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Alex Zane

Alex Zane (born Faris Alexander L.

Rude Tube Nick Grimshaw Zane Lowe

same. O line just wasn't there. I could've pitched the ball a couple more times and plus Alex getting hurt
yes 😂 Alex was showing me some pictures from it and it sparked my anger
I can honestly say I don't think there is anyone less funny than Alex Zane.
Wish I could jump through the screen and strangle Alex Zane
Nahh there needs to be a new presenter on Rude Tube Alex Zane is a *** 😂
Rude Tube Welcome to 2015: Alex Zane explores the 100 most popular internet videos of the past 12 months in a ...
Oi Raja - just noticed you have yet to wish me a happy new Year!! What a disappointing start to 2015.. Well, Alex...
Join as we celebrate the Fearless & Foolish with a BRAND NEW Top 50 of great Internet stunts 9pm
i would pay Alex Zane just to meet josh and video the reaction.
Some of the clips on Rude Tube have me pissin bt Alex Zane annoys me so *** much
I would quite like Rude Tube if it wasn't for alex zane trying to be funny 👊👊
Catching up on Rude Tube. Love this programme. Can't stand Alex Zane though, absolute bell
I caught Middle Earth: There And Back Again over Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed. Seldom seen a presenter have so much fun!
thats alex zane. I do believe, despite his feminine features, that he is a dude though
Loving the Peter Jackson interview with on Sky1HD. Makes me wanna have a L.O.T.R's Marathon now! 😍
Alex Zane is a disgrace of a human being wouldnt be surprised if he worked for the Lad Bible
Alex Zane still exists, let that sink in
If Alex zane can make it famous I have hope in life
Someone needs to tell Alex Zane he's not funny!
Watching and Alex Zane said "The Wolf of Wall Street won a barrel of Oscars" it never won any & he hosted the Oscar show to. Knob.
we weren't complaining either. Both are rather easy on the eye.
Alex Zane don't try and be funny just present the clips.
Anyone else think Alex Zane looks like Conchita Wurst?
I remember how an ex friend of ours used to rely on Alex Zane reviews in the fish and chips wrapping.
So spurs win. And Miranda last ever episode on tv!!! What a day to be alive! Just need Alex Zane to retire now!
Happy New Year and were celebrating with 100 clips tonight on with 10.30pm
I fancy Alex Zane loads and last year in art we had to research an artist that did work with Alex Zane and I swear I collapsed in tears
Token black. In a similar skit with Alex Zane he used the same thing - a token black, this was at a point
Alex Zane went on a year long racist bid to ostracise me and depict me as a modern day wench - my analogy of
I love how enthusiastic you are walking round Middle-earth x
ill just punch Zane in the face too
My name is Zane nice to meat you Alex 😜
it came do the point where I had to mute the show whenever I heard his voice. Can't watch it anymore
y is it that I love the show but can't do with is it the show that makes you be such a empty head or is it just you?!!
Well Done. You're Jeremy Beadle 25 years late. Have you got a dodgy hand?
Alex Zane must absolutely loath his entire existence what with hosting rudetube and that
Another little throwback.some of the brilliant people we got to perform alongside this year
It’s all cats and dogs for on on at 9pm
Why does Alex zane try to be funny on every clip on Rude Tube, he's an unfunny *** 😂😂
See New Year Movie Preview Show at Alex Zane previews American Sniper, Birdman, Foxcatcher, Whiplash and much more!
Why has nobody thought of mashing up the bearded woman on with ?
Car unveil confirmed for today's proceedings by Alex Zane hosting the live stream.
Hi any news on when all The Hobbit stuff you were doing when we were in NZ is aired?
is there any thought of makings a Rude Tube yearly dvd like the rudest or top 100. Plz do it plz plz plz
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Who wants to hangout with me Alex and Lucas?
saw ya at Groucho the other day ...nice Jacket Pal 👌
Don't know Nick Grimshaw, but I'd watch that just to see Alex Zane get eviscerated.
a thing i'd like to watch would be Nick Grimshaw (& also alex zane now i think about it) in a televised Running Man style gauntlet of death
Nicholas Hoult, Billie Piper, Douglas Booth, Ellie Bamber, Portia Freeman and Alex Zane join Hayden Kays at his new exhibition tonight.
Penguins of Madagascar in the running for one of the year’s funniest films, says
The new movie - watch the revelation as it happened at with
I've now been told (a young) Billy Zane and Alex Zane. All the Anglophone Greeks.
I miss Monday night comedy shows at Will these ever happen again?
I think Alex Zane is possibly my least favourite presenter, coming in a close second with Nick Grimshaw.
Alex Zane in Gothenburg: Three top dishes for a gourmet break
Alex Rodriguez has a painting of himself as a centaur hanging above his bed. // I NEED THIS!
"Benedict giving a man rub to Alex Zane. Benedict?
Can Alex show many more enthusiasm for ZANE!
We go to the Hobbit Premiere is there, we cover the Spectre announcement, there again, where there is a movie there is Alex Zane!
engaging in raucous banter with Alex Zane's re-animated corpse
1st person to send me link of INTERVIEW w & Alex Zane falling out of his chair wins a print set http:/…
"Both the young ladies trying to catch Zane" - Alex Trebek
Bond 24 - The Announcement: Alex Zane made the short trip to Pinewood Studio...
Ah balls, Alex Zane has turned up. Could be time to turn this off.
That's pretty much what they did (with a lot of filler from Alex Zane)
So happy about the Bond announcement, but why did they have to ruin it with that absolute *** Alex Zane? 😷
Alex Zane? He is pretty, isn't he? He presents a few things in tele now and again but he does a lot of premiere stuff :)
Just walked past Alex zane in highgate
Hi Alex! Thanks for bringing us the press conference! Spectre: What d'you think of the title/casting? From another James.
Why was Alex Zane presenting the Bond announcement?!
A great night out Alex Girls go crazy for a ...cheers Huw perhaps some headshots …
Great show tonight at Exodus Premiere, too close to the flame? some new headshots? cheers Huw …
wow, an account just for that shirt! I'll check and let you know asap
Alex Zane is, at this moment, a walking metaphor for Quantum.
What dirt does Alex Zane have to be son heavily involved with Bond stuff?
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
The trending history of Alex Zane is interactively charted at UK
I do wonder what goes through someone's mind when they book Alex Zane for a job. "That guy. That's who I want. That is rig…
The in N19 has THREE guests for All Star Comedy on Thurs 18th. & plus
COMEDY FANS:We're back.The hilarious & me £3,Thurs18th,8.30
Every Girl Today Simone Shepherd, Zane and Heath forget alex from target
Happy Birthday my man. You're one of my day one friends and I love you. Hope you had a good dinner
I'm not a big fan of Alex Zane but he's the least detestable person in this interview, that's for sure
Remember not to mention either Steve Hall or Alex Zane. It's our secret.
Forgot how funny Alex Zane is on Balls of Steel 😂
Alex Phillips is rockin that sobeys outfit *** girl
and I grabbing a chat about all things film with at tonight's event! 😁
saw you at Hobbiton, yelled your name, hope you had good old pint at the green dragon!
just saw your interview with Alex Zane! You are absolutely brilliant and I'm so excited for xxx
Seeing Interstellar this weekend? Be sure to watch our special, where chats to Christopher Nolan:
Pretty time with my boys got to tag along lol😂
Watching Interstellar sky special but its spoiled by Alex Zane to much Hair & Teeth and cringing insincere interviews!
Alex Zane is one of them presenters that never quite made it
Alex, Zane, and Mitch...see Bungie does have a heart.
Can an internet mash up video make the world a better place?
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it's a me sized door. Height wise luv not waistline x
I swear this *** dude has sex twice each episode. It reminds me of that time I accidentally watched one of Zane's shows.
Buy your tickets for Flirt! XMAS BALL ft Marvin Humes, Fleur and Alex Zane on
Awardwinning film 'ONE NIGHT IN BERLIN' out Nov 9th by UK Director
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Loving your podcast, but thought you should know that the description of the 2nd says Alex Zane, not Zane Lowe!
can you remind me of which one I am again?
Gonna get my garage back goin to it's former glory.
I see you liking FGL in the neer future
I wonder if the wealth comes with the dragon. Things would even out that way
man I gotta get one of these in my house
As of just now Wellington Airport has a dragon.
Forget Alex from target! How about that Zane from chick fil a!!😍
you suit longer hair. Gives you a hobo look
Nice! Always thought you looked like Kili...
Party at my mates house tonight. Green door, top of the hill. Left a mark on it so you'll know which one
Sometimes life creates situations that leave us conflicted. For example, I like the videos on Rude Tube, very funny. Then there's Alex Zane.
Gone Girl is ‘A Cinematic Tour De Force’- Alex Zane, The Sun.Discover the truth this weekend. ht…
Rude Tube would be so perfect if Alex Zane wasn't constantly ruining it
Alex Zane thinks he's bare funny on Rude Tube
Alex Zane has the worst crack ever on Rude Tube
I'm watching Rude Tube, and I get the impression that Alex Zane is trying to be funny. But he's not funny, what's that about?
I literally can't watch Rude Tube because of Alex Zane's annoying voice.
Alex Zane manages to singlehandedly ruin Rude Tube
I can honestly say I can't stand Alex Zane, Rude Tube need to sack him
Watching Rude Tube and Alex Zane just isn't funny
Rude Tube and Alex Zane are the bane of my life. Worst show of all time.
Trying to get Alex Zane to put me on his hit TV show Rude Tube! But he ain't having none of it
Alex Zane and his talking computer present the 50 greatest mash-ups on the internet. The craziness includes Ca...
Can't believe how much of an annoying *** Alex Zane is, giving 2014 Fifa World Cup a 2 saying it should have been DLC, f*** off.
Really enjoyed tonight's comedy compared by
Watching Rude Tube, very handsome, but I think you would be 100times better if you cut your hair (advice). I'm your fan!!lov u!
So Zane Trace holds the ball for the last 1:30 of the 3rd quarter and doesn't dribble until 8 seconds left and turns it …
Watching RudeTube Mash up - what is it with the crotch of Alex Zane's trousers??? Mangina chatting along with him
Bumped in to quite literally when he was doing some filming in central London this week!
"launches I would've been there, but these number-plates won't make themselves.
If Alex Zane says it's a good movie then that's good enough for me...
Nowt like a patronising Alex Zane visual voiceover on Youtube about a film, when you are trying to watch one hit wonders. :)
Best and worst ex of all time. — Best : Alex Zimmerman. . Worst : Zane Brown. Not even sorry about this.
How anyone would see Alex Zane as a comedian is beyond me
Alex Zane moves around weird on rudetube. Kinda like he has to flop his arms and head about to the side all the time
if it were up to me Zane wouldn't be in it
How people think 'Rude Tube' is funny is beyond me, its actually funny that 'alex zane' thinks he's funny, whata bellend.
Does Alex Zane actually think he's funny? Coz he's really just a ***
Alex Zane, especially when on Rude Tube is the dullest, lamest bore!
- Also, I very much wish to never see Alex Zane again.
Please do. My favourite Aussie will be too!
Alex Zane (Rude Tube presenter) is the unfunniest/biggest pot I've ever seen or heard
All this time tho when people mentioned Zane Lowe I just thought it was Alex Zane. Wow. Mind blown.
I thought Alex Zane was Zane Lowe, I thought it was odd that he sounded Australian the other night. Awks.
Deffo. I still haven't given up hope on Marley & Arsenal - however, Zane is on my radar for that now!
Oh, cool. Just discovered that the Oscars are being live streamed on Too bad it's hosted by Alex Zane.
Not on the same scale, but am reminded how cross I was last night watching Rude Tube: Rude-lympics. Not just because Alex Zane is a moron...
"Is it acceptable to call a dude a *** Cause there's a lot of them out there" Zane
I understand but it doesn't help when you put all the fault on other people like Zane and Alex sometimes it's my fault or yours
"Tiger and Dried Persimmon" run-though and work through with hoods and gloves today. GIna, Zane and and Alex did...
would be good if it wisnae for that *** Alex Zane
Is it just me who thinks Alex Zane ruins Rude Tube
When will Rude Tube realise the show would be 10x better without Alex Zane
I hate Alex Zane on Rude Tube, he's such a ***
Walked past Alex Zane in Soho and his team of hairdressers. That hair must not be anything less than immaculate, of course.
sleep bldg with kuys alex, zane, alain, and me :D
So minding my own business having a quiet meeting. Talking music, bikini shoots, Ibiza and NYC when the lovely cheska from MIC walks in . Closely followed by the hot Alex Zane ... Only in London soho!
And now very handsome In the flesh. been an interesting evening talking music, bikini shoots and Ibiza ;)
Watching Alex Zane mess up his lines on camera ... TAKE Seven ! just outside Chinatown (at
Little-known fact: Alex Zane changed his surname by deed poll.
Tried to get in the back of Alex Zane filming Rude Tube but bottled it
Alex Zane you irritating man, you're making this hangover even more unbearable.
You remind me of the babe: Labyrinth Masked Ball & movie screening this Sat
Can't believe I got Alex Taylor mixed up with Alex Zane earlier on, *** am I actually doing?
I cannot stand them. He's on my death list, straight after Alex Zane.
Having to mentally prepare for Alex Zane's unfunny, cheesy jokes before Rude Tube begins.
I'd say Corden, Alex Zane is fairly avoidable but James is always sticking his fat nose into events I want to watch
I don't know what's worse.. Alex Zane in general or James Cordon presenting the BRITs
Had the best time last nite watching Alex Zane's Comedy show Rotten Scoundrels
We’ve just about recovered from ’s AMAZING birthday fun here last Sun - great to see you all! Suga x
I'm doing a Skydive to raise money and awareness for epilepsy research. Any sponsors greatly appreciated x
Sorry I didn't put it up earlier but as requested, here you go gorgeous!
Went to see doing stand up last night. He's actually pretty jokes! Made me laugh a lot!
Zane is the worst person at texting back. I don't even know why he has a phone honestly
E4 and E4+1 gives me the ability to never have to watch that bell end Alex Zane
Love Rude Tube but hate Alex Zane's awful puns and everything else about him.
Only reason I watch Rude Tube is to see n his hair
Belly laughs on stage, back where he belongs thx 2 for.
you should come to Alleycat on Denmark Street when you're done here, it's a lot of fun!
Whoop *** going to see Alex Zane's with 3 special guests live comedy show later
Did Alex Zane win any Baftas for Rudetube this year?
You know what Alex Zane. How about you go die you skinny piece of pig spunk!
Alex Zane, how are you even still getting work... You are so far from funny it physically hurts.
Alex Zane is the unfunniest Tv presenter ever his jokes make me want to stick pencils in my ears.
When ur on your bike and your hedding towards a Bush just remember to jump the other way to avoid gettin wood wile riding your bike .Alex Zane Rude Tube
I always look for a glowing endorsement from Alex Zane when making my film choices.,,
Comic Alex Zane has said he 'can't wait' to bring cutting edge comedy to London Live in his brand new programme Rotten Scoundrels: Live from The Century Club. His programme is one of numerous com
In the studio audience for the filming of the Alex Zane Comedy Show tonight. Yeeeha!
Alex Zane is to return to his comedy roots with a new stand-up series for London Live.
Alex zane is a pure gob shyt man anyone could do the things hes done 110% walloper
We had the World Premiere of Robocop well & truly covered. All the action from the Blue Carpet and London's IMAX and hosted by Alex Zane.
The 86th annual Academy Awards will air exclusively in the UK on Sky Movies Oscars which will launch on 17 February. The 86th Academy Awards takes place Sunday 2 March at the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. Sky Movies presenter Alex Zane will head up the coverage of the bash alongside a panel of celebrity guests and film experts who will share their predictions and reactions over the course of the evening. Director of Sky Movies Ian Lewis: "Sky Movies has been the home of the Oscars for a decade now, and we’re delighted that we can continue to offer our customers an exclusive front row seat to the ceremony, as well as the chance to enjoy a great selection of the Academy’s most celebrated movies all in one place on Sky Movies Oscars." * The Oscars 2014: Red Carpet Live will air from 11.30pm to 1.30am on Sky Movies Oscars and Sky Living, while the 86th Annual Academy Awards will air live exclusively on Sky Movies Oscars from 1.30am until 4am Who's nominated for an Academy Award? Best ...
So frickin exhausted, been up since 5.45am, drove to London and back, worked a Movie Premier, saw Peter Andre, Bill Bailey and Alex Zane, then worked a wedding in Chiswick and now buzzing in my head, with eyes of red and need my bed!!
Is it just me or does anybody else despise Alex Zane and Vincent Browne ..absolute wafflers
come to Alex's jerk you already baited on Zane's
Final Zane Trace 55 Vinton County 53 Alex Owings went for the game winner had some contact no foul though, tough way to go down..
who writes your puns for Rude Tube ?
Rude Tube is the best show on telly. Alex Zane is a *** sucker of epic proportions though
“LOL as if we've just jumped Zane's fence to his house o.0 crazy night ahead!
Catching up on Defo only watch it for the lushness of
he's the Chosen One babe. Chosen by the Sir Alex himself. Hence the name
yep, hence I say let's see what he does next season hun. Sir Alex also didn't have the greatest of starts. Let him build.
Oh ya, on that note, Sir Alex must stop coming to matches at Old so we can win.
Alex Zane does my box in, so annoyingly un-funny!
. Amazed that didn't make the list.
Ironically I wish everyone on were not living. Apart from Alex Zane - he's already dead inside.
you're so funny, and Alex does NOT look like Zane Lowe, Zane Lowe looks like a convict 😖
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Debating whether or not Alex Zane deserves a place on my wall
I also told Alex that he looked like Zane Lowe and I also think I sang a rendition of Hannah Montana involving molly and coke
I raise this point every few months or so; I don't mean to be repetitive but seriously, I don't care if he cured cancer, nothing will ever dampen the eternal fires of hate that burn bright in my heart for Alex Zane.
Can't decide whether Alex Zane annoys me or not
Rude Tube has been on for a minute and I already want to punch alex Zane in the face
Alex Zane just chilling a few feet away last night
confirmed today for Maidstone. Date announced tomorrow.
Get a Sneak Peek into the making of Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom as our Amex Insider Alex Zane discovers what it took to bring Mandela’s exceptional life to the screen.
juding by your profile picture, your either Alex Zane, Ben mitchell or a tramp..
what did you think of Alex zane? I thought he was cool. And Jonah was nice but thought he'd have been funnier
ah yea I bet ur well happy lol I've met Alex Zane but Jonah hill wow u had a good night
I met Jonah as well and Alex Zane lol but margot was so nice and I'm so grateful she pointed out my sign to Leo!
Am I going mad or has been suspiciously quiet recently?
We head to on Tuesday 14th Jan with and for tix.
I have a headache, just thought u all might like to know that 😩
Alex Zane causes some trouble when the lie detector says these girlfriends are being quite promiscuous, pushing one contestant to storm off stage! Don't forg...
I miss your faces you're all so pretty and melodic
"I'm Alex Zane. Nice to see you.. Yes it is."
sounded a bit crap? It was better than I thought and everyone else came to it. He didn't do his interview with Alex Zane
A great night for fake beards, Russian Riding Hoods, piano vampires, fear & ferrets in La…
It was sort of like that thing Alex Zane introduces in 8 months time, but NOW.
Saw my bestie at the wolf of Wall Street premiere today!! He's so great I love him so much omg & I met life=made
Alex Zane's in this pub. Which is tye closest thing to a celebrity I'll ever get.
Omg I also met Alex Zane after all this time
Thanks for stopping by btw you smell nice lol :')
you fail at bringing tea but I'll let you off because you did a great job tonight :)
Interesting day in the crowd of the Wolf of Wall Street premier. Alex Zane stood near us half the afternoon... Absolutely buzzing his ***
Those Poor, poor people. having to be interviewed by Alex " i'm so bloody hipster and wacky " Zane.
Alex Zane interviewing on the red carpet at Wolf of Wall Street premiere. Can't find Leo or Marty though.
then thrown in a piranha filled bath with Alex Zane
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Alex Zane heads to Rio to interview Vin Diesel to find out what he thinks about the fifth installment of Fast and Furious.
Discover how the cast & crew prepared to film Long Walk to Freedom w/Amex Insider
“can't cope with Alex Zane, what a moron” he's got a proper muggy first name aswell
Alex Zane for Sky Movies did. About the only 'favourable review I saw.
can't cope with Alex Zane, what a moron
It's crazy how much you look like Alex Zane stampy
Yo Alex :) r u the Wolf of Wall Street prem? I've just won myself a VIP ticket wooop remember you owe me a cup of tea lol x
I love Rude Tube but hate Alex Zane it would be so much better if it was someone (not Alex Zane) just goin "90.89...88...87"
I really like watching Rude Tube but really wish that Alex Zane would be replaced with someone who actually had some personality. He is RUBBISH! :-/
Alex Zane is probably the LEAST funny person to walk this earth.
Alex Zane... the more I watch you, the more I feel you deserve to be ranked with Nicholas Cage and Jaden Smith as god awful humans.
Amex Travel Insider, presenter Alex Zane, is taking a sneak peek behind the scenes of some of Europe's most popular cities to bring to life the enriched expe...
This Pic with Santa fixed with Auto Awesome with grandson Alex Zane O'Neal !! Love It with the snow...
Alex Zane shouldnt have a job. It hurts hearing his voice
Alex Zane interviewed the anchorman team last night, to say I'm excited for the DVD extended release with deleted scenes is an understatement and a half
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
󾌴󾌴 gotta love Rude Tube Alex Zane is funny git... "If at first you do succeed, never try again". Ha ha .. Proper made laugh that did.
it's 2014, can someone please tell Alex Zane he's not funny?
Someone else should do these RudeTube programmes, Alex Zane is a complete bellend
Alex Zane, the unfunniest man on tv!
Alex Zane from Rude Tube is the most irritating little scrotum I've ever seen.
Is it not time Alex Zane brushed his bloody hair?!
Every time I see Alex Zane on TV it makes me wish our gun laws were a little more relaxed
Stuart Moffat shared the following link and had this to say about it: Tonight, Channel 4, 10PM! My Vine Videos and Interview is going to be on Rude Tube You are probably going to want to watch it because the chances are Alex Zane will make a fool of me :P. don't forget to Follow me on VINE: Hasslemof and Subscribe to my YouTube channel: Hasslemof - Vines & Youtube ht...
Each new day is better than the last with you Alex Zane :) I love you
Alex Zane, the king of presenting less than mediocre shows and prolonging his slow, painful career death.
I think Alex Zane is such a bell end
I always think the hardest job in tv is that of the E4 scheduler; deciding what order to put their 3 shows on as well as dealing with Faux-ironic, Russell Brand wannabe Alex Zane is not to be underestimated.
Alex zane is NOT FUNNY on Rude Tube. jeez get a new presenter
Seriously feel sorry for Alex Zane. Completely talentless yet still gets forced to present the worst tv show, ever.
Is Alex Zane scared of strong winds, hairdryers and fans?
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Watching Rude Tube Christmas *** and Alex Zane is wearing the same Primark Xmas jumper that I've got!
Does anyone else like Alex Zane? . . he gets up my nose and I don't know why
Apparently Alex Zane is a stand up comedian. I can't explain just how much I hate him.
I don't think there is anybody on this planet that I hate more than Alex Zane!!! I would love to put his face through a cheese grater!
Alex Zane is only wearing my Christmas jumper on rudetube!!
Still think Alex Zane is rather fit.
You know you've watched too much RudeTube and not gone outside enough during week off when you start talking back to on telly.
The best thing on tv is when Alex Zane is not
I would love to hit Alex Zane really hard with a baguette.
Really upsetting that Alex Zane is only hired for Rude Tube repeats nowadays
is now like Rude Tube without Alex Zane according to on People have said worse.
I did yeah.I could call him Zane!(after Alex Zane)Im not sure if they'll let me name him but I want to anyway.Billie joel is good
I shake me head... Tut tut. Btw answer me this and yes I'll help, do you know Alex Zane?
Alex Zane could be the most annoying presenter out there
Took me about a minute to realise the person i was staring at wasnt alex Zane which is gutting
I love Rude Tube, but I really can't stand your lad Alex Zane. REPLACE.
I wanna go out tomorrow but I wanna Skype Zane and ooVoo Alex so idk
Sometime since we talked about the red-carpet beard trend, it went BIG
Alex Zane is the least funniest man on the planet!
Alex Zane is an absolute trumpet, tries far too hard to be funny
Def saw you today in Liberty's lookin' at some shoes. You should have bought them..
Alex Zane is actually really attractive
I only watch Rude Tube because I have a crush on Alex Zane
I really don't find Alex Zane or whatever his name who presents RudeTube funny at all.
on stv news website obviously no one has been raped or killed as 'alex zane' is doing something somewhere. Give me strength.
Alex Zane to spend New Year in New York: Alex Zane is set to spend the New Year in New York and has plans to w...
megs I just realised Alex Zane is in the background of this pic?!!
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