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Alex Salmond

Alexander Elliot Anderson Salmond (born 31 December 1954) is a Scottish politician and current First Minister of Scotland.

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Perhaps she can tell us where she has locked Alex Salmond away? Not like him to do a Lord Lucan impression!
Me if it's Alex Salmond, Angus Robertson or Mhairi Black losing:
Andrew Neil asks Alex Salmond how many hours the Scottish Government have spent discussing education...
Alex Salmond and Dennis Skinner highlighting the real leason behind the snap General Election
Alex Salmond doing a fine impression of a salmon👏
.Also, Alex Salmond is so popular among the Scottish people that he lost a referendum to David Cameron. Dav…
Inverurie councillor Colin Clark to take on Alex Salmond at General Election
Everyone's talking: Alex Salmond has that the Association was found on his clothes he did not have a bath eigh...
Alex Salmond: We have six weeks to demonstrate that Scotland will not bend the knee to Prime Ministerial diktat
If this is about what he said on then you are lying. You can hear for yourself what he said here...
Alex Salmond insists strong SNP showing in election will BOOST case for breaking up Britain
She's Gordon Brown to Alex Salmond, in comparison she's charmless and…
Not even close to Alex Salmond, no way, ot ever.
I've just realised the similarities between Ruth & Alex. She's kind of a unionist anti-Salmond, if the two meet the…
'Its MADNESS!' Alex Salmond says Theresa May is STUPID to consider leaving the ECHR
Like we didn't know. . Alex Salmond says General Election is a vote on indyref2
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.PM faces weakest opposition in living memory. She's still not satisfied. Total compliance – or else.. https…
Alex Salmond says election is about the "right of Holyrood" to stage indyref2
Sturgeon may not offer to reverse Brexit in Scottish independence referendum, says Alex Salmond ( HeraldScotland)
Alex Salmond has insisted the General Election is a vote on
So she's poles apart from Alex Salmond now is she? He's been warbling a completely different tune today.
The Guardian? Or do you also consider that to be a Tory paper? 😂
Coming soon to a Scottish Tory leaflet near you
LoOks like he is plotting a come back - bring it on!
Apparently Salmond didn't get memo that GE wasn't about
First look at Thursday's front page: Election is a vote on indyref2 says Salmond…
But .you said the General Election wasn't about indyref2. So why is Alex Salmond saying it is on the rad…
Alex Salmond says Theresa May isn't "quick enough on her feet" for TV debate and should be empty chaired
Alex Salmond contradicts Nicola Sturgeon by saying the General Election is a vote on
So is this election about independence or not? The SNP dont seem to know.
Everyone reacts differently... but it was one of the many times Alex Salmond tore her a new corn-chute.…
Alex Salmond admits SNP would use 'overwhelming' election win in Scotland to push for indy ref 2
First there was Alex Salmond, and now Nicola Sturgeon. If your name's Barry Haddock you may want to consider getting into Sco…
Parts of Alex Salmond's Gordon constituency (left) helped deliver a Tory gain in 2016's Holyrood election (right). One to k…
Leveson inquiry: Alex Salmond on his relationship with Rupert Murdoch |... via
This, from a former adviser to Alex Salmond.
Anushka Asthana is joined by Alex Salmond, Ian Duncan, Gina Miller, Natalie Nougayrède and Graham Brady at the e...
. Good to see keeping neutral by only interviewing Hillary Benn & Alex Salmond.
It can't just be me that thinks Alex Salmond looks a bit like Danny DeVito
Alex Salmond accused of 'fake news' by Labour over denial Scottish referendum was 'once in a lifetime' vote
Alex Salmond now denies it, but he did say, "In my view this is a once in a generation - perhaps even a once in a lifetime - opportunity."
For a long time Alex has believed he can say anything, deny anything, make anything up with impunity
she's so perfectly diplomatic, as great as Alex Salmond is I think he did put people off with his demeanour
Alex Salmond denying he said something he obviously said is "semantics", apparently. Good to know.
Sorry, Alex Salmond what is it you claim you didn't say exactly?
WATCH: Video that shows Alex Salmond DID say was 'once in a lifetime'
This video of Alex Salmond appears to contradict a claim by Alex Salmond - Mirror Online SNP 🤥 Liars
Scottish Labour accuses Alex Salmond of ‘fake news’ over independence referendum claim.
Alex Salmond doesn't know this Alex Salmond fellow you keep bringing up.
Alex Salmond will soon deny that he was recorded denying that he said 'once in a lifetime' ... via
Alex Salmond in 1992: "With regards to referendums, you have got to learn to accept a democratic result."
Alex Salmond reveals Scotland could fight for 'Norway-style' agreement within the EU
WATCH: Salmond denies saying indyref was ‘once in a lifetime’… but video evidence proves he did: Alex Salmond has…
Does Alex Salmond think we all button up the back?Check out video where he says referendum was 'once in a lifetime'. htt…
Alex Salmond accused of rewriting history over 'once in a lifetime' referendum pledge
Asked by Alex Salmond whether he or Theresa May noticed first NICs-manifesto clash, Hammond: “I think it was actually Laura…
Alex Salmond: "it's clear as day" there's a case for a 2nd independence referendum. When you swore it was a once in a g…
The only famous Scots who were not Pro UK were William Wallace, Robert the Bruce, Alex Salmond & Nicola St…
Alex Salmond is a hypocrite- he has lost 2 referendums & he wants to keep voting until he wins
'Game on!' Alex Salmond cites 2018 as year of SECOND Scottish independence referendum |
Alex Salmond insists UK would REMAIN in single market if he was a 'Brexit Prime Minister'
Now SNP rage at deputy speaker for telling Joanna Cherry to stop and calling minister. Alex Salmond roaring at Hoyle. ***
Deputy Speaker Lindsay Hoyle (Labour) betrays contempt for Scotland and SNP. Alex Salmond puts hims right
I think if Alex Salmond could have reached the deputy speaker, he would have went through him. And quite rig…
have just seen Susanne Reid interview with Alex Salmond what a. load of rubbish of course Scotland can thrive within the E.U
"The Prime Minister should not speak to Trump" said Nicola Sturgeon, returning from China, and Alex Salmond, from Iran
Kinnock Jnr. Emily Thornberry. Alex Salmond. and now Guardian columnist Owen Jones. Public service broadcasting at its... fine…
Maybe change the wording to "Alex Salmond lives with Ian Payne" - he's got a bunk bed somewhere in the studio hasn't he?
Alex Salmond live with Ian Payne now talking about the 50 amendments the SNP is planning to Article 50…
Writing about Scottish independence and the change of political discours of the SNP with the transition from Alex Salmond to Nicola Sturgeon
The Andrew Marr show has become like comedy hour with the frequent appearance of those 2 idiotic baffoons Alex Salmond & Nic…
Doubt if is bothered aboot British Transport Police but as always she'll dae whit Alex Salmond tells her
Think he's been spending too much time with Alex Salmond.
Can't say I like windfarms or Alex Salmond that much but it's great to see Trump furious abt not getting his own way.
Trump's irate letters to Alex Salmond over an offshore wind project near one of his Scottish golf resorts revealed.
"Alex Salmond" was compared to BLiar in an autobiography be careful what u wish for Scotland WE HATE BLAIR
These letters from show what a turnip he is. Donald Trump letters to Alex Salmond published -
Wow! This man is really disturbed: 16 obsessive letters Trump wrote to 'Mad Alex' about wind farms via
'Mad Alex': Donald Trump letters abuse . Well Done Salmond. The to toys are out of the buggy again! Mm
Dear God. . Just read the illiterate letter he sent to Alex Salmond. . This is the guy in charge of America in a...
First time I've respected Alex Salmond. Trump is unhinged if he thinks Trump Aberdeen is helping Scotland
Donald Trump letters to Alex Salmond published - BBC News
"Your economy will become a third world wasteland" - Donald Trump’s letters to Alex Salmond revealed via FOI……
Trololololol - Donald Trump letters to Alex Salmond published
Alex Salmond blasts: Respect Scotland's vote against Brexit or you will get indyref2
It's a shame so many people think so lowly of Alex Salmond, too many people fell into the BBC hate train - yes I am watchi…
.told me this year of Trump's 'green ink' letters to him. So we lobbed in an FoI. And here they are:
"Alex Salmond" and Scotland want thier Brussels for christmas, after too, and foreever more
I think I like Alex Salmond just a tiny bit more after reading about this:
‘MAD ALEX: The man who DESTROYED Scotland’ Trump’s hilarious nickname for Salmond REVEALED:
Trump's harassing correspondence to Scottish officials over Wind Farm near golf course now revealed (legally)
Donald Trump's irate letters to Alex Salmond revealed
Donald Trump letters to Alex Salmond published - A series of colourfully-written letters sent by Donald Trump t...
- Trump branded Alex Salmond 'mad' for backing wind farms near his golf course
Donald Trump Scotland’s economy would become a 'third world wasteland' in windfarms row
I hope Alex Salmond offered to introduce to a little move called the 'Glasgow Kiss.' Would serve him right. >:-)
Trump sent 16 letters to protest wind turbines near his UK golf course. HuffPost got them all. Lot of bluster here. http…
International FOIA requests are going to make for good reading about Trump's foreign entanglements.
Donald Trump portrayed himself as 'saviour of Scotland' in letter to Alex Salmond
BBC News - Donald Trump letters to Alex Salmond published
Adam Smith, Andrew Carnegie, Alexander Graham Bell, David Hume and James Watt. Now Scotland give the world this turd, Alex Salmond.
DT Alex Salmond: Alex Salmond: New flight paths bring more good news for Aberdeen Airport https...
independence isn't really Alex Salmond's area of expertise, to be fair
_ My late father described Alex Salmond as a balloon, I've seen nothing to change that description.
French talking about clever - he must be thick insulting American President just like Ms Sturgeon and Alex Salmond.
Nicola Sturgeon met with Rupert Murdoch before May and Alex Salmond encouraged and supported Murdoch's BSkyB takeover. ht…
He looks more like Rab C Nesbitt every day! LoL at Alex Salmond!
DT Alex Salmond: Today at Business Questions, there were more The SNP MPs than Tory and Labour com...
Alex Salmond's former constituency voted for Brexit
Hillsborough, the miners' strike, almost everything in the Mail, Nick Robinson lying about Alex Salmond, Laura Kuenssberg...
Stunning results in Alex Salmond's back yard! Clear message from people of No to
Alex Salmond tells LBC "FIFA are wrong" and that they should allow Scottish & English players to wear a black armband with a poppy on it.
Outstanding documentary . Mr Trump is a lost cause. Alex Salmond and Grampian Police should be ashamed of themse…
Anothet excellent letter from Mark Ward which describes yesterday's man, Alex Salmond, to a tee.
Nicola Sturgeon and Alex Salmond before you -you have turned Scotland into a toxic xenophobic cesspit. Manipulating an…
Alex Salmond on Brexit, Jack Straw’s Alleged Leaks and Scottish Independ... via
Holyrood magazine faces threat of legal action over Alex Salmond comments - | Wrongly Accused Person
Just a reminder of what Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon said about a 2nd independence referendum.
BBC neutrality personified by Kirsty Wark notorious interview with/against Alex Salmond ,teach manners in Private Schools?
Former SNP leader Alex Salmond warns Theresa May not to ‘mess with Scotland’ | Getty
Alex Salmond: 'David Cameron's honours for donors, cronies and hair stylists'
Somehow I think "David Cameron SLAPS DOWN Alex Salmond" would cause an editor to demand a rewrite
Emily Thornberry and Alex Salmond will harass him over it in Parliament after the recess.
Alex Salmond former First Minister & *** said iScot would be rich
Why do you have to hash up people like Alex Salmond & Ken Livingstone. I just turn off when you do.
Individuals? You mean SNP Alex Salmond, the First Minister of Scotland at the time.
Could be worse. Alex Salmond could have been First Minister for Scotland... Oh wait a moment!
Not quite exact...many of SNP MSPs were elected on ticket (on actual ballot) of "Alex Salmond for First Minister"
Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond lashes Howard, Blair over Chilcot findings on war in Iraq
Our Paper's page 1 lead: Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond lashes *** see more http…
SNP's Joanna Cherry and Alex Salmond asking Govt why it is "refusing" to publish advice given to Gordon Brown on remit of Chilcot inquiry.
Alex Salmond & David Davies working together seeking to take down for contempt of parliament.
devils advocate here, when Alex Salmond stepped down as 1st Minister how many Scots had a lot on Nicola becoming 1st minister
Former SNP leader Alex Salmond is among those campaigning to have the former Prime Minister prosecuted for “crime of aggression"
Former British Prime Minister Tony could be tried for in Scotland’s courts,SNP’s Alex Salmond says.
Imagine if Scotland had voted Yes for independence and days later Alex Salmond, Nicola Sturgeon, Blair Jenkins all quit. There'd be riots.
I saw it but never, said it was right!. I for one think Alex Salmond or Nicola Stugeon would be an excellent UK Prime Minister!
Former First Minister of Scotland, Alex Salmond, has said there's been a "seismic movement in opinion" in...
Earlier this year, Alex Salmond, the former leader of the Scottish National Party, said the report will show that...
Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond on why he thinks Canada would support a 2nd independence referendum http…
Alex Salmond: "I've been First Minister of Scotland, I don't think being shadow secretary of state for Scotland holds any a…
Right: Brexit the movie. Bill Hader as George Osborne. Owen Wilson as BoJo. Amy Schumer as Big Nic. Patton Oswalt as Alex Salmond...
Jackie Baillie criticises Alex Salmond's valedictory speech at Holyrood. He must apologize for not mentioning her sausage r…
Alex Salmond smugging it all over BBC1, like the old war horse he is.
Boris Johnson and Priti Patel faced off against Alex Salmond and Liz Kendall for a 90 minute debate.
Don't use to kick Cameron, says Alex Salmond, because Boris, IDS & Gove are waiting in the wings
EU Debate: Viewers award victory to Boris Johnson & Priti Patel in head-to-head with Alex Salmond & Liz Kendall...
Alex Salmond shouldn't be allowed to troll Boris Johnson. She needs to slap Alec round the head to shut him up. I would.
"Former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond, the SNP's foreign affairs spokesman at Westminster, said: "The...
SALMOND'S CONTINUING FLIGHTS OF FANTASY. When not believing he’s still First Minister, Alex Salmond is often to...
Scrapping of Air Passenger Duty?. another broken promise from Alex Salmond &
Question: Gordon Brown, Ed Balls, Alex Salmond and now TONY BLAIR how many more f...
Labour's "Ed Stone" was inspired by Alex Salmond rock at Heriot-Watt, new book reveals.
It seems that the SNP was more democratic and effective under Alex Salmond. SNP Wronger for Scotland.
Alex Salmond explains how Scotland would thrive if it diverged away from the United Kingdom...
Totes embarrassing, Ian Blackford refers to Angus Robertson as honourable member for Gordon - that's Alex Salmond!
You might almost feel sorry for Alex Salmond...
Alex Salmond refuses to back down after Norway says 'we're not like Scotland'. -
SNP ministers dismiss Alex Salmond's call for 'Scotland week' in Iran
And the Final Bosses/SuperUnlockables should be Donald Dewar, Jim Wallace, and 1997 Alex Salmond
Salmond being grilled by Iain about the threat the Tories now pose to the SNP in Scotland
Former First Minister also stood down at the end of session 4 and we bid him farewell:
What happens when you ask to choose between Donald Trump and Alex Salmond?
Young kids, expecting to get their say on their country's future. Didn't they hear Alex Salmond say "No"? Who do they think they are?
Neil Oliver can wait , others need dealt with first
Alex Salmond plea to Americans: Keep Trump out of the White House.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Even Alex Salmond said it would keep him awake at night
For a second there i thought that was Alex Salmond
Alex Salmond Scottish Nationalist has got some explaining to do when Donald Trump becomes President
“It would do David Cameron the world of good NOT to apologise to Donald Trump” says Salmond
Alex Salmond says election of Boris as PM cd be “material change” that would justify 2nd independence referendum https:/…
Alex Salmond losing sleep over prospect of Donald Trump as...
Alex Salmond seems to have completely forgotten he would have thrown away £8 billion and more if he had got his YES
"UK citizens shouldn't actually be smeared by their Prime Minister” Alex Salmond attacks Cameron over Tooting Imam:
WATCH: Alex Salmond insists David Cameron has to say sorry to Imam he branded “extremist”
In my opinion, and it is just my opinion, this is a once in a generation opportunity for ... - Alex Salmond
What Alex Salmond could learn about Britain from the Scots Guards... The Brigade of Guards shows how only the... https…
Anybody else see the resemblance between Alex Salmond and The baron greenback from Danger Mouse
I see Alex Salmond told the audience to not believe scaremongers and then said Scotland would leave the UK if there'…
Andy Burnham and surprisingly both Alex Salmond and Greg Clark have been excellent tonight. Paul Marshall is an absolute disgrace
Alex Salmond thinks the comments by Naz Shah , the Islamist , are ok ? Well that just means Salmon is worse than I thought
Muriel Gray using the Hillsborough Disaster to smear Alex Salmond not only defines her, but epitomises the hate-filled hys…
Wasn't it West Sussex folk that burned Alex Salmond effigy a while back 'as ye sow so shall ye reap' eat up cereal' htt…
Caller on the BBC Radio Scotland phone-in just suggested that Alex Salmond should replace the Queen as Head of State.
Alex Salmond says that a 1990 speech by Irish President Mary Robinson helped change his mind on Europe
Nick Robinson is a who lied about Alex Salmond. LIED.
Secret papers reveal how Alex Salmond's government wanted Qatar to buy Edinburgh Airport
SNP accused of Qatar dishonesty as it emerges Alex Salmond tried to flog Edinburgh Airport to ... -
SNP accused of dishonesty: Alex Salmond tried to flog Edinburgh Airport to Qatar
David Cameron has now also released his Tax Return details. We await Nicola Sturgeon's and Alex Salmond's and...
p Alex Salmond, the former First Minister of Scotland and passionate advocate for Scottish independence, threw...
That's when Alex Salmond rightly described the pound as a "millstone around Scotland's neck".
On second read decided Alex Salmond book "Dream shall never die" isn't a candidate for land fill but should be nominated for Booker Prize
. A high court judge has never said Alex Salmond had lied unlike your BetterTogether unionist Carmichael . Lied to Scotland
I named my wee pet Alex Salmond so i'll have a wee laugh in september when it comes out
Those of you who backed the serial liar Alex Salmond are far more culpable. Carmichael's lie didn't threaten our entire future.
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DT Alex Salmond: Ronnie Corbett was a tiny titan of British Comedy, and will be sorely missed. One...
Alex Salmond describes BuzzFeed as "an extremely exciting social media publication" at 19min. Spot on Alex. Spot on.
Alex Salmond's response after the Mail revealed how SNP candidate Gillian Martin called him a "smug git"
she's truly vile, up there with Mugabe, pol pot & Alex salmond
Enjoyed hearing BuzzFeed fan Alex Salmond criticise the "reactionary and dreadful" 19 minutes in.
The hard core 'we always vote Labour' have stopped saying we hate Alex Salmond & replaced it with Scotland could never cope on it's own.
The Tory Business Minister, Anna Soubry, became famous during the referendum for her encounter with Alex Salmond...
Mind that time Alex Salmond and Donald Trump were bffs? Naw? How convenient.
I wonder how many times BBC have used the word Independence since the first time Alex Salmond mentioned it.
Alex Salmond never told us that,I think you have been reading some dicey newspapers.
and Alex Salmond has been the best thing for Scottish independence since King Edward 1st.
Alex Salmond thinks "PM Boris would be best thing for Scottish independence since Thatcher"
": I've just spoken to Alex Salmond, congratulating him on a hard-fought campaign. I'm delighted the SNP will join talks on
The Wrong Sort of Muslim: Just as you think the worst human Scotland ever has produced Alex Salmond cannot com... https:/…
I wonder if the and Alex Salmond in particular, with hindsight, regret their endorsement of the fascist
VIDEO: Alex Salmond on Ireland's journey from a theocratic state to embracing same sex marriage - Press and Journa…
I say he looks more like a young Rab C Nesbitt (who looks like a scruffy Alex Salmond 😛)
Alex Salmond vs Donald Trump : War of words after windfarm appeal is rejected -
Alex Salmond's former chief of staff on how the election is Nicola Sturgeon's to lose
"David Torrance is Alex Salmond's biographer" Oh, is that a fact?
Delayed by watchdog in criticisms of Scotgov on Ryder Cup expenses and Alex Salmond's travel expenses https:…
I didn't say she'd said it. It was Alex Salmond.
Alex Salmond on prospect of Boris Johnson as PM: "He’d be the best recruiting sergeant for Scottish independence since Marg…
Both. Also Eddi Reader, Alex Salmond, Stu Campbell or Lesley Riddoch. Whoever you want to hear ;)
John Swinney turns down approach from Alex Salmond to discuss Iran trip. This Sanderson must have good contacts in the. PRESS RELEASE DEPT EH!
Got to laugh at Alex Salmond complaining that the UK could drag Scotland out of the EU. In Sept 2014 Salmond almost dragg…
VIDEO: Watch the moment William Wallace challenged Alex Salmond to a fight live on LBC
Alex Salmond challenged to a fight by William Wallace live on air during his radio show
The moment that Alex Salmond was challenged to a fight live on LBC…by William Wallace:
Irate William Wallace challenges Alex Salmond to a fight live on air.
All purpose parts banner
Alex Salmond would be about to deliver his first budget – and he’d be in a state of blind panic.
Why did Alex Salmond take so long to turn on Donald Trump? | Anthony Baxter
Alex Salmond getting all riled up on saying those at Calais are all the next Albert Einstein and Madeleine Albright.
Alex Salmond, John Prescott and Jeffrey Donaldson among new UK delegation to assembly in Strasbourg next week
If you're in Scotland I'll be on Good Morning Scotland on their 'And finally...' Slot at 8.55am previewing Alex Salmond phone in.
Alex Salmond to host his own radio show that will 'shoot straight from the hip' No
Alex Salmond (his is to come!) 61 Trevor Phillips (and him) 62 ex England cricketer Matthew Hoggard 39 Kiwi rugby Richie McCaw 35
BBC line up both Shami Chakrabarti and Alex Salmond to make unfounded allegations against Blair & Straw based on Mail on…
Those accusing Alex Salmond of divisiveness? I think Patrick Harvie takes the crown of divisiveness amongst the indy supporters.
Patrick Harvie takin this opportunity 2 make a dig at Alex Salmond re Trump, the Greens have lost my vote 4ever,unless they get a new leader
Yeah right. Remind us what the stereotypical smug Scots Gordon Brown & Alex Salmond siad at the time of the take-overs.
Heard him at Edinburgh Book fest a couple of years ago talking about Laidlaw series. Alex Salmond read a passage https:…
Alex Salmond saying his father is spinning in his grave. Dennis Skinner calling him 'Ramsey McBenn'
VIDEO: 'They will bitterly regret this vote': Alex Salmond says he is disappointed with the decision to carry ...
Just caught Alex Salmond's response to Cameron' slur... Alex was not a happy bunny. And quite rightly so...
Another intervention calling on David Cameron to apologise for his slur, this time from Alex Salmond. Not the start the PM would have wanted
Alex Salmond takes on David Cameron directly - why call Corbyn a 'terrorist sympathiser'. Follow that and more here: https:…
Alex Salmond checks his diary to see if he has any other pressing engagements...
Nicola Sturgeon, RBS chief Ross McEwan and Alex Salmond top the Herald's Power ... - Herald Scotland
BBC give into SNP -new shows . Great Scottish Fry Off - Alex Salmond. Cash in the Attic -John Swinney . Location Location - Mich…
This is a disgraceful slur of Alex Salmond. You are now unfollowed. This site probably supports bombing civilians in Syria!
Alex Salmond shouldn't go to the portrait unveiling! No Westminster politicians are in madam tussauds you know...
Two notable guests coming this week to speak to its members, today Alex Salmond and on Friday Alastair Campbell
Alex Salmond to receive top award for ‘oustanding’ public service record via
Alex Salmond's former private secretary moves into an explicitly political role.
The PM then, as now was Cameron the FM then was Alex Salmond
It will be impossible for David Cameron to block says Alex Salmond.
Would David Cameron have threatened to lock up Alex Salmond & SNP for plotting Scots indy?
If only Tony Blair listened to Alex Salmond his breeks might be a bit less broon right now.
Alex Salmond and wee Jimmy Krankie should put their time on trying to run the country instead of referendum2 Remember the 55/45
Alex Salmond was the best First Minister that Scotland has ever had. I love that man 😊.
Then 07 election is void. No party called "Alex Salmond for First Minister"
“Alex Salmond, the Former Scottish First Minister, says the government’s position is based on a sense of…”
yeah, it's a panto based on the First Minister and Alex Salmond and how their only xmas wish was DENIED
Alex Salmond, the Former Scottish First Minister,…”
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