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Alfred Enoch

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Next time someone tells me Noah looks like Alfred Enoch I’m gonna say that’s his dad to throw them off
|. . If I make him, I’m probably going to request Alfred Enoch as his older brother, or Nathan Zed.
Alfred Enoch, the guy who played Dean Thomas, looks exactly like young Forest Whitaker tho
I've been rewatching Harry Potter recently and something has been bothering me for over a decade and i gotta say so…
So does Alfred Enoch just play the same character or nah?🤔
Please God give me a work permanent position in London so I can keep staying here and going to see my Alfred Enoch…
Rock legend Eric Clapton, whose basis of his career he owed to black musicians, "disgusted" at anti-black racist co…
My first reaction when I saw Dean Thomas (Alfred Enoch) in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Brandon on Siesta Key reminds me of the lovechild of Zayn and Alfred Enoch.
So that Bitter Beckies can continue having co…
Actually Alfred Enoch could be the perfect Black Harry Potter even if he already played another caractère on the saga .
i never realised Alfred Enoch was in HP 😧
would have been about how Dean Thomas (Alfred Enoch) and Lee Jordan not being accepted because he wa…
honestly why has Fox bothered casting two different actors to play Sunspot in their X-Men movies when Alfred Enoch…
When I'm partnered up for Charms class with Dean Thomas (Alfred Enoch)
Alfred Enoch and Aja Naomi King as Prince Naveen and Princess Tiana in a live action remake of The Princess and the Frog…
Alfred Enoch. My baby Wes didn't deserve the fate he got.
Ok I've just started watching How to Get Away with Murder and are we just gonna pretend Alfred Enoch hasn't got the…
Alfred Enoch for the role of Earth is RESERVED.
someone just fancasted Alfred Enoch as Prince Naveen from and I can not imagine anyone else
Happy 29th Birthday, Alfred Enoch (He played Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter films.
Just discovered that the talented Alfred Enoch (Dean in Harry Potter) is the son of talented William Russell (Ian in Do…
Some magical news for your Monday! . We are thrilled to welcome Dean Thomas actor Alfred Enoch to
Alfred Enoch (Wes in How to Get Away with Murder / Dean Thomas in Harry Potter)
📷 Alfred Enoch and Aja Naomi King attend The Rape Foundation’s Annual Brunch at Private Residence on...
People act like Alfred Enoch wasn't front line in Harry Potter😂
I'm just on youtube yesterday night to watch Kendall on James Corden show but I ended up knowing what happen to Alfred Enoch on HTGAWM
Why did it have to be Wes!? The only reason I started watching is because of Alfred Enoch! 😭😭😭
I better see an announcement that Alfred Enoch is the lead in one of your other shows, Shonda!!!
Alfred Enoch is still alive, and I'm grateful
Alfred Enoch Got Murdered on How to Get Away with Murder look
fans, we haven't seen the last of Wes just yet: 😮
@ Alfred Enoch Wes deserved so much better OKAY i love you
How to Get Away with Murder's surprising victim speaks out
Search Trends (2016-11-19): People are searching for Alfred Enoch
We spoke to victim about his shocking death
can we take a moment for Alfred Enoch though. he played Wes so beautifully throughout and I'll miss seeing his face every we…
I love you Wes Gibbons. I love you Alfred Enoch. ❤️.
I saw Alfred Enoch yesterday and he's so cute and happy all the time it was so great
I met Alfred Enoch last week and just watched HTGAWM from last night and feel absolutely BETRAYED
Tonight I met someone from the cast of Harry Potter, Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas), and I can't really process how cool that is 😱
✨ Alfred Enoch ✨. (Known mostly for his role as Wes Gibbins on HTGAWM and Dean Thomas in Harry Potter)
Alfred Enoch is such a good actor and I wish they'd have had Dean in the Harry Potter movies as much as he was in the books.
concept: Lupita Nyong'o and Alfred Enoch playing real life tiana and naveen from princess and the frog
whoever told Alfred Enoch to grow a beard, you deserve a key to the city. a Nobel prize. a Fulbright Scholarship. EVERYTH…
there need to be more candid pictures of alfred enoch. I deserve it
I also have a big big crush on Alfred enoch
Check out this article by -- Alfred Enoch discusses diversity in theater
geisha. -your old flowery ish layout. -alfred enoch. -alfie & aja. -htgawm. -I still don't know how to pronounce your name
Alfred Enoch rocking his on the red carpet...
I love the story about Alfred Enoch (from Harry Potter, HTGAWM) taking the bus in LA. People were surprised
I can't believe alfred enoch invented dimples what a legend
I have not seen 'Legally Blonde.' I must be in the small, ever-dwindling minority on that one.
his son is 27... Alfred Enoch is 27. His dad was 40 in 1963.
Alfred Enoch's father was in the FIRST season of Doctor Who
Alfred Enoch, starring as Edgar in King Lear talks to
Here's who I have so far: Lily James as Evie, Alia Shawkat as Mabel, Alfred Enoch as Memphis, & Ansel Elgort as Sam
Hi Karen, my interview with Alfred Enoch might be of interest. .
The dapper Alfred Enoch is currently starring as Edgar in King Lear at the Royal Exchange Theatre in Manchester!
His name is Alfred Enoch! Known from How to Get Away with Murder
posted this photo of Alfred Enoch and "Friendship" Fall 2015. shot on canon ae1. 😏💜
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I would have said prolly Grant Gustin, Stephen Amell, Billy Brown, Gabriel Macht, Alfred Enoch or Tony Goldwyn.
so who's gonna come with me to see Alfred Enoch in King Lear in April then, please raise your hand
Jesus, the people responsible for Potter should really have put in the whole Dean storyline when they had Alfred Enoch on staff.
Alfie/Alfred Enoch's side profile reminds me of Clark Gable 💕🌟
Celebrate with us as we say congrats to & Alfred Enoch for their nominations! Bravo! h…
Congrats to Alfred Enoch on his NAACP Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series! h…
NOT ME. you could've had Alfred Enoch but you've ended up with cabbage-face boy. oh well.
lmao you could've had Alfred Enoch but you went with Eddie cabbage-face Redmayne. OH WELL.
Alfred Enoch and I would make some cute babies
I have fancied alfred enoch for 12 years I want death
i swear I saw Alfred Enoch on the tube the other day (how to get away with murder)
Ok so Alfred Enoch and are incredible in 😳
That moment when you forget Alfred Enoch is British so you are totally caught off-guard when you hear him in an interview.
Alfred Enoch is one foine specimen of beautiful
Alfred Enoch is so beautiful i don't even know
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
I just figured out that Alfred Enoch, who play Wes in was in
Despite his long *** neck, Alfred Enoch is a cutie. Even when he's covered in murder blood. I luh ya, puppy.
Alfred Enoch's neck is like Eva Green's eyes. I cannot stop staring at it, even as it stares back into my soul.
Oh my god Alfred Enoch! Dean Thomas! Very exciting but where is ur robe
Alfred Enoch (How To Get Away With Murder Tv Series), is a British actor. His father is white, His mother, is black
good night I love my children daisy ridley elizabeth olsen alfred enoch chloe bennet and steven yeun
Alfred Enoch, I love you but your character is so *** infuriating.
How to get away with murder is such s *** good show.. And Alfred Enoch is the best part of it 😍😍
Alfred enoch is so fine. he could ruin my life. and i'd still look at him like *googly eyes*
Alfred Enoch and Mark-Paul Gosselaar lookalike Saved by Handsome lookslike Bell of How to Get Away with Handsomeness
I dreamt I met alfred enoch last night he was so cute I'm sad
Also. Can we discuss the adorable puppy that is Alfred Enoch because I mean???¿¿??!!!
Alfred Enoch can easily get a role in Hindi TV serials. Same dumb expression in every scene. Like Naitik & Sooraj on .
How cute was Alfred Enoch in Harry Potter he was so tiny and his cheekks
Me and Alfred Enoch make a nice couple 💑❤️❤️
Yes ! Alfred Enoch is doing such a wonderful part on this show !
Also, that last scene between and Alfred Enoch was fire!
Alfred Lewis Enoch (...) the son of English actor William Russell (William Russell Enoch) and Brazilian doctor Balbina Gutierrez.
I need less alone time LOL 6am and I'm over here watching Michael B Jordan and Alfred Enoch EVERYTHING with my mind in the gutter Good lord
Alfred Enoch I still love you even after all these years. ❤️
noo wallah Alfred Enoch is baaae . mome motax mey suivre Murder lol
Alfred Enoch is very fond of his magical Harry Potter upbringing
Also, Alfred Enoch and scene at the end of had chills racing down my body. So talented, so powerful, and committed.
i think i m in love with Alfred Enoch 💜 💜
I'm so glad Alfred Enoch's gf on HTGAWM is dead.
But Alfred Enoch's playing is so intense. What an amazing actor
LA does NOT have the best weather according to star Alfred Enoch
Alfred Enoch is such an adorable human being. 😍
Ouch! Oliver Cooper, Shiloh Fernandez and Alfred Enoch need some fan love! Are you a fan?
Oh no, Oliver Cooper, Shiloh Fernandez and Alfred Enoch aren't looking so hot today! Are you a fan?
Alfred Enoch, who plays Dean in the Harry Potter movies has the longest neck I've ever seen. It goes on forever!!
I'm sorry you had to waste you Felix, I don't.I want to though! I just really like Alfred Enoch...
How to get Away with Murder or Scandal? I think htgawm because Alfred Enoch, but I still love you Tony Goldwyn. 😚😋
Alfred Enoch's dad was the original cast member of Doctor Who (Ian Chesterton) THIS MAKES EVEN MORE AWESOME???
Alfred Enoch, son of William Russell ( Ian Chesterton ) first male companion in Doctor Who !
I wasn't kidding before. Glenn Close should dub Alfred Enoch's dialogue.
Really wishing ABC followed through and got Glenn Close to dub Alfred Enoch's voice.
The Paterson Joseph one :-): How to Get Away with Murder star Alfred Enoch has a social media phobia & 22 other facts
Wow. Dean Thomas in Harry Potter is played by Alfred Enoch who is the son of William Russell, who played Ian Chesterton.
To everyone who watched Sherlock: Alfred Enoch, the actor of Dean Thomas from Harry Potter, appears in The Sign of Three
Yes fandom, Bainbridge is played by Alfred Enoch (Dean Thomas). Welcome to the fandom.
Alfred Enoch (Lartius in Donmar's Coriolanus) was Dean Thomas in Harry Potter's films. Thanks to for pointing out this :)
Also tonight, bring an exciting adaptation (by Alfred Enoch) of Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts …
FUN FACT: The guy that played Ian Chesterton, William Russell, is the father of Alfred Enoch, who plays Dean Thomas in Harry Potter.
Alfred Enoch, the son of William Russell (Ian Chesterton) played Sam Taylor in Broadchurch!
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David Tennant, Alfred Enoch, Arthur Darvill, and David Bradley were all in the same program and I was fangirling so much
Still can't believe today. Met Tom Felton, and had full lengthy conversations with Gareth David-Lloyd, Alfred Enoch and Chris Rankin! :D
with Gareth David-Lloyd, Alfred Enoch & at our Opening Ceremony. Say hello, at
Perfect man: Humour of Simon Amstell, looks of Alfred Enoch, accent od Devon Murray, and personality of Conor from Big Brother.
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