Alex Smith & Sam Bradford

Alexander Douglas Smith (born May 7, 1984) is a professional American football player and starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Samuel Jacob Bradford (born November 8, 1987) is an American football quarterback for the St. Louis Rams of the National Football League (NFL). 5.0/5

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I see Alex Smith as a little better than Sam Bradford.
Sam Bradford and Alex Smith outplaying Drew Brees and Tom Brady is probably the most indisputable sign of climate change…
Patriots struggle against elite quarterbacks like Alex Smith, Brock Osweiller and Sam Bradford
Sam Bradford better than Alex Smith? Is Sam Bradford 8-3? Did Sam Bradford beat the "best defense in the NFL"? No
Sam Bradford falls just short of his Alex Smith game tying TD & 2-point conversion impression.
Every week, Alex Smith and Sam Bradford have a private competition to see who can throw to their checkdowns faster
Sam Bradford, Alex Smith, Blake Bortles, Trevor Siemian, Joe Flacco, Cam Newton is average right now, Carson Palmer
Got a fantasy team and trying to figure out who to start. Alex Smith or Sam Bradford. And Jeremy Maclin or Sterling Shepard
Sam Bradford can win with Doug Pederson - just ask Alex Smith (via
On the other hand, Sam Bradford has 4th-most completions of 30+ yards in NFL this year with 9. Trails Dalton [14] and Rivers, …
“Let it not be forgotten: Alex Smith is bad at football.”. And Sam Bradford is bad at being a healthy human being.
some take longer, Alex Smith best example, also Sam Bradford if he can stay healthy
Don't understand why Andy Dalton, Jay Cutler, Sam Bradford, and Alex Smith are paid so much
Doing work with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Alex Smith and Sam Bradford. Thank you, Jerick.
But if you wanna play that game, Wilson "has lost to" John Skelton, Alex Smith, Tannehill, Sam Bradford, and Carson Palmer
QB for a year: Sam Bradford, Alex Smith, or Andy Dalton?
in Kaepernicks first 3 years as a pro hes made more superbowl apearences and more championships than Andy Dalton, Ryan Tanahill, Mark Sanchez, Andrew Luck, Matt Shaub, Jake Locker, Phillip Rivers, Alex Smith, Matthew Stafford, Jay Cutler, Matt Cassel, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Mike Glennon, Sam Bradford, Carson Palmer, Tony Romo, RG3, Nick Foles, and Mike Vick. i mean these are all starter and previous starters. Sanchez, Cassel and vick dont start anymore but they were for a long time. this shows how much He deserves all he is getting right now. top 5 QB without a doubt!
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I wish that an NFL team that I liked would sign Brandon Lloyd. He would be cheap and a solid second or third option at wide receiver. In his ten years in the league he caught passes from Jeff Garcia, Tim Rattey, Alex Smith, Mark Brunell, Jason Campbell, Todd Collins, Kyle Orton, Rex Grossman, Tim Tebow, Sam Bradford, and Tom Brady. That's a fairly awful group of passers with about two or three exceptions, yet he still put up decent numbers. If he could land on a team with a really good quarterback again I guarantee that he would be worth the veteran minimum contract that he would sign.
Who should I start Alex smith or Sam Bradford?
Sorry guys for being late. Me and the computer has had a few agumets but we worked it out and squashed our beef.      Chiefs 26 Eagles 16 Andy Reid sure knows how to take a team from nothing to something. This was once again almost flawless performance by the Chiefs. Alex Smith threw for 273 yards and let the running game did the rest. Jamaal Charles and Co. had 147 yards and a touchdown. Eric Berry also added by picking off Mike Vick and bring the ball back for a TD. Lesean McCoy can do no wrong rushing with 158 and having a TD but Mike Vick messed up by throwing 2 INTs which hurt them alot. Also losing 3 fumbles didn't help either. Chip Kelly is still new. He will hopefully find a way to improve the defense and doing more for the offense, even though they have improved greatly from last year     Bengals 34 Packers 30 So there was a lot of good I saw from the Packers. They now have back to back game with 100 yards rushing. This time with rookie Jonathan Franklin. Defense forced 5 fumbles and an INT. ...
who do I start with Cam on a bye? Alex Smith, Ben Roethlisberger, Ryan Tannehill, or Sam Bradford?
I need to pick a QB for the bye week this weekend. Do I go with Sam Bradford, Alex Smith, or EJ Manuel?
yeah, I got him late in the 5th so I thought it wasn't a half bad pick. I have Sam Bradford and Alex Smith as my backups
Andy Dalton, Alex Smith, Cam Newton, RGIII, Sam Bradford and Colin Kaepernick. Sorry for bringing logic to this discussion.
I think Geno Smith is somewhere between the Matt Ryan, Sam Bradford, and Alex Smith comparisons we hear. Not one seems perfect.
I don't think Sam Bradford is the answer for the they could go after Alex Smith, same division as the it makes sense.
Yep "Alex Smith @ Sam Bradford put on their McKayla Maroney face. Jets will have 3 offensive coordinators in 3 yrs."
Sam Bradford and Alex Smith are not impressed.
The NFC West is going to be one competitive division next year. San Francisco is one of the best teams in the NFL, if not, the best. (They're my Super Bowl pick). They have a scary defense, and some major offensive weapons. Russell Wilson is a BEAST. High powered offense, and one scary defense, and Tony Kornheiser called them, "a border line great team." Which I totally agree. The Cardinals aren't going anywhere. If they make some good draft picks and acquisitions (offensive line) still without discounting the idea of Alex Smith and Kolb on the same team, we've got some good offensive weapons too, and a defense with a ton of talent. And I LOVE the direction the Rams have gone in. Jeff Fisher has really put a heart into that team, and Sam Bradford is only going to get better. They have a pretty underrated defense. If they beef up their offensive game, they're gonna be right in the mix of things (heck, they are now).-Brandon
I'm sick of watching Sam Bradford play like a rookie. Some how I don't think he's getting any better. He definitely has not lived up to the expectations. I realize the offensive line isn't the best but they've been worse. Bradford just makes bad decisions and is not near as accurate as I thought he would be by now. We'll take Kaepernick or Alex Smith either one plz.
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Welp, I'm officially over Sam Bradford. I defended him, tooth and nail, even though he went to Chokelahoma. I said he could throw the deep ball, I said he was tough (which he still is), I said he was a leader and a winner. I was wrong. He will forever be a product of his system, whatever that is... although, to be fair, it DID take Alex Smith like eight seasons in San Fran before he finally... nope, Sam Bradford is wack.
Why does 49ers QB Alex Smith think the criticism of Sam Bradford is unfair?
Here's why the NFC North is better than the NFC West - Alex Smith, Russell Wilson, John Skelton, and Sam Bradford.
How do beat Tony Romo, Arron Rodgers, Cam Newton and Tom Brady, but lose to Sam Bradford, John Skelton/Kolb and Alex Smith? Anyone? Bueller?
Instead of starting my backup QB Sam Bradford this week should I pick up 49ers Alex Smith & his busted up hand 4 this week?
Fantasy Football Owners! Here are Michael Fabiano's picks for the 3rd week of the season: QB's-START 'EM: RG3 vs Bengals, Matthew Stafford @ Titans, Tony Romo vs Buccaneers, Matt Cassel @ Saints (I'm personally not sure about that one, but ya never know) SLEEPER: Alex Smith @ Vikings SIT 'EM: Carson Palmer vs Steelers, Sam Bradford @ Bears, Jake Locker vs Lions, Josh Freeman @ Cowboys OWNERS BEWARE: Peyton Manning vs Texans (not sure about this. Start him with caution or start someone else.)
Who bet Matt Ryan, Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, RG3, and Philip Rivers would be top 5 in qb rating 2 weeks in? Also is your name Marty Mcfly?
d someone at ESPN flip the QB ratings board upside down? Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, (Rookie) RGIII, & Christian Ponder are all in the TOP 7. Drew Brees & Matt Stafford are in the BOTTOM 7, Aaron Rodgers is bottom-half, and Tom Brady is ranked BELOW Mark Sanchez and Kevin Kolb...
Man, the chiefs have got to get a REAL QB.don't know what that is in KC? Look @ Sam Bradford, RGIII, Cam Newton, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning, Tom Brady, Alex Smith, Aaron Rodgers, Matthew Standford, Matt Ryan, Luck, heck Russell Wilson.can KC invest in a QB that can do any of the things these guys do? It would really make a difference. They probably should call Kyle Orton and appologize and beg him back, because he's the difference between the team that beat Green Bay and the team getting their asprin beat these last couple of weeks. IJS
I'll give you more than 5 Josh Freeman, Colt Mccoy, Blaine Gabbert, Alex Smith, Jake Locker, Matt Moore, Sam Bradford
Here's my NFC West prediction. Again, they're a lot of unknown variables. First off is that the Rams have a new coaching staff. I like Sam Bradford, but feel he needs a better supporting cast of players. I don't know if Fisher is that coach to turn this around, but he is a good coach. We could get 49ers type surprise season from them, but I'm not comfortable putting money on that. I think the Rams will show promise. Another unknown variable is the Seahawks with Matt Flynn as their QB. He had that MONSTER game last year and was the hottest QB free agent this off season other than Peyton Manning. I don't know how to feel about him, so I'm going to rank Flynn as a capable QB, but not a great one until proven otherwise more constantly. I don't see anything special coming out of Arizona. The 49ers are still the best team in this division. Since they surprised everyone last year people will be gunning for them. They are now considered to be up with the elite and it looks like the NFL gave them a ROUGH schedule. ...
No matter what happens this season, Alex smith is better than Sam Bradford
I'd drop Peyton and Rivers lower and bring Alex Smith and Sam Bradford each up a couple. Other than that, a pretty solid list. Okay, I'd also bring Mark Sanchez to at least
A year ago, when the San Francisco 49ers were approaching training camp, ESPN analyst Trent Dilfer told me he suspected Alex Smith would be the best q
Pretty sure the likes of Alex Smith, Kevin Kolb, and Sam Bradford will know the wrath of you sooner rather than later.
Really looking forward to you introducing Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, and Kevin Kolb to the turf next season
Bruce... only reaching we care about is you getting to Alex Smith / Sam Bradford / Kevin Kolb six times each.
can't wait to introduce you to Alex Smith, Kevin Kolb, and Sam Bradford.
WELCOME TO THE SEAHAWKS. Look forward to seeing you sack Alex Smith, Sam Bradford and Kevin Kolb. Prove all doubters wrong!
Alex Smith, Kolb, Sam Bradford, Meet while sitting on ur back.
As long as he smacks Alex Smith, Sam Bradford, and Kevin Kolb around like those Jimmy John's signs, I'm cool.
Welcome to the team! Excited to see you in action. (Sam Bradford, Kevin Kolb and Alex Smith wont be though.)
Toughest QB's the face this year: Peyton Manning, Matt Schaub, Sam Bradford, Alex Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick...good for young DB's
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