Alex Smith & Tony Romo

Alexander Douglas Smith (born May 7, 1984) is a professional American football player and starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Antonio Ramiro Tony Romo (born April 21, 1980) is a professional American football quarterback in the NFL for the Dallas Cowboys. 5.0/5

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Most likely to win the Super Bowl this season: Carson Palmer, Tony Romo, Alex Smith, Jay Cutler, or Matt Ryan?
Alex Smith now has more playoff wins than Tony Romo.
wouldn't take Tony Romo, one of the most prolific passers in NFL, or Alex Smith? Rated Carson Palmer so low? joke list
My fantasy football QB's this year: Peyton Manning, Matt Stafford, Tony Romo, Alex Smith, and now I'm thinking about Ryan Fitzpatrick.
Top 5 QBs in terms of throwing the fewest "interceptable passes" per attempt: Alex Smith, Tony Romo, Sam Brad…
QB RANKINGS: Which signal callers does the media love to talk about?. 2. Tony Romo. 5. Jameis Winston . 30. Alex Smith. http…
One year as a starter Tim Tebow had as many playoff wins as Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Andrew Luck, Jay Cutler, Alex Smith, and Cam Newton. 🐸☕️
Who would've thought Tony Romo and Alex Smith, would beat down Drew Brees and Tom Brady in Primetime this weekend
I'll take Brent Wilson over Tony Romo or Alex Smith anyday
Tebow managed to win as many playoff games, one, as current NFL starting QB’s Jay Cutler, Alex Smith, Andrew Luck, Tony Romo and Matt Ryan
in Kaepernicks first 3 years as a pro hes made more superbowl apearences and more championships than Andy Dalton, Ryan Tanahill, Mark Sanchez, Andrew Luck, Matt Shaub, Jake Locker, Phillip Rivers, Alex Smith, Matthew Stafford, Jay Cutler, Matt Cassel, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Mike Glennon, Sam Bradford, Carson Palmer, Tony Romo, RG3, Nick Foles, and Mike Vick. i mean these are all starter and previous starters. Sanchez, Cassel and vick dont start anymore but they were for a long time. this shows how much He deserves all he is getting right now. top 5 QB without a doubt!
How much is Tom Condon seeking for his client, Alex Smith? He has already landed Peyton Manning $18 Million a year, Drew Brees $18.4 Million a year, Tony Romo $17 Million a year, Matt Ryan $16.5 Million a year and will be negotiating hefty deals for Eli Manning and Matt Stafford, soon. Not long after Aaron Rodgers, Joe Flacco and Jay Cutler all with big deals and with other QBs working behind the scenes on extensions(Colin Kaepernick & Ben Roethlisberger) and others who will be needing dealt with over the next 12 months(Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III) just how much can we pay Smith? Any extension, as discussed in depth; will already cost us the services of Tamba Hali. A huge extension, more then likely chops Brandon Flowers or Dwayne Bowe off, also. SO, serious questions. Are we at a place where we can even make this deal? Will Alex stick with his QB brethren and increase the average pay for QBs or will he cut us a deal?
Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Eli Manning and Russell Wilson – the 49ers will face four different Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks. Outside of those top passers, San Francisco will have the task of stopping well-known, Pro Bowl-caliber quarterbacks like Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, Carson Palmer, Nick Foles, Alex Smith, Robert Griffin III and Philip Rivers. The 49ers new-look secondary will surely be tested
I grade how good are these QB's by "tiers" or "categories". For Example, I give a QB a 6 if they are elite, 5 if they are very good, 4 if they are good, 3 if they are average, 2 if they are below average, and 1 if they are bad. Here is my opinion on top QB's. What is your ratings based on these QB's? 6- Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees 5- Ben Rothliesberger, Andrew Luck, Philip Rivers, Nick Foles, Matt Ryan 4- Ryan Tannehill, Alex Smith, Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson 3- Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, Robert Griffin III, Matthew Stafford, Mike Glennon, Colin Kaepernick, Carson Palmer 2- Bills QB's (Manuel, Lewis), Titans QB's (Locker, Fitzpatrick), Rams QB's (Bradford, Clemens), Raiders QB's (Pryor, McGloin) 1- Geno Smith, Chad Henne, Browns QB's (Weeden, Campbell), Vikings QB's (Ponder, Cassel, Freeman) I would put Kirk Cousins, Matt Flynn, Josh Mccown, Michael Vick, and Brian Hoyer somewhere in this system but they have not played enough games to earn a spec ...
Story of this game: Alex Smith has transformed into Joe Montana while Andrew Luck has transformed into Tony Romo.
I've rode Tony Romo all season, have Alex Smith too. Would you drop either for CK this week?
If you go by "numbers, Tony Romo is an elite QB. Nick Foles is a future HOF, and Alex Smith is a Top5 QB.
Honestly I feel bad for Tony Romo. He's really not as bad as ppl make him out to be. I feel he suffering from what Cam Newton suffered from and that's tryna do too much. I like him in clutch situations over Phillip Rivers, Matt Stafford, Alex Smith, Matt Ryan, even Joe Flacco and Jay Cutler
START/SIT/SLEEPER for week 14 QB: Start em' Cutler/McCown- Doesn't Matter who starts either way this is a great match up. Dallas is currently letting up the second most points to opposing quarterbacks, and this Bears offense has been hot with McCown and Cutler. Mathew Stafford- He's playing a team that let's up a lot of points to opposing quarterbacks. This Eagles defense struggles against big physical guys like Megatron, so that has to help Stafford. Alex Smith- This chiefs will finally pull out of their slump, with playing an easy Redskins team. This Redskins defense is down right awful, and the Chiefs need to make a statement. Sit em' Colin Kaepernick- He's playing the Seahawks, do I really need to say anymore... Russell Wilson- This 49ers defense, is also tough against quarterbacks. This game is going to come down the run game. Tony Romo- When is this game being played? Oh right, DECEMBER 9. The month of December means that Tony Romo starts playing bad again, and this Chicago defense is good too. Slee ...
Did you know that Russell Wilson has been sacked more times, but has a better Passer Rating than Tom Brady, Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, Cam Newton, Carson Palmer, Andrew Luck, Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Colin Kaepernick, RG3, Jay Cutler and Matt Stafford? :)
Ten Things To Know After Week 11 in the NFL: 1. If the Playoffs started today: Denver, New England, Seattle, and New Orleans would have First Round Byes; Wildcards: 49ers at Lions, Panthers at Eagles, Jets at Colts, and Chiefs at Bengals 2. Mike Glennon has more touchdown passes than Alex Smith—and Glennon was the 3rd string quarterback and did not even enter a game until Week 4 3. Tony Romo and Peyton Manning have the same amount of interceptions, despite Romo’s reputation of ‘always throwing interceptions’ 4. The quarterback having the lowest Passer Rating among active starters is Geno Smith, 65.1 5. Sunday night’s game against the Chiefs was the first game since December 16, 2012, that Peyton Manning only threw one touchdown pass 6. The Bears are 3rd in the NFL in total points scored and would miss the Playoffs if they began today 7. There are currently two 1,000 yard WRs and just one 1,000 yard RB 8. Yards per carry, this is the worst season of Adrian Peterson’s NFL career 9. Last year the ...
Catchin up on Meetings all week. Thank you for the Tony Romo joke. You got nothin for Alex Smith?
Would you rather have Alex Smith or Tony Romo running your team? and discuss it next on The Gameplan.
Ok football fans, question. Tony Romo or Alex Smith? Who would you take on your team right now?
Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Phillip Rivers, Alex Smith, Drew Brees, Tony Romo are all having a better year than Brady.
Lets compare Schaub with other QB's on the long ball! (from ESPN) Texans fans are making their angst about quarterback Matt Schaub known, some more publicly than others, but many of those who didn't take to cups-in-fences art to make their point have focused on one aspect of the Texans' passing game: deep balls. Schaub If we consider a deep ball to be a pass that traveled more than 20 yards in the air, Schaub's total of seven is one of the lowest in the NFL. Only five quarterbacks who have played in all three games have thrown fewer such passes: Kansas City's Alex Smith, Dallas' Tony Romo, Miami's Ryan Tannehill, Atlanta's Matt Ryan and Detroit's Matthew Stafford. All of those quarterbacks -- except for Ryan -- have winning records and two of them are undefeated. Ryan only attempted passes that long in two games. Same goes for New England's Tom Brady and Indianapolis' Andrew Luck, who also has seven. If we reduce our qualification to passes that go longer than 15 yards before caught, Schaub's number of at ...
Yards after catch fuel Chiefs passing game By Adam Teicher Kansas City, Mo. -- Stumbled across a statistic that was most surprising given the state of the Kansas City Chiefs’ passing attack: The Chiefs have more pass plays (nine) of 20 or more yards than their opponents (eight). Difficult to believe given all of the Tony Romo-to-Dez Bryant and Michael Vick-to-Jason Avant bombs that have rained down on the Chiefs. Even more difficult to believe given that the Chiefs have featured short passes almost exclusively. But there it is, in black and white. About 58 percent of Kansas City’s receiving yardage (386 of 669) has come after the catch. The Chiefs have done a decent job of turning some of those short passes into long gains and if that continues, it bodes well for their passing game and offense as a whole. Protection problems have often forced quarterback Alex Smith to unload the ball to a receiver running a shorter pattern, but the short passing game is also mostly by design. It allows the Chiefs to b ...
TONIGHTS PICKS... The Andy Reid led Kansas City Chiefs head to Lincoln Financial Field to face the Philadelphia Eagles.After enjoying an easy go of it in week one against Jacksonville, Kansas City received a real test in the visiting Cowboys and squeaked by 17-16. Thus far it appears that the Chiefs will be leaning on their defense more then lighting up the scoreboard and it's hard to argue with a 2-0 start but the yards were difficult to come by. Alex Smith threw for 199 yards on 21-36 with a pair of touchdowns and no interceptions with Dwayne Bowe (4-56) and Jamaal Charles (8-48) the top targets in a ball control attack. Smith even used his legs to total 57 yards with Charles largely bottled up with 55 yards on 16 carries. That was good enough even though Tony Romo threw for almost 300 yards because KC stiffened on defense when the Cowboys threatened and held the visitors to three field goals and recovered a pair of fumbles. As an Redskins fan I read the newspaper and listened to the radio and heard the ...
“My *** Alex Smith out threw Tony Romo and Kaepernick and Freeman” 😏
Chiefs start 2-0 after beating Cowboys 17-16 Kansas City, Mo. (AP) — The Kansas City Chiefs are playing mistake-free football for the first time in years. The result so far under Andy Reid has been winning football. Alex Smith threw for 223 yards and two touchdowns, and the Chiefs defense held when it needed to in the fourth quarter for a 17-16 victory over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. The Chiefs haven’t committed a turnover through the first two weeks, and that may be the biggest reason they’ve already matched their win total from all of last year. They’re off to a 2-0 start for just the second time since 2005. Jamaal Charles had a touchdown run for the Chiefs, who also got impassioned play from their defense for the second straight week. They’ve allowed only one touchdown through two games after forcing the Cowboys to settle for three field goals by Dan Bailey on Sunday. The most important stop came with 3:55 left. Tony Romo threw three straight incompletions to force Bailey to hit a 53-yarde ...
If you had to pick between Tony Romo or Alex Smith, to start a franchise.Who would you pick?
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Alex Smith, who doesn’t turn the ball over, has a career INT% of 2.8, Tony Romo, who always does, has a career INT% of 2.8 [per …
I wish the Cowboys would have got Alex Smith for Tony Romo
I think they're decent. Better than Tony Romo, not quite Matt Ryan. Along the lines of Alex Smith.
I dont know about most 49ers fans, but I, for one, will miss Alex Smith a great deal. Sure, he never lived up to the expectations of being the overall pick in the 2005 draft, much less to the Montana/Young comparisons that were unfairly being brought upon him. Having said this, it was clear that Smith showed the kind of resiliency and attitude that a true NFL quarterback should posses. He clearly has a lot less talent than some of the other "franchise quarterbacks", but I would take Alex above any of the prototypical quarterbacks like Jay Cutler, Tony Romo, Matthew Stafford or Phillip Rivers. He had the toughest first 8 years an NFL QB could have had. From having a different OC every single year, to shoulder injuries, to being benched in favor of JT O´Sullivan, Troy Smith or Shaun Hill, to being booed on a national stage and lashed out by his head coach, to, most importantly, having defensive minded head coaches. When he finally had a proven OC (Norv Turner) he turned in a respectable sophmore year, but ...
Cowboys should of tried to get Alex Smith, cause Tony Romo blows!!
I would have Tony Romo for fantasy but Alex Smith on my real team.
who would you rather have as your starting QB? Alex Smith or Tony Romo?
I like Tony Romo and all buttt.Alex Smith to the please
Wait a second. Are you telling me you think Alex Smith has more trade value than Tony Romo?
Well 49ers got rid of Alex Smith! Now it's time Cowboys get rid of Tony Romo!
I know you have. I'm talking about my friends who are arguing about Alex Smith and Tony Romo.
No. Alex Smith is NOT a better QB than Tony Romo. Thank GD Jerry Jones isn't that dumb.
I don't think y'all understand. Matt had more turnovers than Tony Romo even after Romo's 5 & 4 pick games. Alex Smith is JUST what they need
So? What does Matt Ryan have to do with Alex Smith? One is Philip Rivers, one is Tony Romo. You can figure out which is which.
Pick up Alex Smith and put pressure on Tony Romo to work to keep his job featured in NBC s Science of Love
need to trade Tony Romo for Alex Smith!!!
Colin Kapearnick will have more rings than Matt Schaub, Tony Romo, Joe Flacco, Matt Ryan, Alex Smith, Matt Stafford in 10 starts!!!
“Cowlishaw: List of QBs with better credentials than Tony Romo still expanding: Alex Smith to Dallas??
so the Dallas Cowboys should pick up Alex Smith who wants to leave San Francisco and be a free agent. Tony Romo does not deserve his job anymore.
Who will the Vikings trade for Alex Smith? Send me your choices. Or, do you think they will wait for Tony Romo? It must be one or the other.
I hope Jon Gruden in Jason Garett out...Alex Smith in Tony Romo out
Alex Smith to Dallas What!!! Move over Tony Romo, Jerry may just save The death Star .Guess we will just have to wait till March
That awkward moment when you've got 11 total NFL starts and you've... - Got more playoff wins than Matt Ryan. - Got more playoff wins than Alex Smith. - Got more NFC Championships than Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, Matthew Stafford, Michael Vick, and Cam Newton, and the same as Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. - And your last name sounds like a cat going through labor and vomiting at the same time. GUESS WHO?
You know what i find amussing.Everytime a team does well or there in the playoffs or superbowl.When they start comparing Qb's,Tony Romo is the first guy that pops up.Nevermind the other 30 Qb's that are also watching the playoffs,no no,just Romo.Let's see,Romo may have never been to a superbowl,however he's never lost one either.Brady's lost 2.Anyone talking about Tom Brady ummm no,just Romo.Aaron Rodgers went 15-1 last year,but bam the Giants smashed them in the first round.Anyone talking about Rodgers umm no,just Romo.So know we have a comparison of Kaepernick and of course Tony Romo.Seriously? Kaepernick rushed for 181 yards vs GB(Adrian Peterson had about 500 in the 2 games they played vs GB).Kaepernick beat the Falcons(Falcons had a 20 lead vs Seattle and should of lost then).Kaepernick walked into a team with a tremendous defense *** Alex Smith had the 49ers at 6-2 already.They can punt 15 times and still be in a game.So in the end its the Defense of the 49ers that makes the team.Give that to Romo . ...
Conference Championship performance: I WENT 2-0! WOO!   What I learned in the Conference Championship weekend - Matt Ryan finishes his fourth playoff season with one postseason victory.  You wanna know who else has one postseason win?  Tony Romo, Tim Tebow, Tommy Maddox (as a starting quarterback; he won his ring on the bench), Jake Plummer, Alex Smith (again, refer to Tommy Maddox), among a few others that I'm sure I'm forgetting. - You wanna know who has MORE playoff wins as a QB than Matt RyanChris Chandler, Trent Dilfer, Mark Sanchez, Brad Johnson, and Jake Delhomme. - In all due seriousness, Falcons/Niners was a solid game.  Julio Jones caught two great touchdown passes for the Falcons, and despite a slow start, Colin Kaepernick was able to find his game (though not in the same condition as it was in the Packers game) and lead his team when it mattered most.  And with that, my preseason NFC pick makes it to the Superbowl, though to be fair, when I made that pick, Alex Smith was still head qu ...
lol with all due respect... are you out of your mind? Assuming you're a Cowboys fan, you want Alex Smith replacing Tony Romo?
Alex Smith? Please! Tony Romo is the only real Schaub replacement option for Texans
But OAN: Congratulations Matt Ryan u now have as many postseason wins as Tony Romo, Russell Wilson, Alex Smith (49ers) and oh yeah Tim Tebow
First and foremost, what all you must know is that. 1. I was born and raised in Houston,Texas. 2. I have followed all the sports teams this city has to offer, all past and present. 3. This page is not for the weak heart-ed. 4. We will do what no other fan page, radio, and TV show wont do. 5. Where most choose to fan hard, we will bash hard.yup that's right. We will bash every mistake every player no matter who he is. 6. Some might say I'm not a true fan or supporter of our football team. I can assure you that's not that case, Im just a fan thats tired of 10 years of the same old Texans Football, from a team with so much talent and promise. 7. Bring in new Quarter Backs to try out, Schaub will never get you to the promise land.bring in Alex Smith, Vince Young, Tim Tebow.. *** bring in Tony Romo with Jessica Simpson. We need a quarter thats mobile that sees the field. 8. Where is Bill Cower ? Kubiak plays the game to safe. Coach go into the game like its your last. Cause the odds are against you. 9. I get . ...
So funny thing Colin Kaepernick has as many playoff wins as Tony Romo hmmm. N Alex Smith has MORE than Romo WOW (SMH)
My final word on the Cowboys: Yes, I think Tony Romo is a *** good QB. I also realize that he makes stupid mistakes. The three Int's he threw against Wash were terrible. However, I'm also a realist. I realize that we were only in a position to make the playoffs because of him. Any other QB and the Cowboys would be 4-12. If you think he should be replaced, who are you going to replace him with? Alex Smith, Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez, etc. Should we draft someone to replace him? Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, etc. If the Cowboys cut him there would be 23 teams lined up to sign him. Again, I know he's not Aaron Rodgers but not many are. We NEED an offensive line! When he has time he's the most accurate passer in the NFL. With a healthy defense, an O-line, an offensive coordinator and decent receivers, he can win a Superbowl. That is all I have to say and the good news is that pitchers and catchers report in a month. Let's go Rangers!!!
Alex Smith, Tony Romo, Michael Vick, Case Keenum, Mark Sanchez? Who would you like on our if Schaub is gone? Ready? GO!
So Andy Reid, Alex Smith, and Tony Romo walk in to an unemployment office.
Who would you rather be, Tony Romo or Alex Smith?
It's no secret that the dismal Kansas City Chiefs have all but locked down the 1st round pick in next year's draft. Will they draft a quarterback in the first, say Geno Smith, Matt Barkley, Mike Glennon, or some other prospect? Or will they trade up for a veteran QB, possibly Alex Smith or Tony Romo? ~Josh
I would love to see Alex Smith replace Tony Romo enough is enough
the Tony romo project has failed for 7 years, I'd like to see Alex Smith run that offense.
Tony Romo on the 49ers would be a dynasty...Alex Smith is serviceable but not on the same category as Romo
This is just my personnel opinion but I'd rather have Alex Smith at a discounted rate than OVERPAY for Tony Romo.
I have seen alot of 49er talk the last 2 weeks. He is my two cents on the QB topic. After the first 4 games of the season I took a look at Alex Smith & couldn't wrap my head around his stats. Week 1, 20-26, sacked 4 times, 2 touchdowns, 0 INT Week 2, 20-31, sacked 3 times, 2 touchdowns, 0 INT Week 3, 24-35, sacked 3 times, 1 touchdown, 1 INT Week 4, 12-21, sacked 2 times, 0 touchdowns, 0 INT With all the new weapons shouldn't he have better stats? The O-line is great but sacked 12 times? 5 touchdown passes seem low but I wasn't ready to write him off yet. Week 5 Alex threw 3 touchdowns, no INT's, & didn't take one sack. I thought the Alex was ready for the Giants but. Week 6, 19-30, sacked 4 times, 0 touchdowns, 3 INT's Week 7, 14-23, sacked 2 times, 1 touchdown, 1 INT Week 8, 18-19, sacked 4 times, 3 touchdowns, 0 INT Week 5 & 8 was the only time Alex looked good all year. Kapernick has only started two games & won both of them. Kapernick has only been sacked twice & threw one INT. Kapernick has passe .. ...
I can see that Troy aikman is ashamed of Tony romo as 49ers fan it would be like Joe Montana be ashamed of Alex Smith
Tony Romo, Big Ben, Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, Joe Flacco and Alex Smith all dressed up as they same thing for halloween this year, NO not the Avengers. They were all Tom Brady, because that was as close to perfect as they were ever going to get.
The look on Alex Smith face was the look of a QB losing his job and being released by the end of the season. Don't worry Alex you can play backup for Tony Romo. Lol
Someone let Alex Smith know that the door is open in Dallas. If the 49ers don't want him they can send him in exchange for Tony Romo.
Alex Smith reminds me Tony Romo lol. Idk why
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Everybody is talking trade already with Alex Smith, I'd like to see him go to Dallas. I think Tony Romo is done after this season.
Russell Wilson has more fantasy points this year than Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Matt Schaub, Phillip Rivers, Alex Smith and Jay Cutler.
Alex Smith to the Dallas Cowboys for Tony Romo, Dez Bryant and Jerry Jones' plastic surgeon.
That quote was in reference to Alex Smith and Tony Romo. LOL.
Alex Smith- Often times insulted by being proclaimed a "Game manager" by certain football people. Well, he goes 18 for19 (NFL single game record highest completion %) with 3TD's, I'm OK with that! Last time I checked he has as many playoff wins as Tony Romo, and has lead his football team deeper into the playoffs than Matt Ryan and many others. Give credit where it's due. Rant over.
There is a reason Tony Romo was UNDRAFTED!!! The only thing worse is the fact that Alex Smith was a overall pick! Vick is garbage too.
My grandfather's *** resemble the late Alex Karras in both odor and appearance. Should I start Tony Romo or Alex Smith?
I just read this Worst QB's of 2012 NFL season top 5 1. Alex Smith 2. Mark Sanchez 3. Kevin Kolb 4. Matt Cassel 5. Ryan Fitzpatrick I had to throw in number 6 6. Tony Romo
Quick question. Who has the most wins as a QB since the start of the 2011 season? Is it A. Tom Brady? B. Eli Manning? C. Aaron Rodgers? D. Tony Romo(ha) E. ALEX SMITH! If you said Alex Smith you are correct with 19 wins, along with 7 4th quarter comebacks in that time. Just a thought! Go Niners!
I'd take Tony Romo in me over Alex Smith. No lie
How do beat Tony Romo, Arron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Tom Brady, but lose to Sam Bradford, John Skelton/Kolb and Alex Smith? Anyone? Bueller?
good hard NFC WEST battle.Alex Smith gotta stop working out with Tony Romo # to many int's
Alex Smith is starting to look like Tony Romo!!
I would say Alex Smith is the new Ryan Leaf, but Tony Romo still holds that distinction.
My close bro (Die-Hard Cowboys fan BTW) just texted me this question: "Who's better, Alex Smith or Tony Romo?" My answer: NEITHER!
Next Person compare Alex Smith to Tony Romo.. I will roast them.. To death.
Alex Smith just channeled his inner Tony Romo
Add the 49ers QB Alex Smith to the same catagory as the Chargers Phillip Rivers and Cowboys Tony Romo..."overhyped"..
Alex Smith leave those dumb mistakes for Tony Romo and Phillip Rivers
So the Seahawks have already beat, Tony Romo, Cam Newton, *Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady this season. Alex Smith, watcha got?
Steve Mariucci you are the dumbest NFL analyst of all time, how do you have a job? "The Seahawks have beaten Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Tony Romo, and Aaron Rodgers. Can they beat Alex Smith? I don't think so."
Who all watched the MONDAY NIGHT NFL GAME (Chargers vs. Broncos)??? Philip River's threw 4 interceptions & 2 fumbles (6 turnovers) ALL in 1 half & BLOWS a 24 point lead!!! Alex Smith has his first career 3 interception game. But ESPN doesnt BLOW them up the following morning!!! But TONY ROMO has a 5 turnover game & all *** breaks loose!!! Its all over ESPN for weeks!!! I jus wanna know " WHY IS THAT"?
Tony Romo for NFL MVP: He managed to play a bad game for Dallas, hop on a plane and play wearing a Alex Smith jersey for the 49ers, then hop another plane, put on a chargers jersey and play for Phillip Rivers. Man that guy is amazing. He only had 8 Int and 1 Fumble. A pretty good week I'd say.
Philip Rivers, Tony Romo and Alex Smith starring in Interception. Directed by Chris Nolan
73 yards from Demaryius Thomas will vindicate me from starting Alex Smith over Tony Romo. It will also make me 1-1 on the week. Please don't let me down, fantasy gods. I promise I will never start Andrew Luck over Aaron Rodgers again.
Even Carson Palmer, Jay Cutler, and Tony Romo are all giggling at Alex Smith's performance like Joe Biden at a VP Debate.
Drew Brees, Tom Brady , Rogers , Shaub .rated QB in NFL .Alex Smith .espn will only blog this fact...the niners QB has the top rating and ranking in the NFL .we will just keep watching Tony Romo highlites. :(
To start Alex Smith or Tony Romo this week... I luckily used Smith and got 29 points mao.
For any Alex Smith haters still out there, who may not have been convinced after being the ranked QB in the NFL last year, his first year in JH Offense, This is what I said would happen if my man ever got to run the same offense 2 years in a row: NFL QB Rankings 1 Alex Smith 108.7 2 Matt Ryan 106.1 3 Matt Schaub 105.3 4 Tom Brady 102.8 5 Peyton Manning 101.2 6 Robert Griffin III 101.0 7 Ben Roethlisberger 100.6 8 Aaron Rodgers 97.0 9 Eli Manning 96.0 10 Christian Ponder 95.5 Some other notables 13 Drew Brees 90.7 19 Matt Stafford 81.6 20 Cam Newton 80.9 23 Tony Romo 78.5
So Cowboy fans,what ur telling me is that: Kevin Kolb, Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton,and Alex Smith are better QB's than Tony Romo?
Alex Smith will win a Super Bowl before Tony Romo does.
Tony Romo has as many interceptions as Roethlisberger, Alex Smith, Schaub, RGIII, Blaine Gabbert, Brady, Matt Ryan COMBINED.
Tony Romo has as many interceptions as Ben Roethlisberger, Alex Smith, Matt Schaub, RGIII, Blaine Gabbert, Tom Brady, Mat ...
Tony Romo 4 Int I swea that boy overrated dont put Tony Romo in the same discussion as Quarterbacks like Peyton Manning,Drew Brees,Tony Brady and Alex Smith
Monday football point No. 3: Kevin Kolb, Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton, RGIII and Alex Smith are all in the top 10 in Passer Rating. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo and Philip Rivers are not.
Alex smith has gotten farther than Tony Romo in the playoffs. Just sayin
Just got rid of Tony Romo in fantasy. Picked up Alex Smith. Good move.
Fantasy Football Owners! Here are Michael Fabiano's picks for the 3rd week of the season: QB's-START 'EM: RG3 vs Bengals, Matthew Stafford @ Titans, Tony Romo vs Buccaneers, Matt Cassel @ Saints (I'm personally not sure about that one, but ya never know) SLEEPER: Alex Smith @ Vikings SIT 'EM: Carson Palmer vs Steelers, Sam Bradford @ Bears, Jake Locker vs Lions, Josh Freeman @ Cowboys OWNERS BEWARE: Peyton Manning vs Texans (not sure about this. Start him with caution or start someone else.)
With one game to win it all would you want Tony Romo or Alex Smith?
Tony Romo outplayed Eli Manning, Robert Griffin outplayed Drew Brees, and Alex Smith outplayed Aaron Rodgers. At this pace the Cubs might win the.wait let's not get carried away.
a few NFL '12 season Predictions that r sure to go Right: 1. Michael Vick will be benched and lose his job to the backup/rookie Nick Foles by season end and the whole Eagle coaching staff will be fired for not making the playoffs 2. RGIII will have a good overall season but nothing close to the splash Cam Newton made last season as a rookie 3. Give Andrew Luck Offensive Rookie of the Year right now, he's winning it hands down 4. most TV and Internet Analyst are picking the Green Bay Packers to go to the Super Bowl and win it all, which means they won't 5. Tony Romo will get blamed once again for another inconsistent Cowboy season 6. QB Alex Smith will be the reason why the 49ers don't get to the Super Bowl 7. Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson will never wear a NFL jersey again and will subsequently do a duo reality show about how to screw up a NFL career by acting like jackasses 8. Los Angeles will never get a NFL franchise to move to their city 9. Warren Sapp will be fired by the NFL Network for being a hor ...
should i trade Alex Smith for Tony Romo
Alex Smith = worst QB ever. Him and Ryan Leaf should join a club. Oh and Tony Romo can go too!
You heard it here first: Alex Smith will throw more TD passes than Tony Romo, 49ers will win more games than the Cowboys and go deeper in the playoffs
so do you think Tony Romo is more clutch then Alex Smith?
Tony Romo needs a better supporting cast for the Cowboys to contend.
lol deep down I knew when you'd say Tony Romo/Dez Bryant you meant Alex Smith/Michael Crabtree
Tony Romo was number 91 on the the top 100 players of 2012. There are 11 Qbs better than him and somehow no one the nfl network could figure it is my list. It wasn't that hard. especially because 9 of them ACTUALLY made the playoffs LOL 1. Tom Brady 6.Matt Ryan 2. Aaron Rodgers 7.Joe Flacco 3. Drew Brees 8.Ben Roethlisberger 4. Eli Manning 9.Alex Smith 5. Matthew Stafford 10. Cam Newton 11. Michael Vick
This *** said... he will take Alex Smith over Tony Romo. -_-
unlike Tony Romo. Alex Smith has been to an NFC Championship game.
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