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Alex Pettyfer

Alexander Richard Alex Pettyfer (born 10 April 1990) is an English actor and model.

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I love New York. I love L.A. too. I love both places.
Someone like Alex Pettyfer in Endless Love or Heath Ledger in 10 Things I Hate About You.
I watched that video of Alex Pettyfer doing a little Magic Mike dance in his office and I couldn't get Ginuwine's Pony out my head.
you only like it because of Alex Pettyfer
Taylor texted me & told me she had a very important question which required calling. It was to ask if Alex Pettyfer died in Magic Mike
Me and my boy Alex Pettyfer have so much fun day off of…
Alex Pettyfer is a British movie star. Chelsea Handler is an American talk show host.
Speaking of British guys, did you know Alex Pettyfer revealed he was circed on Chelsea Handler's show?
Alex Pettyfer is honestly the hottest person ever 😍
They're using Alex Pettyfer's face as Atlas Corrigan and I'm like.why haven't I heard of that before I read the book
8 years later and Wild Child starring Emma Roberts and Alex Pettyfer still makes me the most kilig
I don't want a lot for my birthday, just a unicorn, Channing Tatum dancing for me, and a marriage proposal from Alex Pettyfer, nothing big.
I've said this before and I'll say it again, Alex Pettyfer is the loml
My favourite actors are all British. Alex Pettyfer, Sam Claflin, Tom Hiddleston, practically everyone with the accent πŸ˜‚
Eh maybe Alex Pettyfer. He's the first one I think of when I think of you.
I've heard I've been called a bad boy, or difficult.
I'm forever a Pittsburgh Pirates fan. Apparently I've picked the worst baseball team in the w
I always think I would be somewhat chill if I met BTS then I remember Alex Pettyfer FELT my heartbeat when we met so I'd prob die. Worth it.
also I used to have an argument with a friend ab the fact that I thought taylor was more attractive than Alex pettyfer.. I was ugly
Remake "The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford" as a comedy movie starring Alex Pettyfer
I have a question, how can you get videos from Alex Pettyfer?! Like how can I put them on my profile.
Alex Pettyfer - Look, every actor has a different...: via
Alex Pettyfer now works as a personal trainer at a gym? That fall!
Alex Pettyfer [Quotes] I love traveling, but I hate planes...: via
Alex Pettyfer in Beastly is just phenomenal 😍
with Alex Pettyfer as Caleb if it's not too much to ask! 😭
makes my day so much better when she sends me videos and pictures of Alex Pettyfer & the men's gymnastic team..😍😍
My dad's one of my biggest heroes. I also think Paul Newman's an inspiration. I know a lot of
'I Am Number Four' is a great story about a guy who's trying to find his destiny and figure o
Trying to Emmy. Golden Globe. Going the Charlize route. (Also Alex Pettyfer is producing. I haven't recovered.)
wow 99.7% of british guys look nothing like David Beckham or Alex Pettyfer and I just feel very blindsided rn
If only he looked like Alex Pettyfer instead of Doogie Howzer. 😎
For a while there I thought Sam Claflin was Alex Pettyfer bc of the beard
Tom Hardy stays at all costs. Jamie Dornan and Joe Manganiello also can stay. So ... sorry Alex Pettyfer.
btw Riley Keough was briefly engaged to Alex Pettyfer
[INTERVIEW] Alex Pettyfer, Colin Hanks and Johnny Knoxville for Made in Hollywood -
Alex Pettyfer was at GMA this morning...of all days to not walk by it on my way to work πŸ˜”
.XXL doesn’t have Alex Pettyfer (and has Amber Heard, Jada Pinkett Smith, Andie MacDowell & Elizabeth Banks). I rest MY case.
Lucas Till, Jack Reynor, Jeremy Irvine, Alex Pettyfer, Alexander Ludwig were considered for "Four" before Theo James getting it.
Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer and Cody Horn star in Magic Mike on at 9pm
Benji here. I changed charas. Used to be Matt Bomer and changed to Alex Pettyfer
Alex Pettyfer and Ben Barnes win as Chad and Dave! Time to start drawwwing! Vote for Skull
Being an actor in L.A. is like being in prison: you go, you serve your time, you...
Never got my alex pettyfer signed picture πŸ™„
Alex Pettyfer in Wild Child is still the dream let's be honest
That's a hard one... either Alex Pettyfer or the young Leo DiCaprio 😍
Her and Alex Pettyfer will always be my favorite 😍😍
I just saw one of my top 5 celeb crushes, Alex Pettyfer and we made eye contact so
I've always pictured Alex Pettyfer as Jace. . Been that way from the first time I read City of Bones.
I shed a tear every time Alex Pettyfer post a picture of his girlfriend that isn't me
who even is that in Is that Captain America? anyways Alex Pettyfer because he is absurdly fine
updates Alex Pettyfer for rank 826 to 963
watching Magic Mike & some gal got Alex Pettyfer for her 21st & while I was a princess, I did not get him for my birthday *** I want a redo
watching Magic Mike and all I want for Christmas is my bae to come back from LR or to trade up and have Alex Pettyfer to be my bae
Oh my lord. Alex Pettyfer is even hotter in person.
Alex Pettyfer can go, idk which one though 😩
Alex Pettyfer, why were you not under my Christmas tree?
okay I stopped with alex pettyfer pics
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebrities, which… β€” Alex Pettyfer, James Reid and Bailey 😹
the movie came out 2008 NO WONDER LOL ALEX PETTYFER THO
The guy sitting at the table next to us looks like Alex Pettyfer 😱
Update your maps at Navteq
I think that I love Wild Child so much bc Emma Roberts and Alex Pettyfer my two babes
surely the first and last time i will be compared to Alex Pettyfer
When Alex Pettyfer doodles on your cousins snapchat photo
May i book Alex pettyfer as a student?
Caught up with to share my grooming routine & talk Check it out! http…
In case you missed it... here's me and on KTLA this morning for LAUNCH DAY!
'Magic Mike' star Alex Pettyfer: 'Channing Tatum doesn't like me'
'Channing Tatum didn't like me', Alex Pettyfer confirms Magic Mike feud with co-star
Tyler Hoechlin, Alex O'Loughlin, James Franco, Ian Somerhalder, and Alex Pettyfer are the reasons I live
omg for Cam? So many! Simon Nessman, Armie Hammer, Jamie CB, Alex Pettyfer, Chris Zylka. "That's all" I can come up with rn πŸ˜…
Alex Pettyfer, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA watch Britney Spears at Planet ... - Las Vegas Sun
| I need more Alex Pettyfer and Lily Collins manips. If anyone knows of someone who's good at making manips or headers please @ or DM me.
Who remembers back when John Rhys-Meyers and Alex Pettyfer were supposedly in contention for the lead?
Cast. Alex Pettyfer as David Elliot. Gabriella Wilde as Jade Butterfield. Bruce Greenwood as Hugh. Joely Richard as Anne. Robert Patrick as Harry
"Katie Cassidy, Manolo Blahnik, Rachel Zoe, Alex Pettyfer and more at the Harpers Bazaar Icons Party"Β :
you need a better fantasy team! Mine is Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Philippe and Alex Pettyfer... Granted not for football...
The hottest men for today's hookups: Dean Geyer, Luke Bilyk and Alex Pettyfer! Who's your fave?
Movie night with me myself and Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer and Matt Bomer and Joe Manganiello…
convinced Alex pettyfer is playing himself
Alex Pettyfer is freaking hot i'm melting ryt now 😍😭πŸ”₯
Or maybe I'm just crying because Alex Pettyfer is so fine...idk
Hold the phone, Alex pettyfer isn't in the new Magic Mike film?! What!!
Dunno if I even wanna see the new Magic Mike without Alex Pettyfer πŸ˜₯ he was my fave
are my eyes deceiving me is this really Alex pettyfer
.enthusiasm about getting more spotlight in the absence of Mathew McConaughey and Alex Pettyfer was almost distracting.
I used to be so in love with Alex pettyfer I wonder where he is now miss that guy
Tyler Posey and Alex Pettyfer are hot! Who would your hookup be?
just walked past an alex pettyfer lookalike maybe 17 y/o i have Sinned
Caught the end of Love Channing Tatum. Now I need to see the sequel! Also, hello Alex Pettyfer! Dayum.
it's a lighter film than the first one. also it benefits from not having Alex Pettyfer.
Alex Pettyfer does not affirm me. Put it on my tomb.
Alex Pettyfer is one of my faves in Magic Mike
I am a little partial to Alex Pettyfer. 😍
Only thing that could have made Magic Mike XXL better is if Alex Pettyfer was still in it. But I mean other than that perfection 😍😍
Wild Child is so nakakakilig bc of alex pettyfer 😭😍
Alex Pettyfer is the only reason beastly is a good movie
so I just figured out the alex Pettyfer lives in LA - You need to do some hunting for me and xD
Chris Pratt, Alex Pettyfer -> Jesse Ward. and. Bryce Dallas Howard-> Ava O'Shea. ΒΏ?. I just want the movie! *cry*.
Alex Pettyfer's face is the best thing since sliced bread for sure
why can't Alex Pettyfer in Wild Child be my boyfriend !
You sometimes remind me of Alex Pettyfer! You are scary alike at times!!
Alex Pettyfer in Endless Love is everything I could ever want in a boy πŸ’•πŸ™ˆ
Alex Pettyfer! I love him in Magic Mike i love him in endless love i love him in everything! He…
yes! It's amazing. Can we clone the real Alex Pettyfer??
Alex pettyfer in Wild Child is my fave alex pettyfer
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Do i want to see Alex Pettyfer tonight?
I still don't get how they thought Alex Pettyfer could pass as a 19 year old
Alex Pettyfer is bae. I hate to say the word "bae" but he really is bae
Still feeling Alex Pettyfer in Wild Child- that was peak Alex
Oh i'm falling in love with Alex Pettyfer all over again.
Alex Pettyfer will forever remain as our original Alex Pettyfer. ❀
Wow! Dean Geyer, Brenton Thwaites and Alex Pettyfer got some serious fan love today! Play now?
So much for Alex Pettyfer and Nina Dobrev. Xian Lim and Kim Chui for Must Date the Playboy. K. I didnt know they becam…
Our hottest hunks for today were Dean Geyer, Brenton Thwaites and Alex Pettyfer! Play now!
Douglas Booth, Alex Pettyfer, Alexander Ludwig, plus more hotties who could've starred in
plus Gabriella Wilde and Alex Pettyfer look unbelievably hot in it
Alex Pettyfer, Alexander Ludwig, Sam Claflin, Even Peters and Dylan O'Brien are ruin my non existing life!
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