Alex Smith & Vernon Davis

Alexander Douglas Smith (born May 7, 1984) is a professional American football player and starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Vernon Leonard Davis (born January 31, 1984) is a professional American football tight end for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League. 5.0/5

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Alex Smith hits Vernon Davis for 6 after a huge stop by Blake Costanzo on special teams. Michigan leads 17-7
Reed, Paul, Carrier, Paulsen and maybe Vernon Davis and Alex Smith. That position is getting crowded.
Would have rather seen Alex Smith or Frank Gore get a ring, but nonetheless congrats to Vernon Davis.
. Fantasy Football could care less. Vernon Davis has been on a milk carton ever since Alex Smith left.
I think Alex Smith made Vernon Davis look better than he really is.
I will still root for Alex Smith (and Vernon Davis) for that playoff drive vs Saints in 2011. Huge for
Alex Smith never utilizes receivers. Even when he was in SF. Relied on Vernon Davis
If we’re counting TEs, how about Vernon Davis with Alex Smith?
Because of you!!! Frank Gore, Justin Smith, Alex Smith, Vernon Davis & many others don't have a ring.. Your garbage CK7!
lol that play wouldve been a first down if Vernon Davis would have made that block..Let me guess you're a Alex Smith supporter
Season observations & questions of the San Francisco 49ers: What happened to Vernon Davis? how many touches is Gore getting per game? Why can't the 49ers make adjustments after the first half? Why is Kap becoming the West Coast RGIII? Is Kap sleeping in the film room during the week? What grades did Kap in school? (Yes! I'm insinuating that he is all physical ability but the brain is working part-time) Why are the 49ers so bad at clock management? Why is Kap yakking it up on the sidelines instead of checking out the tablet or pictures to see what the defenses are doing? Why does the OC keep calling the same plays? Jim Harbough talks big, but it's all air pollution! Is Jim Harbaugh too busy looking for a new home instead of making his coaches and players more accountable? I'll take Alex Smith's boring game management consistency and winning percentage over Kaps flash in the pan physical ability and lazy brain any day! There! I feel better now.
should do everything possible to nab Eric Ebron. He'll be Alex Smith's new Vernon Davis.
I'm more interested in a healthy Finley more then DJAX! Alex Smith always flourished with the TE! (Vernon Davis)
FUN FACT:my mom once slapped me right in front of Alex Smith,Vernon Davis,Justin Smith and Ray McDonald because I laughed at her for Falling
This game is awful. I don't see how Seattle is dominating when they barely made it to the Super Bowl. They won in the last few seconds at Candlestick Park (their home field) vs San Francisco. Well, I'm pretty proud of my team now. Colin Kaepernick, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Alex Smith & Frank Gore did pretty good against them!
The 49ers 1986 draft is widely considered the best in franchise history: Larry Roberts, Tom Rathman, Tim McKyer, John Taylor, Steve Wallace, Kevin Fagan, and Don Griffin. With former 49ers coach Mike Nolan coming to town as the Falcons defensive coordinator, it's important to note what impact his team had on the current 49er team. Check out the 2007 draft: Patrick Willis, Joe Staley, Ray McDonald, Dashon Goldson, and Tarrell Bown. They also drafted Alex Smith, Frank Gore, and Vernon Davis. GM Scott McCoughan is now in Seattle. No wonder they're so *** good. So give Jim Harbaugh the coaching credit..but don't forget who set the table.
Week 10 Fantasy Football Breakdown I am so glad I get my Broncos are back this week...last week was a disaster since the Chiefs receiving core didn't show up giving Alex Smith his lowest score of the year. Picked up a few new players too. Starting Line Up: QB: Peyton Manning (DEN) @ SD RB: Knowshon Moreno (DEN) @ SD RB: Rashad Jennings (OAK) @ NYG RB: Danny Woodhead (SD) vs DEN WR: Demaryius Thomas (DEN) @ SD WR: Keenan Allen (SD) vs DEN TE: Tony Gonzalez (ATL) vs SEA D/ST: Denver Broncos @ SD K: Steven Hauschka (SEA) @ ATL Rashad Jennings could be replaced by DeMarco Murray if Darren Mcfadden gets healthy enough to play. I may still switch out Keenan Allen for Eric Decker, but the Broncos have one of the worse pass Ds in the NFL so I may leave him in there. Bench: QB: Alex Smith (KC) BYE RB: DeMarco Murray (DAL) @ NO RB: Andre Ellington (ARI) vs HOU WR: Josh Gordon (CLE) BYE WR: Eric Decker (DEN) @ SD TE: Vernon Davis (SF) vs CAR TE: Rob Gronkowski (NE) BYE I am 2 games behind 1st with 4 til the playoffs ...
Colin Kaepernick vs. Alex Smith: Which QB will have the better season? Which quarterback will have a better 2013 season - Colin Kaepernick or Alex Smith? On the one hand, Smith had the superior passer rating last season - 104.1 to Kaepernick's 98.3. This season, Smith will have the younger and better running back (27-year- old Jamaal Charles vs. 30-year-old Frank Gore), and the younger and better No. 1 wide receiver (29-year-old Dwayne Bowe vs. 33- year-old Anquan Boldin). Kaepernick probably has the better offensive line, but the Chiefs spent the first pick in the draft on tackle Eric Fisher. Smith will have a good offensive line, too. Kaepernick has the better tight end - Vernon Davis but Kaepernick completed just 27 passes to Davis in 10 games last season.
kelce. Look what Alex Smith did for Vernon Davis. Tc is no vd but has better long term value imo
I mean he only had Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Justin Smith, Navarro Bowman, Patrick Willis . . .
Alex Smith, Patrick Willis, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis... all 1st rounders. I'll leave Kentwan Balmer out though.
Ah, the memories. This story of Alex Smith's pass to Vernon Davis vs. Saints was exhumed . . .
Vernon Davis, Alex Smith, and Joe Staley here at the match, right next to me.
Vernon Davis having hard time seeing Alex Smith leave
SC interview with San Francisco's Vernon Davis about the Alex Smith trade - "I know he's going to go to Kansas and do his thing."
Vernon Davis said he was in love with Alex Smith and that he is going to take Colin Kaepernick out dancing on today. Who is his PR guy?
San Francisco 49ers TE Vernon Davis said it will be difficult seeing QB Alex Smith play for another team in 2013 after being traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. "It was tough for me because I really care about Alex," Davis said. "I love the guy. It's hard to see him leave, but I know the business. I understand it. It's the nature of the business." Davis added Smith handled his role well after he was relegated to backup status following the emergence of QB Colin Kaepernick. "He's a classy guy. You saw what happened to him this year. He remained a 49er and he didn't complain. He didn't go to coach saying, 'Coach I should be the starter. I had a concussion and you took me out.' He didn't do none of those things."
Why are Chiefs fans going nuts over Alex Smith? He was pretty much a draft bust untill Jim Harbaugh took over, plus he had Vernon Davis, Crabtree, Gore, playing with him, KC don't have any players close to that. Don't get your hopes to high
Is Dontari Poe worth more than Russell Wilson, Brandon Weeden, or Kirk Cousins? Because now you got Alex Smith minus Vernon Davis,
Just read today that they are planning on demolishing Candlestick Park following the close of the NFL season next year. Gotta say, it's going to be sad to see it go. I went to my first baseball game there in 1989 vs. the Cincinnati Reds and attended one of the last baseball games played there in 1999 vs. the New York Mets before the Giants moved to Pac Bell (now AT&T) Park. Candlestick Park hosted the 1962 and 1989 World Series, with the '89 series interrupted by the Loma Prieta Earthquake just prior to the start of Game 3. It also hosted the 1961 and 1984 All-Star Games, and served host to numerous greats from Willie Mays, to Willie McCovey, to Orlando Cepeda, to Will Clark, to Matt Williams, to Barry Bonds, among others. Also the home to the San Francisco 49ers, Candlestick Park hosted 8 NFC Championship Games, including "The Catch" in 1982 (Joe Montana to Dwight Clark), "The Catch II" in 1998 (Steve Young to Terrell Owens), and "The Catch III" in 2012 (Alex Smith to Vernon Davis). Jerry Rice caugh ...
So, I've been doing a lot of commenting but now after the dust has settled I would like to share my full take on Super Bowl XLVII. First off, if you know me in the slightest you know that I am a fan of the Eagles, but the 49ers have been my team for a number of years now. Besides the fact that I have lots of family who are 9er fans (including my wife), it just seems to work out well that in any given year either the Eagles or 49ers will be successful (Never both, just one.) I had my reservations this year with the controversial benching of Alex Smith, but ultimately I decided that a QB alone does not make the team and I still wanted them to do well for the other players I admired on the team like Vernon Davis and Patrick Willis. So I stayed true to my Plus, the Eagles were long out of the running by then, finding new and creative ways to embarass themselves week after week, so I picked the 9ers for the NFC and to hopefully win it all, especially since the hated Giants ruined their shot last year. An ...
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My official hottie(s) of the Super Bowl announcement: Vernon Davis (because of his smile), and Alex Smith (because he's adorable). Cassiday and Jerry, thought you might wanna know. ;)
We welcome you, bandwagon fans, the more Niner love the merrier. But please remember during your posts that we have a lot more going on than Kaepernick (as magical as he is) We couldn't have gotten this far without Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Justin and Aldon Smith, NaVorro Bowman, Patrick Willis, and even Alex Smith for sticking through. Jim Harbaugh is a revolutionary coach and we have been waiting patiently, through many bad seasons, for this team to come together again. 49er love baby. ❤❤
The Ravens' tight ends will not do anything against Patrick Willis or Navarro Bowman. Frank Gore WILL run on the Ravens defense. Who on the Ravens defense is fast enough to keep up with Kaepernick if he takes off? Torrey Smith will get a few big catches, but thats ok, let him get his 3 catches for 120 yards and a touchdown, it won't matter. You think Bryant Mckinnie is fast enough to keep up with Aldon Smith? I don't...Michael Oher should keep Ahmad Brooks in check pretty well...who on the Ravens can matchup with Vernon Davis? I don't think anybody can, so either he will have a huge game or they will keep the safety in the middle and Crabtree or Randy Moss will run wild. Iupati is a beast, and he can take on Haloti Ngata...I see the 49ers taking it...Alex Smith players the last series, victory formation...
There are a lot of Niners like Alex Smith and Randy Moss. Frank Gore, Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis who deserve it more than Ray Lewis
It's been a great week. Been watching all my Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Steve Young, Vernon Davis, Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick playoff and Super Bowl film getting ready for the Super Bowl. Who's got it better than us?? NOBODY!
It looks like Kap has figured out what Alex Smith knew all along... Vernon Davis is a F ing monster... Use him!!!
49ers QB, I like this guy. Reminds me of Randall Cunningham. Oh and Vernon Davis is a beast.
Kaepernick is looking like Alex Smith back there: just hand it to Gore and only throw it to Vernon Davis!
Colin Kap put on a good drive.Vernon Davis is a stud...Love to see Cap have a good or lose so S.F. can get over the Alex Smith mess and move on
The 49ers r simply the better team in this NFL NFC Championship Game. In addition 2 Kaepernick, they have playmakers like running back Frank Gore, wide receiver Michael Crabtree and tight end Vernon Davis. Alex Smith who lead the 49ers 2 last year's NFL NFC Championship Game and was replaced by Kaepernick during the season is read 2 step in should Kaepernick get injured. The defense is also stellar with playmakers like defensive end Justin Smith, linebacker Donte Whitner, cornerback Carlos Rogers and free safety Patrick Willis. Their special teams r excellent with punter Andy Lee and veteran kicker David Akers.
Mike Nolan drafted Alex Smith,Frank Gore,Vernon Davis,PatrickWillis,Joe Staley,&Dashon Goldson for the 49ers when he was there from '05-'08.
And, now where off the negativity. Onward to the positives from the weekend. Colin Kaepernick is here, and it looks like he's here to stay. The Packers defense certainly did look ill-prepared, but Kaep made them pay for their mistakes. He blew through the holes they left him, and used his upper-tier speed to shred them. He took advantage of everything the defense gave him, the things good QBs are supposed to do. There's one guy on San Fran's squad that I'm sure appreciates the change from Alex Smith to Colin K. Michael Crabtree has been much more productive since the youngster took over. Vernon Davis isn't getting the looks he was, but Colin K is a WRs QB. Crabtree and Moss are getting a lot more looks, and they're pressing the defense down the field. Arm Strength! The Atlanta Falcons started fast(20-0 lead at the half), nearly collapsed in historically epic fashion(28-27 deficit with ~1:00 left), then showed serious grit and guts to drive down the field to take a 30-27 lead with :10 left. Thank ...
Who wants to bet Vernon Davis will be asking for a trade right along with Alex Smith?
Wonder if Vernon Davis will lose his starting job because of a concussion like Alex Smith did.
49ers News: TE Vernon Davis out for the remainder of the game with a concussion. VD, hope you weren't the one that said you have a concussion, you saw what Harbaugh did to Alex Smith, unless you wanna lose your job to Delanie Walker. CB Terrell Brown looks like he's gonna be out.
Last year Kyle Williams suffered a concussion in Seattle, this year it's Vernon Davis. Rams knocked out Alex Smith. NFC West is brutal now.
Alex Smith with TD pass to Vernon Davis vs. Bucs 10/9/11
Despite the success experienced by the San Francisco 49ers and their backup quarterback Colin Kaepernick over the last two weeks, star tight end Vernon Davis still believes that veteran Alex Smith is the team's No...
thank you Jim Harbaugh - Alex Smith would've thrown a catchable ball to Vernon Davis!
I hope that concussion keeps Alex Smith out for the rest of the season! Were actually using our WR and Vernon Davis is back in the offense WOW! Were so balanced right now they can't stop us, play action all day respect Frank Gore foo!
Vernon Davis with a banged up Alex Smith vs the Bears? Or Heath Miller with no Big Ben against the Ravens?
Yea voted for my niners to go to the Pro Bowl..for sure bored for Vernon Davis and Alex Smith, Patrick Willis! Guna vote again and again!
Eli Manning has been a giant Fantasy Football dissapointment (and yes, that pun was intended). With the 49ers playing a soft Rams secondary, I'm banking that the Niners will go to the air more. I have Alex Smith, Vernon Davis, and Randy Moss in my line-up. Please Niners, throw the ball this week.
If there was one athlete id love to meet it would be Vernon Davis or Alex Smith.
Which play was better??? Steve Young to or Alex Smith to Vernon Davis ...
Some one just offered me Alex Smith, Chris Johnson, and Percy Harving for Eli Manning, Vernon Davis, and Benjarvus Green-Ellis on fantasy. should I do it?
Going into the Sunday night game, I've got Alex Smith, Vernon Davis, and Jacob Tamme left and I'm only down by 102. Rally hats!
*** you Vernon Davis. Not even one catch? On the other hand, I think I made a good choice by not starting Alex Smith.
Im glad the 49ers won last night but it wasnt pretty. Alex Smith has looked horrible for the second game in a row. I hope that its because he is still recovering from his hand injury and that its only temporary. The running game looked great and so did the defense. We need more out of the QB position. With offensive weapons such as Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Randy Moss, Mario Manningham, and Crabtree, how do you only score 16 points total in two games. Oh well on the bright side we are 5-2 with the division lead.
You saw the real Niners tonight. Big win over the Seahawks... Defense wins championships... Still need Alex Smith to play better. Where's Vernon Davis?
I think Vernon Davis had to have slept with Alex Smith's girlfriend... Zero targets for zero yards.. *** !?!
Way to go 49ers Offensive Coordinator I got no fantasy Points because Alex Smith couldn't pass the ball to Vernon Davis.
Sorry Niners. The Seahawks have the answer to Vernon Davis. If you want to win tell Randy Moss to run Go routes and have Alex Smith throw it somewhere on that side of the field. It worked for my Patriots. But then again, we have Tom Brady.
Trash. 3 and 7 and you have a tank in Vernon Davis that you don't even have in game. I hope they lose. Alex Smith is a ***
Have a funny feeling Alex Smith & Vernon Davis are going to have MASSIVE games! Seahawks are in trouble tonight- Prediction : 31 - 17
Madden update Alex Smith Decrease, from 88 to 87OVR Aldon Smith Decrease, from 90 to 89OVR David Akers Decrease, from 91 to 90OVR Vernon Davis Decrease, from 96 to 95OVR Kyle Williams Increase, from 71 to 72OVR
"Will the real Alex Smith please stand up? Oh thank you Sir. Please remaining standing til Frank Gore and Vernon Davis retire."
To all those who would choose to disrespect MY WORLD CHAMPIONS.In particular 49er fans, what happened??? In a clearly dominant performance on both sides of the ball the WORLD CHAMPS took those bums apart!!! Im speaking SPECIFICALLY to those people that call themselves 9er fans...your man Vernon Davis tonight?.a joke.Alex Smith...a BIGGER joke (3 picks).Mr. Moss??...marginal at his very best today!!! If you would like for me to name names I would be happy to, but, to save you people the embarrassment I choose not to. YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHO YOU ARE!!! If there is ANYONE else who may think Im not talking either to or about them? Guess what...this is meant directly for you!!! We now sit AT THE TOP OF OUR DIVISION with tonight's slaughter of those fairies from the West Coast!!! One of the most satisfying aspects of this massacre is the fact that we did it at Candlestick Park!!! You fairies even tried to buy two of our key players from last year and look what that got you.NOTHING!!! This is BIG BLUE baby!!! Neve ...
So.we go out for dinner @ Benihanna by our hotel and the 49ets are here eating dinner...Alex Smith, Vernon Davis and others...and I'm still in my Giants gear!! Omg...too funny!!
Hmm. Interesting football game. 1). No one runs on the 49ers. Check. 2). Alex Smith doesn't get intercepted. Check. 3). Vernon Davis is a game changer. Check. 4). Frank Gore will shred the Giants D-line. Check. 5). Victor Cruz will not dance a salsa in Candlestick. Check. 6). The Niners are the best team in the NFC. Check. Oh, the Giants won 26-3. In Candlestick. Against the Niners. Check. :-)
Alex Smith and Vernon Davis attend 1 Obama fundraiser & the are playing like a combo of the worst of Erickson, Nolan AND Singletary.
Alex Smith needs to pass the ball to Vernon Davis, that's what he's gotta do.
I would start Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree the Niners defense and David Akers if I had them all :)
Beastin' with Patrick Willis on Defense & Beastin' with Vernon Davis on Offense with lots of good play calling from Alex Smith on Madden.. Im the best cant nobody see me in Madden son!!!
San Francisco 49ers set new offensive mark in blowout win over Buffalo Bills San Francisco -- Joe Montana never did it. Neither did Steve Young or Y.A. Tittle. Even the architect of the West Coast offense, Bill Walsh, could only imagine such a massive mark. Of all the Hall of Fame quarterbacks and coaches in the history of the San Francisco 49ers , leave it to Alex Smith and Jim Harbaugh to set a new standard. Smith threw for a season-high 303 yards and three touchdowns, Frank Gore ran for 106 yards and a score, and the 49ers amassed a franchise-record 621 yards in blowing by the Buffalo Bills 45-3 on Sunday. San Francisco also became the first team in NFL history with 300 yards passing and 300 yards rushing. "Very cool," Smith said. "When you think of the 49ers , you think of great offense." Michael Crabtree (seven catches for 113 yards) and Vernon Davis (seven catches for 106 yards) each eclipsed the century mark to pull San Francisco (4-1) into a tie with Arizona for the NFC West lead. Even Randy Moss ...
How about that 45-3 drubbing of the 49ers over the Bills ... awesome performance by Alex Smith, Crabtree, Vernon Davis and Kaepernick ... awesome game ... and the weather could not have been better ... National Anthem a capella by Army Officer and the induction into the Marine Corps and the Navy of some 20-30 recruits at half-time was very special as was the Blue Angels flyover.
"I too needed a second term, if you will" - Alex Smith with Vernon Davis at @ Bill Graham Civic Auditorium
i'll admit I was totally wrong about the Giants Game. I thought they were finished down 14-0 and 17-7 against the Browns. I am very happy I was wrong. i'll take the 41-27 come from behind victory. My prediction before the game was 24-17 Giants win. The Giants still need to get a pass rush against Alex Smith. I hope we can contain Frank Gore and Vernon Davis. Let's Go Giants beat the 49'ers.
Cesar A. Cuadra Aleksandra Noel McClain Luis Cruz Not Montana, not Y. A. Tittle, not Young, Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Crabtree and Vernon Davis own the franchise record of 621 offensive yards for the 49ers.
Fantasy team came through huge today!! Alex Smith, Jamal Charles, Reggie Wayne, Vernon Davis, and i got Malcolm Floyd going against the aint's tonight.he should have a big time game for me as well! What happened to New Orleans this yr? Sean Peyton coach of the yr!
Oh yeah it was another massacre! 45-3 for team red n gold! Alex Smith: 18/24 for 303 yards & 3TDS. Frank Gore: 14 rush for 106 yards & 1TD. Kendall Hunter: 11 rush for 81 yards. Michael Crabtree: 6 rec for 113 yards 1 TD. Vernon Davis: 5 rec for 106 yards. Defense: 2 turnovers only 3 points. Offense: 621 yards total. This is how I want my Niners to play!
Alex Smith with 303 passing yards, Frank Gore with 106 rushing yards, Michael Crabtree with 113 yards receiving and Vernon Davis with 106 yards receiving!! The 49ers Offense had 621 of total yards! A Franchise Record!!! I love our new offense!! Great win today 49ers!!! Now we must ride this scoring streak as we enter the this rematch game against the New York Giants in San Fransisco!!! THE ROAD TO A CHAMPIONSHIP GOES THROUGH San Francisco!
Niners are playing tough hard nosed football. Alex Smith is having a Career Day, Crabtree over 100 yards 1 TD, Vernon Davis over 100 yards, Gore pushing 100 and a TD, Manningham his first TD as a Niner. What a performance from the whole team! Niners4Life
Lets do it again Patrick Willis. Stong D today. Gore lets get some yards. Vernon Davis lets get them hands going and MVP Alex Smith no picks keep them good. Aldon Smith sacks sacks sacks. Justin Smith bring the heat. Bowman your turn for a pick. Nineers all day. WHO Crabtree, Moss and Manningham no drops T.D's all day. IM READY.
I'll nominate Jon Miller calling a Posey or Panda home run, or Ted Robinson calling a Alex Smith to Vernon Davis touchdown
Alex Smith is not Aaron Rodgers, he's not Tom Brady, he's not Peyton Manning, he's not Michael Vick. He's Alex Smith. We don't run the run and shoot offense, we don't run the pro set. We don't run the spread. We run the West Coast offense. Peoples expectations are high. They ask why we got Manningham and Moss when we don't use them much. The answer is simpler than you think. And it goes back to the Championship Game. We had 0 receiver production aside from Vernon Davis going against an average secondary. Ted Ginn was out. Could we have used a Manningham or an Moss in that game? *** yeah. Did we have them? No. The best weapon is the one you don't use often. Against a jets team weak against the run we jammed it down their throats. If it wasn't Kaepernick it would've been a healthy Brandon Jacobs. We were like the 99 Ravens. Run the ball, play good defense, shut em down. The moral is that we are forgetting that we want to win no matter what it takes. No matter the qb. No matter the coach. No matter the sche ...
Lol got this of a jetsblog and the funny thing is its true. "On the game film from yesterday, the coaching staff is going to see what a legitimate Super Bowl contender looks like. The 49ers are the team Rex Ryan wants. A smash-mouth, versatile running game supported by an efficient quarterback on offense and an elite defense that can get after the quarterback and force turnovers. The New York Jets can’t be them because Muhammad Wilkerson isn’t Justin Smith. David Harris isn’t Patrick Willis. Quinton Coples isn’t Aldon Smith. Bart Scott isn’t NaVorro Bowman. Not even remotely close. Shonn Greene isn’t half the running back Frank Gore is. Dustin Keller is a very poor man’s Vernon Davis. Colin Kapernick is a fast Tim Tebow who can throw the football. And right now, Mark Sanchez isn’t anywhere near the quarterback Alex Smith is and that is saying something because Smith isn’t very good."
Another TD for Frank Gore will be great for my fantasy team, ok Alex Smith? And get a TD pass over to Vernon Davis before the game's done, 'k?
The Is the San Francisco 49ers. They have stars like Alex Smith,Patrick Willis,Randy Moss,Vernon Davis,and Frank Gore.
but what if you put Vernon Davis with Tom Brady or Drew Brees, not Alex Smith???
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A thought...Picture this, The dying moments of the Super Bowl...Fourth and thirteen and the Niners are at the Ravens 35 yard line. Alex Smith throws a bomb intended for Vernon Davis and it turns into a jump ball with Ed Reed , Ray Lewis and Vernon Davis all going after the ball in the end zone sort of like last night...and the Replacement Refs calling it a Touchdown. Scary... Huh? We need with out a shadow of a doubt and even if the regular ones screw up a call or two...we need the regular refs back and back before something like last night happens in the Super Bowl.
Sorry Niners, but you deserved that loss. That game was a comedy of errors with, again, horrible officiating, as well as the return of Alex Smith's poor passing under Singletary and sloppy defense yielding unnecessary penalties. The bright light is that Frank Gore can still run with the best of them and Vernon Davis remains the strong TE I always knew he was. Hope they learned some lessons today.
A contender led by Alex Smith, Frank Gore and Vernon Davis, this was supposed to be the plan all along wasn't it?
just for my friend danny Peyton Manning made an enormous mistake not signing with the 49ers. It’s obvious Manning needs help. Jim Harbaugh can hide a quarterback with a weak arm. Alex Smith is exhibit A. Plus, the San Francisco defense, Frank Gore, Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree give a weak-armed QB more places to hide.
San Francisco's stingy defense denied Matthew Stafford another milestone, Vernon Davis caught touchdown passes of 21 and 23 yards from Alex Smith, and the 49ers beat the Detroit Lions 27-19 on Sunday night in a September showdown of NFC powers.
2 - 0 victories over two worthy opponents. Great play by Alex Smith, Michael Crabtree, Frank Gore, and Vernon Davis. All credit goes to the Defense! Offensive line kick butt too.
S/O to Vernon Davis, Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Kendall Hunter and the rest of that oustanding *** offense!
Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree, Frank Gore, and even Alex Smith all have impressed me tonight. Do I smell Super Bowl?
Vernon Davis = BEAST (It seems like Alex Smith gotta wake-up call in the off-season when we were close to getting Peyton Manning).
With the TD pass to Vernon Davis, 49ers QB Alex Smith now has 12 TD passes and 0 INT in his last 9 games
I like these 11 point touchdowns. I have Alex Smith, Vernon Davis, and David Akers. Happened last week, and again just now.
Predictions for 2nights game a beloved, but honest Lions fan. 1 - San Fran wins 31 - 20 2 - Alex Smith throws for 300+ against our injury filled secondary 3 - Vernon Davis & Michael Crabtree both have touchdowns 4 - Calvin Johnson & Titus Young both have TD's for Detroit 5 - If we had Best/LeShoure/Delmas/Houston & Bentley playing, i truly believe we could beat San Fran. Too many guys hurt for us to win this one.
213 NFL POWER RANKINGS AFTER WEEK 1 NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 1 Tom Brady shows 0 signs of slowing down. Their D will be better. That along with a fairly easy schedule= 16-0 is not out of the question, probably not but possible. BALTIMORE RAVENS 2 After week one, the new look offense looks to be a great answer to last years Cam Cameron bashing. Ray Lewis 37 playing like hes 25 and a Joe Flacco that will answer alot of questions and prove that he is an elite QB in this league. Look for Joe to be top a the top of the list for highest paid QB's in the NFL next year. Lets not forget Bal has a new kicker that will help erase the memory of the purple blood that Cundiff drained. HOUSTON TEXANS 3 To me Houston is the most well rounded team in the NFL. Barring injury, I believe they will represent the AFC in the Superbowl. San Francisco 49'ERS 4 Alex Smith will get better and better each week and will also answer alot of questions. I mean he has to with all those weapons around him. Vernon Davis is not human. Even t ...
I swear niner fans came out of closet couldn't find a niner fan till mid last season . And then they worry about raider fans when they should b worried about a.z. And their division . Raiders have lost I swear for the last 100 years but raider fans still wear gear loud and proud . No matter what u can go to japan and find raider gear.Niner fans kept that ugly red and gold (disco colors) in the closet till last year.c'mon man.they hated Alex smith now he is a god hated Vernon Davis now they love . Make your guys minds up.
Now after all these years I understand why the 9ers picked Alex Smith ahead of Aaron Rogers in the draft. Go Niners. Not enough credit is given to Coach Mike Singletary for sticking with Alex as well as Vernon Davis. Coach Singletary instilled the character of his team.and set the table for Coach Harbaugh.
49ers!.go into Lambeau Field and defeat the Green Bay 30 to 22. Akers ties the NFL record with a 63 yard filed goal! Frank Gore has 112 yards and a TD, Alex Smith goes 20-26 with 211 yards and 2 TD, Randy Moss and Vernon Davis each score a TD.and the 49ers defense was awesome! Seeing all the sad cheese heads leave was fantastic:)
Woohoo, what a win for the Niners today! The 49ers beat the Packers 30-22! Yeeeaaah! Randy Moss got his first TD as a Niner, Vernon Davis and Frank Gore scored TD's, and David Akers kicked a 63 yd. FG! Alex Smith also played well! The 49ers defense made big play like they did last year, and it was an all around good win for the 49ers! Wow! What a win in Green Bay today! Yeeeah!
My Fantasy Football team is as this...Cam Newton, M. Jones-Drew, Beanie Wells, Mark Ingram, A.J. Green, Santonio Holmes, Vernon Davis at T.E., Crosby at K, Ravens defense, and Mario Williams, my backups are Andrew Luck, Alex Smith, Jon Stewart, Santana Moss and 2 other rb's
I need to lock in a few predictions now before I get told I never said them. 1. Lions will go 11-5. 2. Niners are frauds this year. They're going to be the NFL darling pick, they've gotten way too much hype. Randy Moss should've stayed retired. Harbaugh isn't THAT GOOD OF A COACH. And, Niners Defense is over rated along with that POS Alex Smith who was a bust up to a year ago. Do I even go on about Vernon Davis; "Can't coach with'em. Can not win with'em. Can't do it." Niners go 4-12 and everyone in the NFL is shocked. You heard it here first.
My *** Alex Smith, Vernon Davis, and Michael Crabtree are gonna rape the fudge packers.
While a lot are excited about the 49ers this season. You still have Alex Smith. Who showed after a timeout he can get a delay of game and then a false start. At least he didnt turn the ball over. But you have oft injured Gore, old *** Moss, and a special teams unit that can cost u a trip to the Super Bowl. Having said that. You got Vernon Davis and Manningham. Who knows about Crabtree. Hunter is a good backup RB and the DEF is lights out quick. In the end they SHOULD win the division. But seldom does that team win the rugged AFC West.
Fantasy Football is Dungeons & Dragons disguised in football terminology!...I'm a Niner fan! when ppl see me rootin 4 my team & they ask..."Who's on your team?" in reference to FF...I tell em...Frank Gore, Alex Smith, Patrick Willis, Randy Moss, Vernon Davis, Donte Whitner, Navarro Bowman, Aldon Smith...etc...
“Alex Smith hits Vernon Davis for a 44-yard touchown!” love it when he throws the ball we are more than a running team lets keepitup
Vernon Davis drops an Alex Smith pass that could of been a TD
So Trey calls to share with me he got to meet & take pix of...Frank Gore, Randy Moss, Alex Smith, and Vernon Davis!! He says this was the best day of my life! So happy for him!!! :)
my 9ers SMASHED on the vikings today. Alex Smith looks like he has improved alrdy and threw a td pass on the first drive w out the help of moss or vernon davis. The ground game is POWERFUL and our defense is dominate. Cant wait for the real season to begin
(aka Mikal Vaughn) Let's play some Football!!! My 49ers are gonna light some Fireworks this season!!! Who's gonna stop our Sweep...Cornerbacks and Safties will be busy trying to watch Randy Moss and Michael Crabtree or JR Jenkins...the Best tightend in the NFL, Vernon Davis, blocks down, 2 of the best guards in the NFL come around the corner followed by 6'4" 264 pds, Brandon Jacobs and Frank Gore is carrying the Gold. Our offense keeps the ball...Our "D" does 3 and out...Our Place Kicker and our Punter are the best in the NFL; plus Alex Smith has been taught by Coach Harbaugh...Salut
Luv the sweep San Francisco,even if its against the Rockies,but watching this documentary on Jerry Rice called catching history got me ready for sum football.dude was a frickin beast & I wish we had a cloned receiving coor made up of just him.seriously,only Michael Crabtree had 1 reception in the NFC championship & that was at the end of the game.I know VD will burn u everytime,and by VD I mean Vernon Davis,but him & Gore cant do it all.especially wit Alex Smith at quarterback.I know its just preseason,but the NINERS Super Bowl run starts Friday.
Alex Smith throws touchdowns.they're always to vernon davis lol
Alex Smith passes to Vernon Davis for the game winning Catch 3 at the 2012 Division playoffs hosting the Saints.
Randy Moss, Vernon Davis, Micheal Crabtree, Mario Manningham & Frank Gore on offense! Alex Smith better be productive this season
• Game of the Year: The San Francisco 49ers' dramatic 36-32 NFC Divisional playoff win over the Saints, which saw four lead changes in the Final Four minutes. The 49ers won the game with a 14-yard touchdown pass from Alex Smith to Vernon Davis with 14 seconds to play. ...2012 ESPYS! OH YEAH!!!
For those of you with insider info, that's my "boy", Vernon Davis! ;) Congrats to the San Francisco 49ers for winning an ESPY! Thanks for the great season! Extra special props (do people still give those out) to Alex Smith and Mr. Davis for that amazing play at the end of the NFC Championship!
"Vernon Davis with the play of his life! Alex Smith with the play of his life!" I remember watching this game and waking up my mom lol
High-scoring game that featured Alex Smith's winning throw to Vernon Davis was an instant
I love Vernon Davis just don't love Alex Smith. He won't have another career year. I think Kapernick starts by midseason.
If had Calvin Johnson along side Vernon Davis...Alex Smith probably wudda had at least 2 SuperBowl rings by now lol
Vernon Davis, Michael Crabtree? With Frank Gore in the backfield? Alex Smith seemed to do okay with it last year, right...?
give Vernon Davis Brady.he's had Alex Smith throwing the ball to him. Davis is a beast. Smith best season '11
Alex Smith throws a Touchdown pass to Vernon Davis to put the 49ers on top with just :09 left in the game. David Akers nails the extra point and the 49ers wo...
Jus wanted to make it official and say that I am no longer a Steeler fan. I am officially 49er fan. I've come to find that red and gold match me more. Alex Smith is da bomb. I would let Vernon Davis sign my massive chest!!! Jim Harbaugh is my hero!!! GO NINERS!!!
to be fair it didn't seem like the bounty worked on Favre, Alex Smith, Vernon Davis, Frank Gore, Crabtree, or beast mode Lynch
Can't wait to see how Alex smith turns out this season with Vernon Davis & randy
Alex Smith is going to have to be more then just a game manager with Randy Moss, AJ Jenkins, Michael Crabtree, Mario Manningham,and Ted Ginn. Oh yeah can't forget Delanie Walker and Vernon Davis.
Video of Alex Smith leading Vernon Davis into a Cover 2 opening.
The have, in their receiving corps, Moss, Manningham, Crabtree and Vernon Davis. Alex Smith won't know where to throw...
I'm not a believer in Alex Smith but with Vernon Davis, Randy Moss, Mario Manningham, Michael Crabtree, Ted Ginn, he's a spoiled guy.
I would like to see Greg Williams walk into a dark alley and meet up with Frank Gore, Alex Smith, Michael Crabtree and Vernon Davis.
How much would Alex Smith, Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, Kendall Hunter, Kyle Williams pay for 1, 3 minute round with Greg Williams?!?! I hope that clown is NEVER allowed back in the NFL!!!
Have you heard the audio? It's on Youtube. He went after Frank Gore, Alex Smith, Vernon Davis, Kendall Hunter & Kyle Williams!
Greg Williams talking about injuring Alex Smith's chin and offering money for it "I got the first one" Crabtree's ACL, Gore's head, killing Kendall Hunter, going after Vernon Davis' head and Kyle Williams' head due to his past concussions. Funny that the Saints were the one's who got hit in that game.
Michael Crabtree, Alex Smith, Vernon Davis, Brandon Jacobs, Mario Manningham, Frank Gore and Randy Moss will win us the Super Bowl.
Alex Smith, Vernon Davis make their own 49ers legacy
Two guys who had terrible times under Singletary turned into Joe Montana and Dwight Clark. No surprise Vernon Davis rose up, but Alex Smith?
Wow! Alex Smith to Vernon Davis for the game! Reminds me of Jeff Garcia to T.O. vs the Packers some years ago
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