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Alex Zane (born Faris Alexander L.

Rude Tube Nick Grimshaw

Alex Zane's Cinecast Ep. 7 (2016) 0hr 15m [PG] Alex Zane takes a look at the new films coming to Sky Cinema thi...
Rude Tube Christmas *** 2016. Alex Zane and his canine companion Bah Hum-Pug present a countdown of 50 of the...
We're sharing our highlights from 2016 what were your favourites? Here's presenting at the FDA exhibitio…
Great news,. a new release for our Theme - Alex Zane, WooCommerce was added. Check it out!.
Almost want Xmas sweater as much as I want the pug dressed as a reindeer. Almost.
Next year only celebs will celebrate Christmas but Alex Zane will do a program where they tell us how great it is
Best thing about Christmas is those Alex Zane shows where celebs explain why films are good. Saves us having to watch the films ourselves.
How has 2016 taken some of the best iconic people and that boring tramp still alive??
for how long have you,Scott,heath,zane,Alex and Jaso have been friends?
out of scott,heath,zane,Todd,Alex, and Jason, who is your favorite?
who is their fave out of everyone in ur vids (Liza,Alex,dom,Zane,etc.)
Drop by at 10pm to see & doggie helper Bah Hum-Pug run through their favourite seasonal clips from the w…
Great news,. a new release we've made for our Theme - Alex Zane, was added WooCommerce.
That winter shack's a bit poignant now ay?
Excited to hear about Martin Scorsese & next film.
Hopefully 2016 takes before the years over
F Mark Letestu has been earning his worth this season. Zane Tomich explains:
What is everyone's favourite christmas film?
Bet Alex Zane runs a countdown of top parts of Xmas dinner... but it takes 2 hours.
About time for a 'Top ten clip shows' ;)
Not even Christmas spirit can get me to watch anything Alex Zane is presenting
Omg I loved the Christmas pug! Merry Christmas to you have a fabulous day.
What is the point of Alex Zane on Rude Tube? In fact, what's the point of Rude Tube?
please get Alex Zane off my screen.. 😑😑😑
So took me ages to figure out what's wrong (sorry) with on the xmas Rude Tube. It's the guyliner... bring i…
Actually Alex Zane is a gorgeous human being all the time
Alex Zane on the Rude Tube Christmas Special looks gorgeous 😍
God I hate Alex Zane. ... If you really like him, I'm not sure we can be friends.
and a pug. I can't handle this cuteness overload
Is Joe Wicks Alex Zane trying to make a comeback?
Exactly how many times have you changed your jumper in this episode?
is it me or is Alex zane looking more and more like a girl everytime we see him? He must be
Alex Zane and Rude Tube on, still in my top 10
Alex Zane to present new Content Showcase at BASE MESA Entertainment Summit
Watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit in my edit, so what I'm trying to say is my days better than yours. Cheers for the pick!
Dude, screenplay was a lifeline in 2004!
Probably too librul for him. More an Alex Jones guy
Alex Zane to present New Content Showcase at MESA Europe/BASE Entertainment Summit -
Alex Zane will present the exclusive and exciting content at this year's Entertainment Summit!
Alex does remind me of Clem Fandango here :D
I emailed in to the show once and won an electric guitar! Happy days xx
as you well know I have no body hair from the neck down, so you're wrong.
ScreenPlay! Still MTV's best movie show IMO obviously and a useful tool for those wanting reviews of films from 2004
Funnyman and telly host Alex Zane talks about starstruck moments with Angelina Jolie, watching Game of Thrones with a hango…
Defamation! Expect a strongly worded letter from my attorney coming your way
For our third album we decided to go down the smooth jazz route...
hosting the Star Wars Greatest Moments show with stalking in the background.
You guys gotta do a show if you can, so awesome
I love you guys 😊😊😊 lots of love to you all alex. Heath. Zane. Dom. Mason. Lizza. David. Corrine. Gabby.
Zane Hill assisted on Alex Younts' goal tonight at Jacksonville. And he was recently voted team captain with Angel Morales. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
Man!! 12 years ago... (This still remains my favourite show of yours!) x
i love your vlogs! you guys are so funny and i love everyone in the vlogs, especially Alex ;)
I seem to remember he swallowed a fly during that interview and it flew back out of his mouth moments later. I'll have a look.
you did an interview with Jamie foxx on popworld and talked about his single 'unpredictable'. I remember it being hilarious but
or Alex will break all the furniture for David's vlog and you'll need a new and separate for you πŸ’™ly
Brent ozes sex. How did u keep ur hands off him? X
In other news, Alex Zane leaves me feeling somewhat... conflicted.
I haven't seen in over a year... This isn't normal
I'm still not over the fact that I met David, Zane, and Alex yesterday (:
where can I watch the whole show ? I can only find snipets on YouTube
Alex's jawline is sharper than my eyeliner will ever be.
When I die I want a Best Of compilation of my life, hosted by Alex Zane.
Luke Evans Event with Alex Zane,. at the Mondrian London Hotel via
Giant pandas, dragons and Alex Zane. premiere going on outside work
Alex Zane looks like someone asked Tim Burton to design a TV presenter.
Feel like I've gotten stupider watching the coverage on E! I'm on Sky Movies now but... Alex Zane. So swings and roundabouts.
Hey you're the best clip show voice over. You shud replace Alex Zane on Rude Tube. Anyway, is that granny show a series? I hope so
Meanwhile at . referred to me as a 'sartorial wizard' it has been captured!
A great interview by with David O Russell is currently on
having just seen it I totally agree with your positive review on the movie it stands up well with the best of the bunch.
I had a handshake with him too until his hands got sweaty then I was like nope
I was confused but now it makes sense
kiss, marry, and kill? 😈 πŸ˜‚three choices: Scotty, Alex, and Zane
If you were on a island alone, would you bring Alex, Zane, or Scotty?
. Are you still getting off on Alex Zane?
but if you're Alexa, you replace us... With Alex ZaneπŸ˜”
I doubt many will take part in the boycott. After all, Chris Rock is actually hosting it. Unless he drops out...
I hope this vid can brighten your day! :D thanks for checkin it out!
I enoy the coverage but obviously the boycotts will ruin the for the people who DO deserve recognition.
view on these boycotts? Could this action have an effect on these boycotters future movies?
suddenly remember I need to wash my hair and get a hair cut every time I see Alex Zane... :)
just waiting on your call lads im there!!! Awesome 4some
Catching up on E4 and last nights with
Only if its with Simon & Miquita, I still wake up in a sweat when I think about the Alex Zane & Alexa Chung version
I wonder if of is distantly related to Peter Pan... I swear to God the man has not aged in 10 years πŸ‘Œ
Is there anyone on this planet who likes Alex Zane?
That awkward moment when someone likes PDAs more than you do...
would enjoy you more on TV if you spoke normally - stop shouting very annoying
well of course it isn't. :) I bet your mullet was cooler. slightly cooler. ;)
the mullet was strong in me as a child. But no, that's not my family
didn't you once say that you had a mullet as a teenager? Or was that just a nightmare I was having?
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Tonight we celebrate the horror and hilarity of being a family! It's CLAN ANARCHY! 9pm
hey Hannah how r u 2day How r Tina Paul Bradley Rachel jo and jon love u all x
Watch 2 of my most amazing friends 2nite @ 9pm create the most ❀️ u
There's a Jack Whitehall-Alex Zane hybrid just been knocked out on Pointless.
If her singing career hadn't taken off she could have set up her own abattoir - Amy's Slaughterhouse
15 years since started. This is SO strange
My 2016 hopes are that Duncan Bannatyne falls down a manhole and Alex Zane dies of "unnatural causes".
When Zane and Alex lock me in the staff room πŸ™„πŸ˜’
I don't understand how Rudetube haven't replaced Alex Zane with someone decent.
I'm baffled as to how alex Zane got on telly
...why does Alex Zane still get work.
You probably already know but the trailer debuts tonight!!!
Alex Zane reviews Bradley Cooper's latest film and the other top releases this week
Alex Zane takes us through previews of some of the BEST that will be released around
Bag of poop (w/ Brandon Calvillo, Zane and Heath, Alex Ernst)
Electronic Device Insurance
making me laugh again. But I'm a huge movie fan. So do you get starstruck interviewing?
Good meeting you last night! I'll arrange for you to come down to for you fitness consultation! πŸ’ͺπŸΌπŸ˜‚
MOVIE PREVIEW SHOW presented by Alex Zane: This is the first of four Movie Shows that Your Local Guardian and ...
hey, great seeing you again tonight! Hopefully bump into you again soon.
Movie Preview Network with is here with their first festive countdown
"I've been here since 2007, I've seen some bad times, but to see this, it's truly unbelievable.". - Alex Gordon
Somebody get George Lamb and Alex Zane in the same building and leave the rest to me.
presents fantastic line up of films in our Countdown to Christmas pt 1
if u could have a meaningful relationship with a minion which one would it be? X
The moment you think you're special
First instalment of 's Movie Preview Show series is here Check this lovely lot out!
this is what happens when you try to recreate 'READY STEADY COOK' after a few drinks
The brilliant was in our studio filming new Movie Preview Shows. Not long to wait to see the 1st episode!
The longest tenured player Alex Gordon talks to about being a CHAMPION.
so uve had over 24 hours Zane, well whats the story? Where are all the zombie mice? X
Chiefs crush Lions in London, 45-10. Alex Smith throws for 145 yards and 2 TD, runs for another 78 yards and TD.
TOUCHDOWN CHIEFS. Jeremy Maclin from Alex Smith for the 17 yard score. KC dominating DET 38-3 in London.
Alex Smith to Jeremy Maclin for another Chiefs TD! Piling on now. Set up by a great De'Anthony Thomas punt return.
Good to hear Cheeky Pete & Dyson back on the air together. Just to finish. Ended well last time...
there's a premiere for fantastic beasts and where to find them next year, I think? If so, would you and host it again?
Alex Zane should be interviewing us for Rude Tube!!
Forgot to mention that Zane was Alex Turner today
Alex Gordon hits a single to drive in Salvador Perez! now trail 2-1.
Sorry you've been replaced as presenter by Beavis and Butthead!
Travi$ Scott told Zane Lowe he has new music coming in December
And the winner in the official Epic Random Public Zane contest is
Not sure if my dog dislikes Alex Zane. Or the cats. But she's growling...
Alex Zane just called The Godfather an unbearable film. Troglodyte.
Christopher Lee's lifetime of achievement warrants 50 words from that venerable journalistic icon Alex Zane.
theres a burger thats "off menu" pretty sure its called a monster. Either way your in for some artery blockin…
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Does anybody else cringe at how unfunny is on Rude Tube? Just...
I realise this probably constitutes "trolling" but what are you?
If you come to Argentina, you have a flat in Buenos Aires, to make a sluumberparty, obvs.
As the sun is out, and to get vitamin D should get his bum out. Lol
Bae gets the Big Prize! Amanda Cerny, The Gabbie Show, Zane and Heath (so Alex and meπŸ™ˆ)
From Cassetteboy taking on the News to playing the bagpipes, head over to now and join for
Aren't snuff films illegal? I'm sure Nicolas Cage made a film about it. Soon E4 will be having Alex Zane rounding up a top 100 of them.
Who's writing your jokes? Get. With. It. has great potential but you're epically failing.
Do I need to order 10lbs of hog nuts to cook up for our first free weekend after 2015 plant?
"I'm loving this train...I feel like a five year old kid!" - joins on the http…
See the highlights from our VIP launch event last night, hosted by
End up watching Sky Movies Specials on films I probably won't watch just because of although I'll watch because
you look so hot in (Have you been told this lots?!) sorry! He does look so like you in riding boots x
don't be a lemon, his hair is great! He wouldn't look like Alex Zane without it. If it were to go his fame would disappear
And Alex Zane. Oh boy I got it bad.
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looks like U stood on a box on special he's really that big?
Hello mate. How are you? Got a selection box for RudeTube if youre interested. Hope all is well. Nx
(ignoring the 'batch' bit with Google's force of course)
Wait! I was lost & so I turned to Google. It tells me: Attacking Blow up dolls & catchphrases..Sounds more like a Transformers 5?
good. But the sequel, The Imitation Game 2: The Batch is back, is rubbish
Watched Hangover 3 just before Speed...My sequel allowance is maxed out-for today at least...Thinking of The Imitation Game next?
I left it all hot and wore rubber gloves.
if you shut the breaker off that's not impressive. If you didn't shut it off you are not very bright...
Just watched Speed, after a very long time of a speedless time in my life... !! Am I allowed to love it? CAUSE I do. Team Keanu!
we are clearly talking about different films. Cusack got an Oscar for this
I stick two fingers up to films like that
I like the bit with the special effects and bad acting.
Watching the best out of date end of the world movie ever, yeah 2012
Would love Sir Alex to write another book and have a chapter about Wayne Rooney, his poor first touch, being overrated etc etc
c'mon...Connery's more than enough :)
I wish my future self could have warned me not to watch it-that's time I'll never ever get back 😩
If I was Neeson in Taken 4 I'd be like "keep em, Masterchef is on"
Have Conchita Wurst and Alex Zane ever been seen in the same room together?
Bronson was 73 in DW5. I think Neeson;s good for Taken 4, 5, 6, and possibly 7.
Taken has made Liam Neeson the new Bronson. He's the same character in EVERY movie now.
I want to feel every day how it feels to hear McConaughey say "Murph"
Watched it earlier. Maybe it's the chronic hangover, but I started to get a tad confused.
And he made two more Death Wishes after that one!
Yeah! I wonder how much the postage was on that! Remember, he had to wait for it to be sent to him in that New York slum!
Of course! The one with "Wildey!" For half the movie Bronson is building up the arrival of the big guest star - and it's his gun!
Jesus wer not on to crystal skull again are wee,was like a cartoon.they need to leave these films alone,although new
unacceptable. Gopher humour, the best
I'm down with that. Like Deathwish 3 is the best Deathwish
Blasphemy. Check out our podcast to see where you're going wrong ;)
,I'm not gettin salty,just think it's funny,that's cool u like skull,il stick with raiders.
Don't get salty over an opinion kid.
always thought yr favorite was The Last Crusade
if this is not a joke I won't be reading anymore of ure
am just about to watch the best Jaws movie, The Revenge.
That and The Phantom Menace are timeless classics
underrated. It should be a classic, it has aliens ffs.
Just watching the best Indiana Jones movie, Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull
.says there's plenty of fuel left in the tank for Furious 7
After Lowe and Malik, I only need Alex Zane to quit Rude Tube to win my Zane accumulator
Tv is actual brain numbing. Just watched that Rude Tube and literally given half the chance would strangle Alex Zane to death
Ffs shutup alex zane. You are anything BUT funny, and every comment you make destroys the cute cat videos you are babbling over. I hate u.
Alex Zane: "I'll go on record and say there isn't a bum note in the Die Hard series" - Really, Alex? REALLY?!
Although this Bruce Willis interview with Alex Zane is painful to watch. The location for this isn't helping either.
Get in the mood for the chats to Bruce Willis in our Die Hard Special - starting NOW on Sky Action.
same. O line just wasn't there. I could've pitched the ball a couple more times and plus Alex getting hurt
yes πŸ˜‚ Alex was showing me some pictures from it and it sparked my anger
I can honestly say I don't think there is anyone less funny than Alex Zane.
Wish I could jump through the screen and strangle Alex Zane
Nahh there needs to be a new presenter on Rude Tube Alex Zane is a *** πŸ˜‚
Rude Tube Welcome to 2015: Alex Zane explores the 100 most popular internet videos of the past 12 months in a ...
Oi Raja - just noticed you have yet to wish me a happy new Year!! What a disappointing start to 2015.. Well, Alex...
Join as we celebrate the Fearless & Foolish with a BRAND NEW Top 50 of great Internet stunts 9pm
i would pay Alex Zane just to meet josh and video the reaction.
Some of the clips on Rude Tube have me pissin bt Alex Zane annoys me so *** much
I would quite like Rude Tube if it wasn't for alex zane trying to be funny πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
Catching up on Rude Tube. Love this programme. Can't stand Alex Zane though, absolute bell
I caught Middle Earth: There And Back Again over Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed. Seldom seen a presenter have so much fun!
thats alex zane. I do believe, despite his feminine features, that he is a dude though
Loving the Peter Jackson interview with on Sky1HD. Makes me wanna have a L.O.T.R's Marathon now! 😍
Alex Zane is a disgrace of a human being wouldnt be surprised if he worked for the Lad Bible
Alex Zane still exists, let that sink in
If Alex zane can make it famous I have hope in life
Someone needs to tell Alex Zane he's not funny!
Watching and Alex Zane said "The Wolf of Wall Street won a barrel of Oscars" it never won any & he hosted the Oscar show to. Knob.
we weren't complaining either. Both are rather easy on the eye.
Alex Zane don't try and be funny just present the clips.
Anyone else think Alex Zane looks like Conchita Wurst?
I remember how an ex friend of ours used to rely on Alex Zane reviews in the fish and chips wrapping.
So spurs win. And Miranda last ever episode on tv!!! What a day to be alive! Just need Alex Zane to retire now!
Happy New Year and were celebrating with 100 clips tonight on with 10.30pm
I fancy Alex Zane loads and last year in art we had to research an artist that did work with Alex Zane and I swear I collapsed in tears
Token black. In a similar skit with Alex Zane he used the same thing - a token black, this was at a point
Alex Zane went on a year long racist bid to ostracise me and depict me as a modern day wench - my analogy of
I love how enthusiastic you are walking round Middle-earth x
ill just punch Zane in the face too
My name is Zane nice to meat you Alex 😜
it came do the point where I had to mute the show whenever I heard his voice. Can't watch it anymore
y is it that I love the show but can't do with is it the show that makes you be such a empty head or is it just you?!!
Well Done. You're Jeremy Beadle 25 years late. Have you got a dodgy hand?
Alex Zane must absolutely loath his entire existence what with hosting rudetube and that
Another little throwback.some of the brilliant people we got to perform alongside this year
It’s all cats and dogs for on on at 9pm
Why does Alex zane try to be funny on every clip on Rude Tube, he's an unfunny *** πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
See New Year Movie Preview Show at Alex Zane previews American Sniper, Birdman, Foxcatcher, Whiplash and much more!
Why has nobody thought of mashing up the bearded woman on with ?
Car unveil confirmed for today's proceedings by Alex Zane hosting the live stream.
Hi any news on when all The Hobbit stuff you were doing when we were in NZ is aired?
is there any thought of makings a Rude Tube yearly dvd like the rudest or top 100. Plz do it plz plz plz
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Who wants to hangout with me Alex and Lucas?
Update your maps at Navteq
saw ya at Groucho the other day ...nice Jacket Pal πŸ‘Œ
Don't know Nick Grimshaw, but I'd watch that just to see Alex Zane get eviscerated.
a thing i'd like to watch would be Nick Grimshaw (& also alex zane now i think about it) in a televised Running Man style gauntlet of death
Nicholas Hoult, Billie Piper, Douglas Booth, Ellie Bamber, Portia Freeman and Alex Zane join Hayden Kays at his new exhibition tonight.
Penguins of Madagascar in the running for one of the year’s funniest films, says
The new movie - watch the revelation as it happened at with
I've now been told (a young) Billy Zane and Alex Zane. All the Anglophone Greeks.
I miss Monday night comedy shows at Will these ever happen again?
I think Alex Zane is possibly my least favourite presenter, coming in a close second with Nick Grimshaw.
Alex Zane in Gothenburg: Three top dishes for a gourmet break
Alex Rodriguez has a painting of himself as a centaur hanging above his bed. // I NEED THIS!
"Benedict giving a man rub to Alex Zane. Benedict?
Can Alex show many more enthusiasm for ZANE!
We go to the Hobbit Premiere is there, we cover the Spectre announcement, there again, where there is a movie there is Alex Zane!
engaging in raucous banter with Alex Zane's re-animated corpse
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1st person to send me link of INTERVIEW w & Alex Zane falling out of his chair wins a print set http:/…
"Both the young ladies trying to catch Zane" - Alex Trebek
Bond 24 - The Announcement: Alex Zane made the short trip to Pinewood Studio...
Ah balls, Alex Zane has turned up. Could be time to turn this off.
That's pretty much what they did (with a lot of filler from Alex Zane)
So happy about the Bond announcement, but why did they have to ruin it with that absolute *** Alex Zane? 😷
Alex Zane? He is pretty, isn't he? He presents a few things in tele now and again but he does a lot of premiere stuff :)
Just walked past Alex zane in highgate
Hi Alex! Thanks for bringing us the press conference! Spectre: What d'you think of the title/casting? From another James.
Why was Alex Zane presenting the Bond announcement?!
A great night out Alex Girls go crazy for a ...cheers Huw perhaps some headshots …
Great show tonight at Exodus Premiere, too close to the flame? some new headshots? cheers Huw …
wow, an account just for that shirt! I'll check and let you know asap
Alex Zane is, at this moment, a walking metaphor for Quantum.
What dirt does Alex Zane have to be son heavily involved with Bond stuff?
The trending history of Alex Zane is interactively charted at UK
I do wonder what goes through someone's mind when they book Alex Zane for a job. "That guy. That's who I want. That is rig…
The in N19 has THREE guests for All Star Comedy on Thurs 18th. & plus
COMEDY FANS:We're back.The hilarious & me Β£3,Thurs18th,8.30
Every Girl Today Simone Shepherd, Zane and Heath forget alex from target
Happy Birthday my man. You're one of my day one friends and I love you. Hope you had a good dinner
I'm not a big fan of Alex Zane but he's the least detestable person in this interview, that's for sure
Remember not to mention either Steve Hall or Alex Zane. It's our secret.
Forgot how funny Alex Zane is on Balls of Steel πŸ˜‚
Alex Phillips is rockin that sobeys outfit *** girl
and I grabbing a chat about all things film with at tonight's event! 😁
saw you at Hobbiton, yelled your name, hope you had good old pint at the green dragon!
just saw your interview with Alex Zane! You are absolutely brilliant and I'm so excited for xxx
Seeing Interstellar this weekend? Be sure to watch our special, where chats to Christopher Nolan:
Pretty time with my boys got to tag along lolπŸ˜‚
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Watching Interstellar sky special but its spoiled by Alex Zane to much Hair & Teeth and cringing insincere interviews!
Alex Zane is one of them presenters that never quite made it
Alex, Zane, and Mitch...see Bungie does have a heart.
Can an internet mash up video make the world a better place?
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Pls sign & RT. It's too late to save AJ, but could save future babies
Bikes that are in films... We'd love you to take a look at our new infographic! We'd appreciate a RT! :)
it's a me sized door. Height wise luv not waistline x
I swear this *** dude has sex twice each episode. It reminds me of that time I accidentally watched one of Zane's shows.
Buy your tickets for Flirt! XMAS BALL ft Marvin Humes, Fleur and Alex Zane on
Awardwinning film 'ONE NIGHT IN BERLIN' out Nov 9th by UK Director
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