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Alexander Stewart

Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan, Alasdair Mór mac an Rígh, and called the Wolf of Badenoch (1343 – 20 June 1405), was the third surviving son of King Robert II of Scotland and youngest by his first wife, Elizabeth Mure of Rowallan.

Have you met our Artist in residence?
Yes we lost to Roma, but we ended with a back five of Mignolet, Alexander-Arnold, Wisdom, Stewart & Randall. It's all about perspective.
I liked a video from Cheap Thrills - Sia ft. Sean Paul (Cover by Alexander Stewart)
we had Stewart, Alexander and wisdom running the backs in the 2nd half. All bit players.
Our back 4 consists of Mignolet, Randall, Wisdom, Stewart and Alexander Arnold. Kek
83 mins: Liverpool now fielding a back four of Alexander-Arnold, Stewart, Wisdom, Randall. Anyone got Caulker's number still?
third choice defence out now…. Alexander, Wisdom, Stewart, Randall
Now this is a defense we shall never see again... Trent Alexander, Wisdom, Stewart, Randall.
We're underway, with some changes!. ON: Mignolet, Henderson, Moreno, Lallana, Coutinho, Ings, Stewart, Wisdom, Markovic & Alexander-Arnold!
I liked a video from New Romantics - Taylor Swift (Cover by Alexander Stewart)
Yes. Alexander Stewart has lost out to Ukraine sadly.
Followed by a Dinner attended by newly elected MSPs, Alexander Stewart and Dean Lockhart.
Alexander Stewart lives across the road from my parents. Nice guy.
Alexander Stewart worries more than any other of the Tories, I think. Disgusted by him at StirQT.
Medieval Aberdeen's "Four Quarters" - devised by Alexander Stewart, Earl of Mar, following the Battle of Harlaw,...
Street stall day in Bridge of Allan. Alexander Stewart in top form as usual!
Re-elect Keith Brown boards now in fields all around Clackmannanshire, no sign of Alexander Stewart boards?
Where is Alexander Stewart? He is NOT going to win in Clackmannanshire & Dunblane unless he gets out and meets people
One time, at band camp, Alexander Stewart ate a percussionist.
HERE THERE by Alexander Stewart and SONAMBULO screening these days
Lochindorb Castle, 'The Wolf's Lair', home to theWolf of Badenoch, Alexander Stewart, in the 14th century.
Eyeworks Festival of Experimental Animation TONITE in Red Hook (curated by Alexander Stewart):
Wet and cold day campaigning for Alexander Stewart in Clackmannashire and Dunblane.
Got and Alexander Stewart's new book on the incarnation today and it's brilliant. Thank you men.
Different questions tonight but another set of strong performance tonight by , and Alexander Stewart.
Sleep tight, my sweet prince, Nick Alexander...
Alexander Robert Stewart (12 September 1795 – 25 March 1850) was an Irish landowner and Member of...
Late Post 😎 (with rhi.Saroinsong, Christina , and Stewart Alexander) [pic] —
Great article from Stewart Andrew Alexander. Thank you for sharing!
Thanks to all our Veterans and especially our own Coach Alexander Stewart!
Busted Tour 2016It was a packed house sweatbox at the Alexander Gastown on Monday night when ...
"Horse" opened the :Eyeworks Fest of Anim" on Sat, curated by Alexander Stewart. ‘Horse’ by Shen Jie
thinking of your summer adventures? we are too with a trailer for Alexander Stewart's sweet film HERE THERE
Trailer for Alexander Stewart's amazingly great new film 'Here, There' from
Russia is top U.S. national security threat - U.S. Gen. Dunford: By Phil Stewart and David Alexander WASHINGTO...
Hey! Ann Williamson, the Alexander Brothers & Andy Stewart are on there. I'm following them, though obviously Andy Stewart won't
"There is no such thing in anyone's life as an unimportant day." -Alexander Woollcott
Find out more about director Ian Alexander Stewart on
and Stewart Riddle is an anagram of 'Tilted drawers' clearly a connection
Imagine a 'Q & A' featuring Danny Alexander & that Stewart Hosie, what a long night that would be The Artful Question Dodgers
Hi Chris. Do you think that the Devils can get either Alexander Semin or Chris Stewart? Why or why not?
We've seen 20 of 77 riders and Ashton Alexander aboard Don Stewart's Fernway Park continues to lead with a score...
After the first 10 of 77 riders, Ashton Alexander aboard Don Stewart's Fernway Park leads the pack with a high...
see Alexander Stewart's summer show 20/07/15 live for tickets & info
Spotlight update:. Our next spotlight for today is the pop sensation singer-songwriter, Alexander Stewart.
Hunting for Alexander the Great in BodL, MS Lat. Misc. b. 17 and found some fantastic faces along the way.
Ode to Lumpy, Pout Melody.Drawn on 20 pieces of paper, animation by Lilli Carré, sound by Alexander Stewart, 2014.
"There can be no revival apart from the Holy Ghost; He is the author of every Heaven-sent movement." James Alexander Stewart
I love lyle Alexander morgan so much he's my soul mate
- 8:34am, Jeremy Stewart. Police with hand held just before alexander dr eastbound on hepurn ave
Midnight at the museum: the will open through the night for final Savage Beauty weeks htt…
2015 Draft picks Christin Stewart, Cam Gibson and Tyler Alexander all came through in rout for
Even after he was wounded at Gettysburg, Alexander Stewart Webb led his men against Pickett's charge
Gettysburg July 3, 1863 - Union General Alexander Stewart Webb commanded troops defending the center of the Union...
It doesn't feel like summer in south Mississippi... Cool breeze sitting on the porch reading Free Churchman Alexander Stewart.
Proud of this guy, winner of the Alexander Bucknall memorial trophy and boys Sports Champion at Whitehills...
.take on tonight, Tigers send 2 rnder Tyler Alexander to the mound. 1 rnder Christin Stewart in LF batting 3rd
President Joan Hinde Stewart disappointed with move to minimize Hamilton on the http…
Today 1390 Elgin Cathedral burned to the ground by Alexander Stewart, son of King Robert II The Wolf of Badenoch
Shelter Press is curating an exhibition at La Permanence with films from Cameron Stallones, Alexander Stewart and...
tonight at in NYC! Alexander Stewart screens Make A Wish: Glass, a goofy 16mm print from our vault
Busy morning on Perth High Street with the Alexander Stewart campaign
What is the book of Revelation really trying to say? Alexander Stewart offers a provocative new reading in his...
Drumin Castle The exact date of Drumin Castle's construction is unknown. The castle stands on a rise of ground overloooking the confluence of the rivers Avon and Livet, just north west of Glenlivet. Sometime in the 1370s King Robert II granted the lands of Badenoch and Strathavon to his son, Alexander Stewart. Alexander, Earl of Moray (1342-1406), was a man you did not want to make an enemy. Stewart is more commonly known to history as the Wolf of Badenoch, a moniker that tells you a lot about his character. Volatile, vindictive, and cruel, he was perhaps the most feared Scottish noble of the turbulent medieval period in a country that had more than one candidate for such a dubious title. Sometime during the 1370s Drumin Castle was built, possibly by Stewart, and almost certainly on the site of an earlier Iron Age dun. Stewart did not spend much time at Drumin, preferring his other fortresses at Loch-an-Eilean and Lochindorb. In 1490 Drumin passed to Alexander, the 3rd Earl of Huntly. Huntly preferred to ...
'Tired' in rehearsal: via ..myself with the main man Alexander Stewart!
My new sounds: Bewitched, Bothered & Bewildered - Alexander Stewart and Alexander Thomas on
1848: Alexander Stewart opens first US department store
in 1848 - Alexander Stewart opens the first US dept store. 
On this date 1484 - 1/- Battle of Lochmaben Fair - a 500-man raiding party led by Alexander Stewart, Duke of Albany
NYC - our visual collaborator Alexander Stewart is screening work tonight at the Millennium Film Workshop. Check it:
Alexander Stewart i can totally see this as yours lol cos ylu would call yoursellf awsome and do shots with Mark...
The Millennium Film Workshop in NYC is screening some films by Alexander Stewart that I scored on May 12th….
Photo: On May 9, Alexander Stewart will present a program of vintage experimental films on 16mm, titled...
Join us on May 9, at 7PM, for Alexander Stewart's collection of classic experimental film, "Under the Lid of the Id".
The Millennium Film Workshop in NYC is screening our "Cloud Generating" video by Alexander Stewart on May 12th.
I have discovered that most Scottish People do not know what Grandfather Mountain is. It is one of the biggest clan gatherings in North America. It is a 4 day event with an average of 30,000 people per day. It was originally created by a MacDonald in North Carolina. So many Southern Americans can claim Scottish Ancestry because of the transportations, white slavery, tobacco merchants, jacobites, dissenters, and rich lords, aka Hamilton/Alexander who set up huge plantations in the south. You can read more at: for myself, I will keep the Spirit of the true Scotland alive in my heart and daily living. I will remain neutral from all the political crap as having one ancestor, the footman to BPC, Alexander Stewart sold into white slavery for 9p 6s, I know how it is to have your demon cut away. That is my political rant for this week. :)
If Anybody See James Charles Bullard or Alexander Stewart Tell them to get at me or ima put out a
Internationally acclaimed jazz vocalist Alexander Stewart returns with his new quintet to St James Studio for the first of three concerts as part of a Winter/Spring residency at the venue. Previewing new material from his second album to be released in May 2014 as well as songs from his lauded firs...
Euroa has provided three Victoria Cross recipients. Frederick Harold Tubb VC, Alexander Stewart Burton VC and Leslie Cecil Maygar VC, don't think any other town in Australia or indeed the world can better this?
Great start to the early morning with a few screams and some kettle bell beach fitness! Let us build an army! Marisca Galloway Garth Malpas Celeste Schwarzoel Alexander Stewart Bryan Vam
Open Access: The Effigy of Alexander Stewart, Earl of Buchan and Lord of Badenoch (?1343 - ?1405).
I would like to give an early birthday shout out to two important ppl: my baby Alexander Stewart n my niece Akera Gardner!
As far back as I can research is Alexander Stewart b in 1675. Then we have Catherine Montgomery and Alexander Stewart marry in Donnegal, Ireland. I have much more but do any of you have the same ancestors?
I dont need a teddy bear or n e thing for valentines day. I cuddle with mines every nite. (Alexander stewart). # thats priceless. # cant find him at a local retail store!
Jessi Alexander Stewart bring home the gold!!!
wishing THE best to all the Grammy nominees tonight!! Connie Harrington, Jessi Alexander Stewart, Kacey Musgraves, Brandy Clark, Shane McAnally, Hunter Hayes... what a great crew to represent Nashville! so proud of our community! Happy Sunday.
Joel Alexander Stewart is a FREAK of Nature! Played EVERY service at the Table View Campus, Including YOUTH!!
Loves having a convo with the bros about real world issues. Steven James Sim Daniel Alexander Stewart
Just £10 on the door and an auction for a 'Vintage Channel Bag'. Great acts including Alexander Stewart, Ewan Sim, Distracted, Be Minor, Scarlett Quigley, Roy Bennett and Little Henry Gallagher. Thursday Night at Revolution, Wilmslow
My thoughts today are with some of my friends who have or do help keep the stores when it snows 3inches...every one can have plenty of milk, bread and TP! Guys like Tom Rose Gary Voytek Jerry Robertson Ron Johnson Dwayne Rollins Ronald Alexander Stewart Pebworth Kel Polk Bernie Binder. There ain't no feeling, like 18 wheeling! Especially in January!!!
Y'all after that good *** breakfast, I thought I was gonna drink sum good lemonade! Alexander Stewart got so high he made my country time lemonade out of salt! off!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Café Society Swing to make West End debut with China Moses and Alexander Stewart
Alexander Stewart, the 78-year-old Victoria man with dementia, has been located, moments ago! . Police are...
Alexander Stewart has been located, moment ago! Police are driving him home now. They thank everyone for the...
girl on far left Alexander Stewart got TWO gram nods for song of the year! Xo my darlin
To Councillor Fragedakis Today at 10:11 AM I am writing to urge your support of Councillor Denzel Minnan-Wong's motion to formally ask Rob Ford to step down from the office of Mayor of the City of Toronto. The amendment of asking the Province of Ontario to remove him if he refuses could be further amended to include a clause of asking the Province of Ontario to introduce specific legislation giving City Council the power to remove him. Such legislation could be worded in such a manner to preclude misuse of such authority and to implement it in the most democratic way possible. I thank you for your time and consideration. Good luck. Alexander Stewart, RPN
In 1846 an Irish immigrant in New York named Alexander Stewart opened a business on Broadway called the Marble Dry-Goods Palace and in so doing gave the world a new phenomenon: the department store. Never before had a single enterprise tried to bring together such a range of merchandise under one roof. The business thrived and soon it covered a whole block on Broadway and had a staff of two thousand. Even that was not enough, however. In 1862 Stewart relocated to an eight-story building near by, and renamed it A. T. Stewart's Cast-Iron Palace. It was, and for many years would remain, the largest retail operation in the world. In its wake came scores of other similar emporia - Field, Leiter & Co. (later Marshall Field) in Chicago, Jordan Marsh in Boston, John Wanamaker's in Philadelphia, Hudson's in Detroit, R. H. Macy's,E. V. Haughwout's and Lord & Taylor in New York. We don't know when people started calling them department stores. The term isn't found in print until 1893 (in Harper's Magazine), but, as ...
John Stewart was one of my Scottish ancestors who Scottish lineage goes back to Robert Stewart II King of Scotland in the 1300's. My family's heritage goes from Royalty of Scotland to the beautiful Cherokee lands in Tennessee and Georgia. Beloved Father of the Cherokees Captain John Stuart John Stuart was born in Inverness, Scotland on September 25, 1718, the third of ten sons born to Bailie John Steuart, a prosperous merchant of that city, and his second wife Christian MacLeod, a native of Skye. Although his father spelled his surname Steuart, John always spelled it Stuart, perhaps this was to emphasize his relationship to the Royal family for it was said he valued honors and titles. His father was the son of Alexander Steuart, the great-grandson of Walter, 8th Baron of Kincardine, who was descended in a direct line from King Robert II (grandson of Robert the Bruce), through his illegitimate son, Alexander Stewart, the Wolf of Badenoch. John Stuart was also related by blood to the Chiefs of clans Grant, ...
Do photocopiers dream? "Errata" (2005) by Alexander Stewart. Reminds me a bit of Bill Morrison's epic Decasia.
The ruins of the 14th castle on Loch an Eilean. Once the stronghold of the Alexander Stewart, the Wolf of...
F.Y.I. Today is the Day That the First Department Store Opens Opened in 1848 by Alexander Stewart. Can Anyone Tell Me What Store it Was?
Jill Stein, Alexander Stewart, Rocky Anderson, Gary Johnson. You don't have to support either party.
Listening to Alexander Stewart's All or Nothing at All CD with the folks - a brandy in hand. Bliss.
What do you mean? The Manc Pride website says Alexander Stewart is on, who's previously performed at, er... Pizza Express!
I just used to tag Black and Gold by Alexander Stewart.
Alexander Stewart from Cowies Hill in the snow at Nottingham Road on Saturday.
Update your maps at Navteq
Check out Alexander Stewart. Like a British version of Bublé.
The flood by Alexander Stewart and Sergio Serrano at check i @ Latitude 53 Gallery
The shows are starting to come together: today Turner Prize*, Alexander Stewart and Sergio Serrano are installing in the galleries
“MUST ECOUTER of the week in on Alexander Stewart
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