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Alex Gaskarth

All Time Low is an American pop punk band from Baltimore, Maryland, formed in 2003.

Jack Barakat Kellin Quinn Rian Dawson Vic Fuentes Brendon Urie Lisa Ruocco Joel Madden Gerard Way Hayley Williams Zack Merrick Andy Biersack Drew Chadwick Mark Hoppus Oliver Sykes Michael Clifford Pierre Bouvier

I have memories of starin at Alex gaskarth while he ate a sandwich
i want Alex gaskarth to actually murder me
6. Alex Gaskarth. -My favorite human in the world. -Very talented, my fave to hear live. -His *** smile. -my idol and…
I am so attracted to Alex Gaskarth its unreal
I love having famous friends X can't believe I'm friends with Alex Gaskarth and Ozzy Osborne X
Alex Gaskarth is my favorite thing to wake up to.
I can hear alex gaskarth from da other room 😌
dreamt that i was secretly sleeping with Alex Gaskarth but he wanted to make it public knowledge so i had to tell she cried
I still feel like a freshman in highschool with an alex gaskarth acc LMFSONDKA
Dan Lambton: "Say something out loud that you're thankful for" . Me: "ALEX GASKARTH!"
Ashley just leaned over in the middle of Knuckle Puck's set and said "Alex Gaskarth ain't dead I just love remembering him"
Alex Gaskarth and Brendon Urie are some special top quality guys pulled straight from clouds and constellations
deadass just saw Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low at LAX. 14 year old me is dying.
Alex gaskarth has such a smooth talking voice like I just want him to talk to me all day
How to: find yourself an Alex Gaskarth
. -Alex Gaskarth . -Nachos . -Sex . -Skype . -Old Stranger BC you suck at replying 🙂
it was from your snaps. All you highlighted was Travis Barker. No Alex Gaskarth or Jeremy McKinnon. Is it advertising?
Alex Gaskarth singing with Joel Madden is the best thing that's ever happened to this world
I liked a video from Vic Fuentes: "I will not be your first lady, Alex Gaskarth" | APMAs
there's a guy on the underground who looks like Alex Gaskarth well hello
Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low and Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens for Kerrang! Magazine UK -...
"Full Frontal" by Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat is funny and often music related, also Psychobabble!
she keeps wearing man overboard shirts and Alex Gaskarth is in it
Goodnight, I love Ashton Irwin, Norman Reedus, Roy English, Alex Gaskarth, and my parents 💓
I got one of me n my Alex gaskarth poster if you want that
Call life alert ive fallen in love with Alex Gaskarth 😍😍
There will forever be a special place in my heart for Alex Gaskarth
when Mark is secretly Alex gaskarth
Me: hey. emilia: I really love pierce the veil and I like to party and I can't believe Alex Gaskarth is married
even Alex gaskarth dyed his hair blue last year so what are you waiting for
I think we can all agree that alex is adorable in interviews! ♡ (Vine by Alex Gaskarth Edits)
♡ // im thinking about doing a contest. what do you guys think? (Vine by Alex Gaskarth Edits)
just yelled fetus Alex gaskarth and yeah...
Why does the guy look like Alex Gaskarth
Ladies and gentleman, may I present to you Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low
I have noticed you, alex not gaskarth-kōhai.
before I opened this I thought it was 2009 Alex gaskarth
Check out this new band signed to Hopeless Records called "Story Untold". The vocalist's like a young Alex Gaskarth ***
have faith in me (:. I'd probably be like . Idk if that's a fake acc or not. but Alex gaskarth f…
(Voz de Alex Gaskarth) "Morphology you were never a friend to me"
"Being a fan doesn't mean being there from the start. It means being there till the end." - Alex Gaskarth
Alex Gaskarth posting a photo of their show in Manila is this a sign
btw I love all time low just letting you know I breathe for alex gaskarth
I want an alex gaskarth layout I'm tired of looking at my face
My 2nd FC would probably be Alex Gaskarth if we're doing that.
there's a movie called fan girl and it's just about a girl obsessed with Alex gaskarth and honestly I get it
Breast Cancer Awareness
Whenever I feel depressed, I read Alex Gaskarth quotes, and they keep me strong. I'm forever grateful for that.
All time low . -Alex gaskarth has a stupid last name . -Jacks blood is 95% alcohol . -don't panic it's longer now killed…
teach me how to look like Alex gaskarth and dress like lil Wayne at the same time ?
Anyway time to scroll through my alex gaskarth tag
I'm watching this movie where this girl is obsessed with Alex Gaskarth and is pretending to be British to impress a boy 😂😂 ***
The singer of Story Untold looks like Alex Gaskarth & Bert Poncet.
Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat to run for president of the 2016 APMAs - APTV - Alternative Press
Me and nina just had an Alex Gaskarth and Vic Fuentes moment sharing popcorn at the cinema
do you have Michael,Alex Gaskarth or Jack, or Brendon Urie?
I'm just like... super excited that Alex Gaskarth and Lisa Ruocco are getting married soon. I am so happy for them. Why do I have feelings?
is Alex Gaskarth getting married to Lisa or tom falcone?
Alex Gaskarth and Lisa is so cute on snapchat awe
Why does Rajiv Dhall remind me so much of Alex Gaskarth ?
Friendly reminder I love Alex gaskarth a lot
Alex Gaskarth's laugh makes me so happy
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So I drew Alex Gaskarth, I think it came out pretty good
Friendly reminder that Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson and Zack Merrick exist this is a big reason to be happy
*listens to Long Way Home live because they say "Mr. Alex Gaskarth" *
Alex gaskarth wearing 1D merch gives me life
Me and have the same Alex gaskarth poster on our wall. I live for it.
ok so this *** dated alex gaskarth in high school then they broke up n he become a famous singer so u kno she was BITTER AF
Sometimes I think about Trace Cyrus trying to fight Alex Gaskarth at last years APMA's
Tony Oller,Alex Gaskarth,Drew Chadwick and Keaton Stromberg of Emblem 3,Travis Garland and Cal Shapiro of Timeflies
by All Time Low - Alex Gaskarth, ladies & gentlemen. Photos by Adam Elmakias Photography
I'm in tears, this makes me so happy. . "Alex Gaskarth & Lisa Ruocco: A Pop-Punk Proposal" via
Ashton collaborated on a Christmas song with John Feldy, Joel Madden, Pierre Bouvier and Alex Gaskarth! Listen here: h…
YES okay don't make fun but by Hayley Williams, Andy Biersack, Jake Pitts, Alex Gaskarth, Jack B, n William Control
Therapy is about every kids nightmare when people are telling you that you need to get help but all you really want is a hug. ~ Alex Gaskarth
Alex Gaskarth will become bald and will go star in the new season of Caillou
The flirty cashier at qdoba reminds me of Alex Gaskarth. We should talk more.
Update your maps at Navteq
I followed Alex Gaskarth into a restaurant and ended up with Brendon Urie
Gaga: Who's the cutie on your phone?. Me: Alex Gaskarth!. Gaga: Alex Gaspark? What an odd last name. Me: *Crying of laughter*.
Alex Gaskarth dancing in the A Love Like War music video
I keep having this recurring dream that I'm pregnant with Alex gaskarth's baby
Alex All Lives Matter Gaskarth and his emo minions
The pupil of your eye expands up to 45% when you look at someone you love. [ Alex Gaskarth ]
alex gaskarth sings background vocals in Broken Pieces. spread the word
'All time low are Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson, Alex William and Alex Gaskarth' nice one
Real talk why tf did blueberry Alex Gaskarth win best hair when Rian Dawson exists?
Happy 30th birthday to Mike Fuentes from Pierce the Veil and 28th birthday to Alex Gaskarth from…
Jaime Preciado, Tony Perry, and Mike Fuentes of Pierce The Veil with Alex Gaskarth and Rian Dawson of All Time Low https…
I love Alex Gaskarth so much??? Omg??? He's just so talented and funny and sweet and smart I love him so much
Ashton collaborated with John Feldmann, Joel Madden, Pierre Bouvier and Alex Gaskarth for a Christmas song! Listen: http…
Rafael, Michael, Derek Shepard, Alex Gaskarth...can I have my choice?
"..everybody knows there's a party at the end of the world" -Alex Gaskarth. "..if the world is ending, i'm throwing the party" -Gabe Saporta
Alex Gaskarth, the Madden brothers and John Feldman are all in the film -A |
When you're trying to do an interview and Alex Gaskarth wanders in.
I'll probably be Alex Gaskarth because I'm lazy and can just get clothes out of my closet and combat boots so
Halsey, Mark Hoppus, Alex Gaskarth and more have all waded into the Twenty One Pilots vote.
I added a video to a playlist Alex Gaskarth and Lynn Gunn - Say something (cover)
6. Catch Fire! (my fave title). Michael and Luke wrote this song with Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low and Mike Green. ht…
Oliver Sykes has a wife , Alex Gaskarth is engaged we can survive Luke Hemmings having a girlfriend
Someone come with me nov 16 to see Kellin Quinn and Alex Gaskarth
Photo: Going to see Alex Gaskarth with Kellin Quinn in Nashville Tuesday
“Music is what makes you feel... What you feel is all that matters.” –Alex Gaskarth | 📷 Gus Stewart
Henry Cavill and Alex Gaskarth are working together at a Panera in CoMo...
ATL isn't just Alex Gaskarth. Paramore isn't just Haley Williams. PTV isn't just Kellin Quinn. 5SOS isn't just Jack Hemmings…
I have notifs on for Vic Fuentes, Kellin Quinn, Dan, Phil, Jack Barakat, Alex Gaskarth, Gerard Way, Ellen, Shannon+
i really like Jack Barakat. and Alex Gaskarth. and Rian Dawson. and Zack Merrick. that is all.
What a great conversation between All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth and Gabe Saporta
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Aesthetic of choice: Jack Barakat pointing at Alex Gaskarth in Backseat Serenade.
All Time Low’s Alex Gaskarth on Respecting Band Fans; “You have to be careful” | Musicology Online
LOVED seeing new found glory, ptv, alex gaskarth, lynn and brian of pvris, brian dales, michael of issues in the new video 💖
I don't remember but if there's one they wrote with Alex Gaskarth,I really look forward to that since duh,Alex is brilliant.
Also Alex Gaskarth with his blue hair
Looks like Over And Out was written by Calum, Michael, Deryck Whibley and Alex Gaskarth. Not sure about Calum & Alex, I thought Michael was-
The "OH"'s in broken pieces I can mentally hear Alex Gaskarth
Having said that - ALex Gaskarth will be my favourite forever and ever
Can 5sos do an alex gaskarth and just leak the album already
Check out Simple Plan brand new video with guest stars: Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low, PVRIS, Pierce The Veil,...
you looked like Alex Gaskarth and it was cool
Photoset: pvrisjauregui: Lynn, Brian and Alex Gaskarth in Simple Plan’s new music video
Lets be perfectly honest, I wish my wardrobe was just Alex Gaskarth's
God I'm so hungry I think I'll eat Alex gaskarth
Luke really does sound a bit like Alex Gaskarth (: both amazing people with amazing voices and amazing hearts
This is a very Alex Gaskarth sounding song tho I love it
Alex Gaskarth, Mike Herrera, Benji Madden... Awesome! Great special guests. I really liked it.
I felt bad for directioners but then I remembered when they told Alex Gaskarth to kill himself and made fun of Mitch Lucker's …
I liked a video from APMAs 2015: Jack Barakat kisses Alex Gaskarth
Seriously, what is up band members getting married? Oli Sykes got married (soo cute btw), Alex Gaskarth will, Hayley will too…
Tagged by . Kiss me again (Alex Gaskarth). Air hostess. Everything I didn't say. Lost boy. American ***
I liked a video Complaint Letter (as read by Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low) from Hank "Hitman" Hart
"I'll never second guess the things that I have. done. I've got too much to say and too much. to become." - Alex Gaskarth
Photoset: ofmiceandmenz: [49-50/50] Pictures of Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat
I've never thought of alex gaskarth as anything but a 20 year old man child. I can't believe he's almost 30 ***
we should fake tay and Alex gaskarth :/
Thinking of Alex gaskarth and this is the second question it asks me. 😳😨
I dreamt that I went to a Sleeping With Sirens concert with All Time Low supporting and I met Alex Gaskarth and then got a new boyfriend ok…
If swag meant sex with alex gaskarth, I'd want to have it all ✨
Reason number 151882636 why alex gaskarth is my hero (Vine by fu(ck)entes)
Can we get Hayley Williams, Alex Gaskarth, Jenna McDougall & Halsey so we can be The Power Rangers?
I want to teach Alex Gaskarth how to ballroom dance
I want to do stage makeup on Alex Gaskarth
I need to say one last thing before I go to sleep voice reminds me of Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low, & that's pretty cool 👍
Alex Gaskarth's voice makes me so happy
"On an average day I would say I witness an alex gaskarth nip slip about 4-3 times"
real question. Is that guy on the left Alex Gaskarth
Alex Gaskarth's Message to All Time Low fans in The Philippines via
Kicking Alex gaskarth in the shin pose
LISTEN. Alex Gaskarth on Wolf Watch. Vic Fuentes in my state. The Wonder Years have a new song. Pop punk me is OVERWHELMED.
Be the Buddy Holly to my Mary Tyler Moore, the Gerard Way to my Lyn Z, the Jack Barakat to my Alex Gaskarth
Have you just gone Alex Gaskarth af overnight?
Every time someone posts a pic of Alex Gaskarth's new hair, I think it's at 1st glance.
phil: zayn has green hair?. me: alex gaskarth has blue hair. phil: yeah alex gaskarth has blue hair. oKAY
Alex Gaskarth has blue hair now and it's too beautiful, too good for this world.   10% Off
Me: Did you know that Alex Gaskarth is trying to be the ugly one from 5SOS?. Dad: Alex Gastro?. Me:-Chokes and dies-
I assume ur talking about alex gaskarth??
Alex Gaskarth pulled a Michael Clifford and I like it
Ohhh and by Alex i mean Alex Gaskarth.. not Russo..
My religion is alex gaskarth's hair
Me and Alex gaskarth have matching hair
Alex Gaskarth new blue hair is everything ive ever known as human
Alex Gaskarth's eyebrows,that is all
Alex Gaskarth is my favorite person on this earth
if ur feeling sad just remember Alex Gaskarth dyed his hair blue
He understands the pain in my heart due to Alex Gaskarth's new hair color lol
LRT true omg Alex Gaskarth is my fav?? Like what a babe
when u tell Alex gaskarth that your best friend lost her virginity while listening to jasey rae
Alex Gaskarth, Michael Clifford, Halsey and Katy Perry are the only ones who can pull off dyed hair
How to go from 100 to 0 ... a novel by Alex Gaskarth
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
What would you most like to do if money were no object? — buy:. -alex gaskarth's legs. -Gerard Way's voice. -patric...
I need alex gaskarth to scream bible verses into my *** while banging me like a bongo
all I need in life is for All Time Low to do a song with Josh Franceschi or You Me At Six to do a song with Alex Gaskarth
Joel Madden and Alex Gaskarth sound so cool singing together 😄
local emo wears cool glamour kills shirts to try and become more Alex Gaskarth af
just know that Alex Gaskarth and Brandon Evans were both at Disney World today
Tyler carter is much more talented then Alex Gaskarth but 🐸☕️
would you guys like a Keaton Stromberg,Drew Chadwick or Alex Gaskarth?
Tyler Carter and Alex Gaskarth in the same place as me? Oh my lanta...that's called heaven. ❤️😍
I'm seeing pictures of Alex Gaskarth and Lisa Ruocco ("2006 prom...2016 wife") everywhere and I'm 100% sure not everyone knows who he is
Alex Gaskarth engaged to longtime girlfriend Lisa Ruocco -
Charts: Future Hearts is No.1 album in the Uk!. Alex Gaskarth: wait whut?
Alex Gaskarth and Lisa Ruocco are my goals. 😍 So happy my otp are engaged now!! 💗💍
I really just want to sing a song with Alex Gaskarth one day.
I got Alex Gaskarth on "Which Lead Band Member Is Your Boyfriend?" lol I wish I got Brendon Urie
Gerard Way, Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Kellin Quinn, Hayley Williams, Austin Carlile and Oliver Sykes are my heroes! 😄
Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth have no chill. *** they're hot 😍
“I know my mum's a little bit blind but she cannot tell me Alex Gaskarth is unattractive... Babe 💘
Vanessa Hudgens, Alex Gaskarth, Jackson Rathbone and Nostradamus all have the same birthday as you! 😁
Relationship goals:. Will you be the Alex Gaskarth to my Jack Barakat. The Kellin Quinn to my Vic Fuentes. The Austin Car…
Here we see a Rian Dawson and Alex Gaskarth in their natural habitat!
This is to raise awareness for the ALS association. Thankyou Caspar Lee and Alex Gaskarth for the nomination. I nominate Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi and Abigail Breslin. I've made my donation and for you to do the same, go to ❄️
That moment when Alex Gaskarth wakes up in a stranger's.fry costume? 😂😂
alex gaskarth holding a cat in a big french fry costume. MY HEART.
someone fake Alex Gaskarth and date me
remember when i met alex gaskarth NICE!
Can all zombies look like Alex Gaskarth?
Why is dressed up a a big bag of fries?
The lead singer sings just like Billie Joe Armstrong and looks like Alex Gaskarth.
Now, what does it say about me that is still find Alex Gaskarth attractive as a zombie
Alex Gaskarth will forever be a babe 😍
A few of my favorite singing voices Pt.2:. Niall Horan. Liam Payne. Zayn Malik. Bruno Mars. Alex Gaskarth . and my all time fav…
theme includes: Alex gaskarth playing the role of fries, lame fall out boy joke with my name, my dog, & selfie (ew)
Alex gaskarth kinda sounds like tom Delonge in their new song.
i would pay Alex Gaskarth 1 million dollars to break every bone in my body
i cant believe i have a huge crush on Alex Gaskarth
Happy birthday! Celebrities Vanessa Hudgens, Alex Gaskarth, and Nostradamus have the same bday as you!
"I'm going to get alex gaskarth's face tattooed on my *** watch out"
can someone shove an Alex Gaskarth up my ***
What is the meaning of Alex Gaskarth? This question has been in my mind. Is it like sexy and kind? 😂🙈
ur bf in your avi kinda looks like Alex Gaskarth do u agree!
I'm not gonna lie, if a zombified Alex Gaskarth came walking towards me, I wouldn't run...
on every test I take from now, I'll just write random band members as answers. 6-27= Calum Hood. 8\45= Alex Gaskarth. 96+3= Gerard Way. aced it
Alex gaskarth imagines make me laugh he's so controlling in them
Alex gaskarth only gets hotter with age
If Alex Gaskarth walked up to me in a french fry costume i would gladly hug him srry
Alex Gaskarth looks so good in the new music video god ***
My biggest life goal is to be as cool as Alex Gaskarth
Where can I buy Alex Gaskarth fries? I want then for every meal 😏👌🍟
Love is when you're having the worts day,but when you look at him all the pain goes away. Alex Gaskarth ♡ Alan Ashby
I had a dream last night that i met Alex Gaskarth in a church and was there too and she cried
Alex Gaskarth on anxiety and panic attacks. This is good advice. Stay safe everyone.
Check out the full uncut version of my interview with All Time Low members Alex Gaskarth and Jack Barakat on the Bamboozle Road Show 2010 Watch my ...
My mum thinks alex Gaskarth is 'Alex goiskarf'
Why is the sky blue? — bc alex gaskarth is hot af i rest my case
i am in love with Alex Gaskarth's black stars and stripes jeans forever and ever i might as well marry those beautiful pa…
Alex gaskarth just has a perfect face
I just woke up from a dream where I was Alex Gaskarth's girlfriend, very random, if only it was real
There's this hot kid at my school that looks like Alex Gaskarth but he's a stoner
Can we just talk about how perf Alex Gaskarth is ok bye
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Alex Gaskarth gets punished for being late to van…: "Im in ditch" xD poor alex. .
The point of the story is - sixth grade me still hates Alex Gaskarth and William Beckett for no real reasons I just did and still kinda do.
I also hated Alex Gaskarth once because I protested ATL between albums and I ended up thinking he was a ginger I hate myself.
Did a signing at in California & there are some rad photos over on blog ht…
Alex Gaskarth, can't even begin to explain how much I appreciate him and ATL…
I want alex gaskarth to break my leg
Alex Gaskarth's eyebrows are my spirit animal.
Alex Gaskarth's voice makes me so happy 😍
I just want Alex Gaskarth for christmas, but not under the tree, i want under me
This could be us but I'm not a Wendy's sign and you're not Alex gaskarth
why doesn't alex gaskarth notice me like all I want in my life is for him to play guitar with me and tell me my eyes are nice looking
Just saw a guy that looked like Alex Gaskarth but with a shaved head and he caught me staring and said "no I'm not in the …
Kiss me again by We Are The In Crowd ft. Alex Gaskarth has been playing on repeat since yesterday 🎶😍
Photoset: paramorre: endless list of flawless people - alex gaskarth "music is the soundtrack to every good...
My phone corrects Alex Gaskarth to Alex Gayskarth so that's pretty cool
Old, but one of my favorite. Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low.
||For sure Kellin Quinn, Andy Biersack, and Ronnie Radke, but Patrick Stump, Alex Gaskarth, Brendon Urie, and Gerard...
So do Alex Gaskarth used to be my fav singer until Vic Fuentes came.
MTV does this whole thing dedicated to Taylor swifts birthday yet they don't say one thing about Alex Gaskarth & Vic Fuentes
but Alex Gaskarth is more perf like
::McFly News:: McBusted open up about working with Mark Hoppus, Rivers Cuomo and Alex Gaskarth
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