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Alex Vlahos

Alexander Vlahos (born 30 July 1988) is a Welsh actor best known for playing Mordred in the BBC One television series Merlin, and for his role in The Indian Doctor as Tom Evans.

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they organized one with Alex Vlahos,in France, so i sugested tht one with Colin Morgan would be amazing, we were talking abt...
Refugee Boy by Benjamin Zephaniah, read by the adorable Alex Vlahos & his fantastic voice.
George Blagden being the most accurate representation of us all when looking at Alex Vlahos
You can still win this signed pic of Alex Vlahos if U enter the giveaway contest! Bonne chance!…
Arthur Schnitzler’s brilliant classic La Ronde & you get to see Alex Vlahos what's not to like? +@ http…
airs Saturdays on Here's our interview with Alex Vlahos, who plays Philippe
"True love overrides all in the end." Alex Vlahos on the relationship
Alex Vlahos (on Philippe & - characters with dramatic flair https:…
oh and Dorian is played by Alex Vlahos who is...I love him to the ends of the earth. It's all audio, mind you. His voice is
I was mentally healthy before knowing Alexander Vlahos. now I'm not anymore. 😇😂💙. Thanks Alex 😎
📷 sexualphil: Alex Vlahos talking about killing Arthur on Merlin’s final episode.
alex vlahos? That reminds me, u should watch versailles with me
and Alex vlahos too. SO PRETTY. but so BAD.
I'm enjoying Merlin so much more the second time round! Still gotta wait until season 5 for Alex Vlahos to make an appearance though. Bae. ❤
When i watch "merlin" at syfy and i saw i say to myself "wow are u sure that is alex vlahos there? He is so different in
Quote is by Alex Vlahos from the latest interview
My 3 favorite Men in the whole world! Osric Chau & Tom Hiddleston & Alex Vlahos!
Only on KRON 4: Brother of man lost in the Sierra talks to KRON 4: After flying all day, Alex Vlahos found out that…
Check out "The Rookie Report" for a glimpse into the lives of our first year players! First up: Alex Vlahos.
Also, I could have reached out and touched Richard Coyle, Alex Kingston, Alex Vlahos, among others. was pretty fu…
Mark Gatiss but the camera failed, Alex Vlahos, Anthony Head and Kai Owen
((But to say I've met celebrities is so cool. Like, I've met Alex Vlahos, Anthony Head and Colin Baker and it's so cool))
Alex Vlahos isn't just a cutie he's like a mega cutie
remember in may when I met holland roden and alex vlahos and Tom Hopper
Help... I've fallen into the Alex Vlahos tag in tumblr and I can't get out...
Every picture of alex vlahos is a good picture how even
santa-not-satan: People who hate Alex Vlahos just because he played Mordred.
The fact that may gran can tell I’m talking about Alex Vlahos when I haven’t even said his name shows I...
Just had semi-awesome dream. I was working in a craft shop with Alex Vlahos and Claire Danes came in as a customer!!
This week's contest winner goes to WILL PECKHAM who got the Alex Vlahos love fest started. Will, inbox us with your shipping information and we will get that VC Spot Sub Jersey on its way!
I'm gonna see Alex Vlahos and Iain Glen live on the same night ohmygod
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Interviewer: "Do you think it [Merlin] might come back in any form? There's always a talk about Merlin the movie... Will there be one?" Alex Vlahos: "It's one of the questions I can't answer. Because it's... It's Colin's show, really (and Johnny and Julian's). You couldn't do the show without him. You couldn't. So, if he said no, then it's always going to be a no, I think."
Parent!Lock is one of my favourite things. I've never seen it with a girl though, only ever Asa Butterfield and Alex Vlahos.
Me and will be meeting Billie Piper, Hannah Spearritt, Alex Vlahos, Noel Clarke, Paul McGann and more :3
Alex Vlahos is currently co-writing on Dorian Gray for a NYE special
on my fb? yes, I met Alex Vlahos, Eoin MacKen and Tom Hopper last November! :D
Actually I read 3 different dates when exactly Macbeth with Alex Vlahos will start... Everybody okay with trending him on 3rd July? :) -A
My mom had a dream about my brother and Alex Vlahos xD
And Hugh walked in and we were all hidden and then Alex Vlahos' cat was with Hugh and Hugh was cuddling the cat and it was adorable.
Part 1 of interview with Alex Vlahos (is now live! We talk Merlin, Doctor Who, Dorian Gray & more:
hi, random, but I'm writing up an interview w/Alex Vlahos & we talk abt your music. Where should I link: Soundcloud or Bandcamp?
STILL loving your running Merlin commentary! I think we all just kinda forgave them cuz Alex Vlahos is so *** lovable, lol.
Asa Butterfield was such a good Mordred but I do love Alex Vlahos
wot meeting Alex Vlahos, Anthony Head and Kai Owen in September let's just hope they don't cancel
Oh... I was in the same pub as Alex Vlahos for 2 hours but was too busy to say hello
I got Colin Morgan, Alex Vlahos & Eoin MacKen. Can't I just marry them all?! Snog:Eoin, Marry: Colin(I'll always choose you babe)Avoid:Alex!
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I just really want greg james or alex vlahos to be the next doctor please
wait, what's this about Alex Vlahos and Dorian Gray?
I'm not sure, but I'd love for Alex Vlahos (the actor that played Mordred in Merlin) to be the next doctor! What about you? :D
Remember when Alex Vlahos left his location on and people found his address lolol
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I want to meet everyone from all my favourite TV shows and films, but I'm meeting Alex Vlahos and Anthony Head in September
Okay so I want everyone's thoughts on who will best replace Matt Smith? Personally I'd like Alex Vlahos or Oliver Coopersmith but they're probably too young and gorgeous :3 ~ Madame Vastra
Whovians! Who would you like to see as the 12th Doctor? After a lot of thinking, I've decided I'd like to see either of the following in the role: -Alex Vlahos -Harry Lloyd -Ben Whishaw ~LadyOfCamelot
I'm bummed Smith is leaving Doctor Who, but if I were going to choose the next Doctor, I root for Alex Vlahos or Colin Morgan!!
seeming Orlando Bloom is married, Alex Vlahos is taken, Taylor Lautner lives in the US and i don't stand a chance with Dan Radcliffe can i..
Alex Vlahos answering my ? about his Dorian Gray series which we featured! Video: Article:
It's less cute since I'm not Matt Smith, alex vlahos or an asian girl! ✌
I just found this pic of Alex Vlahos who played Mordred in He's so beautiful omg, I wanna marry him.
There was a rumor that Alex Vlahos was going to be in it to. *joins you in sobbing*
I can always give Alex Vlahos some details about my bed's address. And yes, that's an invitation.
I hope its Alex Vlahos next but I really don't want matt to go!
Ok yes I'm sorry but Alex Vlahos would make such a good 12th doctor bye
Alex Vlahos is so cute and hot at the same time
Only Alex Vlahos could make me feel sympathetic for a traffic light
WHAT. Which Alex Vlahos one?! I am so entering that. The amount of love I have for him is slightly ridiculous :')
I doubt I will tbh :p I wanna win the Alex Vlahos one, I'd actually die if I did, like I would cry for hours xD
aww!! Yeah, he looks a lil like Alex Vlahos :P
On face time with and she shows me the dance teacher (who looks a lil bit like Alex Vlahos) and a girl. Casually in my pjs...
All of the above plus Alex Vlahos, ALL the StarKid guys, Tom Hiddles and lots of others I can't be bothered to name.
oh yeah, me too! I'd cry like when I met Alex Vlahos, Eoin MacKen and Rupert Young! I sobbed
I'm going to make a fan book for Alex Vlahos, if you want me to add a message or anything from you guys let me know :)
...and Alex Vlahos and it was so AWESOME! But then my mum called me and woke me up -_-
Congratulations to Alex (Chef) Vlahos, winner of this week's Senior Challenge Raffle!! This week, PC-Secure Hot...
Gaah I love people who love alex vlahos/mordred/mr gray!x
I am entering Star Caller for Alex Vlahos!!! you have been warned.
Using Alex Vlahos' gorgeous eyes as observation on my knight painting for my art exam, hope he wouldnt mind
Photo: minghella: The Welsh actor Alex Vlahos who is best known for playing Mordred in the BBC One...
for the love of god i just realised the confusion. Alex vlahos and alex oakley r 2 different ppl
Who are your favourite actors and actresses? — Colin Morgan, Alex Vlahos, Eoin MacKen, Bradley James, Katie McGr...
Ah, comic con was so good today. And meeting Alex Vlahos, Rupert Young and Eoin MacKen was wonderful. They were so lovely :')
2 days until I meet Alex Vlahos, Rupert Young and Eoin MacKen, this is unreal
'Alex Vlahos.' Doesn't sound right. It has to be 'Alexander Vlahos.'
My god, Alex Vlahos' eyes are crazy beautiful. Just thought I would share this little fact
Alex Vlahos is the best I feel like I'm his friend
I had a dream that I went to comic con in my costume and Alex vlahos actually thought I was merlin. Thanks for that sub-concious
yes I WANTED TO SEE THAT STUPID HORROR FILM FOR HIM and alex vlahos but i am not going to bc HORROR lmao. + his one ep in ripper st
When we'll see amazing Alex Vlahos playing in one of Shakespeare's masterpieces?
isn't amazed by Alex Vlahos' talent.
you have a great taste in music & almost resemble Christian Coulson, Bradley James, Colin Morgan, & Alex Vlahos. :P
Check out our interview with Alex Vlahos of
Okay I need someone to come to MCM in Birmingham with me so that I can meet Alex Vlahos and my life will be complete.
Alex Vlahos as Mordred, drawn by me :D
I really hate Mordred, but I love Alex Vlahos, just me?
Alex Vlahos is so amazing and seemingly perfect I just
Colin,Benedict Cumberbatch,Martin Freeman and Alex Vlahos are 4 of my favourite actors!I'm a fan Katie and Anne Hathaway's
I saw the fox,it reminded me of Alex and so I had to post this.Tell me you also see it ;)
ok how perfect is alex vlahos' welsh accent I mean come on
The producer, Julian Murphy, and Alex Vlahos (Mordred) said that it is a love story between two men, Arthur and Merlin.
Alex Vlahos is the most adorable human being btw.
My header is now Alex u r perfect mr Vlahos
The evil guy in Ripper Street was the psycho in Truth or Dare with Alex Vlahos ... just fyi
The guy that plays Seppius could totally be Alex Vlahos' brother.
I also need more Alex Vlahos on my tv. It seems to be lacking perfection.
Alex Vlahos I have issues with your perfection
mum just asked me why Alex Vlahos is going to comic con because he's not a comedian   10% Off
It would be interesting if they had Alex Vlahos in it.
Alex Vlahos is such a cutie and I know I say this regularly but it's very true
I am blogging Alex Vlahos and Merlin stuff like it's my job. Feel free to not follow me there:D
I wish my dream was real - that was the best pizza ever ... oh and Alex Vlahos was with me!
I had a dream last night that me and Alex Vlahos sat and ate pizza together whilst discussing comic con how about it ?
So I've just worked out that both Alex Vlahos and Matt Smith use peace signs when they have pictures taken. What is air?
I think its fair to say I NEED to go to this comic con to meet eoin, rupert, andrew, alex vlahos etc etc
prayer circle for Alex Vlahos as the 12th doctor
Freaking out a little because Alex Vlahos said my name on Merlin. Even though it was for a character... idc.
I just saw your name on our Alex page on fb♥It's an honour!I'd love to have u here whenever you wish♥
KickThePJ reminds me of Alex Vlahos so much
If anyone has any good pics of Stana, Nathan, Bradley James, Colin Morgan or Alex Vlahos, can you please send them to me?? :)
Confession of a Merlin fan: crush changes from Colin Morgan to Bradley James to Alex Vlahos -.-"
Question - Do you prefer Alex Vlahos as Mordred, or Asa Butterfield? ~Becca
I sort of want to do some sort of circus au w Merlin/Mordred bc Alex Vlahos said c
I don't know who is better: Alex Vlahos, Tom Hopper, Eoin MacKen or Rupert Young. Love the knights of Camelot ❤
forget Josh Hutcherson and Alex Vlahos, this is sex on legs (with wet hair).
I have no idea about american actors! I see Alex Vlahos as Gus, but I don't think anyone else does xD what about you?
if you love Alex Vlahos, Benedict Cumberbatch, Colin Morgan and are a massive MerWhoLocker :) (Let's see how many RT's this gets!)
"each of the actors brings some of their own flair into the show ... who could hate Mordred with a face as adorable as Alex Vlahos" i had to
Alex Vlahos speaking fluent Welsh. Kill me now.
Is it weird that I watch the Merlin series 5 bloopers everyday coz I want the listen to Alex Vlahos' laugh? No? No.
Googling pictures of Alex Vlahos instead of starting essays ye
Friendly reminder guys: I've been in the same room as Martin freeman, Bradley James, Colin Morgan, Alex Vlahos AH
I think Alex Vlahos loves cats almost as much as me, his cat is called Dr. Watson how more amazing can you get?
The cutest thing about Alex Vlahos is how much he loves cats aw.
Totally just saw an -esque jumper in the guy section of Forever 21. Oh Alex Vlahos and your absurdly delightful selections.
I wish I could reach into my screen and pull Alex Vlahos' cheeks when I see his picture. Why does he have to be so cute?
Ever feeling down? Just look up Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Alex Vlahos. Your mood will lift dramatically.
howiswaldo: Alexander Vlahos for the next Doctor alex for the next king of camelot alex for the next hobbit t…
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Aw. i want one. It can be my sherlock to Alex Vlahos' Dr.Watson
Yeah I love Colin Morgan too and Alex Vlahos!x
Alex Vlahos speaks welsh...YAY (also makes me feel sbwriel because my welsh is terrible!
Debatin w/ as to whos better behaved at award events: Joey Richter or Alex Vlahos? Close call! Constructive morning chat :)
Ep2 is on in 2hours - in the mean time, have a read of my interview with the guys at
Now Merwholock MUST happen! Steven Moffat and Alex Vlahos, like my life-ruiners have come together to laugh about it.
body just goes into spasm when I see alex vlahos sorry not sorry he's just pERFECT
So many people have met Alex Vlahos at ColdCon and when I see their icons with them in, it just makes me so happy man idk
Did alex vlahos audition for the role of the doctor?uhm someone please answer,i'm confused
I thought I saw someone over my shoulder and jumped. It's a picture of Alex Vlahos. Now I feel dumb.
Just read a comment on an article accusing Alex Vlahos of being paid to defend the show? Ever thought he might just have his own opinion?!
Alex Vlahos's girlfriend. She's actually really sweet and beautiful
On the Merlin Set: Interview with Alexander Vlahos I love how Alex explains how "Mordred isn't evil" :)
you are very beautiful and very lucky to have Alex vlahos as your boyfriend! :) xxx
For my next drawing project: either Alex Vlahos or Colin Morgan? Decisions
Oh yes, Alex Vlahos and I are totes jumper buddies.
Do you ever just sit and cry because people like Alex Vlahos exist.
Watching "truth or dare",was very surprised to see Alex Vlahos in it,didn't know ^^ Cool is still alive through other movies
Someone on my dash is reblogging a lot of pictures of Alex Vlahos and this is not okay.
I actually can't handle Alex Vlahos' face. He is too perfect.
well I don't want to interfere. I'll stick with Alex Vlahos and just admire Aidan from afar ;-)
Alex Vlahos will star in Privates early next year gdsgsfdgds yess.
I could listen to Alex Vlahos laugh forever.
mydoctortennant: Genuinely had to double take of Alex Vlahos shopping in this picture. Headlines should...
Add Alex Vlahos to the list of unfairly attractive people
ily Luke from truth or dare and that's not just because you're Alex vlahos ily anyway
I KNOW MILES TOLD ME i saw him on christmas eve eve and we realised he looks like alex vlahos
Alex Vlahos is possibly one of my all time favourite actors and despite only being in 1 series, really warmed to our hearts :')
Alex Vlahos understands his character. *bows down*
Thank You Merlin for Colin Morgan, for Bradley James, for Katie McGrath, for Angel Coulby, for Alex Vlahos, for Eoin MacKen, for Tom Hopper
I added a video to a playlist Merlin S5 finale | Alex Vlahos: "It becomes a brilliant love story
its Alex Vlahos who plays Mordred I'm sorry I didn't even realise til now people thought I was him =\ just a huge Merlinian!
Alex Vlahos on the 'Merlin' finale. Note: this has been uploaded by a fan for fans. No copyright infringement intended, the rights belong to the respective o...
Colin Morgan and Alex Vlahos are too cute for words.
naendirs-dearest-things: Alex Vlahos & Eoin MacKen - too much fun to include in only one post
the day after i fell in love with alex vlahos he gained one of those blue ticks next to his name ;D feeling like a propper fan
There's a guy here that looks like alex vlahos I just
Watching Alex Vlahos trying to hold it together in the face of Colin's hilarious Dolma!
I miss Asa Butterfield. The kid really had the perfect Mordred look. Alexander Vlahos is not bad but it's not quite the same thing
Can't I get a preview. It doesn't have to be a big cut, just a photo of Alex Vlahos' crotch.
no but Alex Vlahos is adorable though
can I just say idk whether I like mordred but I think I'm more inclined to like him bc Alex Vlahos
All the really sexy people come from Wales. Alexander Vlahos, Leigh Halfpenny and Alex Cuthbert.
ugh Alex Vlahos replied omg, I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing
I need someone as handsome as Bradley James, as sweet as Colin Morgan, as silly as Alex Vlahos, & as ridiculous as Eoin MacKen. God, please!
So I'm wondering... Alex Vlahos did say that Mordred will no more evil in Season 5, didn't he? Or was it just my imagination?
Oh *** Alex Vlahos reminds me of Ezra Miller. Skinny. Jet black hair. Cold killer eyes. Scary, but also rly cute :(
Turtles, SPN, cats, babies, Alex Vlahos' face, Bond fic ... all things I've talkd about on here today - lol
Videos from 3/11/12 with Eoin MacKen Tom Hopper Alexander Vlahos and Colin Morgan - Cold Con 2012 Al…
Q&A interview with 'Merlin' star Alex Vlahos about what's coming up for Mordred in Series 5 -
video - Eoin and Tom (afternoon session, part 1/5) by GivingHerTheDays on YouTube. 1.35mins.
So WISH I could've gone to this. Thanks to the fans who filmed it! And wow Alex Vlahos is the cutest.
SPOILER: Alex Vlahos (Mordred) said today that he's a good person who's "very loyal to Arthur" :)
curluvd: ColdCon - Alex Vlahos and Colin Morgan. I can’t get enough of Colin in this…. Pic Credit: Here
so people on my timeline are in the same room as Colin Morgan and Alex Vlahos and Eoin MacKen and I'm sat eating a bagel wo
Alex Vlahos is getting more and more like my guitar teacher everyday... Especially with the jumper!
someone do me a favour and cast Alex Vlahos as a Bond baddie
Alex Vlahos being his beautiful self *__* xx Valeria
I cannot with how cute Alex Vlahos is.
Our interview with Colin Morgan & Alex Vlahos from talking about darker stories in the new series:
Video: magic-in-us: Colin Morgan and Alex Vlahos on BBC Breakfast, Oct 26th First 60 sec of the show. 
Colin Morgan & Alex Vlahos will be on BBC Breakfast. :D
thank you for telling us about Colin Morgan & Alex Vlahos tomorrow.
Tomorrow morning Colin Morgan & Alex Vlahos (will be on talking all things magic and
I noticed that Alex Vlahos kisses quite nicely... - shootingdaggers: Not that I was looking…. at that bit. ht…
(Alex Vlahos), and his cute mischievous little brother (Asa Butterfield)" OMG
it is actually weird how much Alex Vlahos looks like Asa Butterfield
I'm in love with Alex Vlahos and Kit Harington... I regret nothing!
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