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Alexander Payne

Alexander Payne (born Constantine Alexander Payne; February 10, 1961) is an American film director and screenwriter, known for films like Sideways (2004) and The Descendants (2011).

Matt Damon Bruce Dern Citizen Ruth Christoph Waltz Kevin Brownlow Kristen Wiig Will Forte Jim Taylor Reese Witherspoon David Fincher Woody Allen Todd Haynes Wim Wenders David O Russell Shailene Woodley

Did you get my good side?. at the Venice premiere of Alexander Payne's
Alexander Payne is back with the ambitious sci-fi drama See the first teaser: https:…
kicked off with Alexander Payne's strange and rather wonderful Downsizing - here's my review:.
My review of Alexander Payne's Downsizing at - a film I loved to bits
Alexander Payne shirt based on a drawing my wife did years ago:
Alexander Payne says he consulted with human shrinking experts for https:/…
Hearing good things about the new Alexander Payne film. Don't like the poster much, though.
Watch the new trailer to Alexander Payne's 'Downsizing,' which critics are calling a 'masterpiece'.
Downsizing trailer: Matt Damon shrinks himself to become Ant-Man 😂 New upcoming film from Sideways director Alexand…
A 5-inch-tall Matt Damon is the latest of Alexander Payne's middle-aged losers in Downsizing. 4* from
Alexander Payne is such a regular guy. via
Alexander Payne's follows & in opening the Venice Film Festival
So looking forward to Alexander Payne's newest feature film arriving in theaters later this year! |…
Alexander Payne's Downsizing looks bonkers. Matt Damon gets shrunk down to 5 inches in a world where that's the solution to…
Gambit: Producer Mike Lobell spent 14 years trying to set this up. Alexander Payne and Robert Altman were among the directors involved.
Say what you like about Trump, but anyone who marks time by the Alexander Payne movies they watch can't be all bad.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Alexander Payne's in reality: Mark Zuckerberg 'reconsiders' forcing Hawaiians to sell him their land
Margo Martindale and Neil Patrick Harris talked about Alexander Payne's new movie Downsizing on Live With Kelly today! Definitely one of my
Please donate what you can mixers and share this link to help Alex beat brain cancer x leigh
Let's get an adult movie in the style of a Alexander Payne movie like Sideways. Lando dealing with getting older & Han running off
"When God has a work to be executed he also chooses the man to execute it."-Daniel Alexander Payne. Your Destiny https:/…
Today is Alexander Hamilton's birthday, so let's celebrate one of the best presidents of all time
& vote Al O'Brien for Lawyer, Alexander Palvsa for Legal Assistant, Nelligan O'Brien Payne for Law Firm!
I love her. Her segment (dir. by Alexander Payne) in Paris, je t'aime, is one of my favorite films, short or otherwise.
I'm ready for a new Alexander Payne movie.
Listen to an extensive talk with Martin Scorsese and Alexander Payne on
than a short film in itself, though I don't know if that's what you think too. Have you seen Alexander Payne's Paris short film?
I guess maybe I try to make movies that are closer to real life than...
I wish Alexander Payne would have filmed Nebraska in the spring so you guys could have seen some of our more vibrant gray colors.
Can motion change how we view a Holzapfel takes a ride thru to consider:
Wonderful conversation about the provocative theological drama "Silence" via
. PTA. Alexander Payne. Kathryn Bigelow. Edgar Wright. Rian Johnson &. STEVEN SODERBERGH . all have new movies
Election(1999). - put Alexander Payne on the map. - Young Reese Witherspoon is everything. - The sass is unmatchable
Alexander Downer says no to politics after London stint
Warm congratulations to green candidate Alexander van der Bellen!! Just elected president of Austria.
Even if we die at 100, we're still dying young. I want at least 7...
If you were falling in love and you could go back in time and rel...
You begin a film more with questions than with direct intentions. It...
I learned that quote from Alexander Payne, director of "Sideways", among other little masterpieces. Life is the gre…
Don't forget to drop by the in Victory Park to support Mt Alexander Volunteer Network & say hi to
Celebrating Mount Alexander volunteers today with Broadcasting today from Victory Park Castlemaine
Nope, never. He's been so good for so long. He deserves the Alexander Payne treatment.
Alexander Payne went there too, so you're excused
If you haven't seen Alexander Payne's "Citizen Ruth" yet, you should.
Nebraska is a masterpiece. I want to trade brains with Alexander Payne now!
I get asked, 'How can you have such failures in your films?' Well, w...
Approach to conjures up has balls if not whole package
Knowledge is EVERYTHING. This past summer I was in Cannes, France asking Daniel Alexander Payne and Preetam...
Signing “Alexander Payne: His Journey in Film” at Our Bookstore – Monday, Dec. 5 from 5 to 7 pm
‘Alexander Payne’s Election has some disturbing new resonance after November 8’
"Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole are expecting a baby". Me right now:
Labor asks George Brandis if he's reached out to Alexander Downer to tell him he's not taking his job in the UK.
Fodder for Alexander Payne movie? It's time Payne revisit his film Election, a remake with Trump:
Alexander's excellent idea. How to shrink negative gearing and give us houses Me today
Alexander Payne: “Humor comes from the most painful situations you can think of. If comedy is not based in pain, it’s n…
I'm so not interested in producing, other than doing my own work, ...
2017 looks to be a great year for New stuff from Alexander Payne, Todd Haynes, Alex Ross Perry, Haneke, Soderbergh,…
Michael Shannon remembers his unpleasant auditions with Woody Allen and Alexander Payne
I love so many directors. I love David O. Russell. I love David Fincher, I love Alexander Payne
Program from my uncle's Creighton Prep 1979 Commencement. He graduated with Alexander Payne!
There will never be a better film about abortion than Alexander Payne's Citizen Ruth (1996) Starring the great
In 2004, Alexander Payne received an honorary doctorate from UNO for his achievements in filmmaking & his dedication to Omaha.
Detectorists isn't for everyone but it's so good. Equal parts Alexander Payne & Jared Hess. Quiet, brooding, with enough quirks to surprise.
Alexander Payne, Matt Damon to shoot film in Omaha next week; locations include Prep.
Directors I love to bits:. Spike Jonze. Danny Boyle. Alexander Payne. Wes Anderson. Lenny Abrahamson. all are a pretty major influence on me.
The big cities are probably OK. Alexander Payne's 2013 movie "Nebraska" makes the rest of the state look miserable.
Kristen Wiig replacing Reese Witherspoon in an Alexander Payne film is a great piece of film news
Kristen Wiig is replacing Reese Witherspoon in Alexander Payne's Downsizing. 😍😍😍. I need to watch Welcome to Me.
look, I adore Alexander Payne's ELECTION the way it is, but could you imagine if it starred Jason Bateman as Jim McAllister?
Kristen Wiig will replace Reese Witherspoon in Downsizing. Alexander Payne directs and he's co-written the script with Jim Taylor.
Kristen Wiig joins Matt Damon, Alec Baldwin in an Alexander Payne film about shrunken people
Jesuits encourage an intellectual rigor in a way that I like.
The politicization of the body in Citizen Ruth (1996) dir. Alexander Payne.
Can Alexander Payne make another movie with Shailene Woodley so I can forget about these awful Divergent movies
Joe E. Lewis said, 'Money doesn't buy happiness but it calms the nerves.' A...
I like actors who, when you see them on screen, you sense a person, not jus...
I have an actor playing a part, and I'm serving the script, not serving anyone's career. Alexander Payne
Waltz Joins Downsizing . Alexander Payne's casting for his latest movie, Downsizing, continues to impress.
When I'm shooting, I don't care who the star is. I have an actor playing a ...
You just never know when you're living in a golden age. - Alexander Payne
The actors are the greatest executors of tone in a film. They're the most i...
Christoph Waltz and an 'Inherent Vice' star have joined Alexander Payne's 'Downsizing'
Great cast for Alexander Payne's next with Matt Damon, & Christoph Waltz!
Christoph Waltz will join Matt Damon in Downsizing. Alexander Payne will direct as well as co-writing the script with Jim Taylor.
Christoph Waltz has joined the cast of Alexander Payne's sci-fi satire -
Christoph Waltz has joined & Matt Damon on Alexander Payne's 'Downsizing': https…
I continue to live in an early Alexander Payne farce.
As far as shorts by favorite directors go, "14e arrondissement" by Alexander Payne is still my all time favorite-
Alexander Payne's Matt Damon movie will shoot, briefly, in Omaha this spring
3. Bruce Dern, 2. Fire everybody and have Alexander Payne do it, 1. Tom Waits in a major supporting role as a junkyard owner.
I want all of my films to belong to me.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Single mum Joanne Kerin was one of 36 workers laid off the Alexander Spirit. Labor will fight for her
That's how I like to do it with actors, have them really go for it and I'll...
thanks for the follow, Alexander... have a great day
Will Forte is going to win an Oscar when he plays Martin O'Malley in a wistful Alexander Payne film.
Wow. I had no idea Alexander Payne's Nebraska was about Bernie Sanders.
A gorgeous new 4K restoration of Pietrangeli's I KNEW HER WELL, presented by Alexander Payne, opens in NY Fri. 2/5!
Alexander Payne's "Sideways" (2004). Whetting my appetite for a tour in Cali. I need to pick up the novel.
Shadow health secretary Heidi Alexander says Hunt should 'apologise' to patients for strike
Marketing has supplanted story as the primary force behind the worthiness o...
Nebraska From Academy Award Winner Alexander Payne, the director of Sideways and...
PT Anderson or Alexander Payne. I'd love to go Scorsese but those other guys seem like they could actually be my friends lol
Shout out to the big homie Daniel Alexander Payne. A truly Solid dude. Last time I was in LA a group of guys in...
.on the ageless satire of Citizen Ruth, Alexander Payne's brash debut feature
There is an audience out there for literate films - slower, more observant,...
Happy Birthday to Kay Alexander. You won the Your Afternoon Drive Home on 1400WFPA Radio Newstalk Fort Payne...
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
discovered Alexander Payne's debut Citizen Ruth is on Netflix and watched it right away. Laura Dern is SO GREAT.
I think that Peter Jennings is the only decent one of the big three.
The great films need to be seen repeatedly. — Alexander Payne
Road movies are symbolic of traveling through life. — Alexander Payne
But it's just that the whole country is making generally lousy films these ...
I need to pay tribute to my gorgeous Son Ben Alexander. He won't ask for strength, Love and support so as an... https:…
I definitely in filmmaking more and more find writing and directing a means...
OK, I think I got it now. Ryan Alexander Payne is not the Malheur Payne. Anyway, I passed on your info to Fogbow. Thanks again!
Now you have me confused. The man arrested is Ryan Alexander Payne.
he cleaned out an entire division and now he's moving up. How on earth is he a b…
(i liked her best in Alexander Payne's PARIS, JE T'AIME)
I would have played any character in an Alexander Payne movie.
Playboy made a softcore anthology film called INSIDE OUT that has segments from Alexander Payne, Lizzie Borden, and Tony Randel. *what*
Tinder profile info: I love all Alexander Payne movies. Except Citizen Ruth.
trying to imagine a world in which Alexander Payne capitalizes on the goodwill and perfect direction set in Citizen Ruth
(blurry) David O. Russel interviewed by Alexander Payne @ DGA after screening. I really…
Remember this in 2013?!! Alexander Payne, Bruce Dern, Will Forte and June Squibb all come to Norfolk for...
It feels like a good dramatic vehicle for a Mike Birbiglia or a Jason Sudeikis. Also feel like Alexander Payne might be the ideal director.
Top film on Brit TV today, PayTV: Bruce Dern is fantastic, & matched by Will Forte, in Alexander Payne's Nebraska 18:25 Sky Select
Really hope Alexander Payne is considering a KIM DAVIS biopic in the vein of Citizen Ruth
I prefer and films. Alexander Payne and Sarah Polley are great influences.
Is it really that ok if Alexander Payne & David O. Russell was able to make midlist adult films in 1999 and 2013?
also it's like Alexander Payne & David O. Russell have been able to make midbudget films for 15 yrs, so we're ok, right?
Deja just called me Aja Cymone' Payne Alexander - Davis 😂😂
Cheye Alexander is booked for a late, late tackle on Stefan Payne.
Payne has completely out done Alexander with pace and strength, laying off the ball for Bellamy who rifled a shot into Smith. Great save.
Grandma is *fine.* I reviewed it for LA Film Fest earlier this year. And by "fine," I mean a lesser Alexander Payne
that would most likely change the world and thereby garner a biopic directed by David Fincher or the delightful Alexander Payne
Alexander Payne vs. David Foster Wallace: less brain, more heart, equal snark
I meant that in terms of the visuals. would love to see DFW worldview translated cinematically. Alexander Payne comes to mind.
like it started out with this real like Alexander Payne like semi-satirical dramedy tone, then like the soundtracks became huge
People are more popular than Happy Holidays over last night and Alexander Payne knows how to end a film to make my eyes water.
Remembered Alexander Payne is a genius and ended up watching all his movies in one weekend
Alejandro Amenábar and Alexander Payne... these two directors' films are what should be called quality! geniusly amazing I mean. Admire!
After Citizen Ruth, I think Sideways is my next favorite Alexander Payne movie.
I don't feel despair because I am able to make the films I want to make, and that gives me hope. ~Alexander Payne
Fell asleep early last night and Alexander Payne knows how to market over private messaging.
“Father deals with loss of wife, inherited land in 'Descendants': WE TEND to remember Alexander Payne...
Among those interviewed in this 2004 documentary are Quentin , Alexander Payne and -
I added a video to a playlist Sideways - Virginia Madsen and Alexander Payne interviews
I wonder how much of Meet The Parents working is Alexander Payne and Jim Taylor brushing up the script.
Matt Damon and Reese Witherspoon will star in Alexander Payne's "Downsizing" - TechnologyTell
Alec Baldwin and Matt Damon sign up for Alexander Payne's Downsizing
“He said, ‘Don’t show us anything. Let us find it.” - Bruce Dern on Alexander Payne shooting
I just remembered I really like Alexander Payne right now a lot too. Loved The Descendants and Nebraska.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Matt Damon set to appear in Alexander Payne's 'Downsizing'
If there's one thing that gives me absolute joy (or the sobering truth) in life, it's an Alexander Payne film
I want a separate interview with Paul Thomas Anderson and Alexander Payne. A final one would consist of Anna Wintour and Kanye.
Alexander Payne, David O. Russell talk craft — and 1100 get a chance to listen in
A night w/ Alexander Payne and David O. Russell listening to Duke Ellington on vinyl. Thanks…
Yes It was as you describe. Alexander Payne and David O. Russell Bravo
Our whole team spent a wonderful evening with Alexander Payne and David O Russell thanks to our friends over at
Saw an excellent and unexpectedly silly conversation between Alexander Payne and David O' Russell tonight. Fun! Thanks
New American Cinema auteurs, colleagues and friends David O. Russell and Alexander Payne to headl… via
Alexander Payne and David O Russell giving us an exclusive first listen of the soon to be released American Hustl...
Thought-provoking night listening to Alexander Payne and David O. Russell discuss film. Thanks
Listening to records with Alexander Payne and David Russell at Feature VI
I was just in the same room as Alexander Payne and David O. Russell. Thanks
Waiting for my hour with Alexander Payne and David O. Russell.
Reliving and her movie critic days at w Alexander Payne & David O. Russell
Matt Damon will star in Alexander Payne's social satire "Downsizing" and is exiting Legendary Pictures' "The Great Wall." "Downsizing" has been written by Payne with Jim Taylor. The story centers o...
Matt Damon to star in Alexander Payne's next film Downsizing:
Matt Damon set to star in Alexander Payne's 'Downsizing'
▪ Let’s just go ahead and predict that Alexander Payne’s ‘Downsizing’ will be Matt Damon’s Osca...
Matt Damon to Star in Alexander Payne’s Satire ‘Downsizing’ via
Matt Damon will star in director Alexander Payne's long-awaited Downsizing
ICYMI: Alexander Payne's ambitious sci-fi-ish 'Downsizing' project back on. Matt Damon to star
Can you guys write a song about Alexander the Great, so I can listen to your music in social studies? :)
Matt Damon set to shrink for Alexander Payne's Downsizing:
Matt Damon to Shrink Himself for Alexander Payne’s Downsizing: We’ve heard of actors dropping massive ... -
Matt Damon to star in Alexander Payne’s satire ‘Downsizing’
Matt Damon is going to be in Alexander Payne's next movie. I just watched The Descendants yesterday & I love Sideways and Nebraska so yay!
Revisiting 'Sideways' with Alexander Payne and Virginia Madsen on Its 10th Anniversary: Director-cowriter Alex...
I am completely unaware of the works of Alexander Payne. I just wanted to see what the fuss was about, re: Tracy Flick.
"I think a badly crafted, great idea for a new film with a ton of spelling mistakes is just 100 times better than a well-crafted stale script." -Alexander Payne
Pleased to join and Marg Lewis at Mt Alexander Sustainability rally in Castlemaine. Great stump speech…
“Good literature succeeds on terms exclusive to literature. Good cinema succeeds on terms exclusive to cinema.” - Alexander Payne
Just watched Nebraska with Bruce Dern. Totally brilliant reminded me a lot of Alexander Payne's work in tone.
"Land *** is the kind of movie I always hope to see from Alexander Payne, if he actually seemed to like and...
I'd thought Alexander Payne came close to getting to Chekhov but in the present day—but this one even more so.
nenoka 20 times choosi unta .. and also read the book , David 0russell , Alexander payne ante pitchandi .. ;)
"I hope the fun I'm having [film-making] is infectious" - Director Alexander Payne on how to get a great performance.
I'm from the less photogenic eastern part! The black and white Alexander Payne Nebraska.
"I want to work with the legends: Tarantino, Spielberg and Alexander Payne…" . Tarantino, Spielberg e Alexander: CONTRATEM ESSA MULHER!!!
Alexander Armstrong is the new voice of Danger Mouse
"I think editors are like really sly politicians." - Alexander Payne (Election, The Descendants, About Schmidt)
Wonderful to be part of the & Mount Alexander Shire Council Citizenship Ceremonies today
Lois - in Alexander Payne? Don't know him, but he loves Omaha! Love the mission in Bispo!
Just watched Nebraska. Its good but I'm utterly convinced there will never be a better Alexander Payne film than Sideways.
The kindest thing a director can do is look with open eyes at everything. Alexander Payne
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it's Max Payne but he wants revenge for his dog it's so wacky it has to be good
There needs to be more filmmakers like Alexander Payne.
The crew of was honored to have Alexander Payne on our set yesterday.
This week we have a classic of Italian cinema, the road/buddy picture IL SORPASSO. Here, filmmaker Alexander...
“he wins at life omg this is obviously a girl unless he's *** bc Alexander
I wonder, how similar is Leigh Alexander to Nicole Horne from Max Payne?
Alexander Payne is top top notch.Love every one of his movies.
Finally watched Nebraska and feel very homesick for the expansive horizon. Alexander Payne is a poet laureate of the state.
Great news about Council Rates Cap our Mt Alexander Council do not know how to budget
Let me advice you if ' appreciate black and white movie:" Nebraska" (Alexander Payne) "Tabu" ( from Miguel Gomes)and "Blancanieves"
I'm in Philly, but I heard Alexander Payne is in my studio talking about Hal Ashby for our film Once I Was! -Brian
"I think if you watch most of my films with the sound off,..".
"Miss Nebraska" is trending - that's gotta be the subject of Alexander Payne's next film
Has anyone on here seen Alexander Payne's Election? It's a fantastic movie that more people need to see.
Hey, yesterday was the 10th Anniversary of Alexander Payne's Sideways' premiere at TIFF. Where are all the features on this?
Words of wisdom by Alexander Payne: and Wim Wenders: | Discussions About A C…
2. 1261 – Pope Urban IV succeeds Pope Alexander IV as the 182nd pope.
Congratulations to Alexander Payne on passing his practical driving test on Thursday 26th August at Luton test...
A good film actor must study the director to determine what film is being made and be a part of it. Alexander Payne
Tulsa-Tulane is starting to feel like an Alexander Payne movie, but without the funny first two acts.
When you're young an hour's a long time, now a year isn't even long!! 2012 was brilliant, but 2014's been great too!
Alexander Payne lives upto the expectations. Bravo, a heart felt cinema.
Put your hand up if you think there are parallels between Wild Strawberries and Alexander Payne's Nebraska.
Statement from Alexander Payne in re: the ending of Sideways: Maya wasn't home.
Watched Alexander Payne's Nebraska tonight - beautifully shot and acted - good example of a film where less is more
by Alexander Payne. What a great story! Highly recommended.
Saw "Nebraska" last night. Another great film from Alexander Payne. See it if you can!
ELECTION behind the scenes with Matthew Broderick & Alexander Payne.
Watched Nebraska earlier. Another top film from Alexander Payne. Easily my favourite American film maker.
I finally got 'round to seeing Alexander Payne's NEBRASKA - a sweet film that could also have easily worked as a short.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Tarantino, P. T. and W. Anderson? Don't think so. The closest would be Todd Haynes and Alexander Payne.
News: Mt Alexander councillors will consider whether to stop the demolition of buildings at the site of f…
Finally caught up with Alexander Payne's Nebraska on rental. Hilarious and heartbreaking. Reminds me of life on the Canadian prairies. Yeesh
Another chance to enjoy Alexander Payne's + wine tasting from on Wed Oct 8 …
I liked, but didn't love Nebraska. The awards love Alexander Payne. Loved Planet of the Apes too.
I watched Alexander Payne's Nebraska last night. Such great filmmaking, funny, poignant and sweet.
I love Alexander Payne' s films. This may be my new favorite of his work.
We need to call out Abbott's climate nihilism | Alexander White via We certainly do before h…
...although director Alexander Payne won't be pleased you did “You can now watch the award-winning Nebraska in glorious colour.”
Color Version of 'Nebraska' to Show on Epix that Alexander Payne Hoped Would Never Be Seen
And the very special guest for Film Streams’ Feature VI is . . .: Payne O. Russell
Plenty of copies of Australia's Few and the Battle of Britain at Alexander Fax Booksellers. http:…
Alexander Payne never disappoints! Nebraska was a sweet kind of family drama, a road trip down memory lane. Great characters and actors.
Looking forward to 10 year anniversary celebration w/ Alexander Payne and the cast & crew at The Hitching Post …
Alexander Payne, David O. Russell to come together for Film Streams fundraiser MovieSteem ...
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
NEW: 'American Hustle' director David O. Russell, Alexander Payne to come together for fundraiser.
Color version of NEBRASKA to show on (that Alexander Payne hoped would never be seen): http:/…
Like the Bruce Dern one, where she's like "What's it like working with Alexander Payne?" & he's just "okay whatever it's a job."
Oh, yes. I know the feeling of being directionless or having a feeling of having lost my purpose. Don't give up, I think we all feel it from time to time. “Some days I am Orson Wells. Other days I am the worst loser, imposter, know-nothing wannabe filmmaker in the world. I believe both with equal conviction. And I have become friends with that rudderless feeling.” Alexander Payne, film director
I can confirm that my Kevin Brownlow documentary with Alexander Payne is no longer happening. Devastated :'(
Regretfully it looks like the Kevin Brownlow project with Alexander Payne could now not be happening, absolutely gutted!
I love Alexander Payne movies. Have you read the book?:)
Alexander Payne has looked the same for like 20 years.
Alexander Deleon mh why won't he lock me up
I need to watch it again - it was my first Alexander Payne movie and didn't appreciate it.
Movie of the week: ELECTION directed by: Alexander Payne
Bryan Cranston auditioned for the role of David, but director Alexander Payne didn't feel that he was the right fit…
announces next film is w/ director Alexander Payne on historian Kevin Brownlow
"In the moment you change your mind they lose respect for you" New golden rules from Alexander Payne
w/ an excrescence like "The Heat," it's practically an Alexander Payne movie.
Update your maps at Navteq
2/2 one that embraces what remains of our elegant past, within a dynamic, modern urban environment." -Alexander Payne re: the Clarinda
I'll text you my address... It's right off the West Alexander exit
I really like her in Bridesmaids. But Tammy is two films at war with each other. I liked the quieter, Alexander Payne-ish one.
I read review of TAMMY and now I just really want to see Melissa McCarthy in an Alexander Payne film
I can reveal that my next film will be a documentary jointly made with US director Alexander Payne on British film historian, Kevin Brownlow
Made my top 10 of 2013: Alexander Payne's NEBRASKA is $10 on Amazon:
Rewatched yesterday. Alexander Payne is a terrific filmmaker.
you know that's written by Alexander Payne? How
Review: THE DESCENDANTS, 2011, directed by Alexander Payne: 3.5 out of 4 stars. Eloquent and graceful drama with a community heart.
Oh dear, that Alexander Payne section of PARIS, JE T'AIME isn't what I was needing today. Will return after tears.
election is great and Alexander Payne gets more credit than he deserves for it. The book is like a screenplay w/ his sparse prose.
Michael Bay is the antithesis of Alexander Payne.
Coming Soon: Loft projectionist Ana Humphrey's Staff Selects is the Alexander Payne classic, ELECTION! We'll be...
I remember talking to Alexander Payne about that at the time. He said it was because...
Liam Payne, he's the first line of defence of 1d.
The best speech I've ever heard. It made me cry! Thanks to Alexander Payne
Alexander Payne celebrates 100 years of the Tramp at our festivities at
Watching Alexander Payne's Oscar nominated "Nebraska" and eating kebab. That's what I'm up to.
"Yeah Alexander Payne, of course I can come to your party," I'll say.
I guess I could go to TIFF with a bunch of hipsters and talk about Alexander Payne and Woody Allen movies.
"The miracle of Chaplin is the very miracle of cinema". Alexander Payne's emotive speech at
The thing a can do is look with open at - Alexander Payne
I find Alexander Payne films so very relaxing.
This is the beauty I've been itching to share with you guys!!! One of my closest cousins Philip Alexander Payne...
They call Nebraska one of the "fly-over" states, but you don't want to miss Alexander Payne's movie "Nebraska."
Adreian Payne signs the first autograph of his NBA career
Alexander Payne have you ever considered a sequel to "Mommy, where's baby Tanya?"
God knows who'll present matches, you can't shoehorn RIG into Alexander Bernard Godfrey Sir John Payne...
interesting to hear Payne's response to the very question you ask
I like voice-over in films, and most of my films have been voice-over films. - Alexander Payne
Finally watched Il Sorpasso tonight. Loved it! Also discovered that this film heavily influenced Alexander Payne when he directed Sideways.
No country for old man: read Simon's four-star review of Alexander Payne's Best Picture nominee Nebraska, now on...
Election is on Film 4, such an incredible film and 100% up my street. Alexander Payne is my favourite director.
Mount Alexander Shire is a 'welcome Refugees Zone' ... More in the Mail.
MOVIE NIGHT ON THE BIG SCREEN WITH SURROUND SOUND $15++ Includes Dinner & Movie as well Popcorn and Candy. As an extra we are offering $2 Wine and Beer and $4 Theme and or featured drink! Come up and get settled between 6:30 and 6:50 PM. Movie starts at 7 PM sharp. Reservations required, 396.1687 Feature: Nebraska Movie Info: Director Alexander Payne (Sideways, The Descendants) takes the helm for this black and white road trip drama starring Bruce Dern as a tempestuous Missouri father who's convinced he's won a million dollar magazine sweepstakes, and Will Forte as the son who grudgingly agrees to drive him to Nebraska to claim his winnings. Bob Odenkirk and Stacy Keach costar. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi R, 1 hr. 55 min. / Drama Directed By: Alexander Payne Written By: Bob Nelson
Young star Shailene Woodley came out of nowhere to turn heads in Alexander Payne's 'The Descendants' and she hasn't slowed down since.Woodley's
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