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Alex Wagner

Alex Wagner is a journalist based in the United States.

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No. What is up with Losing people like Tamron Hall, Alex Wagner..…
.drafted 3 future Pro Bowlers in Rounds 2-3 in the last 5 years, most in the NFL (Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner…
Who else thinks that CBS This Morning is much better with Alex Wagner on it? It's like a real news program.
So I don't want to do this but '16 OL:. Stanley- 1st Rd. Alex Lewis- 4th Rd. Marshall Yanda- 3rd Rd. Ric…
Great to have regulars back. Please invite Anthony Mason or Jeff Glor when replacements needed. Not Alex Wagner. Thanks.
Google Trips updated with new features, including support for bus and train reservations (Alex Wagner/Android and…
But Alex Wagner's bias shows in all of her reporting that she and her husband are frien…
B6: A solo home run for MSU stretches the deficit to 4-1. Alex Wagner takes over on the mound with two outs and the bases clear.
Alex Rodriguez dude. It's not close. (Also Honus Wagner and Ernie Banks).
Jack Wagner will sign his LOI to play baseball at Lincoln College Weds. May 3rd at 2:30pm in the PHS Gym foyer. All ar…
👏 Congratulations to Wagner and his men. 🙌 CONFIRMED, Huddersfield have secured a play-off spot.
ask Alex Wagner to stop screaming and inserting herself into every story or better yet bring back Vanita!
Please: No more Alex Wagner. She gushes at everything, including that human horror David Green. Her…
Alex Wagner. She's 40. She had a show on MSNBC, writes for The Atlantic, and was a W…
Alex Wagner is a terrible sub. Find someone else!
Oh the Siegfried comic by Alex Alice is gorgeous. It's based off Wagner's opera more than the myths tho.
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How is this different than Alex Wagner and her husband being friends with the Obama's?
Please join Wagner Realty in wishing Agent, Alex Morel a very Happy Birthday! Alex is located in our First...
Congratulations to Duncan athletes Alex Wagner and Ryan Lowney for being selected tor State games! Good Luck!
woman from Alex Wagner's story. That's what a sociopath does. The lesson is... Get a restraining order from Frank Ewing. DONE
entitled, "Well, Americans really really love Tacos: Political Value of Race in American Electoral Politics"? By Alex Wagner?
Alex Wagner, CBS news, please someone get the hair out of your face. You're too pretty to hide behind hair.
Tell Alex Wagner 'a twixt me lady'.
CBS This Morning hosts include this lady and Alex "Married to Obama's Former Chef" Wagner
Moreland and Bogaerts are the greatest duo I've witnessed on TV since Jean-Claude Van Damme played both Alex/Chad Wagner in Double Impact🤗
Last year, the Lions didn't have Theo, AA, Swanson and obviously Lang or Wagner. NY didn't have Jenkins and JPP.
"If you get good grades&work really hard, someday you can call Alex Jones a goat-kisser in the L.A. Times"(http…
Google may build an ad blocker into Chrome (Alex Wagner/Android and Me): Alex Wagner…
B8: Alex Wagner will come on for Kesson in the eighth.
Forgot to mention Alex Wagner yesterday. MSNBC you now look like Fox Lite. I know it hurts 2hear this but I…
lost its long ago. Around the time they started getting rid of Ed Shultz, Melissa Harris Perry, Alex Wagner,…
❤❤Anthony Mason he is amazing. Alex Wagner on the other hand is annoying. Her voice tone alone is to shrill for this show 😱
BEYOND impressed w/ CBS' Alex Wagner, who've I adopted as another 1 of my sisters, just was invited to join the EOB. So much to inspire us!
Alex Wagner is terrible, get kristine Johnson!
Wagner native Alex Kocer also earned All-American honors and will wrestle for 7th Saturday.
and Wagner native Alex Kocer making All-American status as well. Great day to
Wagner native and SDSU senior Alex Kocer becomes All-American at 149 pounds with a 4-2 win tonight at the NCAA wrestling championships.
Alex Koser the pride of Wagner secures All American status! Congrats young man!
So apparently in their top 101 FA's, had Riley Reiff AHEAD of Rick Wagner. So I guess the NFL analysts don't watch football.
Wagner loves a good excuse. "We had a player injured, maybe affected us." Nar mate, you just got battered. Give credit where it's due.
This freshman is the next Wes Anderson.
Alex is part of an outstanding wrestling family and the product of a powerhouse Wagner wrestling program.
Wagner Lopes, Ruy Ramos, Alex etc, and now Caio (who wants to play for JNT) they all played in Japan
saw Alex Wagner touting her interview w/ Beck earlier today. I do not get it. At all.
Glenn Beck defends Muslims in wake of new travel ban - Beck tells CBSN’s Alex Wagner, “We can’t go another year...
Alex Wagner's one-on-one with Glenn Beck: Alex Wagner interviewed radio host, former Fox host and founder of The……
ha! Yep, I've partied with him at the Polish embassy
Look what I got! Brady Wagner and Alex Ranney's autograph!
Come on that's decent. A lot is rape. It's what Alex Wagner showed me sure.
How do the Lions feel about C. Lucas now that Wagner is signed? Cutting him will free up 1.7M.
will take your word on that one. How do you feel about Rick Wagner's run vs. pass blocking? PFF also had pass better than run
The hidden history of American mass deportation [of Mexicans in 1920s & 1930s], by Alex Wagner.
You are ours Alex Wagner! Don't ever let anyone make you feel otherwise! 💕
Alex Wagner with a powerful takedown of Steve King's closed minded view of "American Civilization."
my heart rate after carrying a bag of mortar up 10 steps tells me I'm not in great condition either.
well your a freak of nature. Im out of shape and fat. I don't bend over to pick up a quarter.
that's funny. Being 6'5 was cool in high school. Nothing else. Nothing. I envy strong back 5'8inchers
Initial tests were inconclusive, but after about 8 we've discovered it does in fact help.
In I've spent the last few hours learning why you don't find many 6'5 flooring people
if only the'd get rid of Alex Wagner who brings him down
All the good ones are gone..Olbermann, Schultz, Alex Wagner, Melissa Perry. How sad Joe and Mika are there still.…
Would like to point out that got rid of Melissa Harris-Perry, Alex Wagner, Toure, Sharpton's daily program f…
Wow, MSNBC. First you marginalize hosts of color like like Mellisa Harris-Perry, Alex Wagner, and others. Now this.
. I mean he went to Martha Raddatz & Alex Wagner's wedding last year!. And those R the ones we know about!. He a Snake
Alex Wagner named co host of CBS this morning Saturday
just think Martin Bashir, Brian Williams, Campbell Brown,Alex Wagner, Melissa Harris Perry, Eliot Spitzer are all sitting this out
How did Kristen Welker & Stephanie Ruhle get hired over Ppl like Crystal Ball, Toure, & Alex Wagner. What's this network really abt?
Wagner didn't care about kids or tobacco branding. He wanted to get paid for it.
Ann Coulter is demon spawn. *** Chris?...Time to are a liability on MSNBC..give Alex Wagner the show..And hire back. Keith O
Alex Wagner, I don't like the side of you I saw today. You should join the alt right or Trump or something. Bye
all due respect Bloomberg Digging Alex Wagner! Mark and John are fabulous, but Alex is just too hot as well as very good! Alex Wagner just filling in right now or what? ? Cause she makes this horrible show way better. Keep her.
There was always a lot less to Alex Wagner than meets the eye.
"correct! Sam, You maintain control of the board, on the hunt for today's last daily double" - Alex Trebek
Alex Wagner is straight up Hillary hater. So glad when MSNBC dumped her. Looks like she's auditioning for CNN.
Every time I look at the screen (the sound is off) Alex Wagner is giggling. Has no one ever told her how awful that looks for a journalist?
not like ur not missed but Alex Wagner is exceptional &hits really sad she's not w MSNBC.SHES EXTREMELY SMART CHARISMATIC ETC
About time Alex Wagner wax on the show, Great!!!
We got Alex Wagner for another day on MSNBC. My pick to replace Stephanie Ruhlu. Just Dropped My Mic.
Wow Alex Wagner is the *** I always thought she was. I kept my mouth shut when you folks lionized her.
. IMAO, Alex Wagner and John Heilman (sp?) would be a great team for "With All Due Respect".
1/ Guys, love your pod. Listening to current one w/ Alex Wagner. As a native NY'er who grew up watching Trump show.
I wonder why all of admin leave Wagner lol, except Mrs. Mensi
So good 2C Alex Wagner on WADR... caught it by accident & so plzd 2C her! Think she might B on all week! woo-woo!!
Full Show: With All Due Respect (08/22/16) - John Heilemann and Alex Wagner are joined by Republican Congressma...
I will take Alex Wagner over Mark Halperin any day thank you.
Fred Davis III. He was snarky to the Democratic strategist, Liz, and to Alex Wagner on I thought.
MSNBC Alex Wagner:. "Trump's the System is Rigged Slogan will depress Turn out against him". Yep it will. This proves TRUMPY is a DUMMY
Seriously, u dumped 1 of the brightest Stars on ur Network, Alex Wagner, & gave us, OMG, OMG, bouncing in her seat, Stephanie Ruhle!
Please bring back Alex Wagner,Martin Bashir,Kieth Olbermann,Joy Reid,Ed Schultz,get my drift,shows was better with truth tellers.
MSNBC keeps having disgraced former Leftist talking head Alex Wagner on as a guest host, tonight on "All Due Respect" (No GOPer on show.)
OTOH, there's Alex Wagner, who is generally great.
Omg Alex Wagner! Do you even know what the Clinton Foundation does? Have you done ANY actual research? Obviously not. 🙄
No one but the right-wing cares about the Clinton Foundation, but Alex Wagner gleefully suggests that they do.
alex wagner is my fav. Nice to see her back on
woo-hoo! No Halperin tonight! It's Heilemann and Alex Wagner. We'll see if it's still unwatchable
Alex Wagner back on NSNBC. How can I say THANK YOU to MSNBC. Lock the doors and make sure she returns every day.
I love Alex Wagner but her voice is like nails on a chalkboard
Alex Wagner: the only people who care about candidate transparency are the media, not a big deal (since she has a "D" behind her name).
I wish Alex Wagner was still there.
MSNBC giving us a double dose of Stephanie Ruhlu today? Hope this does not become a trend. Where is Alex Wagner? Switching to CNN
Listen to Little Do You Know- Alex and Sierra OFFICIAL by Carilou99 on
22. When Wagner told Louis Walsh he would think about him on his death bed.
MSNBC going to have Sheinelle Jones host again. Winning Trio for them is Joy Reid, Sheinelle Jones and Alex Wagner.
Alex Gordon hit 8 home runs in his first 86 games this year. He has hit 5 in his last 5.
Use a reverse mortgage to buy a home?-   Over the years, celebrities such as Robert Wagner, Alex Trebek and Fred   10% Off
Everytime I go to Alex's I always end up wearing something new of his home😂😂
Alex Wagner: ‘Trust me Mr. Trump, women know what’s going on’
I also really liked Alex Wagner a lot. Not sure what happened there.
Keepin it 1600 is my favorite politics podcast.
Great teaching and encouragement from Todd and Alex Wagner this morning as they pour into our…
. Here's how poorly done Concha's reporting is, going back to the Alex Wagner article:
.and I basically caused the Manafort firing by talking about why he wasn't fired on the pod w/ https:…
Comon man. You're killing us here. What happened to all the great guests you used to have? Where's Krystal Ball and Alex Wagner?
Seriously? You gave up Alex Wagner to give us Stephanie Ruhle! Are u people on drugs?
It's time to bring back the truth tellers,Martin Bashir,Ed Schultz,Alex Wagner etc... at least they called out big Liar guest.
When he said it's a lie that Hillary helps poor people, I thought Alex Wagner was going to be sick.
Happy birthday to alumnae Alex Rivero (pictured with her little Tyler Wagner)! She is a member of the Beta Rho...
Alex Wagner on 'Meet the Press.' Good lord, no wonder she's off MSNBC. Straight dumb blonde propaganda, and she's not even blonde.
Zombie Wagner & Gill could be a new crime busting/ opera singing/ marble chiselling undead cop duo for Sunday nights on ITV4?
I just mounted mine too. I hope it doesn't resuscitate Wagner & Gill in the middle of the night 🐚❤️
Alex Wagner on Trump-Khan Battle: GOP Asked to Choose Between Parents of War Dead and Trump -
I found Alex Wagner verry attractive . I hope I'm not alone
Alex Wagner says Repubs have to pick between Trump & parents of war dead, a "tough choice." Not really. At all. For those w/ souls
that is not Alex Wagner... Which show is that from??
Alex Wagner having the most fun on a very exuberant This Week round-table.
"Being mean and being divisive and cutting people down is incredibly intoxicating, the more you do it the easier it is to do." -Alex Wagner
which begs the question, "does Alex Wagner have a brain" or is she a liberal robot programmed by the DNC?
Menno selects P Alex Wagner with their first pick.
Cornel West shouts and gets in the face of Alex Wagner. Is that OK and Progressive Cornel?
Just saw this woman on Real Time with Bill Maher. Alex Wagner, the senior editor of The…
Watching Cornel West and Bernie Frank talk ALL over this woman, Alex Wagner, on Bill Maher 😒😒😒😒
I miss the diversity MSNBC used to provide😞 Today was refreshing. Shout out to MHP Alex Wagner, & Goldie
You can’t put folks like Alex Wagner and dweeb lord twerp Matt Welch with a God like dr. Cornell West
When Alex Wagner is the intelligent voice and the one of reason.. you wonder why they fired her at MSNBC
Great job by Barney Frank & Alex Wagner of shutting down BorB movement on
I wanted to hear way more from Alex Wagner and way less of Cornel West. He makes no sense now.
brought out the big guns tonight. Bernie, Barney, Cornell and Alex Wagner. Respect.
I fell asleep and I ended up Alex Wagner's hubby. Oh, how I love falling asleep.
Thanks to Alex Wagner for pointing us to this revealing piece.
Alex Wagner has "REAL" beauty.. little makeup trying.. wake up to that face everyday type beauty. lucky husband
Watched it. Cornel West never really counters Alex Wagner from the Atlantic or the guy from Reason. Why.
Easily the best Bill Maher in awhile. Alex Wagner, Bernie Sanders, Cornel West, Barney Frank, Matt Welsh
Yo Alex Wagner Yes Killary did say "we came we saw he died" know what the *** you are talking about before you tell Dr West he is wrong
Bill Maher to Cornel West and Barney Frank talking over Alex Wagner: "Could you two liberal icons let the woman speak?".
This is another totally unwatchable .Alex Wagner is being wasted. Choose better panels .
Bill Maher RIP SNORTER! GREAT. LIBERALS ripping every which way. Loving it. Finally, going for it! Cornel West piece of work.Alex Wagner !
cornel please stop talking. If i was alex wagner i would walk out
This Alex Wagner on Bill Maher is cute as a button who is she?
Alex Wagner, you can actually challenge Cornel West in some of his more extreme statements. Please.
Seeing Cornel West invading Alex Wagner's space on gives his ramblings on Hillary a somewhat sexist undertone.
Alex Wagner is the smartest one in the room tonight
Me too! So nice to have some balance to Alex Wagner and Barney Frank.
Alex Wagner - that was a tribute for the Orlando victims
Peter Alexander, really? What a disappointment. What about Alex Wagner?
I'm a little mystified that MSNBC would cancel Alex Wagner's show, then have Chris Hayes do it, but I like it.
Alex Wagner leaves MSNBC for The Atlantic Good for her. MSNBC has become a Joke and Worthless for R…
Msnbc please fire Michael Steele. He should be unemployed bring back Alex Wagner
BOYS LAX: Bishop Shanahan's Alex Wagner had 6 goals tonight. Now up to 189 for career. Moved up to 7th all-time in PA (Ryan Ambler, 186).
true for sure...they marginalized Joy Reid, Alex Wagner, MHP.and I can stomach MJ lune-up of spine...
Tyler Wagner’s been outstanding in this series. 2 appearances, 6IP, 4 hits, zero walks. Tremendous job by the long…
I am Alex St. John's Daughter, here is why he is wrong about women in tech.
We appreciate all of love, thank you Alex!
don't they still have Alex Wagner on from time to time, or is she completely gone too?
“Where did you go Alex Wagner?”/We miss you! Adept analysis, wicked smart woman! Pls RT
Chris Hayes should be replaced with Alex Wagner.
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In watching their little showtime doc, I noticed they have liberal *** Alex Wagner tagging along w him. I should have known then!
T5: Nothing doing for the Rockets. Alex Wagner will head out for the fifth. 🚀 0⃣, 〽️ 0⃣
They cancelled, Alex Wagner, the Ed show,& MHP. If they cancel & the sellout will be complete.
CONFIRMED: defender Michael Hefele will join from on 1 July 2016 (DTS) https…
BOYS LAX: Bishop Shanahan 15, Kennett 3. Alex Wagner had 4 goals and 3 assists for Eagles. Has 183 career goals. Now 8th all-time in PA.
Martin Bashir,Ed Schultz,Joy Reid,Al Shapton,Keith Olb. Alex Wagner Karen Finney, Way better line up folks, It's messed up now.
BOYS LAX: Bishop Shanahan 15, Cardinal O'Hara 1. Alex Wagner had 5 goals and an assist and Connor Heisman had 4 goals and 4…
BOYS LAX: With a goal today, Alex Wagner will move into a tie for 8th on the PA All-Time list w/ 180.
Alex Wagner broke . school record for goals SAT at State College - now has 179 after getting 5 today http…
OMG!Big mistake MSNBC/COMCAST Messed up big time when they got rid of Alex Wagner and Martin Bashir,Kieth O. Joy R. Ed S. Al S.
BOYS LAX: Bishop Shanahan 8, Radnor 7. Alex Wagner had 4 goals and assist for Eagles. and Sam Goforth had 2 goals.
T7: Riley Campbell picks up his third RBI. Alex Wagner will pitch the seventh. 🛩 1⃣2⃣, 🚀 5⃣
MSNBC has no room for Alex Wagner, Melissa Harris-Perry or Jose Diaz-Balart, but welcomes trickster Rick Tyler with open arms
There WILL be a new network & shows for you, Alex Wagner, Rev Al, Ed Shultz, & other progressives, b/c ppl want one! Patience.
Don't forget Alex Wagner, Ed Shultz, it's not only a question of color but also one of Liberalism
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Think about it - has been treating WOC as disposable. Cancelling MHP, Joy Ann Reid, Alex Wagner & Karen Finney's shows
Lots of shuffling at MSNBC in the last year: Ronan Farrow, Joy-Ann Reid, Al Sharpton, Ed Schultz, Alex Wagner, Touré, Melissa Harris-Perry..
.has jettisoned People of Color from the network: Melissa Harris,Joy Reid,Karen Finney, Martin Bashir, Rev Al,Alex Wagner
MSNBC has vanilla'd up the place...Joy Reid, Toure', Al (good or bad), Alex Wagner and Melissa Harris surprise
I wonder if that Alex Wagner weekend show is still in the works...
. Andrea Mitchell's report always makes me want to change the channel. Enough, already! Alex Wagner, Joy Reid. Much better.
If isn't on then they shouldn't air the show. Melissa Harris-Perry is no Alex Wagner. She isn't even Ari.
I'd rather see Alex Wagner or Natalie Morales. Someone who doesn't have to read everything from a teleprompter
Need more Ari, Joy Reid, Toure, and Alex Wagner and of course Craig Melvin. The rest is same ole same ole. boring.especially Chuck
Alex Wagner who is replacing Steve will be an able replacement. She's a non-Fox type. A brainy classy lady.
Craig Ferguson then Jon Stewart, Alex Wagner and you. My TV has become entirely brainless.. I miss you all.
I turned on MSNBC one day expecting to find Alex Wagner and instead found nepotism boy boring Luke Russert droning on Had a great siesta nap
Steve Kornacki should take over for Chris Mathews and Alex Wagner should take over for Lawrence O'Donnell
Sh a wants to be newsworthy, Alex Wagner, sArah Kauffman, but Steve won't give her the day of the time, just fills up her cup
Confederate Joe was t/for Ed Schultz,Alex Wagner,Joy Ann Reid,Ronan Farrow&t/next1Andy will @ Joes'behest is,Rev.Al
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Wagner's saying how quickly Alex Anthopoulos makes trades, and how Norris didn't know anything about the Price trade until the next morning
New Android Wear update adds interactive watch faces and Google Translate (Alex Wagner/Android and Me)
I really miss the Cycle. And Now w/ Alex Wagner. Not sure why the shows w/ a younger feel played so early in the day
Ethan Phillips rated number 3 best hitter in U.S. LLWS, Cole Wagner number 2 best pitcher in U.S. LLWS
Yet disturbingly something to ponder. Where is Joy Reid?Alex Wagner?Not passive enough for Joe?Too smart for Mika?
On at 11.30am Alex talks to and to writer John Wagner
Hillary doesn't understand. She thinks "anchor babies" are kids of people like George Stuffinenvelopes and Scott Pelle and Alex Wagner
Alex Wagner gone, Joy Reid gone, Chrstal Ball gone. Did they miss the memo to act like THIS?
.i don't get it. WTH is UP w Where is Alex Wagner?. Ed Schultz, Bashir? . What did I miss?
MSNBC canceled The Cycle, Alex Wagner and The Edshow and their ratings still have not improved. They're still in 3rd place.
To MS NBC: my prayer is that you put back on the cycle, Alex Wagner, The Ed show back on television please.
They cancelled it along with Alex Wagner and The Cycle about a week ago.
We want Ed Schultz and Alex Wagner back. It totally *** without them.
"Iran deal quietly picks up some GOP backers" via
Samantha Wagner of logged 185+ hours of research while Alex Meyer of shadowed an orthopedic …
Karen Finney, Joy Reid, Krystal Ball, and now Alex Wagner? Thats it MSNBC, I am outta here, watch out CNN here I come...
MSNBC’s Alex Wagner curses during final show [video]: As we previously reported, MSNBC cancelled three of thei...
Podcast for America!: No More Fire Metaphors with David Axelrod: Mark Leibovich and Alex Wagner welcome their ...
Please replace Mika with Alex Wagner!! Mika is mean/snippy/contributes nothing to the broadcast except "What do u think Joe?"
read that Now With Alex Wagner is being canceled would ask for yall to move Alex back to her original time slot of 12E/11C.
AMEN!!!. And I loved Alex Wagner's Spirit! Not always agreed with her - but she tried to be fair... SAD Network!
tell your bosses your faithful fans want your show NOW WITH ALEX WAGNER moved back to 12E/11C time slot
Take a look at some of the extremist groups behind the recent anti-abortion videos.
I really like Chris too...and Alex Wagner.
Congrats to '15 1st Tm All-GMC pitcher Alex Wagner on recent commitment to Mount Saint Joe! http:…
Ed Schultz and Alex Wagner says that MSNBC is censoring their liberal viewers, and they claim Chuck Todd is really catering to Republicans.
Where is Milissa? Are you kicking Melissa to the curb, also? Along with Alex Wagner and Chris Hayes? You'll lose viewers then, many
They're firing Ed Schultz, The Cycle and Alex Wagner rumors are Hayes next 2 go. But he was just nominated for 2 emmy's
OnePlus 2 pre-launch buildup continues with app release and reservation list opening (Alex Wagner/Android and Me)
Big shake up coming at This report says The Cycle, Now with Alex Wagner & The Ed Show are being cancelled...
oh and Alex Wagner-she should be on Today Show she reminds me of Couric
MSNBC cancels Alex Wagner, Ed Schultz, and The Cycle. It's a good day in America.
I liked Alex Wagner quite a bit, but is my favorite.
They're killing The Cycle, Alex Wagner, Ed Schultz and Al Sharpton's shows. They're going RWNJ!
Rumor has it they are firing Ed, Al, Alex Wagner, and the Cycle crew, and giving Chuckles a daily show. Rumor.
I'm not watching w/o Alex Wagner. I've lost my liberal sanctuary.
Alex Wagner has a beautiful command of the English language .Please keep her
They're also cancelling Now w/ Alex Wagner and The Cycle. I'll really miss watching :(. Chuck has no business at MSNBC
Alex Wagner , Chris Hayes must stay ! Glad about Chucks new show
I'm upset! was the best news show to keep us informed on important issues.
Alex Wagner. Like her for her looks, love her for her brain.
is pulling the liberal shows. Also gone is The Cycle and Now with Alex Wagner. Where will we get our libe…
the cycle , Alex Wagner and Schultz all done
takes hard right with by giving a show 2 replace Ed Schultz, Alex Wagner, & Cycle. An audience will be non-existent.
Yes they r!! Eye candy 4guys is her strongest asset 4this show. Would LOVE to see Alex Wagner instead. FIREWORKS!!
Hamilton Collection
Ed, Alex Wagner, giving Chunk Todd Ed's time slot. Reports Al, Hayes and Lawrence on chopping block too and maybe Matthews
They cancelled the Cycle and Alex Wagner. Chris Hayes will be next
MSNBC again thank you Jesus Alex Wagner think she is the smooth operator her husband left the White House as s*** as she leaves MSNBC
Put Alex Wagner on Meet The Press, she'd do what Tim Russert did and make politicians answer for past statements.
In addition to Schultz’s show, "The Cycle" and "Now with Alex Wagner" are also being canceled, the Mediaite report states.
Nah, they're busy promoting GOP agenda, cxing Ed Schultz and Alex Wagner and becoming Fox Lite.
MNNBC will Out: The Cycle at 3:00 PM. Now with Alex Wagner at 4:00 PM. The Ed Show with Ed Schultz at 5:00 PM (all times eastern
True: Alex Wagner, too - but in the distinct minority there on that...
Cancelling Ed, The Cycle, Alex Wagner to put on more of this turd! Keeping Joe Scaborough!
Mr Steele: Is it fair for Alex Wagner to insult Rick Perry's vocabulary like she just did on her show? Jeez, it is just rude
watch at 4pm to see VP of Comm. Jess McIntosh talk with Alex Wagner about a wide range of topics!
I love my girlfriend but I have a huge crush on Alex Wagner
Andrea Mitchell: ‘Stand up for yourself’: NBC's Andrea Mitchell and msnbc's Alex Wagner discuss chall...
Ironic after 1929, Nazism began to more fully evolve? Is it Alex Wagner? Who sold steel to Hitler's industrialists? Mass production lines
just spoke about on Now with Alex Wagner. "I met women in their 20's-60's doing great things." Thx Ms. Reid!
It hit me recently about how much I really miss seeing and the rest of the Wagner family!
A-Rod to be tested more following suspension: New York Yankees infielder Alex Rodriguez is subject ...
Ari Melber had to apologize after a Now w/ Alex Wagner guest insinuated that country music was all abt going out and killing Muslims
Android 5.1 build LMY47I factory images now live for Nexus 6, Nexus 5 (Alex Wagner/Android and Me)
you know MSNBC's Alex Wagner married the head of Michelle's Let's Move program, right?
Still says Now with Alex Wagner on masthead.
The past is not dead. The past is not even the past. . -Alex Wagner
Night falls on aircraft search and recovery
Great move by to find Alex Wagner for a Shanahan goal in the 3rd. Play of the game
Harbaugh said target date for Rick Wagner's return is training camp.
What a move by Sam Goforth to find Alex Wagner to extend the Shanahan lead. Wagner had 59 goals in 2014. 1st in 2015. Eagles up 4-1 1:27 3Q.
and clearly, Chaffetz will have to subpoena Mr. Alex Wagner RTI’m naming the White House florist controversy daffodilgate
Now with Alex Wagner - actually get fraternity members to discuss wether they should be banned not just people that never where in
Dude subbing for Alex Wagner humble brags that “my university, Columbia” releasing its rape report this week. Just FYI—he went to COLUMBIA!
I can usually find his segments that he appears on except for when he is on Now With Alex Wagner though.
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Ronan's been on his same network appearing on Morning Joe, Now With Alex Wagner, Reporter's Notebook, Jose Diaz-Balart😊
When Ms. Wagner says "Stop Alex, you're like 10 years old" He kept flirting -.-
In 1905, Louisville Slugger signed its first endorser, Honus Wagner. It sold his signature bat in stores
No one likes the snow, but if we kept dodging snow all winter hate to see that pattern carry over to summer
Check out the Android 5.1 changelog for Motorola’s Moto X (2nd Gen.) (Alex Wagner/Android and Me)
change in deficit from 1st to last year as percentage of GDP: Reagan +.2%; GHWB +1.1%; Clinton -5%; GWB +11%; Obama -7.5%…
Heartbroken foster mum pays tribute to Alex Wagner after tragedy (From Gazette)
Sadly, police searching for missing Alex Wagner from have found a body. The search has been suspended
Alex Wagner finishing the bike leg in his ever popular baggies
“But I love my friends for coming today💕” Ya did good fella💖💖
“But I love my friends for coming today💕” Ilysm anything for my Peña 😘💙
“Netanyahu’s commitment 2 Palestinian state has always only been rhetorical"-me.
“Netanyahu’s commitment to a Palestinian state has always been conditional"-
Chris Fisher, Alex Wagner and Tim Deane just finished in 10h05
Must!With conductor RTStefan will direct the new starting …
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Chuck Todd is an ultra leftist partisan who's credibility as a legitimate newsman is on par with loons like Ed Schultz and Alex Wagner.
Is fracking America's promise or poison?
you finally realized that Ed Schultz is a fat blowhard? And that Alex Wagner needs a good smack to the face?
Our John Ferro and Alex Wagner met with Mike Tyson and Riddick Bowe Friday. Videos, photos, story
. Your spot with Alex Wagner was adorable.☺️
awkward interview with Alex Wagner just finished. He came off snippy and unlikeable. Alex just wanted it light & fun.
Great way to spend time with Alex Wagner on any day of the week. Watching NOW now!
For SB 50, ditch the team bus for good karma. Conversation With Uber Driver Gave Malcolm Butler Super Bowl Confidence htt…
S/O to my top Euchre players: Alex Boffo, Dylan Greenberg, Nathan Reeder, Aditya Singh, Ben Iten, Jack Reese, Colin Shiels, and John Miller
But alex Wagner got me want to listen to some becky g and do her thing doing her Otis Gomez knows the scene
Speechless deplete it, shake it mariah and break it off, irin carmon k it's how to feel it, alex Wagner with the pressure work it out
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