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Alexandra Burke

Alexandra Imelda Cecelia Ewen Burke (born 25 August 1988) is a British R&B and pop recording artist who rose to fame after winning the fifth series of British television series The X Factor in 2008. Burke is currently signed to Epic Records, Syco Records and RCA Records.

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At least say it with your chest. The words Alexandra, Burke, black and racism are missing. 😑
Alexandra Burke: 'It got to a point on Strictly where I thought, I can’t take any more mentally'' | via
Strictly in itself - a show about dancing - utterly trivial - but it has revealed the deep levels of resistance the…
So sick of this ridiculous and totally unfounded hate campaign against Alexandra Burke, I think she's fab and I'm 1…
Debbie McGee reveals Strictly dance partner Giovanni Pernice made her cry as she calls Alexandra Burke feud ‘fictio…
Alexandra Burke is not up in her own farts. She's simply a professional dancer end of. I'm he…
Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Debbie McGee reveals the truth about "feud" with Alexandra Burke…
Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Alexandra Burke in tears over Gorka Marquez ahead of semi-final
Very interesting article and it’s a shame it’s women that tend to react this way to other women. Same happening to…
Expert claims Alexandra Burke is "too black" to win Strictly.. Erm , Ore Oduba won last year. So this "expert" is t…
Alexandra Burke has drifted to outsider after 'fake tears' criticism
Sad comments on re Alexandra Burke (esp the flatulence comment!). Couldn’t the same points be made abo…
The bullying of Strictly’s Alexandra Burke shows just how deeply-ingrained Britain’s racism is, says
The issue with Alexandra Burke on Strictly is that she forgot the number one rule: if you are a black woman and are go…
I’m not really watching Strictly but it’s weird to see just how much hate Alexandra Burke seems to be getting from people onlin…
I presume those slating Alexandra Burke for her starring role in two musicals are equally outraged with Joe McFadden for h…
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Finally of the most respected papers in the country recognises the truth about the bullying Alexandra has had, please read…
All fooking week Alexandra Burke has had presence heightened and now on googlebox - anyone think she is on course…
“We need to talk about the real problem with ‘unlikeable’ women”
The Alexandra Burke haters should be bloody ashamed of themselves as its having an effect on the public vote
This Alexandra Burke witch hunt is just awful, can we please just let this talented woman enjoy the experience? Alexandra is…
I don't like Alexandra Burke but I never knew why Now I do "she likes the smell of her own farts" 😂😂😂😂
Anyone else think the smug Alexandra Burke would be even more unbearable if she won Only won ca…
I wrote about the bizarre smear campaign against Alexandra Burke – and why I’m not having it.
Finally, the issue of the abuse some, especially Alexandra Burke, is having to face. No more silence in the face of bully…
I met Alexandra Burke backstage at the Michael Jackson Tribute concert, along with Smokey Robinson and Gla…
Listening to They Don't Know by Alexandra Burke, on my Echo!
Leona Lewis, Alexandra Burke, Little Mix... all x factor success stories, just because you…
I don’t know why there’s such an angry media mob surrounding Alexandra Burke, she was one of the best vocalists ever to come from X Factor.
If only the Strictly judges could work it out - the British public simply don’t want Alexandra Burke to win. Far too cocky.…
Imagine being Alexandra Burke, knocking your pan in, week after week, for the Great British public to put you in the bottom…
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re today's front page: the public's lack of support for Alexandra Burke in is not racism. Ore Oduba won it last year
Strictly Come Dancing star Alexandra Burke had backstage meltdown over ending up in bottom two
EXCLUSIVE Alexandra Burke insists her tears are real after trolls accuse her of faking ht…
People calling the Strictly audience racist for not voting for Alexandra Burke, have they forgot about Ore Oduba, last years winner?!?!
Ore Oduba survived 2 dance-offs and he still won last year, Alexandra Burke can still win this
Imagine being so green-eyed, you think Susan Calman can be less stompy than Alexandra Burke.
Susanna Reid, Ore Oduba, Chris Hollins and Alexandra Burke. One thing in common. Smarm smarm and more smarm.
Strictly Come Dancing star Alexandra Burke slammed for wearing fur after posing for PETA…
Strictly Come Dancing’s Alexandra Burke: It hurts to be called ‘fake’
Strictly Come Dancing's Alexandra Burke reveals it 'hurts to be calle - Sunday Mercury
don’t watch it but Alexandra Burke is bae they better step off her
Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Susan Calman AXED after shocking showdown with Alexandra Burke .
Alexandra Burke is great too. But Debbie... Debbie is 59 and she can do splits time and time again.
Strictly's Kevin Clifton apologies to wife Karen as is given boot
Strictly Come Dancing's Kevin Clifton apologies to wife Karen as their marriage is on the rocks…
Strictly Come Dancing 2017, week 10, Sunday results show: Susan Calman sent home after dance-off defeat to Alexandr…
Is the truth finally going to come out
Will be another tough week of training for super stylish Alexandra Burke pictured ahead of the Strictly Dancing sho…
You can actually see the other dancers and contestants gritting their teeth and trying not to be the one to give in and pun…
Right result tonight... There’s NO WAY that Alexandra Burke could have gone home. Susan Calman had a great run though,…
Alexandra Burke (partners with and to launch its campaign
Ninth celebrity leaves after Alexandra Burke dance-off
If i saw her on the tube I'd swing for her. . Also got a new entry to the list : I just cannot warm to A…
My reaction at Alexandra Burke in the bottom two
Susan Calman becomes the ninth celebrity to be eliminated from the show after dance-off with Alexandra Burke
Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Alexandra Burke asks Shirley Ballas to do dance off for her
Susan Calman eliminated from Strictly Come Dancing after dance off with Alexandra Burke
People don't care if Alexandra Burke is or isn't a professional dancer. That's not why people don't like her. People don't…
Susan Calman leaves Strictly after dance-off with Alexandra Burke
I think people constantly banging on about Alexandra Burke being a pro dancer should remember she went to a normal school in…
(Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Alexandra Burke pleads with Shirley Ballas over ...) has been published on viral ... -
Id have picked Susan over Alexandra any day of the week!! Such joy in her dancing and so genuine unlike fake Ms Burke
Strictly Come Dancing 2017, week 9 Blackpool special: Alexandra Burke quicksteps to top of Tower Ballroom scoreboar…
😂😂😂 Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke, what an incredible voice on The Voice!. The Voice, 40,000,...
I added a video to a playlist Alexandra Burke & Gorka Marquez Jive to 'Proud Mary' by Tina Turner -
"Alexandra Burke" I am voting for Ruth & Anton . That was a great Fox & Trotter and its also the name of my local pub .
I don't usually watch Strictly but WOAH, Alexandra Burke was incredible
Just home from work but can’t go to bed without watching Oh my word. Alexandra Burke. Superb! 💃🏼
Alexandra Burke woos Strictly fans with first Argentine Tango of series
That's what I've been waiting for from Alexandra Burke! Fab!
Bloody *** That Alexandra Burke is a little bit good isn’t she?💃🏾
UK really can’t stand confident, talented, bubbly black women! Middle England! Alexandra Burke is amazing on
The bile on here about Alexandra Burke is disgusting. The British public really don't like a confident black woman.
Alexandra Burke nailed Strictly's first Argentine Tango of the series - but missed out on a 40:
.delivered 2017's very first Argentine Tango – and everyone was floored…
Brilliant Argentine Tango from Alexandra Burke. I loved it. I don't care if she's danced before. Love watching her.
I'd just like to see Ruth do the routine Alexandra Burke did tonight 👊
loved your Argentine Tango with Alexandra Burke
I wish Alexandra Burke was more likeable on strictly, she just seems so cocky. Last weeks reactions were too much 🤨
Alexandra Burke soars to top of Strictly leaderboard after Debbie McGee error
Why didn’t they mention Alexandra Burke’s stumble but made a huge deal of MOLLIE and AJ’s?! Favouritism
Strictly Coming Dancing viewers astounded by daredevil Debbie McGee as she performs breath-taking lifts – but Davo…
Really fed up of this campaign against Alexandra Burke. Some of the comments are so disgusting & unnecessary. Debbie &…
People seem very unpleasant about Alexandra Burke. It's just a dance competition. It's not like she invaded Poland, ffs.
Alexandra Burke delivered my fave Argentine Tango up there with Mark and Karen. That's one for strictly…
I thought Davood Ghadami and Nadyia Dance was brilliant and so was Alexandra Burke and Gorka. I love the Argentine Tango
facing MORE controversy over Alexandra Burke's latest scores
Read TEN reviews of the stage version of Sister Act starring ALEXANDRA BURKE choreographed by CRAIG REVEL HORWOOD a…
Gosh Alexandra Burke is in a class of her own on Strictly. 💃🏻
Alexandra Burke.. you’re good but you’re annoying. If you win Strictly Come Dancing I will eat my own shoe as protest
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I can't believe the criticism Alexandra Burke gets for having been in West End shows but no-one ever mentions that Debbie…
Could Alexandra Burke be the first person ever to win The X Factor and Strictly?
Alexandra Burke is ridiculously amazing on Strictly
Me at Alexandra Burke again dancing like a trained dancer because she is a trained dancer
Coming Dancing viewers astounded by daredevil Debbie McGee
Everyone was in awe of Alexandra Burke on tonight -. but there was an Aston-shaped hole on the dance floor https:/…
Whilst watching Alexandra Burke and Gorka Marquez dancing on Strictly:. Me: 'Mum, mum, these are good, watch this a…
Tremendous Argentine Tango from Alexandra Burke and Gorka. Have to keep reminding myself she’s not Denise Lewis - g…
Who is Alexandra Burke? Strictly Come Dancing 2017 contestant partnered with professional…
Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Gemma Atkinson claims with Gorka - Alexandra Burke speaks out
Breaking News - Alexandra Burke and Gorka Marquez 'heartbroken' at rumours: via
Alexandra Burke and Gorka Marquez are 'heartbroken' about feud claims via
Alexandra Burke and Gorka Marquez speak out on 'hurtful' rumours of Strictly feud
Gorka Marquez says Alexandra Burke is 'the only woman in his life' as they downplay Gemma Atkinson romance rumours
Alexandra Burke and Gorka Marquez 'heartbroken' at rumours
Alexandra Burke and Gorka Marquez 'heartbroken' at rumours. . The singer, 29, admitted she was completely 'h…
Alexandra Burke and Gorka Marquez 'heartbroken' at rumours. .
Strictly's Alexandra Burke addresses rumours of fallout with dance partner Gorka…
Having dancer Alexandra Burke on is like having Jamie Oliver on celebrity master chef or an. Actual politician at Stormont.
Alexandra Burke was only 23 when she used the medium of song to become the first person to bring the idiom 'elephant in the…
Alexandra Burke and Gorka Marquez dance the American Smooth to a My Fair Lady theme on Strictly Come Dancing
Alexandra Burke slammed over 'affair' with married man -
Alexandra Burke slammed over 'affair' with married man
Alexandra Burke slammed over 'affair' with married man. . According to The Sun , a source has said some of h…
Alexandra Burke slammed over 'affair' with married man. .
Also Brandi Carlile, Alexandra Burke and Jeff Buckley's covers breaks my heart but no sorry the original is a masterpiece.
Alexandra Burke's dance tonight, was the most beautiful thing I have seen all week.
Alexandra Burke’s brother reveals her turn on Strictly is helping the family cope following death of her mum six w…
Strictly Come Dancing is giving Alexandra Burke's family focus not tears as they unite in wake of mum's death
Watching strictly and still haven't forgiven Alexandra Burke for stealing the X Factor crown from JLS
Am I the only one who hates Alexandra Burke? Everything about her just irritates me
Why is "And Finally... Alexandra Burke" the last celeb to enter the stage each week on as if she is the show's headline act?
Surely there are a good 3 or 4 actual potential winners there. Aston monstered it.…
EXCLUSIVE: Alexandra Burke branded 'homewrecker' after 'affair' with married man
i love Alexandra Burke she has such great expressions on her face hope they win!
- My Top 4 - Debbie McGee, Johnny Peacock, Alexandra Burke and Aston Merrygold (prob to win). You heard it here first!
is a joke!! Alexandra Burke is a professional dancer who’s choreographed in the west end by Craig Re…
James Arthur’s winners single has overtaken Alexandra Burke’s to be the most sold ever 😭
I honestly think Scarlett could be the first black lady to win the since Alexandra Burke
Subtle racism this week Playing Adventure Of A Lifetime by Coldplay over Alexandra Burke's training. Disappointed >:-(
Gorka has revealed the TRUTH about his relationship with Gemma Atkinson
I bet that Alexandra Burke is a right nightmare.
Shocking Alexandra Burke only getting 3 8’s and a 9 considering all the west end dancing she’s received
Strictly is going to be X Factor 2008 all over again. Alexandra Burke vs JLS
Hasn't Alexandra Burke been in musicals ? Isn't that an advantage in a dancing programme? Also why do I care about this ?
Alexandra Burke is just so incredibly annoying.
Strictly Come Dancing star Gorka Marquez speaks out to confirm his relationship status with…
better win He better not come second to Alexandra Burke or I swear 🙄
Why is Alexandra Burke always kept more towards the end?! Please stop the favouritism we’ve seen this far too often
Strictly Come Dancing is 'helping Alexandra Burke's family come together again'
Don't think I can be bothered with anymore. So unevenly cast this year. Alexandra Burke is miles ahead due to her background.
Oops got distracted Alexandra Burke was quite lovely but not WOW
Tbh I'm just watching Strictly to see if Aston gets revenge on Alexandra Burke for beating JLS in The X Factor
Alexandra Burke: A Poem. Alexandra dances to Mary Poppins. I think she is fab and not like Kenny Loggins
Why do people dislike Alexandra Burke so much!? She's a sweetheart 😩
That should be your next stage role Alexandra Burke. Beautifully done 💕👊👏🏻
If Alexandra Burke dances to Haleuliajh when she reaches the final then she will probably beat Aston Merrigold again.
Strictly Come Dancing: Gorka Márquez left stunned over 'SAUCY' Alexandra Burke question as he addresses Gemma ... -…
Alexandra Burke is very good, but she should be as a professional dancer. Sister Act?
I have an irrational dislike for Alexandra Burke
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Who is Josh Ginnelly? Strictly Come Dancing star Alexandra Burke's boyfriend who she has been dating since 2016
Alexandra Burke's X factor final performance with Beyoncé makes me cry every time I watch it lmao
Alexandra Burke tops the leaderboard with impressive Paso Doble, but not everyone's routine went smoothly…
Alexandra Burke stole the show with superb Pose Doble on but sadly the same can't be said for everyone…
Alexandra Burke on how the death of her mum will drive her to succeed on Strictly…
'The Silence' by Alexandra Burke is the best release from an X Factor winner
I think Kevin should have been partnered with Alexandra Burke and I think Brendan was paired with the right person
X Factor’s Alexandra Burke reveals just why she signed up for Strictly Come Dancing
X Factor's Alexandra Burke reveals why she signed up for Strictly Come Dancing
X Factor's Louis Walsh tips Alexandra Burke and Aston Merrygold to do well on Strictly
X Factor’s Louis Walsh has a dig at Strictly for signing Alexandra Burke, Aston Merrygold
.Alexandra Burke has announced the tragic death of her mother:
Alexandra Burke announces sad death of her mother
star Alexandra Burke has vowed to carry on
Strictly's Alexandra Burke to continue show after announcing death of her mother Melissa Be...
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Alexandra Burke announces her mother Melissa Bell from Soul 2 Soul has died aged 53
Melissa Bell dead: Soul II Soul singer and mother of Alexandra Burke dies
Alexandra Burke taking part in Strictly Come Dancing in memory of her mum who passed away…
Alexandra Burke announces her mother, Soul II Soul singer Melissa Bell, has died at the age of 53
- Aston Merrygold says it’s nice to be with Alexandra Burke on .…
Alexandra Burke and JLS’ Aston Merrygold both confirmed for
. Alexandra Burke had No 1 Hallelujah in 2008, won The X Factor, is. appearing on Strictly Come Dancing BBC.
Strictly Come Dancing 2017: Debbie McGee, Jonnie Peacock, and Alexandra Burke revealed as the final three……
Alexandra Burke squealed with delight as she left the BBC studios on Monday night following…
Strictly's Alexandra Burke dons crop top on One Show. .
Final three contestants revealed ahead of series start – what do you make of the full line-up?
Final three stars joining this year's Strictly line-up revealed
Strictly Come Dancing 2017 full line-up revealed: Confirmed list of celebrities including A…
Alexandra Burke on Strictly?! May have to watch this season just for her
Jonnie Peacock and Alexandra Burke confirmed as final celebs joining the Strictly Come Dancing 2017 line-up
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Alexandra Burke is the fifteenth celebrity contestant confirmed for Strictly Come Dancing 2017
Strictl's Alexandra Burke dons crop top on One Show
Mollie, Aston Merrygold and Alexandra Burke final three, I'm calling it now.
KATCHING MY I: Debbie McGee and Alexandra Burke complete the Strictly 2017 line-up!..…
Jonnie Peacock, Debie McGee and Alexandra Burke complete the Strictly 2017... on
Seriously, Alexandra Burke is literally incredible and I am buzzing for her on 💃🏻
Alexandra Burke trending - yasss that's my girl, knock em dead 😘
Alexandra Burke was the first person I followed on here (!!!) and Mollie King was the fifth (!!!) I can't wait for strictly
Alexandra Burke looks sensational in a white trouser suite as she joins the strictly line-up on BBC The One Show in…
Who is Alexandra Burke? X Factor winner who's joining Strictly Come Dancing 2017 line-up - The Sun
Alexandra Burke is the fifteenth and final celebrity contestant confirmed for 2017 ✨
No, not Alexandra Burke. Annoying cow. Also, only one sportsman with Jonny Peacock? Hmm
Oh my god Alexandra Burke and Aston Merrygold on the same season of XFactor and now strictly!
Nice to see Alexandra Burke is doing Strictly 🐘
The *** uniting to destroy Alexandra Burke's career for a second time
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Debbie McGee, Jonnie Peacock and Alexandra Burke complete Strictly line-up -
Debbie McGee, Alexandra Burke and Paralympian Jonnie Peacock are the last contestants for Strictly Come Dancing
Debbie McGee, Alexandra Burke and Jonnie Peacock set for Strictly via No comment !
Strictly Come Dancing 2017 full line-up confirmed as Alexandra Burke, Debbie McGee and Jonnie Peacock sign on
It's JLS vs Alexandra Burke all over again. But this year on Strictly Come Dancing. AMAZING!!!
Watch: Sarah Hadland, Alexandra Burke, Christopher Biggins and more at Annie opening night
Alexandra Burke and Miranda Hart depart opening night of Annie
Alexandra Burke raises the rafters as Sister Act arrives in Oxford
Alexandra Burke shares her secrets to keeping energy levels up during performance
"Hallelujah" has been covered by Jeff Buckley, Pentatonix, Allison Crowe, Rufus Wainwright, Alexandra Burke and many others
NE1fm 102.5 is : Start Without You by Alexandra Burke feat Laza Morgan
Did Leona Lewis sing Hallelujah?? 🤔. Think you may be thinking of Alexandra Burke but hey...other 3 points are spot…
Also she didn't cover Hallelujah, Alexandra Burke did.
WKDfm is playing DJ-BrightSide is playing Alexandra Burke; Pitbull - All Night Long
Alexandra Burke had the version of Hallelujah, not Leona Lewis
Congratulations completing / Now feet up and relax you bloody legend! 🥇 ❤️ ⭐️.
mixing up Leona Lewis and alexandra burke? NOT ON MY WATCH
Oh wait, I see what happened. It was Alexandra Burke instead of Leona Lewis? Nice spot!
Did I spy alexandra burke on drag race this week ? 🤔
Jeff Buckley's hallelujah was best... + wasn't it alexandra Burke?
So I sang this song. what do you think?.
Alexandra Burke - Start Without You. we're on 98.0FM and .
Sister Act was amazing, Alexandra Burke was brilliant
13th December (commemorate the day Alexandra Burke duetted with Beyoncé)
Can I just say I think Leona Lewis would sing it better than Alexandra Burke
Leona Lewis? You need to come out the Westminster Bubble honey. It was Alexandra Burke.
if I correct you that it's Alexandra Burke not Leona Lewis does that mean I have to vote ? 💔😭
Press play on your and let's Alexandra Burke Feat. Erick Morillo - Elephant
Now Playing on PowerON FM Bad Boys by Alexandra Burke ft. Flo Rida - Listen live at
41. She's met Churchill, Kennedy, Hawking. Alexandra Burke. All the big names. 42. She's always dressed like she's ready to c…
I fell asleep and have also now woken up with Bad Boys by Alexandra Burke stuck in my head
A powerful performance from Alexandra Burke and cast Thoroughly enjoyed!
Can't believe is mates with Alexandra Burke
Former X Factor winner Alexandra Burke steps out in central London looking stunning wearing designer 'Ts' in Soho,…
Justice is done - Alexandra Burke is the winner! Watching the X Factor tonight I was real
From right to left:. Alexandra Burke. Rachel Berry (drunk). Monica from Friends (drunk). Beyonce. Ashley Roberts
to when the Military Wives Choirs received the fastest selling single since. Alexandra Burke!
Alexandra Burke to lead Craig Revel Horwood's cast in Sister Act at Leeds Grand Theatre
So the headline act for Leeds Pride this year is... Alexandra Burke! Marc Almond and Sarah from Girls Aloud too. Oh, and Rozalla. Not bad!
Remember when Alexandra Burke thought she had brought the saying "Elephant in the room" to the UK from America https:/…
please don't ever mention Alexandra Burke & Jim Hendrix in the same sentence ever again! :-)
Have you been to see Alexandra Burke at Leeds Grand Theatre yet?
NE1fm 102.5 is playing : Where Do Hearts Go by Alexandra Burke
Alexandra burke's Hallelujah always seems to be the best cure 👍🏻
I know Alexandra - Tom Burke!! But what was about the woman he chose?
Now he's talking about how much he loves We Will Rock You, and Alexandra Burke. God I can't deal with this.
Alexandra Burke and Leon Jackson. Both amazing and very deserving winners. 💖
in the Treehouse : Alexandra Burke - Hallelujah ... Tune In at
Little Mix, Leona Lewis and Alexandra burke
Ok ok Little Mix were cool but lmao the toughest decision was JLS vs Alexandra Burke in 2008 like ***
I can't choose between Little Mix, Alexandra Burke and Joe McElderry! I love them all! 😊😍 xx
download and convert Hallelujah alexandra burke to mp3 or mp4 hd for free
So moving to hear sing (/wail) Alexandra Burke's version of 'Hallelujah' in the office this morning...
Alexandra Burke in black pantyhose, ... - - http…
Alexandra Burke in black pantyhose, ... - -
Currently listening to Alexandra Burke on my ipod :) :)
Slimfast gets a new look from Karen Lamond featuring the beautiful Alexandra Burke!
using Alexandra Burke in your advert is clearly promoting eating disorders! Disgusting, shameless advertising campaign.
Broken Heels - Single Mix by Alexandra Burke my best running track it's as camp as Xmas ♫
The Bodyguard with Alexandra Burke is absolutely stunning! Don't miss it! on til Sat 21May
Shoutout to the babygirl singing Alexandra Burke's Bad Boy's on the tram
If Australia can send Dami Im to why don’t we send Alexandra Burke? Same thing.
Review: The Bodyguard at the Liverpool Empire - Alexandra Burke takes on Whitney Houston's famous diva
Alexandra Burke on her starring role in The Bodyguard at the Empire
Wow! Alexandra Burke is definitely queen of the night! 🎭
Alexandra Burke, Glenn Close and Matthew Perry make this week's pics of the week -
DJ-Brightside WKDfm is playing Alexandra Burke; Cobra Starship - What Happens On the Dancefloor
first time I've heard this since like 2013, blimey Alexandra Burke was a queen back then 👏🏻
Alexandra Burke singing Alleluia always reminds me of the Late Gerry Ryan, he didn't like her cover to say the least
I liked a video from Dr SID - Baby Tornado Remix ft Alexandra Burke
Alexandra Burke joins Sister Act cast at the Liverpool Empire -
Alexandra Burke to star in Sister Act at the Liverpool Empire
I listened to Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke. I found it's a mockery of God, David and Samson... The SongWriter wasn't sure of God'sExistence
I added a video to a playlist Hallelujah - Alexandra Burke
Was just watching Alexandra Burke live of Broken Heels because it's my PE song and you popped in !!! Hair was the clue 🎤👯
Breast Cancer Awareness
Our hopes are dwindling that Alexandra Burke is going to release Heartbreak On Hold as a single.
Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke is in Rowing Machine, Witney. Download it now at
Bad Boys- Alexandra Burke. "It's the risk i take for the chemistry"
I wish Alexandra Burke first album was available to buy in the US play store. Sam Bailey and Matt cardles albums are there.
No performance will beat Alexandra Burke and Beyoncé's 🙅🏾🙆🏾
One of my fav versions,so beautiful! : :Alexa…
broken heels by Alexandra Burke was an amazing song like i have forgotten how good a song that was
you love Alexandra Burke, you have no power here.
yes but Alexandra Burke is also great
No winning moment will beat when Alexandra Burke snatched her CD out of Dermot's hands and started screaming for peo…
Come to watch bodyguard and Alexandra Burke is poorly, im fuming
Leona Joe Mcelderry Alexandra Burke or Little Mix for sure
well that is a good question but not what I was asking😂 I personally think Alexandra Burke would be a great astronaut
yes This is called Stage door this is Alexandra Burke ok Sarah Lol
Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke is in Vera's On The Drive, Vancouver. Download it now at
I bet Alexandra Burke always sits and watches these duets and is like 'mine will always rule'
NO duet will EVER beat and Alexandra Burke on the 👑
Performer 2: The perfect hourglass figure? More from Alexandra:
There's something about Louisa Johnson that irritates me. Same feeling had with Alexandra Burke
Lol, after Alexandra Burke, I couldn't tell you who's won xfactor since. Mind numbing.
Flicking through the music channels, cried at Alexandra Burke's Hallelujah video, then turned over to a boyzone video, with Stephen 😥
Just been told Alexandra Burke only does Fri/Sat nights at The Bodyguard. I'm only going to see her. As if she's not doing it.
Now I've heard there was a secret chord. That David played, and it pleased the… ♫ Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke —
on All Night Long - Alexandra Burke feat. Pitbull Listen Live at
Winnng isn't always good though. Where is Alexandra Burke please? She sang with a whole Beyonce, then came out with "Bad boy…
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