Alex Smith & Tom Brady

Alexander Douglas Smith (born May 7, 1984) is a professional American football player and starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Thomas Edward Patrick Tom Brady, Jr. (born August 3, 1977) is an American football quarterback for the New England Patriots of the National Football League (NFL). 5.0/5

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I have Tom Brady & Alex Smith. I wanna upgrade my RBs or WRs. Who should I trade away?
Sam Bradford and Alex Smith outplaying Drew Brees and Tom Brady is probably the most indisputable sign of climate change…
Alex Smith: 2-0 all-time head-to-head in regular season vs Tom Brady
Bill Belichick and Tom Brady react to Alex Smith beating them at home
Tom Brady had 11 off-target passes in Thursday's game. Alex Smith had 2.
The only time Tom Brady has ever been jealous of Alex Smith.
Right now, Alex Smith has more than double the fantasy points of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski ...COMBINED.
Crazy stats for the first half. Tom Brady - 0 TD passes . Alex Smith - 2 TD passes .
How can Alex Smith outplay Tom Brady and still look shaky?
Having to watch Alex Smith play right after seeing Tom Brady play is like going to a Chanel West Coast concert with Beyonce…
Alex Smith, Tom Brady. lol come on bro
If Tom Brady owns the jets then Alex Smith owns the Raiders
Here are your AFC postseason QB's right now: Tom Brady, Matt McGloin, Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Savage, Alex Smith, Matt Moore.
Quinn and the Falcons making Alex Smith look like Tom Brady.
Jets got Tom Brady flexed out of prime time for Alex Smith vs Trevor Siemian, if that doesn't open Woodys ey…
Chris Conley the next WR to grab a deep TD pass from Tom Brady, I mean Alex Smith today.
Lol you're comparing Alex Smith to Tom Brady?? And I disagree with you
I expect him to win it, even though his play has not warranted it. Closer to Alex Smith than Carson Palmer/Tom Brady.
My top 5 MVP candidates as of now:. 1) Cam Newton. 2) Tom Brady. 3) Carson Palmer. 4) Antonio Brown. 5) Alex Smith.
He is closer to Joe Flacco, Trent Dilfer and Alex Smith, than Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady and Dan Marino.
Chiefs QB Alex Smith's streak ends at 312 attempts without an interception. 2nd longest all-time to Tom Brady.
Alex Smith is 76 pass attempts away from breaking Tom Brady's NFL record (358) of consecutive attempts w/o an INT. http…
Alex Smith is the Tom Brady of Trent Edwards type QBs
Alex Smith had a higher completion percentage in 2014 than Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, and Russell Wilson.
I haven't watched first take in months in fear of them talking about how "great" Tom Brady (Alex Smith) is
Winston the better player and leader (Tom Brady) Mariota is the better athlete (Alex Smith)
People are yelling at about Alex Smith as if he made a Peyton Manning/Tom Brady comparison lolololol
Fun fact: Jay Cutler, Alex Smith, Matthew Stafford and Andy Dalton all have a higher salaries than Tom Brady.
Who would've thought Tony Romo and Alex Smith, would beat down Drew Brees and Tom Brady in Primetime this weekend
If you're already bored of Tom Brady getting blown out by Alex Smith, the South Park episode where Carman pretends to have Tourette's is on
Agree! When in the world would anyone ever believe the phrase "Alex Smith is outplaying Tom Brady."
Tom Brady and Alex Smith: the 2 nfl players most likely to be mistaken for hank Williams Jr.
A lot of fans are not going to like it, but I'm going out on a limb and say that if RGIII is out for an extended time, and it appears that may be the case, Kirk Cousins will keep the starting job especially if he continues to play well. It would not be unprecedented. New England's Tom Brady got his job after starter Drew Bledsoe was injured and eventually ended up in Dallas, and former 49er starting QB Alex Smith suffered a concussion and was replaced by Colin Kaepernick who took the 49ers to the Super Bowl. Smith eventually ended up in Kansas City and is the starting QB there. If Cousins keeps playing well and the Redskins continue to win, I expect Cousins to keep the starting job.
Winning Percentage over the last three seasons:. Aaron Rodgers (.775) . Tom Brady (.771) . Alex Smith (.763). He deserved …
Random Dolphins thought: The Dolphins first four opposing QBs this year will be Tom Brady, EJ Manuel, Alex Smith and rookie Derek Carr.
NFL: Just to remind you all, the Patriots have Tom Brady. The Chiefs have Alex Smith. The Patriots just took a QB in the 2nd round.
Alex Smith would be the most logical. He needs to channel his inner Tom Brady to help out the team and himself.
I grade how good are these QB's by "tiers" or "categories". For Example, I give a QB a 6 if they are elite, 5 if they are very good, 4 if they are good, 3 if they are average, 2 if they are below average, and 1 if they are bad. Here is my opinion on top QB's. What is your ratings based on these QB's? 6- Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees 5- Ben Rothliesberger, Andrew Luck, Philip Rivers, Nick Foles, Matt Ryan 4- Ryan Tannehill, Alex Smith, Tony Romo, Jay Cutler, Cam Newton, Russell Wilson 3- Andy Dalton, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning, Robert Griffin III, Matthew Stafford, Mike Glennon, Colin Kaepernick, Carson Palmer 2- Bills QB's (Manuel, Lewis), Titans QB's (Locker, Fitzpatrick), Rams QB's (Bradford, Clemens), Raiders QB's (Pryor, McGloin) 1- Geno Smith, Chad Henne, Browns QB's (Weeden, Campbell), Vikings QB's (Ponder, Cassel, Freeman) I would put Kirk Cousins, Matt Flynn, Josh Mccown, Michael Vick, and Brian Hoyer somewhere in this system but they have not played enough games to earn a spec ...
My brother is meeting Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith, Bill Belichick, and Tom Brady today😭 the jealousy is at a max right now
Two days of the AT&T Pebble Beach Celebrity Golf Tourney in the books! Got to see and meet some awesome people! Talked to Kid Rock, Chris Berman, and Herm Edwards and got to see Aaron Rodgers, Brian Kelly, Kelly Slater, Lucas Black, Wayne Gretzky, Tom Brady, Ray Romano, Alex Smith, Chris O'Donnell, Bill Belichick, T-Bone Burnett, Peyton Manning, Harris Barton, Phil Mickelson, Condaleeza Rice, and Clay Walker. It was an awesome two days with my brother!! :)
Dennis ODonnell--The pairing are out for the AT&T Pro-Am. The two that will be either the most entertaing or perhaps the most disastrous: John Daly and Kid Rock. 2-1 odds they end up at the Hogs Breath by 5pm on Thursday night? Gotta love this tournament. Gotta feel for pro James Driscoll who is paired with Bill Bellichick. There's a 6-hour day that feels like 10. Chris Berman is with soon-to-be-called JJ "Oh" Henry. Tom Brady and Ricky Barnes. And Alex Smith is teamed with pro Brendon Todd who's claim to fame is acing the same hole in back-to-back days while on the Nationwide tour...FORE!
Oh to drive down to Carmel this week: Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning (kudos to him to go play in this high-profile event after what happened in the Super Bowl...maybe I'm starting to like him...yes I said it), Condolezza Rice, Chris Berman, Aaron Rogers, Alex Smith, Wayne Gretzky, Andy Roddick, never mind all the professional golfers! Although thank you AT&T at Pebble Beach for bringing much-needed rain to the Bay Area. Forecast is for rain Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, kind of a tradition at this tournament.
MANNING TO CURE Super Bowl HEARTACHE AT Pebble Beach NFL Most Valuable Player Peyton Manning will play in this week's AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, just a few days after his Denver Broncos' 43-8 loss on Sunday to the Seattle Seahawks at the Super Bowl. Tournament officials confirmed the news Tuesday afternoon. Manning, who will play at a 7 handicap, will be one of many celebrity amateurs in the field. Several other NFL personalities are in the field, including fellow NFL quarterbacks Tom Brady (New England), Aaron Rodgers (Green Bay) and Alex Smith (Kansas City), as well as Patriots coach Bill Belichick. It will be Manning's second appearance in the tournament, having partnered with Webb Simpson in 2009. Manning has also played in other pro-am events on the PGA TOUR, including in 2009 at the Wells Fargo Championship when he played with Tiger Woods. Manning and Woods were also paired together in 2005 at the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by MasterCard. Manning won his fifth NFL MVP award in the ...
QB contingent grows at Peyton Manning expected to join Tom Brady, & Alex Smith in field.
Alex Smith replacing Tom Brady in the pro-bowl: Enough said. Alex would have beaten the Seahawks..
Patriots QB Tom Brady to be replaced in Pro Bowl by Chiefs QB Alex Smith...
Congratulations to QB Alex Smith, who will replace Patriots QB Tom Brady in the 2014 Pro Bowl, the league announ…
NFL DIVISIONAL PLAYOFF WEEKEND PREVIEW Saturday 8:15 PM Kickoff (4) Indianapolis Colts (12-5; AFC South Champs; defeated Kansas City Chiefs 45-44 in Wild Card Game) @ (2) New England Patriots (12-4; AFC East Champs) The Colts, off the emotional high of a 28 point comeback against the Chiefs, travel to face a familiar rival in the Patriots. Although this game is hardly the same with Peyton Manning in Denver, this teams won 4 Super Bowls between 2001-2012, and represented the AFC in 7 total Super Bowls. The Patriots are fresh off its 10th AFC East Crown in 11 seasons. How the Patriots win: 1. Arguably, this 12-4 Pats squad may have the best coaching job Bill Belichick has had, considering the arrest & allegations of ex-TE Aaron Hernandez to missing presence of All Pro TE Rob Gronkowski. However, in buliding a 38-10 lead last week, Alex Smith was throwing for 300 yards. Tom Brady had to be salivating at. 2. The Colts passing game makes use of the YAC stat (Yards after catch), which makes tackling in the seco ...
I wish that an NFL team that I liked would sign Brandon Lloyd. He would be cheap and a solid second or third option at Wide Receiver. In his ten years in the league he caught passes from Jeff Garcia, Tim Rattey, Alex Smith, Mark Brunell, Jason Campbell, Todd Collins, Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, and Tom Brady. That's a fairly awful group of passers with about two or three exceptions, yet he still put up decent numbers. If he could land on a team with a really good quarterback again I guarantee that he would be worth the veteran minimum contract that he would sign.
Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, Andrew Luck, Joe Flacco, Alex Smith. Just some people Nick Foles has more touchdowns than.
Alex Smith benched for Colin Kaepernick & Drew Bledsoe benched for Tom Brady is not comparable to McCown v. Cutler. McCown is 3…
My top 5 QBs are : 1.Tom Brady 2.Peyton Manning 3.Drew Brees 4.Alex Smith 5.Russell Wilson.they can get the job done
you just said Alex Smith is superior to Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Tom Brady & the field. How is that not a joke?
Alex Smith beats Saints on final play and the Saints D *** Tom Brady does it, G.O.A.T. LMAO
Did you know that Russell Wilson has been sacked more times, but has a better passer rating than Tom Brady, Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, Cam Newton, Carson Palmer, Andrew Luck, Eli Manning, Tony Romo, Colin Kaepernick, RG3, Jay Cutler and Matt Stafford? :)
But gave up 2 touchdowns to Alex Smith? Can we not say Tom Brady aint gon carve up that denver defense!
Goodmornign everybody! Now lets get down to business. This goes out to Ty , Jason and yes you Maureen. Niners are a joke you can talk all mighty about your team but the fact is you aint fooling me deep down inside your hurting cause the powerhouse team has fallen off and leaves you to wonder what is going on with the niners. That great defense that kept you in games is now mediocre. Kap is overrated as QB and your run to the Super Bowl is over. there are to many flaws with the 49ers can't stop run, *** you can't stop the pass. Ask Carolina, Indy and now New Orleans. Lets face it your missing Alex smith right now and look where he is at need I say more. Tired of excuses well Kap doesn't have his weapons. Lol!!! Tom Brady lost a lot and he still produce wins. Bottom line I am dedicating a song for all of I think you know it go cry me a rive by Justin Timberlake. BTW! Ty come at me with facts here my proof that your tied in second place with Arizona. After losing a tight game at home to the Carolina Panthe . ...
Bucs recap from yesterday: 1. I am not like some fans. I don't get disappointed with every win just because it means we might get a lower draft pick or we might actually keep Schiano around. Anybody who has followed the draft as long as I have knows that it's way less about where you pick and way more about how good your scouting department is at making that pick have the best value possible. I want my team to win. So yesterday was a lot of fun to watch. The Bucs played a complete game in all phases and made big plays in all three, as well. 2. The offensive line has been a completely different unit with Jamon Meridith in the game. They bulldozed in the run game for the third week in a row, and kept Mike Glennon off his back for most of the game. 3. Speaking of Glennon, good luck convincing me that the Bucs should take a QB in next year's draft. QB rating of 87.7 (higher than Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, RG3, Eli Manning, Colin Kaepernick, Alex Smith), 11 TD, 4 INT, 62% completion percentage. And he's j ...
Peyton Manning has thrown as many TD passes as Alex Smith, Tom Brady and Eli Manning have combined to throw.
Quarterback, Colin Kaepernick is no Tom Brady.lost 2nd time in a row at the Dome...not a winner so far, but perhaps a good whinner.Let's see ALEX SMITH IS 9&1 WITH THE CHIEFS.
ok look at Tom Brady's stats compared to romo and hruie Geno Smith and Alex smith is a no no
Ugh. Can't decide whether to start Alex Smith or Tom Brady for my fantasy team :|
The reason 5 teams in the NFL are undefeated is because they get great QB play from Peyton Manning , Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Russell Wilson & Alex Smith!
Lets compare Schaub with other QB's on the long ball! (from ESPN) Texans fans are making their angst about quarterback Matt Schaub known, some more publicly than others, but many of those who didn't take to cups-in-fences art to make their point have focused on one aspect of the Texans' passing game: deep balls. Schaub If we consider a deep ball to be a pass that traveled more than 20 yards in the air, Schaub's total of seven is one of the lowest in the NFL. Only five quarterbacks who have played in all three games have thrown fewer such passes: Kansas City's Alex Smith, Dallas' Tony Romo, Miami's Ryan Tannehill, Atlanta's Matt Ryan and Detroit's Matthew Stafford. All of those quarterbacks -- except for Ryan -- have winning records and two of them are undefeated. Ryan only attempted passes that long in two games. Same goes for New England's Tom Brady and Indianapolis' Andrew Luck, who also has seven. If we reduce our qualification to passes that go longer than 15 yards before caught, Schaub's number of at ...
I think it's a legitimate statement that Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time.
Alex Smith is not Tom Brady. But, Alex Smith is also NOT Matt Cassel
We will mark April Fools 2013 as the day we said that Alex Smith gets hurt and Stanzi takes over Tom Brady style in KC.
Jordan Morgan is to Mitch Mcgary as Alex Smith is to Colin Kaepernick as Drew Bledsoe is to Tom Brady.
Among all QB's to make at least 20 starts over the last 2 seasons, only Aaron Rodgers (25-6) and Tom Brady (25-7) have a better record than Alex Smith (19-5-1).
I was listening to WHB out of Kansas City when they announced the Alex Smith trade for the 34th pick in this year's draft. Kevin Keitzman showed what an *** he really is. "Well there goes Geno Smith as the Chiefs draft pick. Geno Smith has not proved to be the pick. The Chiefs if they are smart will either draft a corner or Wide Receiver with the pick. Then in the 3rd round select a quaterback. Granted Alex Smith is not a Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees but till he got hurt this past year he was rated high passer with not many interceptions. Will the Chiefs go to the Sper Bowl this year? NO but they will improve on wins from 2-14.
Round 56: The Return Of The Godfather - Leo is out sick this week, but never fear, as The Godfather is in for the entire show as Tony's co-host. Topics of discussion include Oscar Pistorius (again), the Chiefs' apparent acquisition of Alex Smith from the 49ers, Tom Brady taking less money from the Patriots, and an interesting comment from Adrian Peterson. You'll also hear why an athlete that's been a big point of discussion on our shows recently is the subject of this wee...
So I am talking to my poppa(grandpa) about football and he is trying to put Romo in the same catagory as Eli Manning, Joe Flacco and Tom Brady. Saying he is the bet QB in the league. He is also saying Kaepernick should have been let go instead of Alex Smith. I am trying not to get mad but will someone toss me an opinion so I dont become to subjective since I am a Niners fan
Chiefs trading for Alex Smith. He's a stopgap, not capable of winning a Superbowl. Nice guy, but this is a move by Reid to become average and not worst team in the NFL,reviving his career/reputation after Philly failure. And I'm hearing for a 2nd and third next year?? My GM decision has been for a long time: trade the 2nd for Ryan Mallet, who if he was in the draft this year how would he not be considered the top QB?? He could be had for that second!! He's not playing anytime soon behind Tom Brady, this deal could have been made.
-GSPN- Gideon Sports Prime News - Even though free agency has not officially started in the NFL, some teams have already begun to make some moves. The Patriots and Tom Brady have agreed to terms with a 3 year extension, and the team still has cap room and time to get a supporting cast together for Brady. With the names Wes Welker, Dwayne Bowe, and Mike Wallace still available in the WR position, the Patriots front office, once again, seem to be headed in the right direction. The Pittsburgh Steelers are faced with trimming down some salaries this off season to avoid being over the cap, and starting with Ben Roethlisberger they have begun to re-negotiate salaries to help accomplish this task. As for other free agency moves at this moment, they are nothing short of speculations. It does appear that the 49ers are exploring their options at trading Alex Smith, and rumors surround him with the Arizona Cardinals and also the Chiefs, but we will have to wait and see. Stephen Jackson and Reggie Bush are also ...
Anybody ever noticed that the highest drafted quarterbacks do terribly in the league, like Alex Smith, Jermarcus Russel, unfortunately, my boy Tebow, but the late drafted and undervalued quarterbacks always do great? My boy Aaron Rodgers, really should have been 1st round 1st pick but her was the 24th pick of the 1st round, as much as I hate to admit it, Collin Kaepernick was drafted 3rd round and look at his success, the same for Russell Wilson, and even Joe Montana was a 7th round pick, so was Tom Brady, and don't get me started on Bart Starr. 17th round?! We don't even HAVE 17 rounds in the NFL draft anymore. Only 7. That's ten less... and yet these guys are getting that big paycheck. *hint* *hint* that should tell you something. Just saying.
Thanks for sharing. Leon Sandcastle, Very funny ad with Neon Deion and Roger Gadell. I believe last four Number 1 draft picks been franchise quarterbacks; Stafford, Bradford, Newton and Luck. Speaking of Luck, BAD LUCK that is that the year KC earns number 1 pick, there is no Luck, RGIII, Willson QBs like last year's 1st round. So, maybe can get a Barkley, Glennon or Geno Smith that slips to second round first pick or can pull a trade or deal that gets them an Alex Smith or Michael Vick to compete for job. A few great quarterbacks have come from later rounds, Tom Brady, etc. Go Chiefs! They are on the clock!
Hey Warren Sapp, did you hear about the Tom Brady thing, and the idea that Patriots are looking at Alex Smith??Is this true???
His name doesn't carry the same gravitas as peers like Tom Brady or Peyton Manning, but Joe Flacco is on pace for one of the greatest postseason statistical performances in NFL history. He has thrown eight touchdowns with no interceptions during the playoffs. The only quarterbacks to finish the postseason with at least nine touchdowns and no interceptions are 49ers greats who are now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Joe Montata (11 TDs in 1989) and Steve Young (nine TDs in 1994). The further emergence of Flacco as the league's best deep passer puts him in line for a massive offseason contract extension. Grade: 8.5. San Francisco: A little more than two months ago, Colin Kaepernick was making his second career NFL start in New Orleans replacing the injured Alex Smith (concussion). Kaepernick is now returning to the Louisiana Superdome on the verge of leading his team to a championship. Kaepernick's running skills and strong arm have provided elements to San Francisco's offense that were lacking under Smit ...
Hm, some very interesting facts here. What do you think? 9: Career starts for Colin Kaepernick Jeff Hostetler had started just four regular season games and six total before defeating the Buffalo Bills in thrilling fashion in Super Bowl XXV. Vince Ferragamo had started just five career regular season games and seven total before taking the field as the leader of the Rams' offense in Super Bowl XIV against Pittsburgh. Colin Kaepernick will rank third all-time with just seven regular season and nine total starts under his belt when he takes the field Sunday night. He is just the fourth QB to start in the Super Bowl in the same season in which he made his regular season staring debut (Ferragamo, Kurt Warner, Tom Brady). Ironically, nine also is the number of times Alex Smith was sacked by Baltimore in the only previous meeting between John and Jim Harbaugh in 2011’s 16-6 Thanksgiving win for the Ravens. 0: Interceptions thrown by 49ers QBs in five Super Bowls Everyone knows the 49ers are 5-0 all-time in Su ...
My boys got me on one today, Cody Hendrix Daniel Bowers...You want stat facts!!! Here we go: Randy OWNS 19 NFL Rec. Records / Randy had 17 different starting QB's in his career... Brad Johnson/Vikings, Dante Culpepper/Vikings, Kerry Collins/Raiders, Tom Brady/Patriots, Matt Cassel/Patriots, Vince Young/Titans, Rusty Smith/Titans, Alex Smith/49ers, Colin Kaepernick/49ers.To name a few. When he played with one of the best (Tom Brady) He had his Best Season Ever 10 years into his career!! Who did Jerry Rice play with.hmmm Joe 'Super Bowl' Montana and Steve Young...Two Hall of Famers! The man throwing the ball makes a big difference...So to even be anywhere close to Jerry's stats shows that "Maybe" he IS the best of ALL TIME.Stats Don't Lie,, But the TRUTH hurts...
Colin Kapernick is like Tom Brady to Alex Smith's Drew Bledsoe. That *** cause we all know how quickly Drew vanished. Luckily Smith is more gifted.
I may be a little bias because i have been a Randy Moss fan since i was like 12 but give him Joe Montana and Steve Young and he is hands down the best WR in NFL history. Moss has been through Quarterbacks such as: Randall Cunningham, Brad Johnson, Daunte Culpepper, Jeff George, Todd Bauman, Spergon Wynn, Gus Ferotte, Brett Favre, Joe Webb, Tarvaris Jackson, Kerry Collins, Marques Tuiasosopo, Andrew Walter, Aaron Brooks, Tom Brady, Matt Cassell, Rusty Smith, Alex Smith, and Colin Kaepernick. Let the debate begin.
Thanks for telling it like it is Peter king at SI .com: The fact that in 2013 only one minority coach came close to a head-coaching job (Ray Horton in Arizona) is a black eye. The fact that Lovie Smith (84 wins and a Super Bowl berth in Chicago, coming off a 10-win season) will sit out the year after being passed over this month is bad too. According to research by my SI NFL writer friend Jim Trotter, 55 teams have won 10 games or more in the last five seasons, and Smith is the only one to have been fired the year he won double-digits. (Tony Dungy retired from the Colts after the 2008 season, but it was his choice.) Smith, after getting released by the Bears, had three interviews and no offers. Worse, I think, is that candidates like Perry Fewell, Jim Caldwell and David Shaw don't get a sniff. Fewell is the Giants defensive coordinator who choreographed last year's Super Bowl-winning run over Matt Ryan, Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith and Tom Brady and held those four foes to an average of 14 points a game. No ...
In the AFC Championship game, Patriots QB Tom Brady sticks his leg up during a slide, and Ravens safety Ed Reed has to jump out of the way to avoid Brady’s cleats going into his leg. NFL fine against Brady: $10,000. In the NFC Championship game, 49ers RB Frank Gore lets his socks ride down to his ankles. NFL fine against Gore: $10,500. In other words, an act that endangered nobody draws a larger fine than an act that could have seriously injured a player. Such a league the NFL is becoming under Roger Goodell. (earlier this season, the NFL tried to fine 49ers QB Alex Smith for wearing a San Francisco Giants hat at a press conference – while the Giants were in the World Series. But they backed down when they received heavy criticism)
You know what i find amussing.Everytime a team does well or there in the playoffs or superbowl.When they start comparing Qb's,Tony Romo is the first guy that pops up.Nevermind the other 30 Qb's that are also watching the playoffs,no no,just Romo.Let's see,Romo may have never been to a superbowl,however he's never lost one either.Brady's lost 2.Anyone talking about Tom Brady ummm no,just Romo.Aaron Rodgers went 15-1 last year,but bam the Giants smashed them in the first round.Anyone talking about Rodgers umm no,just Romo.So know we have a comparison of Kaepernick and of course Tony Romo.Seriously? Kaepernick rushed for 181 yards vs GB(Adrian Peterson had about 500 in the 2 games they played vs GB).Kaepernick beat the Falcons(Falcons had a 20 lead vs Seattle and should of lost then).Kaepernick walked into a team with a tremendous defense *** Alex Smith had the 49ers at 6-2 already.They can punt 15 times and still be in a game.So in the end its the Defense of the 49ers that makes the team.Give that to Romo . ...
A year ago, Kyle Williams and Billy Cundiff/Lee Evans were goats. This year, Colin Kaepernick and Joe Flacco redeemed them. I've been wanting a Harbowl since last year's losses, and that's exactly what will happen. Kudos to Jim for making the ballsiest move of the season in benching Alex Smith. Kudos to John for winning in Foxborough against Tom Brady and Bill Belicheck, virtually impossible to do. I am very excited for Super Bowl Sunday this year. Best of luck to both teams.
draft them with Alex smith as ur QB and send Vernon to Tom Brady
Ouch !! Chip Kelly goes to Philly. Perhaps following the NCAA sanctions are coming path of Pete Carroll, Chip decides to bolt before his brand was tarnished. Fortunately, Oregon has the most stable and talented group of assistant coaches of any FBS program and should be OK. I wish Chip the best of luck, but Philly can an unforgiving place to coach. Whose his QB gonna be ? Maybe Mike Vick gets another second chance, or maybe the Eagles trade for Alex Smith. But un-athletic Tom Brady, runs a Kelly influenced up tempo offense, so maybe Nick Foles can too !
Never did I dream how fast Colin Kaepernick would turn out so good in a short amount of time. He took that starting job from Alex Smith and never look back. I look at all these young QB Kaepernick, Newton, RG3 and Wilson saying dam NFC got some good young QB. While Andrew Luck is doing great in the AFC. But Kaepernick he is a lot bigger then all those other young guys. What I mean he is built and can really throw the football down the field. Yes he runs from time to time but he also not just using his head and stay in the pocket. I don't really feel that bad for Smith like a lot of the 49ers fans have been. Hey Alex Smith you did a good job last year. But Kaepernick is just that much better. I hope Smith does well were every he goes. This is just the neature of the business. It happen when Tom Brady took over for Drew in New England. Heck it happen even with the 49ers when Steve Young took over the man I loved so much Joe Montana. I hated it but it was the right move this is why Jim is a great coach. Coli ...
Can't wait for Tom Brady to retire so I never have to see the pats in the post season again
It has been an interesting time to be a Niner fan, and seeing people’s statuses/comments every game and especially on Saturday inspired me to write this.   I appreciate that Alex Smith will never defeat Aaron Rodgers in the playoffs donning a Niners uniform. That would add insult to injury and be kind of cruel if you know the story. I want to tell this story about the Niners..   Walsh created a dynasty and fathered the West Coast offense. Walsh won 3 Superbowls with us before retiring and Seifert went on to win 2. We were the first NFL team to win 5 Super Bowls. No team that’s been in more than one Super Bowl has won every one. We are the 1st to 5 and 5/5.   But then we made mistakes and were cursed.   We ousted Mariucci (Cal) and sacked Garcia (Gilroy/SJSU) before releasing TO "Team Obliterator". Mariucci and Garcia were good and didn’t deserve that. We also passed up and slighted 2 NorCal kids. Tom Brady (Montana 2.0) and Aaron Rodgers (Young 2.0) grew up dreaming of being our quarterback. A b ...
Great weekend in the NFL! All good games. I don't like how harbaugh did Alex Smith but Colin Kaepernick is for real! As much as I like luck and rg3, Russell Wilson is rookie of the year hands down! And if u know me at all u know I can't stand that *** Tom Brady. He is so dope. But. The sheriff still proved he is the best qb EVER! MANNING 4 MVP!
Bold prediction: Colin Kaepernick will be the next "Tom Brady" for the 49ers over the next decade, winning some Super Bowls and MVPs along the way. Very familiar style as how Kaepernick and Brady got a chance to start, with Alex Smith and Drew Bledsoe getting injured.
I'm tired of this read option in the nfl. All that means is you don't have a quarterback that can throw the ball. It also means you have to rely off or play fakes and college plays to win. Look what happen to RG3. He got dominated, Joe Webb same thing. Well see with Kaepernick. (we all know it's the Niner D is what is the only thing legit). Anyway ale your pick. Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Andrew Luck( who had 5 rushing touchdowns) Eli Manning, Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan or RGIII, Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick, soon to be Geno Smith, Alex Smith?
Tom Brady vs. Alex Smith in a MMA match
for me he's more Alex Smith, Matt Schaub than Peyton Manning, Tom Brady
“Alex Smith takes a shot at Tom Brady:
"Alex Smith takes a shot at Tom Brady:
Alex Smith takes a shot at Tom Brady:
"The 49ers just fined Alex Smith for cheering for Tom Brady.
New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady spoke with the media on Wednesday. We discuss his comments as they relate to the 49ers quarterback situation.
Which NFL quarterback's leadership potential could having him & his team hoisting the Lambardi trophy at the conclusion of SuperBowl XLVII Sunday, February 3, 2013, at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans: Matt Ryan, Alex Smith or Colin Kaepernick, Jay Cutler, Eli Manning, Aaron Rogers, Josh Freeman, Russell Wilson or Matt Flynn, Tom Brady, Joe Flacco, Ben Roethlisberger, Andy Dalton, Matt Schaub, Andrew Luck or Payton Manning.
If Jerry Rice had to choose Alex Smith or Colin Kapernick he would choose Tom Brady.
Tony Romo, Big Ben, Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, Joe Flacco and Alex Smith all dressed up as they same thing for halloween this year, NO not the Avengers. They were all Tom Brady, because that was as close to perfect as they were ever going to get.
Not a Bills fan at all, but yall need to stop blaming the QB when your coaching staff blows...look what Jim Harbaugh did for the 49ers, took wack *** Alex Smith and turned him into a freak of nature. If you play in the NFL you are a BEAST, blame your crappy coach and his crappy staff, it's play calling that is losing you games, if you disagree you probably don't understand the fundamentals of sports teams and how they work. Fitzpatrick is by far the best QB you're team has seen since Flutie (1998) I'm not sayin he's a Pro Bowl passer, but look what that dude is working with seriously. Not to mention Tom Brady runs trains in your division Also, keep in mind your team lost 4 straight Super Bowls lol you're cursed I'm a Raiders fan, i feel your pain, stop blaming your players when your coaching staff is not properly placing your players in spots to make the plays..we've been dealing with bad coaching since Gruden beat us in '03.
Just an observation: the 49ers fans are on talk radio begging for Caepernick to start going forward. Alex Smith has almost three times as many TD passes to INTs and has a higher QB rating than Tom Brady. He also completes close to 70pct of his passes. Someone should make you chose between Sanchez and Tebow as punishment for gluttony!
To Whom It May Concern In San Francisco - Ever heard of Matt Flynn? How about Kevin Kolb? Might want to slow your roll on Kaepernick a little bit. Having one good game doesn't make you the next Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or even Alex Smith.
people keep saying that Alex Smith shouldn't lose his job due to injury. Kurt Warner, Tom Brady, Brett Favre.
Vernon unleashed: Tight End bows to Kaepernick, compares him to Tom Brady; Alex Smith speaks.
Looks like Alex Smith just lost his job to Colin reminds me of when Drew Bledsoe lost his job to Tom
The worst thing Alex Smith could have ever done was let Colin Kaepernick see the field. Shades of Tom Brady and Drew Bledsoe.
Alex Smith, remember Drew Bledsoe and that guy Tom Brady...uh-oh.
did John Clayton really cop out and pick the two seeds currently, Atlanta and Houston, to go to the Super Bowl? You can never ever sleep on the Giants, thats one. Two, never count Peyton Manning out, Denver looks better every week. Three, he has completely forgotten that the league's best D is San Fran and if Alex Smith elevates his game, theyre going to be extremely tough to beat. And fourthly...New England...because...Tom Brady, enough said
What kind of *** drafts Tom Brady, Frank Gore, Steven Jackson Jarod Mayo and Alex Smith and doesn't look to make sure bye weeks don't conflict? THIS GUY.. ugh..
Alex Smith...18 of 19 for 232 yds and 3 TDs.or what Tom Brady calls an average game.
Einhorn is Finkle came into this week's match-up on a four game win streak, but Rams put an end to that. Rams made it look easy against Einhorn is Finkle, winning 111 to 76. That 35 point margin was the biggest blowout this week. Rams got their first back-to-back wins of the season, bringing their record to 4 - 3. The loss drops Einhorn is Finkle's record to 5-2. Coach Peck used early draft picks on Doug Martin and Tom Brady, and they came through for him this week. Martin scored 32 points, while Brady scored 36. Martin's 32 point performance was the best of any player this week.1 It included this phenomenal 64 yard TD on a screen pass from Josh Freeman. Rams also got a good performance from the 49ers, who scored 16 points. This week's loss for Einhorn is Finkle was a true group effort. They had six underperformers, with the Seahawks (4 points) being the worst.2 Underperforming is the new normal for the Seahawks, who have gone three straight games without scoring an average number of point ...
I feel like im on a roller coaster when I hear 49er fans talk about Alex Smith one week "We love him he is the best" next week "O man old Alex is coming back" next week "O man he is the best ever" next "trade him we hate him" this week "He is better than Tom Brady" Holy crap 49er fans leave him alone u guys are 6-2 whatelse do you want lol
Alex Smith...18-19...what? Tom Brady couldn't even do that against the Cardinals Def...
Who needs Tom Brady when you could have Alex Smith?
To all the Cowgirls fans crying about wanting another QB take our pick; Mark Sanchez? Tim Tebow? Matt Cassel? Brady Quinn? Alex Smith? John Skelton? Ryan Tannehill? Christian Ponder? Brandon Weeden? Matt Schuab? Andy Dalton? Russell Wilson? Carson Palmer? Blaine Gabbert? The only way your getting a Cam Newton, RGIII, or Andrew Luck is if you finish a season with 1-2 wins. You don't have the coaching personal or scouting personnel to draft an Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, or Big Ben. Jerry had a chance to have Drew Brees and Sean Payton as his head coach and dropped the ball. So don't be mad at Romo, be mad at Jerry. The offensive line *** and so does the coach. Stop complain' because your qb situation could be a lot worse. Not many qbs can bring you back from 21 down and give you a fighting chance to win.
Quick question. Who has the most wins as a QB since the start of the 2011 season? Is it A. Tom Brady? B. Eli Manning? C. Aaron Rodgers? D. Tony Romo(ha) E. ALEX SMITH! If you said Alex Smith you are correct with 19 wins, along with 7 4th quarter comebacks in that time. Just a thought! Go Niners!
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So according to packer fan logic ..Alex Smith is now better than Tom Brady
How do beat Tony Romo, Arron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Tom Brady, but lose to Sam Bradford, John Skelton/Kolb and Alex Smith? Anyone? Bueller?
Sorry Niners. The Seahawks have the answer to Vernon Davis. If you want to win tell Randy Moss to run Go routes and have Alex Smith throw it somewhere on that side of the field. It worked for my Patriots. But then again, we have Tom Brady.
So the Seahawks have already beat, Tony Romo, Cam Newton, *Aaron Rodgers, and Tom Brady this season. Alex Smith, watcha got?
Steve Mariucci you are the dumbest NFL analyst of all time, how do you have a job? "The Seahawks have beaten Cam Newton, Tom Brady, Tony Romo, and Aaron Rodgers. Can they beat Alex Smith? I don't think so."
Alex Smith and Tom Brady are going to put a hit out on Eli Manning...cus there is no other way either of their teams will beat the NY GIANTS!
Alex Smith and Tom Brady are going pick for pick. Very uncharacteristic for both.
Fun fact: Alex Smith has a higher completion %, more yards per attempt, and the same TD:Int ratio as Tom Brady. Oh, and has the highest QB rating in the NFL I think it's time to rid him of the "game manager" title
top 5 qbs in my opinion 1. Drew Brees(may b loosing but it is not his fault), Matt Ryan, Alex Smith, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning
Tom Brady at Seattle or Alex Smith @ home against Giants
Drew Brees, Tom Brady , Rogers , Shaub .rated QB in NFL .Alex Smith .espn will only blog this fact...the niners QB has the top rating and ranking in the NFL .we will just keep watching Tony Romo highlites. :(
Kevin Kolb, Alex Smith, Christian Ponder and Jay Cutler are a combined 16-4, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Breeds are a combined 8-12. What the *** is going on in the NFL? Seriously there is no excuse for this.
For any Alex Smith haters still out there, who may not have been convinced after being the ranked QB in the NFL last year, his first year in JH Offense, This is what I said would happen if my man ever got to run the same offense 2 years in a row: NFL QB Rankings 1 Alex Smith 108.7 2 Matt Ryan 106.1 3 Matt Schaub 105.3 4 Tom Brady 102.8 5 Peyton Manning 101.2 6 Robert Griffin III 101.0 7 Ben Roethlisberger 100.6 8 Aaron Rodgers 97.0 9 Eli Manning 96.0 10 Christian Ponder 95.5 Some other notables 13 Drew Brees 90.7 19 Matt Stafford 81.6 20 Cam Newton 80.9 23 Tony Romo 78.5
Alex Smith is not Aaron Rodgers, he's not Tom Brady, he's not Peyton Manning, he's not Michael Vick. He's Alex Smith. We don't run the run and shoot offense, we don't run the pro set. We don't run the spread. We run the West Coast offense. Peoples expectations are high. They ask why we got Manningham and Moss when we don't use them much. The answer is simpler than you think. And it goes back to the championship game. We had 0 receiver production aside from Vernon Davis going against an average secondary. Ted Ginn was out. Could we have used a Manningham or an Moss in that game? *** yeah. Did we have them? No. The best weapon is the one you don't use often. Against a jets team weak against the run we jammed it down their throats. If it wasn't Kaepernick it would've been a healthy Brandon Jacobs. We were like the 99 Ravens. Run the ball, play good defense, shut em down. The moral is that we are forgetting that we want to win no matter what it takes. No matter the qb. No matter the coach. No matter the sche ...
Tony Romo has as many interceptions as Ben Roethlisberger, Alex Smith, Matt Schaub, RGIII, Blaine Gabbert, Tom Brady, Mat ...
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do I do maclin and Ryan Mathewees for Tom Brady? my qb situation is cutler and Alex smith I would get Brady
A lot of people say the NFL is a qurterback league. The combined record for Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton, RG III, Matthew Stafford, Andrew Luck, and Peyton Manning is 8-19. The combined record of Kevin Kolb, Matt Schaub, Russell Wilson, Christian Ponder, Mark Sanchez, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, and Ryan Fitzpatrick is 20-7. I'm not so sure it is a qb league any more.
but what if you put Vernon Davis with Tom Brady or Drew Brees, not Alex Smith???
What a weird year, The Patriots for the first time in 146 games have a losing record, The Saints have yet to win a game, The Cardinals are UNDEFEATED??? Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Aaron Rodgers' stats are similar to Christian Ponder and Alex Smith. Tim Tebow has more return yards on kick offs than passing yards. And yes, we have old guys that have never watched football in their life refing and changing the outcome of the game! Good job Roger Godell!
Kevin Kolb, Andy Dalton, Christian Ponder, and Alex Smith have better QB ratings this season than Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Aaron Rogers, Matt Stafford and Philip Rivers. lol
And once again I hear about the almighty Cam Newton cry because he got benched. Well dude...your still immature and think your the best when in fact your not dude. Go take some tips from QB's who actually know how to lead a team i.e.(Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan, Eli Manning, Joe Flaco, Matt Schaub, Alex Smith and Ben Roethlisberger). No offence dude, but you need to stay on the bench until you mature and stop whining. This is football...its a grown mans sport and theres no room for babies.
Monday football point No. 3: Kevin Kolb, Christian Ponder, Andy Dalton, RGIII and Alex Smith are all in the top 10 in passer rating. Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo and Philip Rivers are not.
Attn: Vikings Fans (me included). I would like to take this opportunity to say you're welcome. I started Alex Smith over Tom Brady on my fantasy team knowing full well the Vikings would show up and beat the Niners!
Whyis it when golden boy Tom Brady cries for a flag he gets one. Last week Alex Smith gets hit and starts to bleed no flag.
who should I start at QB Tom Brady or Alex Smith?
Time to take a risk. Making this decision wasnt easy. I hope I dont regret this. Im starting Alex Smith over Tom Brady in my fantasy league.
after a long week of back and forth thoughts on my fantasy roster, I finally decided to bench Tom Brady for Alex Smith this week...
What is the world coming to when I'm legitimately thinking of starting Alex Smith over Tom Brady?
d someone at ESPN flip the QB ratings board upside down? Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, (Rookie) RGIII, & Christian Ponder are all in the TOP 7. Drew Brees & Matt Stafford are in the BOTTOM 7, Aaron Rodgers is bottom-half, and Tom Brady is ranked BELOW Mark Sanchez and Kevin Kolb...
Man, the chiefs have got to get a REAL QB.don't know what that is in KC? Look @ Sam Bradford, RGIII, Cam Newton, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Standford, Matt Ryan, Luck, heck Russell Wilson.can KC invest in a QB that can do any of the things these guys do? It would really make a difference. They probably should call Kyle Orton and appologize and beg him back, because he's the difference between the team that beat Green Bay and the team getting their asprin beat these last couple of weeks. IJS
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Tom Brady sucked it up in Arizona, which means my backup QB Alex Smith is about to have a 30+ point game. Love/hate relationship with fantasy football.
213 NFL POWER RANKINGS AFTER WEEK 1 New England Patriots 1 Tom Brady shows 0 signs of slowing down. Their D will be better. That along with a fairly easy schedule= 16-0 is not out of the question, probably not but possible. BALTIMORE RAVENS 2 After week one, the new look offense looks to be a great answer to last years Cam Cameron bashing. Ray Lewis 37 playing like hes 25 and a Joe Flacco that will answer alot of questions and prove that he is an elite QB in this league. Look for Joe to be top a the top of the list for highest paid QB's in the NFL next year. Lets not forget Bal has a new kicker that will help erase the memory of the purple blood that Cundiff drained. HOUSTON TEXANS 3 To me Houston is the most well rounded team in the NFL. Barring injury, I believe they will represent the AFC in the Superbowl. San Francisco 49'ERS 4 Alex Smith will get better and better each week and will also answer alot of questions. I mean he has to with all those weapons around him. Vernon Davis is not human. Even t ...
The only QB's to throw multiple TD's without an INT sunday were Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Alex Smith, Matt Ryan, Robert Griffin III and Blaine Gabbert. That is all
yeah yeah, I read in espn the magazine that Tom Brady, Eli Manning, and Alex Smith all credit their success to Kendrick Lamar
Giants sweep the Astros boya. Go Giants. 49ers are currently kicking some Charger butt. Go 9er's and Alex Smith was picked ahead of Tom Brady for his fashion sense.
Tom Brady 5 years ago vs Alex Smith in 2012. Hmmm Yeah Moss isn't coming close to a season like that. Put that to rest.
This guy on ESPN just said he would take Alex Smith over Drew Brees or Tom Brady. *** lol
all that analysts and critics say on NFL Network is that Alex Smith is not Tom Brady. yeah, okay. and Tom Brady is not Joe Montana. case closed jabronis!
when you hate Alex Smith one year and the next you think he is Tom Brady
Yeah & Alex Smith lives right over the hill!! Mike Holmgren has a house here too! Tom Brady from around here!
if the 2007 Patriots didn't do it, I doubt it will ever happen. Unless Alex Smith becomes the next Tom Brady.
Here's who I got in my fantasy draft... Quarterback- Tom Brady (NE), Alex Smith (SF) Tailback- Matt Forte (CHI), Dan Herron (CIN), Donald Brown (IND) Wide Receiver- Calvin Johnson (DET), Brandon Marshall (CHI), Jordy Nelson (GB), Mario Manningham (SF), Randy Moss (SF) Tight End- Fred Davis (WAS), Kellen Winslow (SEA) Kicker- David Akers (SF) Defense- San Francisco & Baltimore This was the 1st time that I ever did a draft that was an auction, but it was fun. I loaded up on WR. Johnson was the one that I really wanted. Can't go wrong with Brady @ QB, but I expect Smith to have a breakout season (plus I got him for the low). Forte will carry the load @ TB, but Brown should produce this year & people in Cincy are excited about Boom's potential. Y'all know that I had to grab the WGH guys though, lol. Davis is a solid TE, plus he's from Toledo. I'm sure that his HS coach Rick Rios is happy about that pick, lol. I could've said more, but I prolly said too much already, lol. July is a long month for sports fans. ...
"The strongest of all warriors are these two - Time and Patience." - Leo Tolstoy, War and Peace Alex Smith certainly has spent a good amount of time wearing a San Francisco 49ers' uniform while fans haven't always found the patience to tolerate Smith's mediocrity. In Smith's case, it was the lack of patience and abundance of time that became his enemies and fought against him. Perhaps to the chagrin of some 49ers' fans the team was unable to strike a deal with future Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning. All the while, scorned quarterback Alex Smith was off meeting with the Miami Dolphins. In the end, however, things fell into place as they were destined and Manning is now a member of the Denver Broncos and Smith is once again a 49er - this time with a three-year contract in place. His return in 2012 should be a very special one indeed. After a 2011 season where Smith led the 49ers to an appearance in the NFC Championship Game and put up the best numbers of his seven-year NFL career he can only get bet ...
Alex Smith, Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, and Matt Cassel all spent time with former MLB pitching coach Tom House at USC to help with their throwing motion.
Pro Football Talk>>> Alex Smith, Tom Brady and others worked with baseball pitching coach in March
I hope most watched ESPN E:60 about Aaron Rodgers. This is a great story about him. Now for those who says he's overrated, he fell into a great situation, or he ain't all that should see why he is good the way he is today cuz I have heard some negative things about him. This man got rejected by so many colleges and never gotting a chance until Cal and won Super Bowl and MVP in the NFL! Funny thing is he was a big 49ers fan! Alex Smith was great at Utah but he ain't no Aaron Rodgers! If Rodgers was with the 49ers this past year, 49ers would have won a Super Bowl and probably would have been a dynasty! No one never said he was greater then Tom Brady, Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, or a Bret Farve! That will take years for that to happen! This man is 28 years old and still havea long way to go to win and make Pack fans proud and love him even more! Well Thank you 49ers and all other teams who didn't give him a chance and passsed him up! In factPackers still a favorite to win it all in 2013 CUZ OF Aaron Rodgers ...
Tony Romo was number 91 on the the top 100 players of 2012. There are 11 Qbs better than him and somehow no one the nfl network could figure it is my list. It wasn't that hard. especially because 9 of them ACTUALLY made the playoffs LOL 1. Tom Brady 6.Matt Ryan 2. Aaron Rodgers 7.Joe Flacco 3. Drew Brees 8.Ben Roethlisberger 4. Eli Manning 9.Alex Smith 5. Matthew Stafford 10. Cam Newton 11. Michael Vick
Another Illini goes in first round. Alex Smith is going to feel like Tom Brady to Jenkins.
Tom Brady, Carson Palmer, Matt Cassel and Alex Smith all spent time working out at USC this week.
You'd be less annoyed if it was Tom Brady Williams was targeting instead of Alex Smith
Alex Smith was drafted Tom Brady was not. Therefore, Alex Smith is better than Tom Brady lol
Surprised no mention of Cassel training at USC with Carson Palmer, Tom Brady, Alex Smith, Wes Welker and others.
Leinart, Cassel, Sanchez.Tom Brady and Alex Smith were working out at USC today/yesterday.
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