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Alex Jones

Alexander Emerick Alex Jones (born February 11, 1974) is an American talk radio host, actor and filmmaker.

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Alex Jones, albeit somewhat jarringly humorous - I take that back. Like Trump, Jones looks like a hear…
you need to repent. Your dad even hails to shill Alex Jones and you hail to witch thank you...Jesus Christ is Lord.
Alex Jones admits he's a lying blowhard ahead of lawsuit. Ok tho. Jesus forgives him, the refuge of all douchbags. Swaggart tears come next
Lol! Alex Jones is one Hero u sud be proud of. He practice real journalism not like CNN, ABC and co. Jesus love U
Jesus, and people say Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist.
My favorite would be Infowars. I binge watch Alex Jones, I'm pretty much a genius at this point.
For every dumb conspiracy theory a Hollywood star comes up with, Alex Jones has 10 of them.
obviously 1 and 4 are Eric Garland from the above thread; 2, 3, and 5 are Alex Jones from this
This is getting to Alex Jones level of indignant, vein-popping ragegasm.
...Or any other conspiracy that Trump, Alex Jones or Fox News thrones at them.
LMAO If you think Alex Jones is an intellectual you need to finish third grade. Breitbart is bias
Is In Its Death Throes! » Alex Jones' There's a war on for your mind!.
No one has yet explained to me the difference between Eric Garland's unhinged ramblings & Alex Jones yelling himself i…
*** Paul Ryan is getting trolled by Alex Jones. 😆😆
If Trump knew what Alex Jones said about him, he wouldn’t give him press credentials
possibly Alex Jones as well. But Marilyn is real shy to admit it.   10% Off
right. Because listening to someone who listens to Alex Jones is a good thing 🙄 probably don't know what a library database
Alex Jones tries a glass of CAVEMAN :D:D
This crapshow getting you down?. Watch this Alex Jones compilation. Sure to lift anyone's spirits.
Such a shame Alex Jones will end up going down with the trump train wreck. He's a nutcase. 🙄
.does it matter who he appoints to what? . He only listens to Steve Bannon and Alex Jones.
Michael Moore Calls on Dems to Declare "National Emergency" » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!
The president should be using his Intel agencies for info, not Alex Jones or Breitbart,
I liked a video Alex Jones and the Fish People
I didn't know I needed 15 minutes of Alex Jones memes in my life until now
that you have a boss who happens to repeat Alex Jones' lies, or a co-worker who happened to run Breitbart, seems ironic.
Back to Breitbart and Alex Jones while we save the Republic.
this thread: the guy is basically the democrats' Alex Jones spewing paranoia about the New World Order
I liked a video Alex Jones Prays for Donald Trump
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya but it's Alex Jones and everything he says becomes reality
I said the Left was cooking up their own "patriot" Alex Jones in December. Go figure. It's not 1955. Hating Russia…
Me watching Dems turn into Alex Jones mini-me's
Stone's already had ONE meeting with the FBI that I know of. He sure is panicky, ain't he? Maybe he & Alex Jones can s…
Trump accused The Times of altering its headline. . They respond. Better than Breitbart or Alex Jones.
watched you on Alex Jones today. You're a bulldozer of logic and reasoning. ISIS must be stopped and you know how.
I just want politics to be Alex Jones and Eric Garland to be standing athwart history yelling "1776 WILL COMMENCE AGAIN" at each other
No. They didn't. Alex Jones was not under surveillance. Trump lies all the time, too
it makes more sense when you read it in Alex Jones voice
Of course u know Sandy Hook & Aurora all were fake. Just ask Alex Jones. He knows all
It's in the media everywhere. Dave Rubin is morphing into Alex Jones.
I think they are mistaken: Pedogate will be the most viral scandal in world history. Liz Crokin, Ben Swann, Alex Jones, & me…
Alex Jones, Pres. and Glenn Beck, VP of crazy talk.
Going to start analyzing Glenn Beck or Hannity next? How about Alex Jones?
Rachel Maddow, just last week, became the Glenn Beck of the "LEFT". She's now gone full Alex Jones. You never go full Alex Jones.
Glenn Beck has been on the brink of total collapse ever since Alex Jones called him out on his chiweenie
Would it raise your respect levevl if Glenn Beck came out as pro choice, or Alex Jones?
Alex Jones interviews Dr. Iris Mack: “Secrets of the Stock Market that Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know”
It's really tiring to see the constant misinformation on the left after years of railing against Alex Jones, Glenn Beck, etc
Roger Stone, live on Alex Jones, commenting on dressed as a hot air ballon pilot.
Not to mention Glenn Beck is yesterday's news. All the reactionary conspiracy theorists have moved on to Alex Jones, man, get with the times
If you ask me who's nuttier, Glenn Beck or Alex Jones, I'll say Glenn Beck all day long.
i put Jim marrs in the same category as Alex Jones, he says everything but Jew, controlled opposition and a total fraud?
Good time to revisit Dugin and Friends interview of Alex Jones since Infowars is going to be investigated for Russian tie…
Alex Jones should hire Tomi Lahren at Infowars and watch Glenn Beck go full retard.
Wish Sam Kennison were still with us! He'd make a great Alex Jones!
Except on Fox News, by Tomi Lauren and Alex Jones. And these three entities have become very popular.
my friend read Jim Marrs book Rule by secerasy & visit Prisoned Planet by Alex Jones wake up.
Alex Jones: Tim Allen (ofctimallen) discusses surveillance and the public’s lack of concern -
If you ever want to feel sad, just remember that people take as truth everything Alex Jones says.
Not unless Fox News, Breitbart, or Alex Jones tells them. Yeah, they are most certainly morons.
I don't watch Alex Jones, go find a hole somewhere.
2. LISTEN: The "very talented legal mind" that Trump just referred to in presser with Merkel told Alex Jones that he's a 9/11 t…
Sitcom pitch: Olberman, Hannity, Alex Jones, & Michael Moore as co-workers in an adult book store & are all on a bowling team.
-Does Bob know the difference between Axle Rose and Alex Jones yet?
Michael Moore is now the lefts Alex Jones
.manager Stuart McCall rates Alex Jones and Nicky Law as 50/50 ahead of their clash with on Saturday.
Stuart McCall hopeful either Nicky Law or Alex Jones will be fit for the Swindon game on Saturday though doubt's both will make it
NEWS: manager Stuart McCall rates Nicky Law & Alex Jones as 50/50 at this stage to be fit to face Swindon on Sat
Get to know Alex Jones in my new video for
Assange: Pushing for 'Pence Takeover' of Trump White House » Alex Jones: There's a war on for your mind!
I can't understand why anyone would listen to Alex Jones. He's worse than Pelosi, Hillary, and Michael Moore combined!
Compare Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch to Alex Jones yelling on Piers Morgan show. Have you watched My Scientology Movie?
I know a lot more than you because I get all my information from the great Alex Jones so I can stay informed.
Alex Jones is not bragging, but ...
.discovered the love child of Michael Moore and Alex Jones. Cc
That "opinionated" uncle of yours who watches Alex Jones and thinks Trump will make America great again truly...
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hopefully makes more sense than Alex Jones
He looks like a young, lightly washed Alex Jones.
they can also go to *** Mitch McConnell,Betsy DeVos,Steve Bannon,Jeff Sessions,Alex Jones,Oscar Goodman,and Jesse Ventura,
What would happen if Alex Jones was your uncle? — alex jones is all of our collective crazy internet uncle
Data to prove people don't view Enqirer as news? You want me to prove a negative? Are you bizarro Alex Jones?
Alex Jones with 8 points at the break for St. Joseph. Zoie Smith with 8 points for Berlin. Zoe Harding has 7 points.
. I'll grant you it isn't Breibart or Alex Jones, but it's something.
Resurrected: Hillary Continues Encouraging Dems to ‘Stand up, resist’ » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on
Alex Jones looks like the vile result of a mating between Eric Cartman and Mama June...
Please give Alex Jones a call and go on his show in Austin, you will get huge support by the listeners
this new video with as "Alex Jones" is just genius 🤣 best video I've seen with Austin so far
Winston just scored a Samsung at Walmart. Alex Jones will conduct the Daily Hate.
I really, unironically love Alex Jones and truthfully he's best when he's sperging
so embarrassed that Alex Jones is from Austin 😡
On my way to AUSTIN to do the Alex Jones show tomorrow.
Alex Jones, the "conspiracy theorist" to snarks, was 50x more credible and accurate than any news anchor or pundit on television.
.on The 4th Amendment is dead Alex Jones most vindicated man in media.
you know how Sam has Limbaugh and Alex Jones to take the *** out of, please can you start of Piers Morgan
Alex Jones, trying to poll public awareness of the Bilderberg Group: "Hey, did you know the elite are meeting today? 125 Crime Bosses? no?"
he's an ultra-orthodox Alex Jones fangirl with a news channel about how Tsar Nicholas II statues cry blood now sorry
Watch this totally insane Vice News montage of occasional Donald Trump advisor, Alex Jones
Alex Jones on JRE with Eddie Bravo is the single greatest thing to ever happen
Plus he's getting pretty close to Alex Jones. That isn't good any way you spin it.
Joke: Alex Jones is Bill Hicks. Woke: whites are stealing our melanin. Ascendant: Steve Bannon killed Breitbart at Vladimir…
Steve Bannon’s previous experience with National Security is anything Alex Jones does or says.
Alex Jones and Steve Bannon had a whiny baby without a brain who could be brainwashed by their conspirac…
This guy has a mental illness. Steve Bannon and Alex Jones are poisoning the White House. AND at the same time he h…
The guy who keeps calling NYT and WaPo also thinks Infowars and Alex Jones are real press .
Alex Jones, & Trumps attraction to conspiracy theories. Propagandist Jones has a direct line to 45s ear.
Sometimes the nation elects a maniac with a direct line to Alex Jones
Alex Jones: Meet Donald Trump's Propagandist who has a direct line to the WH via
We see the benefits of Alex Jones having a direct line to the president.
God bless Aggie Band CSM Alex Jones & his family. A fine young man taken from us way too soon. May he Rest In Peace. He…
Joe Rogan: Do you think Megyn Kelly's hot?. Alex Jones: I think she's a globalist
US Navy vet a real-life Jason Bourne; wakes up with no memory but speaks perfect Swedish » Alex Jones'...
. nah. Actually, they'll have to share the room with Alex Jones and National Inquirer! 😂 😂 😂
Provacateurs have been paid for. Years. Usually to discredit citizens like Alex Jones. Cointelpro is the official gov'…
Leftitsts like the Turks or CNN or HuffPo have their place at the table same as your Alex Jones, your Fox News, and your Br…
I could listen to Brendan's Alex Jones impression till the end of time.
I agree with Alex Jones that we need to deal with the *** fluoride frogs now
Joe Rogan Experience - Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo. How you wake up America hashtag
But her e-mails, Tony. Her E-MAILS, THO. Plus, "real news source" Alex Jones says that Hillary is a demon.
Very influential guy to Putin, is the gist. And believes occult Nazi theories. & interviewed Alex Jones, surprise.
InfoWars philosopher and Donald Trump whisperer Alex Jones is staying busy
Please pray for Alex Jones, the 2016-2017 Aggie Band Command Sergeant Major and his family. He was killed in a car…
Hamilton Collection
Alex Jones' "information" is less reliable than a 1986 Encyclopedia Britannica with half the pages rippe…
Alex Jones "is apparently taking on a new role as occasional information source and validator for the president"
Katie Hopkins? Paul Nuttall? Alex Jones? Who's next to get eliminated from celebrity island, next Friday on Real Time..
As long as he's got Bannon and Miller at his side, Alex Jones is just one more loon in the flock.
There will probably be more white terrorists thanks to DJT bringing in Alex Jones, Bannon, Stephen Miller, etc. to…
"Sandy Hook is completely fake." - Alex Jones, 1/13/14. Advisor to Donald Trump. Here is the tape (at 2:03):.
Alex Jones of Infowars believes that the Sandy Hook Massacre is a hoax. 20 children were murdered. He is now advising t…
Google "Alex Jones." Even just the Youtubes. In fact: here's one to get you started: ... yeah, we'r…
if you haven't seen it yet check out Alex Jones on The Joe Rogan Experience. It's unreal.
And they both still look younger and more vibrant than Alex Jones and Stephen Miller.
did you see the things Alex Jones was saying about Jennifer Lopez? I mean christ.
Ask Roger Stone who was the "trusted mutual friend" of Julian Assange that he spoke to Alex Jones about on August 13 2016,
Alex Jones tells Jennifer Lopez to go get ‘gang-raped’ in Somalia after impassioned Grammy’s speech h…
If I had to choose between listening to Alex Jones or Glenn Greenwald, I’d choose the smoldering crater of a benevolent me…
Fake News Tries to Smear Trump as Anti-Semite; Backfires Miserably » Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for
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How fast would Alex Jones beat Evan McMullin in a wrestling match?
Alex Jones: the leaks r coming from Rience Preibus &/or Paul Ryan(according 2 his inside sources) Any thoughts?
Mr.President, Alex Jones says the leaks are coming from Rience Priebus, and his boss Paul Ryan. They are the leakers!
pls sir listen to me! listen to Alex Jones. Make Prebuis and Ryan take a lie detector test! You will find your leak!
Alex Jones just made.a correction: be said our fighting men are 10 X's the men that is. He just corrected that to 500 X's.
Dan I have tried to reach Alex Jones. He want's me to appear on his show. I cannot reach him. Is there anything you can do to reach him?
Alex Jones says Trump's facing a "counter-counter-coup" and Obama is plotting a Bolshevik revolution from his bunker ht…
So now that Trump is president, does Alex Jones trust the government?
Alex Jones. Head Cuckoo of the Cuckoo's Nest. Source of 45's conspiracy theory abt media not reporting on (covering…
"I cannot support a man who will further war and murder. Alex Jones has more or less ignored this"
...Everyone already knows that Alex Jones is Bill Hicks, right? .
This guy is 31, Alex Jones is 43, even Bannon looks old for 63. The far right has discovered some kind of Fountain of Aging…
Congratulations to Nicole Bolman, Alex Jones, Jakob Black, Kaleb Pry and Boys & Girls 200 Free on moving on to Districts!
why do Alex Jones and Kevin Spacey look identical and why isn't Kevin Spacey playing him on SNL?
DID YOU KNOW: Alex Jones was only 17 years old when Nirvana's "Nevermind" was released by the Bilderberg world government as…
Alex Jones warned of concentrations camps on a episode of Conspiracy Theory by Jesse Ventura. But Obama would do it. smh
I wish Sam Kinison was alive to play Alex Jones on SNL.
Lot of crazy in this podcast but entertaining as *** Joe Rogan Experience - Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo
Joe had to keep yelling at Eddie Bravo for talking over Alex Jones. Hilarious.
Joe Rogan Experience - Alex Jones & Eddie Bravo watched podcast of all time. World wide
Cass Sunstein wanted forced removal of organs. Alex Jones explained in 2010
Alex Jones would totally take issue with my avatar.
Faces hidden; no arrests? Alex Jones would say they were gov ops if the speaker were a leftist, no?
Stephen Colbert represents "the Left"? So, Alex Jones represents "the Right"? People can play this game all day.
I guess Alex Jones and Steve Doocy didn't answer their phones, so he called the only other authority he knew
Alex Jones: I'm ready to die for America & Trump! Trump IS America!. Me: Trump isn't America. And the only thing you'd die for is a Big Mac.
Author Texe Marrs. and I go back decades. I Love Texe & Alex Jones,. but both Endorsed trump. Both were wrong. - jd USAF.
We need a "V for Vendetta" solution to the Alex Jones problem.
lol, I'm trying not to go poop. lol I'm righty but wipe lefty. It reminds me of uncle Joey on Alex Jones lol
Charlie Pierce in has a theory - DT "seems to be channeling Alex Jones through the fillings in his teeth."
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Alex Jones was half right. The satanic ritual at halftime was in the Patriots locker room.
better yet, why was he hanging with Putin? Sounds fishy. Alex Jones should explain this!
digging the Alex Jones podcast pic doe. What did you think about the interdimensional pedophile psychic vampires??
I knew this because I got an inside scoop from Alex Jones !
How long til Alex Jones worked your last nerve & you gave him an earful though?
Newtown leaders call on Trump to disavow Alex Jones, radio host and Sandy Hook truther who harasses survivors
You know Alex Jones can suck some bull balls. He should report that.
Just watched some of that alex jones info wars crap. jesus christ, that man is completely insane. Absolutely out of his mind
Alex Jones hogs the bathroom right when you need to get ready for work
Julio Jones on the cover of Madden 18, I'm calling it now.
In Alex Jones's defense, the keytar was invented by the devil
actually alex jones IS the source for the president. They have a history together. Trump was a guest/supporter
anyway I'm watching Alex Jones on Joe Rogan's show
I'd imagine Alex Jones has a super bowel.
Guys, if Lady Gaga's halftime show doesn't involve Satanic sacrifice, I'm going to start thinking that maybe Alex Jones…
Little Giant Ladders
Who was disappointed when Lady Gaga failed to perform the satanic ritual as Alex Jones predicted?
Reminder: Alex Jones is one of Donald Trump's key sources of information.
I was kinda disappointed that she didn't perform the satanic ritual that wack job Alex Jones was promising LOL
Alex Jones IS a great drug. Getting a hold of some of him to snort is half the high.
This is the last time I question my lord and savior Alex Jones
didn't watch it huh? Alex Jones deleted his dumb teeet about that spirit cooking nonsense.
Could it be Trump betted big against the Patriots and forced them to lose the game? Where's Alex Jones when u need him?…
Here's the best clips from Alex's appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience -
I wanna party with Alex Jones so bad. Seems so fun.
If Alex Jones believes in it, so does Trump.
what you mean I'm not putting down donta and Jones bc they won and I named two that lost
Alex Jones probably has great drugs
Underrated factor in momentum change: Arthur Blank pulling a Jerry Jones by coming down to the field.
Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data » Alex Jones
this is why Alex Jones was shoved in a van in "a scanner darkly"
Oh, I'm pretty sure Alex Jones saw a "Satanic Ritual." He was ready to see that, and so he did.
OMG maybe Alex Jones was right about Lady Gaga doing a Satanic halftime ritual
That sounds like Alex Jones when he talks about reptilians
"Alex Jones on Rahm Emanuel and the Israeli Administration 11-7-08".
Roseanne going full Alex Jones now. sad what happened to you
Newtown, CT, families of Sandy Hook victims are calling on Trump to sever ties with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones:
Guaranteed. Will say Brady and Billechicks ties to Trump caused it. Putin will be based too. And of course Alex Jones. h…
FYI: Anyone who lived in Austin in the 90′s/00′s knows the Alex Jones thing is a big joke. He didn’t hide it. It’s an act and a business.
Two things:. 1. Trump and Alex Jones are pals. 2. This would be the best halftime show since Up With People.
next time you want Alex Jones on your show, can you also invite your buddy Neil deGrasse per favor?!
I wish Alex Jones was the halftime show
Couple years ago Alex Jones lost money on the Superbowl and spent his entire show crying about how the other team were cheaters
Oh my god Alex Jones on the Joe Rogan show is the funniest thing I've ever heard. The man is absolutely off his nut
Was surprised to see you had Alex Jones on your show. Wow! 😵
1/ I trust your judgment. I listened to Alex Jones on Rogan's show. Now it's easier to believe pizza gate.
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I liked a video Alex Jones on Howard Stern Show Full Interview
Anthony Cumia in for Alex Jones on the Alex Jones Show
Joe Rogan had Alex Jones on his show the other night. They discussed this. Barnie Frank has history in this too
This is Alex Jones level reporting. WE HAVE THE DORK-U-MENTS, but we're not going to show you them.
Glenn, you became famous by trying to become the mainstream Alex Jones. Got on TV screaming about FEMA camps and then got a show.
you nailed it dude!! Have you ever thought about getting your own radio show?? Alex Jones would be out of business.
Sure...? Here's Patrice on the Alex Jones show talking about the "Obama Deception"
You wanna know what's going on? Listen to Alex Jones' Daily Broadcast! It's REAL NEWS !
Alex Jones on Joe Rogan's show has got to be one of the best things ever lol
eventually I'll learn they aren't gonna listen. Lost cause. Did you happen to watch the Joe Rogan/Alex Jones show?
Congratulations to Alex Jones, RB from Francis Howell High School (MO) on his commitment to in 2017!
Tune into the show, we cover Alex Jones almost every episode!
I really hope Howard can speak about this clip on the show! Love the Alex Jones drops Fred plays...
on JRE, I could see you feeling the shill in Alex Jones. He is only informed ahead of time to make his show look creditable.
was skeptical about Alex Jones podcast. Must say, was a good show. If he had his rants in check... you kept him under control.
The with Alex Jones and Eddie Bravo is the best show ever. Alex drunk and baked! Eddie says
67 - Sion Edwards sends in a dangerous cross from the left. Alex Jones' shot is blocked and Druids break, but Ashley Ruane fires over
Please don't have Eddie Bravo on your podcast any more whenever Alex Jones comes back ✌🏼🙂
When will you update Chris Strokes, Alex Jones, Justin Hunt's profiles on your website?
Newtown is drafting an official letter to the White House demanding President Trump sever all ties to Alex Jones
Jackilynn timeline reads like every looney Alex Jones conspiracy theory assembled in one place >>
Trump has Alex Jones to deny real tragedies like Sandy Hook and he has Kellyanne Conway to make up fake ones like the Bow…
Alex Jones, the Jackie Robinson of Fake News: Now that Alex Jones has hired Jerome Corsi to…
Now I have an image of Alex Jones singing Bonnie Tyler
"...they're psychic vampires stealing energy from the kids..." Alex Jones on
Jon Ronson wrote a short ebook article about Bannon, Trump, Alex Jones and the mentality running the White House.
So predictable. Sarah Palin or Alex Jones? Who will replace her? People need 2 start walking off their jobs & hitting the streets.
before Alex Jones endorsed Trump he also endorsed Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin or did that not happen either? my imagination?
"Freedom Fellowship Underground Church" meets at Brave New Books. Apparently they think Alex Jones is the new messiah☹ Don't drink Kool-Aid
And fear makes that harder. Why do you think people still believe Alex Jones and Fox News?
"it's no coincidence that when you google IMAGE the name . MARK DICE you'll see 3 more: Adam Kokesh, Alex Jones & johnathan Brandis! SEE!
so told his audience he'd been offered WH press credentials — the White House tells me that's false
hey little egg, get your head out of Alex Jones *** You're brainwashed.
Hey -- has InfoWars been issued WH press creds?. Alex Jones says so. Asking for 300 million friends.
9-11/Sandy Hook Truther Alex Jones says that Infowars has been offered White House press credentials.
Of course Trump ❤️InfoWars. Alex Jones is a fake conspiracy theorist 4 $, just like POTUS is a fake nationalist 4 votes. A…
IF true, this is a big — symbolic — deal. Alex Jones of Infowars getting invited to the White House briefing room. Via
If this is true, we're pretty much done here, folks. Non-crazy members of the need to call out WH https:/…
May just be the greatest lifetime troller of all time. Kaufman, Alex Jones and Anita Sarkeesian should be proud.
Alex Jones and Dr. Ron Paul dissect the mainstream media, its role in the presidential election, and how they...
Infowars' Alex Jones claims he was "offered" WH press credentials
I liked a video Alex Jones Arrested in New York
In the age of fake news, where the truth is stranger than fiction, is it any wonder UFOs have fallen out of favour?…
LOL this is a real headline. "White House Denies Offering InfoWars Press Credentials".
By The Rundown Live Alex Jones and Dr. Ron Paul compare and contrast Islamic terrorism and Communism and explain...
Alex Jones is the one who started the conspiracy that Newtown kids shot up were actors. He now is welcomed into the P…
Alex Jones is so woke, to fall asleep he has to count sheeple.
get Alex Jones on or you're dead to me
On this one, I believe WH press office denying claim. Infowars too toxic:
you know, he is egged on by many pubs in deep web or like Alex jones
Alex Jones could accuse me of being whatever crazy republican tinfoil thing he thinks up to my face and I'd say "Yeah"
Alex Jones, who believes Sandy Hook was a hoax, has reportedly been given White House press credentials. And yet CNN is f…
A man who follows and quotes a nutjob like Alex Jones, is not a man who should be running the most powerful nati…
If you don't already, today would be a good day to subscribe to a newspaper.
Poor Alex Jones - he was crazy before it was cool, but now he is left out
Fox News has been demonizing teachers for years. Trump and supporters watch Fox and listen to the likes of Alex Jones.…
Imagine me in the White House press room next to these guys. 😄 
Alex Jones says he's been offered WH press credentials. The WH says that's not true. What's sad is that I have no idea which…
He's made his supporters dependent on news from him, Breitbart, Alex Jones,Hannity & O'reilly. He picked them cuz they…
Alex Jones can be fun sometimes. Eccentric, but he means well and loves his country and its people.
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Newtown activist group responds to report that conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has been granted White House press credenti…
Almost every media outlet has debunked "millions of illegal votes" nonsense. Almost. Trump has an enabler: Infowars. http…
Dear .Inviting Sandy Hook conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to your WH press briefings is a brutal slap i…
it's lots of really dumb people who are anti-GMO, anti-vax, and buy diet supplements from Alex Jones
MM, employer of the honey bun who wanted Chelsea Manning to rot in prison, also just throws Alex Jones' words around as if they have meaning
I used to watch Paul Watson and Alex Jones when I was a teenager and into conspiracies...I grew out of it. Sorry.
Alex Jones is an American hero. You can thank him for helping to get trump elected.
Breitbart, Alt-right, Alex Jones are true News??? Well the comment you claim that Nancy Sinatra made to CNN is false.
Feeling like if you put Alex Jones, Travis Scott, and Sam Harris in a blender to make one drink of man. .
There is a raging epistemological crisis in society that is going to culminate in Alex Jones becoming the White House Pres…
Andrew Neil versus Alex Jones on Sunday Politics. Subject - Bilderberg meeting in Watford. Turn your volume down !.
I think Alex Jones just entered himself into the 2017 Royal Rumble
Alex Jones is the Bush did 9/11 guy. All he is is a Michael Moore wanna be.
Never followed Mitchell he thinks he's important but I think Alex Jones is sincere.
Alex Jones and Joy Reid are two peas in a pod.
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