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Alex Zane

Alex Zane (born Faris Alexander L.

Rude Tube New Year

Alex Zane thinks he's bare funny on Rude Tube
Alex Zane has the worst crack ever on Rude Tube
I'm watching Rude Tube, and I get the impression that Alex Zane is trying to be funny. But he's not funny, what's that about?
I literally can't watch Rude Tube because of Alex Zane's annoying voice.
Alex Zane manages to singlehandedly ruin Rude Tube
I can honestly say I can't stand Alex Zane, Rude Tube need to sack him
Watching Rude Tube and Alex Zane just isn't funny
Rude Tube and Alex Zane are the bane of my life. Worst show of all time.
Trying to get Alex Zane to put me on his hit TV show Rude Tube! But he ain't having none of it
Alex Zane and his talking computer present the 50 greatest mash-ups on the internet. The craziness includes Ca...
Can't believe how much of an annoying *** Alex Zane is, giving 2014 Fifa World Cup a 2 saying it should have been DLC, f*** off.
Really enjoyed tonight's comedy compared by
Watching Rude Tube, very handsome, but I think you would be 100times better if you cut your hair (advice). I'm your fan!!lov u!
So Zane Trace holds the ball for the last 1:30 of the 3rd quarter and doesn't dribble until 8 seconds left and turns it …
Watching RudeTube Mash up - what is it with the crotch of Alex Zane's trousers??? Mangina chatting along with him
Bumped in to quite literally when he was doing some filming in central London this week!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
"launches I would've been there, but these number-plates won't make themselves.
If Alex Zane says it's a good movie then that's good enough for me...
Nowt like a patronising Alex Zane visual voiceover on Youtube about a film, when you are trying to watch one hit wonders. :)
Best and worst ex of all time. — Best : Alex Zimmerman. . Worst : Zane Brown. Not even sorry about this.
How anyone would see Alex Zane as a comedian is beyond me
Alex Zane moves around weird on rudetube. Kinda like he has to flop his arms and head about to the side all the time
if it were up to me Zane wouldn't be in it
How people think 'Rude Tube' is funny is beyond me, its actually funny that 'alex zane' thinks he's funny, whata bellend.
Does Alex Zane actually think he's funny? Coz he's really just a ***
Alex Zane, especially when on Rude Tube is the dullest, lamest bore!
- Also, I very much wish to never see Alex Zane again.
Please do. My favourite Aussie will be too!
Alex Zane (Rude Tube presenter) is the unfunniest/biggest pot I've ever seen or heard
All this time tho when people mentioned Zane Lowe I just thought it was Alex Zane. Wow. Mind blown.
I thought Alex Zane was Zane Lowe, I thought it was odd that he sounded Australian the other night. Awks.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Deffo. I still haven't given up hope on Marley & Arsenal - however, Zane is on my radar for that now!
Oh, cool. Just discovered that the Oscars are being live streamed on Too bad it's hosted by Alex Zane.
Not on the same scale, but am reminded how cross I was last night watching Rude Tube: Rude-lympics. Not just because Alex Zane is a moron...
"Is it acceptable to call a dude a *** Cause there's a lot of them out there" Zane
I understand but it doesn't help when you put all the fault on other people like Zane and Alex sometimes it's my fault or yours
"Tiger and Dried Persimmon" run-though and work through with hoods and gloves today. GIna, Zane and and Alex did...
would be good if it wisnae for that *** Alex Zane
Is it just me who thinks Alex Zane ruins Rude Tube
When will Rude Tube realise the show would be 10x better without Alex Zane
I hate Alex Zane on Rude Tube, he's such a ***
Walked past Alex Zane in Soho and his team of hairdressers. That hair must not be anything less than immaculate, of course.
sleep bldg with kuys alex, zane, alain, and me :D
So minding my own business having a quiet meeting. Talking music, bikini shoots, Ibiza and NYC when the lovely cheska from MIC walks in . Closely followed by the hot Alex Zane ... Only in London soho!
And now very handsome In the flesh. been an interesting evening talking music, bikini shoots and Ibiza ;)
Watching Alex Zane mess up his lines on camera ... TAKE Seven ! just outside Chinatown (at
Little-known fact: Alex Zane changed his surname by deed poll.
Tried to get in the back of Alex Zane filming Rude Tube but bottled it
Alex Zane you irritating man, you're making this hangover even more unbearable.
You remind me of the babe: Labyrinth Masked Ball & movie screening this Sat
Can't believe I got Alex Taylor mixed up with Alex Zane earlier on, *** am I actually doing?
I cannot stand them. He's on my death list, straight after Alex Zane.
Having to mentally prepare for Alex Zane's unfunny, cheesy jokes before Rude Tube begins.
I'd say Corden, Alex Zane is fairly avoidable but James is always sticking his fat nose into events I want to watch
I don't know what's worse.. Alex Zane in general or James Cordon presenting the BRITs
Had the best time last nite watching Alex Zane's Comedy show Rotten Scoundrels
We’ve just about recovered from ’s AMAZING birthday fun here last Sun - great to see you all! Suga x
I'm doing a Skydive to raise money and awareness for epilepsy research. Any sponsors greatly appreciated x
Sorry I didn't put it up earlier but as requested, here you go gorgeous!
Went to see doing stand up last night. He's actually pretty jokes! Made me laugh a lot!
Zane is the worst person at texting back. I don't even know why he has a phone honestly
E4 and E4+1 gives me the ability to never have to watch that bell end Alex Zane
Love Rude Tube but hate Alex Zane's awful puns and everything else about him.
Only reason I watch Rude Tube is to see n his hair
Belly laughs on stage, back where he belongs thx 2 for.
you should come to Alleycat on Denmark Street when you're done here, it's a lot of fun!
Whoop *** going to see Alex Zane's with 3 special guests live comedy show later
Did Alex Zane win any Baftas for Rudetube this year?
You know what Alex Zane. How about you go die you skinny piece of pig spunk!
Alex Zane, how are you even still getting work... You are so far from funny it physically hurts.
Alex Zane is the unfunniest Tv presenter ever his jokes make me want to stick pencils in my ears.
When ur on your bike and your hedding towards a Bush just remember to jump the other way to avoid gettin wood wile riding your bike .Alex Zane Rude Tube
I always look for a glowing endorsement from Alex Zane when making my film choices.,,
Comic Alex Zane has said he 'can't wait' to bring cutting edge comedy to London Live in his brand new programme Rotten Scoundrels: Live from The Century Club. His programme is one of numerous com
In the studio audience for the filming of the Alex Zane Comedy Show tonight. Yeeeha!
Alex Zane is to return to his comedy roots with a new stand-up series for London Live.
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Alex zane is a pure gob shyt man anyone could do the things hes done 110% walloper
We had the World Premiere of Robocop well & truly covered. All the action from the Blue Carpet and London's IMAX and hosted by Alex Zane.
The 86th annual Academy Awards will air exclusively in the UK on Sky Movies Oscars which will launch on 17 February. The 86th Academy Awards takes place Sunday 2 March at the Academy's Samuel Goldwyn Theater in Beverly Hills. Sky Movies presenter Alex Zane will head up the coverage of the bash alongside a panel of celebrity guests and film experts who will share their predictions and reactions over the course of the evening. Director of Sky Movies Ian Lewis: "Sky Movies has been the home of the Oscars for a decade now, and we’re delighted that we can continue to offer our customers an exclusive front row seat to the ceremony, as well as the chance to enjoy a great selection of the Academy’s most celebrated movies all in one place on Sky Movies Oscars." * The Oscars 2014: Red Carpet Live will air from 11.30pm to 1.30am on Sky Movies Oscars and Sky Living, while the 86th Annual Academy Awards will air live exclusively on Sky Movies Oscars from 1.30am until 4am Who's nominated for an Academy Award? Best ...
So frickin exhausted, been up since 5.45am, drove to London and back, worked a Movie Premier, saw Peter Andre, Bill Bailey and Alex Zane, then worked a wedding in Chiswick and now buzzing in my head, with eyes of red and need my bed!!
Is it just me or does anybody else despise Alex Zane and Vincent Browne ..absolute wafflers
come to Alex's jerk you already baited on Zane's
Final Zane Trace 55 Vinton County 53 Alex Owings went for the game winner had some contact no foul though, tough way to go down..
who writes your puns for Rude Tube ?
Rude Tube is the best show on telly. Alex Zane is a *** sucker of epic proportions though
“LOL as if we've just jumped Zane's fence to his house o.0 crazy night ahead!
Catching up on Defo only watch it for the lushness of
he's the Chosen One babe. Chosen by the Sir Alex himself. Hence the name
yep, hence I say let's see what he does next season hun. Sir Alex also didn't have the greatest of starts. Let him build.
Oh ya, on that note, Sir Alex must stop coming to matches at Old so we can win.
Alex Zane does my box in, so annoyingly un-funny!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
. Amazed that didn't make the list.
Ironically I wish everyone on were not living. Apart from Alex Zane - he's already dead inside.
you're so funny, and Alex does NOT look like Zane Lowe, Zane Lowe looks like a convict 😖
Debating whether or not Alex Zane deserves a place on my wall
I also told Alex that he looked like Zane Lowe and I also think I sang a rendition of Hannah Montana involving molly and coke
I raise this point every few months or so; I don't mean to be repetitive but seriously, I don't care if he cured cancer, nothing will ever dampen the eternal fires of hate that burn bright in my heart for Alex Zane.
Can't decide whether Alex Zane annoys me or not
Rude Tube has been on for a minute and I already want to punch alex Zane in the face
Alex Zane just chilling a few feet away last night
confirmed today for Maidstone. Date announced tomorrow.
Get a Sneak Peek into the making of Mandela : Long Walk to Freedom as our Amex Insider Alex Zane discovers what it took to bring Mandela’s exceptional life to the screen.
juding by your profile picture, your either Alex Zane, Ben mitchell or a tramp..
what did you think of Alex zane? I thought he was cool. And Jonah was nice but thought he'd have been funnier
ah yea I bet ur well happy lol I've met Alex Zane but Jonah hill wow u had a good night
I met Jonah as well and Alex Zane lol but margot was so nice and I'm so grateful she pointed out my sign to Leo!
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Am I going mad or has been suspiciously quiet recently?
We head to on Tuesday 14th Jan with and for tix.
I have a headache, just thought u all might like to know that 😩
Alex Zane causes some trouble when the lie detector says these girlfriends are being quite promiscuous, pushing one contestant to storm off stage! Don't forg...
I miss your faces you're all so pretty and melodic
"I'm Alex Zane. Nice to see you.. Yes it is."
sounded a bit crap? It was better than I thought and everyone else came to it. He didn't do his interview with Alex Zane
A great night for fake beards, Russian Riding Hoods, piano vampires, fear & ferrets in La…
It was sort of like that thing Alex Zane introduces in 8 months time, but NOW.
Saw my bestie at the wolf of Wall Street premiere today!! He's so great I love him so much omg & I met life=made
Alex Zane's in this pub. Which is tye closest thing to a celebrity I'll ever get.
Omg I also met Alex Zane after all this time
Thanks for stopping by btw you smell nice lol :')
you fail at bringing tea but I'll let you off because you did a great job tonight :)
Interesting day in the crowd of the Wolf of Wall Street premier. Alex Zane stood near us half the afternoon... Absolutely buzzing his ***
Those Poor, poor people. having to be interviewed by Alex " i'm so bloody hipster and wacky " Zane.
Alex Zane interviewing on the red carpet at Wolf of Wall Street premiere. Can't find Leo or Marty though.
then thrown in a piranha filled bath with Alex Zane
Alex Zane heads to Rio to interview Vin Diesel to find out what he thinks about the fifth installment of Fast and Furious.
Discover how the cast & crew prepared to film Long Walk to Freedom w/Amex Insider
“can't cope with Alex Zane, what a moron” he's got a proper muggy first name aswell
Alex Zane for Sky Movies did. About the only 'favourable review I saw.
can't cope with Alex Zane, what a moron
It's crazy how much you look like Alex Zane stampy
Yo Alex :) r u the Wolf of Wall Street prem? I've just won myself a VIP ticket wooop remember you owe me a cup of tea lol x
I love Rude Tube but hate Alex Zane it would be so much better if it was someone (not Alex Zane) just goin "90.89...88...87"
I really like watching Rude Tube but really wish that Alex Zane would be replaced with someone who actually had some personality. He is RUBBISH! :-/
Alex Zane is probably the LEAST funny person to walk this earth.
Alex Zane... the more I watch you, the more I feel you deserve to be ranked with Nicholas Cage and Jaden Smith as god awful humans.
Amex Travel Insider, presenter Alex Zane, is taking a sneak peek behind the scenes of some of Europe's most popular cities to bring to life the enriched expe...
This Pic with Santa fixed with Auto Awesome with grandson Alex Zane O'Neal !! Love It with the snow...
Alex Zane shouldnt have a job. It hurts hearing his voice
Alex Zane interviewed the anchorman team last night, to say I'm excited for the DVD extended release with deleted scenes is an understatement and a half
󾌴󾌴 gotta love Rude Tube Alex Zane is funny git... "If at first you do succeed, never try again". Ha ha .. Proper made laugh that did.
it's 2014, can someone please tell Alex Zane he's not funny?
Someone else should do these RudeTube programmes, Alex Zane is a complete bellend
Alex Zane, the unfunniest man on tv!
Alex Zane from Rude Tube is the most irritating little scrotum I've ever seen.
Is it not time Alex Zane brushed his bloody hair?!
Every time I see Alex Zane on TV it makes me wish our gun laws were a little more relaxed
Stuart Moffat shared the following link and had this to say about it: Tonight, Channel 4, 10PM! My Vine Videos and Interview is going to be on Rude Tube You are probably going to want to watch it because the chances are Alex Zane will make a fool of me :P. don't forget to Follow me on VINE: Hasslemof and Subscribe to my YouTube channel: Hasslemof - Vines & Youtube ht...
Each new day is better than the last with you Alex Zane :) I love you
Alex Zane, the king of presenting less than mediocre shows and prolonging his slow, painful career death.
I think Alex Zane is such a bell end
I always think the hardest job in tv is that of the E4 scheduler; deciding what order to put their 3 shows on as well as dealing with Faux-ironic, Russell Brand wannabe Alex Zane is not to be underestimated.
Alex zane is NOT FUNNY on Rude Tube. jeez get a new presenter
Seriously feel sorry for Alex Zane. Completely talentless yet still gets forced to present the worst tv show, ever.
Is Alex Zane scared of strong winds, hairdryers and fans?
Watching Rude Tube Christmas *** and Alex Zane is wearing the same Primark Xmas jumper that I've got!
Does anyone else like Alex Zane? . . he gets up my nose and I don't know why
Apparently Alex Zane is a stand up comedian. I can't explain just how much I hate him.
I don't think there is anybody on this planet that I hate more than Alex Zane!!! I would love to put his face through a cheese grater!
Alex Zane is only wearing my Christmas jumper on rudetube!!
Still think Alex Zane is rather fit.
You know you've watched too much RudeTube and not gone outside enough during week off when you start talking back to on telly.
The best thing on tv is when Alex Zane is not
I would love to hit Alex Zane really hard with a baguette.
Really upsetting that Alex Zane is only hired for Rude Tube repeats nowadays
is now like Rude Tube without Alex Zane according to on People have said worse.
I did yeah.I could call him Zane!(after Alex Zane)Im not sure if they'll let me name him but I want to anyway.Billie joel is good
I shake me head... Tut tut. Btw answer me this and yes I'll help, do you know Alex Zane?
Alex Zane could be the most annoying presenter out there
Took me about a minute to realise the person i was staring at wasnt alex Zane which is gutting
I love Rude Tube, but I really can't stand your lad Alex Zane. REPLACE.
I wanna go out tomorrow but I wanna Skype Zane and ooVoo Alex so idk
Sometime since we talked about the red-carpet beard trend, it went BIG
Alex Zane is the least funniest man on the planet!
Alex Zane is an absolute trumpet, tries far too hard to be funny
Def saw you today in Liberty's lookin' at some shoes. You should have bought them..
Alex Zane is actually really attractive
I only watch Rude Tube because I have a crush on Alex Zane
I really don't find Alex Zane or whatever his name who presents RudeTube funny at all.
on stv news website obviously no one has been raped or killed as 'alex zane' is doing something somewhere. Give me strength.
Alex Zane to spend New Year in New York: Alex Zane is set to spend the New Year in New York and has plans to w...
megs I just realised Alex Zane is in the background of this pic?!!
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
hope all is well! We're at the Camden Barfly 11pm tonight - would be cool to see you again and have a catch up over some sambuca!
and at the 5th London Chess Classic
I've found our next Special we need to be making...
Alex Zane is the definition of perfection
38 trophies in 26 seasons. SIR ALEX FERGUSON. *weeps*
New Year movies unvield in special 2014 preview show: Alex Zane and Mun Wai at the Movi...
When Moyes was fighting on the touch line I saw a glimpse of SIR ALEX. I smiled a bit :-)
The only thing worse then having Alex Zane on the Rude Tube at night is having him on during the day as well
Thank you & for bringing FENTON!!! back to my TV screen. Jesus Christ! Brilliant.
Sir Alex Ferguson is the greatest manager of all time.
.is just plain awful whilst presenting RudeTube. YOU'RE NOT FUNNY!
Turned on the TV and Alex Zane was there. That's my christmas ruined.
The amount of times I've been called Alex Zane or "the guy out of RudeTube" tonight is surreal...
Alex Zane = Best Rude Tube presenter to walk the face of the earth.
The only thing in English that's on right now is Tosh.0 which appears to be what would happen if e4 let Alex Zane actually present Rude Tube
I love Rude Tube. It's so funny. Alex Zane is awesome!
Merry Christmas! Catch a preview of the latest movies at the cinema with host Alex Zane.
hope you have a Merry Christmas Alex :)) xxx
Is Alex Zane the biggest *** on TV, yes. Does anyone actually find him funny? If so click on my profile and unfriend me please.
Me and Alex are touching in Zane's header
Alex Zane wants a dustpan and brush for Christmas: Alex Zane wants a new dustpan and brush for Christmas and a...
Alex Zane's Heart Rate Game, tests his contestants when they look at a selection of images. Our contestant isn't too happy when Alex suggests he must be *** ...
That Alex Zane is always well dressed
How did get his job? Seriously? Can I have it? (Not entirely sure what his job actually is.. speaker to awesome people?)😃
I saw Chris Young today. I played catch with Cole Tait today. I didn't see Alex Greene today. Roisin responded to my text …
I see Alex Zane is now writing for Total Film magazine. After reading his column I can confirm that, not only is he a very poor writer, but he would genuinely seem to be a total bellend.
Ok Alex've had your 5 minutes. Who's keeping this guy on TV
Michelle Leigh Lee and Alex Zane Vincent Lee enjoying cool treets in the nice weather. Boys playing on playground.
The only problem about mine and Zane's relationship is that he doesn't know that we're in a relationship
you fit right in with Ya Boy Alex Zane
domain names
Hey guys, defo just gone and seen in selfridges
Don't suppose you could make an animation of Alex Zane to illustrate to him how much of a *** he is?
you're terrible. An insult to comedy.
Back when I worked with there was something called Freebird Friday - experience it yourself today
'the character of Brick is overused' Are you having a laugh? He makes the 2nd Anchorman! I strongly advise you to watch it again!
Alex Zane was class in Balls of Steel but he's just god awful on this.
Did you know that Alex Zane's fly is undone in your last episode thanks for spotting it
I don't find Alex Zane funny in the slightest
its so painful to watch Alex zane try to be funny on that show
Do u think alex zane actually gets girls
Please tell me you asked Chris Hemsworth his thoughts on sibling rivalry and the Oedipal complex.
Rude Tube is better watched on mute, Alex Zane is horrific
Alex zane is the worst tv presenter
Go on admit it! You screen my calls for the voicemail, right?
I sent that message (paper) from a college whilst doing my A level French, had a lot going on so therefore blame the college!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Alex Zane takes us on a tour round foodie Paris. Travel inspiration for the New Year?
The Special with has arrived folks and it's kind of a big deal!
BREAKING NEWS: The Anchorman 2 special is up with and it's kind of a big deal
Rude(ish) Tube isn't what I expected to watch this morning eating bacon on my day off.
I'm in love with Alex and Sierra... They are so cute
what do Zane and Alex have? I'm pretty sure we all friends here
Same. But like not in the way Alex and Zane have but like the friendly type way 😅
Alex Zane kinda ruins Rudetube. He's just not funny...
Alex Zane couldn't be less funny if he tried
Just put up with Alex Zane for the best part of half an hour. Next on E4, made in chelsea.. I'll give it a go.
I can't tell whether alex zane has smart hair or not
How did Alex Zane make it on television?
Who the fxck writes one liners. Bellends...
Has anyone told you you're the worlds unfunniest person ever
Love just a shame Alex Zane is such a *** fit though
Alex Zane could possibly be the world's biggest bellend
are 30th in Zane 's Hottest Record of 2013!!!
This guy us poor folks are having to endure is almost as irritating as Alex Zane.
love, love love your hair by the way, I don't even have to try to get hair like that, I brush it & it goes wild
My ex-best friend use to snort cocaine at S Frosts house.
If I get called alex zane once more, I will not be happy x
Hi Alex:) How are you? I saw your website earlier.Can I see it currently?
there are hardly any black doctors in this country, what a stretch to imagine I could reach that far!
for mentioning architecture as a possible progression route from the shabby school I attended.
I for one have never seen a black marine biologist. I was criticised for stating at one point, by a white teacher may I point out
bigotry clearly still exists today - MONKEY! Huh?
One off my great- grand dads was a white man and married a Jamaican woman, was disinherited and disowned by his family
Plus I regularly look after my niece and nephews.
Hey Guys, I just came back from Alex Zane presenting the most anticipated films of 2014, should I do a write up on that topic for the Jan issue if no one else is planning to cover it?
So this should be fun (I think) Wifey and I about to attend the love recording of the Christmas & New Special of 'The Movie Preview Show' with Alex Zane. Live entertainment, film line up preview and even prizes promised. Well, it is Christmas after all :)   10% Off
When three unsuspecting members of the public are informed that there opponents on Alex Zane's Brain Game will be the cheeky girls they believe that the game...
Rude Tube - Fun In Rudeness Rude Tube, Channel 4's hit television show, was first aired in 2008. The show has a huge fan following and is enjoyed by the young and the old alike. The show is hosted by Alex Zane and has surpassed many TV series on various networks in viewership. The show aimed at showing the best of YouTube to the general public through the channel. What Is Rude Tube? Rude Tube is a TV show which shows the most bizarre and funny video clippings to the audience. The clippings are the best of YouTube and have interesting topics as the titles. This includes topics like Drink and Drugs, Heroes and Villains, and Superstars of the Web, to mention a few. The pilot Rude Tube TV show was in Channel 4's E4. The second season of E4 Rude Tube was hosted by Matt Kirsten. The third season saw the return of Alex Zane. This was Rude Tube 2009, and it showed 50 top rated video clips by the viewers in the year 2008. Rude Tube 2010 previewed by showing 50 best of YouTube videos. Season four of Rude Tube has t ...
Love Rude Tube! But alex zane you aint funny so stop trying! ***
Alex Zane is possibly the worst human.
lets decide once and for all, who does berry most look like! Alex Zane, Shia Lebouff, Daniel Radcliffe or Elijah Wood
A new tv show started called: 'Why on earth are you even wasting an hour of your life watching this? Have you nothing better to do?' Alex Zane shows badly filmed YouTube clips of pets dressed up in clothes, hilariously trying to open fridge doors
-Batgirl shows up at the school as she was hired by alex zane and dmg to protect it she walks around -
Alex Zane and Edgar Davids in the chess house today.
Even the merest glimpse of Alex Zane at X30 speed is enough the to make me so angry that I won't be able to sleep.
My god somebody put a stop to Alex Zane
Hey guys look what I found. Lizzy Anne, Alex Zane Knauss, Lindsay Ellen Everson.
Discover how seriously the French take their food, as Amex Travel Insider Alex Zane explores the huge Rungis Food Market just south of Paris, filled “with every kind of food you could possibly imagine”.
Does anybody actually find Alex Zane even SLIGHTLY amusing? This Rude Tube malarkey is as painful as 'you've been framed'with Lisa Riley.
Back the midst’s of time, circa 2001; many television critics suspected that TV was ‘dumbing down’, what with ‘reality’ shows such as Channel 4’s “Big Brother” being inflicted onto our televisual consciousness. Many scoffed. Of course TV isn’t dumbing down, is it? “The Word”, thankfully, along with Dani Behr had disappeared. It was the dawn of a new century. Technology was progressing, becoming a lot more sophisticated. Surely, we were entering a new era of intelligence, whereupon television would mirror that, surely? Err; I might have to get back to you on that one. With advances in technology, the internet, medical science, etc., it appears that in 2013 a new generation instead have embraced something called “Candy Crush” – Yes, that must have been what touch-screen technology was invented for, right? I really hoped that television, along with modern society hadn’t dumbed down. How wrong, I was. Television has dumbed down to such a sickening degree, that I have in fact, emb ...
Had a fantastic night with Jordan La Force tonight stuffing ourselves with KFC before seeing the magnificent Abby Rose Sharp in Shrek the musical. Then seeing Elizabeth Werner again and watching Rude Tube with Alex Zane was fantastic! What an awesome night! I love being in Kansas :) Best days of my life right now
Alex Zane is the biggest *** ever! So wish id punched him in the face in drama class at school!!
Alex Zane, Dexter Fletcher and Bill Oddey...worst day ever for celeb spots
On the way back to mk.. Interviews with Tom Hanks and the Director Paul Greengrass all done. Hanks is a really nice fella, loved it. Can't wait for the next film junket. Note: Alex Zane from radio ones hair is awesome lol
Terry Waite's first interview was with Alex Zane
A little synopsis of forthcoming films at TheFilmPlace, for more info you can visit our website Enjoy! Monster’s University Saturday 5th October 4.30 pm Cert: U 104 Mins Animation/Adventure/Comedy This is a prequel to the tremendously successful Monsters Inc. The story hinges on the friendship between two monsters: Mike, a diligent and earnest pear shaped blob, and Sulley, a talented indolent ball of fur. Mike wants to be a “scarer” when he leaves school and so needs a degree from Monsters University, an Ivy League scare school. We follow them as freshmen at the same university. Alex Zane in The sun says "A monstrously entertaining movie that will delight children and adults alike". Olly Richards in Empire says, “dazzlingly clever and hugely funny. Monsters University had a tough task, and it’s passed with honours.” Director: Dan Scanlon Cast: Billy Crystal, John Goodman, Steve Buscemi, John Razenby and Helen Mirren Star Trek Into Darkness Friday 11th October at 8.00 p ...
Alex zane is such a nob on Rude Tube
Alex Zane is one of the best presenters in the UK.
Not sure whether I hate or really like Alex Zane
As soon as I hear Alex Zane's voice advertising a new album, I instantly dismiss it.
I'd love to watch Rude Tube but Alex Zane ruins it for me every time
Am I the only one who finds Alex Zane ridey???
Alex Zane is the least funny guy ever
Can't believe mum doesn't like alex zane, what's not to like?
why aren't you wearing a suit in the Rude Tube: Mashed Up? I like you in a suit!
a hate Alex Zane like he's no funny in the slightest, av done funnier farts not lying a hate him so much
Alex zane is a complete and utter moron
I swear Alex Zane from rudetube dresses exactly the same as me
Alex Zane is such a *** I'd probably watch Rude Tube if it was someone else presenting it.
:) Such a pity Alex Zane has to ruin it ...
Pssst - wanna see Julia Roberts head explode? Well you can as we're catching up with Sunday's brand new with next
Send it off the The Priory with some Root Boost.
it's true. I, Alex, have depressed hair
always terrifying to see you. Good luck with Cats
had a whole conversation in the street with Alex zane like this. He humoured me.
Me and just got FOOLED by telling us about a new medicine from dinosaur bones.
Missing the days when I used to play zombies with my main men Alex & Zane...
My brother's in a bar with Alex Zane omfg so jealous
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