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Alex Baldwin

Alexander Rae Alec Baldwin III (born April 3, 1958) is an American actor who has appeared on film, stage, and television.

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ICYMI: Alex Bowman (to race No. 7 Chevrolet this season. | |
Alex Bowman to the for Tommy Baldwin Racing. Good, young driver in a good-looking car. Hopefully he gets some good races in.
Kevin "Bono"Manion will remain the crew chief of the No. 7 for Tommy Baldwin Racing. This year it will be driven by Alex Bowman
Kevin "Bono" Manion named crew chief for Alex Bowman: Kevin Manion will remain with Tommy Baldwin Raci...
ICYMI: has a new home for the 2015 season:
Alex Bowman to Race the for Tommy Baldwin in 2015.
Alex Bowman will compete for Tommy Baldwin Racing in the upcoming Sprint Cup Series season.
Alex Bowman to drive for Tommy Baldwin Racing -
Tommy Baldwin Racing confirms it has landed Alex Bowman for the No. 7 car. Bowman spent rookie yr at BK Racing; people like…
Alex Bowman will take over the car for Tommy Baldwin Racing.
Alex Bowman will drive the Tommy Baldwin Racing No. 7 car in 2015.
Alex Bowman will drive for Tommy Baldwin Racing this season.
Bowman Joins Tommy Baldwin Racing - Tommy Baldwin Racing has signed Alex Bowman to drive its No. 7 Chevr...
"Alex Bowman named the 2015 driver of the Tommy Baldwin Racing Chevy in the jesus..bad luck bowman
.will compete for in the upcoming Sprint Cup season:
Alex Bowman to Drive for Tommy Baldwin Racing: Tommy Baldwin Racing has announced that Alex Bowman wil...
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welcome to the ranks of Sean Penn, Alex Baldwin and Tim Robbins, etc.i will no longer see any of your films.
I would love to see Alex Baldwin's incredibly positive Parker on Friends in a match with Rachel Dratch's Debbie Downer.
It was fun looking at pictures with Will Smith &Alex Baldwin they were excited about the scenes done in their house here in Fox Chapel!
I listened how 1 of the couple's I met had a movie made in their home last week, Will Smith and Alex Baldwin..yep it will be out next yr
I agree with that. But I saw this movie called My Sisters Keeper with Cameron Diaz and Alex Baldwin
9 Highly Unusual Facts About Famous Actors 9 Unusual Facts copy “There is much pleasure to be gained from useless knowledge.” Bertrand Russell The theatre is a marvelous place with its quirks, mysteries, and superstitions. The most interesting facts about the theatre, however, concern its actors. Theater Vine has complied 9 highly unusual facts about the strange, wonderful, and often startling behavior of some our favorite actors. 1. Baby faces? - Cary Grant, Ginger Rogers, Bette Davis, and Joan Fontaine each played children’s roles when they were adults. 2. Joined in death - Performing arts professionals who died on the same day: Bernard Miles (actor and producer) and Peggy Ashcroft (actress) 6/14/91; Orson Wells (director and actor) and Yul Brenner (actor) 10/10/85; River Phoenix (actor) and Federico Fellini (film director) 10/31/93. 3. Hold the gravy! - Alex Baldwin, Alicia Silverstone, Joaquin Phoenix, Ted Danson, Casey Affleck, William Shatner, and Ann Hathaway are vegans. 4. Bad choices? - ...
Omg , Alex Baldwin wants to have a show , with Alex being the mayor of New York acting like rob ford, don't count on any Canadians to watch.
Homer working for Alex Baldwin and Kim Basinger is one of my favourites.
Also, Jack Donaghy. I fail bro quizzes (or pass?) because I have to admit that I admire Alex Baldwin (only in fake life as JD).
Foul! "Voter suppression". Alex Baldwin asked to show an ID. He refused. Yea. Go Man! The "30 Rock" star was riding his bike the wrong way at 16th Street and Fifth Avenue near Union Square Park in Manhattan when he was stopped at about 10:15 a.m. and asked to show identification, they said. That's when Baldwin, 56, refused to show his ID and acted belligerently, prompting the officers to handcuff him and take him, and his bicycle, to a nearby precinct, they said
Alex Baldwin at it again - sure glad I got my new Alec Baldwin inspired Capital One card
A special happy bday to my brother,Bruce Smith. I guess in terms of brothers, I just always tried so hard not to be Fredo Corleone to his Sonny Corleone, Stephen Baldwin to his Alex Baldwin, RFK to his JFK, Gerald Wilkins to his Dominique Wilkins, Charles O' Bannon to his Ed O' Bannon, Khloe Kardashian to his Kim Kard...wait, huh? Well either way I would like to believe I am better off for it.
Alec Baldwin does the "story teller" voice on the Thomas the train series...cannot unhear! My child hood read by Alex Baldwin
Welp my plane just arrived and guess who walked off it..not Johnny depp, not John mayer...Alex Baldwin! I have to admit I was hoping for a scene
I'd rank Dave Letterman in Cabin Boy up there with Alex Baldwin when it comes to fantastic cameos in movies.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Omg Russell brand and Alex Baldwin duo in rock of ages is epic!
I suppose you could call this a "good day". :-) Rep. John Dingell , D-Mich., the longest-serving member of Congress, to retire at the end of his term. YAY! And Pierce Morgan and Alex Baldwin are fired!
As CNN's numbers fall they drop the losers like Alex Baldwin & Piers Moron. Maybe Rachel Madcow will be next.
I don't follow Hollywood or TV stars but how could I not have heard that Alex Baldwin was a powder keg kinda guy?...
First Time! I actually agreed with Alex Baldwin! Rachel Madcow should be consigned to some 5th world whorehouse & used repeatedly by ***
Happy Sunday! Make it a good one! Breakfast with my son Ryan and then off to see Winters Tale! We rented Blue Jasmine last night directed by Woody Allen staring Cate Blanchette and Alex Baldwin very good she will be an oscar contender for sure!
My gram is really good at almost pronouncing celebrity's names. Ie: Kathy Griffith, Hallie Barra, Mark Dillion, Alex Baldwin, & Kelly Osmond
he is the equivalent of You, Martin Bashir , Alex Baldwin etc on msnBS . No class
anybody else think that Di Caprio in Wolf of Wall Street is the spitting image of Alex Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross?
TCM fans: watch the Private Screenings interview with Robert Osborne. Great interview by Alex Baldwin. Fascinating man and Baldwin is a very good interviewer. An amazing link to the classic Hollywood.
This movie Brooklyn Rules on Netflix pretty dope. Scott Caan, Freddie Prinze Jr., Jerry Ferrara and Alex Baldwin are great in it.
Shelly says I feel into a trap and gave me some choices, and mine is be naughty and save Santa the trip ... So this is going to be a celebrity party, and my guests at this Naughty Party are: Rip Torn, David Spade, Cheech and Chong, David Arquette, Kid Rock, Lady GaGa, Rob Zombie, Miley Cyrus, Paula Deen, Reese Witherspoon, Alex Baldwin, Britney Spears, Danny Trejo, Quentin Tarentino, George Clooney, Ozzy ... and this is just the first list ... enough to keep Santa away?
A year without any mentioning of Kardashians, Alex Baldwin, joan Rivers,Bruce Jenner,Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton George Zimmerman, or any other publicity hungry disfuntional person, in or out of public life.
appeal to be heard Wed. by Court of Appeals of Va. 23 yrs for 2nd-deg murder of http:/…
MSNBC needs to give you a show ! Alex Baldwin or Martin Bashears spot .. Le Bon Temps Rule a music junkie from the NoLa.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
that I don't have. I just have all of Baldwin's exams.
Sarah Palin ...put Martin Bashir and Alex Baldwin on their own network...Al Justsmearya ...good for you
Great interview w/ John Goodman. Seems like a cool dude & big fan of the show w/ the "ALEX" Baldwin reference.
When John Goodman said Alex Baldwin I knew he was a superfan.
Did cher ever get an award? If not she will be next with alex baldwin. Pres loves his awards
I love my mom no matter what goes through, no matter how much we argue, because I know, at the end, she'll always gonna be the…
Nothing haunts us like the things we don't say.
Millard Fillmore looks a lot like Alex Baldwin in a few years
Recently, MSNBC fired Alex Baldwin and already he's signed to host a new show on Fox News called, Racial Slurs With Friends
Russell Wilson overthrows WR Doug Baldwin on 3rd and 12. Seattle to punt.
Just like that, tie it up at 14. Best part? Fireworks still fly in the snow. Sing it, fans.
I'm too nice to people and it gets me walked over a lot
“Love does not begin and end the way we seem to think it does. Love is a battle, love is a war; love is a growing up.” ~…
Be nice to get a few inches of snow today just cause I like when it snows
Does anyone know who i should start for my fantasy? Mccown or alex smith also riley cooper or doug baldwin? Let me know
Southerners are having a riot right now lol they got that pride
“urban meyer finally had to play a decent team. how did that work out?” Even a comedian knows
Intoxication and snapchat don't go well together kids
are you describing Hitler, Stalin, Napoleon, Mussolini, Castro, Chavez, Putin, Alex Baldwin or Obama?
Auburn has defeated 2 Top-5 BCS teams in 8 days. Ohio State has defeated 2 Top-5 BCS teams in past 3,99…
Nick Saban said that an SEC Champion Auburn should play for the National Championship today on
Who did Ohio State beat to outrank auburn... No one
lol they get ran out of the stadium . I shed a few tears that night
lol I was swinging for them to win last year!
yea but osu has been undefeated in two straight seasons and would have went last year if it weren't for Pryor selling stuff
better than Florida states division
only time in my life I'm a Sparty fan
You can't tell me they don't deserve to jump an undefeated big ten team ...
that Alex Baldwin seemed to try to audition for but got it all wrong the other Baldwin the character is not supposed to be angry.yes.j
Seriously can't stop laughing at the snapchats I just got form 😂😂😭😭
Caught with 30 rocks cop looked like Alex Baldwin
Harry was not leaving Kendall's hotel. Kendall, Kylie and their friends are staying with Hailey Baldwin (a friend that li…
'I'm actually sick of wanking now' Alex Baldwin, 2013
all most get arrested. Leave Alex Baldwin a loan.When he did's a really bad thing then report on it. Bad on your part.
Too pumped for this dodgeball tourny..
.has commented on our good friend Spaulding
My NINE YEAR OLD SON just said this: "I want to watch the SNL skits with Alex Baldwin because he's funny, but I don't like him as a person."
Also might start understanding her love for Alex Baldwin. But only like in an I appreciate him kind of way.
Alex Baldwin praises Bashir. What did you expect? Their two of a kind speaking from the same outhouse.
Read the latest threat regarding renewable energy via ALEC ...just google it and don't hit Alex Baldwin
At some point Alex Baldwin outsourced his career to a giant wolf.
We thank you for showing the BadAss Elf Boss Alex Baldwin~
I'm going to sleep for 12 hours tonight bare minimum
'twas me. Brilliant. Check out Jay Mohr, Marc Maron and 'Here's the Thing' with Alex Baldwin, too.
It's funny that there's a 30 Rock where Tracy gets in trouble for antigay slurs when Alex Baldwin's new show is suspended for the same thing
Alex Baldwin's temper has him in trouble again.
Alex Baldwin now says he was just trying to toughen up Jonathan Martin.
SAW: Seduced and Abandoned - engaging documentary by James Toback and Alex Baldwin on HBO.
Watching the Hunt for Red October in honor of Tom Clancy, who passed away this past month. OMG, Alex Baldwin was so young.
If you watch 1 thing today: SNL's spot-on Wes Anderson horror trailer spoof, w/Edward Norton & Alex Baldwin
Agree! They found a spot for Alex Baldwin! Can't figure that one out!
WHAT?!?! ALEX BALDWIN is getting a show on MSNBC.
"Yano it would be funny if I slammed on brakes and made that Mercedes run into the back of us" - Alex Baldwin
is there any way to permanently get drive to stop asking me if i mean "Alec Baldwin" when i type "Alex Baldwin"
The Hunt for Red October, Tom Clancy's first published novel, was made into a 1990 Hollywood film starring Sean Connery and Alex Baldwin.
Wyatt langs is the most adorable kid and almost better than Alex Baldwin😎 They are the greatest kids you will ever meet.
I collect Books. My favorite Author has died. I have 19 Books by Tom Clancy and several by authors under the Clancy trademark. I will miss Tom ,being able to buy a book knowing before hand that you will enjoy it. Is a rare thing. I remember reading "Red Storm Rising" The first time I read a book with over a 1000 pages. I have read "Hunt For Red October"and I have the audio version and my own copy of the movie.(I know Alex Baldwin). If only we could have a President like Jack Ryan. I will now work to finish my collection of Clancy novels. I will miss him
Best wishes go out to Sophomore Alex Baldwin as he is undergoing surgery to repair a torn ACL and Meniscus. Get well soon Alex!
good grief MSNBC don't give you a time slot but gives one to Alex Baldwin. Give me a break
Congrats to MSNBC on landing Alex Baldwin. Can't wait for his first show!
I don't think I've met a girl who knows Alex Baldwin and doesn't love him just a little bit
lol Wee-Bay is in a commercial with Alex Baldwin
How is Alex Baldwin still allowed on TV? Wasn't he an Occupy Wall Street guy?
". the mightly . got defeated by the Hadouken made from Alex Baldwin's genitals."
Alex Baldwin and I are one and the same. 😥🙅
Good lord, is Alex Baldwin on that flight again? Heh.
Mark Collins, Alexi Darling labor day weekend yah Seth Seth just saw Alex Baldwin told him you said hi.just kidding.
Please tell us your show will continue and not be replaced by Alex Baldwin... PLEASE Don't leave...
Everything we stand for is at risk because of the Republican Party - Alex Baldwin via
Alex Baldwin coming to MSNBC Friday! What do you all think! Don't know much abt him!
why are you Alex ZAfRo, not Alex Baldwin? (
•Idea:Why not make ads like Alex Baldwin "What's in your wallet" an give pay to North Shore? He is great an you & Beth would rk
'I can see an evening in front of the computer with a cup of soup'
Missing my boo! Alex Baldwin get your butt home already!
OK that's another credit card ad with Alex Baldwin and a Wire cast member, what's going on here
I have so much homework that I'm not gonna do
Its too early to do homework.. later
Saw the first commercial for Alex Baldwin’s new show on MSNBC. Can’t wait!
no that's legit. Alex Baldwin is the got *** man!
"He took off like a Mexican during rush hour."
Alex Baldwin has to be one of the sleaziest people in Hollywood. And because he is a "liberal" he got pass on *** bashing!
who is Alex Baldwin? Is he perhaps related to Alek Baldwin?
Why can't all older men look like Alex Baldwin!?
disgraceful, Nigel has put so much time and effort into making this show some respect, look it's about horses now
This is article definitely very interesting indeed! Also, I just recently lay my grandson, Virgil, down after feeding & changing his diety & sing him el-shadai & muskrat , dixie maria to sleep...watched hilarious movie "it's complicated" starring: Meryl Streep, dean martin & alex doctor other grandson, Leo, is back home!!! Yay! Richie & Cj so hapy & excited tht leo back home!
Can't sleep watching It's Complicated with Meryl Streep @ Alex Baldwin, @ Steve Martin lol their funny guess I'll be up another hr. or so LMAO
Well bed and Alex Baldwin movie with Meryl Streep
:   Podcast News Alex Baldwin to start new talk show on tv and is podfading his “Here’s the Thing” podcast. Ac...
come could be the next Alex Baldwin.
Late last night I couldn't sleep so I'm flipping through channels looking for something interesting, when I landed on Rock of Ages. So I watched some of it. Okay first - I don't remember the '80's being like this - for me, it was MUCH more metal, much less cabaret. And Tom Cruise was flying fighter planes, not singing Def Leppard. The other thing - we didn't sing songs to each other in a conversation. I hate musicals. Finally, when Alex Baldwin (in a dumb *** wig) and Russell Brand sang REO Speedwagon to each other, I was done. I guess that was Hollywood's version of rock and roll. You want to be truly blown away by a metal movie? See Through the Never !!!
Almost time to bust out the thrifty knitted sweaters!
@ the moment I'm watching Rock of Ages. Why does Alex Baldwin have to be *** in this movie?? Overall I rate this movie 2 stars. I could of made a better movie!
right before you played it, you gave me a shout out. I recorded it on my phone and uploaded it to youtube. Best day ever!!!
*** yeah! It was 6/4/2010 the last time I saw y'all play. I'm going through withdrawals like am addict!!!
epic sauce! Any plans to return to Arkansas on next years tour.
I've been listening to your music a lot lately, like always. I want to go to a live show again so bad. How's the tour going?
Great NCAA football on ESPN. All I need now is my Capital One Alex Baldwin commercial eraser app.
what's the name of that Alex Baldwin skit with keenan Thompson when they're soldiers??? It's fairly recent
I don't want to live in a reality where Amy Poehler doesn't win awards, and Jason Bateman & Alex Baldwin get beat out by Jim Parsons.
Working girl...Alex Baldwin was skinny, Harrison Ford was still Hans Solo and Joan Cusack has hair like a lion!
I just gotta yell about 2 movies I just saw. Blue Jasmine and Lee Daniels The Butler. Both clear visions of the madness we live in, otherwise known as culture. Cate Blanchett magnificent having to live "Like a rolling stone" after Alex Baldwin as the smooth financial advisor loses the fortune Woody Allen brilliantly writes and directs. What can't he do? I love him. And you can't miss anything Forest Whittaker does. This film straight up points the direction we need to take if we're gonna have jobs, education, healthcare, end inflation, constitutional rights and peace
Rick Sanchez has got BALLS commenting on Alex Baldwin.
Cannot believe they still use the violent bigoted Alex Baldwin as a spokes person
Alex Baldwin a dad for the second time! | |
Seriously, Alex Baldwin should act as Jack Donaghy on this possible MSNBC show. Could be very Colbert-esqe. Parody is the n…
Now that 30 Rock is over, Alex Baldwin is slowly turning into Jack Donaghy.
What's up with this alex baldwin guy, and this cook woman they're both disgusting.
Ranting time again. Enough of Paula Deen, Trayvon Martin, Alex Baldwin, Amanda Bynes and a quite a few others. My feelings on each will not help them, so I don't need to hear them analyzed about them on every channel and newspaper. I will just continue to research dead people. I truly try to be a decent person and raised my children that way. But *** we all make MISTAKES. If you are lazy, I will suggest to you maybe you need to do something, but if I need you to stop talking immediately, I will tell you to "SHUT UP", yes it would be nice if I ask you to be quiet, but that's not what I need at that time. I need you to "SHUT UP". My point is don't make everything an issue. Why and when Paula Deen said the "WORD" is over and dealt with by the crime, and the court system, and the guy has let it go, so why does she need to lose anything? I think the companies that are dropping her need to be boycotted. It really has nothing to do with their companies. It is not a true measure of her character.
I'm just waiting for to pull an Alex Baldwin.
Tonight - Nick Stump's Blues All-Stars - 9pm After spending the past years in Louisville, everyone's favorite hillbilly bluesman is back in Lexington! Joined by Lee Carroll, Ricky Baldwin, Steve DiMartino, and Tom Green, it's going to be a big night of rockin' blues. Our chef Alex is preparing a special of Chorizo Tacos - tonight only! Make your reservations while we still have open seats, call 859.259.2754.
I received a credit card offer from Capital One. I put the application, along with a note that I wouldn't have anything being promoted by Alex Baldwin, back into their postage paid envelope and put it back in the mail.
If I were planning a big cookout right I would call Paula Deen to plan it. Something she said 30 years ago. Get over it people. Look at how many people this lady has put to work. Now all the ones who want to see her fold will be complaining when all these people lose their jobs because Paula Deen has to shut stuff down
Actor I was given: Val Kilmer MOVIE I LOVED - Willow (I'm sure you guys could have called THAT one...) MOVIE I LIKED - Prince of Egypt (he voiced Moses!) MOVIE I HATED - I don't think there was one that I've seen, since I haven't seen many. MOVIE THAT I HATED THAT I LIKED - Batman Forever (and Top Gun. Volleyball scene, need I say more?) Like my status and I'll give you an actor. Thanks, Cate Reed. :P
Let Capital One know Alex Baldwin's homophobic slurs are unacceptable! We did ->
seriously...a 20 year old comment and Alex Baldwin gets away with a *** swipe...glad none of these jackwagons don't choose my healthcare.ha ha ha
In my family, we drink every time my Dad over pronounces something, "Hurricane KAT-er-eena? Alex Baldwin?" Really?!?!
Okay I was thinking about laying off obummer , but is this true? On a hot mike he said this holiday *** , he said I could be playing golf with the clubs Alex Baldwin gave him and hanging out with jz instead I have to celebrate this stupid holiday . he needs to be impeached IMMEDIATELY
This Surrey/ White Rock BC pub is popular among locals for its great pub fare, cold drinks and friendly staff. Monday Night Football, Canucks Hockey, Karaoke ...
Baldwin thank god for SNL getting us through the 'absurdity' of the George Bush years, if only they're here for current absurdities
What about Alex Baldwin? Doesn't even get a reprimand for his ranting!
Paula Dean has been crucified, when others like Alex Baldwin have such ugly mouths and back in the day when Paula used the word, every one did. Let's fight for Paula.
Okay so today has been a soggy day but we haven't let it get us down. Rebekah Lynn Marsh and her boyfriend Alex, Jonathan Marsh, Sue and Norman Baldwin, and my mom all came over. We had yummy Boston Butt Barbeque that Travis made and I made homemade peach pound cake and homemade peach ice cream. Yum, Yum, Yum!
If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude.
Hoffman first to win twice at Grundy this season By: Tony Baranek - Eddie Hoffman was just joking before Friday night’s late-model feature at Grundy County Speedway when, after being told he should have smooth sailing from the pole, said, “Well, somebody will probably run into me.” Nobody ran into him. But somebody did run around him. That was front-row partner Jeff Cannon, who used the outside groove to steal the top spot from Hoffman on the first lap. Cannon, bidding to be the ninth different winner in nine feature races, held the lead for 12 laps. Hoffman, however, kept his No. 8 close, passed Cannon and went on to become the first twin-winner of 2013. “Yeah, that’s remarkable for this place,” Hoffman said of the season-starting streak. “We’ve just had some bad racing luck, for the most part.” Not Friday. Hoffman had no takers over the final 18 laps and beat Larry Schuler to the finish line by 0.904 seconds. As for that start … “I mean, Jeff was good and he was o ...
If anyone else, who has a Capital One card, has had enough of their spokesperson, Alex Baldwin, you certainly, like us, can call and express your views. It doesn't matter had badly he acts, nothing ever happens to him. Why is he above everyone's radar with present day bad behavior when the reaction to Paula Deen has been so fierce? Like Josh, from Good Morning America, stated this week - "the silence from Alec Baldwin's latest outburst is deafening". Therefore, I called Capital One and voiced my opinion of him as their spokesperson and really as my spokesperson, since I have their card. If you agree, let your voice be heard. Just think about the difference between Paula Deen's situation and Alec Baldwin's situation. There have been so very many newspaper articles from the black community here in Savannah supporting Paula Deen, but look at what's happened nation wide with her but Alec Baldwin can use any language (in present day) and nothing ever happens!
When you in the press gonna stop messing with Lolo Jones? This stuff is borderline pathetic. And Alex Baldwin pays no price at all.
Amongst Transformers fans, there is a large, vocal group that insists Beast Wars is the great TF series of all. I’m not sure they’re wrong, but they’re kind of obnoxious about it. So if for some reason you get into an argument with one them, please, remind them of “The Low Road,” which features a sc...
Happy 4th of July everyone. Getting ready to have a party at the house with my fam Jim Harvey ,Becky Garrard Law, Linda White English, Elaine White Greene, Margaret White Wallace, Bob Wallace and Alex Baldwin
Boarding passes printed off for me n David Baldwin, not long now!!
I have a problem with my DVR. I set it to record The Biggest Loser. When I turned it on, it had recorded a speech by Nancy Pelosi. So I tried it again for The Biggest Loser. This time it recorded every movie by Alex Baldwin! So I tried it one more time to record The Biggest Loser. Guess whose State of the Union speech was recorded!
- - - WARNING TO OTHER CLOTHING LINES/BANDS - - - Do not go to Mark Jack Ritchie to build your website for you as it seem's halfway through the project he just disappeared and after signing out and searching his name I confirmed he had blocked me? Luckily I've not paid a deposit so I guess I got quite lucky but this is just a warning for other brands to not get involved as he just seems unpredictable! Blah, Anyone know of any other website designers?
Alex Baldwin and Eleanor and Aiden and jb JB Baldwin
I do not support any Music Artist degrading women (50 cent, ,Nelly exc.) Alex Baldwin don't & never have watched anything he's In
She done enough what the *** do you people want. Alex Baldwin does what he does and you stupid people give him a pass. Where did all you lefty people come from.
That I was betrayed on the Capri side cause Jennifer singing to General Khalid turkey and that swings back to Assad Minnesota Alex baldwin
When they dump Alex Baldwin I might consider!
I don't know how much is true,about what has been written, but I am about the same age as Paula and I can say I never said the n- word. Remember just because it was 30 years ago she was not a child repeating what she heard from others. She was OVER 30 YEARS OLD.
So. Paula Deen uses the "N" word 30 yrs ago and lost everything...she is a chef on good network... Bill Maher uses the "C" word referring to s woman and people laugh and he has no recourse... Alex Baldwin makes anti *** slurs and double standard here..
Let's keep up the Alex Baldwin jokes
Who still needs tickets for our stag n drag next month?! Let us know and we will get you tickets. Only $5 per ticket, for all you can eat and drink! Don't miss out on this awesome event! :)
Perchance his BFF Obama will appoint Alex Baldwin as our new Egyptian Ambassador.
it is just as predigest calling people Rednecks or Hillbillies as what Paula Dean or Alex Baldwin said! Grow up America!
Are you going to ignore the outrages comments and pathetic personal life of Alex Baldwin? You people lack character!
Random useless knowledge.Steve Martin was never a cast member of SNL. We just spent 15 minutes discussing and debating this.
Our future home in Baldwin County is looking great so far :)
In from a great day meeting up with old best friends Vicky Scott Sarah Baldwin and Alex Partington. Was like the good old days when we where kids. Miss you guys loads.
100% and I mean white , black, yellow, and red people!!! GET A GRIP PEOPLE GET A GRIP!
What really amazes me is how the news media has crucified Paula Deen over something she said nearly 30 years ago. She now has lost everything. I hope it was worth it.
Alex Baldwin really should be roasted like the pig he is:)
My mind says get to class but my body says bed. Now my mind is like yeah forget class.
If you're a conservative, you're in good company.
Lets make Alex Baldwin the new US Ambassador to Egypt! Ship him over now!
Maybe everyone who has a Capital One charge card should consider if they are tired of what the spokesman, Alex Baldwin, seems to be allowed to get away with. There have been so many instances where this man has done inexcusable things -a few examples are the message he left for his child on an answering machine several years ago, the episode on the airplane and his latest outburst several days ago. At least, he attacks everyone. Like Josh on Good Morning America said this past week - the silence from the reaction to what Alec Baldwin recently said it deafening. If you, like us, don't think it's right for there to be no consequences for his action, you should contact Capital One. They were extremely easy to talk to and the representative took our complaints then wanted us to talk with his supervisor as "that would push this important along to the right people". Like we told them, every time we pull out our Capital One card, we see Alec Baldwin's face rather than just Capital One. And he certainly do ...
Well, last night I watched a movie. Django Unchained. I am sure glad that Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson and Quentin Tatantino don't have cooking shows or else we would have to take them off of TV. There is one thing that I don't understand though. Why does Walmart not ban selling this movie in there stores. 2 different sets of ethics. Whether you are spending money on something or making money off of something.
Relive the moments from JETLAG' 3rd anniversary and premiere of the new line of luxury underwear by SUDAR. Photo credit: Damien Miller, Sapient Studios and Herm Pugay
Is it just me or has Alex Baldwin become tedious?
a dear person I know posted a great post about the media's unfairness to Paula Deen. when Alex Baldwin and other notables have used racial comments and hasven't been called task!
"Folks, this isn't the first time Alec Baldwin has shown us his dark side. He's spewed toxic hate at all kinds of targets, including his own young daughter" -- Stephen Green
(Borrowed from my a friend) I must confess I have used the "N word" while growing up. Now, The Food Network, Smithfield Foods, Wal-Mart , Caesars Entertainment, Novo Nordisk, Target, Home Depot, Sears, K-MART, Walgreen, and Ballantine Books do not want MY business. So, I will take it to stores that do. And they can KISS my money goodbye.
2 more days and I will be back in Baldwin, WI and with my friend Marcy Clay for her big day!! I'm so happy for you guys.
My Extra Memories: Will and Grace episode (friends and benefits 2005) Guest star Alex Baldwin - Alex flew in on the red eye from NY for a 8 am call. Read his lines during hair and make up and was perfect. What really amazed me was the writers kept changing his lines after each take for a bigger laugh and he picked them all up without a miss. Later that night at 8 pm we had a live audience. Alex left after the show and got on a plane back to NY. Impressive.
Alex Baldwin swears off social media - praise Allah - now if we could get him off the TV screen ...
Explain to me how Alex Baldwin gets a pass for his terrible words, without any show of remorse, and Paula Dean's apology is thrown back in her face and not accepted?
The Affordable Healthcare Act (Obamacare) is an interesting law. The executive branch can grant waivers, shift deadlines, and now delay one of the major provisions. Are the American people OK with a a law that can be changed and enforced at the whim of the President? Does anyone even care? How many Americans really know what is in this law? Do Americans give a *** that there are members of Congress who admitted to signing off on the law without bothering to read it?
this Paula Deen situation is getting tricky - the women that is suing her is a white women who hates her discrimination practices against employees.It seems Deen is still in the using the cast system of the south. I personally have been in situations where people make remarks about *** African Americans etc which I don't approve of and always have to speak my mind.. Her employee has just had enough and brought it to a head...I say good for her!!
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So... Lets talk about Paula Deen. Apparently a suit was brought against her for her brothers actions and under oath she admitted to using racial slurs in the past. I want to hear opinions on how everyone feels about this. Comment away without insulting other posters
I have decided that I am going to Walmart and loading my cart with thousands of dollars of items including higher end items then going to the manager and asking them for Paula Dean's book. When they tell me they no longer carry it, I will ask them if they also removed all the CD's where they say that same word over and over. When they let me know they haven't, (because they haven't) then I will let them know that they are racist against white Americans and that they just lost my large sale and I will leave.
On Paula Dean...I think it's rediculous what they are doing to her. I've never watched her show but I think they have taken things a bit far. Paula should have just said "I'm sorry I said that word but I don't anymore.. that happened 30 years ago people let's move on". I thing what has hurt her is that she has given in to the media trying to apologize and it's made it worse. If I owned a network I would air her show and let the media suffer with no interviews. Just opinion...yours?
One turntable, no mixer, and no cables. This guy is the future. Headphones must be wireless too. Larry Reyes Santiago Valdez Mike Linder Casey Baldwin Alex Dalliance Danny Ae Tim Cost Nelson P EssentialSix
Get caught with 30 rocks the cop look like Alex Baldwin
I did not, in hopes that the show would return.
Do you read Joe Mallozzi's blog? He told us about Atlantis and what was in store with the script.
I would be fine with a 2 hour TV movie, or a 2 or 3 part miniseries with each part being 2 hours. I have to know if Eli made it!!!
I understood what you meant. It's improbable but we can still hope.
epic. I moss SGU so much. I still want season 3
Generalissimo has to be the best 30 ROCK episode EVER!! Alex Baldwin as a Puerto Rican telenovela star AND Jon Hamm
I watched all 10 seasons of SG1 over the course of about 2 months. That was a great experience. Did SGA in a month. Watched SGU live.
Alex Baldwin, and our Fearless So Called Leader can Lie and do whatever Stupid thing They want and No body says anything,but ??
That is something similar for me but with Atlantis I went back and watched all of SG-1 in order.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
yes it does. It helped me so much through my withdrawals.
agreed. I love them all. But without I would never have seen the others.
was the reason I watched all 17 seasons of Stargate. But wins this round. wins overall though.
Can't watch the game but I did see food cooked in beer and have my Alex Baldwin voice time so all is well
if target and Wal-Mart pull pula deen for being racist.does that meam they will stop selling all the rap that's racist?
Did you date Alex Baldwin? You know a *** man like is a when he still thinks liberals are evil
The old lady from down South, says the infamous "N-Word" the media's all over her like a cheap suit! Alex Baldwin goes on an anti *** rampage and the media says nothing! Why?
Can we move beyond Alex Baldwin and Paula Deen?. There's a president that needs impeaching!
Had the most awesome time with Brian Bartos Samantha Baldwin and Randy, Kristen Rothgeb-Rohrer and Gary, Janetta Webster Baker and Dale, and Keith Daniel and Shannon Clary Daniel, and Jeff Judkins playing Trivia! You guys are just too much fun and make me laugh! I love you all!!
Paula Deen, Mel Gibson they don't get a pass because they are white conservatives, Alex Baldwin get a a pas because he's a white liberal, Jamie Foxx gets a pass because he is a black liberal
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Alex Baldwin advertises for Capital credit card, well we get the same response from these people as Walmart did against Ms Deen
So she deserves to be financially ruined and publicly lynched cause she referred to the man that held a gun to her head (during a bank robbery) as a *** ? That was 30 years ago. What was she supposed to say; The black gentleman held a gun against my head during the entire time the bank was being held up... Listen, black, white, whatever, the guy was a scumbag.
So I'm sitting on a park bench across from my job, enjoying the rest of my break when an SUV drives behind me and some guy yells out the back window, NICE HAIR.
Then there are people like Alex Baldwin who is allowed to say whatever he wants, no consequence. A pig like this should be put on a pole.
Holy! I saw Thom Filicia at Bluewater in Skaneateles yesterday and it took me 24 hours of brain-wracking to figure out who is was! I kept thinking, I know I know that guy. HOW do I know that guy? He was with the mayor of Syracuse, btw...
Capitol One sent me a credit card application with a no postage necessary return envelope. I wrote a letter declining and printed out a large article about Alex Baldwin's rants. In the letter I explained the reason for the decline was their spokesperson. I used their envelope to send them the letter.
Why is no one making a bigger deal about Alex Baldwin comments but where not giving Paula Dean a break
I have to highly recommend going online and watching episodes from Jerry Seinfeld's series: Comedians in Cars Getting They are very entertaining. So far I've watched him with Letterman, Mel Brooks, Carl Riener, and Alex Baldwin. Now I'm on to Sarah Silverman.
Former President Jimmy Carter says Americans should forgive celebrity chef Paula Deen for her use of racial slurs. Though her language was unacceptable, Deen has been truthful and apologetic, he told CNN. "She was maybe excessively honest in saying that she had in the past, 30 years ago, used this terrible word," Carter said. "I think she has been punished, perhaps overly severely, for her honesty in admitting it and for the use of the word in the distant past. She's apologized profusely." Carter said he advised Deen to "let the dust settle and make apologies."
It's little kids in Africa starving, y'all need to quit worrying about Paula Dean... Her big rich butt will be just fine!!! Real talk
Now isn't this the truth. There are much better served and deserved massacring of careers!!
Kudos to Hoda and Kathie Lee-who asked why it is OK for Alex Baldwin to make homophobic slurs, Bristol Palin to do the same, J. Lopez to give a birthday concert for one of the worlds worst dictators, Chris Brown to beat up his girl friend, Shock jocks to use racial and other name calling, Rap singers to recommend killing the police and women-whom they do not refer to as 'women', but Paula Deen is destroyed about something she said many years ago. They said she should self publish her book. I agree. I feel the backlash coming and it's about time.
Newsflash: I'm really (under this tough law and order, peace in my lifetime exterior) a liberal progressive, but like most liberal progressives it doesn't matter how bigoted I might show myself to be (nee Alex Baldwin, Sean Penn, Harry Belafonte, Jesse Jackson, Michael Jackson, Barack Obama), I know I can get away with it, so I gird myself in arguing against liberals and promoting the right, just to show how marvelously progressive and downright original I can be...
Ok- WARNING: This post is my venting session- (I know Mary Di Maggio Duchmann I just nailed people yesterday for this but I'm ticked! And not about my personal familia or extended familia). In today's news::: What a merciless society! Paula Deen now excluded at Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, Smithfield's, JC Penny, and now is pulling ADVANCE sales of her new cookbook?? Something she accepted responsibility and HONESTLY doing more than a DECADE AGO is worse than a Leper ? Guess what??? Jesus hung out with those diseased people! She is not a mass serial killer or a child molester for crying out loud! Meanwhile, Hollywood's Demi-god, Alex Baldwin simply apologizes (for at least the 3rd time in RECENT HISTORY) for a homophobic bashing and people just overlook their Fair haired boy! What a bunch of hypocrites! I'm gonna replace every piece of cookware in my kitchen with nothing but Paula Deen. I don't know folks, you might not want to eat my delicious food any more. Especially my chicken soup and my Sout ...
Paula Dean uses a word 30 years ago and loses half her empire. Walmart sales music that uses that word. Comedians use it all the time. Alex Baldwin uses a homophobic slur. Nothing. Chris Brown is a women beater. Nothing. Tiger Woods cheating scandals. Martha Stewart jail time. Why the double standard? I do not agree with the word Deen used. I do not agree with the double standards. I disagree with people saying all Southerners are stupid racist bigots. I read that in a story about Deen. America needs prayer - prayer of repentance and spiritual awakening. Join the movement to pray for America. Check it out.
Ok...I worked my butt today, and I am tired...and I am grouchy...and I come home, and they are still talking about how upset Alex Baldwin is... Guess what???.we don't care!!! And...they still have black folks judging Paula Deen...from 30 years ago. Good God...few of us are the same people we were 30 years ago! Get over it!!! If Guy or Bobby or any of those Food Network guys had any balls...they would walk the *** out...and let them fill their airtime with commercials. Good about somebody standing up for some common sense!
So, the NSA was wiretapping Paula Deen's phone as she was eating at Chick-Fil-A while supporting the *** Marriage between Rick Perry and Wendy Davis when all of a sudden, Edward Snowden walks in with Aaron Hernandez holding little North West protesting President Obama's visit to the tornado ravaged state of California, thus making Nelson Mandela a prime target for Alex Baldwin to be upset at James Gandolfini's funeral. (drops the mic... walks away!)
Amazing point for all the tree-hugging hypocrites out there to read. Not any different than Leo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Alex Baldwin and Yoko Ono boarding their jet fuel burning private jets right after speaking at anti-oil or anti-fracking rallies.
-- Update: June 2013 -- Well I've been on here for a month now & so far, all is good :-) I watched The Impossible (2012) a few months back but wanted to mention it on here since it really is a good film ... It's based on a true story about a family's experience being caught up in the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake & tsunami ... A truly tragic event, I found the film really moving & very well made. On a lighter note, I find 30 Rock very funny. It's a comedy based on observational humour ... Alex Baldwin stars & plays his character perfectly :-P I'm in love! :-D ... I have fallen for cappuccinos after being a latte boy since forever. Why did no one tell me about this delicious drink before?! I had a great time at Drayton Manor Theme Park last month. I only had to wait a maximum of about three minutes for any given ride ... Going out of season is the only way to go :-P Oh & I've fallen out of love with my Windows Phone. Well, I was in love with the idea since from day one the phone felt unfinished ... Why Bill ...
Not even gorgeous Christie Brinkley could sex this event up! Model and Alex Baldwin attend the... via
Headed out to Cal Poly Pomona to pick up my little man, Alex Baldwin! Spending some time with his awesome and amazing family *flex* before he heads to his intership at Northrop Grumman Corporation for the summer! Kidnapping Samantha Vanscoder to provide me company on the way! ♥
News Updates: Hollywood to Obama: Eliminate Nuclear Weapons: Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars have joined with the anti-nuclear group, Global Zero, in a new You Tube video to demand more action on the elimination of nuclear weapons. Among the stars making a cameo in the video are Oprah Winfrey, Morgan Freeman, Naomi Watts, Alex Baldwin, Michael Douglas, Martin Sheen,... Click 'like' (y)
Sandra Bullock, Alex Baldwin, & Sean Penn. What do they all have in common? There no different than Jane Fonda. Enough said. I will not be watching anymore of their movies.
Does anybody else find it ironic that Alec Baldwin is in this "got your 6" commercial? Good cause but Alex Baldwin doesn't strike me as the most supportive person of our military. Might as well have Jane Fonda "covering your 6".
"As promised. A pic from today's set. Thomas Gibson does his Alex Baldwin impression.
Alex Baldwin in leather pants and Catherine Zeta Jones's peach suit are the scariest things.
Listen to Alex Baldwin chatting to Thom Yorke about & more (from today's Music News Daily)
At intermission for "Orphans" on Broadway. Alex Baldwin and Ben Foster are great but Tom Sturridge is my new baby daddy.
Tracy Morgan and Alex Baldwin make a *** of a duo
Alex Baldwin as Jack Donaghy as Starship Captain. We would have the Delta Quadrant with him at the helm!
So, why the rabbit is unafraid? Because he's smarter than the panther -The Edge (1997). Anthony Hopkins & Alex Baldwin 🐻👍😊
Alex Baldwin's Here's The Thing podcast episode with Brian Williams is better than Sorkin's The Newsroom, and is likely the source material.
I mean, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd, Paul Simon, Marvin Short, Alex Baldwin, Tom Hanks, Candice Bergen. Wow they out did it again
"Addiction to Episodic Netflix" there is a name for it! I thought I could stop anytime ... After all, what harm could there be watching mindless, non stop "30 Rock"... Everyone knew I had a passion for the rapid fire satire of Tina Fey, and then who knew Alex Baldwin could be called upon to be funny. iI even convinced myself that the show brought a certain exercise to the old gray matter, trying to keep up with the fast pace of the ensemble repartee (128 weeks worth, 6 seasons, no commercials). Everyone needs that as they age, like crossword puzzles that kept Mommy's mind sharp. Then I met up with old friends, "The Tudors" -oh no... Like I didn't recall a lifetime of fascination with the most intricate details of British monarchies. Before I knew it, Henry VIII didn't seem like such a bad bloke after all. ( Three times I watched it over, and over and yes, over again. Like tracks up the arm folks, I have the scars ... "Lady Chatterly" , even "Law & Order" for criminently... Not to mention every mov ...
Justin Timberlake...LMAO! continues to be the best host/music guest in years! He even brings back Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Martin Short, Dan Ackroyd, Alex Baldwin and Jay-Z! HILARIOUS.
Ok am u wrong to say Alex Baldwin is a good lookin dude?
Have any of you ever seen It's Complicated, with Meryl Streep and Alex Baldwin?? Watching it, I can't believe how funny this movie is!
I can... an Al Franken or Alex Baldwin political campaign or Roseanne Barr running for president!
In a surprise move the Oscars decided not to promote anyone to Super Star. Later over much booze, several actors got together and promoted themselves. They will get drunk in public later and present the winner with the Alex Baldwin award.
I said it last night, there is nothing sexier than seeing Carla Gugino read Alex Baldwin's speech from Glengarry Glen Ross.
I dig Here’s the Thing with Alex Baldwin. Start with his interview with Billy Joel
The juror, starting now. Great pic, Alex Baldwin and Demmi Moore.
Wow! Dallas 2.0! What a show! *** can they revive Knots Landing next? Its old star Alex Baldwin is looking for a job after 30 Rock! Lol
Know it's derivative but hoped Liz woke up between Alex Baldwin and Lorne Michaels in the final scene to say just had the strangest dream
Little know fact, Alex Baldwin is actually a descendent of President Millard Fillmore.
Alex Baldwin's hair *** too. Are these actors not trying to impress each other at their own award show?
To Rome with love Staring Woody Allen, Alex Baldwin, Penelope Cruz Judy Davis and Elllen page available now
Alex Baldwin royal tenenbaums... Nothing warms my heart more
Gonna go take a lavender salt bath and watch 30 rock cos Tina Fey and Alex Baldwin.
you don't know what your getting yourself into.. You should probs be quiet
Your just mad cause you know were better
hah, we don't either. Were obvi better
HA! and I would kill you guys in pong...
Baldwin's point guard from last year Alex Hampton was bad too whoooy lmao and she was so nice at ball not gonna lie
Andy Reid I dont think you made a wise choice. You didnt do all that great the last 2 years with a lot more talent on the eagles. Good luck though I hope your planning on retiring after this contract cause after this no one will want you.
Pool/movie/mind your marbles night was a success... Lol, Alex Bartine; "What percentage of frog species are found in the rainforest?". What?!?!? Why did we get all the ridiculous questions??? Also present and worthy of mentioning was Leslie Sterling, Emmy Kennedy, Chrissy Kennedy, Michael Jurrens, Audrey Hagege, Christine Anderson, and Emily Dahl. :)
Reid is a West Coast offense guy through and through... How do you see that affecting guys we already have, what this offense might be like? In 43 career games, McCluster has tallied 144 rushing attempts for 657 yards (a very good 4.6 yards per carry) and one touchdown, while catching another 119 passes for 989 yards and three scores. Could a player like Dex find new life with Reid? Moeaki? ...or Baldwin? ~Chief Concerns
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