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Alex Smith

Alexander Douglas Smith (born May 7, 1984) is a professional American football player and starting quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers.

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I wonder how San Francisco has been feeling lately knowing that they got rid of Alex Smith for Colin Kaepernick
This is a half-decade culmination by Clark Hunt, Andy Reid, Alex Smith & the They've got a special opportunity this season.
AJ Green and Alex Smith both making me some money today 👍🏻 good day at the office 😂
Alex Smith continues his case as the early season NFL MVP. 5️⃣ Things to Watch ➡️
Alex Smith was fantastic under pressure tonight
Imagine a world where you have Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, DeMarco Murray, and Alex Smith and you're 0-4. THATS ME.
if I'm Tom Coughlin, I am licking my chops over Alex Smith.
Should I start my Alex Smith feature now?
Alex Smith becomes first Kansas City Chiefs quarterback to win...
Alex Smith for MVP!! Guy is a super class act! People underestimate him so bad but the Chiefs are the only undefeated team right now!!
so, let me get this straight... Bills leading AFC East. Giants 0-4. Jets a .500 team. Alex Smith legit MVP candidate. Go h…
Dak is playing no different than Alex Smith. Don't hype him up. Alex Smith is a good QB but cer…
Brilliant quarterbacking by Alex Smith. If he burns timeouts, then Andy Reed can’t waste them late in the game.
I’m more worried about why Alex Smith is your QB.
Is there a worse feeling in fantasy than needing 28 points from Alex Smith?
Alex Smith has something to say about
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Alex Smith on Trump: 'Same guy who couldn't condemn neo-Nazis'
Dropped Andy Dalton and Greg Olsen (hurt) & added Alex Smith and Jared Cook. Seems like 2 good pickups for my team.
Chiefs QB Alex Smith finds it odd that Trump “couldn’t condemn violent neo-Nazis” but lashed out at NFL players https:…
Melvin Ingram took a knee and threw up the fist after that sack on Alex Smith. Joey Bosa got in the way
Melvin Ingram with a huge 3rd sack on Alex Smith. 11 yard loss KC forced to punt. Ingram now has 4.5 sacks on the season
Melvin Ingram with the sack of Alex Smith. This is Los Angeles' fourth sack of the afternoon and forces a Chiefs punt
Alex Smith has 6 attempts for 6 completions. Phillip Rivers has 3 completions... to the Two minute warning fun fa…
Melvin Ingram with the quick sack on Alex Smith. That's another one for the season
Alex Smith sacked by Melvin Ingram. Mitchell Schwartz beaten badly inside there.
Melvin Ingram sacks Alex Smith. Ingram now has 3.5 sacks on the season for
SACK!. Melvin Ingram gets to Alex Smith to bring up third down.
Will someone ask Melvin Ingram if Alex Smith is a problem? That worked so well last week
Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers said he’s impressed how his Chiefs counterpart, Alex Smith, has diffused what...
Hi Dan, mind if I pick your brain about Alex Smith? Will we will see much more of the ballzy Wk1 Smith? Or a return to vanilla?
is Alex Smith or T. Semien available on Waivers? Green hard to give up for Wentz.
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for next year, trade for Alex Smith, draft a QB (duh), trade for Sean Payton, and bring in Greg Schiano.
Tony Gonzalez thinks Alex Smith is becoming one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. (SPEEDonFOX)
Aron Rodgers has failed me once again..Ima start Alex Smith from now on smh.
I see Alex Smith as a little better than Sam Bradford.
Alex Smith's third-down scramble conversion after the Jones' interception was the turning point, IMO.
Alex Smith throwing darts early. Goes over the top to Travis Kelce for 44 yards and the Chiefs are marching on the opening drive.
Matty Berry says he loves Jameis and I got him on my bench but Alex Smith looks like Peyton in '06 plus Andy gonna wanna hang 50 on Philly 😰
Latest: Alex Smith already looking at other NFL teams for 2018 htt…
Hey a rook dropped Doug Martin for Alex Smith. Should I drop B. Powell and picky up Dougie? Or wait?🤔🤔 Powell is on my bench BTW.
Congratulations to QB Alex Smith and RB Week 1's Players of the Week!
What about the fact that doug knows Alex Smith very well. And we will got pressure against a better l…
Alex Smith? Jimmy Garoppolo? Tanner Lee? Are the Jacksonville Jaguars just a quarterback away?
LBMS Student Council recently hosted Alex Smith, a speaker from the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation that delivers...
Alex Smith is Sandy from Grease. Once prude & conservative but now he's smokin' cigarettes & wearing black leather. He's…
Who knows Alex Smith's strengths/ weaknesses more then coach Peterson? As well as how KC play…
Alex Smith. He isn't just a game manager. He does what his coach calls. He was dropping dimes. KC is the team to be…
i played scotty P and hid Alex Smith had a GAME (31) on the bench lol
Awesome stuff coach Dilfer. Where was Derek Carr or Alex Smith back than?
Sam Bradford and Alex Smith outplaying Drew Brees and Tom Brady is probably the most indisputable sign of climate change…
Love or hate it, Baker Mayfield's flag plant is what makes CFB great. As said: You didn't see Alex Smith doing this @ NE.
Eli has officially turned into an unathletic Alex Smith
Alex Smith, Wentz, Kizer and Goff all outscored Rodgers, Brady, Cam, Russell Wilson and Big Ben. Just like we drew it…
Alex Smith: 2-0 all-time head-to-head in regular season vs Tom Brady
Bill Belichick and Tom Brady react to Alex Smith beating them at home
Little Hunt in 20th and Alex Smith action. Lol benefit of April draft!
This is what Alex Smith has been doing since they drafted Mahomes.
Y'all told me Alex Smith couldn't throw beyond 5 yards...
Tom Brady had 11 off-target passes in Thursday's game. Alex Smith had 2.
Chiefs fans trying to hate Alex Smith should turn their attention to Travis Kelce. Can’t stand how often KC is punished…
NFL fans: "Alex Smith can't throw the deep ball.". Alex Smith: "Hold my beer."
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"How TF did Alex Smith outplay me at home"
Alex Smith fires 4️⃣ TD passes and Kareem Hunt scores 3️⃣ times as we win season opener, 42-27. Recap ➡️
Respect. Gotta love when HOFers pull for you. Great game by Alex Smith last night
[NBC Sports: Pro Football Talk] - Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith as cool after game as he was during
My guess is Alex Smith will go back to being Alex Smith when Von Miller, Joey Bosa, Khalil Mack chase him for eight ga…
Patriots: We are going to focus on taking Travis Kelce away & forcing Alex Smith and that rookie RB beat us. Alex Smith and Kareem Hunt: ok
Alex Smith last 2 games vs. NE. 48 of 61 for 616 YDS 7TD 0 INT
Alex Smith has the best game of his career but cant share the love to Travis Kelce?! Fantasy Football makes me so mad
Alex Smith threw a ball down the field and Tyreek Hill found it
Alex Smith is now 6-of-6 for 124 yards and a TD targeting Tyreek Hill Thursday
Helix High alum Alex Smith went 28/35 for 368 yds & 4 TDs to propel the to a 42-27 win over New England to open the…
Is it more insane that Alex Smith threw for 368 yards, or that he did that while Travis Kelce was a relative non-factor?
On a day when Alex Smith had 368 yards and 4 TDs, Travis Kelce had 40 yards, 0 TD.
Deatrich Wise and Trey Flowers meet in the KC backfield for a sack of Alex Smith.
Same defense Alex Smith lit up completely shut us down in the 4th quarter because Shanahan caught CTE lmao I'm sick
Patriots not the same team without the Great Julian Edelman, but Belichick and Brady will find a way "Alex Smith"
That run game is nasty , plus it helps Alex Smith throwing the ball, better hope Hill and Berry are healthy tho
Mmm definitely feeling good about sitting Alex Smith and starting Travis Kelce tonight. Womp.
Really regret benching Alex Smith in my fantasy league after that one
My dad, a lifelong raiders fan, would be pretty upset if he heard me speak a word of Travis Kelce or Alex Smith but sorry dad 😍
Alex Smith is an Urban Meyer product, not Jim Harbaugh. Goodnight 😎
Alex Smith, Kareem Hunt, Tyreek Hill, Travis Kelce get at me! get at me!!!
Alex Smith outperforming Brady.. Patriots losing to Chiefs. Hurricane Harvey/Irma/Jose. Trump is President. World is coming t…
The only time Tom Brady has ever been jealous of Alex Smith.
Alex Smith . Kareem Hunt. Travis Kelce. Tyreek Hill. Statistically just bent the Pats over there knee and gave em a spank
Alex Smith plays out of his mind and everyone on the Chiefs has huge games other than Travis Kelce.
TFW you give up 535 yards to Alex Smith and a rookie HB.
Getting punk'd by Alex Smith and a rookie RB will do that to ya.
Of course Alex Smith has a career night and he's not hitting my Fantasy TE, Travis Kelce 😑
We just need this Travis Kelce touchdown, Alex Smith!
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Alex Smith is on fire. Why can't Travis Kelce get some of that fire? Yeah I'm a salty fantasy owner at this point
Right now, Alex Smith has more than double the fantasy points of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski ...COMBINED.
I would like some of this Alex Smith magic to result in Travis Kelce production pls
How're you going to have 330+ passing yards and only like 30 to Travis Kelce? Cmon Alex Smith.
Thought the same thing. Is it OK for Alex Smith to flip 4ward pass to Travis Kelce while OL moves downfield like a running play?
Alex Smith slicing and dicing the Patriots secondary like Matt Ryan did in the SB
Never thought there would be a night where Alex Smith outplays the greatest QB ever
Is it OK for OL to move downfield like a running play when Alex Smith flips 4ward pass 2 Travis Kelce like KC has done in Kickoff game?
Alex Smith to Travis Kelce who lands shy of the first down.
I benched Kareem Hunt in one league, and starting Travis Kelce in another. Alex Smith doesn't throw to wide open Kelce, does throw to Hunt.
this dude Alex Smith throwing to everyone but Travis Kelce
Alex Smith saw another young black man coming for his QB job and stepped his passing up
🚨 TOUCHDOWN KANSAS CITY! . Alex Smith with his 4th TD pass, this time 78 yards to . https…
Patriots struggle against elite quarterbacks like Alex Smith, Brock Osweiller and Sam Bradford
Didn't know Alex Smith could throw the ball more than 10 yards lmao wow
Alex Smith's elusiveness under pressure makes me appreciate Cam 100 times more!
Alex Smith doing work on my bench tonight
Tyreek Hill running top speed downfield for no reason LOL Alex Smith can't throw that far - you just doing cardio, bruh.
🚨 TOUCHDOWN KANSAS CITY! . Alex Smith ➡️ for 75 yards. . (all's quiet in Boston and we have the lead).
Crazy stats for the first half. Tom Brady - 0 TD passes . Alex Smith - 2 TD passes .
How can Alex Smith outplay Tom Brady and still look shaky?
Alex Smith checkdown slander is fantastic rn lmao
Alex Smith: " 44 crossbuck, red riffle, tip drill video, on 2!!". Actual play: WR open downfield but Smith dumps it off to…
Alex Smith will *** his arm all the way back, to throw a screen pass.
The way this *** throwing form is you’d think Alex Smith bout to bomb these *** 50 yards LMFAOO
Having to watch Alex Smith play right after seeing Tom Brady play is like going to a Chanel West Coast concert with Beyonce…
My excitement for football’s return will last until Alex Smith throws a 3-yard pass on 3rd-and-8 with the Chiefs down 14 in the…
Alex Smith, Tom Brady. lol come on bro
Josh Rosen's 4th quarter stats. This is two games for Alex Smith.
Josh Allen became Alex Smith over the offseason?
*** Brandon Weeden is older than Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith, Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan.
For instance, the same people criticizing the Stafford deal due to his win% won't give Alex Smith credit for winning in KC…
Especially evident with the stark contrast of Alex Smith and the Andy Reid Chiefs offense on the other side of the field.
Makes you wonder what KC saw in him. Brett Favre? I could be proven wrong, but Alex Smith looks pretty comfortable…
Andy Reid and Alex Smith are the perfect combination of gutless
I'll always remember Brett Elliott, but everyone remembers Alex Smith. Change happens. Backup must be ready if their number is called.
Yea shut up , we bout to sign Kaep, Trade for Jimmy G or Alex Smith , My ideal trade and highly un…
In 2 games so far I've noticed that when the play is right Alex Smith can chuck it downfield.
It's irrelevant anyways, because no team would trade a top ten pick for Alex Smith 😂
.If you put Derek Carr, Philip Rivers, or Alex Smith on the Broncos, Denver would be a Super Bowl team. htt…
Kaep was throwing to bums while Dalton has AJ Green & Tyler Eifert and Alex Smith has the new human joystick and Travis Kelce
Among the coaches to work with Alex Smith before Harbaugh and Reid:. Mike McCarthy. Ben McAdoo. Norv Turner
not to mention that the ravens beat kaepernick in the Super Bowl, who played decent but without Alex Smith he never gets that…
Did You hear Norv Turner mention Alex Smith as a guy with one of the strongest arm he has ever coached. Surprising
Fantasy trades are so hard. Morons try to trade Alex Smith for Brady, Antonio Brown, and Dez Bryant th…
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Fantasy football Alex Smith and Jay Cutler quarterbacks and Super Bowls: via
If Tom Brady owns the jets then Alex Smith owns the Raiders
PICTURE: QB Patrick Mahomes officially signs his contract. The team could cut Alex Smith prior to 2018 season an…
Carr set a career high YPA last year (granted, 3rd year), and it was the same as Alex Smith, Carson…
"Tell me, OJ. Do you think the Chiefs can win a Super Bowl with Alex Smith?"
Yeah you're great. You're going places. Art places. With cheesecake
I have this feeling Alex Smith is going to blow the NFL away this year with 4200 yards and 28/10 and will make it to the S…
Ey don't stick that pin thru the condom and always remember to practice safe sex! Get…
Smmfh we really had alex smith in our sights
Podcasting Ep. 14 with Monique Perry & Alex Smith from DCR is coming.
Alex Smith | Former Bomber top scorer shows well at NHL development camp http…
If thinks it's a bad idea, you better believe I'm gonna do it.
You would not believe your eyes. Watching singing fireflies
I took a hit off a joint from a guy in front of me at the 311 show. It was the perfect punchline to a 6 month joke (?)
smith and I have made the executive decision to move to Chicago asap for and y'all made our trip❤️
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
All going well for Glasgow Academy crews at Girls 8 and Alex Milne into A finals Ru Sm…
There's a new feud in the NBA: Dennis Smith Jr. vs the rim
Very cool move by Alex Smith. Humanity > rivalries
Coming up on Les Norman will play for KC, Rustin Dodd dresses like a single guy and Soren Petro calls out Alex Smith.
He called the offensive plays and coach…
** Alex Smith is a good guy, helps elderly disabled Raiders fan -
Disney announces picks for Aladdin, Jasmine and Genie in live-action remake
Alex smith is such a nice guy off and on the field it's amazing
Alex Smith to the rescue!. The Chiefs QB stepped in to push a Raiders fan's wheelchair at the
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Alex smith last year Phillip Rivers last year Oakland D is horrible Denver 11-5
David Tennant and Matt Smith are EXTRAORDINARY. Fave episode: Silence in the Library - hands…
My mom was struggling to push my dad (a Raiders fan, obviously) up the ramp at when Alex Smith stepped in to h…
They started the '04 season with a bang with this concept for opening TD vs Texas A&M - Alex Smith to Steve Savoy for big TD
The Jaguars aren't trying to turn Blake Bortles into Alex Smith. They're aiming for a Tyrod Taylor-type of QB with a Buffalo type of offense
Reggie was the "other" back on 2000 Helix team with Darius Douglas at RB and Todd Watkins at receiver. Alex Smith was QB for 13-0 CIF Champs
The AFC West is pretty good with Phillip Rivers, and Alex Smith.
Andy Dalton and Alex Smith were on the Pro Bowl roster last season
Top 10 QB prospects has scouted in his career (since 2001):. 10. Alex Smith. 9. 1-8:
You don't get it do you Capricorn... about Kaepernick he went Freddy Krueger to take Alex Smith position…
Marcus Peters and Tyreek Hill join Alex Smith and Justin Houston on the ➡️
Alex Smith? For the Chiefs? There is this guy named Len Dawson who won a Super Bowl and played in 2.
Alex Smith shares message of hope of his personal journey of recovery at Opioid Conf.
2018 ATH Alex Smith would like to visit this summer after picking up an offer Tuesday.
Nope but now you get to terrorize Phillip Rivers, Derek Carr, and Alex Smith.
“You guys got us today.” Alex Smith, Demarcus Robinson and the offense shines Wednesday. ➡️
Nice shot from on the top throw and catch of the day from Alex Smith to who had a big day…
It was a good day for Alex Smith and the offense. More coming later.
2,000 words on the one thing no one is talking about: what trading Alex Smith will bring in return in 2018. ht…
Alex Smith clarifies comment about Chiefs being committed to him ‘through this year’ (via
Alex Smith had a nice pass completion to Conley, who made a one-handed reception along the sideline. Jean-Baptiste als…
Previewing OTAs: Alex Smith set to lead the QBs. ➡️
Alex Smith is a… baked potato? has food metaphors aplenty as he analyzes the chances in 2017 h…
Did You See This:New post: Chiefs QB Alex Smith says the team is committed only through 2017
Alex Smith does things the right way on and off the field. The latest from . https…
Almost to the weekend Chiefs Kingdom! New raffle item for ya today - an Alex Smith signed football!. Enter here: https:…
Chiefs GM: "Alex Smith knew before draft we might select a QB": So what we're saying is Mahomes is either Ryan Mallet or Aaron Rodgers.
Alex Smith has one more year left with the chiefs
Big gainers in the 2QB world. Mariota. Winston. Losers. Glennon. Alex Smith
Watched every Brady, Luck, Carr, Smith, Manning, Winston, Ryan Goff, Wilson snap from 2016 and Alex Smith might be the most fun watch.
Alex Smith is ranked higher than the shutdown corner? Alright...
More track results:. Deevonie Gardner came 3rd in 100m, Alex Smith came 3rd in Javelin and Charlotte Barber was 1st in 800m.
John Dorsey is such a boss he's gonna fleece some team into trading us picks for Alex Smith after this season
John Dorsey is smart enough to see Alex Smith is the problem and this team has gone as far as it can it the playoffs with him.
I don't love Alex Smith but it could be worse. We could go 3-13 every year ag…
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That's like crediting Mark Sanchez for taking the Jets to the playoffs. Alex Smith = garbage
True but I would easily pick Alex Smith over him
Alex Smith: Wow! The Chiefs say they're committed to me!. Chiefs:
It's gonna be a battle between Patrick Mahomes and Alex Smith for the starting spot but I'd pick Alex Smith over him
BREAKING: Alex Smith attempts to throw remote at TV out of frustration only to have the remote fall several yards shor…
Alex Smith's tiny hands just lost their grip on the Chiefs quarterback job.
Alex Smith threw for 347 yards on passes 20+ yards downfield in 2016. In college, Patrick Mahomes threw for 1,281
This "sit and watch and learn" business is stupid. Mike Glennon and Alex Smith are not Brett Favre
It's a good job Alex Smith deals with newly drafted quarterbacks well.
Alex Smith bout to be gone and Jeremy MacLin bout to get a QB.
Go look at past draft classes and look how many stars go in the later rounds like Russell Wilson or Alex Smith bein…
To me when it comes to ceiling for QB's in the draft. Do you want a chance at Andy Dalton, Alex Smith or Brett Favre?
What if Alex Smith learned under Brett Favre and Mike McCarthy?
Bucky Brooks compared Deshaun Watson to Alex Smith yesterday. it was a Christmas miracle.
A few of the top quotes from today's press conferences with Coach Reid, Alex Smith, and
Bucky Brooks compared Deshaun Watson to Alex Smith. Do you agree with this comparison?
Alex Smith's favorite draft analyst is Bucky Brooks.
Just saw Bucky Brooks compare Deshaun Watson to Alex Smith (exactly who I think as well), yet he has Watson as the No. 1 QB on his board. 🤔
to put tony romo's playoff win in perspective, Rex Grossman, Testaverde, Chad Pennington, & Alex Smith all have 2 playoff wins lol
Chad arm tap out 25 yards he was the OG Alex Smith
There it is, Romo's time to shine. I wonder if fellow 2-4 in the playoffs QBs Chad Pennington and Alex Smith are go…
theres 3... Eric fisher and Alex Smith and David Carr
How about stop being an Alex Smith clone (Captain checkdown) and staying healthy.
RUGBY: Luctonians captain Alex Smith with recent performances
2016 has kicked off with a bang! We saw Alex Smith throw for 549 yards, a triple sack performance by Graham and Fowler, and much more!
I swear I watch that game at least once a year on YouTube still hoping Malcolm gets a jam on Vernon and Alex Smith doesn't throw a dime lmao
VIDEO: Head Coach and Alex Smith ahead of the Trophy Final…
Another pitching change for Arnold. Alex Smith coming in for Danielle Lee. Marlins still searching for answers in the circle.
It's time for our next redeemable prize! Tomorrow at noon we will have 50 Flags signed by Alex Smith. Set…
Chiefs opt for relative security of Alex Smith and letting Nick Foles signing free-agent deal with Eagles - A…
Alex Smith's OT game winner, a last second TD at Denver or Bloated Tebow Pass?. Ranking the Top 5 Offensive Plays ➡️
Interesting, Alex Smith is a starter in this league and Kap had a better season . Smith was on a wayyy better team . K…
How do you think the Chiefs fit Charles, Maclin, Alex Smith, Tamba Hali, Mitchell Schwartz, Eric Berry, Justin Houston...
Couldn't agree more. Trevor is Check down Charlie. I usually say Alex Smith but Orton is even more on point
Our team is Simon Stanion, Adrian Bland, Brendan Walsh and Alex Smith. to be part of
Ownership and HC have openly been backing Alex Smith as QB in 2017. I'm also told the Chiefs are not interested in Tony…
Willie and Alex Smith, but redesigned in 1972 by Percy Clifford
The Chiefs owner/GM/coach saying Alex Smith is our guy going into next season
Alex Smith was the reason they went to the Super Bowl
Good luck to swimmers going to State: Alex Smith, Tyler Dezeeuw, Ibrahim Carson, Brandon Groenewolde, Seth Olson, Carson…
Best QB option no 1st or 2nd rd draft pick, or big bucks or drama queen. Brian Hoyer/Matt Schaub/AJ Mac. Alex Smith if$?
Today's starters are Alex Smith, Brady Dolan, Anthony Tonkovich, Kyle Cunningham, Dalton Francik and Tre Lowe in net.
I didn't say KC was smart, but Andy Reid likes Alex Smith, fits his mold, manage game, don't make big
Greg Cosell compares Deshaun Watson's game to Alex Smith... Also says Trubisky is not a high level talent…
For those who didn't see it, Jamel Artis completed a longer pass than Alex Smith did all season.
Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt on Eric Berry, Alex Smith and - Official Site
it's pointless acquiring any wr or deep threat w captain check down Alex Smith as QB.
Jimmy G has more Super Bowl rings than Drew Brees, Cam Newton, Phillip Rivers, Matt Stafford, Alex Smith, and Andrew Lick combined
These young players are battle tested. Faced Brees, Rodgers, Cam and Russell twice, Rivers, Carr and Alex Smith
Jets fans would u sign Alex Smith if released? FA options r Tyrod, Smith, Glennon, Cutler- who u sign? No Kirk cause sure we'd agree on that
Led by Andy Reid & coaching staff, the AFC wins 20-13. . Alex Smith, Travis Kelce involved in the only two T…
Your Chiefs should draft Patrick Mahomes and Alex Smith can mentor him
Alex Smith to The former teammates link up for the TD!
Alex Smith dished out a massive 14 assists in today's victory on the road!
Life as a pro-athlete stylist: Suiting up Brock Osweiler, Alex Smith and more
Alex Smith is very bad at dodgeball (The Full Highlights)
"How much you wanna bet I can throw a dodgeball clear over them mountains?". -Alex Smith, probably
Breaking: InTyrodWeTrust has traded Eli Manning for Chris Ivory, dropped Michael Thomas for Alex Smith, and dropped L. Trea…
. . Glennon can be at least better than Alex Smith, and maybe develop as good as Matt Ryan. Trade Winston to move up..
Alex Smith attempting to throw a dodgeball 👀
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Add dodgeball to the list of sports Alex Smith *** at.
Alex Smith throws a dodgeball like it's 3rd and 8
Phillip Rivers, Alex Smith and Andy Dalton are the AFC Pro Bowl QBs lol
I want to live in a world where neither Alex Smith nor Andy Reid get blamed, because the win the Super Bowl.
Listen to Wepecket Radio for free on Spotify: Jim McGrath, Andy Cohen, Alex Smith, Deb Fisher, Flynn Cohen, more..
Great session on Today's show with Alex Smith, Andy Reid, Dontari Poe and more!.
The AFC Pro Bowl QBs have gone from Brady, Big Ben, and Carr to Andy Dalton, Philip Rivers, and Alex Smith. This is why no one cares.
Tyrod Taylor, Alex Smith, and Andy Dalton are representing the AFC in the Pro Bowl. . LOL
Chiefs will stick with Andy Reid and Alex Smith -
The consensus seems to be that Blaine Gabbert is a good-looking dude. I gave Alex Smith credit for his Ryan Gosling air.
they had Chad Pennington and Trent Green on the roster which was the equivalent of an Alex Smith today
Only 5 of 23 players drafted before Aaron Rodgers are still in NFL: Alex Smith, Adam Jones, DeMarcus Ware, Thomas Davis &…
You held Matt Moore and Alex Smith to a combined 28 points, wow!
Yea, I would put Matt Moore and Alex Smith in Bradys class!!
If re-drafting Alex Smith in 2016 is your thing, YOU could be the proud new owner of Jared Goff in the…
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then they played Matt Moore and Alex Smith. Both teams who struggle to score on offense. Too many holes in ur argument
We've done little so far. Matt Moore & Alex Smith in playoffse. We BETTER beat them. Look at NFC QB in playoffs
and then Matt Moore and Alex Smith lol
let's actually win something before we start popping the champagne. It was Matt Moore and Alex Smith for God's sake
please tell me McNabb is better than Alex Smith. I'm getting blasted. 5 NFC championship games!
No!!! Slow your roll. Only 49ers fans get to play that 2005, Aaron Rodger game. We drafted Alex Smith
The Chiefs would save $30 mil in cap space in 2017 if they cut Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles, DJ, Jeremy MacLin, Jaye Howard & Jah Reid.
so is that more about Alex Smith and his abilities (or lack.of), or Andy Reid and his coaching (or lack of)?
Get the video of Alex Smith running like a girl from Harrison & set it to Mike Wallace screaming. Epic!
So, if the Chiefs had Phillip Rivers instead of Alex Smith, are they still playing?
At least I don't have to hear from people all week how the forty-niners traded away future hall of famer Alex Smith... 😂
Alex Smith.the Bernie Kosar of our generation?
Alex Smith looks like a cross between Aaron Rodgers and Ryan Gosling.
Phillip Rivers is JD Drew. Alex Smith works too tho
Alex Smith is scaring the beejezus out of me.
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Really?. Like Alex Smith is going to start putting more touchdowns on the board?. This game is already over.
they're convinced Alex smith is elite and nobody else sees it.
I'd rather not...gimme Alex Smith 2 yard completions behind the line of scrimmage instead all day
Let it sink in that the best team in Saints history lost a playoff game to Alex Smith.
Alex Smith types are the reason the picked up Favre & released Pennington in '08. Need splash plays & can't rely on 12+ play drives.
The Chiefs are a solid team but they won't win anything with Alex Smith at QB, he's a game manager not a top end QB.
Former Cat is not treating NFL quarterbacks well lately. Forces that turnover on Alex Smith.
“Alex Smith is awful. Don't tell me he is a game manager lol He is appalling at managing the game.
My defense is tired cuz Alex Smith and the offense can't stay on the *** field.. smh
I would think it be the opposite we have a QB that is a game manager type aka Alex smith am I wrong?
Alex Smith: most consistently mediocre game manager in the league the past 5 years or so
Alex Smith is the definition of a game manager
1 touchdown makes Alex smith have to throw disrupt gameplan a bit
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