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Alec Baldwin

Alexander Rae Alec Baldwin III (born April 3, 1958) is an American actor who has appeared on film, stage, and television.

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Alec Baldwin returns to 'SNL' as Donald Trump - The actor reprised his role during the show's cold open.
Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump botches an alien invasion on 'SNL' - USA TODAY
Bob Huggins looks like Larry Bird had a love child with Alec Baldwin.
Alec Baldwin should play Bob Huggins in an skit for
I think Bob Kerrey and Alec Baldwin are still weighing their prospective '05 and '13 runs, respectively. It's never…
"I don't know how much more people can take," says Baldwin of his Trump on
Oh man. He was so funny. I totally understand though. Im so sick of all the same childish bs.
Between the contributions of Al Franken and Alec Baldwin, are we going to have history books that say SNL saved dem…
If Trump won't do the the WHCC dinner, send Alec Baldwin + whole SNL crew, with special guests. Make it a pay per view fundr…
We're now in the timeline where Santa Claus is bitter and gaunt.
Trump's got no chill, so we'll cool it.
Alec Baldwin is leaving He is tired of being :)
Alec Baldwin made history on Saturday Night Live tonight.
The ideological Right forgot the immortal words of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross. Always Be Closing
Alec Baldwin says he won't play Trump for much longer on SNL
Now for Match Game thought: Alec Baldwin is trying too hard to be funny instead of The Spice Girls?
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But Alec Baldwin is better at being Donald Trump than the actual Donald Trump
⚡️ “Alec Baldwin may not impersonate Trump on SNL much longer”.
Alec Baldwin urges Louis Tomlinson to employ hefty personal security after his airport bust-up
Alec Baldwin on calls for him to host the as Trump: "If they wanted me to do it, I would probably do it"
Hollywood star Alec Baldwin offers some advice to Louis Tomlinson after airport incident.
Alec Baldwin says his days of playing Donald Trump are numbered: "I don’t know how much more people can take it."
Why might not play Trump on much longer:
"News: Alec Baldwin's days playing Donald on 'SNL' are numbered"
Alec Baldwin says he might give up his Trump impression on 'SNL':
he is afraid people will get tired of it. MEANWHILE he says he's completely open to doing it at the...
People can take it, - it's that we're sick of You're not that relevant.
Missing David Letterman love the Medal of Freedom thoughts for Alec Baldwin but not from
Alec Baldwin: I'd stand in for Trump at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Please!
George W. Bush forgives Will Ferrell. So does Alec Baldwin have a chance with Donald Trump?
Let me say how excited I am to be covering the White House w .
Remember in 2013 when Alec Baldwin got his show cancelled by NBC? How the
Let Alec Baldwin fill in for tRump at the White House Correspondent's dinner. We'd much rather watch him anyway!
Thanks to I have revived my sideline as a Trump profiteer.
Alec Baldwin is planning on how to never work after Trump is no longer President and honestly I’d do the same.
Alec Baldwin to coauthor satirical book as President Trump
who does the best Donald Trump impression,it's a tie between and Alec Baldwin.
This should be good... Alec Baldwin and Kurt Andersen are writing a Trump book together. Sad.
.TNN (Trump News Network) and Trump impressions are the best😂 So funny. Way better than Alec Baldwin on
I'm calling for Alec Baldwin resignation. He's also part of all this.
Jimmy Fallon and Alec Baldwin are hilarious impersonating Donald Trump. Fallon uses this little arm and very small hand looks like Trump's
Alec Baldwin called his 11 YO rude little pig, why free pass??!
Alec Baldwin to co-author satirical book as President Trump
Actually they just talked about SNL, and Sessions was advising the Russians to boycott Baldwin's Trump impression, saying…
Kurt Andersen, Alec Baldwin to team up for “You Can’t Spell America Without Me,” satirical book about Donald Trump https:…
taken down by Al Franken. This will be first administration, between Franken and Alec Baldwin,…
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Alec Baldwin as Trump against the West Wing cast could be funny. Or terrible. But it's work.
or Meryl Streep :-) ".I hope they replace you with Alec Baldwin."
"Let's petition Alec Baldwin to attend the White House correspondents dinner as Trump. That would be hilarious & would kil…
Alec Baldwin makes a better fake President than Trump.
As long as Alec Baldwin fills in at correspondence dinner, TRump will not be missed.
Dear White House Correspondents Association: Please ask Alec Baldwin to stand in for Donald Trump at your annual dinner. Thank…
that's cool, we'll get Alec Baldwin instead. Or an orange bobble head, or a Trumpinata, or a troll doll.
Yeah. Obama as headline and Alec Baldwin doing Trump. Throw in Keegan Michael Key translating.
Zach Braff suggests Alec Baldwin fill in for trump at WH Correspondents' dinner
trumplethinskin decides NOT 2 attend this year's WHCD. Would be GREAT if Alec Baldwin shows up instead!
Top choices for MC:. Alec Baldwin, or... Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon.
OMG What if Alec Baldwin went as 45! That would be so classic, 45 would have a STROKE! could be there too!
Hope that all attend and debut 'Trump Roast' w/Colbert, Stewart, Noah, McCarthy, Bee & Alec Baldwin. Ratings would be sky high.
Watching The Departed now for the 26th time. Matt Damon Leo Mark Whalberg and Alec Baldwin are life.
Alec Baldwin's brother Stephen Baldwin RIPS Trump hater Bob Beckel for his salty feelings! . "Why do you hate him so much?"…
2017 Life time "You like like" tally: 1 million David Schwimmer / Ross from Friends, 20 John Travolta, 3 Alec Baldwin, 1 Vincent D'Onofrio
SNL NEEDS to keep casting outside their main cast for politicians because Larry David, Alec Baldwin and now Melissa McC…
had their best ratings in 6 years thanks to Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon
Alec Baldwin is so awesome. Why did he never play batman?! Young Alec as Wayne and young Daniel day Lewis as the joker.
SNL scores highest ratings in 6 years with Alec Baldwin as host
Newspaper runs photo of Alec Baldwin instead of Donald Trump
I didn't think that anything was better than Alec Baldwin as Trump until I saw Melissa McCarthy as Spicer.
Alec Baldwin sets host record and shows what would happen if Trump took 9th circuit judges to "People's Court"
Leafs couldn't pull out the win. with Alec Baldwin and Whitney Houston followed in just over an hours time by
Awww...watching a vintage with Alec Baldwin and Whitney Houston. RIP Whitney. Kick some *** tonight
What a Patriot looks like: Alec Baldwin (SNL) Thank you. "The Emperor wears no clothes".
go Rosie, let's get Alec Baldwin there to will lmfao
pokes fun at the Trump Nordstrom debacle!
Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon’s dueling Trump impressions will get you pumped for this week’s SNL htt…
can't wait to see what Alec Baldwin has in store tonight. 😀😀
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Alec Baldwin’s “SNL” teaser promo manages to be both endearing and emotional:
Maybe they should have written in Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy for pres instead of tapping Republican
Alec Baldwin's impression is good, but I thought his impression of a bad father, who abuses his daughter on a lea…
Definitely a striking resemblance to Alec Baldwin.
Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon do dueling Trumps and more late-night highlights this week.
Watch Alec Baldwin poke fun at Ivanka Trump's Nordstrom debacle on the
Chevy Chase praises Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy's Trump and Spicer impressions on http…
I can't watch Trump speak live anymore without seeing Alec Baldwin's SNL Trump speaking. I just can't.
SEE IT: Alec Baldwin brags about wearing an Ivanka Trump men's suit for 95% off in an epic roast h…
I liked a video Box of Lies with Alec Baldwin
Rosie you do a great Trump impersonation but I like Alec Baldwin also.
Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon just did competing Donald Trump impersonations via
Alec Baldwin hosting SNL for record breaking 17th time.
mash::: Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon have a Donald Trump impression-off
WATCH: Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon break out dueling Trump impressions
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Jake Roberts once shook my hand and tugged on my earlobe after peeing, ala Alec Baldwin in Along Came Polly.
Alec Baldwin and Saturday nite live should be ashamed of themselves
WATCH: Returns as 'Freaks Out' on Several... by via
Alec Baldwin returns as in hilarious SNL Cold Open 02/0...
Alec Baldwin has no class just trying to be relevant
adviser: we need you in the situation room, things in Yemen are going bad. Trump: no time, Alec Baldwin is doing a lame…
'Australia *** prepare to go to war': Alec Baldwin returns to SNL as Trump botching world leader calls
American comedian as Malcolm Turnbull stars in this week's episode of opposite Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.
Can we get Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin for the next four years instead??
Watch and Alec Baldwin bash Donald Trump's diplomacy skills by via
SNL was terrific. Everything Alec Baldwin and the others depicted exactly what our "so-called President" and admin…
This is so Hilarious, Watch Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump return to SNL: 'Prepare to go to war'
Melissa McCarthy took on Sean Spicer for SNL... And it was amazing
WATCH: Alec Baldwin returned to to play Donald Trump, accompanied by the grim reaper as Steve Bannon
4 more years of Trump Humiliation. Alec Baldwin & Melissa McCarthy are brilliant.
Alec Baldwin returns as Trump on SNL — and "Steve Bannon" made an appearance, too
I thought Alec Baldwin's Trump was tedious after a few minutes, but Melissa McCarthy doing Spicer, priceless.
Wow. This was insane: Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump wreaks world havoc with a skeletal Steve Bannon on ‘SNL’
Alec Baldwin was back as Donald Trump in this week's "Saturday Night Live"--
I liked a video Alec Baldwin returns as President Trump in hilarious SNL Cold Open 02/04/17 -
Between Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin, I may start watching again - hilarious!
SNL's Alec Baldwin taunts Trump again, but Melissa McCarthy steals the show playing Sean Spicer
Dear White House Correspondents: For your annual dinner, please hire Alec Baldwin as the host (and Melissa McCarthy).
Alec Baldwin returns as Trump on SNL, where an evil Stephen K. Bannon is actually president.
WATCH: Alec Baldwin brings Donald Trump back to SNL for first time since inauguration.
ALEC BALDWIN CRUSHES IT " Last week it was Holocaust Remembrance Day. And, as you know, 6 million people... were at my i…
Melissa McCarthy deserves to join Alec Baldwin as an Honorary SNL Cast Member for Life (a more prestigious "Five-Timers Clu…
Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer is even better than Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump on
It's the end of the world. Alec Baldwin is hosting The Match Game. Sarah Palin is a celebrity panelist, just like Charles Nelson Reilly.
After president Rutger Hauer started a war in Iraq, will new president Alec Baldwin really bar Iraqi refugees from the U.S.?
Little Giant Ladders
How about a episode of where Tina Fey has to try to convince Tracy Morgan not to let Alec Baldwin play trump on SNL?
I'm binging 30 Rock on Netflix. I don't care how *** liberal Alec Baldwin is, I will always love his acting. And Tina Fey is a goddess.
- Friday made me feel a bit queasy. Check out the Alec Baldwin impressions, on Saturday Night Live for a bit of light relief
Euan commenting on Alec Baldwin in Notting Hill - 'he looks like a pint'
Robert De Niro , Mark Ruffalo, Alec Baldwin, Cher, all in the protest in NYC 💕 bless
Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro led anti-Trump rally on the eve of the inauguration
Alec Baldwin and Robert De Niro lead Donald Trump protest in New York
"Hero Robert De Niro will speak at anti-Trump rally with Michael Moore, Mark Ruffalo and Alec Baldwin" -
Alec Baldwin, Robert De Niro and more celebs attended the anti-Trump rally in NYC:
PROTEST IN NEW YORK at Trump Tower, Robert De Niro, Alec Baldwin, ANTI niro scumback go back to italy mob
honey, last night Cher, Robert De Niro, and Alec Baldwin came out to protest in Manhattan. Lady Gaga came out to protest election
It's inauguration day and more people are talking about Alec Baldwin and Arcade Fire than are talk…
.. Alec Baldwin, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore, Adam Levine, Lady Gaga and other celebs will be there.
He's busy with Alec Baldwin and his new suburban weekend warrior biker pals.
Alec Baldwin returns to 'SNL' to reprise Trump role; pokes fun at sons Donald Jr. and Eric, inauguration h…
. SNL *** and has since the 90s . And BTW Alec Baldwin is a *** !
Alec Baldwin has a steady job now. He's still not funny but at least he has a job.
Unfunny SNL last night with the untalented Alec Baldwin. Yes, I do have a secret plan to beat ISIS. It will be tremendous…
Very early Emmy nomination and win prediction: Outstanding guest actor in a comedy series: Alec Baldwin in SNL
This Russian company made a commemorative coin for Trump that is 100% a picture of Alec Baldwin as Trump.
Alec Baldwin is hilarious as Trump because he portrays the president as the fool that he is.
Have you heard the amazing news? Alec Baldwin to be keynote speaker at Las Vegas May 8-10. REGISTER NOW
Don't forget to watch last Sat's SNL skit with Alec Baldwin as pres-elect Trump. More Jan 21
One thing the Trump presidency will bring is four years of steady employment for Alec Baldwin. That's good I guess.
Alec Baldwin returns as Trump on ‘SNL’ to take on Russian dossier, inauguration plans
It's the film you've all been waiting for... Michelle Ryan, Alec Baldwin & Skin from Skunk Anansi together at last
fair. What about The Edge with Alec Baldwin and Anthony Hopkins?
Sorry Alec, the end of satire is nigh!
Alec Baldwin's Trump takes on Obamacare and golden showers on 'SNL' via
Mark Ruffalo, Alec Baldwin & myself will be holding a massive rally in NYC in front of Trump International Hotel this Thursday…
SNL skit: Dave Chapelle reprises his role as R. Kelly with Alec Baldwin as the Donald.
"I'm about to be president. We're all going to die".
I can't help but read this in Alec Baldwin's voice. It truly parodies itself. SAD!
When they make the movie about Trumps impeachment How many Oscars will Alec Baldwin playing Trump and Meryl Streep playing Hillary get?
Alec Baldwin could not do this justice.
My phone has an emergency presidential alert that can't be turned off. I can't wait for it to blow up every time Alec Baldwin is on SNL.
And Alec Baldwin does a lousy impersonation of you. He thinks he is hot sh-t, but he is past his prime as an actor-…
Why does SNL suck so hard now? I think the Alec Baldwin Trump skits are pretty funny but thats the only thing you guys have now.
Stephen Stephen Stephen you are turning into a slightly more pathetic Alec Baldwin. Stop while you're ahead my friend.
Ditto! Alec Baldwin gets under Trump's SKIN! Good-he deserves it!…
She wants him to admit to the misconduct and apologize. He can't "aplogize" (HT Alec Baldwin), that wd open floodga…
if you think Alec Baldwin would be a better president than Donald Trump.
Alec Baldwin should go to the inauguration in character...just to see Trump flip out and kick him out
. I love SNL with Alec Baldwin and his portrayal of Donald Trump. It's HUGE!
Trump renews attacks on "Saturday Night Live" after Alec Baldwin mocks President-elect's press conference
*** I still won't watch anything with Alec Baldwin, Sean Penn or Jane Fonda even in reruns on network tv for free
Michael Moore announces massive anti-Trump protest with Alec Baldwin and Mark Ruffalo.
Cecily Strong just stole that Trump sketch from Alec Baldwin. Baby will probably call her human garbage tomorrow at 3am.
Watching with my girlfriend is basically us taking 22 minutes out of the day so that we can talk about how gre…
he supports Meryl. He has the best support. Ok? Nobody knows more about supporting her the Alec Baldwin. Believe me! Ok?
I have an idea remake My Sisters Keeper but with Alec Baldwin playing himself and Donald Trump
Sure is, with Alec Baldwin doing Trump makes it fashionable once again, Most people probably watch it just for that
Just found blankety blank in USandA. Hosted by the marvellous Alec Baldwin. I call him Alex. Amazing.
Maybe you should contact Alec Baldwin and see if you can find a common sense/empathy translator for his "Trump".
Alec Baldwin is a moron knows nothing about policies. he is a joke and an *** not funny.
1. Alec Baldwin is my hero. . 2. Where can I get one of these hats?
You are f'ing delusional. Putin played you like Nero's fiddle. Here, Alec Baldwin fixed your hat.
I was just thinking the same thing. And Alec Baldwin!
Bill, how about a BIT where Alec Baldwin as Trump barges onto your program and so and so (you figure out the rest)?
For sure. Ahh but the Alec Baldwin skits though..
. Alec Baldwin and SNL have it made. They don't have to write at all..just listen to the news.
Attention please!!. Attention please!!. Alec Baldwin please report immediately to the writers room... thank you.
Steve Harvey was actually sitting down with Alec Baldwin. And talked on the phone with Dr. Huxtable.
OF COURSE NOT! Alec Baldwin doesn't look like Drumpf.but he can imitate him! It gets scary.
i think Alec Baldwin has found his vocation :) He is fabulous
But at least it would star Alec Baldwin.
Remember when Trump went on a drunk homophobic rant and then called his daughter a fat pig? . Me neither, that was Alec Ba…
I liked a video SNL - Alec Baldwin's Best Moments as Trump in Cold Open 2016
And then gets murdered by Alec Baldwin.
They played one on TV, does that count. Democrats think so. I think Alec Baldwin has a certificate on his wall.
Alec Baldwin could not drop Michael Madsen with one punch.
the similarities between young Alec Baldwin and Ryan Gosling is stricking
Alec Baldwin to portray Trump on a day after also considering other venues he might pursue to further portray Trump
Better Alec Baldwin leading man performance. Heavens Prisoners or The Getaway remake?
Alec Baldwin may have booked into a hotel in Moscow where he may have donned a …
Jut remembered that scene in Rock of Ages when Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin kiss--who tf decided that??? Why??? So unnatural
Is Young Pope that animated movie with Alec Baldwin as the baby Pope who does papal duties while his parents aren't watching?
Creative: Alec Baldwin plays a baby who-. Exec: Drop everything else. We've got our Citizen Kane
Alec Baldwin on Trump: "Everywhere he's gone, he's abused power"
Can't wait to see Alec Baldwin and Keenan Thompson relive this historic moment!
I can already see that this Alec Baldwin / Keenan Thompson sketch on SNL is going to be funny.
Alec Baldwin does realize at some point Trump gig basically becomes him doing Yul Brynner doing "The King and I" for the rest of his life.
Alec Baldwin in talks to play Donald Trump outside 'SNL'.
Alec Baldwin will play Donald Trump on one day after inauguration
"Our veterans were treated horribly" - who has spent past few weeks focused on Merryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, Media.
Alec Baldwin pokes fun at Trump in Russian MAGA hat | TheHill
Alec Baldloss pathetic attempt to mock Donald Trump via
Alec Baldwin is wearing a red hat that says "Make America Great Again" in Russian
Still have not heard response to Alec Baldwin to stop mimicking you if you release tax returns.
Alec Baldwin trolls Donald Trump over Russia's hacks on presidential election; True to charater in real life RBAU
Get Alec Baldwin to lipsync it and win the world! That is very good and you have so much material!
Alec Baldwin mocks Donald Trump with Russian ‘Make America Great Again’ baseball cap
While Alec Baldwin tries to make a fool of Trump, he makes an *** of himself in abusive call to daughter.
A video??? Like Benghazi, who can we lock up now?!? Let it be Alec Baldwin please, please, please, please, please...
Alec Baldwin trolls Trump with spoof on 'Make America Great Again' cap
Alec Baldwin just keeps trolling Trump, this time with a Russian 'Make America Great Again' hat. - Someecards
Obama reopened the hunt and gave the order to take him out in Pakistan. Trump can't deal with Alec Baldwin
Trump slams Alec Baldwin: 'His imitation of me is really mean-spirited and not very good'
Alec Baldwin talking trash again -- let's remember how truly UGLY he treated his daughter. . https:/…
Doesn't Alec Baldwin's style of hosting MG kind of put you in mind of Les Dawson hosting Blankety Blank?
Go away and join Chris Mathews team at Msnbc. Next stop will be you & Alec Baldwin at Saturday Night Live. Fading away fake news
The Trump impersonator on Chris Hardwick is miles better than Alec Baldwin.
Trump's enemies include 'Hamilton' and Alec Baldwin but probably not the leader of the country who hacked the election. h…
Alec Baldwin was the best Jack Ryan. Harrison Ford and Chris Pine do not hold a candle to his portrayal.
Trump is more upset about Alec Baldwin impersonating him and pics showing he has double chin, than at Putin undermining o…
who showed us better chemistry than Alec Baldwin and Tina Fey?
Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Chris Pine, and brb gotta go Google the other one.
Alec Baldwin & Michael Moore. Their days are over there words are hollow. But I like Alex's brothers Billy Steve and Danny go…
I thought Hollywood was replacing all White game show hosts with Black ones? How does Alec Baldwin get…
Cast/span> Alec Baldwin as Stanley Kowalski Jessica Lange as Blanche DuBois John Goodman as Harold 'Mitch' Mitchell Diane Lane as Stella...
Winona Ryder and Alec Baldwin on the set of Beetlejuice, 1987.
I had a dream last night I popped a pimple on Alec Baldwin's shoulder and he said "Ooh it's a big one!". Anyway, Merry Christmas
It's ok Alec Baldwin, I hate trump enough for both of us." Believe Me " !
Alec Baldwin is one of the most reviled actors by a significant majority of Americans.
Glad to see Alec Baldwin found his calling in life with his whole anti-trump thing. God knows it wasn't acting
Alec Baldwin offers to play inauguration of Trump: 'I wanna sing Highway to ***
Someone has finally offered to play Trump's inauguration - but he might not be too happy
Heard that Alec Baldwin volunteered to perform in Trump's inauguration LOLZ
And we are very grateful for you, Alec Baldwin! Hope to see more of you on SNL in 2017!
Alec baldwin trashes Trump . He's not even in office and recovered his career. Alec go pretend your Donald Trump. Irony.
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I read that Alec Baldwin might be doing something in FL on Jan 20, don't know if it will be televised tho
Are Alec Baldwin's days as Trump on 'SNL' coming to an end?
Few details are known about the inauguration concert, but it’s gaining more headlines for who is not playing.
Best & Funniest Moments Alec Baldwin as Trump on 'SNL' Cold Open via FUNNY!
Not like he'll have much else to do, career-wise.
Seth Meyers almost loses it as Alec Baldwin brings back this famous role for Christmas
Breaking news: Alec Baldwin and Donald Trump to be wed in two weeks at secret location.
Alec Baldwin gets paid $1,400 every time he plays Trump on 'SNL' The actor says he's considering on branching out…
Alec Baldwin perfectly trolls Trump — and offers to sing ‘Highway to *** at his inauguration https:…
Someone has finally offered to play Donald Trump's inauguration
Kim Basinger Refers to Her Marriage to Ex Alec Baldwin as 'Sleeping With the Enemy'
It's time for Alec Baldwin to stop impersonating other people and introspect on his own life. He could stop abusing his ki…
Alec Baldwin jokingly offers to perform "Highway to *** at Trump's inauguration:.
Miracle on Penn. Ave.-Alec Baldwin plays Trump who wants to cancel Xmas until Santa crashes his sleigh into the WH
Alec Baldwin, Trump inauguration..Blah blah remember the time Baldwin left a voice mail calling his daughter a "Rude th…
Alec Baldwin doesn't hate Donald Trump, he just doesn't want him to be president
oh please? can he please? ❤️. ⚡️ “Alec Baldwin wants to sing 'Highway to *** at Trump's inauguration”.
Now playing: ""Do I have a God complex?"" by Alec Baldwin as Dr Jed Hill in "Malice" (1993) from ''
Alec Baldwin 'offers' to perform at 'Saturday Night Live' inspiration Donald Trump's inauguration
Alec Baldwin only makes $1,400 each time he portrays Donald Trump—but annoying him is priceless vi…
If SNL can get Alec Baldwin to play Trump, and Goodman Tillison, why not René Auberjonois for Eric Trump?
Alec Baldwin says he has an “obligation” to play Donald Trump in the wildest way possible
Trump 1st draft response to Berlin tragedy: "Alec Baldwin a terrible actor. Stephen better."
Alec Baldwin was already in a movie where something that wasn't supposed to be smart, was smart. How did that turn…
Trump should do a Alec Baldwin imitation once a week
Alec Baldwin your great 👍 keep it up, we love your impressions of Donald J Trump on SNL!
I can't believe the future of humankind is in the hands of Alec Baldwin.
Trump's win caught SNL off guard, as they were planning on four years of Kate McKinnon playing Hillary Clinton.
Best part about Alec Baldwin's Trumpression is that the worse it is, the better it is.
'I see a guy who seems to pause & dig for the more precise & better language he wants to use, and never finds it'
Alec Baldwin revealed that he gets paid just $1,400 for each appearance he makes as on SNL.
But who's going to humanize Alec Baldwin? Seems like a much harder task.
What it takes for Alec Baldwin to warily humanize a man he reviles on SNL: Donald Trump
'He's like me but a black': Alec Baldwin returns to to mock Trump and his meeting with Kanye West:
Does Tony Bennett have a really bizarre sense of humor, or is that just Alec Baldwin's impression?
Putin character calls Trump "the Manchurian candidate,” implying he was an unwitting Russian puppet
Here's how much Alec Baldwin makes for his Donald Trump impression
You won't believe how much Alec Baldwin makes for impersonating Donald Trump on SNL.
Um. Who is holding Baldwin to a higher standard of behavior than they do their Donald? Luv u Alec
Alec Baldwin on playing Trump: The Economist on why mocking Trump is so important:
Alec Baldwin re Trump Impersonation: ‘We Have an Obligation to Dial It Up’ http…
Alec Baldwin on Trump impersonation: We have an obligation to "dial it up"
Alec Baldwin reveals the details of his gig... including pay.
yet to see Alec Baldwin at Vicarage road tbh
Did u watch last night? Alec Baldwin returned as Trump & Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton made an appearance. https…
Let's not forget SNL, Alec Baldwin, the WaPo and the NYT. That's just THIS we…
Alec Baldwin returns to "SNL" to reprise role as Trump, pokes fun at the president-elect's relationship with Putin. https:…
Watch host Casey Affleck get a little help from his friends Alec Baldwin and John Goodman
Another very famous actor joined Alec Baldwin to mock Trump on SNL
President-Elect Trump will only hear intelligence briefings if Alec Baldwin reads them as Trump on Saturday Night Live.
That open by Alec Baldwin & John Goodman on Saturday Night Live was
This just made my weekend. Vanity fair trolling *** Trump with SNL/Alec Baldwin. Trump's team now begging him not to…
Why is Baldwin the SNL Trump instead of Darrell Hammond?! Baldwin *** Hammond is a dead ringer! *** ! Alec Baldwin is !!!
Saturday Night Live opening skit is right on the mark. Love to the snl cast and special thanks to Alec Baldwin you rock!
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