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Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton (January 11, 1755 or 1757  – July 12, 1804) was a Founding Father, soldier, economist, political philosopher, one of America's first constitutional lawyers and the first United States Secretary of the Treasury.

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read the Federalist Papers by John jay, Alexander Hamilton and James Madison
Stephen Miller should read about how James Madison and Alexander Hamilton wrote about checks and balances in the Federalist Papers.
Scarborough . “Alexander Hamilton and James Madison wrote about it in the Federalist Papers. It was enshrined in Madison’s Constitution.
Even big government Alexander Hamilton understood the judicial branch would be basically useless. Federalist 78:...
Alexander Hamilton just showed up on a 2009 episode of House
I added a video to a playlist Hamilton cast performs "Alexander Hamilton" at White House
*time-machine Alexander Hamilton gets taken to see 'Hamilton'*. "how does a *** orphan, son of a *** ". HAMILTON:…
Alexander Hamilton is an example of somebody who has done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice.
Alexander Hamilton would support a jurist like Justice Thomas
S/O to Thomas Jefferson & Alexander Hamilton for screwing up this country, George Washington knew we'd have issues with a bipartisan gov't.
The President of the United States "has no particle of spiritual jurisdiction." -Alexander Hamilton
William Rowan Hamilton, meet Alexander Hamilton: Or, a of (& more)…
58% done with Alexander Hamilton, by Ron Chernow: Reading about the events of John Adams...
Alexander Hamilton & I listen to a question being asked by a student during one of our middle school de…
In NYC, u can be a new man... My name is Alexander Hamilton 😉
Also, Alexander Hamilton brought up literally every scenario in the Federalist Papers. The checks and balances will work.
The Constitution of the United States. Common Sense by Thomas Paine. The Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison
“Caution and investigation are a necessary armor against error and imposition.” . ― Alexander Hamilton
my favourite Alexander Hamilton fact is that they came at him accusing him of some stuff trying to kinda blackmail him a little
"'Alexander Hamilton. Alexander Hamilton. I'm the *** fool that shot him.' There now you don't have to see the show" -
Aaron Burr when Alexander Hamilton chose Thomas Jefferson to win the presidency over him
Alexander Hamilton, Revolutionary War vet and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, born 260 yrs ago today in t…
Jason's birthday is the same day as Alexander Hamilton's! That's so cool! HBD Jason (+Alexander)
Today is Alexander Hamilton's birthday, so let's celebrate one of the best presidents of all time
Happy Birthday to founding father Alexander Hamilton! his statue overlooks
Today we celebrate the day the ten-dollar founding father was born. Happy birthday, Alexander Hamilton!
More people should be cool like this guy and down to earth like Sir Jason the 3rd Alexander Hamilton the 4th (in a non play role)=wordy name
"I think the first duty of society is justice." —Alexander Hamilton, who was born on this day in 1755
people have felt what you are feeling. you're not exceptional. David Bowie and Alexander Hamilton are exceptional.
How do people not know who Alexander Hamilton is like aside from the musical like ,, do u ,, know history
Good to know the typical liberal response correlates w/ the Federalist Papers (Written by Founding Fa…
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This bust of Alexander Hamilton looks just like Neil Patrick Harris?
'Hamilton - oh you're alexander's kid, aren't you? another aspiring lawyer?' I'm punching the next person to say this I wILL DO IT
" If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything"- Alexander Hamilton.
"As Alexander Hamilton predicted, accurately, in the Federalist 76, the Senate would not often reject such a...
Time to read more about Alexander Hamilton, who lived during a less tumultuous time in the history of the republic.
Alexander Hamilton, Founding Father, was born in 1755 (or 1757!).
Alexander letters will go on auction block at Sotheby's
Just scored free Rubio's. And in so forth, saved me an Alexander Hamilton.
Alexander Hamilton from the hit musical Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton actually thought the Electoral College might act as a safe guard to make sure the office would not fall to
Every time I say "Just you wait" I have to fight the urge to finish the phrase with "Alexander Hamilton"
Best presidents (by looks and policies) don't fight me. 1. Barack Obama . 2. John F. Kennedy . 3. Alexander Hamilton
Dozens of Hamilton letters will go on auction block at Sotheby's - New York Daily News
Want to buy the original Alexander Hamilton's letters? Head to auction .
Alexander Hamilton's letters to be auctioned in NYC:
Hey just a reminder that Maria Reynolds was not a villain and Alexander Hamilton was not a victim
Alexander Hamilton's letters to be auctioned in NYC
Im really listening to Alexander Hamilton, my English teacher got me hooked on this
"Even the ardent love of will, after a time, give way to its dictates." - Alexander Pa…
I think Meryl Streep, Alexander Hamilton, Jackie Robinson and Albert Einstein are all overrated.
A trove of documents held privately by descendants of Alexander Hamilton is going on display
Alexander Hamilton's letters to be auctioned in NYC.
Obama's speech would have made Alexander Hamilton proud. Why is "freedom and democracy for all" a partisan issue?
Alexander Hamilton's letters to be auctioned in NYC -
you know it's a school night Michelle probably was like if that history paper on Alexander Hamilton ain't done you're not going
Pro-slavery advocate Alexander Hamilton Stephens, who argued whites were the superior race, has not been taken from the Capit…
Philip Hamilton died at 19 and lives through nineteen songs in 'Hamilton' alexander hamilton died at 47 and ther are 47 songs.
America is Alexander Hamilton and Obama is George Washington teaching us how to say goodbye.
Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson hated each other so much. Bu...
Today marks the first death anniversary of David Bowie. It's also the day before Alexander Hamilton's birthday.
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Love the Alexander Hamilton mask sported by Charlie Fennell '17.
US hasn't had a politician this vindictive since Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton
BTW, forgot to bring this up when we met up, but please tell me you saw the Alexander Hamilton "Drunk History"
Marx was certainly a fool. I thought Alexander Hamilton, Charles Arthur Conant, and the American School had it on point.
"There’s a million things I haven’t done. But just you wait!" -- lyrics from 'Alexander Hamilton'. ...
Alexander Hamilton - Founding Father, Revolutionary War General, 1st Sec of the Treasury, and Advocate!
Great song by this guy writing a rap album about Alexander Hamilton. Sounds great! Hope it takes off.
his character was a guy that didn't know anything about Alexander Hamilton. It was the whole point of the video.
why do I want to see the Alexander Hamilton broadway show so bad? 😭
I'll be walking through the house and then I randomly yell "ALEXANDER HAMILTON. MY NAME IS ALEXANDER HAMILTON."
His name is Alexander Hamilton, he's got an Alexander Hamilplan
I also just broke it to him that the actual Alexander Hamilton wasn't white and he was appalled so there's that
Remember when Alexander Hamilton was the one seed and a single message with perfect clarity:
"if it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it.". get u a man like LMM's Alexander Hamilton
A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, & deserves one. Alexander Hamilton.
Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr were in love
"This early exposure to the humanity of the slaves may have made a lasting impression" (Alexander Hamilton by Ron C…
I feel like Alexander is the definition of "peaked in high school" ...
Based on the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, critically acclaimed and lauded by critics
Alexander Hamilton likes global warming. He took off his leg…
Take 4 minutes & watch perform what would become Alexander Hamilton at the 2009 White House Poetry Jam
just watched the first time you sang Alexander Hamilton again, how did you stayed so focused while the whole room was laughing?
Why don't you ask the people who read Alexander Hamilton's Reynolds Pamphlet?
The story of America’s Founding Father, Alexander Hamilton has become a musical theater phenomenon.
A cool image of Elizabeth Schuyler's wedding rings & handkerchief from her marriage to Alexander Hamilton, today at
alexander hamilton but every time they say his name it gets faster . THIS IS SO STUPID I LOVE IT SO MUCH IM CHOKING
.here's your most played song this year!. me: *tap*. AM: *plays 'Alexander Hamilton'/me: yeah, that checks out
Alexander Hamilton, my name is Alexander Hamilton, and there's a million things I haven't done,…
Who will I binge anime with, and watch Star Wars with, and listen to weird music with, and sing along to Alexander Hamilton with?
I feel like if u went back in time Alexander Hamilton would be into me idk tho
Doing research about that Alexander Hamilton guy.
|:Alexander: "Lady Washington, you look beautiful as always." . George: "Stop trying to woo my wife, Hamilton.". Alexander: "I wasn't!"
Rain drop. Drop top. Alexander Hamilton is just non stop
Hope you get to hear this and enjoy(!)...a Shakespeare/Hamilton mixup song!
a bit late for alexander hamilton 2 but... . He just learned to code. Alexander hackerman
I've just done another drawing of Alexander Hamilton. It's not great but I tried
The song "Alexander Hamilton" is so inspirational and reminds me of a Tye Tribett song
why is there not a single tribute to Alexander Hamilton in the American heritage center in Disney world?
I liked a video The entire Alexander Hamilton video by Jacksfilms but every time he says "Alexander"
"Alexander Hamilton" 2009 film. Lin-Manuel Miranda Performs at the White House Poetry Jam: (8 of 8) via
☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆. ALEXANDER HAMILTON would live. in this house only 2 years before . being…
A newspaper printing the eyewitness account between Alexander and Aaron Burr
Men often oppose a thing merely because they have had no agen...
yep. Joseph will leave and we'll hure Paul Alexander
. Remember this? "Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything" . --Alexander Hamilton.
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AKA, the list of people Alexander Hamilton will haunt throughout the next 4 years...
Jack got my dad for secret santa this year and he got him a biography of Alexander Hamilton and 2 nerf pistols to reenact the duel
hes popular for his musicals.before he played Alexander Hamilton, he was Usnavi De La Vega from In The Heights
explain this very well. People along the likes of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton
In a world where people aspire to be Alexander Hamilton, they ended up being Aaron Burr. Pwede…
Alexander Hamilton argued that Electoral College would wisely select only the most esteemed and eminent man:
Marianna and I will be Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. I'm gonna tell her to talk less and smile more.
I wish Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton were alive today so I could watch Burr shoot Hamilton.
The Electoral College is Alexander Hamilton's fault? I want my $8000 back.
Alexander Hamilton came up with the Electoral College cuz of lib nuts like Paul Krugman
This whole time when people mentioned Alexander Hamilton, I always thought he was Rutherford B. Hayes?
83,549 days ago Alexander Hamilton described the Electoral College as if it had been designed to stop Trump. It must ht…
Alexander Hamilton wants you to vote the will of Hollywood actors on 12/19/16. via
The bookstore that sells autographs of Alexander Hamilton and Abraham Lincoln...
On this day 236 years ago, Alexander Hamilton married Elizabeth Schuyler.
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I feel like Alexander Hamilton becsuse there's a million things I haven't done...namely see A Muppet Christmas Carol for the first time
Petition to get to play Alexander Hamilton after roasting John Adams like a boss.
Lin-Manuel Miranda gets to play Alexander Hamilton. Amy Schumer gets to play Barbie. John Goodman should be allowed to play Harriet Tubman.
Instead of saying "Like George Washington" in the playful version of Rudolph I've decided to say Alexander Hamilton instead this season
Loved spending the day in historic Morristown! Walked in George Washington's and Alexander Hamilton's footsteps!…
"Liz Lemon, you are my Alexander Hamilton!" "I don't know what that means."
.you know what China, in terms of political economy, reminds me of? Abe Lincoln or Alexander Hamilton
Finally saw the Alexander Hamilton last night. Can't decide if I loved Alia Shawkat or Aubrey Plaza (or Tony Hale!) best
An unlikely ally who put a stop to Alexander Hamilton and James Monroe's petty dispute.
That time when Alexander Hamilton almost dueled James Monroe.
"Oh, I know who Alexander Hamilton is now, sorry, I got him confused with Abraham Lincoln". -Ian
SCOTT RICHARD HOYING (parody of Alexander Hamilton). -. pls pls pls tag i would love for him to see this…
None of Lucy's pigs are named Alexander Hamilton. All the proof needed that is improv, and in no way written by
Brandon Victor Dixon of 'Hamilton' didn't hassle VP Joe Biden in audience because Joe was a junior Senator when Alexander Hamilton was alive
Alexander Hamilton was bornNWest Indies & the Alien sedition act is a national & historical embarassment see Virginia Resolutions
Update your maps at Navteq
Letter written by Alexander Hamilton to Elizabeth Schuyler Thanking her for her hospitality…
Alexander Hamilton helped start the revolution, he got up on a soapbox on Broadway down by what's now city hall & spoke out
"Adieu, be happy, and let friendship between us be more than a name." - Alexander Hamilton, in a letter to John Laurens.
Yes, of course we talk about Alexander Hamilton.
Why Donald Trump's conflicts of interest matter, as explained by Donald Trump and Alexander Hamilton:
Right now a *** HIV positive man is performing as Alexander Hamilton in front of Mike Pence. Pearls before the lowest of s…
Trump to demand that cast of Hamilton let Scott baio play Alexander Hamilton.
For the record, Alexander Hamilton was an immigration hawk who endorsed the Alien and Sedition Acts and wanted to depor…
"It's not tyranny we desire; it's a just, limited, federal government." ~ Alexander Hamilton. Happy Constitution Day.
Pretty sure they hate Scott Walker more than Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton was a Federalist not a Republican. He actually founded the Federalist party. Facts are slippery things.
Alexander Hamilton's Federalist Party is the antecedent of the modern Republican platform of conservatism, but what do I know?
Mariah thinks Alexander Hamilton "is the best looking founding father" .ok but wait why
Trump confidant Anthony Scaramucci just called Jared Kushner the Alexander Hamilton of the Trump administration.
. Hamilton or wicked. Steven universe or spongebob . Alexander Hamilton or Aaron Burr
Sorry, Alexander Hamilton, but the Electoral College didn't work out like you hoped...
The role of the Electoral College: - Alexander Hamilton, Federalist No 68
Oh and by the way, it was Alexander Hamilton who championed the Electoral College. I guess that didn't make the musical.
Pretty sure it was the vote of Alexander Hamilton that broke the Electoral College tie. Aaron Burr could have been…
& Gahndi! He is now reading books about Alexander Hamilton, the Civil War, Malala Yousafzai, Malcolm X, the Founding Mothers.
I have a handwritten note to the homies B Frankz, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, T Jeffz, GDubs, John jay, and James Madison. Im sorry.
this is why Alexander Hamilton endorsed Thomas Jefferson instead of Aaron Burr. bad president > one w/o beliefs. j…
His last year as Vice President, Aaron Burr challenged Alexander Hamilton to that fatal duel. There's something of a precedent?
'Suicide Squad' Executive Producer Steven Mnuchin could be your next Treasury Secretary. From Alexander Hamilton to a movie producer? WTH?!
If you guys really loved Alexander Hamilton you would know that he was totally against pure democracy
"This is why we can't have nice things" - Susan B. Anthony, Martin Luther King, Alexander Hamilton, Oprah. What? I like Oprah.
Alexander Hamilton (the $10 founding father) did not die (by being shot by Aaron Burr) for Trump to become the next president.
People I never want to hear about again:. -Joy Reid. -Debra Messing. -David Frum. -Ana Navarro. -Alexander Hamilton. -Kurt Eic…
If only Aaron Burr hadn't shot Alexander Hamilton maybe we'd have president Hamilton for the next four years.
How would Alexander Hamilton feel if you didn't vote? Susan B Anthony? Go out there and use your right!
The 1800 election year was so heated that vice president Aaron Burr ended up killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel.
Alexander Hamilton wouldn't have been shot by Aaron Burr and Hamilton would've been president
Todays inspiration: Alexander Hamilton dealt with constipation, yet he powered through it and wrote the federalist…
I really feel like I am the reincarnation of Alexander Hamilton.
This is so bad but I didn't vote for Burr for Senator because Everytime I hear his name I think of the man who killed Alexander Hamilton 😫😫
are you secretly the British version of Lin-Manuel Miranda and going to play Alexander Hamilton in the West End?💙💙
When that one lady in DAR chooses Alexander Hamilton. lol
Kel and I are screaming Alexander Hamilton and the kid near us just put his headphones in. I guess he didn't appreciate our musical number
Senator Burr's "joke" about putting a bull's eye on Hilary Clinton would be less alarming if his ancestor hadn't killed Alexander Hamilton.
Senator Burr, that name has a familiar ring. Oh yes, he shot Alexander Hamilton.
"I didn't know Alexander Hamilton hated Thomas Jefferson because he was an aristocat." 😂
"Who shot Alexander Hamilton in that famous duel?". "Senator Burr!"
On this day in 1787, the Federalist Papers by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison & John Jay were published. ht…
teacher: I was watching a documentary on Alexander Hamilton. me: Jordan BOI
Final paragraph notes that last time this happened, Aaron Burr shot Alexander Hamilton.
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2/2 Aaron Burr killed former secretary of treasury Alexander Hamilton in a duel on 11 July 1804 in New Jersey.
"The last time a sitting vice-president engaged...with a fellow politician, Aaron Burr killed...Alexander Hamilton.".
VP Aaron Burr once killed Alexander Hamilton in a duel. 2016 is the new 1804. Trump: I'd 'love' to fight Biden - CNN
Need to hear make a call on the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr
Bank founded by Alexander Hamilton embraces its newly hip heritage
I just want Alexander Hamilton to be proud of me.
Okay so when is doing an Alexander Hamilton miniseries with someone who looks like this person playing Hamil…
Y'all saying every girl is going to be dressed as Harley Quinn, lets be real, every guy will be Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton by Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton. Can't and won't stop enjoying the Hamilton Or…
It's 3 AM and I'm crying over Alexander Hamilton hbu
Wept at the end. Have to agree that it seems Alexander Hamilton was waiting for to tell his story!
was literally life changing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Alexander Hamilton.
Hamilton's America rly filled the "historical documentary about Alexander Hamilton pivoted on the broadway show" shaped hole in my heart.
Seeing singing all the parts to Alexander Hamilton I'm yodeling
"I look at Alexander Hamilton as the patron saint of Wall Street." - Henry Paulson,
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Look, Alexander Hamilton was a . Shut it, haters
Alexander Hamilton is perhaps best known as the first secretary of the
Alexander Hamilton. I just put like 12 books on hold about him.
was OUTSTANDING! What an amazing piece. Left me with chills and a smile. Thank you for reading Alexander Hamilton 😘
Alexander Hamilton had views on immigration
"I cannot be the apologist of any vice because the ardour of passion may have made it mine."-Alexander Hamilton
1 mo' treat: Christopher Jackson talked about juggling his role & a TV show
all I want is to go see Alexander Hamilton, visit the African American history museum & watch Jacksons The American Dream with someone ☹️
Enjoying Please enjoy my review of or this Hamilton podcast!
yeah, he was saying this one's definitely more about alexander hamilton and the actual history of it. which tbh I love. lol.
Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society is a THING? and here I thought that was just my own private club. 😍😍
Alexander Hamilton: Alexander Hamilton: A  New York Times  Bestseller, and  the inspiration for the hit Broadway m
i will probably forever think that Alexander Hamilton looked like Lin-Manuel Miranda
Lin Manuel performing Alexander Hamilton in front of Obama in 2009 makes me so happy.
also hates Hamilton:. ...after Hamilton came into the world, his father James abandoned the family...
'Daughter of the American Revolution (Founding Father Spawn)' saw Alexander hamilton get replaced by a non-white ma…
On page 660 of 818 of Alexander Hamilton, by Ron Chernow
What if Aaron Burr had missed Alexander Hamilton? A historian looks at the possibilities
Cruisin in my six four with Alexander Hamilton boom
Crooked Alexander Hamilton founded the Bank of NY and the Bank of the US! He's part of an international cabal of bankers…
Hamildoc was just incredible. Goosebumps and watery eyes the whole time. Thank you so much and Alexander Hamilton.
And I have one thing to say about from last night: Alexander Hamilton... his name is Alexan…
Alexander makes me want to be a better writer, Eliza a better person, and all of Hamilton just makes me CRY NONSTOP
Alexander Hamilton's desk is the one place where isn't allowed to write. Oh, the irony.
Why has government been instituted at all? Because the passions o...
When your watching the and see your mom pull up the Alexander hamilton wikepedia page 😂 :')
"When you told us, 'I'm gonna do a rap about Alexander Hamilton,' we said, 'Well, good luck with that.'" http…
Hal Mumme is George Washington. Mike Leach is Alexander Hamilton. Kingsbury is Hamilton's son Philip. And Adam James is Maria Reynolds.
It really is! i’m also making The Slap dress too so I can punch any Ross or Alexander Hamilton copslayers in the face for adultery!
I wanted to square up with Alexander Hamilton when he cheated but it all passed
Leonard Church, Carlos, the tentacle monster, Alexander Hamilton, and Memo share everything they gathered before running.
I'll be discussing the remarkable alliance between George Washington and Alexander Hamilton tomorrow night (10/13)…
Well of course there's an Alexander Hamilton pop-up shop in Midtown:
I'm the type of guy who could dress up as Alexander Hamilton for Halloween without having any knowledge who Alexander Hamilton is.
George Washington was born in Virginia! That law was actually made to specifically stop Alexander Hamilton from being president
For the record, I blame Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson for getting us into this two party situation.
"Why does that Alexander Hamilton guy look so much like Usnavi?"
BEN, Alexander Hamilton, Richie Sambora, and Milo share everything they gathered before running.
The National Archives Foundation annual gala was on Sunday. Trevor Plante pulled some Alexander Hamilton docs to show L…
"The greatest rivalry in American history was between Alexander Hamilton and Vice President Aaron Burr."
I liked a video Lin Manuel Miranda performs "Alexander Hamilton" at The White House
This American Sign Language cover of "Alexander Hamilton" is great:
This American Sign Language cover of 'Alexander Hamilton' from the musical is great:
This American Sign Language cover of 'Alexander Hamilton' is great:
as Alexander Hamilton vs Donald Trump. That would make my life complete.
This American Sign Language Cover of 'Alexander Hamilton' is Great: . . Sarah Tubert is the captain of the National Dea...
The amount of random crap about Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, Lafayette, the Schuyler sisters, and John Laurens is ridiculous.
Alexander Hamilton's Guide to Life, signed copies of the new Emma Donoghue, & A Shadow Bright &…
During the panel this guy decided to give Dean a history lesson on Alexander Hamilton.
Girl, I just knew it was redux. I took Aaron Burr in Alexander Hamilton. It was like
Read my OUP blog post on Alexander Hamilton's role as father of American central banking
"I was thinking Alexander Hamilton or John F. Kennedy. Maybe Louis Armstrong…? He is historical enough in terms of jazz."
Michael Luwoye is a wonderful Alexander Hamilton! The entire musical is my single best theater experience ever.
Kids today learn about sex and Alexander Hamilton much sooner than I did.
Finding out both Alexander Hamilton and Richard Rodgers went to Columbia University (king's college) has been the highlight of my day
hey Burger King I think George Washington and Alexander Hamilton are an item!
I just put it together. Ryan Lochte is the Aaron Burr to Phelp's Alexander Hamilton. Mind blown.
- Alexander Hamilton: "Men give me credit for some genius.
are reanimated corpses of James Madison, George Mason, Patrick Henry and Alexander Hamilton?
James Callender, the attack dog who took aim at Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson.
Alexander Hamilton (1775-1804). First Secretary of the Treasury, founder of US National Bank. | Bisexual
Hey just the let you know George Washington, James Madison & Alexander Hamilton all have rolled over in their graves.
Trumpolini has become Alexander Hamilton's nightmare; rousing up the rabble into a racist/bigoted mob scene
Did you know it was Alexander Hamilton who proposed and implemented the as Treas. Sec.? Happy Coast Guard…
Elizabeth Hamilton started the first private orphanage for Alexander Hamilton if that's not love idk what is
Alexander Hamilton started the U.S. Treasury with nothing -- and that was the closest our country has ever been to bein…
Loving these posts about Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens😂
you'd appreciate this, I just remade the Hamilton/Alexander Hamilton song for Agent Coulson of SHIELD/Marvel. I'm dying
Ludwig van Beethoven, Jane Austen, and Alexander Hamilton were alive at the same time. This is hard to wrap my mind aroun…
Now on display through Dec. the is featuring the exhibit 'Alexander Hamilton: Striver, Statesman, Scoundrel'. ht…
Just for the record: I quoted Alexander Hamilton as my senior quote in the Northport High School 2013 yearbook before it was cool.
Which of my two books to read tonight? A Court of Mist and Fury? Oh my Alexander Hamilton biography.
"Alexander Hamilton had a torrid affair and he wrote it down right there!". Hamilton:
Ben Franklin, Betsy Ross & Alexander Hamilton get ready to welcome attendees to
Thoughts on Alexander Hamilton since high school.
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Read the Federalist Papers. Authored by Alexander Hamilton and James Madison supporting a larger federal government.
Yesterday I went to Dave and Busters with my sister and we played a trivia game and the question was "Who shot Alexander Hamilton?" ...
Go get it. This was the case between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. Hamilton went for it and was always a step ahead.
If someone can gift me the audiobook for Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow my grade and I will be forever in your debt
Just read the beginning to Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton. The feels,so many feels.
That was from Ron Chernow's excellent biography of Alexander Hamilton. Sorry for bombarding you--hard to quote in 140 chars.
*standing in line, still hearing and looking at Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow on tape*
Finished listening to Alexander Hamilton (Unabridged) by Ron Chernow. Try and get it free:
On page 154 of 818 of Alexander Hamilton, by Ron Chernow: This is very interesting part ...
On page 402 of 818 of Alexander Hamilton, by Ron Chernow
Man if you think Alexander Hamilton was a great guy you will be disabused of this by reading Whiskey Rebellion history.
On this day in 1804, Aaron Burr slays Alexander Hamilton in duel.
Alexander Hamilton was a Founding Father of the United States, chief staff aide to General George Washington, one...
RIP Alexander Hamilton, killed in a duel by Aaron Burr 212 years ago today.
This Day In History (1804): Aaron Burr kills Alexander Hamilton in a duel—an obscure historical event that has largely…
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Just informed by someone that 212 years ago today Alexander Hamilton was killed in a duel by Raymond Burr. (cue "Perry Mason" theme)
Today in 1804, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr had that famous duel in Weehawken.
everyone is going to miss him and Christopher and the others so much I don't think anyone else could be THE Alexander Hamilton for me
I already had them, and have been using them, since "Alexander Hamilton" 😭😅😭
You pay $810 to see . Mario Lopez is now playing Alexander Hamilton. Michael Strahan is now playing Aaron Burr
Of course you can see Alexander Hamilton in the Hall of Presidents! [Cast Members, mold Zachary Taylor into Hamilton NO…
Me and my man Alexander Hamilton just straight up chillin
Exhibition of Alexander Hamilton portraits at Boxwood Hall on the floor where Alexander Hamilton lived
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