Alex Smith & Gregg Williams

Alexander Douglas Smith (born May 7, 1984) is a professional American football player and starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers. Gregg Williams (born July 15, 1958) is an American football coach, and former head coach of the Buffalo Bills. 4.0/5

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John Skelton, RG3, Brady Quinn, Michael Vick, Alex Smith, and Jay Cutler all have gotten taken out of games due to concussions so far this season and it's just halfway over. Somehow, the leage became more dangerous WITHOUT Gregg Williams.
I hope to God that Gregg Williams' last time calling plays on a sideline was him getting carved up by Alex Smith :')
San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith said Friday he has "mixed emotions" about the bounty program that targeted him during last season's NFC playoffs.Before his final game as New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams offered cash to the player who struck Smith in the head."Every single one of you, before you get off the pile, affect the head. Early, affect the head. Continue, touch and hit the head," an audio recording captured Williams saying."Never heard a speech like it before," Smith told ESPN's Ed Werder at the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe. "As a QB, I expect defenses to go after me. I expect it in the confines of the rules, no question, but if a guy's got an open hit on me, I plan for them to give me everything they've got. I have mixed emotions. As a QB, I feel like every defense is out to get me. I think a lot of QBs feel the same way. We all just want to play within the rules."
The last thing Gregg Williams ever did as a defensive coordinator was get knocked out of the playoffs by Alex Smith. LMFAO
I have been a life long Raiders fan, I will be rooting for the New Orleans Saints ,as of well. Gregg Williams dId cross the line, just a little bit. When other teams and other people starts judging the Saints, take the Speck out of your own eye, before you tell someone else to remove the saw dust out of their own eyes. You hypocrites. No team is perfect, the all have problems. Football is not a friendly sport , and I stand behind Sean Payton! He is a good coach, and he can't control everything. I know, how it feels to be singled out, but you need a bounty on sorry , Alex Smith. I wish I could reach out to Sean Payton, and Roger Goodell is trying to the NFL into a flag league. Has Commissioner Goodell ever played the game of football? I like an answer to that!
It showed the radio clips of what Gregg Williams said as the Saints DC in Jan. against the 49ers. In it he tells them to take out Crabtree's ACL , to beat Frank Gore in the head and to take Alex Smith out. Its pretty damaging and it likely will end his career in the NFL since he's been suspended indefinitely. Its pretty scary to see a coach wanna pay his players to take out guys. I do laugh that the Saints lost that playoff game to the 49ers.
Listening to Gregg Williams (former Saints defensive coordinator) he said to hit Alex Smith, take off Frank Gore's head, break Crabtree's Acl, some crap about Vernon, little etc. His defense must of been listening to The carter IV or that Jay-z & Kanye west album cause they didn't do any of that shwhen they played!!! They *** sure weren't listening to him.
Report: Tape captured bounty offer: Gregg Williams offered cash for hitting San Francisco QB Alex Smith in the h...
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