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Alex Turner

Alexander David Turner (born 6 January 1986) is an English musician, best known as the lead vocalist, guitarist and main songwriter of the English indie rock band Arctic Monkeys.

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Michael Cera, Gene Kelly, and Alex Turner mixed together as one is the ideal man for me
Alex Turner confirms Arctic Monkeys are back in Sheffield to work on new album
Alex Turner and Alexa Chung are so important
Alex Turner constantly performs like Bill Nighy's strip in Love Actually and I can't unsee it.
I added a video to a playlist Alex Turner - Strange
I always thought Alex Turner had a super unique voice but Tom Petty sounds a surprising amount like him
"If it wasn't for John Lennon nobody in music would be here today" - Alex Turner . RIP John // 1940 - 1980
Sweet Dreams, TN is peak Alex Turner torch song. Like the Stones with a samba beat and Anna Wise on a Kendrick Lamar song, never fails.
Alex Turner could cover twinkle twinkle little star and it would still sound quality and bring a tear to my eye absolut…
Alex Turner singing in French... what more can you ask for tbh
How out their *** do you think Alex turner and Miles Kane where when writing the lyrics to Les Cactus
It's hard to get around the wind de Alex Turner ♫
"The Smiths were lent to me & they made me want to create music that might make another person feel like they made me…
Stuck on the puzzle by Alex Turner ♫
In LOVE with all these videos of Alex Turner dancin
Whoever's made all them videos of Alex Turner dancing to all them different songs wants a medal
Alex Turner singing in French has made my morning 😂
These videos of Alex Turner dancing to different songs are the best thing to come out of this year
I mean i just miss Alex turner and the monkeys, COME ON BACK BOI
New affordable housing figures a disaster. Lowest number of homes built for more than two decades and lowest social rent…
Gutted. I've bought presents..I'm going to be hated.
These alex turner vids are the best thing ive seen all week 😂
Alex Turner will always have a special place in my heart
Alex Turner really has taken a turn from his days at Glasto in 2007 to now dancing round randomly in Les Cactus and other TLSP vids
ABBA and Alex Turner, my 2 favourite things
Can't listen to Alex Turner live makes me too emotional 😂😭
Adjusting to life with your moustache like...
Fkn love Alex turner, what a legend
I get nervous about gigs sometimes, but not with records - I always ...
I really do hope that Alex Turner did actually call someone a 'Spotify ***
Here's 4 seconds of Alex Turner and Miles Kane loving a bit of Tame Impala.
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I just watched This nigguh Alex Turner hands down do the greatest Austin Powers/John Lennon impression.
Submarine by Alex Turner is pure relaxation for stirring emotions
Alex Turner is my favorite member of Muse 😍
"But my god like, that's like going from dating Alex Turner to Pitbull or something" - Nathan Hayhurst
English: "You´re special". Alex Turner: "You're rarer than a can of dandelion and burdock, and those other girls are ju…
I just glanced at the headline quickly on my phone and thought Alex Turner is rocking the grey hair.
Tim Wheeler (Ash) pernah dapat untuk Shining Light, Alex Turner (AM) untuk Album of the Year, Lily Allen untuk Songwriter of the Year.
I just want to be good at arts and be able to play and sing like all those crazy good people like EDEN or Patrick Stump or Alex Turner
I'll be the Alexa Chung to your Alex Turner vibe and maybe we'll work out
Can't decide if I'm more jealous of Alexa Chung or Alex Turner tbh
Alex Turner : why'd you only call me when you're high ?. Amy Lee : you only call me whe you're sober
Let's not forget and appreciate the fact that Richard Hawley ft. Alex Turner happened
For the price of these headphones I better be able to hear Alex Turner writing the songs in studio
My hair is Alex Turner in the streets and Matt Healey in the sheets
Piledriver Waltz by Alex Turner . I miss the old Alex Turner ♫
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
I liked a video from Piledriver Waltz - Alex Turner (ukulele cover)
Piledriver Waltz is still one of my favourite songs. Alex Turner is a lyrical genius.
The band consists of Alex Turner, Matt Helders, Jamie Cook and Nick O'Malley.
The Doors in alliance with Alex Turner in an alt-rock style, produced by George Martin
Jack Jones will soon be defined as the greatest songwriter post Alex Turner. Those who know, know x
Back to school with the best pop culture references in Alex Turner's lyrics
I just want a friend who is as obsed with Alex Turner and Jesse Rutherford and Van McCann as I am
Judge: How do you plead?. Me: Alex Turner wrote whatever people say i am, that's what i'm not when he was only 18
Who is Alex Turner? Inside the mind of a songwriting genius
35 Alex Turner lyrics that prove he's the greatest lyricist of recent times
Voices like Alex Turner's or Jesse Rutherford's are not exactly my favorite kind but *** are they sexy
Don't look at pictures of Alex Turner and Alexa Chung together it will only fill you with sadness
You know, God is good. Why? Because he saw fit to bless us with Alex Turner.
Bastille. Bastille. I'm going to bed (maybe😅). Answer this question: . Alex Turner or Dan Smith?
I need a boyfriend that looks like Alex Turner. Anyone else simply won't do
idk how I became so lucky but I am now seeing Mark Hoppus, Alex Turner, and Jesse Lacey in one summer
Liam Gallagher, Alex Turner, Paul Weller & more on the genius of
Alex Turner: the records that changed my life
Alex Turner is from a different planet a swear to god
Alex Turner, Miles Kane and Johnny Marr sharing the same stage and playing a song by The Smiths? Never dreamt of it. http…
I think today has confirmed that I'm fully in love with Alex Turner and I'd deffo let him be the big spoon in bed
I'm playing Glass In The Park by Alex Turner and trying to make myself weep
Submarine EP- Alex Turner. Beautiful soundtrack of little love songs to an even better movie. *Glass in the Park*
Check out Alex Turner channeling his inner Starman during their set at
Rather special version of Moonage Daydream by Philip Glass Heroes' Orchestra and Alex Turner on right now. Sublime.
Dunno what's happened to Alex Turner but we think he's lost it. Alexa Chung broke him HARD.
Alex Turner is literally the coolest man on a stage.. And I'm a Joshua Homme girl.
Someone's drunk mum told Alex Turner she has a deep throat
I want to be some weird combo of Alex Turner, Keith Richards and Jim Morrison.
What was the last song you sang out loud to? — Piledriver Waltz - Alex Turner, just now I'm singing it outloud. A …
Alexa Chung and Alex Turner. They were so rad. He wrote her a poetic love letter about a kiss. A dream. I miss them. https:/…
Matt Bellamy won 2009's Hottest Male Award at the Shockwaves NME Awards, beating out Alex Turner, Liam Gallagher and Billie Joe Armstrong
MAJ Alex Turner, 3 time combat pilot, 1200 flight hours. Thunderbird first season with team. . Obama requested...
Miles Kane and Alex Turner are grade A musicians
Miles Kane and Alex Turner know how to sesh
Big fan of Alex Turner and Miles Kane living their entire lives like it’s 6am and they’re still on the sesh in someone’s kitchen
I could listen to Alex Turner sing anything. Even if he's singing about sniffing lines off Miles Kane's *** Absolute beaut
Alex Turner & Miles Kane are two of the coolest men ever. How can you not love them???
Dunno why everyone's so worried about Alex Turner n Miles Kane??
yh I don't think Alex Turner is gna die from drugs we still got Pete Doherty
Alex Turner on drugs vs Pete Doherty on drugs
Alex Turner will be the death of me!! 😍
It'd be terrible if Alex Turner died young, imagine the nauseous overrating of him then. Bad enough with Cobain as it is.
If you're worried about Alex Turner doing a couple of bumps you obviously don't remember Doherty on his 8 year heroin b…
Alexandra Savior is Alex Turner's new writing partner. We went to her Williamsburg show
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Late night thoughts : Not sure if I'd rather have Alex Turner, Father John Misty, Chris Martin or Mayer serenade me to sleep really.
I would advise everyone to listen to this absolute dime piece. Alex Turner feat. Richard Hawley - Only ones who know
Alex Turner is rocking that cardigan! Val Doonican esqu.. .
Alex Turner appears to have come dressed as Val Doonican
Alex Turner going through a Paul Weller Style Council phase. Minus the talent.
Latvia aka "What if Adam Lambert and Alex Turner had a kid?"
I worked SO *** this. Words with Alex Turner and Yak. Words on Brian Eno, Suuns, Thomas Cohen and so many more.
Mark Ronson looks like Alex Turner but i'm not complaining
Matt Helders has a baby. Jamie Cook has a baby. Nick O'Malley has a baby. Alex Turner has a Miles Kane.
Looking forward to the Last Shadow Puppets next month so I can see Alex Turner thrusting on stage 😏
i need this. except my would say Alex Turner instead of Brandon Flowers. No offense Brando.
Trying to face swap with Alex Turner on sc is a pain cause majority of photos of him are in black and white since he's so indie
Lana was at Alex Turner and Miles Kane's set at Coachella!
Alex Turner & Miles Kane dancing to The Strokes @ Hyde Park is the best thing ever!!
Richard Ayoade and Alex Turner; possibly my most two favourite people in one photo
All purpose parts banner
I felt like Alex Turner yesterday mixed with a little bit of Jeff Buckley
Just discovered Connie Smith while studying thanks to Alex Turner... My heart is melting.
Alex Turner and Matt Helders of tounching 'Snap Out Of It' live at FM94/9 San Diego in 2014.
Alex Turner onstage during the 2012 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival in California. Picture by Kevin Winter. https…
This whole album is he reason why I wanna marry Alex Turner and Matt Helders
Today has been a good day 'cuz I found an Alex Turner portrait then went to Sherlock Holmes Museum + now about to see live ☺️
The moment Alex Turner embraces you, you sing together and you become best friends. Life made. 😁
Glass in the park - Alex Turner (Submarine Soundtrack) And I'll wait for you As if I'm waiting for a stone to stop
Alex Turner and Miles Kane popped up on French TV to play three songs this week
I pretended I was Alexa Chung and my bf obv was Alex Turner
Alex Turner: 'The Last Shadow Puppets is a vehicle for me to try new things'
Alex Turner and Alexa Chung are just something I will never get over tbh
My brother told Alexa Chung that I had posters of (her then boyfriend) Alex Turner in my bedroom. Was really awkward
Tried to look like Alexa Chung do a look alike Alex Turner would date me (obviously I'm past that stage now)
Alex Turner's love letter to Alexa Chung : "My mouth hasn't shut up about you since you kissed…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Feeling legitimate hatred towards Alexa Chung because she was with Alex Turner and I wanted him to be mine.
I'm SORRY I didn't know that Alex Turner smoked a Marlboro cigarette in Manhattan on March 23rd, 2001 at exactly 2:05 PM
Ouch, my head. Worth it though, last nights The Last Shadow Puppets gig was sublime! Alex Turner & Miles Kane knocked it out the park.
Absolutely smashed it out of the park. Alex Turner; greatest song writer of our generation.…
Who is Alex Turner? Read the full NME cover feature and find out
Alex Turner and Pete Doherty in the same league as Morrissey and Ian Curtis, what a great April Fool's joke
Alex Turner is getting a bit Bob Dylan with his lyrics
"Alex Turner impressions"? The House of Blues show is April 6th hit us up for tickets! ht…
Absolutely love this week's shoot with Alex Turner and Miles Kane. You can read it here
I think this whole 'knobhead phase' Alex Turner's going through is just an inside joke to see the lengths Miles Kane will go…
Credited as fashion assistant for Alex Turner and Miles Kane's cover story for Shortlist's MODE.
on the show this week. Ariana Grande, Chris Hemsworth, Kirsten Dunst, Will I Am, Miles Kane & Alex Turner
NME of a day like today in 2008: Alex Turner & Miles Kane AKA The Last Shadow Puppets. htt…
The new record is pure gold. Alex Turner can do no wrong musically, and Miles Kane is the perfect partner in crime.
Miles Kane and Alex Turner are the biggest geezers of the 21st century, arguably.
Is Miracle Alinger about a bj experience Miles Kane and Alex Turner shared?
Speechless. Miles Kane and Alex Turner killed it! .was off the hook!
soon be the weekend - fret not! And although I miss out in your cake I get to see the mighty Alex Turner & Miles Kane!!!
Alexa Chung and Alex Turner at the O2 Wireless festival in Hyde Park | July 4, 2008
Glastonbury headliners could be Timmy Mallet, Sinitta and a Tweenies tribute act and I wouldn't care because Alex Turner will be there
Alex Turner's Submarine ep has me feeling like I was hit by a truck. .
Love the fact Liam Fray has not became a *** like Alex Turner has! 👌🏼
good Lord, Craig Roberts is morphing into Alex Turner
It's world poetry day. Alex Turner and Liam Fray have to be up there. Lyrics geniuses
Boys DMR Team (Kevin Quinn, Alex Turner, Will Ashenfelter & John Benner) run 10:27.96 at Nationals, good for 16th and a new school record!
Kteer bede tjawaz David Gilmour bas what's the point eza ma fe Pink Floyd anymore so Alex Turner would do.
Guy giving this presentation looks like Alex Turner's clean-cut brother.
My driving instructor informed me that he used to work with Alex am I supposed to focus when I hear that kind of information 😳
how many time should i repeat this song😌 ♫ Stuck On the Puzzle by Alex Turner —
How can people see Jme ft. Alex Turner on the fake wireless lineup and think it's real??
All I hope for is that i meet Alex Turner when I see tlsp
Most of my daydreams involve Alex Turner or Liam Fray and I dunno if thats normal
Alexa Chung & Alex Turner spotted together in New York after their break-up
Alexa Chung wearing Arctic Monkeys t-shirts after her break-up with Alex Turner
Alex Turner / Arctic Monkeys. Been loving them for years.
Alexa Chung & Alex Turner was literally everything to me, they'll always be my favourite couple
look he will just be Alex Turner from artic Monkeys
and I don't believe that a song that wasn't written by Alex Turner or Dave Matthews would be your favorite.
Written for Alexa Chung by Alex Turner. My heart's broken.
Since when was Alex Turner in a band with Miles Kane👀
'' It’s like John Lennon meets… Paul McCartney ''. — Alex Turner on what it’s like to work with Miles Kane again
Swear Tom and Alex Turner have to be related.
we're lots of fun and love Brad and Alex Turner lmao
Yeaa The Arcs is Dan Auerbach, and The Last Shadow Puppets is Alex Turner .. Arcs we're sickk live
I'm more of an Alex Turner type of a guy but Tim Burgess is pretty impressive. I will add Richard Ashcroft to that list.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Circa 17 year old Alex Turner lookalike on the bus wearing blue jeans, a purple and white polkadot shirt, a black bow tie & leather shoes 👌
You can mock me... But do not mock Matt Healy or Alex Turner
Fairly sure George Formby was the 1940s equivalent of Alex Turner
The likeness of Alex Turner and Elvis Presley is incredible! (And if you don't know Alex Turner, you seriously should)
Justin Bieber trying to pull an Alex Turner smh I see you white boy
Alex Turner maybe? Don't think he's at the same status yet though. Rick James fo' sho'... Guns n roses, Aerosmith??
Why have the Last Shadow Puppets, Miles Kane and Alex Turner decided to pay homage to Jimmy Savile to promote tour?
I've loved everything that Alex Turner has ever done, but that interview with Annie Mac is so terrible. Not remotely funny.
Definitely Elvis Presley played by Miles Teller instead of Alex Turner. Also: Joe Anderson as Kurt Cobain.
As much as I try, my undying love for Alex Turner will never go away
also as good as Alex Turner is and he is brilliant he will never be as good as ever
Jay made me play "marry, kill or spend a day with" between him, Alex Turner and Ed Sheeran last night. I ended up in tears lol
Paul Sturrock spookily resembling the younger Alex Turner there.
TICKETS for Alex Turner's will NOT be sold - but you can get them here
Alex Turner is making new Last Shadow Puppets and Matt Helders is doing something else. it seems like we wont see new AM stuff for a while💔
This is a really great piece by about the time of release, Alex Turner being a lyrical genius, etc.
Alex Turner has become SUCH a bellend
Matthew the Cynical one blocked me because he fancies Alex Turner
nah Alex Turner and Miles Kane have one coming out so doubt it unfortunately fellow Tom
I drew the eyes of Alex Turner and Tom Meighan
"Bill its 11.00 at night stop sending photos of Alex Turner"
Alex Turner and Matthew Davis at the restaurant I'm at. LA standard.
players Alex Turner and Jonathan Clarke teach us to never quit on "goals.".
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three c… — I LOVE THIS QUESTION. -. Alex Turner, Luke Hemmings and P…
Alex Turner, Jared Leto, Lana Del Rey and Miles Kane are ruining my life. 😩😭
Alex Turner and Oli Sykes went to the same high school.
as if Alex Turner is 30, I'm going to die one day
'You're rarer than a can of dandelion and burdock' - Alex Turner's 35 greatest lyrics so far
I will love him forever. Happy birthday Alex Turner! 6.01
thank u so much. It's the cutest right after Damon Albarn and Alex Turner.
Happy birthday, Alex Turner you da real bae. I love you forever
Happy birthday to Alex Turner of the 🎉🎉🎉
Alex Turner may be 30 but he still looks hella hot 🔥
Happy birthday to this absolute babe, Alex Turner.
So I stumbled upon a photograph of Alex Turner on Instagram. And he's turning 30! Wow time flies!
yesterday was Alex turner's bday. Interesting how he's a Capricorn . Like me
from Tuesday when till married Alex turner before he turned 30
I am so pop punk until I drop that Alex turner is my daddy then all the punk drains out of me and I am only pop
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALEX TURNER OF THE Arctic Monkeys! i love you, i love you, i love you ✨💗
Listen to Stuck On the Puzzle by Alex Turner on
Is there anybody in music better dressed than Miles Kane Alex Turner or Noely G?
If you can't take a joke, stay away from me
ye same school year as Alex Turner,seemed to always meet in the finals of the UK schools long jump championships
Al mentioned Hugh Harris which made me think of the Alex Turner foot head love tap with Luke and then I remember that we compared
in honor of Alex Turner's 30th birthday, listen to the Arctic Monkeys playlist I made last summer ✨✨
Alex Turner happy birthday you talented chap ❤️
it's Alex Turner's 30th birthday. I should not be sad
Happy 30th birthday Alex Turner! Singer, guitarist and main songwriter of Arctic Monkeys. ht…
The nme offices must be having a field day over Alex Turner's bday
Happy birthday Alex Turner! The fluorescent adolescent is 30 today
Alex Turner wrote mardy bum when he was 5. FIVE.
Alex Turner is the white version of Wang Lee Hom. (._.)
not really the same, but acoustic Arctic Monkeys/Alex Turner will blow your mind. Sooo good.
people ill be looking out for next year:. Sabrina Carpenter. Brendon Urie. David Tennant. Michael Cera. Sarah Kay. Justin Beiber. Alex Turner. Me
'Alligator Hour' time with Joshua Homme featuring special guest Alex Turner now.
one of Alex Turner's greatest lyrics will always be "what came first the chicken or the *** "
Alex Turner & Andrew Garfield are my man crushes. Emma Watson, Kendall Jenner, & Gigi Hadid are my woman crushes. +
And i spent all night..Stuck on the puzzle ♫ Stuck On the Puzzle by Alex Turner —
I want my friend group to consist of Lucy Hale, Alex Turner and Kevin Richardson
fragments swim in my head from this AM: a lost kitten, an upset teen, a missing bell, a zombie ranch, & a kiss from Alex Turner...
I'd LOVE to listen to a cover of any Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood song by and Alex Turner from the
a customer looked similar to Alex Turner today &my heart just ! !!
Beats1: with Joshua Homme starts now. Wait, w/ ArcticMonkeys’ Alex Turner??. Nice. …
with Joshua Homme starts now. Wait, w/ Alex Turner??. Nice.
Watch Alex Turner tease new music from the Last Shadow Puppets
I hate alex turner's musty *** but the last 20 seconds of this song make me so happy
he once said he met alex turner but he just called him 'the one with the hair' and didnt even know HIS NAME i DIED
Anyone else do their Christmas shopping, forget who they've already bought presents for, then buy more presents, then remember 1st presents?
May as well listen to Alligator Hour w Alex Turner at 3am cos why the fk not
you make Alex turner ashamed to be alive
Every time I take a taxi instead of an uber I regret it
Don't miss tonight's with special guest Alex Turner of at 7pm PT
Just 2 days ago we go school for fall festival. I saw my best friends Alex Turner, Denzel Murillo and Robert Bullard h…
“I’ll know the way back, if you know the way” - “Hiding Tonight” / Alex Turner (via miss-amanda-jones)
'Piledriver Waltz' by Alex Turner. Here we bloody go, that's the stuff. Keeping obviously.
Alex Turner will have humbug hair again
remember when Miles Kane brought Alex Turner out for Standing Next Me at Glasto? Actually you weren't there, doesn't matter 😎
Jack White is just the US equivalent of Alex Turner.
are you Miles Kane and Alex Turner secret son?
"They are so annoying because they are so perfect." Tom Price on Alex Turner and Alexa Chung
Lets just take a moment to appreciate Jesse Rutherford and Alex Turner
I agree. That's why I will always be grateful to Brandon flowers & Alex Turner- always giving TS cred
I blame Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkey for getting people to look all 50's quiff and the fact Their music was so good. As is
Imagine being heart broken by Alex Turner, what would you even do
Forgot to mention that Zane was Alex Turner today
Alex Turner equalises for just before half time against Swindon Town at
Piledriver Waltz by Alex Turner is in George & Dragon Inn, Chichester. Download it now at
honestly this is the best album, every song hits me, sung by Alex Turner!! & Miles Kane!!
George Ezra, John Mayer, Matthew Healy and Alex Turner are beautiful people that have beautiful voices
I cant listen to Barely Legal by The Strokes without thinking of Alex Turner and Miles Kane dancing in a muddy field t…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It looks like Alex Turner's other band, The Last Shadow Puppets, are recording a new album http…
Why it's the perfect time for Alex Turner and Miles Kane to revive the Last Shadow Puppets
Liam Gallagher, Alex Turner, Paul Weller and more on the true genius of John Lennon
throwback to when I saw Alex Turner at buzz beach ball
The only people I can tolerate rn is Melanie Martinez, Lizzy Grant, Alex Turner, & Marina Diamondis
Saw someone who looks the double of Alex Turner today...felt an urge to chase him up the hill. Oh my heart ☺️☺️
Judging from the trailer, JUST JIM feels like a movie about 2005's Alex Turner transformation into his 2012 rock n' roll version.
This guy looks like an ugly version of Alex Turner :((
More reason to believe a new Last Shadow Puppets album is in the works - Alex Turner, and James Ford.
Spotted at the show. Anthony Bourdain, Nick Oliveri and Alex Turner.
See Craig Roberts turning himself into Alex Turner glory.
Been a while. Listened to all five Arctic Monkeys albums back to back in chronological order. Alex Turner - Poet laureate of our generation.
Idk how that would work but I like the idea, I'll chuck it at they're main singer Alex Turner when they sing Wonderwall
I don't know how I managed to not see Submarine until today. Richard Ayoade is a genius. Alex Turner too.
Matt Healy would be wicked. Alex Turner! x
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Fred Macpherson is the best 21st century lyricist not called Alex Turner, he's like Gandalf with a dictionary.
David Cameron hits out at Alex Turner over unpaid taxes: 'What a scummy man. Just give him half a chance, I'll bet he'll r…
Just found that video of Alex Turner and Miles Kane groovin' at The Stokes' gig and now my knees are positively WEAK
“Alex Turner dancing with Miles Kane last night @ the strokes cute
Research shows that if you're afraid of spiders, you will find one in your bathroom. Well, I'm really afraid of Alex Turner 😏
~Alex Turner and Miles Kane~. "I want to work for T&K Recordings but with Miles as my boss. Alexander gets cranky.
Álbum de fotos: alexturnerers: Arctic Monkeys’ Alex Turner, Matt Helders and Nick O'Malley arrive at the...
Alex Turner would have a field day with the texts/calls/messages I've just found from Saturday night
I would like to thank alex turner and the Arctic Monkeys for helping me remember what a "totalitarian" is
I forgot my baby Alex turner poster @ home 😊
Can't even be arsed to rant, just disappointed in the drips that have decided to follow the crowd to go watch Alex turner
I know they don't really like each other but is it too much to ask for one bloody recent photograph of Matty Healy and Alex Turner together?
you like like a young Alex Turner...
If Alex turner could play an instrument and was fifty years older he would definitely be John Cooper Clark
I've started to write an Alex Turner fanfic where's my award
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
my legitimate prescription is prozac paxil luvox and listening to alex turner for two hours straight. I can't complain
Arctic Monkeys because Alex Turner is fit
Im changing my user to something alex turner
sometimes I forget how heartbreaking the Piledriver Waltz chorus sounds, Alex Turner at his absolute best
My report on What We Know About the Two Men Arrested for Bringing Guns to a Pokémon Tournament via …
Bit eh Alex Turner never hurt naeone
It's like the epigone photograph of Jake Bugg and Alex Turner
i had a dream that I met alex turner and now I'm sad.,..,,
Alex turner's voice in mad sounds owns me that's all I know.
Thank u Alex Turner for putting that smile I rly needed on my face
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