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Alexander Armstrong

Alexander Armstrong (or Xander) (born 2 March 1970) is an English comedian, actor and television presenter.

Richard Osman Bradley Walsh Dame Vera Lynn Kevin Eldon Jason Manford Danny Dyer Midnight Sun Sheridan Smith Brian Blessed Jo Brand Hugh Dennis Neil Patrick Harris

Your Saturday afternoon begins here with two more hours of the world's greatest music in the company of…
Who's excited for new album in 2 weeks?. Don't forget he's performing here 27 May! Learn more:… upset the British View by moving outside your pigeon hole. We Brits are still coming…
He sings, does comedy, presents tv shows, award ceremonies... I genuinely think Alexander Armstrong is the nearest…
No sooner do I mention Alexander Armstrong than the jug eared one appears on my television screen
Bloody *** ..Alexander Armstrong, Bradley Walsh and now Sheridan Smith have all released music albums 🙄
Shane ritchie and Bradley Walsh and I think Alexander Armstrong too
This girl has had *** Qs but should have got a few more right. That Alexander Armstrong one for a start.
Alexander Armstrong was also a answer in top 40 2015 albums! 😂
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman are every bit as lovely in person as they are on Pointless.
Does he write as successfully as his bro-in-law Alexander Armstrong sings?
Alexander Armstrong and Bradley Walsh did brilliant albums but I think releasing one is a step too f…
Bradley Walsh, Alexander Armstrong, Nick Knowles, Shane Richie, Jason Manford, it seems that mid-life crisis album releasing…
There's something weirdly arousing about Alexander Armstrong.
I want to spend Christmas Day with Alexander Armstrong, both of us in our waistcoats and crumpled shirts, sitting o…
He's been singing for years, it is not even his first album but it is his first in about 17 years,…
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BIG albums still to come in 2017, including Paloma Faith, Morrissey, Alexander Armstrong and Little Mix
Why is EVERY bugger releasing an album?! Alexander Armstrong and Sheridan Smith fair enough (they're known for thei…
Last year's bestselling debut album was by Bradley Walsh. Year before it was Alexander Armstrong. Now Kno…
as will Alexander Armstrong, Bradley Walsh, Jason Manford etc...etc. Who the *** buys this crap?!!!
watching Room 101 and Henry Blofeld ( the poshest voice on radio) asked Alexander Armstrong where "Tinktytonk" came from.ol
Is it the BBC version with Alexander Armstrong voicing DM and Kevin Eldon voicing Penfold?
Oh, how nice. An email asking me if I'd like Alexander Armstrong's new album.
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman are such nice guys
Racing diary: The morning Alexander Armstrong's swimming pool was invaded by a horse
Actor, comedian, presenter & classically-trained baritone performs songs from his new xmas album…
Alexander Armstrong is coming back to Sheffield City Hall! Tickets for his concert tour go on sale next Friday at…
Alexander Armstrong: if you were to win tonight's Pointless jackpot what would you spend the money on?. I'd quite like some cocaine
Pointless host Alexander Armstrong breaks silence on the fut
Pointless host Alexander Armstrong breaks silence on the future of BBC gameshow  .
Turns out Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong don't have a pact about how they would leave
Hamilton Collection
You'd think, after all these years, he'd be able to spell Alexander Armstrong, wouldn't you. 😀
BBC orders 204 more Pointless episodess | Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman to return
Richard Osman reveals what would happen if he or Alexander Armstrong ever quit
.is heading out on tour...catch him in the following places! Tickets on sale next week:…
I've been watching an old film starring Patrick Allen, bloody *** he looks like Alexander Armstrong. Uncanny.
Yeah it was pretty cool. We didn't win but didn't disgrace ourselves either. That & Al…
host Richard Osman reveals when BBC quiz will END: ‘I’d like to leave together’
I got: "You win the coveted Pointless trophy, but no money!" (7 Right!) - Could you win 'Pointless'? via
I got: "You win the prize money and the coveted Pointless trophy!" (14 out of 15! ) - Could you w... via
Five minutes until Alexander Armstrong ticks the air with his head.
Why aren't Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman the highest paid at the BBC??
Some names I get to call my Pointless showbiz pals Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman but you don't: Sandy and Dickie.
Pointless is a British quiz show produced by Endemol UK for the BBC, hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
host Alexander Armstrong left flustered as contestant makes THIS racy confession…
DISASTER: Alexander Armstrong forced to console team after THIS shock:
Watching BBC One? Out of the cast of Alexander Armstrong (Presenter) played the role of Mr Smith in The…
Danger Mouse is on CBBC. Alexander Armstrong was in The Stolen Earth in 2008. Kevin Eldon (Actor) starred in Death…
Alexander Armstrong will host on 5th May
I liked a video Alexander Armstrong, Gethin Jones and Lucy Coward learn 'I Was Glad’ for Classic FM
What's going on with Alexander Armstrong's hair?
Only question I have for is *** is going on with Alexander Armstrong's hair. He just got out of bed??
Alexander Armstrong needs to sort his hair out. It's going mate. Do the right thing and shave it off
host Alexander Armstrong left SPEECHLESS after contestant delivers brutal insult
you: Bradley Walsh . me, an intellectual: Alexander Armstrong
I don't know if settling on Alexander Armstrong as permanent host would've saved the show as…
It makes no Alexander has surprised by and using 'tools' to reach an antique watercolour.
Husband reveals to me he'd do Jason Manford. I'll see your Manford and raise you an Alexander Armstrong!
Pssst! Guess what? Alexander Armstrong has purchased a nuclear power station!
Who would play them in the movie? Pete Durnell: Rain Wilson. Graham Stevenson: Benny Hill. James Burn: Alexander Armstrong
We've been through this, the chase will always win cause Alexander Armstrong has nothing on Bradley Walsh
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
I don't think my brother took any offence to be honest
I had a dream last night that I met alexander armstrong and Richard Osman at a party and just stood there like *** for about an hour
Douglas Carswell there, with his face like a child’s clay bust of Alexander Armstrong
Looking for fun & chatty people for ITV PRIME TIME show ‘DON’T ASK ME ASK BRITAIN’ hosted by ALEXANDER ARMSTRONG! audience
If you insist. Britain - would Alexander Armstrong like a biscuit?
Isn't he Turkish? Alexander Armstrong has discovered a valuable source of Pepsi: a charity for mute
Pointless shock as presenter Alexander Armstrong rudely INSULTS contestant -
shock as presenter Alexander Armstrong rudely INSULTS contestant
Also ban them from talking about events in working class history. Alexander Armstrong just on about t…
When does Don't Ask Me Ask Britain start on ITV and how does the game show work?
Contact Alexander We thought you were going to perform at Classic FM Live? We missed you!
Don't Ask Me Ask Britain: ITV's new live quiz show with Alexander Armstrong reveals what the ...
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman DON'T keep in touch outside studio:
I like that Jamelia & Alexander Armstrong have same haircut.
Why have they tried to give Alexander Armstrong a 'cool' hairdo? He's cool enough as it is! He looks like a clown.
I saw it as Alexander Armstrong starring in Jack Charlton: the Early Years
it didn't. You need to recruit Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong.. they know lots about pointless things.
I have a weird sexual TV fantasy where I have a threesome with Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman - it'll never…
Famous people on holiday.I've seen, Holly Willoughby, Alexander Armstrong, *** Strawbridge and Adam Henson.
Alexander Armstrong will 'duet' with Dame Vera Lynn, on album to mark her 100th birthday
New post (Alexander Armstrong and Ashley Banjo Are Bringing the Full Monty to the ...) has been published on C ...…
So that narrows it down to Alexander Armstrong, Gary Lineker, Jo Brand, Mel Giedroyc or Victoria Coren Mitchell...
Alexander Armstrong to make third album
OMFG has a 3rd album coming out and I am so hyped. 😱😱😱😍.
Did you see the last episode of Alexander Armstrong’s superb Italy’s Invisible Cities, featuring
I added a video to a playlist Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman from Pointless play Innuendo
(Chronicle Live):star Armstrong cut a ribbon and chatted to author..
Pointless star Alexander Armstrong cut a ribbon and chatted to author David Almond -
perhaps he was just insinuating Alexander Armstrong's sexual choices.
Thought it was going to be a normal day at work but next thing I know I'm selling books at an Alexander Armstrong event. Pure sweating.
Pointless fans SLAM Nancy Dell'Olio as she REFUSES to cooperate for Alexander Armstrong…
As space enthusiasts know, the first word of the first comment uttered by Neil Armstrong from the Moon's surface is "Houston"
I liked a video Entertainer Alexander Armstrong attends the River Dee 2017 opening ceremony at
Superb opening day speech from Alexander Armstrong and a memorable quote where Ross Macdonald is compared to...
I'd love to see Alexander Armstrong with Catherine Southron and Richard Osman with Ely's own Will Axon!
alexander armstrong is the only comedian I need in my life
Alexander Armstrong to appear in Dame Vera Lynn's 100th Birthday Concert
Watched Pointless this week. My favourite bit is Alexander Armstrong trying to sound interested in how utterly boring everyone's job sounds.
Tune in to for two hours of perfect classical music this lunchtime - he's here until 3pm
Coverage coming in from this morning's event where Alexander Armstrong launched the fishing season.
do you know what the records name with Vera lynn and Alexander Armstrong
Alexander Armstrong. You just know he's a really decent bloke.
Looking for the perfect accompaniment this lunchtime? Just tune in to
Pointless star Alexander Armstrong to make first cast of River Dee salmon fishing season
Maybe that's why I fancy Alexander Armstrong so much 🤔
Why do people watch Alexander Armstrong's teatime quiz show? Its 'Pointless'! See what I did there? Pointl...oh suit yourselves!
Will you be going to war with Danny Dyer & Alexander Armstrong (the Billy I descendents)?
09:30 Ken Bruce: Alexander Armstrong chooses his final Tracks of My Years plus the PopMaster Music Quiz.
UK tv presenter Alexander Armstrong with our MadFish Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot in Scotland for the opening of the R…
Early role for Alexander Armstrong in the Men at Work video there...
The is officially open, a fantastic first cast by Alexander Armstrong great event
My leaving cert results will be Pointless starring Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
Dame Vera Lynn is the 1st singer to release a new album at 100! And and Alexander Armstrong duet with her
Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong touch kids
Alexander Armstrong & Richard Osman from Pointless - They're a fab presenting double act. - Rachel on the A1
Every time the commentators (Evil Rob Hawthorne and Alan Smith) mention Alexander-Arnold, I keep seeing Alexander Armstrong on the pitch.
Is Neil Patrick Harris the love child of Alexander Armstrong & Sting 😀
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman aren't on the chase tho
It's the Stacey Dooley of food shows. It's only be the One Show if Alexander Armstrong and Basil Brush…
It's a special day for all fans! Happy 1000th edition, Xander and Richard!
Pointless the Musical? Alexander Armstrong reveals he's penning a stage show
"Armstrong has perfect manners: even the most abjectly failing contestants sound as if they're being congratulated."
Give Blue Monday a kick with the 1,000th episode of Pointless at 5:15pm on as Alexander Armstrong and Richa…
Checkout this great interview with & ahead of their 1,000th episode.
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman on how got to 1,000 shows
Pointless contestants win the jackpot after making INCREDIBLE guess
These contestants will be celebrating after their INCREDIBLE winning guess
This is quite an impressive example of the hack's art of getting 500 words out of a 25-word story.
Will be iPlayering this the MINUTE I get home tonight
Huey anniversaury, Pointless! The unusual pleasure of the TV quiz show
Happy anniversary, Pointless! The unusual pleasure of the hit TV quiz show
saw an Alexander Armstrong CD in Sainsbury in the reduced section over the weekend. How pointless is that?
Hi Sally. Pointless celebrates its 1,000th episode today.
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman on how Pointless got to 1000 shows (Radio Times)
Sex pest Alexander Armstrong has peeled millions of kiwis, hoping to produce enough vomit to flood tricksters.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Congratulations to you & Alexander Armstrong for 1000th Edition of Looking forward to next 1000!
The 1,000th episode of airs Monday at 5:15pm. Hosts Alexander Armstrong and swap roles.
Anybody else see the resemblance between Alexander Armstrong and Neil Patrick Harris? 🤔😂
Gregg works throughout Europe as an Alexander Armstrong lookalike and thinks is Pointless.
hiya Alexander Armstrong said on telly that Pontifex Maximus means 'greatest bridge builder', is that correct?
Andrew Wallace-Hadrill with Alexander Armstrong on BBC one now - reminds me of a whole other life
Alexander Armstrong on his album and how it all started in
It's to tinker say Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
Pointless to tinker say Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman...
Day & Night: Pointless to tinker says Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman - -
Michael McIntyre , Miranda Hart didn't realise how posh there background is, even Alexander Armstrong and Danny Dyer are related to royalty
Alexander Armstrong album, essentially posh bloke sings songs with posh accent. . As albums go it's much like his tv quiz show. POINTLESS
I think I've found the inspiration behind Alexander Armstrong's new album
Has anyone ever bought an Alexander Armstrong cd? Seems a bit pointless to me
tfw you realise that the tv ad for Alexander Armstrong's album really is a tv ad for Alexander Armstrong's album.
What... wait... that Alexander Armstrong album ISN'T an advert for a new Armstrong & Miller comedy sketch? Really???
That Alexander Armstrong CD ad is like a sketch. Only... not for LOLZ.
Last week I laughed at an advert for Bradley Walsh singing & releasing a CD. Tonight it is Alexander Armstrong's turn. For god sake guys!!!
but no German fist *** is complete without me getting a pointless answer and winking at Alexander Armstrong
I don't care what my wife says, I think Alexander Armstrong is a great singer.
The way Alexander Armstrong has to try and make Pointless sound exciting and then utterly fails to do so, it's just annoying...
Alexander Armstrong will be on Alan Carr's 12 Stars Of Christmas in Christmas Week
I'm enjoying Alexander Armstrong's 3-part travel doc - Land of the Midnight Sun. . Plenty of Iceland in there!.
Have I lost my mind, or did I just see an ad for an for an album by Alexander Armstrong?
I just laughed out loud at the advert for Alexander Armstrong's album and didn't even kill anybody so I think I deserve a medal tbh
"Here's my idea for a children's cartoon, it's-". "Is Alexander Armstrong in it?". "What? Uh... no?". "GET OUT!". How modern TV seemingly works
Ok the xmas market has to cater 4 cheesy c.d releases but Bradley Walsh & Alexander Armstrong have really taken the cheddar
Alexander Armstrong doing an operatic version of a song about heroin is amazing
I'm sorry but that Alexander Armstrong ad for his album. I just can't take it seriously. It's the cheesiest, most awful thing ever. 😂😂
When you see the Alexander Armstrong album advert and think it's a spoof. But no. He's really done an album.
High Hopes by Alexander Armstrong No. Just. No. The noise you hear is Rick Wright spinning in his gra…
Alexander Armstrong: Music was my love but it felt pointless to try
jaw aching, giggle fuelled lunch w/ and - don't ask the former about Alexander Armstrong. Or rather, do.
Did you know? Leigh Alexander writes game content for Fantasy Flight Tabletop games now?
Alexander Armstrong: Fine Tuned was on last night. I really recommend catching up if you can.
Or that Alexander Armstrong album I keep seeing adverts for.
And now on BBC1, the quiz for people waiting at the bar to be served. . Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman present 'Pi…
can you shut alexander armstrong up please. Not helping this morning
That chap Alexander Armstrong sure I have seen him on TV really has a lovely singing voice.
Alexander Armstrong's Wikipedia blurb. He's a liberal democrat as he doesn't do tribal politics but is a member of the Countryside Alliance!
Bradley Walsh singing alexander Armstrong singing they have albums out, why don't you just stick to comedy for Christ sake.
Alexander Armstrong has an album out?! ***
Alexander Armstrong has made a record. A bit Pointless really.
Alexander Armstrong's Land of the Midnight Sun is starting right now on ITV3
Now available on - Alexander Armstrong: Fine... 1.1 for 29 days
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Am I the only one who thinks the new album advert for Alexander Armstrong is a lampoon?
I think Alexander Armstrong gets my Mam wet.
Trying to convince my Mam to turn Alexander Armstrong off, and Lady Gaga on.
Nice that Alexander Armstrong is doing classical covers of dance songs on his new album 🙄🙄🙄
I know a fab singer but Alexander Armstrong's album ad reminds me of Mulligan & O'Hare!
Tune in to at 8pm for Alexander Armstrong: Fine Tuned
Join for the perfect accompaniment to whatever you’re up to this lunchtime.
Just seen the ad where it shows Alexander Armstrong sing The Stranglers "Golden Brown". 'The Perfect Gift For Christmas'. I think not.
Every time I see the ad for Alexander Armstrong's album of nice warbling I can't help thinking Golden Brown was not the best choice.
just watched the Alexander Armstrong interview - is it old fashioned to say it was charming? Interesting and thoughtful.
Upon a Different Shore by Alexander Armstrong. Christmas albums dominating the charts ♫
Alexander Armstrong: Fine Tuned is tomorrow evening on
Has everyone suddenly turned into Alexander Armstrong and started singing?
Tune into 12 Stars Of Christmas on Monday 19 December at 10pm with Alan Carr is an…
Whether you're lounging around or being productive, has a perfect classical soundtrack for you.
Alexander Armstrong is a fantastic oboe player. Also, there's this book.
I'm sure I heard that Alexander Armstrong has defected to ISIS a kayak full of Internet.
He thought it was Alexander Armstrong! About an hour previous, he'd took the *** out of the bloke over his new album.
Alexander Armstrong: Acronym for Just About Managing is JAM, no acronym yet for those Cleaning Up Nicely, Thanks
Not such a good Friday. First Alexander Armstrong and now this
Why is Alexander Armstrong standing by the sea in the video for his version of Fields of Gold?
I like Alexander Armstrong, he's funny. I just can't take the TV advert for his album seriously. I keep expecting him to wink to the camera.
Alexander Armstrong's albums are completely pointless
14:00 Steve Wright in the Afternoon: Steve and the team are joined by Michael Palin and Alexander Armstrong.
Alexander Armstrong, Bradley Walsh and Cliff Richard album adverts...jesus Christ you died for this.apparently.
He's like a nationalist, malevolent Alexander Armstrong trying to get one over on Richard Osman, and failing miserably.
some fighting between Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman for Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster.Do they know its pointless?
Hey up Richard what they blasting out? Is it that Alexander Armstrong album? ;-)
tickets for Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman on sale to festival members now!
"I was thinking Alexander Hamilton or John F. Kennedy. Maybe Louis Armstrong…? He is historical enough in terms of jazz."
Its cross between Epic Win on BBC1 a few years back with Alexander Armstrong & You Bet. But its kind if works.
Hugh Dennis is on Pointless which is jarring because I always mix him and Alexander Armstrong up.
Hugh Dennis and Alexander Armstrong are similar looking. Always thought they were the same people...
Northumberland celebrations of 300th anniversary of Capability Brown's birth
What's the latest on Vladimir Sobotka and Alexander Steen? Doug Armstrong sheds some light
(Chronicle Live):among those set to celebrate 300th anniversary of..
Richard Osman and Alexander Armstrong's chat on Pointless makes me feel sick
Now for some exposition with Alexander Armstrong for a few mintures
Just saw Alexander Armstrong in Alnwick castle with his family
How bizarre: Alexander Armstrong has critically ill after swallowing an innocent lemming.
that's what Alexander Armstrong said when they offered him the gig presenting a game show
I think Lee might be Alexander Armstrong's dad
Anyone else think that Lee looks like Alexander Armstrong in 20 years?
I've just realised that Lee looks like a small Alexander Armstrong and all...
Great to see Eddie Redmayne & Alexander Armstrong on this year. Best of luck lads.
he looks like Alexander Armstrong but older
Among this year's contestants appear to be Alexander Armstrong and a ginger.
Alexander Armstrong would be a tender lover
trivia: Alexander Armstrong was the voice of “Mr Smith” from “The Sarah Jane Adventures”
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman are at the lit fest this year and I have genuinely never been more excited about anything in my life
He still celebrates it so he can play with Alexander Armstrong. And David Mitchell now presumably.
Not that clever because now they have to think up a bunch of anecdotes about when they met Alexander Armstrong.
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman are coming to where I live and I'll be at uni
No way! Alexander Armstrong has built a resin hideout to house his extradition Pakistan!
I once chatted about him on here with Alexander Armstrong :D
I've had to switch Pointless now. Someone tell Alexander Armstrong he doesn't need to repeat the answers every flipping time
Dressed in his Sunday best, has favourites from Beethoven and Sibelius:
Boil him Coca-Cola! Alexander Armstrong has performed to billions of fans in Beijing after announcing a gig via a plastic bag brimmin...
Alexander Armstrong: "My younger self would be disappointed my big ears turned out to be -
Famous people spotted today include Alexander Armstrong and Alex Ferguson, and my brother managed to get a selfie with the latter
Tonight's 'Classical Collection' (7-8pm) presented by Peter Wood, features the voice of Alexander Armstrong...
Our man Charlie hoynes trying not to be pointless with Alexander Armstrong
Join for a whirlwind trip through the alphabet – from Albeniz to Zipoli:
Love this line in Leigh's Alexander's article. Really lets you know who you're dealing with.
Pointless Celebrities Alexander Armstrong presents a celebrity version of the general knowledge ...
Alexander Armstrong and Kevin Eldon. What's not to like?
Playing the Pointless board game. is channelling her inner Alexander Armstrong.
Alexander Armstrong looks sexy with that afro and shades
Pimm's Cider Cup "Land of hoops and glory" by Taylor Herring: Alexander Armstrong has teamed up with Pimm's C...
Get en! I've never watched Pointless. Is that the Richard Osman/Alexander Armstrong thing on at tea time?
Boil him in Coca-Cola! Alexander Armstrong has spread a layer of peanut butter over reality.
Rex is a good source for pics (though they always have the watermark). I search it once in a while.
that's beautiful Alexander, great work!
Alexander Armstrong on Pointless is the best game show host ever. Agreed?
I like him too..he did a wine programme with Alexander Armstrong last year..loved him buy don't think there today!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today! update. 7 new emblems, all Cronyism. Pocket Tactics, Leigh Alexander, Rob Zacny.
Pointless is so good man, think I have a thing for Alexander Armstrong
I aspire to the banter level Alexander Armstrong is on with Richard Osman. The challenge channel is quite quality
Watching and remembered the dream I had last night that Alexander Armstrong had a gun and shot me?! I keep glaring at him.
This is George II. Thanks to him we have Zadok the Priest. Hear it with
is it Alexander Armstrong from pointless?
Subscribe to our channel to keep you updated with the newest video. Louis Armstrong – What A Wonderful World.
From Vivaldi to Horner, from Grieg to Goodall, music spans the centuries:
Tim Armstrong may be falling into the same trap that’s ruined every Yahoo CEO
Alexander Armstrong, Kelly Holmes and the legend Philip Blofeld on on Dave is a good laugh for the next 20 mins
Petition for system of guest Tory leadership contenders. Brian Blessed, Alexander Armstrong, Martin Clunes...
Motion for HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU-style arrangement where we have a guest Prime Minister every week. First up: Alexander Armstrong.
Each week we should have a guest Tory leadership candidate: Alexander Armstrong, Jo Brand, Brian Blessed...
It's rumoured that Alexander Armstrong has criticised for making 'lion gestures' toward the Daleks.
Armstrong Martins is a very different artist
Did not know Alexander Armstrong sang. I'm enjoying this a lot.
Great to see Alexander Armstrong get a game for Liverpool. Is there anything he can't do?
We're all crying! Alexander Armstrong has created a Kickstarter campaign to fund his campaign to destroy a top hat.
Alexander Louis Armstrong: the Strong Arm alchemist impales sloth the homunculis
Alexander Armstrong aside, Classic FM probably couldn't have put together a line-up more anathema to me than this.
The update of Danger Mouse isn't as good as the original as Alexander Armstrong isn't right for the part
Someone today told me 'watch TV at 5pm and you'll see how the Devil creeps in'. So is the devil Bradley Walsh or Alexander Armstrong?
I've heard that Armstrong has headed to America to promote his new charity supporting Islam.
The original is the best and I think that Alexander Armstrong wasn't the best choice for Danger mouse
Another week without Pointless before the news. Guess I'll stare at the floorboards to replace Alexander Armstrong's performance
Bury your furniture: Alexander Armstrong has Stone Henge, but more interested in Green Lantern.
Gossip: Alexander Armstrong has said report into motorcross corruption is useful as Pokemon meat burgers'.
I hope timi picks Armstrong o... he has too much to offer
We're that Alexander Armstrong has coated Poseidon's spanner in copper.
Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman revealed Mary Berry was less than impressed by their colourful language when she appeared as a   10% Off
"Pointless is a quiz show shown on BBC One, hosted by Alexander Armstrong, with Richard Osman as an assistant." - Kurt…
Sitting down to Sunday lunch? We've got the music - with Bill Turnbull now and Alexander Armstrong from 1pm.
That Tinie Tempah performance was more pointless than the BBC quiz show hosted by Alexander Armstrong & Richard Osman...
Reading Fantastic Mr Fox to the kids; the parts of Mr Fox and Badger are being played by Alexander Armstrong and Matt Berry respectively
Apparently I am related by marriage to Alexander Armstrong. It's official my family is weird and awesome.
Is it just me or is Alexander Armstrong an older, British version of Neil Patrick Harris?
how many appearances in the Brentford reserves do Alexander Armstrong or Richard Osman have? Exactly...
What's more pointless, third v fourth game at playoff's or a tv quiz featuring Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman
I've never seen the British class system illustrated more clearly than when Alexander Armstrong is talking to the contestants on pointless
Alexander Armstrong is so lovely. Whenever I do an exam I want him beside me telling it's great to have me and I'm giving terrific answers.
Alexander Armstrong adding beatboxer to his list of credentials 🙌🏼
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