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Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård (born August 25, 1976) is a Swedish actor.

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Moment Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard kiss on the LIPS in front of Keith Urban as actor scoops Emmy Award
And here's Nicole Kidman kissing Alexander Skarsgard on the lips... in front of her husband, Keith Urban.
Alexander Skarsgard will always be Eric from True Blood.
Fakes I would love to have around for RP!. . — Alexander Skarsgard. — Eric Dane. — Daniel Gillies. — Jeffrey Dean Morgan https:/…
always a favorite: Alexander Skarsgard at the True Blood S6 premiere
Alexander Skarsgard and Alexa Chung have been together for awhile.
Riley Keough, Alexander Skarsgard, James Badge Dale to Star in Netflix Thriller 'Hold the Dark' (Exclusive) via
Alexander Skarsgard has his own idea of how the story should continue for season two!
Evil question. Eleanor Tomlinson, who read the audio book, as Hel, and maybe Alexander Skarsgard as Baldr. But I am…
star Alexander Skarsgard on why he may never get another job:
Have to say, if Nicole Kidman gets awards love for Alexander Skarsgard needs to recognized, too
Watching Josh Homme play guitar is just as satisfying as watching Alexander Skarsgard in True Blood, delicious.
Wrong?! What have Tom Hardy, Idris Elba, Alexander Skarsgard and Chris Pine got that I haven't?! Xx
OMG this show already has me hooked! So many Great actors! I missed alexander skarsgard
Nicole Kidman and co-star Alexander Skarsgard strip off for gritty and violent sex scenes…
Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard strip off for Big Little Lies sex scene
Alexander Skarsgard in Legend of Tarzan tho'. He can swing from my vines any day of the week 😂
is ruining my fantasy of Alexander Skarsgard and I don't appreciate it.
Why is Alexander Skarsgard such a BAE. He has always been my favorite actor, along with with Depp.
"Alexander Skarsgard is Tarzan and he belongs to the women of the world.".
HBO just hires Alexander Skarsgard for rough sex scenes at this point
It's really hard for me to watch Alexander Skarsgard be an abusive husband bc I love him so much like quiit plz 😭
I might have watched the state of the union, but Tarzan was on HBO and I'd rather watch Alexander Skarsgard's abs for 2 hours and enjoy life
I'm watching Tarzan. Alexander Skarsgard. Who in their right mind would look at Trump when they could look at him?
The only way I could ever do an onscreen sex scene with someone is if Alexander Skarsgard was with me in it 😍😍😍😍
Alexander Skarsgard and Nicole Kidman's chemistry is electrifying. Hot, intense, and troubling
beaufortplace: Alexander Skarsgard as Perry Wright - 03 “Living the dream” promo
I had to watch because I love so many of the people on it especially Alexander Skarsgard.
has a stellar cast and my boo from There's just something about Alexand…
Watched The Legend of Tarzan but don't know what happened I was too distracted. Alexander Skarsgard.shirtless 🤤.
Good to know your mom is all good! 🙄 but next time maybe Alexander Skarsgard
Nicole Kidman strips down for gritty SEX scene with on screen Alexander Skarsgard in Big Little Lies
Tessa Thompson on working with Alexander Skarsgard on htt…
Alexander Skarsgard is the hottest person on this planet and guess where he's from HMM
omg how can you tell about and not mention Alexander Skarsgard in the cast list? I'm mad at you 🙁
Alexander Skarsgard in this show is so intense.
Alexander Skarsgârd really took his fineness to the next level in Tarzan and I am eternally grateful.
Have I mentioned how happy I am Alexander Skarsgard is back on weekly tv?
I am obsessed, not to mention Alexander Skarsgard😍
I wonder if Reese Witherspoon is jealous that Nicole Kindman gets to do sex scenes with Alexander Skarsgard and she's stuck with Adam Scott
Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard's characters have one messed up marriage. Oy.
My boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard is not behaving in and I love it, don't you?
I definitely watch Big Little Lies for the plot, not to ogle Alexander Skarsgard in a suit. Yup.
Big Little Lies is ruining Alexander Skarsgard for me 😒
Terry Monroe plays tennis in War on Everyone (2016) [Alexander Skarsgard]
I really enjoyed the book, so I'll stick with it. Also I'll take my Alexander Skarsgard in whatever package he decides to come in
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is when Alexander Skarsgard smiled and blinded everyone. He actually outshined the Sun and it fell out o…
I am NOT liking seeing Alexander Skarsgard's character act like that!😞
Got a glimpse of Alexander Skarsgard's glorious butt in this week's episode of Big Little Lies. 🍑😻
every scene that Alexander Skarsgard is in makes me EXTREMELY uncomfortable tho
Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard having Skype sex was weird.
We need more comedies starring Alexander Skarsgard! See him in (US Blu-ray out April 11)
These are my fav men in this season. James spader n Alexander Skarsgard. Actors movie
Exclusive: Get your first look at Alexander Skarsgard in the sci-fi thriller
Alexander Skarsgard is officially a Doctor - officials at his former university, Leeds Metropolitan in the U.K.,...
Lincoln cares for Maisie: Alexander Skarsgard and Onata Aprile in What Maisie Knew (2012) for Miss E
We've got news on the US release date for WAR ON EVERYONE starring Alexander Skarsgard & Michael Pena http…
a guy walking out of the allergy clinic looked like a hotter Alexander Skarsgard I feel kind of cheated???
Alexander Skarsgard - Being followed is weird, that...: via
Alexander Skarsgård on 'War on Everyone', bad cops, and skiing with Prince Harry | Movie News | SBS Movies
True Blood star Alexander Skarsgård talks to SBS about WAR ON EVERYONE, bad cops, and skiing with Prince Harry:…
I'm pretty intense when it comes to relationships, platonic o...
Alexander Skarsgard. Probably one of the few men who could turn me on so much with his oozing masculinity. I want him badly right now
will always be Alexander Skarsgard or Michael Fassbender or Theo James or or
one day Alexander Skarsgard will be on the cover!! 😉
though if it were a guy it'd definitely be Alexander skarsgard
Tarzan too then. I haven't seen it, but anything with Alexander Skarsgard has to be amazing. New Ghostbusters too maybe?
When we were shooting in Shreveport, me and a couple of frien...
Catch our advance screenings of War on Everyone tonight! Why? Because Alexander Skarsgard.
Almost an hour into THE LEGEND OF TARZAN and still no sign of Alexander Skarsgard's abs. *** movief!?!?
.where Alexander skarsgard said to Anna paquin. Come into the water I'm your search God you are my God essential and she was.
All the characters I play are all inside of me in a way, and...
Watching the lovely Alexander skarsgard in
opens in Australia & Germany Nov. 17th. Alexander Skarsgard is "especially mesmerising"
Enraged when I find out a celebrity I'm in love with starts dating someone. Shia, Karl Glusman & Alexander skarsgard being the most painful
When I was four or five, I would organise my cars and my action ...
Alexander Skarsgard 2009 interview for - still one of my favorites
Crooked cops amuse as gangster flick meets western Alexander Skarsgard is mesmerising
Being followed is weird, that people want to discuss where I a...
My favorite scene in The Legend of Tarzan! Alexander Skarsgard, Margot Robbie ❤️
Other than Alexander Skarsgard being really hot, the new Tarzan movie was terrible
New pic of Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard for USAtoday!
maybe Alexander Skarsgard is Robert Chase, Alison is Johnny Depp, Remy Hadley is also Vince, Eric Foreman wrote the bible, Taub is Hemsworth
I'm enjoying a red blend and snacking while I chill and bond with Alexander Skarsgard.
Alexander Skarsgard wearing to the UK Premiere of in London
I love working with Alexander Skarsgard. He brings such gravity to a ...
Love the new stills of Alexander Skarsgard & Michael Pena for https:…
Don't miss this video of Alexander Skarsgard & Michael Pena https…
Keira Knightley & Alexander Skarsgard are set to star in the film adaption of Rhidian Brook's novel
I liked a video This or That with Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard | The Legend of Tarzan (HBO)
Meet Margot Robbie, a sexy new movie star who plays Jane in The Legend of Tarzan opposite Alexander Skarsgard.
The history of film has had many Tarzans. Alexander Skarsgard will be remembered as one of the sexiest. He made me envy Jane.
nothing like Alexander Skarsgard to make me remember all the beautiful Scandi men, can we be Jane please?!
If you have t seen yet, go see it! Alexander Skarsgard made an amazing Tarzan, and I LOVED as Jane!
well Mr. Eric Northman a.k.a. Alexander Skarsgard u did yo thing in this Tarzan movie
All I can think about is seeing Eric Northman, I mean Alexander Skarsgard on the big screen tonight!? S H I R T L E S S THE WHOLE TIME
Another new still of Alexander Skarsgard & Michael Peña - it’s similar to one from last year
more transcription of the Alexander Skarsgard interview with Gry & Anders in Stockholm
Alexander Skarsgard video interview with (in English).
I thought Alexander Skarsgard as vampire Eric Northman was the shizznyy but him as Tarzan!!! I don't know a better life.
Updated post - Grys & Anders podcast with Alexander Skarsgard
We love this photo of Margot Robbie & Alexander Skarsgard in Photog: Kurt Iswarienko
📷 New still of Alexander Skarsgard and Michael Pena in War on Everyone
Margot Robbie & Alexander Skarsgard for August issue styled by Photo by https…
I'm pretty sure Alexander Skarsgard aka vampire Eric from and is my long lost love lol
Alexander Skarsgard is yummy but tarzan doesn't have anything on Eric Northman — watching Legend of Tarzan
Just switch out Alexander Skarsgard for Taylor Lautner and this was basically me during New Moon.
Alexander Skarsgard talks Johnny Weissmuller on as his inspiration for the role of Tarzan!
Alexander Skarsgard is the only reason I wanna see Tarzan.
The Legend of Tarzan Premiere: Alexander Skarsgard, Margot Robbie and Christoph Waltz, mere at the London Pre...
Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan was oh too perfect 😍
Anyone knows where I can find HQ photos of the London premiere? Million thanks❤️
Alexa just did the BEST impression...
What have we done? All our wives are currently purchasing our newest cutout of Alexander Skarsgard.
Skarsgard had fun exploring both sides of Tarzan
Alexander Skarsgard helps Margot Robbie with her dress at Legend Of Tarzan London premiere: via
Why was the new Tarzan trained by the Royal Ballet? | via
To the rescue! Alexander Skarsgard fixed Margot Robbie's wardrobe malfunction on the carpet:
Watch the really unattractive Alexander Skarsgard and do their best animal impressions... it's LOL
See, they are really unattractive... LOVED having Alexander Skarsgard and on this
Alexander Skarsgard explaining Jane in is the sexiest thing ever. Watch:
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I can't wait to read the article about Alexander Skarsgard and Sweden.
Alexander Skarsgard saves Margot Robbie from a major wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet
Can we pls talk about these photos of Margot Robbie and Alexander Skarsgard! 😍😍
legend of Tarzan, an amazing film and of course alexander skarsgard great as always. and lets not forget that body.
Training How brought ballet to the jungle
Alexander Skarsgard saves from a wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet.
Hey I rewrote that Margot Robbie lede with Alexander Skarsgard. Yep. Still creepy.
Someone rewrite that Margot Robbie piece only replace pronouns/names with Alexander Skarsgard.
Alexander Skarsgard helps Margot Robbie avoid wardrobe malfunction on the red carpet far as I'm concerned Christopher Lambert will always be my But here's hoping Alexander Skarsgard is up to the challenge
Is there any chance for a True Blood spinoff with Eric and Pam? Can you please ask Alexander Skarsgard???
Meet Hollywood's new hero: Alexander Skarsgard on mrporterlive!
Skarsgard gives 'Legend of Tarzan' body and soul: The actor, a longtime fan of the character, brings a lot of...
Alexander Skarsgard is Tarzan, who returns to the jungle with his man-muscles, in Congo, with an American who believes peop...
"I was trying to get a little sexy loincloth...".
Stellan Skarsgård was obsessed w Tarzan as a kid. So when he found out his kid wld play him?
'Legend of Tarzan' Is a 'Big Disappointment' and 7 Other of the Worst Reviews
Alexander Skarsgard reveals how he bulked up for The Legend of Tarzan via
Just saw Alexander Skarsgard as Tarzan. 😍 Me want to be Jane. ☺️
What the reviews are saying about the new "Tarzan" movie:
Who's going to see Alexander Skarsgard in this weekend?
Alexander Skarsgard chatted about dressing in drag for 'Diary Of a Teenage Girl ' premiere:
My wife is the only true Tarzan fan, and by that I mean she LOVES Alexander Skarsgard.
Wanted To Channel Farrah Fawcett In Drag: Alexander Skarsgard keeps it cool and casual as he…
Alexander Skarsgard & will uncover the truth. Tickets: https:/…
I keep on seeing videos of alexander skarsgard bakit
Review: A ‘Tarzan’ With a Few Twists in the Hollywood Vine: Alexander Skarsgard is Tarzan, who returns to the...
Alexander Skarsgard is King of the Jungle! : The Legend of Tarzan Trailer
Alexander Skarsgard ate 'vicariously' through Margot Robbie for 'Tarzan'
I feel like Jack Huston and Alexander Skarsgard already missed their windows.
A4 how about Alexander Skarsgard along with Jack, Jim and Jose
TV vampire Alexander Skarsgard has a swinging time playing 'Tarzan' - Canton Repository
Alexander Skarsgard is currently promoting Tarzan in Australia, and today has been down at Sydney Wildlife Zoo,...
Alexander Skarsgård in New IMAX Trailer for 'The Legend of Tarzan': "He's Tarzan, you're Jane, he'll come for...
Will do. Have decided PVdB, has to be played by Alexander Skarsgard (or if he's too young his dad is quite g…
Alexander Skarsgard heating up the CFDA Fashion Awards yesterday.
The many faces of Alexander Skarsgard in this month's
Any Alexander Skarsgard fans out there? Pick up the latest at stores! http…
Alexander Skarsgard swings into action in new trailer for ‘The Legend of Tarzan’ (VIDEO) - Malay Mail Online
Alexa Chung takes the plunge in leather dress at CFDA Awards.
Look at my husband Alexander Skarsgard how handsome ***
Alexa Chung takes the plunge in edgy leather dress as her boyfriend Alexander Skarsgard arrives sepa...
Regal Cinemas has a recording of Alexander Skarsgard lending support to https:/…
New! is featured in the Summer 2016. issue TOTAL FILM Alexander Skarsgard
Alexander Skarsgard is what my dreams are made of
📷 mcavoys: Alexander Skarsgard attends the 2016 CFDA Fashion Awards at the Hammerstein Ballroom on June...
Alexander Skarsgard & Alexa Chung arrived separately at the tonight:
Just in case y'all forgot about Alexander Skarsgard playing Tarzan here's a reminder 😍😍😍
Alexander Skarsgard and I exchanged 8 words backstage—it's a start guys.
Margot Robbie is playing Jane, along side of Alexander Skarsgard in the new Tarzan movie!!! She's so amazing.
I mean she gets to be Alexander Skarsgard's Jane in Tarzan.
I just watched the new Tarzan trailer, and I have to say, I am really excited to hear Alexander Skarsgard sing some Phil Collins songs.
MIKE F: Ok "True Blood" and Alexander Skarsgard fans...get ready to see "Eric" star as TARZAN! :-)...
But Youre right, I take Sam, Jamie is married, Alexander Skarsgard apparent love life is weird. So yeah, I take Sam 😂😂
“Yeah. I see Kristin Bauer Van Straten loads. We all stay in touch…” - Alexander Skarsgard via Tumblr
No wonder my Aryan *** Alexander Skarsgard has ultimate swagger. He's Stellan's son. Eric Northman was the man.
Michael Pena,Alexander Skarsgard,producer Chris Clark taking a selfie with the audience to Everyone
Hidden by Alexander Skarsgard, Andrea Riseborough and (watch on)
Alexander Skarsgard is Tarzan and in shape that embarrasses
Alexander Skarsgard provokes dirty thoughts in me, I just wanna hug and cuddle with Sam Claflin and Jamie Dornan, but with Alex no, no
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Fave part of watching the 1st w/ is peeping bit parts of Alexander Skarsgard & Justin Theroux
Just seen male cast for now includes, along with Alexander Skarsgard and James Tupper…
Alexander Skarsgard finds his next project
Did your book club read Big Little Lies?. Alexander Skarsgard (True Blood) and James Tupper (Revenge) have been...
Alexander Skarsgard & Alexa Chung Snuggle on Miami Beach: Alexander Skarsgard snuggles up with girlfriend Alex...
I hope it's a good year for Jamie Dornan, Saoirse Ronan, Alexander Skarsgard, Sam Claflin and Emma Watson ❤️
Welcome to the jungle! Get an exclusive look at Alexander Skarsgard in 'Legend of Tarzan': https:…
Just realized that Alexander Skarsgard is playing Tarzan. Just realized that I now have an extreme sudden interest in the movie Tarzan.
Alexander Skarsgard displays his impressive abs and muscular physique in the first look images for D
"your profile picture is most definitely Alexander skarsgard. hate to be the barer of bad news." - Kurt Cobain 1967-1993
I really like Alexander Skarsgard but after seeing this scene in I can't look at him the same.
I just found out Alexander Skarsgard is Meekus from Zoolander, and it is the best thing ever to happen in the universe! 😂😂😂😂
📷 Aah is for Alexander Skarsgard in Diary of a Teenage Girl
Fresh Fan photo of Alex in Stockholm (December 26, 2015):. “Met with Alexander Skarsgard during bandy
Um, there's a new Tarzan movie and Alexander Skarsgard rarely wears clothes in it. This is culturally important.
Well that was fun. But I think Jamie shouldbe & Alexander Skarsgard & what about Robert Pattinson?
dead 2015 : killed by celebrity death hoax - Mediamass...
Enjoy this first look at Alexander Skarsgård's abs in 'The Legend of Tarzan'. .
I'm still not over them killing off Alexander Skarsgard's character in Battleship in the first 15 minutes like ugh how rude 😠
godfrey gao is ten times better looking than Jamie Dornan and alexander skarsgard but Okay
Wow that new tarzan movie looks so good. Alexander Skarsgard is so hot!!!
why does he look like Alexander Skarsgard
guys, Alexander Skarsgard on FX now! Battleship is on
Looks like Alex spent Christmas in Sweden. . @ marcelito_90 - Met Alexander Skarsgard during…
I might rewatch True Blood just for Alexander Skarsgard
First photos Alexander Skarsgard, Margot Robbie in &of Tarzan&- The Global Dispatch
Still a few hours left for Alexander or Bill Skarsgard to turn up on my door.
Scrivener, Spotify, Alexander Skarsgard, where have you been all my life?
Played MASH with my sister and I'll be marrying Alexander Skarsgard, with a tesla, house and three kids. Best MASH score ever.
And Alexander Skarsgard. I want him for Christmas too.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Merry Christmas. Hope you all have the best Christmas ever. @ Alexander skarsgard. @ Emily wowk. @ Lala ( like wow Lala) . @ Steven Joseph
A date with my local crush. A date with my celeb crush, Alexander Skarsgard, is more likely!!
I'm down to my last disc of my last season of what other show will allow me to watch Alexander Skarsgard take his shirt off?
These pictures of Alexander Skarsgard in The Legend Of Tarzan are to be viewed alone...
📷 titansdaughter: ❅ A very Merry Christmas to everyone in the Game of Thrones fandom! ❅
I was thinking Alexander skarsgard for Willem idk
I appreciate him for creating Alexander Skarsgard tho
Wishing all my Alexander Skarsgard The Legend of Tarzan followers a very Merry Christmas xXx
Love you more, Mel Gibson! Yes I do, Alexander Skarsgard! To you too, Jude Law! Why, thanks so so much Marlon Brando!😂 okay time to sleep..
Coach Wolf "The Dentist" Stansson is giving me Alexander Skarsgard meets Adrian Brody vibes and I don't hate it.
The world is going to be a better place with a movie where Alexander Skarsgard plays Tarzan.
ONLY10 LEFT! Holiday price ends 12/31/15 Poster of original painting by of Signed by...
Alexander Skarsgard's shirtless Mexican vacation will get your blood pumping:
Looking Distinguished in my Tuxedo. Not one flinch of Tarzan there
I had a pretty hot dream about Alexander Skarsgard. Can I go back to the exact same dream please?
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Marsha Clark, Alexander Skarsgard and sincere wish for a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year (and that's no rumor!)
Really? I never mentioned I'm in the new Tarzan movie with Alexander Skarsgard? that's weird
The Force Awakens was impressive, but the best special effect is still Alexander Skarsgard's abs in the Legend of Tarzan t…
uh yeah, same here. Closest I ever got was a few feet away from: Freddie Roach, Alexander Skarsgard and
This was the week I finally figured out that Alexander Skarsgard and Stellan Skarsgard were two different people.
Alexander Skarsgard - I'm not going for cute, I'm going for Eric Northman! :)
", the hero and Saint of the story, Alexander Skarsgard..."
📷 tumblrofthrones: Game of Thrones unveils first season 6 teaser poster!
📷 henricavyll: Jack and Alex in Behind the Scenes of Funny or Die in the Arctic 
They're doing in 3D w/ Alexander Skarsgard. So, Eric from True Blood is going to be in a loin cloth for 2 hours in 3D. Yep, I'm in.
📷 isanie: Me together with the sweetest and most gorgeous of men, Alexander Skarsgard. Never mind me, I...
Pro tip: seven straight hours of sitting in the dark and watching Alexander Skarsgard does wonders for a hangover
FYC Alexander Skarsgard "Diary of a Teenage Girl", Michael Shannon "99 Homes", Sam Elliott in anything this year
Nice celeb spot for us last night, Alexander Skarsgard walks right past us on the street 😝 in NYC
📷 pbt1: deesdiaries: best-imagines: Any questions about the positions just message me :) Principal...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Well 2 of my 3 future husbands are unavailable now. So if Alexander Skarsgard gets married I'm single for life.
📷 my-edits-have-no-remorse: Real Sgt. Brad Colbert & Alexander Skarsgard as Sgt. Brad Colbert on ‘wings...
can u guys get me Alexander skarsgard for Xmas please 🤗
*sends Excedrin and a Swedish massage therapist named Magnus who looks like Alexander Skarsgard*
Bartender told me alexander skarsgard is in the booth next to me and I had no idea who that was 🙊 yet my BFF is asking for an autograph 😂
Exclusive! Stars of and on their Arctic adventure with >
to our South. Pole expedition & this great video of Ed Parker, Ivan Castro & Alexander Skarsgard.
"Why is there an account named "Kurt Cobain Quotes" with a picture of Alexander Skarsgard" - Kurt Cobain 1967-1993
I was watching True Blood and it was amazing because Alexander Skarsgard. But I don’t have HBO anymore
📷 its-a-brand-new-kind-of-me: Jorma Taccone and wife Marielle Heller with Alexander Skarsgard at the...
Sweden, you are the coolest. Thanks for this and Alexander Skarsgard. But mostly this.
I have a thing for Alexander Skarsgard.
Here's more about that cold dark night. Many set visits, events etc. at The https:…
Alexander Skarsgard would be an awesome Chris and Joe Manganiello would be an amazing Mark Compton
Alexander Skarsgard has my vote to be Mark Compton in the new series
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Our Tarzan, Alexander Skarsgard at the Gotham Independent Film Festival last night
Alexander Skarsgard is my favorite Mark in the 😊
Alexander Skarsgard has my vote to play Mark Compton
Alexander Skarsgard is my pick for Mark Compton.
Alexander Skarsgard favorite actor to play MARK COMPTON in the INSIDE OUT TV show
Some weirdness in the review when you get to Alexander Skarsgard's name ... !
Holiday SALE! Personalized Poster of original painting by of Signed by ht…
Behind the scenes with Alexander Skarsgard & Jack McBrayer
Jack McBrayer & Alexander Skarsgard are gettin' chilly for climate change with
HOLD ON. Alexander Skarsgard is going to guest star on (What are you doing to me, Ryan Murphy)
Wait. Alexander Skarsgard is on this season of Thank you Ryan Murphy!
Mum! Isn't that Alexander Skarsgard ?Seems even polar bears aren't immune to the swede.
Finally watched "Hidden" with Alexander Skarsgard & Andrea Riseborough - actually thought it was pretty good, not what I expected.
Alexander Skarsgard at the Metropolitan Opera in NYC last night. Swoon!. (pic from santress.tumblr)
Alexander Skarsgard attends the Metropolitan Opera 2015-2016 season opening night of “Otello” at The Metropolitan...
So far it's slow but he looks good so I'm into it? And Alexander Skarsgard is in it so there's plus
it's OK, Alexander Skarsgard & Mark Wahlberg are just out of shot holding a large stuffed crust pizza & a bottle of champagne
I now see the fascination with Alexander Skarsgard 😍
According to my horoscope I'm supposed to meet my soulmate tomorrow. Is Alexander Skarsgard visiting our station and I don't know about it?😂
Alexander Skarsgard, Jack McBrayer and Andy Bichlbaum Sail to Arctic with Greenpeace and Funny or Die -
Alexander Skarsgard and Jack McBrayer Working on Series to Bring Awareness to Threats to the Arctic...
I was on to that - but only because my friend had set up a shrine to Alexander Skarsgard in her cupboard - sad but true!
Let's please all take a second to appreciate this picture: (I think I'm dying xD
I know I'm arriving, like, 6 years late to this, but. Alexander Skarsgard.
Simm is bae, but Andy's Master had Alexander Skarsgard as his FC
Also loved Kristen Wiig, Alexander Skarsgard, and Chris Meloni. TV actors getting their due on the big screen.
That time Alexander Skarsgard was at the Art Book Fair at MoMA PS1... such a chill dude! It was great…
Please, tell me Alexander Skarsgard is gonna join with !
99Crushes has a male crush: BenStiller_news has a male crush: Alexander Skarsgard
I would appreciate it a lot if Alexander Skarsgard would marry me, thanks
Alexander Skarsgard, Jack McBrayer join campaign to save Arctic
Any movie that has the words horror-sci-fi thriller + Alexander Skarsgard is a movie for me
Celebrities join comedy campaign to save Arctic: Critics of Arctic offshore petroleum drilling are trying humo... http:/…
This week's ManCrush...Friday: the okay-looking Alexander Skarsgard [wink] Read my interview with him about...
>Funny or Die to make comedy videos on industrial threats to Arctic: Actors Alexander Skarsgard of "... http:…
Could Peter Sarsgaard adopt Alexander Skarsgard so I can stop getting their names mixed up?
Alexander Skarsgard was the dad in The Giver and I never noticed. Now this is quite shocking
Working w/ brains and on 2 approaches to reviews. TO WIT: &
Alexander Skarsgard Interview The Diary of a Teenage Girl Live with Kelly and Michael 08 07 15: via
Alexander Skarsgård wore full drag to his movie premiere and he looked INCREDIBLE:
Great interview with Alexander Skarsgard re Diary of a Teenage Girl
Alex stopped by and chatted about dressing in drag!
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