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Alexander Stephens

Alexander Hamilton Stephens (February 11, 1812 – March 4, 1883) was an American politician from Georgia.

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HR2270 [NEW] Commending Alexander Stephens for his service as a legislative analyst in the office of State Repre...
Here's Alexander H. Stephens, one of the founders of the confederacy:
What year and where did Alexander Stephens say that, genius?
Sure, as long as each statue reminds those why the war was fought. It can even be in A…
please, for the love of God, read Alexander Stephens remarks on the formation of the (1/2)
They obviously never read Alexander Stephens' own words.
Getting rid of any memorial to Alexander Stephens would also make me happy.
LOL Alexander Stephens made an entire speech about how it was founded on slavery you doofus
Did you know Confederate VP Alexander H. Stephens was a Conservative fighting for the Constitution? Learn more here!
VP of the Confederacy Alexander Stephens. So kindly shove it.
Today is also the first time I ended the US survey to 1865 by quoting at length from CSA VP Alexander Stephens' "Cornerstone Speech"
Alexander Stephens and Andrew Jackson would be slapping high-fives however
Rand Alexander Stephens, u can outdo him!!!
"...institution African slavery as it exists amongst us the proper status of the *** i…
Oh really? When Alexander Stephens said in his Cornerstone Speech that "the *** is not equal..
Alexander Stephens, VP of CSA: "All of the white race are equal in the eye of the…
Read the cornerstone speech by Confederate VC Alexander Stephens for starters.
With the context included, this quote is fantastic. Read more:
"Our new government is founded upon … the great truth that the *** is not equal to the white man" -Alexander Stephens 1861
waiting in the wings: the Alexander Stephens statue.
if there's doubt all statues of should be destroyed, read this speech from his VP Alexander Stephens
Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens said it was all about slavery:…
It still baffles me that Alexander Stephens has a Capitol Hill statue.
in history Nancy Pelosi & Charles Schumer fighting for indebted slavery are the equivalent of Alexander Stephens and Jefferson Davis.
in 1865 Pres Davis named Alexander Stephens, R.M.T. Hunter and John A. Campbell as commissioners to the Hampto…
Just have to look at guys like Alexander Stephens and Robert Toombs to see what it was RE…
The Confederate VP Alexander Stephens stated the entire foundation of the new Confederate government was based on racial inequality.
Anyone who says it was about "states' rights" needs to read the Cornerstone Speech by CSA VP Alexander Stephens.
The Quotable Alexander H. Stephens : Selections from the Writings and Speeches o
No, the Artist's name is . Keith Alexander Stephens . I'm just a fan
Cover of Alexander Nicholas Stephens memorial service program at Middletown funeral home
Community shows up in support of 5-year-old Alexander Stephens at funeral in Middletown. Details live noon.
Group arrives on motorcycles at funeral for 5 y/o Alexander Stephens. I'm told they're w/ Bikers Against Child Abuse
Mother beats boys badly and leaves one dead!!!. A 5 year old boy, Alexander Stephens, is dead…
If you want to help Damyan's recovery.. go to the GoFundMe page "Alexander & Damyan Stephens."
Police say they found Alexander and Damyan Stephens in a hotel.. wrapped in blankets, tied up and beaten.
No better? The US held that "all men are created equal". Alexander Stephens said the CSA was formed on exactly the
he also is in some ways like Douglas but mostly reminds me of Calhoun or really Alexander Stephens VP of Confederacy
The family of Alexander Stephens, who died from injuries suffered last week, has set up an online fundraiser.
police cover funeral costs for boy, 5, allegedly beaten to death Alexander Stephens, 5
Alexander Stephens' cornerstone speech reverberates in hearts and minds today. This is your history.
Alexander Stephens, 5 years, beaten to death.
The only people based declaration in American history was Alexander Stephens' Cornerstone speech
"...whenever our liberty is once lost, it may never be restored to us again.". -Alexander H. Stephens
🎩Mr. L saw eye to eye in love with Alexander Stephens a great mystery of God between the two.
D.J. Stephens with a pair of insane dunks for the
... splendid abilities of Howell Cobb, Alexander H. Stephens, and Robert Toombs.
City shot is near Laughlin, NV. Photo by Alexander Stephens
Alexander Girls Basketball '15-'16 Season Preview: Phillips, Stephens, and George help spark the...
SC lawmaker practices for his upcoming Christmas pageant role as VP of the Confederacy, Alexander Stephens.
Well last time I was there the bust of Alexander Stephens was still there...
Stop by the Choices by Alexander Patterson book blitz & enter to win a $25 Gift Card + poster!!
Although Alexander Stephens argued against secession, he nonetheless served as Confederate Vice President during the Civil War.
155 years ago today, Lincoln writes his friend Alexander Stephens of Georgia, who argued against secession in Georgia legislature.
Read the secession resolution. Read the Cornerstone Speech by Confederate VP Alexander Stephens.
Among S's looking to reclaim a seat was Confederate VP Alexander Stephens who in Left Wing Nut fashion was still under indictment
He's the Alexander Stephens and Robert Toombs of today. OF COURSE you should follow.
Alexander Stephens. Vice President of the Confederacy. Savannah, Georgia. March 21, 1861. "Our new government is founde…
We know what confederate flag means. See words of Confed VP Alexander Stephens in “Cornerstone Address in Wakelyn.” http:/…
I always like to imagine the dwarflike little Alexander Stephens standing next to the towering superman Lincoln.
Christopher Lawton and his team are presenting on Virtual History Alexander M,Stephens (UGA) and...
The confederacy is a blight on the south as much as slavery. It is disgusting that a statue of Alexander Stephens resides in DC.
In fact Alexander Stephens, the Vice President of the Confederacy said: "Our new Government is founded upon exactly the opposite
Judge Stephens last chance to deliver a semblance of justice. She can clear Travis Alexander's name and call out the killer
for VCU job what about Dwayne Stephens or Bacari Alexander? Any reasons not to include them?
In February 1865. But none of the peace party lead by your Congressional friend Alexander Stephens listened.
Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens came up with all that "states rights" B.S. AFTER they lost the war to justify themselves
This is Alexander Stephens + Angus Ritchie who were sentenced to life for murdering David Johnson
Alexander Stephens jailed for life with a min 24yrs for murdering David Johnson in Swanbourne. 2 co-offenders got shorter terms
Alexander Stephens, Angus Ritchie and Nathan Beckton have pleaded not guilty to murdering David Johnson
John C Calhoun and Alexander Stephens swam to Africa to defend Africans from slave raiders.
Had a great family get together day, food was awesome, I just want to take a food coma nap now. Sharon Courtney, William Courtney, Brian Lee Lee, Scott Masson, Stephen Equality Prophet, David Johnson, Carolyn Correll Johnson, Wanda Walker, Lauren Stephens, and Jack Walker and of course Alexander Stephens.
Wow, Alexander Stephens speech sure did embarrass Jefferson Davis!
If they dont go with a corporate name Cobb has plenty of names for Braves stadium Jefferson Davis, Alexander Stephens, Lester Maddox...
All my ppls wish of DarkShadows- Willie Loomis,Watchmen - Rorschach. Lincoln -Alexander Stephens a happy birthday. follow him
Also looking for anything on Alexander Stephens born about 1835 in Tennessee.
Weird flipside to all this is Alexander Stephens favorably comparing CSA with Paris Commune
I've actually been looking for a good book about the Whigs. A party with Abraham Lincoln *and* Alexander Stephens? Intriguing.
July 1-4, 1863: The Gettysburg and Vicksburg Campaign: April 1863-Saturday July 4, 1863 and Wednesday July 1-Friday July 3, 1863: By the early summer of 1863, the course of the Civil War in the eastern theater was very definitely going in the favor of the rebel Confederacy. Although Lee had lost Stonewall Jackson at Chancellorsville after he died of pneumonia on May 10th, Lee's fighting forces were still as strong as ever and immediately the General, with Stuart and Longstreet alongside, the General decided to make another gamble by striking northward. It was believed that with the Union in disarray, with morale low and Democrats calling for the Lincoln Administration to give up that a Confederate victory in the north and a strike on Washington City would provoke enough desperation that the Federal Government would agree to negotiate peace. Alexander Stephens, Confederate Vice President would begin a trip upriver from Richmond to offer peace terms. By this time, Confederate attempts to get recognition fro ...
June 12,1863- The spearhead of General Lee's army crosses the Blue Ridge and enters the Shenandoah Valley. They are headed to Winchester, fighting along the way at Newtown, Cedarville and Middletown, Virginia. Confederate Vice-President, Alexander Stephens suggests opening diplomacy and conversation with the North, to President Davis. Union General Quincy Adams replaces General David Hunter as commander of the Federal Department of the South. President Lincoln, now aware of the Army of Northern Virginia's move north, visits the War Department. The President receives complaints regarding arbitrary arrests, "Still, I must continue to do so much as may seem to be required by the public safety."* Swashbuckling commander of the CSS Clarence, Lieutenant Charles Read, captures the USS Tacony off Cape Hatteras. He then scuttles the "Clarence" (which had taken 6 trophies), and transfers his crew to the "Tacony," then continues his hunt for Federal shipping in the North Atlantic.
Own it now on HD Digital - Jackie Earle Haley as Alexander Stephens
Educational history movie - Jackie Earle Haley as Alexander Stephens
The best film of 2012. Jackie Earle Haley as Alexander Stephens
Debates where words are swords - Jackie Earle Haley as Alexander Stephens
Two vastly different films that were enjoyed immensely in very different ways last week. FIRST: "Lincoln". What a GREAT film, I went and saw it on a Wednesday and then again on the next day. Great writing, Great acting. I suppose I have been watching films for a few years, because the actor playing Alexander Stephens, the Vice President of the Confederacy, was the guy who played "Rohrshack" in "The Watchmen", and Kelly Lynch in the Water Matthau version of "The Bad News Bears". The Kentucky Congressman was Arnold Rothstein from "Boardwalk Empire". Secretary of War was Daniel Simpson Day from "Animal House". The Lobbyist/muckracker Bilbo was James Spader, who has aged well, gained weight gracefully, and for this role, become wonderfully decadent and profane. Every time Lincoln spoke in this film, I wondered how he could get any better. And he always did. Probably what killed him, you get this good in your life, you do not get to live to see 60. Film Two: The Three Stooges. My hat is off to this production. ...
Greetings, The next Post-Michelle Alexander Action Group (PMAAG) meeting will be Tuesday, March 5th at the Inner City Parish (Conference Room) 1212 Mariposa St, Denver from 12:00pm – 2:00pm. Agenda for the Tuesday, March 5th meeting. Introductions Discussion: Determine which faith-based organizations to present and when Developing letters of support from prospective community partners and collaborators Identifying volunteer personnel Updates February 12, 2013 meeting notes: Attendees: John Riley, Wally Barrett, Claudia Fields, Carroll Watkins Ali, Sarah Brown, Alexander Stephens, Ed Glasser, William Cash The group watched the abbreviated version of the film, The House I Live In, to determine how to best use the film as a tool in PMAAG’s public education campaign. All agreed that the film is a good medium for educating the public. Discussion included: · Presenting to faith based organizations and audiences · Identifying the audience · Ensuring that the size of the event doesn’t preclude participat ...
Alexander Stephens delivered America's most famous defense of white supremacy. Good thing your tax dollars are preserving his statue.
Forget to mention the most jarring part of Lincoln was Kelly Leak from Bad News Bears plays CSA VP Alexander Stephens
Alexander Stephens was born February 11, 1812 in Georgia. His mother died when Alexander was only 3 months old. Alexander’s father remarried, and then in May of 1826, both his [...]
Administration and Cabinet The original Confederate Cabinet. L-R: Judah P. Benjamin, Stephen Mallory, Christopher Memminger, Alexander Stephens, LeRoy Pope Walker, Jefferson Davis, John H. Reagan and Robert Toombs. As provisional president in 1861, Davis formed his first cabinet. Robert Toombs of Georgia was the first Secretary of State, and Christopher Memminger of South Carolina became Secretary of the Treasury. LeRoy Pope Walker of Alabama was made Secretary of War, after being recommended for this post by Clement Clay and William Yancey (both of whom declined to accept cabinet positions themselves). John Reagan of Texas became Postmaster General, and Judah P. Benjamin of Louisiana became Attorney General. Although Stephen Mallory was not put forward by the delegation from his state of Florida, Davis insisted that he was the best man for the job of Secretary of the Navy, and he was eventually confirmed.[64] Since the Confederacy was founded, among other things, on states' rights, one important factor i ...
1865 Jefferson Davis appoints Alexander Stephens, R. M. T. Hunter, and John Campbell to discuss peace with the Union
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Via Mr Tourtelott: "If you had told Abraham Lincoln that in 150 years the Republican Party would embrace the political philosophy of John C. Calhoun and Alexander Stephens, I don't know whether he would have laughed or cried."
While they're in the National Statuary Hall, they should take a sledgehammer to the statues of Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens there.
"LINCOLN"..L-001131R..Daniel Day Lewis stars as President Abraham Lincoln in this scene from director Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" from DreamWorks Pictures and Twentieth Century Fox...Ph: David James, SMPSP..©DreamWorks II Distribution Co., LLC. â All Rights Reserved. (Credit: David James, Smpsp) On a repeat viewing of Steven Spielberg’s “Lincoln” over the New Year’s holiday, a scene I had barely noticed the first time jumped out at me. Confederate vice-president Alexander Stephens (played with reptilian gentility by Jackie Earle Haley), in a secret meeting aboard a steamboat with Abraham Lincoln and Secretary of State William Seward, faces up to the reality that the era of slavery has come to an end. Ratification of the 13th Amendment, Stephens muses, will destroy the basis of the Southern economy and the South’s traditional way of life. “We won’t know ourselves anymore,” he says. If only it had been so. What an affluent slaveowner like Stephens feared most, no doubt, was the utopian ...
The Reconstruction failed to bring social and economic equality to the former slaves due to two different forms of racism: political racism, being the decisions that President Andrew Johnson made while in office such as the re-elections of rebel leaders to congress and social racism, this would be the rules, regulations, and organizations set up by the individuals in each state such as the black codes and the Klu Klux Klan attacks. Through an economic stand point you could say that President Andrew Johnson was the direct cause of economic inequality for former slaves. This is evident through his decision in 1865 to re-elect the rebel leaders such as Alexander Stephens the vice president of the Confederacy back to congress. Because of this action alone one could draw that President Johnson did not have the former slave's best interest in mind when he was electing the congressmen. By electing rebel leaders and members of the confederacy who were strongly in favor of white supremacy, did not care about the r ...
Mississippian Jefferson Davis was named the confederation's president alongside vice president Alexander Stephens
"LINCOLN" Trivia - Jared Harris, who plays Grant, is the son of the late Richard Harris (King Arthur, Dumbledore, etc.); Bruce McGill, who plays Stanton, played "D-Day" in Animal House (!?!?), Jakie Earle Haley, a dead ringer for Alexander Stephens, starred in "The Bad News Bears" movies; and there are at least two other actors in the film who've played Lincoln on stage or screen - Hal Holbrook and David Strathairn.
Watched the excellent movie 'Lincoln' last night at the restored Commodore that included dinner. The film stars a great collection of actors: Daniel Day-Lewis, Sally Fields, David Strathaim, James Spader, Tommy Lee Jones and some famous character actors such as Bruce McGill as Stanton (D-Day, Animal House) and Jackie Earl Haley as Alexander Stephens (Kelly Leak, Bad News Bears). Great performance by all. The low point was when Lincoln (Day-Lewis) was telling a particularly interesting story that was vintage Lincoln and right at the key point, the waiter poked me with the bill. The balcony will due next time with my own timed popcorn.
FORMER CHILD ACTORS IN "LINCOLN." It was great to see Lukas Haas (the little Amish boy in WITNESS) and Jackie Earle Haley (the smart aleck, motorcycle riding punk in Bad News Bears) on screen in this film. Haas had a very minor part (1st White Soldier) in the opening scene, while Haley's role (Alexander Stephens) was much larger.
He may have been. : ) I also liked Jackie Earle Haley as Alexander Stephens. : )
did a great job in casting. Haley looked exactly like Alexander Stephens, but they casted for Grant with the wrong person.
Just got back from seeing "LINCOLN" fantastic!!! Highly recommend!!! Daniel Day Lewis & Sally Fields did wonderful acting, several of the actors who played Alexander Stephens, Thadus Stevens, Edwin Stanton, and others couple have been their twins. Historical correct.learned that Tad was at a different play performance when his dad was shot. 100% positive that Oscar will grant nominations if not the Oscars themselves. Before we left I returned a phone call to John Hull who is doing well getting ready to run down to Mexico & then Matt Kull called meaalways great to hear his voice!!! So I've had agreat day, now time for turkey chili.
No.Jackie Earle Haley. He plays butthole Alexander Stephens, VP of the confederacy. Levittown is Robert Lincoln
Remember the kid that rode the motorcycle in the original Bad News Bears? He is playing Alexander Stephens in the upcoming Lincoln movie.
Jackie Earle Haley as Alexander Stephens in Lincoln is the most spot on casting since Matthew Broderick as Robert Gould Shaw in Glory
State government this...state government that...You know who else loved state government? Jefferson Davis, Alexander Stephens, Robert E. Lee...The Confederate States of America.
I'm in the midst of reading THE FIERY TRIAL, Abraham Lincoln and American Slavery, by Eric Foner. This is a subject that I'm fairly familiar with. Yet, it never ceases to amaze me how African American constitutionally legal and "justified" SLAVERY came to be abolished via the Civil War, the Emancipation Prolamation ( promulgated 150 years ago this month), and the 13th Amendment to the constitution. It was nothing, if not, a MIRACLE of unintended intentions! If it hadn't been for those stupid racist southern politicians of 1860, it might easily have lasted well into the 20th century ( as did legal segregation). Thank you Jefferson Davis, Alexander Stephens, ect.! Throughout American history one looks in vain for a white sustained MORAL objection to slavery and all of its evils. In some places in America, we are still looking.
Just watched Lincoln trailer again. Jackie Earle Haley is an A+ Alexander Stephens look-a-like (at the 43 sec mark):
This Lincoln movie looks vapid, but man Jackie Earle Haley, seen briefly, is a dead ringer for Alexander Stephens
Can we talk about the perfect casting of Jackie Earle Haley as Alexander Stephens?
I am sort of excited to see Jackie Earle Haley as Alexander Stephens, even if it's just a bit part. Stephens was quite a character.
Things that seem obvious in retrospect: Jackie Earle Haley playing CSA VP Alexander Stephens
"Dixie" was the unofficial anthem of the CSA. When Jefferson Davis and Alexander Stephens rode to their inaugural, a band played "Dixie."
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