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Alec Baldwin

Alexander Rae Alec Baldwin III (born April 3, 1958) is an American actor who has appeared on film, stage, and television.

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Alec Baldwin can now unlock Trump's new iPhone
I feel really stupid because I never knew that Alec Baldwin was Adam Maitland in Beetlejuice. 🙃
My Alexa woke me up saying "good morning sunshine" and something about Alec Baldwin. I can't tell you if I was more afraid or if I liked it😬
THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER would be perfect if it weren't for Alec Baldwin mansplaining turbulence to a *** flight attendant.
Alec Baldwin returns to SNL, but Kenan Thompson's "Blacks for Trump" guy steals the show: via
I added a video to a playlist Rock of Ages - Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin song - I Can't Fight This
Alec Baldwin returns as Trump to mock his worst week as President
Alec Baldwin reclaims his role as Trump
Alec Baldwin's Trump finally makes an appearance on "Weekend Update: Summer Edition"
Alec Baldwin returns to 'Saturday Night Live' to bid adieu to Steve Bannon
Alec Baldwin returns as Donald Trump to mock Phoenix rally
CNN> Alec Baldwin reclaims his role as Trump: Alec Baldwin returned to NBC's "Weekend…
Thank you for bringing back Alec Baldwin as Trump and the Grim Reaper as Bannon. My life is complete. https:/…
at this point I can't tell just by listening if it's rly Trump talking or Alec Baldwin playing Trump on SNL, that's how in…
Alec Baldwin's impression of Trump is impeccable
I can only hear that in Alec Baldwin voice, because no one is that stu,,, oh wait. and he has fans too
Alec Baldwin reprises his Trump "SNL" role, spoofing Phoenix rally and poking fun at Trump looking at solar eclipse
with the debt ceiling, what a disaster and Alec Baldwin rocks my world. I've not spoken much about him or otherwise I wouldn't be paying him
"How 'bout that eclipse, folks?" Alec Baldwin finally shows up as Trump on
Alec Baldwin's Phone leaves Nasty Message to his daughter
Alec Baldwin came back as SNL's Trump to skewer Trump's Phoenix rally, send off spooky Steve Bannon
Alec Baldwin returns to SNL to destroy Herr Fuhrer:
Baldwin surprise 'Trump' appearance | alex makes hes living off of trump ,has been loser needs cash no 1 watches
Wasn't too long when Alec Baldwin yelling and screaming at his daughter and the liberal media was chastising h…
Yahoo© Alec Baldwin returns to 'SNL' as Trump to make Phoenix rally great again
Alec Baldwin returns as Donald Trump on SNL's 'Weekend Update' -
Alec Baldwin is back as Donald Trump, and he's saying goodbye to Steve Bannon
Alec Baldwin's Trump to Steve Bannon: "Fight the good fight against globalist cucks like my son-in-law Jared.”
Alec Baldwin reclaims his role as Trump.
"The media has treated me so unfairly by using my exact remarks"
Alec Baldwin stops on to mock Donald Trump's looney Phoenix rally
He's back! Alec Baldwin made an appearance on SNL weekend update as Trump
Alec Baldwin's Trump returns to to say goodbye to Steve Bannon.
If you don't like the remake of "The Getaway" with Alec Baldwin, then you don't like watching Jennifer Tilly... (1/2)
Tony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Elle Macpherson, the black guy from Oz, whacking great bear. T H E E D G E
Silver lining: Alec Baldwin, All Mexicans, 17 basic cable pundits and a disabled reporter just found out they're retroactive…
Alec Baldwin's portrayal of James will forever be a gift to US Thomas fans.
(1/2) Wait one more. Alec Baldwin & James Toback came by our office in Cannes to sta…
I want Netflix, except it's nothing but Jack Ryan movies with James Earl Jones and Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin's Trump. Mellisa McCarthy's Spicer. was Scaramucci (for a hot minute). Pee-Wee Herman has got to be…
Andrew Cuomo, my goodness, just made 2 references to the Alec Baldwin speech from Glengarry Glen Ross in doling out economic development $
Someone on here compared them to bad imitators of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross, which seems right.
excellent analysis of The Donald. Blake's brief speech in "Glengarry Glen Ross" was truly memorable/hated Alec Baldwin for a minute
Someone should tell that Alec Baldwin-in- Glengarry Glen Ross wannabe that it's "coffee is for closers." Yeesh.
New popular media model of "manliness" is Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross
I loved the Mooch, (reminds me of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross)... but maybe its better he's out
In all honesty, though, I think we're doing too many Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross comparisons and not enough…
My latest interview in The Guardian: the great and hilarious Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin slammed by disabled groups for playing blind man via
Alec Baldwin replies to Donald Trump asking for "equal time" to SNL: "Election is over. There is no more equal time"
Alec Baldwin to handle the truth for NBC's live production of A Few Good Men
Alec Baldwin's interview with Howard Schultz was fantastic. "Only the paranoid survive." - Andrew Grove
Tell me it includes an Alec Baldwin / Amy Lee Duet???
Nicole Kidman, Judy Davis and Geoffrey Rush are all nominated for 2017 Primetime Emmy awards
Hydration is a must this time of year. In the voice of Alec Baldwin "A- Always B-Be H-Hydrating…
This clown looks more and more like Alec Baldwin every day. Are they twins? Both are raving lunatics.
*My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met.*😜🤣. _~By Alec Baldwin_
Alec Baldwin is nominated for Emmie for the parody to Trump - RIA Novosti, 7/13/2017
Hopes for - Meryl Streep presents best supporting comedy actor to Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin nominated for an Emmy for Donald Trump act on 'SNL'
So really, brave nominations for the Hollywood elite... hey somebody, play those tapes of Alec…
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Alec Baldwin gave SNL best ratings in decades.
Alec Baldwin, Matthew Rhys, Ann Dowd and Riz Ahmed doubled their chances for wins this season
This is seriously an Alec Baldwin caricature.
Thanks to Trump — and, more importantly, Alec Baldwin — SNL enjoyed its highest ratings this season since 1993
Alec Baldwin will impersonate Trump until Trump is gone
What if Mike Myers and Alec Baldwin had a baby? Say hello to the new host of
Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore fall into a not-very-steamy affair in the clumsy romance "Blind"
But he looks like a bootleg Alec Baldwin tho
You're prob right. I can picture Alec Baldwin saying it and that's what's throwing me off. Great fig…
is so ruined by Alec Baldwin. Makes me vomit when he introduces a film.
More insane . Was OK for Patty Duke & Pacino to portray blind folks, but won't fly any more. https:/…
Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore strain at in dopey drama 'Blind'
If Alec Baldwin could get an Emmy nomination on playing the worst and least funny portrayal of Donald Trump then I can become an astronaut
Congratulations on your Emmy nominations, Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin!
When Alec Baldwin wins an Emmy for the worst impression of the easiest guy to do an impression of, there’s a chance I will…
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Alec Baldwin got a Supporting Actor and not Guest?
I'm glad Alec Baldwin got a Supporting Actor nomination I feel that's the proper category for him he was great
Alec Baldwin is probably a sure bet for Supporting Actor in comedy ... mainly because he had everyone talk…
Alec Baldwin's "Trump" performance was stale from the beginning and is in no way worthy of a Supporting Actor nomination. Just pure garbage.
Sidenote: Tituss Burgess better whoop Alec Baldwin's *** as best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.
Alec Baldwin nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor for SNL, but was never officially a cast member. No argument, it's just odd.
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a comedy series (Alec Baldwin) So awesome! This has to be pissing Pre…
Alec Baldwin got a nomination for Supporting Actor and he's not even a cast member amazing
The ladies of SNL did quite well. Alec Baldwin got a Supporting Actor nod, which is weird because he's not in the a…
Everytime I see Trump speak to the press, I expect to hear Alec Baldwin say "And live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"
Can't believe Alec Baldwin is going to win a Best Supporting Actor Emmy for an uncredited role.
Alec Baldwin got nominated in Supporting Comedy Actor for SNL. Place a bet on him to win now if you can.
When president Alec Baldwin puts white nationalist Sissy Spacek on the National Security Council, will America ever be secure again?
Alec Baldwin is a great actor but a disgusting human.
I'm so out of the loop I thought that was that new animated movie starring Alec Baldwin. My bad, internet.
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I wouldn't watch Alec Baldwin anything! He's one of. My permanently boycotted jerks!
If Trump Impersonator Alec Baldwin dared to run against President Trump in 2020 Election, Alec would forever more be known as Alec Blaldlost
Anime more like Alec Baldwin give me money so I could play something In a movie Anime lol
You have failed, Alec Baldwin is now a loser. All communists will fall.
Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore star in the new drama My Review:
Queen Latifah: Why aren't there more blacks on NBC?. Alec Baldwin: I don't see race or gender, Mr. Chang.
Blind listeners ... are you cool with Alec Baldwin playing a blind character? 800-520-1-KFI
OK ALEC BALDWIN, I know you said you didn't have the economic chops to be mayor of NYC, but PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD
"At first I thought it was a joke or alzheimers awareness thing. As Trump went on I realised it wasn’t Alec Baldwin" https…
How Alec Baldwin's casting in Blind is part of a catch-22 for disabled actors
Whatever happen to that did you meet Alec Baldwin ?
Did they rip on Neil Patrick Harris when he played a blind guy in Beastly? Or Ben Affleck in Daredevil?
Alec Baldwin’s new movie ‘Blind’ criticized for casting actor in blind role
This is just like Alec Baldwin. He is literally talking about doing justice to the part, and they still hate him
Any volunteers to comment on Robert DeNiro and Alec Baldwin?
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So a group is mad that actor was acting. Sad.
I'm still thinking this is Alec Baldwin in face makeup, hosting.
What's the deal with Alec Baldwin's crooked sunglass look? Uneven ears or eyebrows?
See like never before: as an emoji! One Night Only: Alec Baldwin premieres July 9.
If actors with not given chance they will not become "box office" Right
Join family & friends for an all-star comedy tribute. One Night Only: Alec Baldwin premieres Sunday at 9/8c.
Would waste my breath to turn on tv for that *** Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin plays a man who loses his sight in the upcoming movie 'Blind' and disability advocates are speaking up.
PC Insanity. Alec Baldwin is an ACTOR. You want a REAL Hunchback of Notre Dame? A REAL Elephant Man? Psst. Gal Godo…
Scope joins criticism of Alec Baldwin film Blind for not casting disabled actor
Alec Baldwin, the anti-American who degraded the United States President?? I'd never watch tha…
Alec Baldwin criticised for casting actor in blind role
Alec Baldwin film criticised for casting actor in blind role
Alec Baldwin is a washed-up Hollyweed actor. I wouldn't wast any electricity on this nut bag
They must've been happy to find the right actor to play the character named Alec Baldwin
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Alec Baldwin is hardly the first actor to be cast as blind, Al Pacino Scent of A Woman, Patty Duke Helen Keller etc
It's unacceptable for this actor Alec Baldwin to wear the "Blind" mask. Nope! It's wrong!
rights group criticizes casting of Alec Baldwin as blind character: The Blind finds the actor…
Alec Baldwin is the quintessential actor.
So is Bill Mahr as well? Alec Baldwin? Morning Joe? They all guilty as well of Misogyny? I he…
Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impersonation channels George Washington in a new promo for the actor's upcoming One...
You should Alec Baldwin that question in regards to his infamous phone message to his daughter Ireland wher…
Alec Baldwin looks like his head is ready to explode
Its just sick and Alec Baldwin & SNL had the nerve to make fun of our President? That…
Horrifying ...he's too gorgeous and real. Alec Baldwin said it too live o…
Every time someone says something real and factual and then includes the words "President Donald Trump",all I hear is Alec Baldwin "WRONG!!"
Alec Baldwin takes on Donald Trump-George Washington role for Spike TV roast promo -😖what a jerk. WT
Alec Baldwin debuts a new presidential impersonation: George Trumpington
Hilarious! Alec Baldwin debuted Trump-inspired George Washington in an advertisement 4 his Spike TV special.
Alec Baldwin combines his Trump impersonation with a George Washington impersonation
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Alec Baldwin debuted a Trump-inspired impression of George Washington in an advertisement for his Spike TV special https…
Now playing on radio_sydney WHITE: ""Do I have a God complex?"" by Alec Baldwin as Dr Jed Hill in "Malice" (1993),…
I prefer Alec Baldwin's description. She looks like she does the ice bucket challenge with her make up
WATCH: Alec Baldwin channels his inner George Washington — with only a dash of Donald Trump
Ladies and gentlemen, the first President of the United States of America. | One Night Only: Alec Baldwin premieres July 9.
What has Alec Baldwin ever done for American Veterans??? He is a discrace to every veteran.
Turns out, Alec Baldwin does a mean George Washington impression too:
Alec Baldwin can go to hades. He's a lousy actor and spends most of his time now -- bashing our President. Never could act anyway.
Alert! 🚨 Starting NOW on E! Julie Andrews and Alec Baldwin join Jimmy Fallon on ⚡️🚨🔥
Wasn't Alec Baldwin an actor back in the day? It's been so long I can't remember.
B rated actor, Alec Baldwin, went from actually doing movies, to becoming a cast member on SNL... LOL
It is pretty easy to spot when an actor is washed up! Alec Baldwin continues to make a fool of himself! Sad ending
Can we do a Dave and just have Alec Baldwin as POTUS
I mean, he's right. George Washington, born 1732 did NOT sound like that & Alec Baldwin is the very first actor to mock the president
This idea that Alec Baldwin is a comedian as opposed to an actor who can be funny sometimes is harmful.
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Good movie despite Alec Baldwin. Only reason I watch it is because Sean Connery is such a great natural actor.
The 15 best jokes from the Alec Baldwin roast by Tracy Morgan and Ireland Baldwin. (Getty)
will you go see boss baby with me? the actor Alec Baldwin plays the voice of the baby. Should be pretty good! 52% on RT!!!
Ireland Baldwin teases Alec Baldwin over the infamous voicemails where her dad calls her a "thoughtless little pig."
That "rude, thoughtless little pig," Ireland Baldwin teases Alec Baldwin about his infamous voicemails:
Because of 30 Rock and SNL I can no longer take Alec Baldwin seriously as an actor!
I really hope the actor playing Alec Baldwin's character does justice to those khaki pants the same way.
he's been better as a comedic actor that I've thought Alec Baldwin's career should be his model.
'Old ham' Alec Baldwin roasted by daughter Ireland in NYC
Alec Baldwin is a no talent, disaster. Nobody likes him. I know him and he'll tell you himself, terrible actor…
Watch Ireland Baldwin totally skewer her dad Alec Baldwin's 'thoughtless little pig' rant at his celebrity roast.
Alec Baldwin , A Lame Desperate Actor and this is the Best he can do "SNL" to try and remain Relevant ‼️ So Sad
"Alec Baldwin will return to 'SNL' as Donald Trump" -
Let's get Alex Jones vs Alec Baldwin charity fight going.
Thank you Alec Baldwin your the light at the end of a very long tunnel!
Nobody cares about Alec Baldwin. He is a piece of garbage.
Plenty for Alec Baldwin to catch up on.
As an actor, Alec Baldwin has always been a pretty good shoeclerk
Baldwin as old ham by daughter he once called little pig in infamous
Alec Baldwin will return to SNL as Trump
It's the little things, that get you through. will return to "Saturday Night Live" as h…
Here's hoping Alex has to trade in suits for prison garb. SNL: Alec Baldwin will return as Donald Trump in season 43
15 best jokes from Alec Baldwin roast by Tracy Morgan, Ireland Baldwin. The '30 Rock' actor was honored by family …
Kristan: "If Bueller was to sound like any famous actor he would sound like Alec Baldwin" . Me:
Alec Baldwin on the set of the movie 'Beetlejuice', 1987. # via /r/
No offense to Alec Baldwin (and Dave), but I still think of this time on Saturday night as my date with Robert Osborne. 😢
Yikes. Alec Baldwin just called Simon "handicapped" & also said he was of "diminished capacity" bc he's autistic.
Hire an actor (Alec Baldwin?) to play Trump in exposed situations, so if someone assassinates Trump, the actor will die. Good idea?
Alec Baldwin has been set to guest star on Hulu's new 9/11 drama series The Looming…
Why is it that any time one of these guys says "bad actor" I think of Alec Baldwin?
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Alec Baldwin is a piece of crap, full of himself, *** poor actor. If not for SNL he'd be unemployed. Boycott SNL.
Well what a coincidence! I feel the same way about the idiotic, foul-mouthed b-grade actor Alec Baldwin
Gingrich has more sense in his little finger than Alec Baldwin has if he studied till his brain star…
Alec Baldwin Boycotts 'Today' Show: In an interview with Playboy, actor Alec Baldwin — who stars on...
Pat Riley thought he was Alec Baldwin in Glengary Glen Ross
SNL can star Alec Baldwin, Kathy Griffin, Madonna, CNN, Clinton, Sanders & the cast of Julius Caesar in a skit about
Mike Cernovich challenged Tom Arnold and Alec Baldwin to a boxing match.
Dr. Julian Bailes will be in Huntington tonight to talk about concussions. Bailes was played by Alec Baldwin in 201…
Kevin Kline...he'd make a good president but in this case theyd have to prep Alec Baldwin 😉
Hope you feel this way about Johnny Depp, Sean penn, Alec Baldwin, John Lennon and the numerous others
Kevin Costner as Comey, Mellisa McCarthy as Spicer, Alec Baldwin as Trump, Gary Busey as KellyAnn Conway, a…
Poor baby doesn't like living in a city run by Democrats, garbage Alec Baldwin slammed by NYPD Hispanic Society
I guess you never saw the SNL skit on "tasty balls" with Alec Baldwin and Kirsten Wiig?
Alec Baldwin defends Kathy Griffin over beheading photo: "F--k them all"
Many people are saying Stewart, McCarthy, Alec Baldwin were the best ever mocking Trump (puppet). Huge SNL ratings!
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She should host and Alec Baldwin as the president. They both are disgusting POS the w…
People like you and Alec Baldwin don't know went to stop yeah it's funny it's funny and then enough is enough!
Baldwin & Colbert two traitors, venomous no-talent lucky sob's. Hope your so-so careers flame out as you will, hopefully
Podesta, The Clintons, A Weiner, Charlie Sheen, Alec Baldwin and Kathy Griffin locked in a room with coke and a machete. Who dies first&how?
Another famous face comes forward to speak out about
Alec Baldwin should be equally disturbed about this image since it looks more like him than
On the sexism question: If Alec Baldwin had pulled this stunt, do you think this would've received dram…
I think I saw this on at a bar, does she sit on Alec Baldwin's lap??
This *** made herself a target!!! Jimmy Fallon & Alec Baldwin make jokes & impersonate the POTUS all the time w…
Alec Baldwin raised $5,000,000 for New Jersey Democrats—the most a single event in the state has ever pulled in.
So I saw the Kathy Griffin photo of beheaded Trump, it resembled Alec Baldwin which made me sad :( Such a wonderful and talented actor
Oh it's from that episode David Cronenberg directed where Ringo & George kill the game designer Alec Baldwin.
Actor Josh Gad said: "At this point we're so far down the rabbit hole that Donald Trump is a parody of Alec Baldwin.
Looks more like Alec Baldwin. Is this the msg you're trying to send? You got a problem with this want to be Trump actor?
Alec Baldwin: I'm a mature actor doing satire of the president. People should take my commentary seriously . Also Al…
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Alec Baldwin got the hook!!! Still trying to figure out what actor Marco Silva is but I'm leaning toward Joey from friends
Me: "the guitarist looks like Alec Baldwin". Alex Lee: "um no Alec Baldwin is so much hotter"
US actor Alec Baldwin: "I really thought this is it, I’m not going to live...I'm going to die of 😪. htt…
The Boss Baby picks up one longlist for The Golden Llamas, Supporting Actor for Alec Baldwin
Mr Brooks, it's time for a new movie. Main actor: Alec Baldwin. Script: the newspapers.
You know who loves Fiona Apple more than you? Bearded David Letterman & Alec Baldwin.
Is it our NZ publisher Alex or actor, writer and comedian Alec Baldwin? Either way, Happy Friday everyone…
Shouldn't Alec Baldwin do some time for that assault? But oh, it's ok since Alex is a lawless disrespectful libera…
Just when you thought Alec Baldwin's take on Trump couldn't get any better... Via
.I like David Gergen's suggestion that WHCC organizers invite Alec Baldwin as a stand-in…
Alec Baldwin's daughter Carmen shows off her own Donald Trump impression: Watch!
David Letterman, or a homeless look a like, says Alec Baldwin deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom.
Alec Baldwin's young daughter has her own Trump impression in the works
... Alec Baldwin is a "has been" SNL actor who's only role is to play Trump.. now he's teaching his child to be a "has been" sad..
Baldwin opens up about disease - Alec Baldwin is getting candid about his battle with Lyme disease. The actor f... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Alec Baldwin's epic Trump impersonation to David S. Pumpkins, here are the best sketches from this season of
Recap SNL: . Leslie Jones yells. Michael Che makes a black joke. Alec Baldwin has nothing better to do on a saturdays.
Alec Baldwin will not quit his political attack of Trump (call that comedy? Please.😑). He is washed up as an actor and he knows it.
Alec Baldwin and Scarlett Johansson lead SNL’s Trump White House team in singing “Hallelujah”
New Orleans: Was this Alec Baldwin's swan song as Trump?
That was actor Alec Baldwin playing the part of Donald Trump.
SNL is the longest running clusterF💩k where the worst actor/a💩💩hole on the planet (Alec Baldwin) goes to have a 💩 m…
I adore Alec Baldwin. I really do. This opening monologue is fantastic.
Alec Baldwin reacting to being made fun of with anything other than rage always feels unrealistic.
Brilliant cold open on even without Spicer. Here's hoping next time Alec Baldwin does Trump, wardrobe has him in orange jumpsuit.
How does Alec Baldwin still have a career? Liberal Hollywood I guess.
Great opener with Alec Baldwin and tom hanks
🤔Maybe the disgusting Trump/Hooker tapes British Spy lied about were actually tapes of Alec Baldwin & Hookers...
Oh failing Alec Baldwin, I don't sound like that. The Rock, LOSER, people don't want actors for President!
definitely tipping their hat to Alec Baldwin's MVP turn this season.
I wonder if this is Alec Baldwin's last day playing 45.
Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump has done more damage to this country than the actual President Donald Trump.
I'm pretty sure Alec Baldwin just lives at studio 8H at this point, can anyone confirm?
Dwayne Johnson should drop the People's Elbow on Alec Baldwin.
Either Alec Baldwin is done playing Trump or that was SNL saying goodbye in case he is gone by the time they come back in the fall.
Alec Baldwin presents The Rock with the host jacket on
Alec Baldwin, "i'm here to welcome you to the five timers club"
Alec Baldwin screaming at and treating his child like an animal, also not funny at all.
Alec Baldwin/Donald Trump singing Hallelujah, it doesn't get any better than that.
I feel like Alec Baldwin should be a featured cast member at this point.
opens up with hallelujah with Alec Baldwin as Trump.
Alec Baldwin presents with his Five-Timers Club jacket.
Kinda forgotten what Alec Baldwin actually looks like
Yes! Alec Baldwin is here to welcome Dwayne Johnson to the Five Timers Club!
🚨Hot take alert🚨: Alec Baldwin is just as narcissistic and insecure as DJT and somehow more insufferable.
Alec Baldwin as Alec Baldwin is a riot, especially in recorded phone conversations.
Good thing trump was elected (for more than one reason) but most importantly, Alec Baldwin wouldn't have a job if trump wasn't elected.
Alec Baldwin is a bad actor and a very bad comedic actor. But otherwise, it's fine.
Who else noticed Alec Baldwin's Russian pin on his lapel during the cold open? Nice touch.
Won't do Trump much longer...but needs the pay check. .
Here's hoping this will be Alec Baldwin's swan song, because by next season, 45* won't be a thing anymore.
Alec Baldwin as Trump: I'm not giving up, because I didn't do anything wrong...but I can't speak for these people."…
Alec Baldwin, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and more pose as Trump's team
The Russia pin on the lapel of Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump was a nice touch.
is on Alec Baldwin is doing trump got…
Alec Baldwin can't play the piano. Oh well
So with Alec Baldwin signing hallelujah as Trump does this mean this is the end of him playing Trump?
OMG the opening scene from the season finale was a riot! Alec Baldwin as DJT & his "staff" singing
Alec Baldwin as Trump gets me so weak
It took me the entire season of SNL to realize Alec Baldwin was wearing a Russian flag pin when playing Goldmember
Alec Baldwin as Trump isn't funny at all.
I want to see Alec Baldwin curtsy tonight. 💃🏼
From death to Alec Baldwin hallelujah in 10 minutes flat now that is funny
Trump (Alec Baldwin) is wearing a Russia pin in the cold open, of course.
Alec Baldwin can play the piano. Huh.
cold open with Alec Baldwin as Trump singing "Hallelujah" is f'n brilliant!
Alec Baldwin is so amazing and funny as
OMG Alec Baldwin (aka Trump) is singing Hallelujah for cold open!! 😂😂😂 PS: Kate McKinnon (aka Hillary) did too after the electio
That being said, pity Alec Baldwin can't really play the piano, It would have made it cooler.
Watching I thought Alec Baldwin was hanging up the Trump act. It's SO OLD
Alec Baldwin actually has a decent voice.
Alec Baldwin's Trump impression is bad enough when he's only talking, don't make him frigggn SING
SNL comes back in the fall. This could be Alec Baldwin's last time playing Trump as president while Trump is president
Alec Baldwin: "My Trump is 'Miserable Trump.' No matter what. He wins, he loses, he's miserable."
Alec Baldwin can apparently play piano with his mind now.
ALEC BALDWIN: (scrunches up face) buh im the President buh buh buh . LORNE MICHAELS: this is fantastic, I love this.
WOW. kicks off its finale with Alec Baldwin's Trump performing Hallelujah. Joined by Conway and Pence.
Alec Baldwin is doing a great job with on Great choice to follow the inimitable Robert Osborne.
He isn't crazy he is a actor who wants to kill Alec Baldwin and rape Jlo
Like the man he plays, Alec Baldwin is a NYC real estate dealmaker. The actor has sold an UWS apt for $1.25M…
Alec Baldwin is really funny.He is a great actor and comedian.
And he's hiding from both Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin...
In 30 years or so, people may be surprised to learn that the famous Trump impersonator, Alec Baldwin, also used to be a successful actor.
Alec Baldwin says he ‘talked to God’ — and the Lord gave him a command about Trump: Actor Alec Baldwin has re-taken center stage in the cel…
Johnny Depp wants to take over Alec Baldwin's Trump impersonation on SNL
Depp says he'll be Trump on SNL, I don't know dude, Alec Baldwin is the best actor in the can't fill those shoes ;)
President Trump is really President Baldwin: The actor Alec Baldwin held a news conference in the Oval…
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