Alex Baldwin & Russell Brand

Alexander Rae Alec Baldwin III (born April 3, 1958) is an American actor who has appeared on film, stage, and television. Russell Edward Brand (born 1975) is an English comedian, actor, columnist, singer, author and radio/television presenter. 3.7/5

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Omg Russell brand and Alex Baldwin duo in Rock Of Ages is epic!
Late last night I couldn't sleep so I'm flipping through channels looking for something interesting, when I landed on Rock Of Ages. So I watched some of it. Okay first - I don't remember the '80's being like this - for me, it was MUCH more metal, much less cabaret. And Tom Cruise was flying fighter planes, not singing Def Leppard. The other thing - we didn't sing songs to each other in a conversation. I hate musicals. Finally, when Alex Baldwin (in a dumb *** wig) and Russell Brand sang REO Speedwagon to each other, I was done. I guess that was Hollywood's version of rock and roll. You want to be truly blown away by a metal movie? See Through the Never !!!
Adam Shankman is a genius and Mia Michaels : wow ! Tom Cruise has never been my favorite but he was pretty excellent as Stacee Jaxx . My favorite part ? Russell Brand and Alex Baldwin . So completely unexpected and somehow endearing . So fantastic , you must see Rock Of Ages and most of you probably already have .
watching "Rock Of Ages" - surprised that I am enjoying Tom Cruise - and his singing. Russell Brand and Alex Baldwin are a hoot. A bit disappointed in the young stars...just don't think they "get it".
Loving Russell Brand and Alex Baldwin in Rock Of Ages!
Alex Baldwin in Rock Of Ages... how all us ageing, suburbanised, garden-centre-visiting ex-rockers wish we had turned out. Not necessarily including the 'kissing Russell Brand' bit, though...
Just watched the greatest thing ever. Watching "Rock Of Ages" with my mom, and all I can say is Russell Brand and Alex Baldwin. This scene had me and my mom in tears laughing. Great!!!
Just went to movie with my friend Shannon.. Rock Of Ages -- Alex Baldwin and Russell Brand were hilarious!!
The chemistry between Alex Baldwin and Russell Brand was magic. How could hate it?
Only thing that made Rock Of Ages ok: Kevin Nash and Alex Baldwin and Russell brand
Sam Lloyd and I saw Rock Of Ages last nite. didn't totally realize it is a musical but I love musicals! was really surprised the Tom Cruise could sing so well. Russell Brand and Alex Baldwin also surprised me with their vocal ablitilites. loved the music! and the movie wasn't bad either.
Had a great time yesterday with my friend Ashley Walsh seeing Rock Of Ages. (Even though I got to her house too early, my bank card didn't work and my car broke down. LOL) It was a great film though. Russell Brand and Alex Baldwin were AWESOME!!!
Just saw Rock Of Ages from free pass today at Nordiac Theatre in Freeport! Very funny! Russell Brand and Alex Baldwin were great together!
Saw "Rock Of Ages" last weekend. Loved it! Tom Cruise truly found his inner rock god! The music was great! It is a musical though, so be prepared for the actors to break out in song regularly. Alex Baldwin and Russell Brand were hilarious!
"Rock Of Ages" I just came back from the theater. I wanted to see this because I related to the mucic in the trailers. After the first scene, I wanted to go to another theater in the cineplex, but I stuck with it and I'm glad. It was two stories, two couples, (three if you count a riduclous sub-plot involving Alex Baldwin and Russell Brand.) The music is of a certain era and mostly enteraining once I got into it. The two subplots, one involving the Tom Cruise and Malin Ackerman characters and another ivolving the more innocents, the characters played by Diego Bonita and Julliane Hough were schmaltzy romantic, and I think that was what finally made the movie work for me. Would I see it again? No. But I might play the trailers that give the gist of the music without hitting us over the head with it. I went to a matinee, so the audience was compatable. No one talked, no one texted, no cell phones rang. Tom Cruise was OK. So were Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, and Paul Giamtti. But the three younger stars were ...
Thank you rain. Because of you I got to see an awesome movie! Russell Brand, Tom Cruise and Alex Baldwin= comical. Loved it!!!
Saw "Rock Of Ages". Two things: 1) Reminds me when I was Music Director at KEGL and we were a HUGE station. GREAT music & rock bands in the mid to late 80's! (It's the last time KEGL was too) 2) Alex Baldwin & Russell Brand will RUIN "I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore" by REO Speedwagon forever for you in this movie! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!
Nya-ha-ha-ha. Just got the best revenge of my life. Mother's Day - McDonald's's drive-thru.I pay. SO today I take him out for Father's Day - tickets to Rock Of Ages. He squirmed the whole time I was enjoying the music. The worst for him was I Can't Fight This Feeling Anymore sung by Alex Baldwin and Russell Brand...which ended in a kiss!!! Payback is SWEET!!!
Rock Of Ages is the funniest thing I've seen in a very long time. Alex Baldwin and Russell Brand made me laugh til I cried! Thanks Julie Peters Butt for suggesting it and Carly Bobak, Katie Butt and Emily for joining us. Fun night!
Go and see Rock Of Ages, miss this film and you will regret it. First you had Donny & Marie, then Jason & Kylie, the next big sensation is Russell Brand & Alex Baldwin they have two duets one at the start of the film and one near the end, it is worth going to see this film just for these alone.There is not one bad bit to this show piece Tom Cruise was unreal as washed up rocker Stacee Jaxx, it is a fun film bit close to the knuckle for a 12A wouldn't like to be sitting next to my wee grandson.But you have the love interest in Sherrie and Drew, boy meets girl they fall in love, then fall out, and get back together Ah, true love? The cinema was was not only rocking to the music but to the laughter, the only dodgy moment was MJ in dark glasses & 80's wig, "slash" was the special guest brilliant guitarist, whoever wrote MJ's script 10 out of 10 made him look good. Star of the film has to be Hey Man. enjoy don't take it to seriously good nite out. 10/10
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