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Alex Hunter

Alex Hunter (27 September 1895 – January 1984) was a Scottish professional footballer who played for Renfrew Juniors, Queens Park, Tottenham Hotspur, Wigan Borough and New Bedford Whalers.

Neal Caffrey Danny Williams

My journey of Alex Hunter is over in fifa 18 . Robin 😁. please release "FIFA 19" tomorrow. 😂 can't wait...
I think Alex Hunter is in line for the prestigious "Buffet D'Or" despite the cavalier positional play.…
Just letting everyone know that Philip Alex Hunter is NO LONGER MY FRIEND. Please DO NOT give him any information...
Alex Hunter (‘17) had 2 assists and 1 rebound tonight in Furman’s 76-67 win over Elon.
Thanks to David S, we've broken 50%!! Watch out, world, Justinian Delacroix and…
Alex Bregman is excited Verlander is coming back 😂. from Barstool
Thinking of dropping Danielle Hunter and Frank Clark for Cam Heyward and Alex Okafor in dynasty. Thoughts?
Elon 36, Furman 33, half. Paladins shot just 34 percent in first half, but really turned up defense down the stretch…
We're at $888. Isn't 8 supposed to be a lucky number?. So who's going to be the lucky peep who puts us over 900?…
ooo! let me know if you want me to ask Alex and Hunter if you can be a special guest at our book cl…
I'll just miss it in Perth mate - but couple of things. 1. Likelihood of…
Monster Hunter: World has been nominated for Most Anticipated Game by Hunters, spread the word and cast…
In honor of Hunter’s 18th birthday on Friday, please share with a random act of kindness to remember her…
Do a series like 'Hunting we will go' but you need to play both Alex Hunter and Danny Williams, FP's if…
S/O to Sabrina S for backing us on Almost 60% now~
[Our H1Z1 team made a little change themselves as they have add a new player t the roster. The . New roster i…
Just seen Alex hunter in bates motel lol
GET SMART! Hunter Fans with SIMPLEConnect WI-FI are now compatible with Amazon Alex and Apple HomeKit…
We go from Alex 'Goal' Hunter to Alex 'Buffet' Hunter in FIFA 18's continuation of The Journey:…
Yes less guru more grump. Defo looks like photoshop meme for Kermi. Poor paid placement wi…
I'm also mega stoked to stream monster hunter for the very first time for you guys. I've been in love with the game…
I think you should've added to the most anticipated list instead of M…
If alex hunter gonna play then I could watch england games
Anyone else playing 'The Journey' on FIFA: is it okay to passionately hate Alex Hunter? I actively want to fail wit…
What’s he on about he is already up top with Alex Hunter at PSG?
Looks like survivor series is gonna be awesome. Goodbye Jordan, welcome back hunter!!!
Alex returns in her fourth and darkest adventure yet. The hunter becomes the hunted
looking forward to seeing you guys play in the Hunter Valley on Saturday. Please play Our Lives, Adrienn…
Just finished the jounrey on fifa 18 and let me tell you, that was amazing. Can’t wait to use Alex Hunter and Danny Williams on UT.
hm. i have 1 question. What we are know about Danny Williams and Alex Hunter friendship? How it started?
BREAKING NEWS! . Alex Hunter moves to LA Galaxy with Alan Mcinally, Geoff Shreeves - Martin Tyler and Thierry Henry 😂
Live: What about the journey of Alex Hunter & his friend Williams: via
The transfer saga is over. Alex Hunter is going global.
Aaron Ramsey plays like Alex Hunter when you get brought off the bench and have to score the equaliser
Oi Alex Hunter needs to watch out for Ben Woodburn👀👀
Ey... You know Alex Hunter from FIFA 17? Well he's on the cover of today. Grab a copy but first…
Should Justin Hunter beat out DHB what realistic expectations can we have for him in the offense outside of a red zone threat
Imagine having to cover AB, Martavis and Hunter in the red zone. Oh and Bell. Geez.
They all have had their moments. Hunter has been good but hasn't surprised me. JuJu has looked good and surprised m…
besides AB, which WR has looked the best at camp? Ju Ju and Justin Hunter seem to be making some noise
Lol i got almost 3400 cards and Still no Alex Hunter
I'm sure Alex Hunter is on Death in Paradise on BBC
I liked a video from What Happens When Alex Hunter *GOES MENTAL?* - Choosi…
What, like putting Alex Hunter on Ultimate team?
I can't be the only one who sees the resemblance between Chigurl's boyfriend and FIFA's Alex Hunter
Don't forget to pick up The Guardian and Guardian Life Magazine tomorrow for our exclusive interview with Tomiwa 'A…
Justin Hunter back in team. Deep ball from Ben but Sensabaugh plays the pocket and breaks it up.
Why not and hire Dog the Bounty Hunter, Alex Jones and Scott Baio while they are at it. R Kelly may w…
Justin Hunter came off holding his left shoulder. Trainer looked at him.
Check us out today 4pm cst on WDJL Gospel Explosions. You can also check out Sin Assassin, Alex Hunter, and Christ Slave!
Cockrell should learn to cover hunter first
Justin Hunter back in pads after missing yesterday.
Hey Guys, love the updates, keep up the great work!. On the Draft app, how do you get the Alex Hunter or Record Breaker cards?
How are the going to have any money left to re-sign Barr, Kendricks and Hunter?
Yay Alex hunter or secondary league tots (like pro League)
Yes. Alex Hunter starting card for all players
It'd be nice if we got career mode news or anything other than FUT & be some one called Ale…
Jamie Day wins Minimax from Kai Hunter and Alex Connor in tricky conditions
Check out this piece on our very own Alex Hunter from Troop 11 in What a
Agree that Cockrell should get some work vs AB, too. Maybe more importantly, Burns to work on Hunter. Face a tall WR like him.
Is there any news of Alex Hunter, will he join an other league and will he be upgraded?
Our very own Alex Hunter ladies and gentlemen
My wife better look like alex copeland
9... loving the show lads, Can I get another one added to the queue pls and a shoutout for alex hunte…
Glitch in the Journey Mode! Long throws from Alex Hunter results in goal, but there's no assist to his name :(. Fix it
(Alex Hunter was announced before Morata. Levels above the competition this year, quadrupole lads.)
What about Ice Cold in Alex, Lawrence of Arabia, The Deer Hunter? . Agree with your two choices, showing the full horror of war.
A sign of injury or just rest for Hunter?
Justin Hunter is in shorts. JuJu Smith-Schuster ran opposite AB in 1st team warmups.
"No.. I think I have seen you on T.V.. Alex? Was it, The homcide hunter?..". Grins. "Batter, Ultim…
Graham Hunter: Sir Alex would have talked round from ill-chosen move.
Hunter and Dirty red today tyler matakevich
Will Simone be in school? And will she have a school crush? Cuz Star has Hunter and Alex has Derek
If Bale stays fit for a full season, then he'll come close to Lingard's standard.. Who is the worst winger in MUFC ahead of Alex Hunter only
Didn't know Alex hunter was in the theatre business?!
I just found out that the guy that plays Alex hunter on FIFA is Nigerian😱
Those who play PS, Alex Hunter reminds you of Anthony Martial, doesn't he?
Just spotted Alex Hunter on death in paradise 😮👀
Alex Hunter's career must have gone downhill, he's killing people in death in paradise
Alex Hunter... going from playing for every side in the BPL to being on Death in Paradise.. what a waste of talent.. htt…
Next, football has been made illegal, but through the power of football Alex Hunter bring together a street team to beat the fascist regime.
Will Ben Woodburn and Alexander Arnold go the same faith as Alex Hunter and Gareth Walker?
We can confirm that Andy Hunter is related to FIFA legend Alex Hunter
you kidding, that's Alex Hunter's friend, Walker lol
Alex Hunter has come a long way from FIFA 17, made it onto now 😂
the pashun and desiyah league. Andy Butler plucked Alex Hunter from that league but lied by saying he's gotta do an exit trial
Remember the name...Alex Hunter is breaking records already
In Hunting We Will Go, sell the bbva team cos Alex Hunter won't fit. Sell Alba and the rest and just improve the English side.
Gareth Walker & Alex Hunter are still mates really 👀
That moment when you realise Alex Hunter and Gareth Walker are still mates.
Dad left him for bottling in the U11's game. Loaned out to Newcastle within 5 games. Alex Hunter is a walking L
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The only way of progressing on the Journey is turning Alex Hunter into a workhorse winger like Willian/Milner. Man has no…
Just killed the whole The Journey, can't take Alex Hunter series no more.
Glad Alex Hunter got to play for England today. Looks like his loan spell at Newcastle is paying off 😂😂
I liked a video from What Happens if Alex Hunter REJECTS Autograph for Young Kid? (FIFA 17
The Journey only lasts one season because at the end, Alex Hunter decides he wants to be an actor 😂😂😂
.line-up: Steve Michalek in net, Gustav Olofsson, Hunter Warner on D, Alex Tuch, Colton Beck, and Pat Cannone up front.
Hunter is the type of boyfriend to splash mud in your face then help you out of the pit
I liked a video from ALEX HUNTER VS GARETH WALKER!
I liked a video from Alex Hunter has SERIOUS Girlfriend & Injury Problems... (Fifa 17 The
Lol ay isn't Alex Hunter's marj an ex buj head from Eastenders? Remember she was shooting up with man like Lucas the pastor
Cunningham's bottled that. Should have come out and said how much of a disgrace it actually was. Alex Hunter would have gone 'fiery'..
Where's Alex Hunter's dad in the journey? You made a black character without a dad? You man are just full on savage
I just wanna go home and play with Alex Hunter 😖
Imagine being the guy that Alex Hunter is modelled after. That guys life has changed forever. Nights out would be a nightmare
Hamilton Collection
reminds me of Alex Hunter and Gareth Walker😂
brand new to FIFA 18. You've seen Alex Hunter, but now the tactic master. Harrison Skinner
you realise the story of Alex Hunter is really the story of Marcus Rashford
PES need to rob FIFA's new be a pro idea but instead of having to be that Alex Hunter guy, let us be whoever we want (ourselves) 😂😂👌🏽
Congratulations to Alex Hunter for receiving an offer from High Point University!
crap, I somehow combined Garner's Alex Reed and Leesville's Alex Hunter. Sorry about that. I'll correct it.
Alex Hunter continues his strong play at for Leesville: 18 pts, 4 ast, 4 boards. |
04:32 ALEX HUNTER (LSVL) MADE the 1st of the 2 shot Free Throw. LSVL leads 58 - 35 in the 4th Quarter.
Alex Hunter, 2017 PG for Leesville Rd HS opens 2nd half hot. Has 5 quick points and a nice assist to start the half.
04:53 3pt FG MADE by ALEX HUNTER (LSVL) assist by BEN ZEMONEK. LSVL leads 32 - 17 in the 3rd Quarter.
05:43 FG MADE by R. J. WILSON (LSVL) assisted by ALEX HUNTER. LSVL leads 29 - 16 in the 3rd Quarter.
00:32 3pt FG MADE by JALEN BENJAMIN (LSVL) assist by ALEX HUNTER. LSVL leads 27 - 14 in the 2nd Quarter.
05:37 FG MADE by ALEX HUNTER (LSVL) assisted by JONATHAN MEBANE. LSVL leads 15 - 7 in the 2nd Quarter.
I'm barely on episode 45 but it's dope so far. I think imma have it start hunter x hunter soon tho
Also a good time to point out that the Titans took Hunter a couple picks before Slay, lol
Update your maps at Navteq
My dude has got some serious anger problems.
Alex am I not allowed to make freaking predictions?
I just put lipgloss on and Alex rolled the windows down 😐
David Shields gets his first goal as a Comet.assists by Hunter Shinkaruk and Alex Grenier
--Alex the hunter heads to the bar and straight away orders a drink
Shoutout to Alex Kotlowitz. check out the documentary if you haven't seen it yet.
Hunter wins HOH🎉 Alex wins coaches comp and grants immunity to Carlos again! Hunter nominates Jeremy and Reg!
Hunter doesn't have anyone else to root for around this time... Might as well
Alex Hunter with a behind the back crossover jump shot. Leesville down by 7!
It's not showing on the stat sheet rn, but I like PG Alex Hunter's aggressiveness. Kid is quick
Leesville players to watch For are Ben Zemonek and Alex Hunter !
And here we have Mr Alex Gaskarth saving the 5sos fam from loosing their shot
I wish Alex Ferguson would come back to United 😅
Hunter's Dry makes my nipples itch.
Alex Hunter (from the has been selected to play in this year's All-Americ…
If you subscribe to the new Achievement Hunter channel, might have to get my nose tattooed on his body. http:/…
RECAP: put on hit parade vs Phillies in blowout victory.
Alex Ferguson coached a team from the Hunter Valley? I wrote a book about a woman from there.
I added a video to a playlist Interview with a Ghost Hunter - Season 1 - episode 3 - Alex Matsuo
trade Cisco for Alex and me for Hunter. 🙏🏼💕
Torii Hunter's former Tigers teammates had a good time mocking his ejection (via http…
Rakeem Cato is which is crazy since he just finished his senior year. Pat White, Jonathan Crompton, Alex Sears from Middle
and Alex you probably only miss me 😏
With Torii Hunter taking BP in background, here's former teammate Anibal Sanchez doing his best Hunter impersonation. http…
Alex P is sus why is he on a boat with a bunch of minors
bc Alex Morgan, Selena Gomez and Hayley Atwell said so.
Only Hunter would wear a shirt with his own ultrasound on it
Congrats to Noah Cole, Justin Cole, Hunter Allen, and Alex Alvord for making the Perfectgame WWBA National Championship All Tournament Team!
Me: I hate hunter. Alex: it continues to RULE your LIFE
nonetheless.. PG shouldnt have lost to Alex City with no 7ft Hunter or they other decent guard.. Canin TOUGH
Jeopardy. I'll take Comic Con Rappers for 200 Alex. "This bounty hunter hired by Darth Vader wants you to come his way". Who is Boba Fetty Wap
Capcom showing first Monster Hunter X gameplay during an event next week
Imagine if a players best quote was on par with Dake Hunter's best quotes. 😫
Elijah Wood talks his role in The Last Witch Hunter and his new horror flick
Hunter said "Happy Birthday you fine piece of sexiness" so Happy Birthday❤️
Hunter from Glee and Alex from Wizards of Waverly Place rumored
Torii Hunter batting 5th for the Twins, and Alex Avila batting 5th for the Tigers. Wow, what year is this?!?
What Hunter, Alex and myself do when waiting on Greyson to be done
A of Alex + Hunter's big day yesterday from J Woodbery Photography. http…
Watch our new video Blindfolded Paintball Challenge Ft Kian JC Hunter and Alex !!
Forgot to day, yesterday we took Hunter, Alex and Ray to the movies, we saw Jurassic World, and I must say it was...
ordered some red wine nothing more. Alex glanced over at the files and knew that he was either FBI or a hunter
Singapore travel guide: Tips and tricks to navigating the city-state: Alex Hunter from Attaché guides you thro...
Be heading off soon to pick up... Alex Hunter,and Jamie go to the star bar... My sister should be in...
Terry Paul. Our friend Alex Hunter wrote this poem for RP.
Stay away from meals with Alex Hunter as he eliminates outside of Noon Hill tonight with the help of Matt Armo
Tomorrow night will be Senior Night in The Hot Box vs Holston. Come support Ricky, Alex C, Jordan, Hunter D, Hunter T, and Brian!
hello Matt, my name is Alex and I'm the LP from Hunter's Bar Junior. May I ask some techie ?s about your ace videos, please?
not true at all. You greatly overvalue the old boys club. Dubas + Hunter can pull the deals we need.
you still have two more years to prove that you guys are better. You will remember the Senior year win more
you guys can't blame yourselves. It's 1 loss. You should be celebrating how good the season was
Congratulations to our winners: Joanna Jay, and Alex Hunter! Lucky devils.
I think is playing scared. A win by default? Or is he gonna show up? Oooo
Jr Linux Engineer/Admin at Hunter Technical Resources (Atlanta, GA): We are seeking an experienced Linux Syste...
Oh man I forgot that the New 3DS, Majora's Mask, and Monster Hunter 4 are out on Friday. This long weekend is gonna rock
Wow, I love when I do below average on a test and then says oh sorry about that, well I got over 100% on my test. 😒
And then there's Alex Hunter, who could play WR again or RB, LB, slot TE (kinda) maybe even some QB.
Checking out Hunter's Point South opening this spring on Long Island City.
Alex and I are really looking forward to Feb 14th. . Thats monster hunter day.
That's like you saying Alex is better than Hunter. Everyone knows it's not true.
My love for Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, and Hunter Hayes is endless.
Hunter Bell has 9 points and Alex Churchman 8 for Billies, who missed 14 of last 16 shots in first half
Happy birthday, Alex!! I hope you've had the best day leaving the teens. Miss you, friend ☺️❤️🎉
Assault, Trapper, Medic, Support: Which Evolve Hunter is right for you?
It-It's back, p-papa. The...the nogitsune. J-just t-take dad, A-Alex and L-Luna...and leave. Don't worry about me. [Hunter--
The thing about being a vampire hunter is that there’s a lot at stake.
nice. This will be my first monster hunter game
29th Madras Native Infantry (1 Baloch). Watercolour by Alex Hunter, 1846. Between 1890 and 1893, the five battalions were moved to Burma and reconstituted with Punjabi Muslims, Sikhs and other North Indians. Their designations were changed to 29th (7th Burma Battalion), 30th (5th Burma Battalion), 31st (6th Burma Battalion), 32nd (4th Burma Battalion) and 33rd (3rd Burma Battalion) Regiments of Madras Infantry. In 1901, these cumbersome titles were simplified by removing all mention of Madras and the five regiments were styled as the 29th and 30th Burma Infantry, 31st Burma Light Infantry, 32nd and 33rd Burma Infantry. These Burma Battalions were created to police the new territories acquired in the Third Burma War and pacify the rebellious hill tribes inhabiting the frontier regions of Burma. In 1903, all Madras regiments had sixty added to their numbers, requiring another change in designation to 89th and 90th Punjabis, 91st Punjabis (Light Infantry), 92nd Punjabis and 93rd Burma Infantry. After the Fir ...
Wana thank bubba Ashley Kasey Alex Austen hunter an Lexie for coming out
ALEX!! you're so gorgeous & i'm still so thankful that you got to meet Hunter bc you deserved it so much ❤️
It feels weird af not being at house since I've been there like all week😂
: No Hunter, you can't have a helmet. Shawn Oakman: Give him one . : okay..
Malone has a case of the Hunter dropsies
Just saw Erika's pics with Alex and I cried cuz didn't see them
[Gives Alex, Hunter, Nikolas and what ever one she thinks she is forgetting away]
Me, Ben, Alex, and hunter all have first round byes
On Sunday I go back to my crap single uni bed... I can't cope with the thought of leaving my double memory foam mattress 💔
I'm no hunter myself, but I'm pretty sure they eat them.
I've seen Christian and Alex this week more than I've see my parents this whole month 😂
I want a Sara Ellis or Alex Hunter in my life.
Lily eating the pizza at Hunter's New Years Eve party last night with Alex, Grace n Josephine
Hunter told me to pick out the alex and ani bracelets that i want and of course i had to find a Dallas Cowboys one 😑
today in victoria secret with alex Kolton Simon & hunter >> 😂😂😂
Forget Alex from target. Hunter from carrabas 😍
Alex we're friends but you started rooting for football like 2 weeks ago so imma ignore ya
You know, it actually makes perfect sense that Hunter Pence and Alex Ovechkin wear the same number
Woke up to Mrs. Barkoff telling Alex, Hunter, Jacob and I that we weren't in trouble anymore...I didn't remember ever getting in trouble😂
Last ever episode of Miranda tonight... I can't cope.
Sir Alex Ferguson shaking off media criticism in 2013
US hunter 'shoots dead' historic first grey wolf seen in Grand Canyon for 70 years
I live in North Carolina, meaning that instead of dropping a ball for New Years we instead drop a giant acorn. I'm not ki…
Shout out to my new roommates Nick Alex and Hunter😂
How does wanted felon, Willow and sexy special agent, Alex get along under the same roof? WITCH HUNTER.
I miss playing ghosts with alex hunter adrian parker and jacob. Even though i sucked at the game it was still fun as ***
Endorphins by Sub Focus Featuring Alex Clare is in Hunter River Hotel, East Maitland. Download it now at
New Years Resolution: have a relationship like Alex & Hunter's
Did donuts in my truck while waiting for Samie at Arwens with Alex, Britt, Adi, and Heidi😂😂
We're inspired by anonymous donors who gave Alex Hunter new teeth and new hope after cancer. http:/…
Throughout two bouts of cancer that involved rigorous treatments and losing all of his teeth, Alex Hunter mana...
We interrupt this moment of Fb boredom with an important message..Alex Hunter will be Junior class President for the upcoming year at Peoria Liberty. Way to go kid. Deca, National Honor society, Future Business Leaders of America, and now Junior Class President.
*laughs out loud* well she is a Grey after all right? I'll let Alex know that Uncle Hunter is on his way!
some new tunes to spin and some English beer for us all . love you gorgeous girl ,. oh I meant Alex not you ( winks ) . Hunter ox
*smiles as I look at my phone* little Alex can't stop talking about's Uncle Hunter this and Uncle Hunter that! c
I'm in love with Hunter BOWEN even though he is *** because he has a nice butt.
I'll put 20 down on Alex that he can take hunter yard
Hunter Cup. Very well deserved sir and I am very proud of you. It's been an honor being a small part of your college life.
News flash;no one and I mean no one is a bigger or better fan than others. Unless you chill with hunter on his bus all of …
that's Hunter's place, I'm sry but I cannot
Hunter scores on an Alex Avila ground out to 1B its 1-0 Tigers bottom of the 2nd. That's the first RBI of the season for Alex.
Why do we have to trend we love hunter? Isn't that kind of a given?
Alex good luck on you surgery tomorrow big guy
Daily Mail: The end for David Moyes: Man United boss WILL be sacked as Glazers give up on him and Louis ...
yay! We need to like ASAP, I'll have hunter talk to Nate about it too! but yess. maybe Alex & them can go too?
if you cover one of Hunter's songs, which one would you choose?
hey guys! What's the best part of touring with Hunter and Danielle?
walked up stairs with a large popcorn and drink and didn't fall the whole way up. YOU BOW DOWN TO ME
Stop a madman from taking over a city using a mind control device in Alex Hunter: Lord of the Mind.
yea pretty sure I'm owed some winnings too
Ballgame. Carp bounces out to Davis. Hunter gets his 5th save, Os win 7-6. Back at 9-9 heading to Toronto.
Cohen already knows what it means to be a hunter.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
AND i managed to fit 60 bits of popcorn in my mouth
Fell up the stairs at the cinema carrying a large popcorn and drink and didn't drop any of it. BOW DOWN PEASANTS!
''Are we really going to Disneyland Alex??'' ''Yes David...Yes''
Hey, when Hunter reaches 1M, how 'bout he celebrates by following a bunch of Hayniacs?! Just an…
I can't stop watching . look at the sass.
Hurry up with my fajitas please mumma.
I guess I just got out . I hate Alex and hunter lmao
Me and alex and a couple of glasses of wine
There is no greater joy than ordering new clothes
If the guy is wearing a cowboy hat he's harmless. Same with a hunter orange. This is a joke.
Congratulations to Alex Desiderio, the newest member of the '14-'15 Hunter Seat Squad!
Alex had a fine game against Surrey yesterday, knocking down 4 from downtown on his way to 20pts
Breakfast: scone. Lunch: scone. I think I see a pattern emerging...
Lol I made alex really excited about orphan black
“Alex Hunter with a MONSTER game. 41 points (17 in 4th), 16 rebounds. Blazers trail Rockets by 1 with less than a minute left
Alex Hunter is the greatest tricker
“I ain't go'n do it cj hunter on point
Why's Alex telling her phone to be quite😂😂
“Smashed my phone., all kadies fault” never that 😂😂
Don't worry you will meet hunter one day
I have only had a chance to watch some upper level corners.
Yup, got caught with drugs. Was asked to be police informant, didn't appear to follow through. Investigation happening.
I don't have my notes in front of me, that might be their names. I think pourify just got arrested lol
I watched the two guys from Florida who might fit that bill
im very proud of my daughter Alex Hunter-Bair! I just wish shed use all her energy to finish school
Sophie Hunter Alex Hunter mum said we have to remember that today is a religious day and we mustn't forget the true meaning... She said the film sister Bernadette will be on at 2pm in our house if you want to join.HELP ME!!! 😩
Here you can watch video clip where me and Alex Hunter were main characters. Thanks for Opium Studio and Pataconez for this great time and experience ;D
Great to see Michael Reid and Alex Hunter aka the Frankfort crew on campus today. Nice talking to you guys!!
shout out to Daniel Gibson and Alex Hunter for bringing the tidings of the new year in...
Open Notice to Tulsii'm Kia'palanexw, Watsuk and all members of the Burrard Band, distinguished or not; My name is Alex Hunter. I am an artist, activist, investigative reporter and special effects assistant with IATSE lcl I have lived on and off the North Shore since I was a year old. I met Chief Dan George at the Williams Lake Stampede in the late 60's. and Chief Leonard George in Summer and Fall of 1998 during the first Sumo 'Canada' Basho and again when he worked as an actor on the set of the tv series "the Crow; Stairway to Heaven". I was good friends with several other members of the Burrard Band over the years and recall seeing Tulsli'm Kia'palanexw coaching youths in canoe racing in an effort to keep your culture alive and more significantly, keep them away from the hazards engineered into a sick society by the ruthless ruling group and their agents of social control. My grandfather's favourite book was "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee" and one of my mentors was Lakhota Chief, Pine Ridge Warrior and ...
Thank you Alex Hunter for my bracelet and perfume :) thank you Chris Middleton Katherine Middleton for my bath stuff and creams and thank you Jase Galloway and Marilyn Kate for the vodka will go down well thank you James Graham Havercroft and Julie Chapman for my large mirror... Much love x
Louiza was being courted by Thomas D. Carr, a "notorious character" and local coalminer, when she was still an adolescent. He had met her when she'd come to work as a domestic servant at the home of Carr's employer, Alex Hunter. He wanted to marry her, and her parents apparently consented, but Louiz...
The Danny Boyle 10 mile tt at West Ferry. There was a few shockeroonies at this Inverclyde time trial event. 7.15 am. Tom Cummings (Fife Century) warming up outside the closed hall. 7.36 Big Michael Devlin arrived from the station still wearing his jim jams under his St Christopher Cycle top. 7.59 am George McCarter , organiser arrived looking fairly human, gone was the sun tan which equaled number 6 on a Beco Toaster, with him Peter Johnstone, Commissaire for the event. It transpired that time keeper Alex Hunter had been under the bridge , allegedly , since 6.45am wrapped in his tartan blanket, stretched on his folding chair ,his electric blanket plugged into the street light, his flask of chicken soup at his side and his time board with 7 watches attached, he was ready. 8.04 Eric Easson arrived for the second event in two years, he explained that he had suffered an injury to his knee whilst he was practicing his dancing. a semi professional, he once danced in the white heather club a though some wags cl ...
I'm one of the coaches for T-ball Team 1: I need to get Participant Activity Forms completed for the babies playing this summer (and submitted to the boss man at whirling thud as a team packet). My office is in the Neola Walker Bldg (yvonnes old office) 878-3202 & I'm always home or at the track ;) Following parents, i need ur help on getting these forms completed: Cassie Kitcheyan, Angel Doxey, Kumiko Masquat, Tori Kristan Penn, Paco Smith, Bobbie Wolfe, April Walker, Christa Leigh Freemont, Alex Hunter, Wilhelmena Sharpback, Christi Freemont, Whitley Smith, Tricia Kearnes, George Masquat, and Monica Smith. Some parents are not my fb fren so please tag/share this post w/ them pretty please =) Thanks a mill! The babiez first game is June 3rd!
"Just like you Neal, you are a fantasy that I can't reach"-Alex Hunter to Neal Caffrey
So overwhelmingly proud of the team, after 3 ridiculously productive days in the studio. Massive respect for the brilliant work Matthew Storey, Roberto Robespierre, Gus Johnson, Lauren Taffe, John-Luis Moretti, Alex Hunter, Chris Mitskinis, Alysia Manceau, Randi Wagner, Ladie Dee & Nick Treweek. You are all legends! Love ya x
RUMOR HAS IT: Alex Hunter is partying it up in Vegas with his friends while pregnant ex-girlfriend, Roxie Turner stays in LA. A source close to Hunter has said he is getting back into his bad cocaine habit. Will this addiction come to an end before the baby is born or will he be permanently removed from the life of his future offspring, Maximus?
Doug McBurney in studio filling in for Bob Enyart LIES - Say he is "Shocked" that Alex Hunter made that decision and is continuing to FALSELY ACCUSING THE PARENTS of MURDERING JonBenet Ramsey.
I am on FoxNews today to discuss JonBenet. Some of my remaining questions are: 1. Which DAs (former Boulder Assistant DA Bill Wise said there were at least two) who opposed Alex Hunter's refusal to sign indictment. I know it was not Mary Lacy. 2. What was the vote of the grand jury? Was it unanimous? Colorado law allows nine out of twelve to issue a true bill. 3. Will anything be done to investigate these flagrant breaches of grand jury secrecy?
No Indictment - Protesters gather outside courthouse By Virginia Culver - Denver Post Staff Writer 15, 1999 - BOULDER - The angry, the curious and the oblivious all weighed in Thursday in Boulder on the JonBenet Ramsey case. About two dozen protesters showed up outside the Boulder County Justice Center to protest the handling of the case. They came more than an hour before Boulder District Attorney Alex Hunter held a press conference to discuss why he won't be filing murder charges in the case. Several of the protesters wearing black T-shirts with "'' printed on the front were followers of Bob Enyart, the conservative radio talk-show host. "We believe Alex Hunter silenced the grand jury,'' said Kenneth Scott of Denver. Scott said he "absolutely'' believes John and Patsy Ramsey killed JonBenet and that the ransom note found in the Ramsey house proves it. The Enyart supporters paraded up and down the sidewalk for several hours outside the Justice Center, at times chanting "Alex, Alex, Alex.'' A ...
"That's who we are. We cut each other out of our lives." - Neal Caffrey and Alex Hunter
Spotlight on Alex Hunter - with Author of the Game Over series: via
The brown at sunset is often the glow of the sun in a dense and dribbling/precipitating concentration of aluminium/metal oxides... BUT there has been brown crap in our sky here that we saw seeping out of the grey and also black crap with brown dribbling out of it at sunset. That could be Depleted Uranium (DU) as Dr Rosalie Bertell (RIP Beautiful Soul!) stated she feared might happen in her 2005 interview. Of course I have no official way of proving this... After our pathetic puppet president and prime minister said here in North America after Sept 11th, '01 "All science has to go through [the nations's capitols]." science ceased to be anything but propaganda for the global green dictatorship. Please print off and distribute this letter from Alex Hunter, President and Cofounder, The Brutal Truth Movement (September 11th, 2012, 11:11 AM) The American Coalition of the Walking Wounded (ACWW 01/01/'10) The Canadian Coalition of the Walking Wounded (CCWW 11/11/'08) Open letter to citizens of all "Commonwealth"a ...
Neal Caffrey and Alex Hunter are a perfect couple.
From this point forward I am stopping posts from going up on my wall as I won't be able to keep track of them. People can post in my CCWW/ACWW, WWIII, Global Domination & Population Reduction Agenda Advisory, FTNWO! & The Brutal Truth Movement Canada groups/forums as usual. Over the last few days I have sustained electronically induced neurological damage from ongoing and relentless aerosol - technetronic/psychotronic attack. Over the past few days I have noticed mistakes I have made where I have written things that scramble information as indicated in comments I made in the "Alex Hunter is single" FedBook post. Most notably this: "I just edited my "about" info because I noticed that I'd made mistakes I never used to make. I said "Benjamin Freedman's 1961 First Amendment Speech" rather than "Dwight D Eisenhower's 1961 First Amendment Speech" which is in the "about" section if you click on it under my name up in the top left side of the screen. The psychotronic frequencies and relentless microwave attacks ...
Little Giant Ladders
Alex Hunter: getting Twitchy: Alex Hunter playing "Twitchy," as done by Jerry Reed and Chet Atkins. Alex Hunter...
It's good to have Alex Hunter back on WC. I like her since S1. She's the only equal match for Neal Caffrey. Can't wait for Neal-Alex reunion
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