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Alex Trebek

George Alexander Alex Trebek (born July 22, 1940) is a Canadian American television personality.

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Alex Trebek's out here delivering shade to the
Alex Trebek reminded a 'Jeopardy' contestant that the Giants did not win the 2017 World Series
Alex Trebek: You know, I’m about to say it. I don’t care that you did this:. Me: What is broke your elbow?
Alex Trebek is the sassiest person on television.
Alex Trebek is smart and sassy. I like that about him.
I never thought I would say this but please retire, Alex Trebek Your misogyny, once thinly veiled, has become downright offensive
Overheard on Jeopardy. Female Microbiologist: When my coworkers heard I was on the show they all started watching. A…
Alex Trebek absolutely savaged the San Francisco Giants on Jeopardy. 🔥 😱
Hunter Pence 'got wrecked' after Alex Trebek destroyed a Giants fun fact
Alex Trebek just told me it's pronounced "man-ga" not "man-ja." Thanks?
Alex trebek would come into big 5 regularly and was always so patient and kind to everyone
We got dissed by Alex Trebek on yesterday.
When Alex Trebek retires from hosting Jeopardy I hope the folks at Sony make the right decision when choosing a replacement:
I can't...watching quarter finals and NOBODY got this! However, host Alex Trebek said it's one of his favorites…
When a picture of Alex Trebek from a bowling show in the 70's can be mistaken for Paul Rudd.
- What is no respect from Alex Trebek?
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Alex Trebek: "This dog just watched a grown *** man eat an entire hot dog by himself.". Me, furiously pumping buzzer:
My favorite part about jeopardy is pretending I’m as smart as Alex trebek and making fun of the contestants when they get answers wrong
Alex Trebek: "this controversial Drexel professor--". me: ooh I know this one
Alex Trebek just got straight called out for gendered language 😂
When your job turns into a jeopardy question. I see you Alex Trebek. 🤨
The only thing more pretentious & annoying than Alex Trebek is Alex Trebek over-pronunciating italian food terms.
Hunter Pence had an excellent response to Alex Trebek's savage 'Jeopardy' burn
Alex Trebek is too old to remember being too young to remember The Great Depression.
Alex Trebek reacted to the Great Depression category like he lived through it (I’m sure he did) 😂
I'm not sure I like Alex Trebek's tone in this episode.
Still waiting on an Alex Trebek x Kendrick Lamar album
ICYMI, see Glenn Gould talk to Alex Trebek (yes, THAT Alex Trebek!) about audiences:
This NY bartender and "Jeopardy!" champion even had Alex Trebek in awe of his intelligence and spunky personality
"Monty Hall" RIP Bro now the Last Game Show Host from the Golden Age Of Game Shows is Alex Trebek
Do you think Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak hang out?
Has anyone ever defended himself against double jeopardy by dressing up as Alex Trebek with a friend?
the world is about to end, is it wise to get Colonial Penn with Alex Trebek - now, or am i too late?
LaLaLand or Nicki Minaj Hi-larious! U get my imaginary vote! Didn't think Alex Trebek or Melissa Gilb…
The president explaining healthcare, struggling to recall what Alex Trebek said in those Colonial Penn commercials.
If he'd only get Alex Trebek to lie for him in TV ads as he does for Colonial Penn Life Insurance bc hyperbole is what sells...right?
No, the Colonial Penn commercials with Alex Trebek. They come on late, a…
Oh dear God! He's the Alex Trebek of selling Colonial Penn insurance!
He knows about Colonial Penn and Alex Trebek obviously. Probably knows all about Quicken reverse mortgages too.
It's only $10 a month with Colonial Penn. He should talk to Alex Trebek. 😏
"Alex Trebek is a smart guy. Super smart guy. Has a lot of answers to questions. What he's done for C…
The extent of Trump's insurance knowledge begins and ends with Alex Trebek telling him Colonial Penn can cover you…
Alex Trebek just read Right Said Fred lyrics as a clue and one audience member barked out a laugh. You are me, anonymous audience member.
to Alex Trebek for including a Canada 150 Jeopardy board!
Hosting Canada Day breakfast in LA. great conversation with Alex Trebek, awarded the Order of Canada today
I wonder how spent Canada Day. Maybe he went to the mall with Alex Trebek.
Watched a Jeopardy episode today where Alex asked a male contestant if it was hard to study with 3 female roommates. Suck it, Trebek.
Canadian Fact: Alex Trebek was legally required to shave his mustache after Jeopardy viewers began experiencing spontan…
Feel like Alex Trebek, but no answer.
oh my god Alex Trebek celebrated Canada Day yesterday
Alex Trebek on Jeopardy! asked a ? about & the contestants didn't know the answer. Really? Wish I was in…
Who are Alex Trebek says you are right!!!
Happy Canada Day! 🇨🇦. Here's Alex Trebek interviewing Mr. Fuji before the match with Tenryu & Kitao. . Hey Alex! Only…
Alex Trebek Introduced a "Stay Woke" Category on Jeopardy! Before Cruelly Revealing It as a Pun for Sleep Issues
Alex Trebek in a jersey is the best thing ever! 😍😍
Alex Trebek saying "stay woke" while wearing a hockey jersey are things I never thought I would see.
Celebrating Canada Day early with ambassador -- and new Officer of the Order of Canada -- Alex Trebek.
Among new Officers of the Order of Canada: Mark Messier, Christine Sinclair, Alex Trebek, Mike Myers, Catherine O'Hara and J…
Alex Trebek, Mike Myers, Catherine O'Hara, and Christine Sinclair appointed to the 👏
⚡️ “Christine Sinclair, Mike Myers and Alex Trebek named to Order of Canada”.
Alex Trebek, Mark Messier, Christine Sinclair and Mike Myers named to Order of Canada. No locals.
All purpose parts banner
Mike Myers, Catherine O'Hara, Alex Trebek among 99 new appointees to Order of Canada on
.made her choice, but who is YOUR Fave Canadian Celeb? or host Alex Trebek
Is the host of The Bachelor available for next election? How about Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak, Julie C…
"We are all experts in our own little niches." ~Alex Trebek~
Is Alex Trebek the worst dresser on tv? Rarely matches and often wears old suits and jackets.
"I nevr wanna hear u say the phrase 'jerked it' & 'Alex Trebek' in thesame sentence evr again, ESP not w the modifier 'so right'"
I need an SNL skit with hosting Jeopardy and will accept nothing else, move over Alex Trebek
*** Alex Trebek has rapped. A little practice, and you will be spitting some sick lyrics.
Why is our Chief Justice 1980s Alex trebek
Wait - that's not Alex Trebek?. Criminy. I don't understand Canada at all.
Alex Trebek is clearly thirsty for this contestant Claudia
IBM Watson commercials suck, put that dope back on Jeopardy with Mr. Alex Trebek.
Can we get Alex Trebek as prosecutor?
Alex Trebek: Jellyfish, lobsters and Paul Ryan are examples of these. . Me: What are animals without a backbone. AT: Correct for $100!
Anybody else think that Alex Trebek is just a straight tool?
There’s a guy on Jeopardy named Bala. Hearing Alex Trebek say my name is like a dream come true.
Jeopardy Producer to every contestant ever: During the segment where Alex Trebek talks to you, tell the most bland story about yourself.
Hollycrest's version of Alex Trebek...Ms. Dhawan! Thank you for a great event!
You cannot stop Alex Trebek, you can only hope to contain him 😂
I still think that Alex Trebek looks weird without his mustache.
Jimbo's Trivia: This is what 'Jeopardy!' host Alex Trebek is reall...
Answer would be TRUMP LIES Alex Trebek Jeopardy for the win...
I bet Alex Trebek has a big ol' dong.
Alex Trebek: 32. Me: How many tabs I can open today before my computer has a complete "can't even" meltdown?. (Old computer, not McGonagall)
alex trebek is no nonsense. but that guy on wheel of fortune? he's FULL of nonsense. loves the stuff
Question: Which former astronaut ran into Alex Trebek in Naples, Italy? -
Alex Trebek and actor John Savage at last night event at the Academy. Good times.
has such a strong mental recall, he should try out for Jeopardy. Seriously, though. Someone call Alex Trebek.
Me: What is, "A list of 20 above average college football players that were kinda fun and Andrew rememb…
Good Morning my to my new favorite wake up crew❤️! I remember the show Concentration with Alex Trebek.❤️Keep up being real!❤️
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Which TV icon gets your vote in round 2 of our Fave Canadian Celeb Alex Trebek or
Me: 'Tourist Troubles' for 1000 Alex. Trebek: This fun city with so much to see is the worst to contract food poisoning--. Me: What is Paris?
Just when you thought couldn’t surprise you anymore, Alex Trebek shouts NUDES
Bala watched every episode of the and discovered Alex Trebek because of it. Did you see his cameo? ht…
I was watching Jeopardy when the host, Alex Trebek, presented the clue, “The most secretive religion in the world"…
This wont make depraved climate change denier happy. It…
Listen to Alex Trebek rap lyrics from Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, Desiigner and Kanye West songs on Jeopardy 😂 https:…
What is the Cavs last two possessions plus Tristan Thompson and Iman Shumpert?. Sweep for $1,000 Alex (Trebek)
Alex trebek: The cavs just cant seem to _ Kevin Durant . Me: What is
I had a dream that every character on spongebob was voiced by alex trebek
Alex Trebek to Trump. "No I am sorry. However, Mr. President you do qualify for final Jeopardy."
If Alex Trebek's career were ever to be in jeopardy, it'd be very difficult to explain.
The double-breasted suit-- popular with old-time gangsters and 90s era host Alex Trebek... but what about…
Alexa died as she lived: stringing together pre-recorded Alex Trebek exhortations
Pat Sajak, Vanna White, Alex Trebek renew 'Wheel of Fortune' and 'Jeopardy!' contracts
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Pat Sajak, Vanna White, Alex Trebek to stay on their game shows until 2020 -
Dear America:. Next time you want to make a game show host president please consider Pat Sajak or Alex Trebek instead.
Me: "i prefer not to go on vacation with Alex Trebek. He'd do his weird voices." Husband: "Agreed. I'd go with Pat Sajak though."
Art Fleming original host of Jeopardy before Alex Trebek and not Wheel of Fortune before Pat Sajak. That was Chuck Woolery.
Pat Sajak, Vanna White and Alex Trebek have all signed on for two more seasons of hosting Wheel of Fortune and Jeop…
Best TV crossover: Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak switching places on Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune on April Fools day 1997. 👍
"His lil glasses, and that lil Alex Trebek smile"- John on Alex Trebeck
And on today's episode, we've got Alex Trebek with seriously the worst Arnold impression I've ever heard...
Good catch! More cameo than guest, but I'll never forget Alex Trebek as an MiB in 'Jose Chung.'
I just pointed at the TV and asked my mom if the man on the screen was Alex Trebek but it was actually Harrison Ford
Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek were in my grandmother's living room more than any white men in history
Alex Trebek just said "you're getting more reprieves than my Uncle Fred", and I'm curious about this Fredric Trebek, Gentleman Bandit.
41 yrs ago today...Peter Marshall, Ruta Lee, Rose Marie and Alex Trebek play 'The Magnificent Marble Machine' w your host Art James on
This is amazing. Someone needs to feature Alex Trebek on a rap track ASAP 😂 &
Alex Trebek on Jeopardy last night like
How about Alex Trebek rapping on Jeopardy! tonight
Alex Trebek, here's some lyrics for the next time you rap.
The only thing better than Alex Trebek quoting rap lyrics is setting it to the original songs. So did that. . (🎥:…
I took Alex Trebek rapping on Jeopardy and did the only thing that felt right: Edit it to the music he was quoting. (🎥:
How about Alex Trebek spittin on Jeopardy tonight 😂😂
Democrats are forever Alex Trebek in the Celebrity Jeopardy sketch when Sean Connery says he finally wants to be friends.
Alex Trebek: “Final Jeopardy! And the answer is: ‘The source of all Western racism in 16 words.’”. James Baldwin: “…
Like not just Alan Thicke but Geddy Lee, Alex Trebek, Dave Coulier, Luc Robitaille, Paul Schaffer, and well, all of…
Came home to the fam watching that x files ep w Jesse Ventura & Alex Trebek so tonight's pretty good
Alex Trebek: This is the 3rd smallest city in Russia. . Ken Jennings: What is Belyov?. Alex Trebek: No. Me: *eating chips…
Alex Trebek is a compensated endorser of Colonial Penn Insurance.
Are Harry Caray and Alex Trebek considered "Other," or is this only for movies roles?
This Teen 'Jeopardy!' contestant trolled Alex Trebek with the perfect meme reference:
Local teen on 'Jeopardy' has some fun with host Alex Trebek:
Young explorer in the making, William Chapman of Stittsville meets Alex Trebek
Last time I saw someone kiss a white man's *** that much, Alex Trebek was on Regis & Kathy Lee.
Jeopardy-. Alex Trebek: Todd. For $200, what animal grazes in the savannah? . Todd: what is a wildebeest?. Jon *mumbling* damm…
Alex Trebek, host of 'Jeopardy!' criticized for remark he made about contestant's music | Alex Trebek
[Jeopardy]. ALEX TREBEK: these are the antonyms for 'down' & 'cat'. CONTESTANT: what is 'up' & 'dog'?. ALEX TREBEK: [turns to camera & winks]
Watch the OG savage Alex Trebek roast this poor woman's life on national television:
CONTESTANT: And I looove to cook. But I live alone, so I—. ALEX TREBEK: And you'll die alone. C: Sorry?. AT: Moving on to…
Alex Trebek has been fed up for like 2 years and I love it.
Search Trends (2016-10-14): People are searching for Alex Trebek
Salute to Alex Trebek for keeping it 💯⚡️ “Alex Trebek calls Jeopardy contestant a 'loser'”.
Miami fan: "Who cares if we've lost 7 straight to FSU? We have 5 RaNgZ!. Alex Trebek: Losers, in other words.
Alex Trebek calls contestant loser for her taste in music
"alex trebek" is trending for dismissing my music genre and my fans. I wish the hashtag was trending. make it s…
ALEX TREBEK: our next dumb *** is from new york. ME: did u just call me a dumb *** ALEX TREBEK: moving on to our returnin…
Alex Trebek mercilessly roasts this poor contestant talking about her nerdy hobbies:
Alex Trebek called a “Jeopardy!” contestant a loser, and it was savage
yo Alex Trebek basically has the equivalence of tenure on this show so he's slowly having less and less chill 😭😂
Never thought I’d say this, but, screw you, Alex Trebek. No one is a loser who is passionate about something they love.
Alex Trebek seriously burns contestant for her music taste
Yo, Alex Trebek is the coldest dude in the game, lololololol. I'm dying laughing.
*** Foley needs to contact BOTANY 500 for his suits I mean it works for Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak THREE HIAC matches have been signed
Anderson Cooper is doing one *** of an impression of Will Ferrel as Alex Trebek tonight
Alex Trebek is prob the smartest man alive
I wonder if Colonial Penn pays Alex Trebek in life insurance policies.
American hero tricks Alex Trebek into saying 'Turd Ferguson' on 'Jeopardy!'
Alex Trebek: scientists have pondered this for decades. Dave: what is the meaning of life?. [trebek goes to his podium]. "Dave are you okay?"
"correct! Sam, You maintain control of the board, on the hunt for today's last daily double" - Alex Trebek
Use a reverse mortgage to buy a home?-   Over the years, celebrities such as Robert Wagner, Alex Trebek and Fred
For some reason, lots of game show hosts are right-wing nutjobs (Pat Sajak, Alex Trebek, Drew Carey, etc.)
At this point Trump is Sean Connery and the GOP is a flustered Alex Trebek
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
"One of the delights of life...reading a book." Alex Trebek. See you Grant's View Library tonight at 7. talks
Alex Trebek brings a category on location to tonight. .
Alex Trebek shaved his mustache & the avocados weren't rip enough for my sandwich, today's a bad day
Live every day to the fullest so you can have a cool story you can tell Alex Trebek between rounds if you're ever on Jeopar…
Interesting trivia; send it to Alex Trebek; along with the margin by which Garland's nomination will raise that average.
Alex Trebek: you ran a race yesterday, had 2 drinks, worked out this morning & now want to die. Me: what is the impending doom of my bday
Anyone got a clip of Alex Trebek and Lara Logan on Jeopardy last night?
America, Vote now, which game show host has the most credibility?. Pat Sajak, Alex Trebek, or Donald Trump?
Not so final Jeopardy: Alex Trebek says Canadians should be eligible to apply soon
Alex Trebek alongside his wife at City Hall. He donated 5million to Ottawa U. Will receive key to city
I would probably dominate Jeopardy if I was on that show, get a question wrong, and donkey punch Alex Trebek for his snarky comments.
Me: Men for $100. Alex Trebek: That's not a category. M: Exit for $100. AT: Are you just reading signs in the studio?. M…
Alex Trebek: this small af actor has a tattoo of a Celtic cross with a yin yang in the middle of it . Me: what is Vern Troyer
That Jeopardy app Alex Trebek just plugged sounds more like a dating site for Jews. J Buzz, amirite?
I'm at the Teen Tournament and Alex Trebek just told the crowd he thinks the will win the Cup
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Alex Trebek: This actor played the President in Independence Day. Bill Pullman: Who is Bill Paxton?
no no no...that's Alex Trebek post mustache
Alex Trebek ignores you. You spend a few moments thinking fondly about your teeth.
Shout out to Alex Trebek for opening Jeopardy with a burrito in my hand...
Watching Double Dare on and HOLY COW ALEX TREBEK WAS SO YOUNG (also whoa there, moustache)
Board members working hard at the Alex Trebek Alumni Hall / join us at the AGM on May 7 !
I had a dream I was on Jeopardy and Alex Trebek was 350 pounds. That's all. Oh, and he was wearing a three piece suit. So there's that.
*On Jeopardy*. Alex Trebek: "In tennis, a score of zero". What is love?. Trebek: "Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more"
"What is love?" asked Alex Trebek, a solitary tear cascading down his cheek as he stared into the black abyss
CHER the original Kardashian! Armenian beauty with no luck when it comes to men!
You arrive for your first day at college only to find your roommate is Alex Trebek. It seems that no one has been here for a long time.
Game show shoot next wk. I wonder do Alex Trebek have to cut his own cuecards?
Taking a selfie with Alex Trebek has been on my for years, I'd go total heart eyes for in tickets
outro idea: switch bgm & time the hhh 'ooh-ahh-ehh-ehh' when Alex Trebek walks onstage
Alex Trebek has all the jokes in cab !
That moment you realize managed to get both Alex Trebek AND Pat Sajak in a span of 18 half hours worth of episodes
Why does the bell always make me want Alex Trebek?
Love it when Alex Trebek subtly shames contestants for stupid answers on
very own David Thomas channeled his inner Alex Trebek this afternoon interviewing contestants... http…
Someone's answer on final Jeopardy was "back in black" and Alex Trebek said he was "not familiar with that song?. Ya kidding me?!
So may have knife in case.He cannot be re-tried unless the judge is Alex Trebek at which time he could face Final Jeopardy.
TIL that on April 1st, 1997, Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak switched jobs. Trebek hosted Wheel of Fortune, while Sajak …
I punked Alex Trebek and he emailed me back! Celebrity brush.
People who should always have mustaches: Keith Hernandez, David Axelrod, Fran Dunphy, Alex Trebek. Others?
I picture Tom Shane as a poor man's Alex Trebek, looks-wise. I picture Tom Bodett as a poor man's Burt Reynolds. All with mustaches.
ORIGINAL AMY SCHUMER IDEA: Amy portrays Alex Trebek doing an episode of celebrity Jeopardy and she acts really mean towards the contestants
Alex Trebek has mocked this Massachusetts guy's accent so much that the dude has affected a flat newscaster accent to hide from Trebek.
I'm watching celebrity jeopardy and Alex Trebek has a big crush on Aaron Rogers
Alex Trebek in an ill-fitting buster brown outfit, weeping.
Coughing up an errant kernel of popcorn sounds the same as Alex Trebek pronouncing Courvoisier and Remy Martin
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
[jeopardy]. Me: *buzzes in* who let the dogs out. Alex Trebek: please stop asking that
and any product endorsed by Chuck Woolery and/or Alex Trebek
It's gonna be amazing when Alex Trebek starts losing it and turns into Harry Caray. Someone get Will Ferrell ready.
Alex Trebek: Too many. Contestants: How many times choked on day game versus
Getting to meet Alex Trebek has got to be the most lit thing ever
Things heard from my dad:. Dad: "Is Alex Trebek *** ". Siri: "I don't know, so I couldn't personally say."
Alex Trebek: Items such as these are said to go like hot, what?. Contestant one: what are hot potatoes!. Alex...
when I come to Raleigh can we wath the X files episode where Mulder screams and Alex TREBEK and Jesse Ventura
No matter what Alex Trebek says, you will forever be the Clavin on our beat.
"The only problem with an Alex Trebek podcast would be that I'd have more questions than answers." --
Watching Jeopardy backwards would be about a panel of 3 people asking Alex Trebek questions that he always gets right.
Are Alex Trebek and Kevin Spacey starting to look alike?
Ok that's good because i would upload the mp3 for it and start the sphinx is alex trebek is too long and short range mg.
shares a classic Christmas memory from his childhood that we can all relate to.
We've all peeked in our Christmas presents, even Read his story today:
I love when Alex Trebek gives people sass for being wrong.
Haddaway: I'll take emotions for $200. Alex Trebek: This emotion is said to conquer all. H: I refuse to do this. AT:…
alex trebek just said "you and your intended" and i thought back to Heart of Darkness and i am on a break, no thoughts of school pls.
Alex Trebek is arguably my biggest enemy
I hate Alex Trebek. He acts like he's the smartest person in the world when he has all the answers right there.
I really do wish I could have a charity boxing match against alex trebek
ME: So that's my job in a nutshell. ALEX TREBEK: And it says your greatest fear is abandonment. ME: I don...I didn't write-. AL…
Why is Alex Trebek and Colonial Penn advertising on Is this a purposeful nihilistic ad buy that Stephen Falk approved?
This Double Dare is the 1970's game with Alex Trebek. Not the Nickelodeon one with Marc Summers. Strange.
What do Ricky Gervais, Aung San Suu Kyi, Steve Martin and Alex Trebek have in common? All majored in philosophy:. https…
Looking for an awesome part-time gig? Host live trivia for Sporcle!: Want to channel your inner Alex Trebek an...
Alex Trebek and Pat Sajak, host of Wheel of Fortune, traded places on April Fools’ Day 1997.
improves Alex Trebek's mug. I'm available to host, and I can undercut AT's price.
Jackson Native Competing On 'Jeopardy': A Jackson County man is rubbing elbows with Alex Trebek this week.
These candidates interrupt the moderators more than Matt Jackson interrupted Alex Trebek on
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
first 2D: your fav with host Alex Trebek & second 2D my fav with hosts Pat Sajak & Vanna White?
Lucky. I only get Alex Trebek, Shawn Michaels, Willem Dafoe, Fandango, Prince George, Bob Dole, and the Fabulous Moolah.
Bros Shaq and Alex Trebek cuddle in a phone booth. .
*Alex Trebek*. This quarterback's face is the shape of what delicious snack. Contestant: What is a moon pie?.
Please god, before they die, can we get a photo of Alex Trebek, Burt Reynolds and Sean Connery together?
Alex Trebek: This person will be Ryan Connelly's write in candidate for the presidential election. Contestant: Who is John Galt?
Pam and Wayne - two non voters weigh in on politics. Bill Shatner and Alex Trebek unavailable for polling at this time.
Someone finally did it. Someone finally got Alex Trebek to say "Turd Ferguson" on Jeopardy:
Free think piece on the politics of game shows: Chuck Woolery, Wink Martindale, Pat Sajak and Alex Trebek are all conservatives.
Marshawn Lynch goes on simply repeats, "What is social anxiety disorder?" whenever called on by Alex Trebek.
[Alex Trebek winces]: "No. Sorry. We would've accepted 'Yes,' 'Yep,' 'Yeppers,' or 'Does a bear crap in the woods?'"
On this day in 1984, Alex Trebek began hosting Jeopardy as the show returned to daily syndication. Still going 31 ye…
A dread the day when Alex Trebek, Pat Sajak, and Vanna White are the only stability in my life.
Some people are more lame than the banter shared between Alex Trebek and Ken Jennings during his 74 straight Jeopardy victories.
Arthur Chu on Jeopardy. YES. (He's a rule breaker and Alex Trebek abhors him. This is the most I know about celebrities).
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Tonight's reason for yelling at Alex Trebek: A category about book characters named Arthur and no Arthur Weasley in site.
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