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Alex Ferguson

Sir Alexander Chapman Alex Ferguson, CBE (born 31 December 1941) is a Scottish football manager and former player who has managed Manchester United since 1986. His tenure has seen the club go through an era of success and dominance both in England and in Europe, giving Ferguson a reputation as one of the most admired and respected managers in the history of the game.

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great Ryan Giggs does not believe the club's post-Alex Ferguson decline was inevitable.
Ryan Giggs: Sir Alex Ferguson left a huge void at Manchester United but decline was not inevitable. h…
Marrying a Catholic would effectively end Alex Ferguson's career at Rangers. No wonder he turned them down when they sack…
I wud like Alex Ferguson or Walter Smith to come out of retirement 4a couple of years & take Scotland job, but my money is on Paul lambert
Blair is responsible last 2 elections loses in the same way Alex Ferguson is responsible for Man Utd not winning the league…
Guess the year . >Trevor McDonald and Alex Ferguson become Knights of the realm. >Ross Kemp leaves EastEnders . >Mille…
Bob Bradley aims to emulate Alex Ferguson at Swansea
Alex Ferguson urged Manchester United to sign senior Tottenham man this summer – report
Horse racing's answer to Alex Ferguson: The Irish trainer of Harzand, one of the runners in the prestigious Prix de…
Phil Thompson on Tony Pulis: "He's like Alex Ferguson". That confirms it. He's lost the plot.
Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool ran out of energy in Europa final - Alex Ferguson /definitely makes sense.
Jose Mourinho and Alex Ferguson at the UEFA Elite coaches forum!
has started today at in Nyon, attending are Luis Enrique, Alex Ferguson, Zinedine Zidane...
I think it was Alex Ferguson who described Dennis Wise as a man who could start a fight in an empty room.
Alex Ferguson's and Sir Bobby Charlton first choice maybe but not the fans!
Paul Pogba opens up about his interesting relationship with Alex Ferguson
Paul Pogba tells Sky Sports he always loved and has 'big respect' for Alex Ferguson:
You're the Mel Gibson to my Macaulay Culkin. The Hulk Hogan to my Rikishi. The Ron Atkinson to my Alex Ferguson.
Famous people spotted today include Alexander Armstrong and Alex Ferguson, and my brother managed to get a selfie with the latter
Here's how Pogba actually departed from Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson-
Sir-prized Sirs Michael Caine, Richard Branson, Alex Ferguson, Alan Sugar, John Major &Winston Churchill all left school with no certificate
The striking partnership of Alex Ferguson and Michael Moritz via
Rival fans are so bitter that we have Mourinho just like the old days with Alex Ferguson
Euro 2016 Best Moment. Sir Alex Ferguson, a proud father, waiting for his sons, Nani and Ronaldo, to give a hug.. :) http…
BBC Sport - Ryan Giggs: Sir Alex Ferguson says Welshman has 'steel' to be a manager
Rio Ferdinand reveals why he got the Alex Ferguson hairdryer treatment
Paul Pogba has started this match like somebody told him that Alex Ferguson is in the crowd
Jose Mourinho can learn from how Alex Ferguson nurtured tragic Adrian Doherty via
"Alex Ferguson - if you're good enough, you are old enough"
Whether you are into football or comedy, Manchester provides: Alex Ferguson and Chris Addison to name a few
Steve Bruce and Alex Ferguson's birthdays are on New Years Eve...players were stilled hammered on New Years Day back then.
That's a bit like saying Alex Ferguson lost more games as Man U manager than Louis Van Gaal. That is also a
If GetReading are putting Steve Bruce in the mix they may as well go all in and put Alex Ferguson and Robocop on the list too
Steve Kean looking more like Alex Ferguson by the second.
Back in Ireland for the & kicking off an exciting week with Sir Alex Ferguson tomorrow night in Dublin https…
"Man Utd appointment is another Mourinho victory over Alex Ferguson" good article, dont know if i believe it all tho
The new is like when Sir Alex Ferguson left Man United its not top gear without Hammond, May & Clarkson!
Sir Alex Ferguson tells Ian Wright why he didn’t sign him | GiveMeSport
Alex Ferguson on Wenger: "When you talk about consistency, Arsene's never changed the way that his side has played." ht…
INTERESTING FACT: Sir Alex Ferguson's Aberdeen still remain the last team to beat Real Madrid in a European Final
Well done to Aaron Blackwood and James Young who were awarded their Presidents' Badges by Sir Alex Ferguson...
Sir Alex Ferguson and Edwin van der Sar reunited at Champions League final
Congratulations to everyone from the & District Battalion of the Boys Brigade who received Awards tonight from Sir Alex Ferguson.
Alex Ferguson slipped Clattenburg cash before the FA Cup Final 👀😭😂
Sir Alex Ferguson : "I look at Jose and I see myself reflected in many of the things he does."
Jose Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson are the only two managers in Premier League history to earn more than 90 points in…
Alex Ferguson's best team ever was the team he had between 2006 and 2009.
Alex Ferguson reading the newspaper the day after his hat trick for St. Johnstone against Rangers at Ibrox 1963
Jose Mourinho is the next Sir. Alex Ferguson para United! Glory, Glory Man
Picture: Two Manchester United legends reunited: Edwin van der Sar has shared a picture with his ...
Alex Ferguson reading the local paper after scoring a hat trick for St Johnstone vs Rangers at Ibrox 1963.
Adrian Chiles with your face like Alex Ferguson's undercarriage
Harvard MBA students take lectures from Alex Ferguson but the former Manchester United manager is a bad case study
I think it will be better if sir Alex Ferguson to return and heal united.
Pochettino says he had a sleepless night after "very emotional" meeting with Sir. Alex Ferguson.
Mauricio Pochettino drinks in wise words from his inspiration Alex Ferguson.
Alex Ferguson, George Best, Eric Cantona, Bett Lynch, your boys took one *** of a beating. ⚒
I hope Alex Ferguson assinates Louis Van Gaal in the changing rooms.
Reminds me of what Carlo sd when sacked Ray Wilkins. I'm not the manager like Alex Ferguson, just the coach Not in m…
Steve Keane beat Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson in the same season he received death threats by his own fans in the stadium
Wee Jim McLean, Jock Stein and Alex Ferguson were all "dreamers"...
Darren and Alex Ferguson won it together 1992-93.
Big day today! Lads like Matt Busby,Alex Ferguson,Roy Keane,Eric Cantona,Darren Fletcher,John O Shea would give their lives to win today!!
that might be Darren and Alex Ferguson
Former Liverpool manager Bob Paisley (right) shares a joke with Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson (left)...
Darren Ferguson is the worst manager ever, this is the man who has Alex Ferguson as his father 😂
in fact Alex Ferguson turned down both Chelsea and Arsenal.
Manchester United's new £30,000 signing Giuliano Maiorana with Alex Ferguson and Bryan Robson, 1988.
1. 2008 was Alex Ferguson from Scotland, . 2. 2012 Roberto Di matheo An Italian of Chelsea Club (Page 1)
Renato Sanches to Manchester United: Sir Alex Ferguson gives seal of approval to '£46m target' -
I've one sir Alex Ferguson stand can meet outside the ground
Alex Ferguson gives seal of approval for £46m Benfica target
remember an interview with Joe Royle and Alex Ferguson before the 95 final.
Mark Hughes is going to tear into his players at half-time with a rant Shakespeare (or Alex Ferguson) could have written.
"Dear FFT, could I please see a picture of Graham Taylor, Alex Ferguson and Jack Charlton larking about on a slide? Brian…
have announced the pundits for the Real Madrid game,. Paddy Crerand, Alex Ferguson and back in the studio General Franco.
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Pep Guardiola joins Alex Ferguson & Carlo Ancelotti with 7 semi-final appearances as a coach, only Jose Mourinho
Alex Ferguson tells Masters champion Willett: I had eight grand on Spieth
. Here's the video of Alex Ferguson telling Wilett he had £8k on Spieth to win.
Tottenham midfielder Dele Alli admits that praise from Steven Gerrard and Alex Ferguson has come a...
I seem to remember Alex Ferguson claiming that Jaap Stam was the best central defender in the league, just before be sold him.
As Roy Keane said Fergie did what was best for as long as it was best for Alex Ferguson.
The other side of Van Gaal, Sir (?) Alex Ferguson, Roy Hogdson and Arsene Wenger.
Good read.Alistair Campbell talks in his book about how Alex Ferguson said this is important as well as ample rest
Stoke City: Sir Alex Ferguson hails Robert Huth influence in...: SIR Alex Ferguson has hailed the import...
Alex Ferguson hails Robert Huth influence at Leicester - but doesn't mention his free-kicks.
They're different skills. Neither Bob Paisley nor Alex Ferguson were particularly great players.
I highly recommend you read ‘Leading’ by legendary Manchester United Football Club Manager, Alex Ferguson and Mike…
Alex Ferguson didn't knock Liverpool off their f**king perch; Craig Johnston and his Anfield Rap did
A 1989 letter from Kenny Dalglish to Alex Ferguson (via )
30-years ago I was in this situation with top names like Alex Ferguson,Giovanni Trapattoni…
Just woken up from a dream where I was thrown in a prison cell for an altercation with Ed Woodward & Alex Ferguson outside St. James' Park.
Alex Ferguson asked if Leicester can win title: "Of course.They'll win it with 3 games to spare". Their 3rd last game?…
my top 5 manager of all time is no1 Bobby Robson 2 sir Alex Ferguson 3 Carlo acellotti 4 jose morinho's 5 pep guadiola
See Bobby Charlton & Alex Ferguson were at the West Brom vs Man Utd game last night. Both looking well too.
I really can't support this, Alex Ferguson and Bobby Charlton? On what grounds? Just stop, you're being silly.
Alex Ferguson and Bobby Charlton are twins
Alex Ferguson, Bobby Charlton, David Gill, the Glazers, Ed Woodward and the rest of the board all must die!!
The work of a team should always embrace a great player, but the great player must always work. – Alex Ferguson
Just seen a clip of Alex Ferguson in the crowd looking like super gran!!
Every thing that was won was down to Alex Ferguson, the level of crack the man papered over is frightening. It's all blown …
Alex Ferguson absolutely loved to box according to Manchester United's former power coach
Since the retirement if Mike Riley, Howard Webb and Alex Ferguson; the results have become very unpredictable.
Pete Broadbent - favourite player of George Best and Alex Ferguson.
Jaeho Hwang calls Shangri La Dialogue "the Man Utd of security forums." Quickly adds "...Man Utd in the Alex Ferguson years…
remember when Rene Meulensteen used to put cones out for Alex Ferguson so everyone thought he would be a good manager
nice to see Alex Ferguson in the crowd as well
Klopp on Alex Ferguson:"Maybe he is the best ever. The John Lennon of football or something". http…
LFC fans fewmin because Klopp complimented Alex Ferguson, I'd be more concerned that he called Adam Lallana one of the best midfielders
If any other manager had called Alex Ferguson ‘the John Lennon of football’ there would have been uproar, I recko…
CLASSIC: Roy Keane on Alex Ferguson's team talk against Tottenham...
ex white van man who models himself on Tom cruise & Alex Ferguson
Donjazzy is the Alex Ferguson of the music industry. Na them referee dey always favour.
So is there a betting company that hasn't used the Alex Ferguson/balloon vine to mark his 74th birthday yet?
“I would have happily remained big Jock’s assistant for the rest of my days.”. Alex Ferguson
This guy actually got the Manchester United job after Alex Ferguson. Just let that sink in. 😐🔫
I wish Alex Ferguson would come back to United 😅
BREAKING! Alex Ferguson recommends to Edward Woodward that Van Gaal is sacked & Bobby Charlton takes over as manager.
"Michael Collins was a romantic figure, his fight against the English between the Easter Rising...". - Alex Ferguson
Alan Hodgkinson - ultimate pro and a lovely man: Man who famously advised Alex Ferguson to sign Peter Schmeichel is…
Jose Mourinho is the CEO that will bring you quick success. Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, those will build you dynasties! Chee…
WATCH: Cristiano Ronaldo chats with ESPN about UCL records, Alex Ferguson, and his future.
Ronaldo has an ice room in his house: Former Manchester United coach Alex Ferguson on Monday rev...
Leicester have now been top of the Premier League for 12 days since Alex Ferguson left Man Utd. United themselves 10 days. (
Alex Ferguson was a one off. It's almost impossible to recreate his magic.
Last plug. Today's piece for Football Fancast on how Alex Ferguson's United legacy is a lie -
Didier Drogba when asked who he thinks are the best managers of his generation - "Jose, Alex Ferguson, Carlo Ancelotti
Martin Samuel: "CR7's greatest attraction for MUFC, as well as the fans & everything, is Alex Ferguson, who he regarded…
Alex Ferguson's letter to Eric Cantona after he left Manchester United.
Seems like a world away. The, 'Billy Davies will be like our Alex Ferguson.' Is a particular highlight.
Robin williams as the genie in Aladdin, One wish, make Alex Ferguson 45yrs old so we can start all over again.
The absolute joy in Alex Ferguson face as he walked on the pitch for UNICEF match 😃
Alex Ferguson or Carlo Ancelotti have not won everything in the game between them none have won the uefa cup !!
Is it me or was Alex Ferguson using Carlo Ancelotti as a walking aid?
29 years ago today, Alex Ferguson was appointed manager of United. 26 years & 38 trophies later he retired. https…
On this day, 29 years ago, Manchester United unveiled Alex Ferguson as their new manager. The rest is history. https:/…
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On this day in 1986, unveiled Alex Ferguson as their new manager. 1500 games & 38 trophies later...
What you see below is exactly how Alex Ferguson took the title away from Kevin Keegan in 1996
Alex Ferguson trusted the kid, David Moyes & Van Gaal destroyed him and Ancelotti only used him. Now Roger Schmidt has for the Better⚽️
Does this make him out to be the next Alex Ferguson? I'm not reading it if not.
yeah, but you were David Moyes to his Alex Ferguson
Love this on the difference between and in Alex Ferguson's book leading.
.jokes he'd pay 'a lot of money' to see Alex Ferguson knock out Roy Keane
Rory McIlroy very clear on who he would back in a fight between Alex Ferguson and Roy Keane
what if Alex Ferguson and Janet Jackson were applying for a job as a football manager? Who would you employ?
U never know but Tim Sherwood could be the next sir Alex Ferguson, we just got to give Tim a chance and support the chap
Watching documentary on Alex Ferguson - far from objective. Would never have got rid of Roy Keane at his peak. It's Why he backed Cantona.
Steven Gerrard finally hits back at Alex Ferguson!!
oh when I hear that accent I think of Alex Ferguson 😂😂😂but then Marti Pellow I like 😉
If Manchester airport changes its name to sir Alex Ferguson airport, I'll boycott. Liverpool has a connection to John Lennon. Alex is a scot
Alex Ferguson now listed on suicide watch along with Piers Morgan & Arsne Wenger. Another victim of The Klopp Effect.
Tony Blair, the SAS, Ian Brady and Satan have their say on Alex Ferguson in this revealing documentary.
Imagine having Alex Ferguson in church leadership!
Alex Ferguson there's so much guff written about football managers.Without Lee Martin in 1990 many youngsters would never had heard of him.
That video of the man popping the balloon beside Alex Ferguson is amazing
Alex Ferguson: Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool appointment has me worried
Alex Ferguson: Klopp's appointment as boss has me worried.
Just a reminder Alex Ferguson is nearly dead and he'll be in *** with George Best and Bobby Charlton
David Beckham: Sir Alex Ferguson misses shouting at referees for - by http:…
Jose Mourinho couldn't be swayed by Alex Ferguson to take Man United job: ESPN FC's Craig Burley is fed up wit...
Alex Ferguson and Bobby Charlton and so many top people have played golf at the hotel I'm staying at⛳️😏
What a chance for the visitors, Alex Ferguson flicks the ball into the path of Andy Sandell who drives into the box and scuffs wide
'I was no monster' says Man Utd's former manager Alex Ferguson - BBC News
discuss overdue goal scorers, Alex Ferguson and the htt…
discuss overdue goal scorers, Alex Ferguson and the
1967: Alex Ferguson equalises for the Light Blues who draw 1-1 with Hearts at Ibrox. Andy Penman then missed a penalty.
All purpose parts banner
A first career goal for Stewart McKimmie is enough to seal the title for and Alex Ferguson in 1984
However, in getting to number 2 beat Jamie Oliver and, sweet for a Leeds fan, Alex Ferguson.
Is Corbyn an Alex Ferguson or a Steve McClaren? Like his football comparison with Labour. Needs to be a winner
Is happiness about contentment or always striving for more? Column on Alex Ferguson and the nature of greatness -
Most inspiring people I have ever seen and listened too. Sir Alex Ferguson what a LEGEND!
Chicharito: "Ancelotti's a gentleman, cut from the same cloth as [Sir Alex] Ferguson. They have character."
Watched the Sir Alex Ferguson interview where he talks about how Jamie can be a great manager. Does Gary echo these thoughts?
Fascinating insights into leadership from Alex Ferguson. Loved the stories about Stein, Shankly and Cantona.
It's like watching an Alex Ferguson casting call
oh I forgot to post this but here's my Alvvays cover, let me know what u all think my sweet bbys
Was Sir Alex Ferguson really a monster? Find out here
Was at a Sir Alex Ferguson talk tonight about his new book, and leadership in all industries. It was an incredible insight and learned a lot
Incredible experience listening to Sir Alex Ferguson on Leadership tonight with
What his extraordinary letter to Eric Cantona tells us about Sir Alex Ferguson. Monday column.
what a football legend sir Alex Ferguson
Sir Alex Ferguson could have signed Thomas Muller when he was 10 and missed out on Ronaldo in 1994... and the five other stars that got
sitting in s hotel in Bulgaria reading Alex Ferguson's latest book.. Leading.. Very complimentary about you Gary, great read
Our Alex Ferguson presenting at Inogen WorldView Conference, providing overview of redevelopment in UK
I do love the way Stan Collymore thinks he's a better judge of a world class footballer than Sir Alex Ferguson 😂
Ryan Giggs should be the next Man Utd manager – Sir Alex Ferguson via
- Sir Alex Ferguson backing Ryan Giggs to become Manchester United's next...
Paul Pogba agent Mino Raiola hits back at Sir Alex Ferguson: \'Ferguson only likes tho
Wee post concert reception for Sir Alex Ferguson, and it's double time - not a bad night at work.
are top of the table for the first time since Sir Alex Ferguson retired:
Alex Ferguson sent this letter to Eric Cantona after he left MUFC (from Leading
Tbh I thought Steve Evans was going to be like Rotherhams Alex Ferguson
if Gerrard had played for Man Utd in the Sir Alex era would he of been considered 'World class' by Ferguson?
Sir Alex Ferguson on who's a better manager between Arsene Wenger/Jose Mourinho: "Even Wenger will tell you it's Mourinho."
Zidane,Pele,Messi,Ronaldo,Xavi, Beckham and the Greatest Manager of all time Sir Alex Ferguson chose Scholes. And u?
"The minute that we don't work work harder than the other team, we'll not be Manchester United". Sir Alex Ferguson.
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Man United manager Louis Van Gaal will stay at the club beyond the end of his contract in 2017, according to former boss Sir …
All this Alex Ferguson arsewank about leadership. I don think covering genius product designers in spittle would've created the ipod tbh.
Waiting for the legend himself, Sir Alex Ferguson at
Is Alex Ferguson's ego a tad out of check? investigates -
A 'big growling bully?' No. 'A winner'. The inside view on Sir Alex Ferguson
Chicharito: "Playing under Sir Alex Ferguson for three years is one of my biggest achievements." [
Alex Ferguson backs Ryan Giggs for Manchester United hot seat after Louis Van Gaal.
David Beckham: Sir Alex Ferguson 'world class' snub doesn't bother me: MLS commissioner Don Garber talks about...
Is Bogdan for Rodgers what Mark Robins was for Alex Ferguson? . Time will tell.
Alex Ferguson says he managed only 4 world class players - Eric Cantona, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes. Let that sink in.
Alex Ferguson would later have Neale Cooper, Neil Simpson, Willie Miller, Roy Keane and Paul Ince in his teams
Chris Hartford 40 yard td pass to Alex Ferguson. Clippers go 90 yards in 7 plays. Norwell 18, Dedham 0 with 2:45 left in half. PAT pending
Bryan Robson, Peter Reid and 'Sir' Alex Ferguson at the cricket. There'll be some booze getting tossed back in that box.
Q: If you could ask one question to a sportsman/sportswoman?. Gerrard: "I’d ask Alex Ferguson, ‘Do you really think that I a…
Ask Walter Smith about JS,ask Alex Ferguson,they would both kick you up the *** for calling him that name.
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Harnendez thanks to Alex Ferguson, but not LVG and David Moyes ? Lol
And flawed. Alex Ferguson was brilliant and flawed. David is brilliant and flawed. is brilliant and FLAWLESS
BREAKING NEWS: Alex Ferguson will come out of retirement just to coach San Benito High School.
2 goals from Alex Ferguson and 1 from Willie Johnston secures a win for the Gers.
Alex Ferguson said that Phil Jones could be uniteds best signing since Duncan Edwards
Jock Stein & Alex Ferguson in Spain for a World Cup qualifier in 1985.
Plymouth boss Derek Adams on learning from Alex Ferguson while at Aberdeen as a kid
Does anyone remember in 1990 when Mark Robins scored v Forest and saved Alex Ferguson's job? Anyway, looking forward to football tonight...!
why have I heard you reference sepp blatter and Alex Ferguson? Are you a football (real football) fan?
Matt Busby's pivatol signing. was Denis Law, he changed everything post Munich.Alex Ferguson's moment was Eric Cantona, will LVG have one?
Alex Ferguson used to chew his players out in the changing room. Mark Hughes compared it to standing in front of a hair dryer
Wayne Rooney's career!. Discovered by Everton. Developed by Alex Ferguson. Killed by David Moyes. Buried by Van Gaal.
Third Man Utd game I've watched this season, and the third time it has been boring. Hated him at the time but god do I miss Alex Ferguson.
The current British queen and Alex Ferguson will die on the same day. Mark my words
Alex Ferguson should be sent to close transfer deals for Manchester United. . Not many players will say NO to him.
Alex Ferguson scores for United in 1973 . (Ayr United) that is. .
ICYMI: Worth a watch, Alex Ferguson giving tabloid journalists a telling for 'their lies'.
Alex Ferguson must be really disappointed with how Jones and smaliing have turned out,such good early promise,now like headless chickens.
& D1 have made their mark as the Alex Ferguson of Nigerian Entertainment. I hope Joe El becomes another CR7 after 2face.LOL
Tributes pour in for Alex Ferguson's legendary Irish talent spotter Joe ... - Irish Independent -
ON THIS DAY: In 2007, Alex Ferguson objected to Gabriel Heinze request to join Liverpool. He was later sold to Real Madrid.
Alex Ferguson coached a team from the Hunter Valley? I wrote a book about a woman from there.
Very well done, Alex Ferguson. Bought an injury prone 29-year-old to satisfy his own ego and not give a *** about the long term viability.
they still might do. Man Utd used to have Alex Ferguson as DoF, with Mike Phelan as Head Coach. Wonder if Leicester do similarly
he doesn't seem to like Alex Ferguson
Alex Ferguson had never seen Bebe play before he signed him.
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