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Alex Gibney

Alex Gibney is an American documentary film director and producer. In 2010, Esquire magazine said Gibney is becoming the most important documentarian of our time.

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Newswire: Going Clear director Alex Gibney is making a Roger Ailes movie
Watch "Taxi to the Dark Side" by Alex Gibney. Then come back to me.
Alex Gibney's documentary Zero Days. Genuinely edge of the seat stuff. Still available on BBC iPlayer -…
Doc Memo: What the proposed Muslim ban could mean for the film community.
.filmmaker behind Scientology documentary "Going Clear" signs on to make Roger Ailes documentary
Filmmaker who exposed Scientology is working on a documentary about former Fox News chief Roger Ailes.
Alex Gibney, never one to shy from controversial subjects, is making a Roger Ailes doc next (Exclusive)
Director of Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, Alex Gibney, Prepping Roger…
The film-maker who took on Scientology and the Catholic church has now set his sights on the controversial media...
...cos award winning documentarian Alex Gibney could do with a few notes from a series producer on naming his films and keeping them short 😡
John, I'm sure the 'church' will get round to suing Leah like they did Alex Gibney and Lawrence Wright. Hmm wait.
When the producers of 'Why Poverty?' came to me to do a film about po...
Every film may not be appropriate for a theatrical release, and the t...
Alex Gibney.AGAIN. This will be a must watch.
True. Just ask John why Scientology (who sues everybody) didn't sue HBO or Alex Gibne…
Fascinating screening of Alex Gibney's 'Zero Days' with Panel: and…
I think of my films as not necessarily political but more moral. Between ...
Thanks Jill. Here is our dissection of Alex Gibney & the Guardian's decision to uphold warrant against
Join in tonight for screening of Alex Gibney Zero Days
We've teamed up with for a special screening of Alex Gibney doc Zero Days tonight – info here…
"People are finally seeing the darker side of Julian that he doesn't tell the truth, he lies"
working for Oscar winning director Alex Gibney on a Netflix show and would love to chat with you! juliette
The two-part, 187-minute doc HISTORY OF THE EAGLES, co-produced by Alex Gibney, is on Netflix:
Zero Days by Alex Gibney. It's available to watch now on Showtime with a subscription. Coming to iTunes 12/6/16
It might kill you to say it, because the film really takes on the Cat...
even Alex Gibney pointed out how O Admin most aggressive prosecuting whistle blowers and increasing surveillance
DOC NYC: Alex Gibney, Stanley Nelson call on documentary filmmakers to “do better” during Trump era.
Looking forward to moderating today's documentary roundtable with Otto Bell, Alex Gibney, Werner Herzog, Kirsten Johnson ... (1/2)
People who lie, particularly those who lie really big, can't do it eff...
Directed by Alex Gibney, "Zero Days", "The Smartest Guys in the Room", excellent documentaries about Stuxnet virus…
Zero Days was brilliant, as are most Alex Gibney films
"It’s our responsibility to make things that actually have something to say rather than just saying something.”
Wise words from and in here: can help tell the in…
"I really did not think that America had the capacity to break my heart. But I was wrong"
"Fields of Fear" by Alex Gibney w/ Brainspotting Mackey Sasser of his Sports Trauma to premiere on the website
Netflix's 'Cooked' is just like every other foodie travelogue of the past decade:
Ugh... "Duck and Recover"? - Trailer for Alex Gibney's Cyber Warfare Doc 'Zero Days' -
Alex Gibney at the press conference for ZERO DAYS.
Refugees documentary in frame for Berlin film fest prizes: ... in competition, Academy Award winner Alex Gibney's…
weekly reminder: Alex Gibney's documentary on Steve Jobs is predictable but interesting, Boyle's biopic is just bad
I recommend Alex Gibney's documentary Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine. Love the old clips of Jobs, his own words, ex-employees, friends +
To get discounts on some drugs, private insurers are willing to pay top pri...
Director of 'Zero Days' to Post: ‘The cyber-war era is here’: Alex Gibney, director of the documentary ‘... JPost
Alex Gibney tackles cyber warfare in new film
Watch the trailer for Zero Days, Alex Gibneys look at the machine - The Ver...
Alex Gibney’s new documentary explores the future of cyber warfare – including a virus that can hack computers...
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Watch the trailer for Zero Days, Alex Gibney's look at the cyberwar machine via
Sounds like my kinda movie - Zero Days Trailer: Alex Gibney Tackles Cyber Warfare
Netflix's 'Cooked' is underdone, flavorless fare
Netflix's 'Cooked' is underdone, flavorless fare:
From Scientology to big, three-letter agencies, Alex Gibney continues to take on the world. http…
Watch the exclusive first trailer for new documentary on cyber warfare:
Alex Gibney reflects on his winning doc on James Brown in this exclusive interview.
Watch THR's Documentary Roundtable with Alex Gibney, Michael Moore & more on
Alex Gibney's Glenn Frey tribute: "He was brash and blunt. I liked that"
Have you checked out 's picks for SundanceNow ? It includes & more.
adds Midnight Special and Genius to lineup
Alex Gibney's 'Taxi to the Dark Side' to stream on SundanceNow Doc Club - Hollywood Reporter
Documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney on 'Going Clear,' Steve Jobs and the stories behind the…
I think it's the one Alex Gibney made this week
Uh-oh Alex Gibney's film has won another big award
On the anniversary of Christopher Hitchens’s death, watch filmmaker Alex Gibney accept the 1st annual Hitchens Prize
Alex gibney had a great doco on Sinatra this year which is worth checking out. was on hbo in the states.
Beth you should watch that vid. i think it won 3 emmys's Alex Gibney
What led Alex Gibney & Lawrence Wright to confront Scientology with
Looking forward to seeing these in 2016: Berlin film festival adds Midnight Special & Genius to lineup
Ooh Alex Gibney's documentary on tonight at 9pm - that's a must watch
DEN : The Berlin film festival has released details of a clutch of new titles in its competition and special…
"Sometimes it’s a miracle that documentarians are in the right place at the right time."
Berlin festival adds Midnight Special and Genius to lineup - The Guardian
Guardian: adds Midnight Special and Genius to lineup
Filmmaker Alex Gibney's look at the real story of Steve Jobs. CNN Films presents "Steve Jobs: The Man In the Machine" on Sunday, January
📷 Finding Fela - Alex Gibney | Documentary |918105610: Alex Gibney is an American documentary film...
Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (2008) doco screens on at 12:10am Wednesday [AEST]. Dir: Alex Gibney
Brian Stelter speaks to filmmaker Alex Gibney about the media attack campaign waged by the Church of Scientology against his HBO doc,
too bad it's just a "story" 'too bad it's not actually about Scientology.
you assign power to that DB Alex Gibney? Off to the RPF with your *** And no, it doesn't matter he is Oscar & Emmy winner😜
I will check out Alex Gibney's work then :)
as for interesting documentaries, Alex Gibney's stuff is good
New Alex Gibney feature up! Check it out and let me know what you think!
CURRENT TV: Alex Gibney On Wikileaks & the War on Whistleblowers via Miss this first time? Still with some.
I liked a video The Terror of Alex Gibney's Going Clear.
Going clear :Scientology and the prison of belief /s film by Alex Gibney.: Subjects:. Hubbard, L...
New Steve Jobs doc examines the myth of the man who made Apple
Alex Gibney blanantly includes claims in that he knew had been fully recanted
Alex Gibney is in popular culture, the "Terror" of Going Clear is an exploration ht…
I liked a video Alex Gibney discusses "Going Clear" at the 2015 Creative Arts Emmys
filmmaker Alex Gibney on 'GoingClear', & the stories behind the stories:
pretends that dead woman is alive in "doc" with actress! Proof:
hired Hollywood Actress to narrate for a dead woman?
Alex Gibney shows in a person who FORGED legal documents?
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NEW VIDEO: perfects the art of black propaganda w/TV movie
Just in time for we take a look at the terror of Alex Gibney's with a video essay. .
the doc Steve Jobs:The Man In The Machine is also done by Alex Gibney (who did gr8 Enron doc),that will be on my watch list too
Journalist David Walsh on Alex Gibney, exposing Lance Armstrong & watching Chris O’Dowd…
Alex Gibney, Director of doc Awarded First Hitchens Prize for Journalism via
Alex Gibney wins first Hitchens prize for journalism
Alex Gibney, director of Going Clear, awarded first Hitchens Prize for journalism
Review: 'Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine'. By Mikey Campbell. Documentarian Alex Gibney's take on the life and...
I'm halfway through Alex Gibney's 4-hour Frank Sinatra documentary and it really is amazing. I'd delayed watching, put off by the length.
How Alex Gibney and scammed audiences regarding the "Going Clear" mocumentary.
Alex Gibney docs can be put into two camps: Basic (Sinatra, James Brown, Armstrong) and Deluxe (Taxi, Maxima Culpa, Going Clear).
I saw Alex Gibney's Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine last night. Left me thinking about it all night! The two sides of Jobs are terrifying
i know you're probably going out, but there's Alex Gibney's 'Going Clear' on Sky Atlantic at 10pm, fyi
New comer to Alex Gibney, loved the Steve Jobs Doc, biase? Yes, but what the ***
An interview with Alex Gibney, director of Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine via
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Hey Alex Gibney, freedom of speech is not a free pass to broadcast false info & as you do in
'Alex Gibney intentionally covered up relevant facts that discredit his sources in
Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine (2015) Movie Review: Director Alex Gibney is no stranger to controversy and...
Writing up the Going Clear film, had no idea Alex Gibney did a 30 for 30 short on Mackey Sasser & it's pretty good:
"Like any effective religious figurehead, Jobs managed to tap into consumers' capacity for brand devotion.”.
MT . Don't get sucked in by Alex Gibney's blatant in
.Why have you refused to address questions about Scientology & made "No Comment" about Alex Gibney's documentary G…
The documentary mission of filmmaker Alex Gibney
They were invented by Alex Gibney of course, have you not read all the Scientology press releases?
Not one Scientologist interviewed in (except archive footage). . "We got the story we wanted" Alex Gibney
Hey remember when Alex Gibney showed ants? That was... that was pretty f'ed up or whatever, right? Yall aren't ants lol
Finally got to watch by Alex Gibney. Superb! Fact definitely stranger than fiction
Alex Gibney wd not meet Sara Goldberg's family bc they wd tell the real story which he didn't wanna hear
According to a Scientology website that spends all day and every day attacking Alex Gibney?
Documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney on going after bullies via
assertions about the relations between IRS & the Church of Scientology are factually wrong
Documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney on going after bullies:
I liked a video from Filmmaker Alex Gibney Takes On Scientology, Wikileaks AND Steve
Alex Gibney doco: Going Clear is pretty special. Available on in the UK now.
At heart, Steve Jobs was a storyteller.
2nd Florida theater near headquarters has scrubbed plans to play Alex Gibney's
Watched Alex Gibney's excellent documentary 'Scientology ..Going Clear'. These people are ***
The Alex Gibney doc really made me think about how I watch Tom Cruise movies in future.
Review: Alex Gibney's Frank Sinatra documentary delivers it all
THE Amy Berg and THE Alex Gibney present the Janice Joplin at is a solid new bio-doc
3 Emmys. High Fives to the magnificent Alex Gibney and awesome Larry Wright.
Alex Gibney explains why his Steve Jobs documentary may cause you to put down your iPhone for good
director Alex Gibney thinks journalists should ask Tom Cruise the tough questions about Scientology:
GOING CLEAR: Ironically, given Alex Gibney's line on Wikileaks, it will be the internet that finally destroys the Church of Scientology.
National Geographic and Alex Gibney will chronicle the water crisis with documentary miniseries "Parched"
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Trailer for "Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine" arrives: Oscar-winning documentarian Alex Gibney and Magnolia...
Alex Gibney's documentary opened in several countries in recent weeks against backlash from the Church of Scientology.
Mos after debut, Church of Scientology still pays $$$ so neg ads appear 1st when Googling "Alex Gibney"
Documentaries directed by Alex Gibney with 7 titles to watch.
Fantastic interview on with on 'Going Clear' and Scientology
- If you’ve ever wondered about Scientology, you can’t go past this riveting doco by Alex Gibney
Alex Gibney's Going Clear: Scientology & the Prison of Belief out this week from
Oh, now I'm getting anti-Alex Gibney Scientology ads in my feed. Yeah, thanks but no thanks, guys.
it was the Alex Gibney ad. It was shown before some cute animal vid. 😡 inappropriate in every way.
You may never look at Tom Cruise the same way after Alex Gibney doc Going Clear: Scientology and The Prison of Belief
Our review of Going Clear, Alex Gibney's acclaimed doco, in cinemas Thursday
Great lines from Alex Gibney, doco David to the world's Goliaths via
the ad before your vid is part of a vicious smear campaign by the cult of Scientology against & Alex Gibney😡
Enron: The Smartest Guys In the Room - Alex Gibney | | Documentary top secret movie
We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks - Alex Gibney | | Documentary top movies of all ti…
Just streamed Alex Gibney`s "Going Clear" on YouTube. Can't wait for `s interpretation of the Church of Scientology.
Alex Gibney's Scientology doc, Going Clear (out soon), was excellent too. By turns chilling, disturbing and at times almost laughably absurd
Why AlexGibneyfilm's is anything but an honest documentary:
FreedomEthics: Why AlexGibneyfilm's is anything but an honest documentary:
Why is anything but an honest documentary:
See AlexGibneyfilm's exposed as cheap propaganda:
FreedomEthics: See AlexGibneyfilm's exposed as cheap propaganda:
Thanks to for screening Alex Gibney's Going Clear last night. Important piece of filmmaking.
claims 2know what it’s like 2be inside Church when he never visited one in 2years of making
Fantastic Kim Hill interview with Alex Gibney on his new Scientology doc - Screening as part of the
Jezus, the Scientologists are still trying to smear Alex Gibney
Alex Gibney said in a interview he does not understand why Tom Cruise has refused to comment on the claims made against him over the
Tune in to to hear Kim Hill interview director Alex Gibney. Listen live:
Alex Gibney's doco eye on the foibles of the powerful
Acclaimed doc filmmaker Alex Gibney turns his attention to Scientology in
I can't wait for the 30 for 30 about LeBron's *** directed by Alex Gibney.
Just saw Alex Gibney's doco on Steve Jobs. Doco v negative but Jobs is example of argument of all progress made by 'the unreasonable man'
Ending my three day Alex Gibney bender at the tonight with Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine
Nicole Kidman was treated 'brutally' by the Church of Scientology, documentary maker says
Saw the trailer of Program, movie based on Lance Armstrong. Boy it was bad. Rather watch Alex Gibney's documentary again.
was honored to host 'A Conversation with Alex Gibney' with Brian DiLore…
Mea Maxima Cupla - Hard hitting account of the abuses of the Catholic Church by Alex Gibney
I wonder how many documentaries Alex Gibney directed today.
DI-NPO2 23.00 uur 2Doc Going clear: scientology and the prison of belief. Docu van Alex Gibney over the scientology church nav boek L Wright
Join the conversation on complex real world storytelling with at
The Last Gladiators - Alex Gibney | | Sports top horror movies of all time
Tonight I’ll be talking with two modern greats - & - at on Fact & Fiction http:/…
"Mr. Dynamite," the Alex Gibney-directed HBO James Brown doc I worked on as consulting producer, won a Peabody!
Enjoy our screening of Going Clear? you may also be interested in some of director Alex Gibney's other amazing work:
Fascinating dialogue between Alex Gibney & Beau Willimon as they compare/contrast views on storytelling. Tune in!
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FreedomEthics: rehashed stale tabloid myths in Clear.
rehashed stale tabloid myths in Clear.
never even asked to visit, film inside Church facilities
"if there's a simple story at the heart of things, things can get as complicated as you want at the margins." Alex Gibney
FreedomEthics: never interviewed one active Scientologist for
never interviewed one active Scientologist for
Foto: aledipa: Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (2015) ★★★½ dir. Alex Gibney 
[Documental: “Sinatra: All or Nothing at All”, de Alex Gibney, por Alberto Fuguet.
... Kanye West & Thierry Henry on Ross on ITV; Reginald D Hunter's Songs of the South and Alex Gibney's James Brown doc.
ICYMI: Scientology, Fox & 'Frozen,' Dan Gilroy, and More: Exclusive: Alex Gibney on the Church of Scientology’... http…
Can't wait to see this-Alex Gibney on His New Scientology Documentary --
The New Yorker is condensed into 30min vid by Oscar-winner Alex Gibney "to emulate the experience of reading [it]"
Alex Gibney's documentary on Hollywood and Scientology airing on HBO in 2015. “We have probably 160 lawyers...
HBO will debut 'Mr. Dynamite,' a new documentary on James Brown produced by *** Jagger and directed by Oscar winner, Alex Gibney.
Doc Festivals! Add a screening of Alex Gibney's Finding Fela to your year round programming. We're working with Tugg to bring it to communities around the US. Click here for details or send us a direct message Watch the trailer
don't miss Alex Gibney's Finding Fela for 1 screening in Raleigh 11/13. Reserve tix
Alex Gibney's Finding Fela is now available for download and rental via iTunes, official website, cable...
Happy Birthday to one of the top documentarians in the world right now, Alex Gibney (ENRON, TAXI TO THE Dark Side, MEA MAXIMA CULPA).
Alex Gibney is turning into a powerhouse of VERY RELEVANT stuff that really must be seen and supported...but I am sure you know that.right?? abc d
Tommy Hilfiger lends modern touch to 60s vibe at New York fashion ...:
The CNN special Ive been working on with Oscar-winner Alex Gibney about the politics of the death penalty airs on CNN on S…
Just caught - cracking doc with a wealth of stunning archive film. I'm pretty sure Alex Gibney can't actually make a bad film.
Fela’s Marriage to 27 Women was a Noble Act
Alex Gibney on Fela Kuti: “His legacy may be more enduring than Mandela’s.”
Indiewire is calling 'Sunshine Superman', executive produced by Alex Gibney, "one of the best U.S. docs of the year"
“Remembering Fela Kuti, the man who invented Afrobeat: and puffed the fattest zoobs
“Music is the weapon.” Interview with film director Alex Gibney on &
Via VICEUK: Remembering Fela Kuti, the man who invented
“Remembering Fela Kuti, the man who invented Afrobeat:
Remembering Fela Kuti, the man who invented Afrobeat:
may not find Alex Gibney firing on all cylinders, but he still hits on some vital, enduring truths.
Finding Fela is the story of Fela Kuti's life, his music, his social and political importance. Directed by Academy Award winning filmmaker Alex Gibney.
Want a breakdown of documentarian Alex Gibney’s filmography? Well, here it is: .
Alex Gibney named AFI's 2014 Guggenheim honoree - Alex Gibney, the acclaimed documentary filmmaker who earned an...
Listen to the podcast interview with Academy Award winning filmmaker Alex Gibney disucss
Finding Fela plays tomorrow morn at Our i/v with director | Tix:
Alex Gibey on ‘Finding Fela’. Over the years, documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney of Summit has chronicled the lives...
We'll be presenting Alex Gibney's "Finding Fela" followed by a concert by his son, Seun Kuti & Egypt 80.!In danish:
Completely agree. It stands out in some really high calibre company. Alex Gibney really is a brilliant film maker.
I am a producer working with Alex Gibney. Would love to talk with you about being in our latest documentary.
A guide to Alex Gibney's body of work: Some great on this list.
A Guide to Alex Gibney by which breaks down his extensive filmography
Video: Interview with Oscar winning filmmaker Alex Gibney on Finding Fela
A detailed list of Alex Gibney's work.
Abami Eda was never lost to some of us Making of a Musician
Fela Kuti in an Unpublished Interview Conducted After His Release From Prison - The release of Alex Gibney's new...
In 'Finding Fela,' Director of 'Armstrong Lie' Explores the Life of Africa's Rock Superstar . Alex Gibney turns h...
Finding Fela!. A documentary on the life of the Great Afrobeat Legend. Filmmaker Alex Gibney uses period...
new doc on music legend Fela Kuti by Oscar-winner Alex Gibney, opens today! Q&A at 4:20 w/ Femi Kuti!
The documentary film , directed by Alex Gibney, received its premiere @ the 2014 Sundance Film Festival.
Finding Fela -- Official Trailer (Dir. Alex Gibney) - Finding Fela tells the story of Fela Kuti’s life...
If you're looking for a Netflix watch, the Chris Nilan documentary 'The Last Gladiators' directed by Alex Gibney is on there.
College Democrats will be screening We Steal Secrets, a documentary directed by the Academy Award winning Alex Gibney. This controversial film tells the story of, the organization started by Julian Assange, and the people involved in the collection and distribution of secret information and media by whistleblowers. The film has been nominated for several awards. Join us, all are welcome! BSC Room 251 B
"Will go down in film history as a damning historical document of the Bush administration's wartime expansion of executive powers." Tamara Strauss for the San Francisco Chronicle "It's about what we have done (or at least allowed to be done in our name), why we should be ashamed and angry, and whether we have the honor and decency to stop it. If America still has a soul, Alex Gibney is trying to save it." Andrew O'Hehir for TAXI TO THE Dark Side, winner of the Academy Award for Best Documentary, is now available to stream and download in the U.S. at
Death Row Stories is a series of one-hour documentaries. Each episode attempts to unravel the truth behind a different capital murder case. Executive produced by Alex Gibney and Robert Redford and narrated by Susan Sarandon, these stories call into question various beliefs surrounding America's just...
The Oscar-winning documentary maker Alex Gibney set out to make a feel good film about the comeback of cyclist Lance Armstrong, following him through the 200...
The most interesting thing about watching a doc. on Lance Armstrong and the doping scandal by the great Alex Gibney is not only the crazy things these people do to their bodies it is also the complex and vast web of people involved, and the amount of people who did it.
The crusading documentary maker Alex Gibney reveals how Lance Armstrong, the subject of his new film, took him for a ride
The Armstrong Lie, film review: This is no hatchet job - Alex Gibney seems genuinely intrigued by what drives ...
"Everybody say 'yeah yeah'" - Fela Kuti. with Alex Gibney at Finding…
The Fela! band will give three performances at the Sundance Film festival to celebrate Alex Gibney's documentary "Finding Fela."
CNN announced during its TCA presentation today the addition of "Death Row Stories" to its original programming lineup. Eight-part nonfiction series hails from Robert Redford and Alex Gibney, and w...
CNN has ordered "Death Row Stories," a new eight-part original series from Alex Gibney and Robert Redford. Each episode of the series will unravel a different capital murder case, calling into question different beliefs about the death penalty and the justice system.
doc Finding Fela by Academy Award-winning Alex Gibney premieres at Sundance Film Festival this month!
Good morning, New York! Bundle up today, it will be partly sunny and breezy with temps dropping into the mid 30s. Tonight will be freezing with a low of 23. On Brian Lehrer today, hear about the newest New Yorkers and other immigration trends. On Leonard Lopate, director Alex Gibney talks about his latest documentary, THE ARMSTRONG LIE. Gibney set out to chronicle Lance Armstrong’s return to cycling but as the doping scandal erupted, the film became something far different. Morning headline: Bill de Blasio is expected to name his schools chancellor today. According to the NYT and WSJ, he has selected a 40-year veteran of the city schools, former deputy chancellor Carmen Farina.
MPR Movie Maven and Cube Critic Stephanie Curtis talks to Jill Riley and Jade about a new documentary by Alex Gibney that looks at Lance Armstrong's cycling career, his doping scandal and his confession. Plus the Cube Critics review 'The World's End', a comedy from the team of Simon Pegg and Nick Fr...
Alex Gibney and Alison Ellwood's MAGIC TRIP is a freewheeling portrait of Ken Kesey and the Merry Prankster's fabled road trip across America in the legendar...
Documentary filmmaker Alex Gibney talks about how Lance Armstrong "looked me in the face and lied."
On Friday, he went to the same theater in the East Village with Angellos Ioannis Malefakis ,to to meet and hear the director Alex Gibney talk about his controversial documentary of disgraced champion cyclist Lance Armstrong in "The Armstrong Lie." "Alex Gibney surveys the rise and fall of acclaimed and then disgraced American cyclist Lance Armstrong in his documentary The Armstrong Lie. The director presents the complicated history of the controversial figure, including his troubled father-free childhood, his battle back from testicular cancer, his seven consecutive Tour de France championships, the creation of his Live Strong charity, and his subsequent admission to a blood doping regimen that allowed him to stay at the top of the physically demanding sport for so long. Gibney sits down with numerous reporters who tried for years to expose Armstrong's continuous fibs, and also interviews those who were inside Armstrong's inner circle. The Armstrong Lie screened at the 2013 Toronto International Film Fest ...
As well as Errol Morris and Alex Gibney. This should be a feature blog. Just got ideas from it.
From the latest from Alexander Payne and Alex Gibney to sure fire bets for Matthew McConaughey and Judi Dench to nab Oscar nominations, here's 6 films you should definitely try and see this November.
Movie: The Fifth Estate Director: Bill Condon Cast: Benedict Cumberbatch, Daniel Bruhl, Carice van Houten Ripped from headlines that still feel wet, The Fifth Estate dramatizes the fast, controversial rise of anonymous-whistleblower website WikiLeaks and its figurehead, Julian Assange. Aiming to provide the kind of speculative personality portrait behind another sweeping digital-age change in communication that touches nearly everyone, a la The Social Network, helmer Bill Condon and scenarist Josh Singer's film must also stuff in a heavy load of global events, all in a hyperkinetic style aping today's speed of information dispersal. Results can't help but stimulate, but they're also cluttered and overly frenetic, resulting in a narrative less informative, cogent and even emotionally engaging than Alex Gibney's recent doc We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks. After an opening credits montage that rockets through the history of news media, from hand-lettered scrolls to the Internet, the pic leaps into t ...
The Fifth Estate is a fairly involving and intriguing thriller. Benedict Cumberbatch is excellent as Julian Assange, in a film that showcases, among other things, his volatile relationship with Daniel Berg, the German tech wizard who helped him create WikiLeaks. A lot of information is heavily condensed here, but it covers the basics, including many of Assange's early victories, before he is labeled as a national security threat by the American government. It is an effective companion piece to Alex Gibney's stellar documentary We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks, released earlier this year.
Left to right: filmmaker Sarah Polley, author Michael Ondaatje, filmmakers Alex Gibney and Atom Egoyan, John Greyson's sister Cecilia, and TIFF Bell Lightbox
A fallen hero for me... “"There's a lot of anger in Lance Armstrong," says filmmaker Alex Gibney:
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Alex Gibney: I thought the Julian Swedish thing was a CIA plot | via |
Mea Maxima Culpa has been nominated for 5 Emmy Awards. Congratulations to Alex Gibney (and all involved.
Excellent review of 's new film on Wikileaks directed by Alex Gibney "We steal secrets"
'Julian Assange wanted $1m' - Alex Gibney's film We Steal Secrets is the first WikiLeaks documentary out of the ga...
Who is the "other side" that Alex Gibney fears great attack from at 25:16 in this clip? The USG?
Alex Gibney speaks about his new documentary on and the story
Alex Gibney talks to me about Julian Assange, Bradley Manning, and why WikiLeaks hates him
The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Alex Gibney In 2010, WikiLeaks and its sources used the power of the internet to usher in what was for ...
Excellent exploration of how NSA Wayne Madsen UK Observer piece wuz suppressed. alt journalist for the win trololol
WATCH: Fascinating Q&A w/ Alex Gibney; reactions by some gits indicate that he probably did a good job /cc
We'll leave the High-tech Hair documentary for Alex Gibney's sequel to We Steal Secrets !!! ;)
Wikileaks: We Steal Secrets: Alex Gibney is a titan of documentary making. Here’s 10 reasons to watch his late...
Yep, he's definitely a selfless freedom fighter who hates press attention. However, Alex Gibney is amazing.
Alex Gibney enjoys &spins demolishing of Walter Pincus ironically did same to
WikiLeaks documentary: 'Julian Assange wanted $1m' article about the Alex Gibney via
I can't recommend this Wikileaks documentary by Alex Gibney enough: free (duh) video link:
At preview of Alex Gibney is questioned by furious journalists:
With Julian Assange consigned to ambling between his lounge chair and his speaking balcony at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, the fight for free information had gone a little quiet until Edward Snow…
We Steal Secrets: The Story of Wikileaks - watch the trailer: Watch the trailer for Alex Gibney's film about t...
Got tint done this morning on the G thanks to Alex Gibney for the hookup, wanted 20% but alex told me to grow some balls ended up getting 5% all around and now it wont be soo awkard whem I oick my nose and sing along to miley cyrus new song!
Alex Gibney's doc We Steal Secrets opens Friday- Check out this featurette clip of founder Julian Assange
Alex Gibney Ted Talk: Exposing the Oldest, most Powerful Institution in the World
Give me an Alex Gibney documentary over a Ted Talk all day, every day.
Director Alex Gibney: Why I made Wikileaks film. See it at IFT next month.
Catch Alex Gibney's new film 'We Steal Secrets' about wikileaks at Galway Film Festival on July 10:
Starting this Fri is Alex Gibney's first-rate new doc the story of controversial website Wikileaks http:…
And is bloody good! "Speaking of fantastic films, Alex Gibney's film, is in cinemas from Friday"
We spoke to Alex Gibney about WikiLeaks and Julian Assange: (out on Friday)
Out in cinemas this Friday: Alex Gibney's fantastic documentary We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaks
VIDEO: Gibney: 'Why I made Wikileaks film' Director Alex Gibney explains why he made a film about the Wikileaks...
Playing from Friday: We Steal Secrets: The Story Of Wikileaks "Alex Gibney adds to his forensic examinations of...
hough a documentary it plays like fiction, and Manning’s story is especially heartbreaking, a conflicted soldier thrown to Obama’s wolves.
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