners? They are Alfred Gilman, Joseph Goldstein and Michael Brown.
Swaziland 150th Anniversary of the birth of Alfred Nobel FDC SG
Swaziland 150th Anniversary of the Birth of Alfred Nobel 4v SGSC
19. Dynamite. From Swedish "dynamit", coined in 1867 by its inventor, Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel.
who invented nuclear fission as well as atom bomb ?. a) Alfred Nobel. b) Rutherford. c) Otto Hahn. d) none of these
Terrill, you need to take advantage of this opportunity. It's Nobel as in "Alfred Nobel" people
The same Alfred Nobel that the Nobel Peace Prizes are given in honor of, invented Dynamite. lol
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Guns kill people and cartoons too. Quite a volatile mix and there Alfred Nobel was worried about Nitroglycerin.
Story of awarded to MUSLIMS: Nobel Prizes were established on the will of Swedish chemist Alfred Nobel in 1895..
Lately i've actually been paying for the art I consume, expecting to hear from Alfred Nobel himself any minute now
Alfred Nobel invented dynamite. And there's a peace prize named after him
"The day when two army corps can annihilate each other in one second..." Alfred Nobel [548x694]
Slideshow : Alfred Nobel: Life of an extraordinaire - Alfred Nobel: Life of an extraordinaire - The Economic Times
The nationality of Alfred Nobel was Swedish. +. The first Nobel Prize was awarded in 1901. +. The Nobel Prize has been awarded in 6 fields.
Nobel Square in the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront features statues of South Africa's four Nobel Peace Prize winners
Wouldn't improving the quality of dynamite be a better way to honor Alfred Nobel instead of a peace prize..
that's so stupid like do I blame Alfred Nobel for being white and inventing the atomic bomb? No?
Alfred Nobel had invented dynamite in 1867, then recommended all his wealth earned for the Nobel Prize
“I feel like Alfred Nobel for taking this photo.
Entrepreneurs & innovators,such as Alfred Nobel&Ericsson paved the way what have been so crucial both to Swedish econ & Swedes' self-belief.
Now watching "A love 4 peace" about Alfred Nobel and Bertha von Suttner
... of death which, through fear, will make Humanity move to peace." - Alfred Nobel
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and Alfred Nobel, for inventing explosives.
Alfred Nobel's younger brother Emil was killed by a nitroglycerin explosion in one of the Nobel family's factories in 1864.
Alfred. Cute cafe in the peace center
Not a fair statement. It is the achievement that counts. eg Peace prize in name of Alfred Nobel
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