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Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell (March 3, 1847 – August 2, 1922) was an eminent scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator who is credited with inventing the first practical telephone.

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Thanks to all who entered! The answer was Alexander Graham Bell made the first ever phone call! How far we've come.. https:/…
$BK’s Mark Gibbons discusses Alexander Graham Bell and his impact on financial services
"Mr. Watson--come here--I want to see you." Alexander Graham Bell made the 1st phone call 141 years ago this week.
"Alexander Graham Bell should be remembered for one other thing—having the smarts to hire a lady.".
How come we got a rap musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton, but not one for Alexander Graham Bell?
Alexander Graham Bell patented the very first telephone today. You know, the thing that you could call us on to…
due to their social and economic positions at the time. . Karl Benz . Alexander Graham Bell . Thomas Edison . List goes on
Phil Hartman was born in Brantford, Ontario. It is also the hometown of Wayne Gretzky, Alexander Graham Bell & Jay Silverheels.
Alexander Graham Bell: watson come here i want to see you. Watson: can't busy. AGB: *twirling cord* my parents aren't home. W: omw
A three-time Grammy nominee helped us reveal the voice of Alexander Graham Bell on these recordings:
in 1915, Alexander Graham Bell in New York calls Thomas Watson in San Francisco (First transcontinental teleph…
1915: U.S. - the first transcontinental telephone service by Alexander Graham Bell began between San Francisco and New…
with . . At 18, Alexander Graham Bell began to develop the telephone. .
if Alexander Graham Bell was alive today he wouldn't like think his telephone Invention was a great idea.
Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the was an influential scientist, engineer and inventor.
1878 Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated the telephone to Queen Victoria, Osborne House, Isle of Wight
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Other Canadians born in Scotland include Alexander Graham Bell, the inventor of the telephone. Yeah I went there
Alexander Graham Bell: I've invented the telephone!. Bell's Mom: He never calls.
14 January 1878 Alexander Graham Bell showed the telephone to Queen Victoria at Osborne House, Isle of Wight. She trie…
in 1878 Alexander Graham Bell, born here in Edinburgh, demonstrated the first telephone to Queen Victoria
James Garfield is the 1st president to use a phone. He said, to Alexander Graham Bell, "Can you speak slower?"
Osborn St . Cambridge, MA. Interestingly, the site where Alexander Graham Bell, at the Walworth…
my teacher said Alexander Graham Bell invented the lightbulb lol ima fire her *** up if she ever tries me for not knowing something 🌚
if thats what they're doing then sue Alexander Graham Bell, he invented the telephone
Hello it's your Uber, three blocks away and calling you on the original phone created by Alexander Graham Bell
Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus. - . Alexander Graham Bell
I miss talking to you — Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone in 1876
We often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us. Alexander Graham Bell
Adam Smith, Andrew Carnegie, Alexander Graham Bell, David Hume and James Watt. Now Scotland give the world this turd, Alex Salmond.
Today we learned about inventors like Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, & Alexander Graham Bell. Then students designed th…
Today in 1876: Alexander Graham Bell demonstrates telephone with call between Boston and Salem. One of the phones: htt…
Using virtual reality to prepare patients to MRI. “Preparation is the key to success”. -Alexander Graham Bell. https:/…
Alexander Graham Bell autobiographical article: unusual life as teacher of deaf & inventor, with photos…
I want to see what Alexander Graham Bell's reaction would be to an iPhone
Before anything else, preparation is the key to success. — Alexander Graham Bell
Anyway Charles Darwin and Alexander Graham Bell are super into knitted hats right now?
Currently eating dinner in the building where Alexander Graham Bell made the first “long distance” phone call ever. To Boston. 17mi away.
Alexander Graham Bell's crib is for sale
Dyslexia Inspiration : Alexander Graham Bell who invented the telephone!
Did you know is named after Alexander Graham Bell?
I didn't know Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone on March 10, 1876. I liked your use of various icons.
The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action - Alexander Graham Bell (from
Alexander Graham Bell's Georgetown carriage house is for sale
“What this power is, I cannot say. All I know is that it exists.” Alexander Graham Bell.
Alexander Graham Bell could not have foreseen the immediate ocular punishment following an accidental call to a fax number.
Famous Naturalist Charles Darwin and inventor Alexander Graham Bell are some of the Alumni of the University of Ed…
Were you aware Alexander Graham Bell founded & helped finance the premier scientific journal "Science", and the National Geographic Society?
Alexander Graham Bell the Telephone, Right? Not Necessarily - Read why at:
AirPods are step 2 in making Black Mirror real. Step 1 was the birth of Alexander Graham Bell on March 3, 1847
If I had a time machine I'd go back to 1876 and tell Alexander Graham Bell to uninvent the phone
"Let me give you my phone number. It's 1." - Alexander Graham Bell
Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds - Alexander Graham Bell
It began with a telephone call placed by Alexander Graham Bell, the founder of what would become AT&T.
Mark Zuckerberg vs. Alexander Graham Bell, fathers of communication.
"In 1880, the French government awarded Alexander Graham Bell the Volta Prize of 50,000 francs" Something about bell labs etc...
'Ahoy Hoy': new series, in which Sir Chris Hoy tells the life story of fellow Scot*, Alexander Graham Bell. ☎️
*** shaming is just 5 steps away from *** sharing." - Alexander Graham Bell
Wait. I thought the greeting 'Hello' was because of Alexander Graham Bell's girlfriend, which had a surname/middle name of Hello
Alexander Graham Bell: The Life and Times of the Man Who Invented the Telephone,
How wonderful would it be to visit the home of Alexander Graham Bell?
they are considering opening up Alexander Graham Bell home on Beinn Bhreagh to the public.Do you think they...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
never thought I'd say this but I'm helping Alexander Graham Bell with a mission oh bless the voice actors cont.
10 - when Alexander Graham Bell created the telephone, he already had three missed calls from Zlatan. 11- Oxygen needs Zlatan to survive.
"A man as a general rule, owes very little to what he is born with - a man is what he makes of himself." - Alexander Graham Bell.
Apparently the Alexander Graham Bell of the boot phone.
Alexander Graham Bell did not invent the telephone. It was J R R Tolkien and he's written a big manual to prove it.
Fascinating tour - Canadian National Historic Site, the history of Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone in 1876 & formed Bell Telephone. https:/…
"Ideas do not reach perfection in a day.". -- Alexander Graham Bell
Tetrahedron Kites produced by our little scientists. Inspired by Alexander Graham Bell.
Some from scientist, inventor and Alexander Graham Bell.
Invented by Law: Alexander Graham Bell and the Patent That Changed America by...
Suggested by Alexander Graham Bell "Ahoy" was the original greeting used when answering the telephone
I know. I swear I can hear Alexander Graham Bell asking for Mr. Watson...
Who uttered the famous words, "Mr. Watson, come here. I want you"?: Alexander Graham Bell--not Sherlock Holmes This was the first com...
This week in 1877, Alexander Graham Bell installed the world's first commercial telephone service in...
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Alexander Graham Bell's tiny notebook of thoughts, ideas and big dreams in Baddeck, Nova Scotia.…
Yes thank goodness for Alexander Graham Bell, but wasn't he Scottish? Has Britain accomplished anything? ... Besides Chavs 😆
"This girl for whom the telephone was invented" Alexander Graham Bell. True love story. thank you.
Tonight, 7:30pm - Join us for a free FUSE reading of Silence: Mabel & Alexander Graham Bell by
.Alexander Graham Bell ...would not be amused!
'Great discoveries and improvements variably involve the cooperation of may minds' Alexander Graham Bell
Brilliant minds who have been known to have dyslexia: Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, John Lennon.
It's like crediting Steve Jobs w/ the phone, making no mention of Alexander Graham Bell.
I bet Alexander Graham Bell never imagined I'd be getting nudes from Internet mommy through these two tin cans and a st…
Q6)Who is known as the father of electricity. (a) Alexander Graham Bell. (b) Benjamin Franklin. (c) Michael Faraday. (d) None of the Above
Who discovered Microphone ?. Answer: Alexander Graham Bell. ---. Which is the shortest River in the world ?. Answer: Roe.
Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, is the president of Australia now (This news is brought to you by Dyslexia News Agency)
Today's inspiring words are from the great Alexander Graham Bell
Don't keep forever on the public road, going only where others have gone.~Alexander Graham Bell http…
Laughed at high volume at "Robert Downey Jr. phoning it in like Alexander Graham Bell." . https:…
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Did you know 1 hour prior Alexander Graham Bell registering his patent for the telephone, Elisha Gray patented his design?
Me as Eliza Grace Symonds, the of a very cheeky Alexander Graham Bell in my small …
TIL: a) Alexander Graham Bell was Canadian and b) his invention of the telephone happened in Salem, MA.
Spank me, Alexander Graham Bell, I've been a naughty patent clerk
Did you hear? Alexander Graham Bell may not have invented the telephone after all...
Scottish-born scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator invente Alexander Graham Bell is 61800 days old today.
fantastic photos of Alexander Graham Bell who also tried his hand at flight.
Most influential human ever? Alexander Graham Bell, he invented the phone we are using right now.
JHE First Grade investigating the trials of Alexander Graham Bell @
is it true your planning a rock musical entitled 'Ring Ring' based on the life of Alexander Graham Bell, sta…
When one door closes another door opens...but often we do not see the ones which open for us. – Alexander Graham Bell
“What do Alexander Graham Bell, Louis Braille and Blaise Pascal have in common? They were all in their teens when...
Tim Berners Lee, Charles Babbage, Alexander Graham Bell, Stephen M. Cohen, Martin Cooper are all white men
Today we learned about Alexander Graham Bell we learned about him making the telophon .spanish that was vary fun.jim was fun.
“Before anything else, is the key to . – Alexander Graham Bell
On this day in history: 1876, Alexander Graham Bell demonstrated his telephone before the American Academy of Arts and Science…
This is where it started . Alexander Graham Bell placing 1st call to his assistant on Mar 10 1876
Also visited the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site today before leaving Cape Breton!
.Yes, Scottish born American Alexander Graham Bell was actually Canadian. Canada invented the hot dog too!
Alexander Graham Bell's pitch for his startup "The Telephone". If only he'd had magic formula 140y ago
Fact of the Day: Alexander Graham Bell refused to have a telephone fearing it would distract him from his work.
All glory comes from daring to begin - Alexander Graham Bell
Today I Learned: Alexander Graham Bell developed the metal detector as a last ditch effort to locate a bullet lodged in the chest of Americ
Qualcomm co-founder Irwin Jacobs places his name alongside Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and Tesla at
When he was 23, Alexander Graham Bell and his parents relocated to Canada.
He will be claiming Alexander Graham bell as black next.
William Orton, president of Western Union, in 1876, said this when Alexander Graham Bell tried to sell the company …
Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray invented the telephone at virtually the same time. Bell beat Gray to the US patent office by 3 hours.
Thomas Augustus Watson was an assistant to Alexander Graham Bell, notably in the invention of the telephone in...
I like the idea of rotating the faces on currency. Mark Twain anyone? Einstein? Alexander Graham Bell? George Washington Carver?
FRIDAY FONE FACT: 1st phone call was made on 10/3/1876 in Boston, Mass. between Alexander Graham Bell & his assistant Thomas Watson
[extremely Alexander Graham Bell voice] Tom Watson, go out there, we don't need you.
Alexander Graham Bell probably didn't put as much effort into getting the phone working as Danny Willett just did.
Antonio Meucci invented the first working model. Alexander Graham Bell was given the first patent...
The first FAX machine was patented in 1843, 33 years before Alexander Graham Bell demonstra
That Pizza Hut on Hastings hasn't had dine in customers since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.
Alexander Graham Bell the Biography of the Teacher of the Deaf Who, Through His Knowledge of Music, Human Speech
Alexander Graham Bell's mom went deaf when he was 12, sparking his interest in acoustics. he'd be _ (adj) at you for texting w/ a phone
Most folks know Alexander Graham Bell as the inventor of phone. Few are aware that he was oppressive of the signing communi…
29-year old Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone in 1876.
March 7, 1876: Alexander Graham Bell was granted the 1st patent (No.174,465) for the electric telephone.
Mark Wood's Aunt Laura has her powerful messages for Alexander Graham Bell.
"In contrast, Edison maintained cordial relationships with other inventors such as Alexander Graham Bell and Charles Babbage. For some
Who is credited as inventing the telephone? Was it Alexander Graham Bell, Elisha Gray, or Antonio Meucci?
Alexander Graham Bell invented the Metal detector--to find a bullet in President Garfields Back. Is that coincidental//
long distance? Is your phone call coming from Alexander Graham Bell? Lol it's 2016 dave
1876: Alexander Graham Bell makes the first telephone call. jongertner
140 years ago today, Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. Amazing how much that changed history!
. Sure, you've heard of Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison, but wha…
Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone on March 7, 1876
Thx to Alexander Graham Bell listen to . w/
Join us Thursday, 7p.m. Museum for our Historical Telephone Talk about the history of the telephone & Alexander Graham Bell.
Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, and lil' Arthur Conan Doyle. They went overboard this time.
The achievement of one goal should be the starting point of another-Alexander Graham Bell=>
Alexander Graham Bell shouting "Watson I Need You" after burning his hand on a hot burrito
DH is the inventor of the phone, Alexander Graham Bell, during his historic moment: "Mr. Watson, Come here..."
What is the best invention ever? — Telephone :) invented by Alexander Graham Bell :)
Alexander Graham Bell's kites looked like bizarre UFOs. .
Kasi gents are educated. A phone is called "iBellaz" because Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone
"When one door closes, another opens." - Alexander Graham Bell
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They forgot Alexander Graham Bell, ya big dummies.. lol :D Yup 3-3-73 is me2, brn on my G-pas B-day by Natural birth.
Alexander Graham Bell, who invented the telephone, also set a world water-speed record of over 70 miles an hour at the age of seventy two.
TIL Mr. Burns' phone greeting "Ahoy-hoy" was the actual phone greeting people (including Alexander Graham Bell) used in the early phone days
Amusing. Visionaries are never popular at the start, are they? “Happy Birthday, Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell filed a patent for the telephone 140 years ago today. mean like Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs...& the Great Zuck!
in both Alexander Graham Bell and Elisha Gray applied for patents for telephone designs:
Thomas Edison wanted people to say "hello," not Alexander Graham Bell...
The first words said on a telephone were Alexander Graham Bell telling Thomas Watson "I need a brick of that raw."
Alexander Graham Bell placed the first transcontinental call to Thomas Watson 101 yrs ago. The rest is
Alexander Graham Bell suggested 'ahoy' as a greeting, but was later replaced by Thomas Edison, who suggested 'hello' instead.
from Bell city! And a shameless selfie with Alexander Graham Bell
1904 Alexander Graham Bell brings James Smithson's remains from Italy to the US
| Today in 1915 - In New York, Alexander Graham Bell spoke to his assistant in San Fra…
and Craig Coombes shall be known as Alexander Graham Bell
domain names
Just asked Ryan who invented the telephone. "Alexander Graham Bell". :-) :-)
[travels back through time]. Me: ...well they're mainly used to send unwanted *** pics now. Alexander Graham Bell: Are you…
1877 Alexander Graham Bell demonstrates his telephone for Sec. Joseph Henry + his daughters at https…
Alexander Graham Bell, Annie Sullivan and Helen Keller (seated). Bell introduced Keller to her famous teacher. https:/…
OMG LOL! Alexander Graham Bell and the future of mobile
Telephone inventor Alexander Graham Bell's pasty white skin prompted a baker friend to name the "Graham *** after hi…
Things I've learned so far in 2016. Thomas Edison was a punk and Alexander Graham Bell was a thief.
How the world of hearing aids has changed since Alexander Graham Bell & Thomas Edison had anything to do with them:
Scottish people been white for a loong time. Adam Smith, Andrew Carnegie, Alexander Graham Bell...
What college did Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford, or Alexander Graham Bell graduate from?
Richard Branson, Einstein, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell would never have been if this is the way we dealt with things.
I know how Alexander Graham Bell felt in 1876 when he phoned Watson and said "Watson, I want to see you."...
LONDON, Dec 7 (Reuters) - James Watt or Alexander Graham Bell? Royal Bank of Scotland is asking the public to choose a Scottish scientist
"Come here, I want to see you." is what Alexander Graham Bell said to Thomas Watson and it's the first telephonic conversation.
My living room is basically a DC map room. Just hung this one: a sketch of Scott Circle by Alexander Graham Bell
Did you know that George Washington & Alexander Graham Bell both had a
Happy Today's is from Scottish-born Alexander Graham Bell. Enjoy the celebrations!
Alexander Graham Bell improved on the design & by 1886 more than 150 people possessed telephones in the United States.
Portrait of Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of telephone :
A new from one of my popular - the Alexander Graham Bell commemorated..
The grisly link between Alexander Graham Bell & the bones of the museum founder, an English scientist
Alexander Graham Bell not only invented the phone, but also Metal detectors & solar panels!. https:…
Amazing story - founder of Smithsonian museum except as a corpse ( that was dug up by Alexander Graham Bell)
Alexander Graham Bell - 1876 - gets a patent for his invention for the telephone - people can talk from miles away
Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone but was a useless lazy *** besides that
I canceled my subscription when Alexander Graham Bell added photographs
The first text message ever, from Alexander Graham Bell to Thomas Watson:.
has ruined Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell for me.
Alexander Graham Bell gave an address praising Boston's Horace Mann School in 1894.
Alexander Graham Bell patents his invention of the telephone. 1876. People can now talk without being face to face for the first time ever
Laurie - "Alexander Graham Bell was kinda hot" . Overheard today at the Scotland National Museum
The patent for Granville Woods' device (combined the telephone and telegraph) was bought by Alexander Graham Bell.
Last night in Syndicate Evie helped Alexander Graham Bell install fuses on Big Ben. That was awesome.
The most successful men in the end are those whose success is the result of steady accretion. -- Alexander Graham Bell
On the day that Alexander Graham Bell was buried the entire US phone system was shut down for 1 minute in tribute.
"91,700 people in this country live with at a packed Alexander Graham Bell suite
On August 4, 1922, telephone service was suspended for one minute to honor Alexander Graham Bell, whose funeral was held …
Alexander Graham Bell called. He wants his internet back.
United States Scott 1683, the 13 cent Alexander Graham Bell sheet of 50 stamps
The character's in Syndicate are remarkably enjoyable. Personally I love Henry Green, Alexander Graham Bell and Darwin. c:
TIL: A black inventor by the name of Lewis Latimer helped both Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edi…
Nicola Sturgeon name-checked James Watt, Alexander Graham Bell, Alexander Fleming and John Logie Baird as great Scottish innovators.
Ya Charles Darwin, Arthur Conan Doyle, Alexander Graham Bell are some of the alumni of Edinburgh .
Also, that part where Alexander Graham Bell throws electrocution balls out his window...
Marx, Darwin, And Queen Vic Walk Into A Video Game… - Question: what do you imagine Alexander Graham Bell, Charles...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Alexander Graham Bell as the not-Tesla character? Now that's something I could support getting angry over.
I can't even lie when I first heard about Hamilton I thought him & Alexander Graham Bell was the same person.
It was Antonio Meucci who invented the telephone and not Alexander Graham Bell.
Heh, so apparently Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx and Charles Dickens are all Assassins.
(( Evie also praises Alexander Graham Bell for using his genius for good. ))
the first call was made on March 10, 1876 in Boston between Alexander Graham Bell and his assistant Thomas A. Watson!
Alexander Graham Bell (right) and his assistants observing a tetrahedral kite, July 7, 1908.
Whose death was marked by a minute of silence which none of America's telephones rang?. Edison. Einstein. FDR. Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell, Shawnee Chief Tecumseh, softball star Jennie Finch & actor Charlie Chaplin will be at the Biography Fair.
What's Alexander Graham Bell to do with & Read "Living and working in 2 worlds":
The oldest recorded person was born the year Alexander Graham Bell made the 1st sound transmission and died the year Hanso…
Sometimes going to Edinburgh Uni can be cool, had a lecture in the same theatre where Alexander Graham Bell & Arthur Conan Doyle have sat😁👌🏻
Alexander Graham Bell was a scientist, inventor, engineer and innovator who is credited with inventing the first...
Why does Alexander Graham Bell get credit, and not Reis?knows:
1864- James Clerk Maxwell from Edinburgh shows mathematically that electricity can be sent as waves . 1876-Alexander Graham Bell- telephone
I wonder shy they don't teach this in school alongside Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, etc.,...
Alexander Graham Bell didn't invent the telephone, a black man did
So I think I missed a call from Alexander Graham Bell a few months back.
Can you identify this retro object? Let’s just say Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Watson were the first to use th…
so I invented everything first shouts to Alexander graham bell
Alexander Graham Bell always read any problems that require solution before he go to bed
Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, claimed to never really understand the principles of electricity.
at the patent office where his plans mysteriously "disappeared", Alexander Graham Bell! and there by hangs an industry
That is a stock photo of Alexander Graham Bell & his WIFE Mabel Hubbard, & also the English word "hello" comes from the German word "hallo."
Alexander Graham Bell named as the most inspirational Scot - see who else made the top 10
Listen to this direct recording of the great Alexander Graham Bell
Alexander Graham Bell is a price of art.
19(b) This plaque in Harmony Square is in honor of Alexander Graham Bell placing the first long distance call!
Come to a talk on Impact! EPSRC funding is available for academics. 23rd September at 1pm at the Seminar Rm - Alexander Graham Bell Building
Perhaps "our Thomas Edison" - "our Alexander Graham Bell" given Ford's penchant for antisemitism.
"Unwanted weener photography... I bet Alexander Graham Bell didn't see that one comin'" -
I just watched The Fresh Prince of Bel air on my phone, just like Alexander Graham Bell intended
You, as a general rule, owe very little to what you are born with - You are what you make yourself. -Alexander Graham Bell
Just now i read that the word 'hello' comes from alexander graham bell where he call his gf and mention her name margaret hello
That's OK, dear. My first thought was that it was Alexander Graham Bell. Too fracking early in the morning… 😉
"Sometimes we stare so long at a door that is closing that we see too late the one that is open.". -Alexander Graham Bell
You have made me hate the telephone. I've plugged my earholes with lead and sent an assassin after Alexander Graham Bell.
Rohan has resurrected Alexander Graham Bell and Florence Nightingale - Bell is astounded by progress but Florence is ready to work
Whenever I hear a ringing phone I want to build a time machine and go and kick Alexander Graham Bell in the nuts.
Staying at the Grand Narrows Hotel and B&B. Alexander Graham Bell was a frequent visitor here back in the day. Gratitude for kindness
I listened to an original recording of Alexander Graham Bell's voice today.
“Don’t keep forever on the public road. Leave the beaten track behind occasionally and dive into the woods” Alexander Graham Bell
Casually passed by the birthplace pace of Alexander Graham Bell.
Dr Ben Carson is a mild stutterer. Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell all shared this speaking trait.
Stringer Bell on the streets, Alexander Graham Bell between the sheets.
Did you know that Alexander Graham Bell, Helen Keller, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison all did an escape room together 100 years ago? 1 of 2
Alexander Graham Bell, Wayne Gretzky and Blue Rodeo, yes Brantford is punching way above its weight.
Alexander Graham Bell, but was too poor to renew his (2/3)
going to the spoons nearby instead. Alexander Graham Bell.
Telepathy is a big boast ever.. so Alexander Graham Bell fated to discovered the telephone.
Man is an animal which, alone among the animals, refuses to be satisfied by the fulfilment of animal desires. - Alexander Graham Bell -
Scottish inventor & scientist, Alexander Graham Bell, credited with the invention of the telephone
Dam it I have to break up with her in person? Isn't there an easier way?" . -Alexander Graham Bell, probably.
Alexander Graham Bell was desperately trying to invent a hearing aid for his partially deaf wife. He failed at...
Making my way 2 Assembly Rooms on George St. I'm at the Alexander Graham Bell end.
[1876]. Welcome back from the future, sir. How was your trip to 2015?. Alexander Graham Bell: [smashes telephone] this is a…
OTD 1881 Alexander Graham Bell tried his hand at medicine a 2nd time -- on a president
Saw last night. Love story between Alexander Graham Bell and Mabel Hubbard... in opera.
Today is 93rd anniv of Edinburgh's Alexander Graham Bell - inventor of phones...What would he make of Cisco Jabber?!
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