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Alex Sandro

Alex Sandro Lobo Silva , or simply Alex Sandro (born 26 January 1991 in Catanduva, Brazil), is a Brazilian footballer, who plays for Futebol Clube do Porto.

Alberto Moreno Ricardo Rodriguez Luke Shaw Manchester United Real Madrid Filipe Luis Jackson Martinez Marcos Rojo Man City Man Utd Fabio Coentrao Patrice Evra Manchester City Ashley Cole Roberto Carlos Lilian Thuram Paul Pogba

Former Olympic team mates (2012) Neymar & Alex Sandro will face each other tomorrow in the champions league.
Chelsea and Real Madrid to lodge £40m bids for Juventus star Alex Sandro
€45M for Alex Sandro is so *** cheap. I think Real Madrid wouldnt mind to give that money to juve
Pep Guardiola is ready to launch a £40m bid to tempt Juventus left-back Alex Sandro to the Premier League this summer.…
Can’t see what Porto have got to complain about other than selling Alex Sandro and replacing him with Alex Telles
I just drafted Alex Sandro & Sami Khedira on for Cagliari v Juventus
Bernardo Silva, Vidal, Alex Sandro + someone else = perfect window for me
clichy varane zouma and aurier but if I didn't need Chem I would have walker smalling varane and Alex Sandro
2 weeks ago we were linked with Alex Sandro, Arturo Vidal, and James Rodriguez. Now its Fernando Llorente and Michel Antonio
What a terrific goal by Alex Sandro :O
how'd you think it'd play? May go with if insigne. Alex Sandro and allan
68' Alex Sandro and Benatia are substituting Pjanic and Bonucci for the
there's so many quality LB's in the world (Gaya, Rodriguez, Alex Sandro) exc but not many quality RB's..
. Kurzawa is absolutely awesome! . I'd also consider Alex Sandro, Wendell and Van Anholt
Wouldnt hurt having alexis and alex sandro on the left too
He denied Alex Sandro last year too 2 months before he came here.
would be a decent backup if Alex Sandro starts.
has worried Alex Sandro by selling star player Leonardo Bonucci.
I think Juve should start Alex Sandro as LB next season, Evra should be the backup...
After a 26 match unbeaten run, it took an already relegated Hellas Verona side and the genius of Luca Toni to...
just cancel Sandro on there is the rigor
Alex Sandro and Kwadwo Asamoah suffer in defeat to Verona: After guiding Juventus…
our system last year was based a lot on him and Alex Sandro. They were essential, and they were great. Last year was when +
How did you rate Alex Sandro tonight?
Glad Alex Sandro's worst ever game in a Juve shirt is one that doesn't matter AT ALL
RED! Alex Sandro picks up a second booking and is off.
Alex Sandro collects a 2nd yellow card and is off!
Things go from bad to worse for Juventus as Alex Sandro is sent off
Alex Sandro red card. Yep, one of those days.
Alex Sandro doesn't want to play last game. Bad tackle
Explain to me how that was a yellow card on Alex Sandro.
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Bad news for Penalty given after a reckless foul by Alex Sandro.
Alex Sandro gives away a penalty. Luca Toni steps up and puts the penalty away in very stylish fashion. Number 157 in his final game!
Alex Sandro still needs some more.refining.
Just used my Pass Master on Alex Sandro on for vs
Just used my Defensive Rock on Alex Sandro on for vs
Sandro you gotta do well bro. You are not AS anymore since you got that call up. I'M WATCHING
Just used my Double Up on Alex Sandro on for vs
I don't know what he expected after the club sold Danilo/Jackson/Alex Sandro for profit and made no attempt to sign Casemiro permanently
To be fair Antonelli's in really good form but Alex Sandro, Evra, Marcos Alonso are better
I really won't mind seeing Alex Sandro play as a forward today. It's a gamble we can afford.
Alex Sandro: "Paulo Dybala and Paul Pogba can win the they're two champions." https…
Please don't start Evra ahead of Alex Sandro tomorrow
Tbh i acc thought Alex Sandro was doing bits and Kurzawa bums merking it too
Alex Sandro in place of Evra and the rest is fine for me (with the players we have available) .
I prefer Alex Sandro to keep up with Robben's pace .. Evra struggled alot with him in the first leg
Evra *** Allegri balls simple. if not that what other reason will Allegri have to start Evra over Alex sandro
Good one, Alex Sandro to come on later
Lmao not even close... We have Morata and Zaza on the bench and Alex Sandro
Martial and Alex Sandro have the same ol face on FIFA 16 😭😭
Marchisio is next but he's out too. Thinking Pogba, maybe Alex Sandro.
Really hope Allegri fields a 4-4-2 tomorrow with Alex Sandro and Cuadrado on the advanced flanks
Alex Sandro: "Dunga is trying to build a base to solidify our selection. We all trust his work and we hope that we reach our common goals."
Alex Sandro: "I am not happy Marcelo got injured [and I took his place]. He's a big friend. I want to be selected regardless of injuries."
Scenes when Alex Sandro plays as a second striker tomorrow
Less than 35 hours. Can't wait for Alex Sandro to destroy that left flank
I meant 6-2-2 ! Cuadrado and Alex Sandro as defenders, if we're leading!
with Dybala's injury hope Alex Sandro will definitely get the spot. Not a direct replacement, but he'll be helpful.
Chiellini we can live without. Lichtsteiner, Alex Sandro, and Evra are all healthy; so we can play Leo and Barza at CB.
I hope the midfield is cuadrado pogba khedira alex sandro
Alex Sandro wants his place in the national team, and says he's at a 'winning club'
Honestly agree with you. Alex Sandro must play as the tie is like a Final.
Alex Sandro "Today we know each other better than we did 6 months ago, both on & off the pitch. I'm growing everyday, as a pla…
Alex Sandro on Juve "It's a great club & I'm happy that they believed in me, I like the life in Turin & I was welcomed with op…
If Marchisio is out against Bayern I'd like to see Alex Sandro somewhere in the re-shuffle. I feel he can really add something out wide.
Alex Sandro needs to be in Juventus' starting lineup against Bayern Munich
No Marchisio ?? then i would like to see Alex Sandro- Pogba- Khedira-Cuadrado as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
Rumours that maybe alex sandro will replace marchisio in a 4-4-2 with Pogba & Khedira central flanked by sandro & cuadrado.
This could be a very viable solution. Shift Pogba to CM and start Alex Sandro at LM.
against FC Bayern, we need more running, let Alex sandro intead of EVFRA
Alex Sandro: "The thing that surprised me the most at Juventus is the winning mentality. Its like you get a chip planted…
The positive to Chiellini not being able to play Wednesday is we'll be able to play 3/4 of Cuadrado, Lichtsteiner, Evra, Alex Sandro.
Alex Sandro has the same birthday as me but he's so dumb. I'm ashamed
Alex Sandro: "I joined Juventus because I want to be a winner. The mentality here is the mentality of real winners." http…
Alex Sandro on life at Juventus: "In Turin, I have grown not only as player, but also as a man. I am so thankful."
Alex Sandro on Seleção comeback: "It's an honor for me. I hope to leave an impression & to be selected more often." https…
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Alex Sandro: "Neymar has shut many mouths in the past few months, he has risen above all critics."
Alex Sandro blown away by attitude at
Alex Sandro: "Neymar is a splendid person and a fantastic player. Let's hope he wins the next Ballon d'Or!"
Alex Sandro: "In each game, each tournament, Neymar is showing his value and shutting critics. Very happy for him." https…
Quite disappointed with this Alex Sandro news, was hoping that he could be an unpleasant surprise for Bayern at the Juventus Stadium.
Raul is more effective than Carrasco, Mandzukic is better than Jackson, Ricardo Rodriguez or Alex Sandro were better options than Filipe .
Alex Sandro marks 25 years of age. He is having an impressive season at Juventus. Feliz aniversário!
None other than today's birthday boy Alex Sandro. We take it you liked the goal though?
A first of hopefully many in a black and white jersey! Many happy returns, Alex Sandro!
📷 blogkhaledlb90: Happy Birthday to our Brazilian Left Back Alex Sandro, who turns 25 today!...
All of Juve's goals today came from summer signings. Dybala x2, Khedira, and Alex Sandro! Marotta works his magic once again!
Great play by Alex Sandro & Dybala keeps on fire. Love the spirit from the lads.
Jeez! Alex Sandro is one of the closest things to the Joga Bonito that we have nowadays.
Juventus left-back Alex Sandro & loanee Kingsley Coman have been named in the team of the week. https…
La Repubblica: With Mandzukic & Alex Sandro doing well, Juve's mercato seems to look good now
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Alex Sandro is murdering Bacary Sagna right now.
took full advantage of a Porto side without Danilo or Alex the weakness, good manager.
definitely. Omissions of Alex Sandro is what I can't understand. We need some variety rather than 'pass to Cuadrado' constantly
Alex Sandro mainly. All our attacks go through Cuadrado, Evra poses no attacking threat. Also Rugani's should be given
Also why we invested heavily in Alex Sandro if we are not going to use him also when rugani will get some game time. And to play in ucl
nah I packed Alex Sandro and Miranda, I sold Alex for 15k and Miranda for 19k
I feel you on this one and what about Alex Sandro!! I love evra and all but today felt we were down a man!
who should start for Juve, Evra or Alex Sandro?
On Wednesday I want to see Alex Sandro, rugani, lemina all play
Alex Sandro has to start playing games from Wednesday. One of the best left backs in world football. Big money buy.
And Alex Sandro learns fast and replaces Evra in the starting XI (next season is more realistic, though).
I feel for Alex Sandro. But then Evra has reached another level this season
I think we will, should start Alex Sandro and Dybala though.
please give more chances to Alex Sandro, Mr. , we need another Cuadrado on left.. Forza Juve !!!
I expect to see both Dybala and Alex Sandro starting vs Monchengladbach on Wednesday.
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Need a similar player on the left, and we have that in Alex Sandro. Can't wait to have him start more games
. Grande allegri . forza juve alex sandro is waiting please give him a chance you will not regret it
Can we sue Allegri for not playing Alex Sandro?
got to ask, when will Alex Sandro start for Juve?? I mean you don't spend 22mil euros on a LB that is a backup...
Evra has done so well to have kept a LB like Alex Sandro out of this Juventus team. Surprised at how little Sandro has played this year.
If you don't count Lahm as LB. You would probably have TOP3 of:. Alaba. Rolls Royce. Alex Sandro
Genuinely feel the only LB in the world worth putting Alex Sandro on the bench last season was David Alaba.
playing evra instead of Alex Sandro is just pissing me off..
How does Evra still play for Juve when these man have Alex Sandro
When u see the bench they still have Mandzukic, Dybala, Alex Sandro, Asamoah. Us? Beside Kondog we have Biabiany, Nagatomo etc 😂
Alex Sandro must play, we just can't depend on Cuadrado and the right side!
Alex Sandro > Evra. Yup, I know nothing about football.
Dybala for Zaza plz. Even Alex sandro for evra could work too
Lemina and Alex Sandro for Pogba and Evra would be decent.
Genuinely don't know why Allegri prefers Evra to Alex Sandro.
Need Alex Sandro and right backzagli in the 2nd half. 4 men at the back.
Evra is the poor man in HT... Need alex sandro on the left side
Anyone remember Alex Sandro? He arrived at Juventus for €20m+, has been warming the bench since joining them.
Dybala, Mandzukic, Alex Sandro etc all dropped for the game today. Lots of big name signings aren't getting much game time this year.
Why alex sandro isn't in the starting 11?
Perisic, Jovetic, Icardi, Kondogbia and (Buffon, Marchisio, Alex Sandro favs) Sturaro and idk who else 😂😂😂😂
I'm just curious, why is Evra always preferred over Alex Sandro?
Also would've started Alex Sandro instead of Evra but apart from that it's a good lineup.
Still don't get how Evra starts ahead of Alex Sandro.
That lineup strong but it could be stronger. Ye evra is a vital player defensively but one of these days I want to see Alex sandro
Alex Sandro: 'no rivalry with Patrice Evra at I have a lot to learn from him'. http:/…
Alex Sandro: "After Porto were knocked out I was always cheering for Juve. Roberto Carlos & Evra are the players who have most inspired me."
Alex Sandro: "Roberto Carlos & Evra are players that inspired me who play in my position"
Danilo, Alex Sandro, Casemiro, Oli Torres and Jackson Martinez all left this window. Porto doing what they do best, sadly
Cristian Zenoni (remember him?) comes third behind Lilian Thuram and Alex Sandro. .
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Alex Sandro is the 2nd most expensive defender in Juve's history: Lilian Thuram is 1st. [
Porto confirm Alex Sandro has been sold to
I rate Alex Sandro higher than Lucas Digne, more mature and commit less warning because his ability to recover his position
Porto have lost Casmeiro + Danilo to Real Madrid, Alex Sandro to Juventus, Oliver Torres + Jackson Martinez to Átleti. Not the best window.
Man City were also after Alex Sandro but they wanted to sign him for free next season. Juve & City trading places …
Juventus director Beppe Marotta: "We have 10 days to find another player after Alex Sandro."
Alex Sandro is off to Juventus pending a medical. All is agreed between the two clubs. Another big signing for Juve. http…
Done deal: Documents are being exchanged for Porto LB Alex Sandro to join Juventus, subject to passing a medical
Alex Sandro would be great for Juventus, says Dunga
Man Utd join Man City in pursuit of fullback Alex Sandro
Danilo not in the photo. It's Casemiro, Tello, Jackson Martinez and Alex Sandro.
Marcelo named in Seleçâo in place of Alex Sandro, who failed to recover from injury.
turned it off already but it was Alex Sandro - Hummels - Laporte - Montoya - Koke - Samper - Neymar - Alexis - Suarez - Messi
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Alex Sandro, Nanang Arifuddin and 325 other people like your photo.: Alex Sandro, Nanang Arifuddin and 325 oth...
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A new render of Alex Sandro was added to the website - View it here:
all great shouts. Doubt Porto would give us Danilo and Alex Sandro. Probs get Montoya instead. Also, think Pjanic is unlikely
Off the top of my head going on nothing buy FIFA:. Leno, Howedes, Pjanic, Danilo, Alex Sandro
2011 edition had Danilo, Alex Sandro, Juan Jesus, Casemiro, Neymar, Lucas and Oscar. Shameful to compare them with the ones in 2013 and 2015
I prefer Alex Sandro as he is better going forward.
was at Benfica last season, did well, alex sandro is still by far better
Worth noting that Danilo has played alongside Neymar at Santos. His Porto teammate Alex Sandro is another great prospect.
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Thanks to Richard and Louise for letting me join the group by Alex Sandro
alex sandro and rodeiguez are good LB options
i would like to thank God for creating Jackson Martinez, Alex Sandro, Danilo, Oliver and Tello.
first season 3 place in the league won league cup. Second season won BPL. Alex Sandro,Balanta,Bonucci,Coleman
Alex Sandro is Brasils best left back, 10x better than Marcelo.
Felipe Luis been caught out several times. Alex Sandro should be introduced.
Yes I'd like to see Alex Sandro get a chance. Best LB in Europe.
Alex Sandro crosses the ball tryin Luiz Adriano and Kaya with a own goal. Brazil 2-0 Turkey
Danilo starts for Brazil against Turkey this evening. Casemiro, Alex Sandro and Talisca are on the bench.
BRAZIL' 'BROTHERS': We look at the bond between Alex Sandro & Danilo -
VIDEO: Legal proceedings have been filed against Sandro Wieser after this horror tackle
Alex Sandro is what you need. Porto fella
Awful! FC Zurich taking Sandro Wieser (Aarau) to court over horrific tackle this weekend
Miranda, Luiz Gustavo, Danilo, Alex Sandro and Talisca (who has just been informed of replacing Lucas) are the only players yet to arrive.
has delighted the fans of Manchester United with the signing of Alex Sandro.
In January or the summer we need a LB. Preferably Alex Sandro or Ricardo Rodriguez.
I think we need another LB(Alex Sandro) and MD(Hector Herrera). Don't think we really need another attacking player.
I've for Alex Sandro, Santana, David Luiz and Maicon and they all get dusted
i have a Alex Sandro-Miranda-Varane-Konko backline with Ter Stegen at GK and its so so so good
Cristian Tello & Óliver Torres trained fully today. Alex Sandro was limited to conditioning & gym work.
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In Jan..We should try to get Hector Herrera,Danilo and Alex Sandro
Alex Sandro is a left back. And he isn't showing consistency, but Danilo is a promised player. I guarantee you he'll be the best.
And our list continues. Brazil have Kelvin, Casemiro, Danilo, and Alex Sandro. Way better names than what Italy have.
. How many people can we swerve before Alex Sandro, I wonder...
Never used sissoko tbf. You could have alex sandro (LB) or danilo (RB)
"All this talk of baines when Rojo, Cristico and Alex sandro are better"
...would be enough for them this summer, I guess. No need to sell Danilo/Alex Sandro - both very important players.
How much do you think would Porto ask for Alex Sandro?
Would rather spend £20M on Ricardo Rodríguez or maybe test Porto with a bid for Alex Sandro than splashing that amount on Alberto Moreno.
Alex sandro is going to be one of the best LBS in the world soon would love him at liverpool
We clearly have the money to spend so i dont understand why we dont go for alex sandro from Porto hes only young and going to be class
I predict Alex Sandro will be sold from Porto for big bucks next season. He will be among top 3 LBs in the world.
I really want Rodriguez or Alex Sandro at LB 😔
Would love to see the Brazil talents of Thalles, Piazon, Rafinha, Marquinhos, Lucas M, Lucas S, Telles, Danilo and Alex Sandro before WC2018
Napoli back in for Sandro, according to reports in Italy. Napoli would want to include Valon Behrami in any deal
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Is Alex Sandro a viable target I wouldn't mind that signing one bit
benzema? Times gotta be ticking with Madrid linked to James & Falcao? Alex Sandro LB at Porto?
Alex Sandro (Porto left back) rated 90 on my save in the year 2018
Liverpool have given up on Alberto Moreno and have turned their interest to Alex Sandro who's available for £13M
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Don't understand why Liverpool don't target Porto's Alex Sandro. He's a good, young left back who would fit our system.
Rodriguez & Alex Sandro would both cost more than Moreno, but both probably have more potential.
what's Alex Sandro like? he's quality on FM but I've only seen him play twice so can't judge him.
With players like Rojo, Blind, Rodriguez and Alex Sandro out there, targeting players like Bertrand and Davies is something of a surprise
Rodriguez/Alex Sandro, Benatia and Tiote maybe? Would be perfect buys
Ricardo Rodriguez-VFL wolfsburg,Alex Sandro-Porto.?? How I wish I was pars of that committee
both are *** poor if we're talking abt liverpool and playing in the UCL. if not moreno, rodrigues/alex sandro
I like Davies but I am not too sure he is the one we should be interested in. We should atleast try for Rodriguez or Alex Sandro
Can we try sign Alex Sandro please? .. Otherwise Davies is fine I guess. Anyone but Bertrand :)
BMI was probably bought for LB experience too… Alex Sandro will need some rest!
On the bench in that 2018 piece I had Diego Alves, Doria, Alex Sandro, Fernando, Willian, Bernard, Coutinho, Gabriel.
Marcos Rojo?? Please no. Better off with Alex Sandro, Guardian reported we scouted him repeatedly
there are a few options out there in fairness, Ricardo Rodriguez, Daley Blind, Marcos Rojo, Alex Sandro
Alex Sandro, Marcos Rojo, just to mention a few. There're a lot of good young LB's out there.
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yes i know Ricardo Rodriguez and moreno and alex sandro etc but dont compare a RB to a LB mate. :)
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bruv, plus the price tag and wages. So pointless. Let us grab Benatia, Carvalho, Shaw/Alex Sandro. We don't need winger anymor
I agree mate, Alex Sandro is my first choice followed by RR and Moreno
who's best in your opinion? Ricardo Rodriguez, Shaw, Alberto Moreno or Alex Sandro?
Sandro is an awesome player, he'd fit perfectly into your, our, and Utd's midfield easily. Aurier seems nailed on, and yeah, CB
I'd have Lucas in a shot! If Sherwood had stayed I'd have said go for Sandro too. I'd be optimistic about Aurier and we'll
Alex Hales showed his quality again, will be opening in the ODIs vs SL... ...sorry, he's not been picked - apparently Engl…
wouldn't it be better to sign Luke Shaw or Alex Sandro of FC Porto rather than Ashley Cole?
Alex wows in sold out SANDRO Get look4less here: Gorgeous! X
Alberto Moreno . Alex Sandro. Ricardo Rodriguez. . any other LB's that we can have ?
I think Porto's Alex Sandro would be a good fit.
Alex Sandro is also a decent signing. Plays for Porto.
Marcos Rojo or Alex Sandro would be great but that would mean us showing ambition.sigh
Rrodriguez, Moreno, Siqeuira, Alex Sandro, Rojo, Bernat(people say he is good)..Could be more.
But I am delighted to hear we are going in for Moreno. Personally my 2nd choice from a non-CL club. If we had oil money though; Alex Sandro
Obviously Jordi Alba, David Alaba & Alex Sandro have been fantastic young left backs but they would cost a ridiculous amount of money.
we should sign alex sandro from Porto
If Shaw doesn't happen,then Ricardo Rodriguez,Alberto Moreno should be next on the list..Alex Sandro even.Juan Bernat
.linked Chelsea with Luke Shaw. Now, its Alberto Moreno. Ricardo Rodriguez & Alex Sandro left.
Chelsea considering Moreno & Sandro swoop Chelsea have started looking at alternatives to Luke Shaw after reports have suggested that Manchester United are ready to make a £30 million move for the England international. According to the Evening Standard, the Blues aren't willing to match the Red Devils' offer and will now focus on cheaper alternatives. Chelsea were only willing to offer as much as £20m to secure the services of Shaw, £10m less than Manchester United. The Blues are taking Uefa’s Financial Fair Play rules seriously and aren't willing to take any risks in the up coming market. And it appears that Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has his eye on Sevilla’s Alberto Moreno and Porto’s Alex Sandro, who would both prove cheaper options. With the Special One looking to secure a long term Ashley Cole replacement, it appears that the Blues could make a move for either star in the near future. The duo have both impressed on the European stage in recent time, with Sandro having already represented th ...
Chelsea have decided to go in for Porto left back Alex Sandro, so Azpilicueta can play as right back next season. [London Evening Standard]
Fabio Coentrao,Luke Shaw or Alex Sandro?? who would suit us best
TODAY'S UPDATE =Man Utd ready to offer Kagawa plus cash to Napoli for Marek Hamsik =PSG,Athletico and Barca are vying for Spurs Keeper Hugo Lloris =Spurs defender Younes Kaboul is eager to join Arsenal =Celtic are interested in signing Arsenal keeper Lukasz Fabianski =Chelsea rival Man Utd for Porto's defender Alex Sandro =Newcastle are ready to make a move Lyon striker Alex Lacazette =Arsenal eye £2m rated Lille striker Salomon Kalou =Juventus want to buy Cuardrado,Di Maria and Mandzukic this summer =Liverpool are keen bid for Chelsea forward Andre Schurrle =Everton are ready to bid for Sevilla forward Carlos Bacca =Chelsea are keen to sale David Luiz to raise funds for Diego Costa =St Petersberg are ready to bid for Mesut Ozil of Arsenal =Spurs rival Arsenal,Man Utd and Liverpool for Sevilla defender Alberto Moreno =Feyenoord are set to bid for Man City flop John Guidetti =Southampton defender Luke Shaw has revealed that he will not join either Chelsea or Liverpool =Newcastle rival Arsenal for Toulouse ...
Chelsea faces summer battle in signing Alex Sandro and Adrien Rabiot -
LATEST TRANSFER RUMOURS Chelsea and Man Utd to battle for Alex Sandro Chelsea and Manchester United are ready to go head-to-head in a battle to sign Porto defender Alex Sandro in the summer. Arsenal looking at Kalou Arsenal is considering a move to bring Lille forward, and former Chelsea attacker, Salomon Kalou to the Emirates Stadium in a 2 million pound deal, with the Gunners having previously toyed with a January swoop. Newcastle turns to Lacazette Newcastle is ready to make a move for Lyon striker Alexandre Lacazette in the summer as the club searches for a replacement for Loic Remy. Dortmund to pay 10 million euros for Ramos Dortmund will pay a 10 million euro fee for Hertha's striker Adrian Ramos. He will get a contract till 2017 with an option for another year and earn 2.8 million euros a year. The deal will be finalized and made official soon. Manchester City to keep Joe Hart after Valdes injury Manchester City intends to keep hold of goalkeeper Joe Hart after Victor Valdes tore his anterior cruci ...
After having been linked with Filipe Luís, Luke Shaw, Ricardo Rodríguez & Alberto Moreno, Chelsea are now linked with Porto's Alex Sandro.
I hope we go for Mkhitaryan again as well as kono inigo Martinez an Muniain and Alex Sandro
PREMIER LEAGUE TRANSFER WINDOW ROUNDUP (3) Manchester United- Manchester United needed to sign a creative midfielder to replace Paul Scholes when he retired first time round in 2011, and they still have not done it. Whether they do get the man they want now or at the the end of the season might be subject to availability - it might be more difficult to make that kind of signing in January because top clubs do not want to sell their best players in the middle of the season. But I would expect United to try very hard to push a deal through because, unless they do get someone of real quality in that area, you cannot say with any confidence that they are going to finish in the top four. Ideally they need to get four or five in and let four or five go but it is the wrong window to be doing that kind of thing considering many players are being linked away from the club. Linked with: Alex Sandro, Nemanja Matic, Fredy Guarin, Ilkay Gundogan, Wesley Sneijder, Koke, Marco Reus, Ryan Gauld, Arda Turan, Leighton Bai ...
December 20th Transfer News: {Lacina Traore to stay at Anzhi Makhachkala} {Kevin De Bruyne close to Chelsea exit} {Man. City targeting Victor Valdes} {Arsenal unlikely to sign M'Baye Niang} {Roma join race for Paul-Georges Ntep} {Tottenham in hunt for Roma's Dodo} {Porto to move for Pereira} {Man. United recieve boost in Alex Sandro hunt} {Everton keen on Yann M'Villa} {Iker Casillas to stay at Real Madrid} {Lazio deny interest in Georgios Samaras} {Napoli now in race to sign Kurt Zouma} {Barcelona most likely to sign Mateo Musacchio} {Newcastle deny interest in Wilfried Zaha}
Manchester United are pondering a move for Porto left-back Alex Sandro, 22, as a long-term successor to Patrice Evra. Arsenal and Manchester City are monitoring Real Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas, 32, as the Spaniard continues to find himself marginalised at the Bernabeu. Chelsea are close to reaching an agreement with Inter Milan for Colombian midfielder Fredy Guarin, 27. Paris St-Germain are considering an ambitious triple swoop for Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard, 22, Juventus' midfielder Paul Pogba, 20, and Real Madrid defender Raphael Varane, 20. Manchester United and Liverpool could miss out on Porto midfielder Fernando, 26, as the Brazilian targets a move to Italy. Real Madrid president Florentino Perez says the club have received no bids for Arsenal and Manchester United midfield target Angel Di Maria, 25, despite the player's agent admitting huge interest in his client. FC Basel manager Murat Yakin says he has been approached by Tottenham to succeed Andre Villas-Boas as the new first team coach. ...
Moyes best have a good scout report on Koke, Oliver Torres, Alex Sandro & Mangala after his trip to Madrid
Any of Alex Sandro, Luke Shaw, Ricardo Rodriguez, Fabio Coentrao, or Jetro Willems and I'm happy.
There are a few good left backs in Bundesliga.. . Sorg.. Ricardo Rodriguez.. . In Portugal there is Alex Sandro.
I wrote"WRATH TO THE INDUSTRY"in big red letters on my paper today&I looked up&cecilia nadia alex dominic sandro & nadia were all in my face
Capoue and sandro though, both great
well, again Townsend was good in second half v Newcastle. But sandro and paulinho, great cm
Add Siggy to that too. I think it's time for Kaboul, Sandro, Lennon, Lamela... and, when fit, Rose & Capoue.
I like the look of Porto's Alex Sandro but doubt much will come of it.
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what's Sandra stats? Thinking of getting paulinho and I'm happy with Alex Sandro. He's a beast
He hasn't been better than Filipe nor Alex Sandro.
Alex Sandro and Filipe Luis are a level ahead at the moment.
You're mixing big between Alex from PSG and Alex Sandro from Porto. And Adriano better than Filipe Luis? Seriously?
I would have preferred if Scolari called up Luis or Alex Sandro to replace the injured Marcelo. But it's not that of a big deal in the end.
But in January I’d prioritise a left-back over a CM because Evra does need competition. Alex Sandro from Porto is who I have my eyes on.
I like him too but pressure is on. I think Lennon-Eriksen-Sandro-Lamela. 2 up top. Paulinho & Andros need a rest.
If AVB doesn't start realising that Sandro is our best player, me and him are going to fall out.
exactly mate. One of the reasons why scoring less goals as there is no service. Sandro for Dembele...That's a more defensive sub
They'd be excellent. I haven't seen heaps of Alex Sandro but I've read a lot of positive reports, should fit the profile.
There are other possible options like Alex Sandro,but given the amount of time left, chances are he won't make risky choices.
Definitely need a top left back next summer. A few options out there - Ricardo Rodriguez, Alberto Moreno, Alex Sandro, Faouzi Ghoulam.
Fabio Coentrao anyone? But Alex Sandro would be perfect just perfect for us
I hated Maxwell when he was at Barça so... Alex Sandro is a much better option in my opinion too. Even Adriano >>> Maxwell
Luis-clearly the best all around BRA LFB. But if Scolari wants continuity in attacking LFB-why not Alex Sandro? Maxwell??
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No player will be called up to replace Marcelo, so Alex Sandro will have to wait until March to get a chance.
Will Alex Sandro get an opportunity? Fits Marcelo's "profile." F. Luis-outstanding but Scolari doesn't seem to rate him highly
alex sandro I think luis filipe is good at pressing forward but not as good at defending counter attacks
QUESTION - Who would you call up to replace the injured Marcelo: Alex Sandro, Filipe Luis or Adriano?
I don't mind if it's Alex Sandro or Filipe Luis. Adriano could also be a candidate but I prefer the first 2 options.
Alex Sandro would play if it was me! Who would you pick?
Promised to sign high profile names - Alex Sandro, Giuliano and Doumbia and the bar is still at 0%
Not sure who's really available, but maybe Alex Sandro considering Cole's decline. If you mean anyone at all, Paulinho/Gustavo
Both have it. Danilo was excellent, but it was his best game in months. Alex Sandro & Reges were so poor...
For Danilo or Alex Sandro? Danilo did well yesterday against Zenit. Provided the assist for Lucho González' opener.
Porto are invincible otamendi mangala alex sandro fernando balanta martinez list goes on dont forget the number 10
It is, average age is like 24. Alex Sandro from Porto not Tottenham's one. I've spent a lot but spent it well :)
Alex Sandro, Ribery and Neymar are the players with most dribbles at (16) dribbles for each guy..
well Lucas was injured too.. If he's average then so is sandro
True. Danilo and Alex Sandro are leaving the centre backs to themselves when they run forward.
Alaba, Digne, Siqueira, Moreno, Montoya, De Sciglio, Alex Sandro and tbh even Santon... are the ones I rate
Danilo's best game in MONTHS. But was painful to see Reges & Alex Sandro to struggle that hard..
I haven't followed alex sandro. Is he good?
A good chance for Alex Sandro and Porto, he skips past a defender, fires his shot at goal but it flies just over the bar. 1-1. 65'
Alex Sandro looks like a very goo player to me, very easy on the eye.
Hubocan plays in Hulk, Alex Sandro brings him down, he only receives a yellow.
Alex Sandro booked for what Hulk considered a clear goal scoring opportunity. You don't wanna make him angry, ref.
Alex Sandro looks like Miguel to bloodclart
Hubocan takes the ball 40 yards, passes to Hulk, who is taken fown from behind. Only a yellow to Alex Sandro. 1:1
Don't call my name, Don't call my name, Alex Sandro
Alex Sandro was lucky it wasnt Young there, he would have been sent off and conceded a penalty
Alex Sandro is class. If Moyes is still looking for someone to replace Evra, he'd be perfect.
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