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Alex Evans

Alex Evans (born 18 August 1989) is a British model. In July 2008 she was announced as the winner of Cycle 4 of Britain's Next Top Model.

China announces plans to nuke North Korea!
On 13rw remember how the creep had those guns?? What if he shot alex and is going to shoot everyone else who was on Hannah's tapes?
🔥NEW VIDEO: MODERN LOVE🔥. Shot in Paris w/long time Big Chief and the uber cool Rae Evans. . ENJOY x. https…
Congratulations to Ed Clark, Dom Macolino, Taun Evans, Isaiah Hall, and Alex Vondra for be selected for…
Excellent review of the myth gap with plenty of useful onward refs from
Geoff Lippett, Alex White, Raymond Blackham, Chris Evans & Paul McGrath have become members of the Mixer Truck club…
Saffiyah Khan, UK. Leshia Evans, USA. A reminder that Women of color have always been at the forefront of resistance. ht…
This stupidity was told to you by the American media? Do not believe them. Fake news 😂🤣.
Talking for at recent with Alex Evans & Richenda Van Leeuwen. Many countri…
Alex Evans: has made great progress in providing citizens is confident more countries will follow…
Today at panel talk: Alex Evans shares how is making a big impact in providing access to
watch Alex Evans and talk about 's work on
Well, I say rant normally, but sometimes "rahnting"
Seriously?! I hope you realise just how wrong you are
The drug war is a scam, prescription drugs kill 300K/year, marijuana kills no one but they spend billions/year fightin…
We missed Alex's signs while we focused on Hannah. This teaches us to be aware of others at all times! 😭❤️
Authentic Masters Jacket found in Toronto thrift store & bought for $5 being auctioned off tonight by cu…
Not necessarily, Edmund and Evans have proved they can compete with the best
MSU's 4th run chases Dalton Westfall from the game. Alex Evans in to take over.
Getting a call and hearing from today made me the happiest girl ever. Love you Alex and can NOT wait to see you again!!! ❤️❤️
Id have Evans single high if he was more disciplined. I wouldnt have him near the box tbh.
Justin Evans as a box safety is interesting
This healthy by Chef Pete Evans adds a Thai-inspired twist to your usual chicken cakes.
Just stumbled upon William Evans Gordon's home, one of the key anti alien agitators I'm analyzing!
New scene with Kris Evans, Zac DeHaan & Julien Hussey now on ht…
When you're eating popcorn, watching a movie, and get to the part where Chris Evans takes his shirt off:
How to Find a Job, Adventures, and Other Opportunities in Your Dream Location
Thanks to Adam, Josh, Alex, and brilliant team at for their hospitality--and A-ha.
ALEX EVANS LMAO! i remember when him and his friend dropped an EP on itunes when he ditched the scene life
if you do need anything else, just send us over a DM! [Alex] 📱📲
Boom! Alex Evans gets out of a huge jam to strand 2 MSU runners to keep them scoreless. 1-0 UTM
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Mad that as I was just thinking to myself "I wonder what Richard Dunne makes of this Luke Shaw situation"
Wouldn't pay to see either of them. But I don't have hills and alex geezer. Can't stand lee Evans or Sarah Millican either
I will get the team to chase this up for you! We will drop you a DM. [Alex]
It is super weird, but also great, that this article is in People Magazine. via
Deeply sadden to hear about the terror attack in Stockholm. My thoughts go out to the people and families affected.
LIVE NOW: FaZe CS:GO's week at the $300,000 StarSeries continues.
ICYMI: My story on linebacker Rashaan Evans and his brother, UA cheerleader Alex Evans:
Zlatan Ibrahimovic retires from international football. . Thank you, Legend.
"Should I stay or should I go now?. If I go there will be trouble. An' if I stay it will be double".
Modern girls. 9 'Speckled' - Alice Ma by Alex Evans for V Magazine
Luke Evans Event with Alex Zane,. at the Mondrian London Hotel via
And Alex Ferguson's preference for Jonny Evans over Gerard Pique was finally vindicated today.
The only thing worse than the prices in Costa are the prices in service station Costas.
Hi, annual reminder that Sir Alex Ferguson thought Jonny Evans a better player than Gerard Pique.
It's beyond me how Sir Alex won the league with Jonny Evans!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Andrew Webster of & Alex Evans of named Players of the Week.
If I walked by Alex Evans on the street, I might die. And you can check out his Instagram- It's still imalexevans
Check out this trailer for a documentary about Bob Baker here: and don't miss my chat w/ Alex Evans!
Happy easter! Live music with Ogo from 4pm and then we have Alex Evans from 8pm!
Couldn't wait to upload so here it is! Put in that new remix of propaganda by 🔥 it's lit https:/…
Should sign Alex Teixeira just for his wife!!!
Alex - we are working breaks on Evans St and two on Trinity St today - there may be some lane closures and...
Rashad Evans vs. Shogun Rua targeted for UFC on FOX 19
Get your FREE tickets to the Live Taping here, ->
What an amazing film. Starring Mark Evans as Alex 'Hurricane' Higgins and David Vyvyan as Steve 'Interesting'...
Petition to get 'Undatables' Alex to host new Top Gear after Chris Evans becomes car sick on track
Alex - we are aware of leaks at 4905 Maury Lane and 244 Evans Lane. We have not yet been able to access them for...
Our Sales Executive Alex Evans has just signed up and is very impressed with the ease of use.
"Computing & productivity has changed radically before & will change again" - h…
We need to know what is happening: I fully agree with everything Alex Evans said – about ‘Talk to us and help ...
Everyone has woken up late today Alex is still in bed Evans been awake for 6 minutes list goes on
Before. It was that moment when Alex Evans added the flowers to the spinning pinwheel. I audibly squealed.
name drop Alex Pritchard to Evans.. remember him from Brentford last year, would be very good for us
Peter Crouch will always be the real winner...
Steve Evans grew up not far from legendary Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson and says fellow Scots Craig Brown, Arch…
I am not looking forward to eating Evans food again
Taco night... Tanya Decided Sara Evans Alex Evans Sway Ortiz .Patsy Ortiz. when you try to add patsy and she is...
NAIROBI Governor Kidero sacks his Environment Executive Evans Ondieki after weeks of political wrangles at City Hall ht…
Nangis kenceng. Tristan Evans and James Mcvey just drive me crazy
Alex Evans: As a nation, from the very beginning we have been, "we must protect what's ours because it's not ours"
It seems that Alex would be a very popular choice to present Top Gear. Got to be better than Chris Evans any day.
There's no evidence that he can actually manage a team either. Might as well appoint Jonny Evans or Diego Forlan.
better directorial debut of 2015: Alex Garland, Chris Evans, or Joel Edgerton?
Chris Evans et J Law : it's a no from me
Dead leg rules Alex Mowatt out of Brentford trip:.
Website Builder 728x90
If Troy Bolton can turn down Sharpay Evans then you can turn down that *** that's in your dms and be loyal to your Gabriel…
Some days I just need to see my Alex Cleveland Evans...I miss seeing his smile every day!
Not that I'm biased, but you can definitely add Alex Lynn to that list as well. You can never count Mitch Evans out either.
And Evans name in this movie is Alex. Weird
Williams, Norwood, Evans, Quinn, Tshibola, Alex, Kuhl. not including the youths 😂😂
For those about to Rock. AC/DC concert. Where are you Alex Evans?
Chris Evans to help you through your day
[and will hinge on the smooth union of and | Alex Evans
literally was awful. 'I don't like vanilla, it makes me sick' Alex drinks vanilla vodka. Alex is sick 😂 I am actually howling
I sent my only copy to Alex Hirsch in my fan mail and .didn't even think to take a freaking picture! Crud! Oh well😉.
Lost to Cory by 4. Wish I didn't start Evans...
GIF: Jordan Matthews lucky to pop up from this hit
I don't believe it but the Falcons defense actually looks stout for the first time in years. Pass rush is no longer anemic
He's making Byron Maxwell look like a waste of money
hey Alex. PC Evans here 😉 Have a watch of an eg of how my TV show could be.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The irony of Alex being so concerned about how Binky is treated by JP - shame he couldn't manage that when they were together
Alex Cleveland Evans and Zach Evans Izzy Roe wishes you were at the fair to ride with her!!
Dan Evans, Washington's greatest governor, just endorsed our next governor, Bill Bryant. . .
Ex-Gov. Dan Evans endorses Republican long shot Bill Bryant, recalls when he was the long shot.
Heath Evans on the NFL Network suggesting a minimum four-game suspension for Ndamukong Suh. LOL.
Catfish is coming to the UK and I wish it were 2007 when MySpace was full of fake Alex Evans' and love sick teenage girls
omg I just found out Alex and Chris Evans have the same stunt double 😱
"I love to frown frowning is my favorite"
Alice Ma from Next Models Canada in the spring issue of Chloe Magazine. Photography by Alex Evans.
Evanians of the week: Alex M - excellence in Rugby and Cricket. Toby and Roman Wheatley - on fire at Yr 9 leadership
Evans hurt.I subbed out Wilson for Alex Smith instead of Jameis this morning so Im happy
Top story lines today: Alex Smith to Travis Kelce. Mike Evans sitting out, TY Hilton hurt. James Jones back w/Pack. what else?
Sharon Williams Evans, get ya flabby *** on to this quickly if you can make use of it. dont think its gonna be...
They making Alex Smith look like a legend
Louis Murphy will start for Mike Evans. Look for some mixture of Russell Shepard and Adam Humphries in the slot.
Sustainable development will hinge on the smooth union of private and public | Alex Evans
'Alex Jones and Tim Rhys-Evans present Proms in the Park, featuring Rebecca Evans and John Owen Jones' how Welsh does that sound? 😂😂
MNF tomorrow night ? Let me know if you want the night off?
Alex Smith starts off his 2015 campaign 9/12 for 138 yards and 2 TDs. .
First week of the season... And already I'm not sure if I should start Mike Evans.
How did our Prophet (saas) advise Muslims to conduct themselves when provocations prevail in a community? Grealish Alex Ramos Mike Evans
In order to raise a quality individual, it is necessary to develop quality ideas Grealish Alex Ramos Mike Evans
Dont know what the eff 2 do w Evans.Started and over him PPG league . I'm just going 2 pretend its
Mort just said Evans will be out there limited maybe even not dressing
So is Mike Evans good to go today or nah?
Evans hammy is dicey. He could only play one quarter and limp off. So yes
Literally have the same decision. I have no one to replace Evans with if he doesn't go this afternoon.
They’re both dealing with injuries, Evans more injured, but also better player. I think you go Evans if he starts.
PPR I think they are fairly even today, standard I'd lean toward Evans.
Eddie Royal or Mike Evans. What to do. I'm having issues right now.
is Mike Evans suiting up for game one?
Love this make-up by Natalie Ventola. Shot by Alex Evans
Tonight Tim Rhys-Evans & Alex Jones present highlights from BBC Proms in the Park in Swansea. 📺 BBC Two Wales, 6.45pm.
The Tennessee Titans do not have one DB over 6'1". Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson and Austin Seferian-Jenkins of the Buccaneers.…
“Former DJ Zoe Ball tipped to join Chris Evans on Top Gear line-up . *YES 👍👍👍
Good luck to Lisa Evans and Arianna Perry in the GNR today!! From us all from at Alway NPT!!
Rise And Fall by Michael Molloy And Alex Evans is in George & Dragon Inn, Chichester. Download it now at
SEC Network announcer: "Tennessee is like the Kardashians of the SEC. They've gotten all this attention but haven't reall…
Florida Gators just received a penalty for excessive celebration. Against ECU.
The good news, folks, is that if your kids grow up to disappoint you, they can always work as SEC officials
Holy crap I hate Tennessee but even I'm sick over that missed call. hire some new refs!!!
I despise Tennessee but I must say their Nike gear is 100x better than their Adidas gear
gameday will be at their game at Bama no doubt
TRUUU they probably could've beat Fresno St twice today lol
What happened to Alex Evans and Matthew lush lmao
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Remember that day we tore up Evans and ruined everyone's commute? It was all for a new water line to make beer. http:/…
Matt Barnes in Memphis makes the Grizzlies even grind-ier. They are Reggie Evans away from taking the floor wearing helmets.
Doesn't make sense at all. He's got a Ricket in him every game. Plus they've got Smalling and Evans... 😂
After Ferguson, after Baltimore, after New York, after Alex Nieto and Amilcar Perez Lopez and O'Shaine Evans and...
Having a middle aged woman rubbing up against me talking about sex was not exactly the highlight of my evening.
Stumbled across an emo playlist on spotify and all I can think about right now is MySpace and Alex Evans lmao 6th grade was hard
Morning once again 😂 Evans twin bro Alex says u better sing with him 💪😂 http:…
When someone who can barely spell their name offers to read in class
mentioned my top 3 as Stoffel Vandoorne, Mitch Evans and Alex Lynn but all the drivers are quick
I could literally list most of the grid but top 3 standout for me so far would be Stoffel Vandoorne, Mitch Evans and Alex Lynn
make it 3 if Louis Alex Evans would reply to both of us and not ignore his Besties since day
DIRECTOR | announce Alex Evans starts July as new Director
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Greek debt crisis is the Iraq War of finance | via
Preparing to present NURTURE Winter_15, inspiration photo by Alex Evans ☺
See Walker Evans' colorful photographs of freight trains in the 1950s:
How are Evans and Barrett looking for tomorrow?
😂😂😂 thanks man! Those are a couple of good looking kids
Happy birthday to my boy killin it in the back ground.
TUFC v TUFC Legends XI this Saturday 27th June at Tingewick 1pm ko for the retiring Paul Evans and Alex Penny. Come along & watch!
Dear Dr. Alex, Be a part of our reputed congress. Please visit Have a nice time!. Evans Carter
obviously it has less to do with Corbin and more to do with the fact Dansby Swanson's dad is named ***
Evans & Carus rehearse for the Dance Challenge.
Is that trying to be funny and Alex Evans in the pic?
Academy Instructors Mike Evans, Alex Evans & Fat Flynn at today's PSP41512- Certificate IV in Government...
Goal, Alex Morgan scores with her right foot at the near post! . 1-0
Trying to watch some comedy but some guy called andrew trying to be funny, stop acting like lee evans
Never forget Alex Vause and her champagne
. did it hurt more than being knocked out by Carl Froch in front of 80,000 people at Wembley? x
That’s because UnderArmour had no golf business before Spieth. He’s going to help make them billions in golf gear sales.
Jordan Spieth’s win has increased market cap $220 million today. May end up being biggest athlete endors…
Who's going to cough up the cash to meet global poverty targets? | Alex Evans
Chris Evans celebrates new Top Gear job with One Show co-star Alex Jones and Richard Bacon.
Happy Birthday to two people that look very similar
“Oh, he’s handling it great,” Evans said on “Late Hits” co-hosted by Alex Marvez and Bill Polian and heard...
Chris Evans toasts his new Top Gear job with Alex Jones via
ok all of the avengers are dads except evans. AM are all gonna be dads except alex... why are my favs childless when i'm right here
Thoughtful piece by Alex Evans on SDG angst at Gates Foundation Good on him.
Alex Evans gets summer ready for Hedonist Magazine shot by Creena Watson 📷🎉 - full story on the Nevs blog!
Directly followed by a little kid peeing at the urinal next to me who told me I'm so tall that my head is gonna hit the roof
Old lady at the movies called me a keeper because I'm talking Kayla to see Cinderella
I've heard Tarn are getting automatics?
Today in work I was told I was like a mix between Sharpay Evans and Rachel Berry.. I've never been happier.
So Alex from target now has a youtube channel. Great.
Can my one be like Chris Evans or Channing Tatum or Douglas Booth or Ryan Guzman or Alex Pettyfer or gosh too many!!! 😍😍😍
So folks, I guess we have to keep looking. remembered that Mayor S.C. Evans had served in the St. Senate.
Marcus Evans waited too long to dip his hand in his pocket this season. No funds no options
Three changes for Alex Baptiste, Tommy Spurr and Lee Williamson in; injured Matt Kilgallon and Markus Olsson, and Corry Evans out.
Shaw, jones, Evans, Smalling, RVP for a start.
What about Samuel Cary Evans Jr? I once had to do a project on him.
Tony Abbott and Pete Evans collaborate together on new Paleo Diet book?. "Paleo Diet For A Paleo Brain"... .
I heard the Falcons are looking for a TE, Jack
Evans new gym opens for business...
Six years behind bars for shotgun selfie man:
Chris Evans hints his The One Show co-star Alex Jones is to ...
Alex Ferguson switches at Jonny Evans: via Still love it.
Full 'Casey-like' inspection of ENTIRE South Yorkshire Police announced by PCC Alan Billings. More on soon
Join The Star's Retro pullout tomorrow as it takes you on a pub crawl around Sheffield's lost watering holes
When you put good people together, good things happen. I'm feeling very proud, today.
South Yorkshire Police failed to act on child abuse allegations in Sheffield:
Baseball players: Coach Evans needs $20 tomorrow if you want to play spring ball. Spread the word.
If u remember the time I had beef with Alex Evans then u no me
Jonny Evans's spitting actions described as "simply disgusting" by FA panel. Full story:
Photoset: A superhero size THANK YOU to Chris Pratt and Chris Evans for spending time with our patients...
Congratulations to Alex Evans and Julia Hammond for their 2nd place performance at the Pasco Regional Science Fair!
“Sustainable development goals: 8 ways to make reality match ambition | Alex Evans
eight ways to make reality match ambition: 8. Liberalise migration by Alex Evans
Sustainable development goals: eight ideas to make reality match ambition | Alex Evans
Heard Heath Evans would take Alex Smith over Colin Kaepernick. Wow. People say anything to make a name for themselves. Evans is terrible.
Is jail meant to be about rehabilitation? So why shouldn't ched Evans be allowed to play football again?
If reports are accurate, UGA's Todd Gurley took advantage of his name and likeness. That's for UGA, NCAA only.
Im gonna sue the NCAA for raping 100,000+ at one time
This is just a test of the UGAAlert System right?
Clemson is now asking the NCAA how they stopped Todd Gurley.
Lol Gurley is just doing this so he can play for the Broncos or the Seahawks and not the raiders or the bucs
Let's keep in mind that Johnny only got half a game
Wonder if Todd Gurley's suspension will be as long as Cam Newton's was.
Now who's ready for the SEC to form a new collegiate athletics sanctioning body?
I think we have a new pro bono project for every student at
Reports saying Todd Gurley being investigated for accepting extra benefits for his likeness from memorabilia brokers per
Johnny Manziel got 1/2 a game and Cam Newton didn't sit a down so y'all need to stop screwing UGA like yall did with AJ and now Gurley
I doubt we would suspend the only reason we've won a game if our AA wasn't pretty sure he's cheated.
That feeling in your gut right now is the feeling of any chance of us winning the SEC east dwindling away
Hi Alex, I made this Chris Evans Parker puppet for FAB 1Million last year. I still have it. :-)
Watching Home Alone 2 getting me in the Christmas mood! ⛄️🎅🎄
I love how Matt's face crumples slightly at the end of The One Show each Thursday when Alex says she'll be joined by Chris Evans tomorrow.
Sir Alex Ferguson has backed Louis van Gaal's revolution at Oldt Trafford
Nobel Prize awarded to inventor of blue LED. Red LED inventor furious.
he coulda been a cracking Captain America (though love Vhris a Evans in the role)
Sheffield hospital chosen as crisis centre for deadly ebola virus:
Lots of great news in The Star today, but it's also - spend 65p, save way more with these deals
Ched Evans should be allowed to play football again when he is released from prison, says PFA chief
On this day in 2012, Sir Alex lead his side to a 3-0 victory at Newcastle. Evans, Evra & Cleverley scoring. htt…
of Alice Ma, I used a photograph of Alex Evans as inspiration. 100x100cm, acrylic on canvas.
How to deal with depression properly. This needs to be shared.
Avoid Summerfield Street off Ecclesall Rd, Sheffield - it's under a foot of water. Traffic very slow. Please RT.
Sheffield flash floods after heavy rain storms:
Motorcyclist helps feed the homeless - Good Guy Biker Gives Back. In this video Alex Young and myself
Hello, just tried to call you guys - can we use your pic on - with credit of course
Jonny Evans, Phil Jones, Michael Carrick and Ander Herrera will all be available for Man Utd's next match against West…
All I want is food.. All the time.. 😂
KNIFE ATTACKS: Police act to restore calm after two stabbings in Sheffield - The Star:
I hope drinking coffee doesn't stunt my growth
This afternoon I'm going to be around the Moor and city centre asking people about The Star as a paper - come and say hello...
Fund for children's art therapy honours Sheffield woman:
Life after death? The man who died for three minutes – yet can remember it all.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Diagnosis would not have saved Sheffield boy, aged six:
We can't date if you're not: . Jenn . Alex . Chris Evans . RDJ . Tayte Hanson . Steve Rogers . Tony Stark
shut up tashaun. Go stare at mrs. Evans "parallel titties" some more.
chris evans laugh should be a patented anti-D
Thanks for posting this Alex. I read all. I was at The Sad reading as this does not represent the School
There's a library in Silver Spring, MD u/c now that will have LRT running through it, too:
Ander Herrera, Chris Smalling, Jonny Evans, Phil Jones and Michael Carrick will all be available for next match…
Alex Crétey Systermans takeover continues: McNair Evans, don't miss this one!
"Alex Evans and delaney wiens friendship is the cutest thing"
Slow motion 152 clean by athlete Alex Evans at his latest comp.
Thank you to everyone who came to Paul Alex Evans 18th birthday party at The Stamford gate last night, it was great to see you all. Thanks for making it a fab night. Xxxx
I love going for free cause I'm doing something with my life and you're not
yea that's what I do you think your big an bad cuz your mommy an daddy go to Stetson for free
that's the best you got come on now I thought you could do better
lol you don't need to be. That's why you beat girls. Great guy 👏
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
you're no one Dallas. I dare you to touch Jordan
I mean it ain't nothin bro I ain't sweatin your soft *** you know were I be at
to win a Team Evans wristband. You must be following! . Winner will be chosen tomorrow. The Vamps http:…
*** Gaby Kenson Alex Jeff Evans Eric Lakiesha how all y'all doin? I miss all of y'all so much
Congratulations to Hannah and Alex Evans who got married today at St George's Church, Wembdon and reception at...
Rolling to Bob Evans on bikes hard af rn.
So this is home for the next 3 days; a 'camping pod' in Northumbria. Keep smashing my skull on doorway, but it's nice
Set off shortly for v Rotherham. Not sure if Steve Evans will be there, they haven't finished widening the M18 ye…
I'm off to Northumbria today for camping in the forest wilderness. Will I get 4G signal? I'm
So my snap chat decided to delete it's self 😂 get snapping! alexevansx
Cape Gazette NAACP youth attend nat convention Cape Gazette Hykeem Evans and Alex Paredes, members of the Lower...
Bilderserie: Chris Evans in the Captain America: The Winter Soldier gag reel
Jeremy Evans shows off his 44.5 inch vert to a kid by dunking on him | VIDEO:
Who's your favorite Pure Love star? See Arjo Atayde, Matt Evans and Alex Gonzaga live on August 17 at the...
Chris Evans of the House Sunshine, the First of His Name, the Meatball, Patron of The Left Boobs, King of...
Breast Cancer Awareness
Chris "actual ray of sunshine left boob grabbing" evans
I'd admit to alex being better than you 😂😂😂👏
I wouldn't be surprised if girls like alex but on you I'll be in for a shock
If lee Evans and Kevin hart had a kid it would be me
I told my little cousin that Chris Evans is my boyfriend and he said "I'm telling Alex"
Evans might be captain. That'll be good. Rooney n van persie can be at peace. Lool
5 hrs at the plex then I'm beach bound 😎🌴
Well July lasted about thirty seconds.
Should have whacked them with thon snooker cue, gosh. Don't they know you're the next Alex Higgins?
Bid to save Sheffielder from Pakistan from being deported after Gov spent £6k training him: …
Meagan Callen with photographed by Alex Evans for Styled by…
Safety & UK Street Prostitution: Listen to Face the Facts today 12.30 Georgina Perry & Alex
Happy Yorkshire Day. When I left Weston for Sheffield, I was given a peaked cap. Today we genuinely put it to use:
The only guy worth getting upset over is Alex Turner
[ Reality Television ] Open Question : Is alex evans a boy or girl?: ook so i just searched alex eva...
equality ft Alex pride jack etc on holiday would be jke
Photo: Meagan Callen with Elmer Olsen photographed by Alex Evans for Design Scene. Styled by Terri...
ask Alex he's the one chirpsin you ;)
I was obsessed with Andy sixx, oli Sykes and Alex Evans
It's bust a move time...Alex Evans and I have raised $4600 together for the Alberta Cancer Foundation. If you happen to be at the expo you can see us move and groove in Hall G and H :) Thank you all for your support.
6 Nations predictor league week 3 results Week 3 of this year’s 6 Nations saw a couple of close games with Scotland bouncing back to secure a 1 point victory in Italy, while England held on to beat Ireland by 3 points. Wales secured the biggest winning margin of the weekend as they impressively beat France. In our predictor league we saw an improvement from last week’s scores with 20 people scoring lower than last week’s winning score. However, not all scored that low, with some of the league leaders having a rather bad week seeing them slip well down the standings. This week saw 3 first XV players doing well for a change, they were Alex Evans, Rick Maudsley and Sam Parkinson, with all in the top 5 and out of these it was Sam Parkinson who topped this week’s predictors with an impressive 21 points, well done Sam. Anne O’Neill, who had a couple of bad weeks, had a rather better week as she came in joint second with 25 points. At the other end of the table the usual suspects of Peter Pearson 2 and ...
Congratulations to Alex Evans who is officially a PM of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia! I couldn't have picked a better Big for him myself!
All the cast were great - Alana Maria, Sarah Scowen, Julian Littman, Alex Evans. Footstomping!!
Media Molecule Technical Director, Alex Evans, takes us through the creative process of game making. Watch the complete press conference:
Alex Evans is so hot and American horror story is the best show ever
Will international development be the undoing of David Cameron? | Alex Evans via
Alex Evans you gave me a run for my money. I give you respect and a round of applause. Slim sexy, you and johnny blade got it coming bro! Yall just opened up a can of worms. You couldnt just have a clean match. You had to blind side me and and steal the title. You two tryed to take me out. Guess what! Didnt work! Im bringing back up next month. Im comeing for yo *** and im bringing *** with me. Redneckonize
Remember the days when we had Myspace and we all knew of this dude named Alex Evans who was popular for clinically NO other reason than just the fact that he was evidently "really hot" to teenage girls? Yeah well we have guys like that today as well, only they attempt to make "music" while doing so and they're called Black Veil Brides and BOTDF.
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