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Alex Kingston

Alexandra Elizabeth Alex Kingston (born 11 March 1963) is an English actress.

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Please don't let River come back...
The Pond Family Bond ♦ Dragon Con had many excellent panels this year, and one that seems to have been a bit...
"To be given the gift of life is extraordinary, and the best thing we can do is live it as fabulously as we can.". -…
Alex Kingston was also with Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvilll yesterday, along with Rick Cosnett too !
.says Amy stopped crushing on the Doctor after she kissed him & Alex Kingston added "plus, the way he dan…
Alex Kingston's favorite River costume was the green dress with the leather belt in b/c it was quite useful
Alex Kingston was so scared during that she elbowed a stranger in the ribs & screamed until the audience start…
.says .guessed who River was but Alex Kingston thinks he was just pretending to…
The stunning Alex Kingston makes her triumphant return to 😍
Alex Kingston says that it was her daughter who insisted that she take her role on b/c it's her all time…
Alex Kingston was 1st offered the Adipose ep of but then read script for & cried & cal…
Alex Kingston gives a fan his banana & cracks a Mrs. Robinson joke in the process 😂
Alex Kingston awards the last banana of the panels to a young girl dressed as Osgood 🍌
It was great to meet along with the incomparable Alex Kingston and the Dr Matt Smith. We look l…
Alex Kingston hated 10's TARDIS because "it's like being inside a giant pumpkin. It was all vegetable."
Just got out of the Pond family reunion panel!! Man that has to be a favorite!! The stories they told!! Thank you Kare…
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And then that Alex panel! Ugh that woman has the best panels!
I'm deeply in love with River Song. And I think it's like 95% because of Alex Kingston. She's so beautiful I want to cry-
Alex Kingston is such an amazing actress and the way she brings River Song to life is the definition of art
Officially have the time off booked!! Alex Kingston I'm seeing you again in a couple weeks!! Edmonton get ready!
tfw you're next to Alex Kingston&she smiles&you feel special & you realize you have a Time Lord jacket & a Weeping Angel…
Also, Billie Piper, Matt Smith, Alex Kingston, and Karen Gillan are going to…
*prayer circle that someone records the panel with Catherine Tate, Alex Kingston, and Jenna Coleman at Wizard World this…
Another amazing Comic Con in the books! Thanks to Alex Kingston and Catherine Tate!…
John, my choice was Alex Kingston, aka River Song. Imagine how they could play:. Is she The Doctor?…
Right now all I want is Alex Kingston reading the Only in darkness are we revealed quote
Alex Kingston for the next doctor...
See I am used to the Alex Kingston anti-aging regime. Now THERE is a non-aging Time Lord.
There's been a in every episode of this series. Alex Kingston is back episode 12, mark my words.
Trust the BBC to put the biggest milf character in a sic-fi show; Alex Kingston in Doctor Who
She could only be his wife. I already very much liked Alex Kingston from ER so it wasn…
Boudica. Alex Kingston, Emily Blunt all in the same movie
Ack! My Billie Piper and Alex Kingston autograph photos are stuck together! Suggestions to fix…
Then you need to watch Arrow for Alex Kingston and John Barrowman.
INTERIORS: Homeowners Liz and Alex share their tips for blending and
I've been trying to bribe you with homemade fudge for 2 years in the off chance you might be able to get Alex Kingston to LFCC
Madison County Coroner Alex Breeland has confirmed that the autopsy for 6-year-old Kingston Frazier has been...
Yeah! I started watching GG the week after the revival aired because Alex Kingston was in the revival.
I never thought that I would cry so much about a Doctor Who reunion like this one. Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman & Alex King…
If you hate Alex Kingston which I don't know how you can, you must not care all that much about John Barrowman because they both are walking
Your relationship with Alex Kingston seemed forced.
May 18,2013: The Name of the Doctor was first aired on this date.Matt Smith,Jenna Coleman and Alex Kingston
Does anyone know the names of the Full Episodes of Grange Hill that Alex Kingston was in
It's hard to understand the way this world operates. RIP Kingston Frazier. Praying for his family and everyone affected…
Dr. Strange meets Back to the Future - Alex Kingston plays an intelligent anti-hero. Set in the Middle Ages.
Alex Kingston went from breaking my heart on Doctor Who to breaking my heart on Arrow lmao ❤
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My favourite hub photo was with and photo holding the last words of River al…
I wonder if knows Noel Clarke and Alex Kingston were in a crime drama together?
April 30th,2011: Day of the Moon was first shown on this date.Matt Smith,Karen Gillan,Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston
Alex Kingston and Emma Thompson working together, how can we make this happen like.. now!
You old *** Mine was Alex Kingston in moll Flanders. Ha ha
Tales from the Tardis: BNP on Matt Smith, Jenna Coleman, and Alex Kingston talking all things
Please! Torchwood: Alex Kingston wants Doctor Who's River Song to join John Barrowman in reboot of BBC3 drama
River Song, the amazing Alex Kingston is here and I can't get an autograph! 😣
Me: *shows mum my tablet wallpaper* who's that?. Mum: River Song. Me: no that's the lady who plays her, Alex Kingston. Cl…
Jenna, Matt Smith, Alex Kingston, Karen Gillian(she's filming, so this is unlikely), Peter, Pearl & Matt L.
Doctor Who's Gigi Edgley and Alex Kingston sign autographs at
Holy crap! Yourself, Marsters, Alex Kingston & Gareth David Lloyd in 1 room? I'd prob die of squee if I was going
What if Rory is interning for the president. And the president is Alex Kingston? :0.
Alex and Tyga in Jamaica chilling in Kingston at the badd jerk spot
"They didn't like that there was a badass woman car. Boys: get over it." -Alex Kingston re: Transformer Bots
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"Who’s to say I’m not (coming back)? 24 years on Darillium is a long time!" . - ALEX KINGSTON, Space City CC, 29.05.2016
Except the now legendarily fantastic Alex Kingston. Alex Kingston in She could've played the new alien queen!!!
Currently downloading video for DW's Christmas ep. Can't wait to see his reactions over River Song/Alex Kingston 😍
I just realized I have a huge crush on Alex Kingston..
BTW, she's only taller because she was wearing big heels. lol This year, I want one with Alex Kingston (River).
Hey if John Wesley Shipp gets to be Jay Garrick, can Alex Kingston be Dinah Drake / Black Canary? I mean if you really be all JSA about it.
I'd love love love to see Alex Kingston. But I'm really looking forward to
Guard/driver (not sure) on 10.03 service from Kingston-W'loo making the announcements was SO NICE&helpful! Alex I think? Yay4him!
Do you ever cry because Alex Kingston isn't your mom and Lana Parrilla isn't your wife? 😭
We missed you at Phoenix Comicon this year! Alex Kingston gave us some great laughs. Were your ears ringing?
So enjoyed meeting you at Phoenix Comicon!
thanks kingston you made tonight awesome! don't miss the premiere of a NEW song w &
You really came in my mentions lookin like Kofi Kingston down to da dreads shawty
Can't stop laughing at the fact that Alex Kingston's character in SVU is named Miranda Pond... Once a Pond, always a Pond...
*** you'll go through via Alex bay, with is fancy, and then into Kingston, which is not. I have exes from both towns lol
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All ready for intimate gig at the Rose Theatre in Kingston
The Doctor gets a companion none of the production team can work, just like Alex Kingston.
Pointless just declared that Alex Kingston has never been in a Doctor Who Christmas special. How old is this?!
That woman on will be kicking herself watching this back given that Alex Kingston was in it last year 😏😏
the episode aired on BBC1 incorrectly gave a 100 score to a contestant for answering Alex Kingston who was in DW 2015
When was tonight's filmed? Because Alex Kingston was most definitely in a Doctor Who Christmas special.
Alex Kingston was in the Christmas Special for 2015! So the episode aired today on BBC1 IS WRONG!
Feeling vindicated that Alex Kingston was eventually in a Doctor Who Christmas special!
I thought Alex Kingston was in the Christmas 2015 special?? when was today's episode filmed? 😂
Alex Kingston was definitely in a Dr Who Christmas Special!
This Fiona is outraged, that Fiona on was right with Alex Kingston. She was in Dr Who's Christmas 2015 show was she not?
is this an old episode on ? Alex Kingston was in 2015 xmas The Husbands of River Song
Huh? "The Husbands of River Song" (Starring Alex Kingston) was aired on *Christmas Day *How is that not a Christmas Special ???
WHAT?! Alex Kingston was on the last one. Was there a glitch?
A shame this is a repeat because Alex Kingston would be a great answer now.
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I certainly can't think of a better person to play River than Alex Kingston. She's wonderful.
Got these badgirls at thank you and Alex Kingston
Alex Kingston is our little precious angel who deserve all of the happiness in the world.
PLEASE help me! I am wanting to for my wedding! Please send a video saying Congrats to Joanna and Laura!
"The Pandorica episode was actually filmed at Stonehenge. " -Alex Kingston
Question:How does it feel working with Matt Smith?. Alex Kingston :A bit soft and squishy. Not too muscular.A bit thin and…
He has a big heart, among other things." Alex Kingston on Matt Smith 😜💓💓
I propose Alex Kingston for an MU News host. Anybody agree?
OMG every time I watch these episodes when he first met River Song, gods... I miss David Tennant acting with Alex Kingston!!! ❤️
remember when everyone thought that Sean Kingston who sings beautiful girls sang "Replay" by Iyaz. Me too
"We shared a couple of drinks in the bar last night. Got a little bit trashed." -Alex Kingston on Billie Piper
Alex Kingston is a lovely human being. She was so funny during her panel. She said "Hello Sweetie" and I squeed!
Alex Kingston, my favourite badass woman car
"It's not unrequited. The TARDIS has got lots of rooms you've never seen." -Alex Kingston on River's relationship with…
Alex Kingston was lovely, and we got a nice Hello Sweetie.
I want a TV show about Swoosie Kurtz, Alex Kingston, and Kelly Bishop being badass lawyer friends together.
Matt Smith is doing a play. Billie Piper is doing a play. When is Alex Kingston coming back to the West End?
@ Alex Kingston: go to New York and see Gillian in a Street Car Named Desire and then take a selfie just for me
Bless you Alex Kingston and Paul Blackthorne for this beautiful yet heartbreaking scene.
Seriously though Paul Blackthorne and Alex Kingston stole the show with this scene.
Never understood how River went from a black woman (Nina Toussaint-White, aka Mels) to a white woman (Alex Kingston) though...
Alex Kingston walked right in front of me yesterday and she's more gorgeous in person than I could have ever imagined.
Feel for ticket sale? Alex Kingston reading to you helps.
That last episode was a real tear-jerker and now I'm anxious for the next one. Oh, and freaking ALEX KINGSTON is in the next episode. YAS
and there's an Earth where Alex Kingston aka Riversong is my wife...
Having been in Hollywood as a shadow, as someone who is almost invisible, I...
Alex Kingston is back in the next episode of even tho it's 2 1/2 weeks away! My bae is back
Got my ticket to The Ponds at I can't freakin wait! and Alex Kingston 😘😘
David and Alex Kingston with some fans at Wizard World Madison
Californians don't have that marvelous British cynicism, but then the British can be so patronizing at times. - Alex Kingston (Actress)
All purpose parts banner
Mariska with Alex Kingston and Maria Bello; black dress . .
. yeah of course. I met Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and alex kingston last year and I was shaking but they were really -
RIP Alex, our thoughts are with your family and friends at Buzz On.
I need to meet Alex Kingston this year. I have been waiting 4 years now. It needs to happen :)
Alex Kingston on the next Arrow aw dawgs it's LIT
Excuse me while I go cry. Meeting Jen next month, as well as my birthday. As well as ALEX KINGSTON. Then meeting Liza in August... DEAD
I'm performing with Diedrich Bader and Alex Kingston tomorrow night at the Lyric. $75 for a great cause. …
Oh wow Alex Kingston aka River Song in is going to next month. Sign me up!
This would be perfect if Alex Kingston appeared also ☺♥♥
Hello sweeties! We're excited to welcome our favourite time-line twisted traveler River Song: Alex Kingston
Alex Kingston for Alfred's love interest on 😎😎😎😎
Before I sleep I need to say that I really really love Alex Kingston and she is precious. Goodnight.
.prospect made 32 saves tonight as the completed a second-round sweep of top-seeded Kingston.
Alex Nedeljkovic & his IceDogs have swept the Kingston Frontenacs. That's a shocker👀. Watson, Crouse & Dal Colle's OHL careers likely done
Trade it in for any film directed by Kenny Brannagh! Or his stage Macbeth with Alex Kingston.
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When u highkey almost get stuck in Kingston because you don't have a $1.50 to pay the toll to get across the bridge. 🙃🙃🙃
Kingston applying some pressure but up to the task.
Niagara 2-0 in game 4 vs Kingston. Lead series 3-0 and Alex Nedeljkovic has been spectacular
She totally has this superpower though. I would be immediately happy if Alex Kingston looked at me.
David Tennant, Alex Kingston, Billy Boyd in my hometown of Madison WI today and tomorrow!.
Tbt: Alex Kingston playing a lawyer on named Miranda ironic.
Still stuns me SVU had a defense lawyer Miranda Pond one year after Dr Who introduced Melody Pond both played by Alex Kingston
I know how Malcolm keeps getting in and out of Iron Heights unseen, River Song, Alex Kingston told
Once he answered this question Alex Kingston but she answered best Doctor kisser question Jon Pertwee.his revenge xD
I cannot wait to meet Billie Piper, Alex Kingston, Michelle Gomez and Freema Agyeman!!
Paul Blackthorne , Alex Kingston and the lady who plays felicity's mum on are having so much fun at Salt Lake City Con. Take me there
Matt Smith, Alex Kingston, and reunited on the stage
Alex Kingston aka River Song/Melody Pond of Doctor Who. Fantastic actress, really portrays her chara
The happiest of birthdays to John Barrowman and Alex Kingston!. 🎂🎈🎁🎉.
And many happy returns to Alex Kingston!. 🎁.
So, Alex Kingston as River Song has shared tv episodes with David Tennant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi.
Good to see Alex Kingston back for more River Song adventures. This time with 6 & 7 Should be sweet!
Blow my mind & bring Alex Kingston to soothe my broken heart over Lucy Lawless' cancellation. That's all I ask!
Then you have all of the guest stars of Series Five. Helen McCrory, Toby Jones, Bill Nighy, James Corden, Iain Glen, Alex Kingston.
Tagged by ~ . Carrie Fisher, Alex Kingston and Michelle Gomez (it had to be them tbh). I don't tag anyone
More new suggestions for Prisoner vol 2: Christopher Benjamin😉, Tom Baker, Alex Kingston 😀
Spoke w/ Alex Kingston about finally giving River Song the husband she deserves https:/…
Guys, can we just get Alex Kingston and Peter Capaldi in a screwball comedy?
NEW VIDEO!. Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston introduce The Husbands of River Song!. https…
Festive banter and gift-giving with Alex Kingston and Matt Lucas…. Check out the video at
New video!. Alex Kingston and Matt Lucas swap presents and talk of festive fun….
Guess who, sweeties?! Alex Kingston joins Peter Capaldi and at the premiere of the Xmas Special.
Alex Kingston, Peter Capaldi, and Greg Davies at 'The Husbands of River Song' screening!
Alex Kingston, Peter Capaldi, Greg Davies & Steven Moffat just finished a Q&A! Here are some of our fave moments... https…
I almost forgot, newest episode of has an interview w/the ever-so-sexy Alex Kingston, AKA River Song!
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📷 hirmienworld: Kneed in the Knackers (Matt Smith & Alex Kingston)...
Losing followers 😂 sorry if you don't love Jurassic Park, Bryce Dallas Howard, Alex Kingston, or ER, but I do. Very much 😂😘
There was that one great TV year when everyone had curly hair on ER: Julianna Margulies, Gloria Reuben, Alex Kingston. T…
Alex Kingston will reprise the role of River Song alongside Peter Capaldi’s Doctor in the 2015 Chris
Here's a new image of Peter Capaldi and Alex Kingston from the upcoming Christmas Special!
Alex Kingston returns as River Song in this first look at the Christmas Special: https:/…
The Xmas Special:. Peter Capaldi & Alex Kingston are joined by Greg Davies as King Hydroflax & Matt Lucas as Nardole! http…
Met the lovely and beautiful Alex Kingston and Karen Gillian earlier today! They were so sweet :)…
since I planned to pay only 80 dollars for 2 autographs of Alex Kingston and 1$55 For Karen Gillian autograph only.
wait. Does this mean that if I met in person I'd be one degree away from Alex Kingston & Karen Gillian??
So excited!!! Also can't wait to see Karen Gillian and Alex Kingston from Doctor who!…
REVEALED - the cover art for The Diary of River Song starring Alex Kingston.
Alex Kingston is just stunning. That is all.
FANTASTIC dream about Alex Kingston. Sigh. :D I can't wait for Doctor Who Christmas Special.
Alex Kingston to return as River Song in Doctor Who Christmas special
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when will I see the Schedule for your event? I need to know what time panels start for Alex Kingston and Karen Gillian,others 2
Remember that time when Alex Kingston made out with Emilia Fox. Good times.
Lovely heartfelt letter from Sir Alex to Cantona after he retired.
With special guest stars Alex Kingston and John Barrowman, whose sheer sexuality breaks the time-freeze.
So. The most important we're facing in the next year. Do we want Alex Kingston or Michelle Gomez to have a permanent spot on Doctor Who?
Croupier with Clive Owen, Alex Kingston, Gina McKee. Dir by Mike Hodges. Coming to blu-ray Nov 3
Brilliant day filming today, Bumping into Alex Kingston who is beyond stunning 😘 And Mr Gilbert from 😂😂👌👊
How much $autograph of Alex Kingston if I buy 3 of them 2of them for my pen pal friends 4 their Christmas gift1 for myself ?
In addition to Helen Mirren, I bet you would be a fan of Alex Kingston
I just need river...i need river to have her own tv show! I love Alex Kingston so much
I really miss Alex Kingston and The Doctor traveling threw Time, and Space 😞😞
: Nope - can't be the end! More Missy in Who - actually I'd LOVE to see you and Alex Kingston team up!
:Michelle is brilliant! More of her and Alex Kingston's River Song!
as do I...I like it a /lot/ *he leans closer to her and pecks her lips* I think you are amazing miss kingston
When they announced River Song for the Xmas special, I wanted to bang my head against a wall, although I LOVE Alex Kingston.
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I need more alex Kingston on set please?!
Spoilers, just heard the news that will be back for xmas ep! There's never enough Alex Kingston.
wait i just realized david is in marvel, karen in marvel, chris eccleston is in marvel, and arthur, alex kingston and John Barrowman in DC
I guess I'm out till Alex Kingston shows up... :(
Please tell me Michelle Gomez and Alex Kingston will have screen time together??
Who are your favorite people to follow on Instagram? — Jenna Coleman. Lily james . Alex Kingston
ll I saw John Barrowman`s *** at Emerald City Comic Con when he mooned Alex Kingston at the signing area.
Photo: shandyiscanon: Alex Kingston and Mary McDonnell can pull of that hat like no other. 
Alex Kingston and Mary McDonnell in a fire hat. What is life?
BREAKING NEWS! Alex Kingston returns as River Song in the new season of
"Alex Kingston is returning to Doctor Who as River Song". What about Captain Jack Harkness??!?
Er, Alex Kingston can't be? Isn't she consulting at Duke University Hospital in North Carolina? 😃
Doctor Who - Season 9 - Alex Kingston (River Song) Returning for the Christmas Special
Alex Kingston, Arthur Darvill, and Karen Gillan are all coming to RI Comic Con. BUT WHAT ABOUT MORE OF THE WALKING DEAD CAST?
Omygod, Alex Kingston, and Arthur Darvill all going to ?!?! Someone pinch me, or at least get me some tea please!
Congrats to the amazing Alex Kingston for getting married yesterday in Rome!! ✨
Matt Smith, Karen Gillian, Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston are in Rome. I'm not.
More like Priorities. I want to do Rhode Island Comic Con to see Karen Gillan & Alex Kingston
John Barrowman _and_ Alex Kingston are in Arrow? That's almost enough for me to switch my 3-star rating to a 4.
Great excitement in our house: Alex Kingston, Nicola Walker & Hattie Morahan! you spoil us!
that was kind of my thought! I love Alex Kingston tho. River Song not so sure, lol!
I think Goran Visnjic and Alex Kingston were there too
Spoilers about Alex Kingston's role on tonight's 'American Odyssey' -...
The Fortunes and Misfortunes of the Famous Moll Flanders starring Alex Kingston & Daniel Craig on DVD
Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese has agreed to shoot the stage production of Macbeth that starred Kenneth Branagh and Alex Kingston
Gillian Anderson, Alex Kingston, Mary McDonnell, Victoria Smurfit, Merrin Dungey & Kristin Bauer all at Cons this weekend.
I also want to be Alex Kingston and Amanda Tapping when I grow up but I also want to be their best friend and be adopted by them.
Think I'll be having an Alex Kingston marathon tomorrow :) ER, DW, Boudica and maybe even Moll Flanders :D
Feeling sad when I remember that in a few days Matt Smith, Karen Gillan & Alex Kingston will be in the same place as me but I won't see them
Dr Who fans, did you know Alex Kingston was in Grange Hill?
Update your maps at Navteq
But today was great ❤️ got to meet Karen (again - and so many compliments!), Alex Kingston, Robbie Amell, and Tony Curran.
no they will all be there, they changed the list; Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, Alex Kingston, and Jenna Louise Coleman
Bit of old school ER when George Clooney was Dr Ross & before Alex Kingston was River Song 🏥🚑🇺🇸
David Tennant being brilliant with Alex Kingston and Catherine Tate in 2008.
indeed I am! Along with Karen Gillan and Alex Kingston
John Barrowman and Alex Kingston and with you in the mix best show ever
I think I said before but Gina Torres has the same voice tone than Alex Kingston
I am so in love with Billie Piper, Alex Kingston and Karen Gillian. Ugh
I still think that and Alex Kingston as a tv couple was the best thing in existence
Kingston, Beau, and Asst. Coach Alex helped film a video today!
Alex Kingston is phenomenal oh my goodness.
any update on getting Alex Kingston to attend this year??
Ima disabled Veteran if u r in Atlanta feb12-mar1 come see our show@ the show is Cheaper by the Dozen
Alex Kingston is the main reason I enjoy ER, even though I'm 20 years late to the show. Idk what she says 1/3 of the time, but I love her.
I don't know I wasn't expecting anyone at Sydney I still cry that I missed alex Kingston in Australia
I would like to regenerate as Alex Kingston.
The same new picture of Alex Kingston has just been posted on IG 7 times in 1 hr by people I follow. When you know you're in a fandom huh?
She looks like Alex Kingston in this pic 😊
Alex Kingston with straight hair is a crime against humanity and hair.
The best part is if you go onto the Madame Ageless hashtag on Instagram you just see a bunch of photos of Alex Kingston
gobletoffeels: friendly reminder that Alex Kingston doesn’t have real front teeth because she was a total...
I love using Alex Kingston GIFS she's just so precious 😊
So I'm best friends with Jemma Simmons and Alex Kingston , Alyson Hannigan tried to kiss me and I've killed 2 people.
hi, can you use Zone 1 to 6 Day travelcards on to Kingston Upon Thames?
Alex Kingston rocking a TARDIS blue dress love her
I think anyone would like to snog the alex kingston bec well she's matt's fave kisser for god sake
Goals: Jennifer Aniston in my 40s, Alex Kingston in my 50s, Meryl Streep in my 60s
Right?! I'd camp out in line NOW. If they do middle-aged Indy though I want Alex Kingston.
ICYMI - Review of album launch show at the and their possible arena tour ambitions -…
Beyond excited to know that around August, Alex & I will be living in a beautiful home like this👏:
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it's starting to look that way. I'm half expecting Alex Kingston to appear next
next week I fully predict John Barrowman, Alex Kingston and Tom Baker will join this cast :D
LISTEN: Kenneth Branagh & Alex Kingston star in the great tragedy of love & power, Antony & Cleopatra
whimsicallymad: Hellow Sweeties!  Alex Kingston’s (our queen’s) birthday is coming soon so I thought we...
Erick Bowen and kofi Kingston will throw rock over the top rope and odds will surge
Hard fought 2-1 win for the Mixed Team against Kingston, great team performance with two goals for
I wonder if guest appearance on as Miranda Pond was a coincidence.I love Alex Kingston!
I did not know that Ralph Fiennes was married to Alex Kingston of River Song game!
"Very, very interestingly, Steven has told Alex Kingston, who plays River, everything. Everything, a
Still waiting on an alex Kingston announcement for ATL ️hehe
I was very optimistic when they cast Alex Kingston in the role of Dinah but then completely went on to waste Alex Kingston.
I’m pretty straight but Alex Kingston is pretty hot so I don’t know, man.
In other news, Alex Kingston can sing very well. …
I need Alex Kingston to come to London and do a performance, and for it to be cheap tickets so I can go, and I can meet her!
Finally watching FlashForward, guest starring the lovely Alex Kingston.
it would be but if you love Pretty little liars,Alex Kingston and Doctor Who then it would be scary
Someone please help me meet Alex Kingston I need to meet her! 😫❤️
8) favourite guest star:. Idk I loved Kylie minogue as Astrid peth but I also rlly love Alex Kingston but idk if she's a guest star ?
Maybe she can bring along Matt. And Alex Kingston. And others.
Hey guys, vote for Alex Kingston in tournament:
Photo: kingletsecrets: 67. I love seeing all the secrets people have about Alex Kingston. It really shows...
Sure... feel free to toss in some Leslie Ann Warren too. or Alex Kingston...
So I get to Dallas, all excited to meet Alex Kingston, Adam West & Burt Ward, & lo-&-behold all 3 have been dragged away for other things
Guest News! The Dynamic Duo and a few other guests are unable to make it to Dallas. But with the help of Mr. Burns, a Black Canary, and a Goonie reunion it's still going to be an ah-mazing weekend! * Corey Feldman – NEW! Announcement (Sun Only) * Caity Lotz – NEW! Announcement (Sat/Sun) * Harry Shearer - NEW! Announcement (Fri Only) * Alex Kingston – Postponed (Arrow Shooting) * Adam West & Burt Ward – Postponed (Batman Blu-Ray Tour) * James Hong – Postponed We're just as disappointed as you about the guests who can't make it! Ben & our buddies have been making calls and calling in favors – and have not stopped trying to get more late additions. - If you bought a photo-op you can exchange it for another guest at the event or it will be refunded after the show.
I need some comfort food. Adam West , Burt Ward & Alex Kingston all canceled this weekend. 3/4 reasons to go
Absolutely loved . Alex Kingston was so great in it. I loved the humanity of Ruth.
Dan Moore, Sebastian Sander, Alex Kingston, Garry Schmidt, Scotty Ryan & Hayden Zenith. These are the names of the previous EPW Rising Star Cup winners. On October 4th at Road to Glory, I have a chance to add my name to that list by defeating Jordan Bishop.
I'm really hoping Alex Kingston shows up for an ep or two with Capaldi
if I had to choose either Lana Parrilla or Alex Kingston to be my wife, I might just become a mormon.
have u guys ever thought of doctor who people attending your cons? Alex Kingston would be lovely to have :)
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I hope I'm like Mrs Hudson when I'm older!❤️ and look like alex kingston
Ok I should be sleeping, not looking at Alex Kingston on Tumblr.
Alex Kingston may be coming back to Doctor Who. 🙏
I'm looking forward to seeing Alex Kingston play opposite Peter Capaldi one of these days.
I heart Catriona, but Claire is a cross between Kingston in everyone's heads, right? Just me?
Sometimes Alex Kingston (River Song from Dr. Who) sits down at the bar in the cafe where you're having lunch. I...
I swear if anyone else from Uncharted, Stargate or Archer, or if they are Alex Kingston or Jane Lynch go to anything this year, I'll scream!
Photo: Favourite people 9/? - Alex Kingston. 'I lead a very quiet life and never court publicity. I don’t...
No i totally didn't change my phone notification sound because of alex Kingston's phone lol
I am giving it a 4 episodes on my box. Sunday afternoon sorted. Plus Alex Kingston is in it
no I haven't!! But he is an amazing Shakespearian actor. He and Alex Kingston in Macbeth were incredible!
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