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Alec Baldwin

Alexander Rae Alec Baldwin III (born April 3, 1958) is an American actor who has appeared on film, stage, and television.

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So can we start taking domestic abuse in Hollywood seriously too because I’m sick of seeing Alec Baldwin, Johnny Depp,…
Aaron Sorkin wouldn’t write a sex scene for Nicole Kidman and Alec Baldwin -
Aaron Sorkin says he refused to write sex scene for Nicole Kidman, Alec Baldwin
To review, last night SNL featured Alec Baldwin who has admitted to bullying women while fat-shaming Huckabee Sanders.
I expect better for the women of than to have to work with Alec Baldwin (and Larry David honestly) Lorne Michaels needs to do better.
Both David Letterman and Alec Baldwin work together on . I would suggest that TCM be cautious in current climate
Just a thought but maybe Alec Baldwin and Larry David should have been laying low in light of recent comments/allegations.
Saturday Night Live’: Alec Baldwin and Larry David Contribute to an Awkward Episode via
Larry David, and admitted sexist Alec Baldwin have an awkward episode on SNL... I wouldn't know personally. I stopped w…
Alec Baldwin reprises Trump "Saturday Night Live" role, joins cast members Bennett as Pence and Moffat as Manafort
"Alec Baldwin opens with Trump impression, Weinstein joke on 'Saturday Night Live'" via |
Alec Baldwin is set to become a father of FIVE - as his wife announces pregnancy 👶🏼.
Alec Baldwin confesses to 'bullying' women
Alec Baldwin admits to 'treating women in a very sexist way'
Rose McGowan lashes out at Alec Baldwin for not acting on rape claims
The guy who calls Trump names for a living also does it to women. Alec Baldwin admits to 'bullying' women
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Alec Baldwin once accused of beating Kim Basinger
Alec & Hilaria do Halloween with the kids Wizard of Oz style
.comes to San Francisco next month to promote his fake "presidential memoir"
Alec Baldwin seen today attempting to get ahead of impending story
.you are a *** to everyone, including your own daughter! So this is no surprise!
Taking the proactive approach, I guess? Yes- we’ve already heard you bully your own daughter.
CREEP: Alec Baldwin, who unfairly bullies Pres. Trump to delight liberals OUTED as serial sex harasser.
Alec Baldwin is in hot water over his comments about sexual harassment and complicity in Hollywood.
As long as NBC’s Alec Baldwin hates Trump, Harveywood & the National Media will forgive all.
My friends: I give Alec Baldwin 10 days before the allegations start. Narrator: it did not take 10 days
In other words, here it comes. It's better to get out in front of it.
President Alec Baldwin says he going to make America great again. Cue laugh track.
Liz Crokin says that Trump critics like Alec Baldwin and Stephen Colbert should be investigated for pedophilia. https:/…
Alec Baldwin says he's 'treated women in a very sexist way'
Another scumbag liberal from hollywood who treats women like crap . These people showed the most outrage after Trump's "Grab…
DAILY MAIL - . Rose McGowan lashes out at Alec Baldwin over Weinstein. .
Why I was never really down with Alec Baldwin's Trump impression to be honest...
Never forget Alec Baldwin verbally abused his 11 year old daughter on a regular basis leaving her with permanent mental da…
"We just innately treat women differently, because men have typically been in charge.” Alec Baldwin talks sexism:
Kim Basinger Refers to Her Marriage to Ex Alec Baldwin(SCUMBAG) as 'Sleeping With the Enemy' | Entertainment Tonight
Alec Baldwin is on tape abusing his 11 year old daughter. is nuts to Employ him, he's a tick…
Alec Baldwin thinks a quick apology keeps him out of the limelight... he’s as bad as the rest of
More proof NBC has no standards above hating Trump.
Strange.. The guy who makes fun of President Trump is actually the one bullying Women.. .
Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria reveals they're expecting baby No. 4
Hilaria and Alec Baldwin will soon be a family of six: "Our Baldwinitos are getting a new teammate this spring."
Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria expecting fourth child
Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria are expecting baby no. 4!
Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria expecting fourth baby via
And baby makes six! Hilaria and Alec Baldwin's kids are getting a new teammate this spring:
Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria are expecting their fourth child
Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria announce they're expecting fourth child in ADORABLE way – making actor a father ...…
Alec Baldwin's wife Hilaria reveals she's pregnant with FOURTH child
Alec Baldwin confronts the sexual misconduct allegations sweeping Hollywood head-on.
Today's teaser... Director: James Foley; Starring: Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alec Baldwin. Name the film and the year.
Why not Alec Baldwin as the new Patriot QB. He is a great Impersonator and could fill in as well as Jed Hoyer
Because Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin, Al Sharpton and Mark Ruffalo know whats best for the world.
They I read that made me think of Alec Baldwin saying it...😂
My lecture goes “Oh two years ago, Alec Baldwin and Olivia Wilde crashed some classes here” and in like ? can this happen again?
Then came Bruce Willis/Alec Baldwin. I think this would have worked extremely well, as long as Baldwin was the bad guy most of the movie.
Darrell Hammond does a better Trump impression than Alec Baldwin.
FreeBeacon olitical Future for Alec Baldwin? olitical Future for Alec Baldwin? — Free B…
Iowa Democratic Party Chair Hints at Political Future for Alec Baldwin: 'This Is Just Going to Be the Beginning'
Now I want to see Alec Baldwin and Dan Aykroyd do Point/Counterpoint: "Donald, you ignorant *** " Make it happen,
Just mix some Joaquin Phoenix and Alec Baldwin to stop the twosterinfing
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
I honestly thought jarule would suck but Alec Baldwin & Michael Madsen took the cake. Worst acting of all time!. What a waste of money
it's not Donald either. it's Alec Baldwin and Jack McBrayer
This feels like the Alec Baldwin "leads" scene in Glengarry Glen Ross for some reason.
Can we ask Alec Baldwin to sneak into the White House, act as Trump & make decisions & pass laws that'll benefit our nation…
did the Harvey Weinstein jokes and skit go over big? What about the Ben Affleck parody? Isn’t truth funnier than Alec Baldwin?
Alec Baldwin was the best Jack Ryan. Sorry, not sorry, Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, and Chris Pine.
"When asked by Variety for specific names coming up, NBC listed Miles Teller, Goldie Hawn and SNL’s Alec Baldwin." . LOL
Someone please give all the money to Alec Baldwin to rap this as Donald Trump..
If Alec Baldwin wants to play Trump at a Dem fundraiser then good for him.
Alec Baldwin, drunk as ever, has drink-throwing meltdown on NYC street
Part of why it's so great to hear Alec Baldwin in Channel Chasers or Emily Blunt in the new Pony movie…
Is SNL going to do a skit about Alec Baldwin throwing a fit in the street? .
I just watched Rock of Ages and I'm watching Beetlejuice now, and the difference in Alec Baldwin is INSANE!
Alec Baldwin 'throws drink and tries to confront driver in meltdown' via
Alec Baldwin yes please keep telling us how better you are than us via
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Remember when this clown was arrested back in 2013. So pathetic..
Breaking: Alec Baldwin just had a meltdown!
Look Alec Baldwin has Mental issues & he needs to address them! One day something really bad could happe…
Thank you to the kind people who have nominated me for this honour. It sounds intriguing (and I do a passable Alec Bald…
😒. . . Alec Baldwin has meltdown on NYC street via
It just shows that Alec Baldwin and liberal NBC are h…
Alec Baldwin (plays the Boss Baby) guessed starred in a Friends episode about Rachel's BOSS trying to buy her BABY. Too woke…
Is another Alec Baldwin. A washed up "has been" desperate to revive his career by bashing SAD…
Another sanctimonious Hollywood phony degenerate arbiter of right and wrong who can’t hold a candle to Trump
Breaking: Alec Baldwin goes berserk in public
Alec Baldwin has drink-throwing meltdown on NYC street via This guy is a fat ***
Is Alec Baldwin afraid that Harvey Weinstein is going to expose him & others who shared Weinstein's girls?
What happens when someone becomes so ludicrous they can’t be parodied anymore? . Your move, Alec Baldwin...
So basically a typical Wednesday for Alec Baldwin
I love Andrea Martin and I like but I liked it better when it had Alec Baldwin and Jane Krakowski in it
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Alec Baldwin to headline Iowa Democrats gala -
Alec Baldwin lending a hand to Iowa Democrats
Alec Baldwin to deliver keynote speech at Iowa Democrats' fall gala
chair Troy Price says his phone blew up after the Alec Baldwin announcement
Alec Baldwin to headline Iowa Democrats' fall gala
Alec Baldwin the keynoter for Iowa Democrats’ November 27th fundraiser |
Actor and comedian Alec Baldwin will headline the Iowa Democratic Party's fall gala in November.
Alec Baldwin recently was awarded an Emmy for his portrayal of President Donald Trump on
Julien as the Alec Baldwin character in Glengarry Glen Ross: you guys don't deserve the good leads. Good leads are…
Reminiscent of Alec Baldwin's reply in Glengary Glen Ross. "what's…
Says Aidy Bryant as Alec Baldwin juggles kittens and sets fire to the set behind her.
Alec Baldwin might be worried he's normalizing Donald Trump on "SNL"
Also would have accepted an Alec Baldwin poster from Glengarry Glen Ross.
Alec baldwin is a joke trumps more of a man than your drunk a.s kissing poor excuse
...for putting the budget out of whack? How is thay fake news? Was the video edited? Was that chum…
How about Alec Baldwin in a skit playing himself SCREAMING vile obscenities at his daughter?! Yeah, didn't think so. Cowards at SNL
Good question from Is any of this helping?
how about Alec Baldwin playing himself screaming at his daughter over the phone? Of course, SNL wouldn't do that. Hypocrites!
And Alec Baldwin finally throws up his hands and says, "No way I'm gonna top that."
Bernie Sanders: 'The Democratic Party Is in Trouble.' 'In the last nine years or so, Democrats have lost not just …
Alec baldwin funniest part film and hotest
'Saturday Night Live' returns with takedown of Trump’s Puerto Rico response
Welp, is barely parody at this point, but "FEMA Prime" is a nice touch:
Ummm, there is video footage. Was that actually Alec Baldwin???
Dear I 'apologize' (Alec Baldwin doing you pronunciation) but you are still a moron.
ELLEmagazine: 'SNL's cold open did not hold back.
Oh, Alec Baldwin was in Puerto Rico same day as you?! We saw video of you so if it's fake, it mu…
'SNL's cold open did not hold back.
Yet another column where Bernie is critical of Dems. All the usual bubble heads will be all fired up by weeks end.
TY to Alec Baldwin! Please don’t stop! You put Trump in the correct light for us to see both the seriousness & have a good laugh.
Alec Baldwin worried his Trump 'SNL' character makes president appear 'too cuddly'
Alec Baldwin is practicing his throwing arm.
Alec Baldwin is worried his Donald Trump impression on is "too cuddly," if you can believe it: ht…
He's actually more "caricature-y" in real life than Alec Baldwin's caricature on SNL. Not just anyone can pull that off.
Alec Baldwin just nails Trump for how he truly is.
People love Alec Baldwin's Trump impression on SNL, but the actor worries it's not helping
It's at the point where I can't tell him apart from Alec Baldwin's impression of him.
Alec Baldwin is slightly concerned his Emmy-winning portrayal of Trump on might have been "too cuddly"…
Alec Baldwin worries he's making Trump "too cuddly" on SNL
Alec Baldwin needs to add his old 30 Rock joke about being a Class A moron into his next Trump skit on SNL 🤣
That was really Alec Baldwin shooting paper towel 3 pointers into the crowd?
I love Alec Baldwin's portrayal. You Know that really pisses Trump off. I say keep it up. I do however rea…
HILARIOUS=>worries his impression of makes him look cuddly
Alec Baldwin worries his SNL impression may have backfired, makes Trump 'cuddly'
HILARIOUS=>worries his impression has backfired & makes him look..cuddly…
Alec Baldwin wonders: Is his Trump impression on SNL “too cuddly”?
97% of Yankee fans prefer Alec Baldwin's soliloquy from "Glengarry Glen Ross" as their walk-up music
Thanks for the photo of a young and very focused Alec Baldwin in 'Glengarry Glen Ross', in case any o…
Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump returns to 'SNL' wearing a golf shirt, of course
"Saturday Night Live" is back. And so is Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression.
Alec Baldwin opens up w/Trump, Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee & Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions. 😃
Remember that bit at the Golden Globes where they implied Alec Baldwin was hotter than him? I'm still mad abo…
The effect is mitigated a little by Ringo as narrator. If this had been an Alec Baldwin episode I never would have…
I'll be there as well, and I do know what Match Game is. And not just t…
Please tell me that's Alec Baldwin and not the actual President.
Alec Baldwin previews 'SNL' return, talks Trump Baldwin may be "helping" Trump supporters to make sure they vote .
Alec Baldwin in ‘Blind’ is just the latest example of treating disability as a costume ... We no longer find it...
If this were Alec Baldwin, it would all make sense in my mind. As it is…
Much as the George Carlin narration caused some double takes, I found Alec Baldwin to be a more disturbing narrator
Thought this was an SNL skit for a minute. Is that Alec Baldwin? Nah. It’s actually Trump pretending to be president again.
Yes. He narrated the show for the first few years, then was replaced by George Carlin…
Where would America be with Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin 😁
Are we sure this isn't Alec Baldwin, and a sneak preview of this weekend's SNL?
Alec Baldwin is nowhere near as good or funny as this guy right now who's imitating the President of the United Sta…
When the prez speaks, I come to appreciate how awesome Alec Baldwin is
Alec Baldwin hopes his Trump impression can, above all, inspire Americans to vote in the 2018 midterm elections.
Darrell Hammond on getting fired so Alec Baldwin could be Trump: this is a very good New York story.
Darrell Hammond breaks his silence about losing his 'SNL' Trump to Alec Baldwin
I said all throughout last SNL season that Hammond's Trump impression was better than Alec Baldwin's! Sad!
Darrell Hammond losing the Trump impersonation to Alec Baldwin. Great stuff
New events with Khizr Khan, Bill McKibben, Matthew Weiner, Alec Baldwin and Kurt Andersen, Gail Simmons, and more.
Just added to my tracks on Spotify "Can't Fight This Feeling" by Kevin Cronin, Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand
Will Horatio Sanz come back to guest on SNL to do Kim Jong Un alongside Alec Baldwin's Trump?.
Alec Baldwin hack Steven cobert loser Jennifer Lawrence moron. Hollywood just doesn't get the working class and our needs
how in the heck did Louie Anderson lose to Alec Baldwin? What a crock fest.
Alec Baldwin did good work on SNL, but Louie Anderson in Baskets is just marvelous, remarkable acting.
Lily Tomlin, Alec Baldwin criticise Trump at Emmys - -
Alec Baldwin won more Emmys for playing Donald Trump than Donald Trump won for playing Donald Trump.
Irony: Alec Baldwin wins an Emmy for playing Donald Trump while Donald Trump can't even win an Emmy for playing himself
"At long last, Mr. President, HERE is your Emmy." –Alec Baldwin wins for his Donald Trump impersonation on SNL
me: i don't care about the emmys. also me: Louie Anderson deserved that Emmy and Alec Baldwin is basically Trump For Real at this point
Trump would give his eye teeth for an emmy. He is the most hated man in the world, A…
Alec Baldwin is the funniest man alive, everyone loves his excellent impression of The Orange Man and the Emmys are extremely good
Alec Baldwin wins again at the -- this time, for his portrayal of Trump on the most recent season of “SNL"
Alec Baldwin, when asked about Sean Spicer: “I have done jobs that you shouldn't respect or admire me for too. We have th…
Huge news: Alec Baldwin wins Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series at the
Cutting to Jane Krakowski during Alec Baldwin's acceptance speech is a cruel reminder she NEVER WON for playing Jenna Maron…
*** Donald Trump didn't win an Emmy but Alec Baldwin won for portraying Donald Trump . Lol.
Alec Baldwin is an inspiration for unfunny mediocrities everywhere
Sweet, Alec Baldwin wins Emmy for playing Trump. I'm sure Trump thinks it was "Rigged" by Obama & the Hollywood elite. Alec…
Titus Burgess gave the best "not actually happy for you" clap when Alec Baldwin beat him. You were robbed, Titus! .
Alec Baldwin definitely should not have won over Tituss Burgess. I'm not asking and this is not a poll.
Alec Baldwin and Donald Glover are not the same person...
'At long last Mr. President here is your Emmy:' Alec Baldwin wins for Trump parody on SNL
I don't keep up with a lot of TV shows but happy for Emmy winners Alec Baldwin&Kate McKinnon(SNL), Donald Glover(Atlanta)&Veep.Well deserved
The irony of ironies would be if Alec Baldwin were to win an Emmy for his trump impersonation.
ICYMI: stripped for a bit. More memorable moments from the so far: https:…
donald finally wins the lololol Congrats Alec
Alec Baldwin is the best Donald Trump. He has a nice, shiny to prove it. Don't be sad, Instead, have ice cream.
Alec Baldwin won an Emmy for playing a man who couldn't win an Emmy. . I love it.
Well, Trumps still a loser, so go to bed & let's get back at him tomorrow! Alec Baldwin WON for mocking YAY!
'Mr. President, here is your Emmy': Alec Baldwin wins award for playing Trump on "Saturday Night Live"
Alec Baldwin scores Emmy gold for roasting Trump on SNL. If it wasn't for Pres Trump, Baldwin would still be that out of…
Somebody needs to inform Alec Baldwin that half of us in America voted for Trump and the country is NOT in pain, so…
Find someone who looks at you the way Donald Glover looks at Alec Baldwin
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Alec Baldwin burns Trump while accepting an Emmy for playing Trump
OH SNAP! . The star couldn't resist getting in one more perfect burn at tonight's awards.
Alec Baldwin on Sean Spicer backstage: "I've done some jobs that are things you shouldn't admire or respect either." https:…
Alec Baldwin scores Emmy gold for roasting on 'SNL'. 👋🏽✋🏽
Alec Baldwin won an for his SNL impressions of me! NOT FAIR! He made me look like an *** & I do that much bett…
14 season and 192 episodes Trump couldn't win an award. . One season Baldwin plays Trump and wins. I assure you Alec Ba…
Alec Baldwin says he sees his SNL role as being a conduit for people who are “confused and in pain” over the current presidenc…
Alec Baldwin: "I suppose I should say at long last Mr. President, here is your Emmy."
Only the great Sir Alec Baldwin can do or dis Mr. Trump
Hey Alec Baldwin, President doesn't need your Emmy. He has the presidency. That's gotta sting for you.
Alec Baldwin wins Best Supporting Actor in comedy series.
Okay I love Alec Baldwin's Donald impression but was really rooting for Ty Burrell b/c Modern Family is the greatest
Alec Baldwin can now unlock Trump's new iPhone
I feel really stupid because I never knew that Alec Baldwin was Adam Maitland in Beetlejuice. 🙃
My Alexa woke me up saying "good morning sunshine" and something about Alec Baldwin. I can't tell you if I was more afraid or if I liked it😬
THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER would be perfect if it weren't for Alec Baldwin mansplaining turbulence to a *** flight attendant.
Alec Baldwin returns to SNL, but Kenan Thompson's "Blacks for Trump" guy steals the show: via
I added a video to a playlist Rock of Ages - Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin song - I Can't Fight This
Alec Baldwin returns as Trump to mock his worst week as President
Alec Baldwin reclaims his role as Trump
Alec Baldwin's Trump finally makes an appearance on "Weekend Update: Summer Edition"
Alec Baldwin returns to 'Saturday Night Live' to bid adieu to Steve Bannon
Alec Baldwin returns as Donald Trump to mock Phoenix rally
CNN> Alec Baldwin reclaims his role as Trump: Alec Baldwin returned to NBC's "Weekend…
Thank you for bringing back Alec Baldwin as Trump and the Grim Reaper as Bannon. My life is complete. https:/…
at this point I can't tell just by listening if it's rly Trump talking or Alec Baldwin playing Trump on SNL, that's how in…
Alec Baldwin's impression of Trump is impeccable
I can only hear that in Alec Baldwin voice, because no one is that stu,,, oh wait. and he has fans too
Alec Baldwin reprises his Trump "SNL" role, spoofing Phoenix rally and poking fun at Trump looking at solar eclipse
with the debt ceiling, what a disaster and Alec Baldwin rocks my world. I've not spoken much about him or otherwise I wouldn't be paying him
"How 'bout that eclipse, folks?" Alec Baldwin finally shows up as Trump on
Alec Baldwin's Phone leaves Nasty Message to his daughter
Alec Baldwin came back as SNL's Trump to skewer Trump's Phoenix rally, send off spooky Steve Bannon
Alec Baldwin returns to SNL to destroy Herr Fuhrer:
Baldwin surprise 'Trump' appearance | alex makes hes living off of trump ,has been loser needs cash no 1 watches
Wasn't too long when Alec Baldwin yelling and screaming at his daughter and the liberal media was chastising h…
Yahoo© Alec Baldwin returns to 'SNL' as Trump to make Phoenix rally great again
Alec Baldwin returns as Donald Trump on SNL's 'Weekend Update' -
Alec Baldwin is back as Donald Trump, and he's saying goodbye to Steve Bannon
Alec Baldwin's Trump to Steve Bannon: "Fight the good fight against globalist cucks like my son-in-law Jared.”
Alec Baldwin reclaims his role as Trump.
"The media has treated me so unfairly by using my exact remarks"
Alec Baldwin stops on to mock Donald Trump's looney Phoenix rally
He's back! Alec Baldwin made an appearance on SNL weekend update as Trump
Alec Baldwin's Trump returns to to say goodbye to Steve Bannon.
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If you don't like the remake of "The Getaway" with Alec Baldwin, then you don't like watching Jennifer Tilly... (1/2)
Tony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Elle Macpherson, the black guy from Oz, whacking great bear. T H E E D G E
Silver lining: Alec Baldwin, All Mexicans, 17 basic cable pundits and a disabled reporter just found out they're retroactive…
Alec Baldwin's portrayal of James will forever be a gift to US Thomas fans.
(1/2) Wait one more. Alec Baldwin & James Toback came by our office in Cannes to sta…
I want Netflix, except it's nothing but Jack Ryan movies with James Earl Jones and Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin's Trump. Mellisa McCarthy's Spicer. was Scaramucci (for a hot minute). Pee-Wee Herman has got to be…
Andrew Cuomo, my goodness, just made 2 references to the Alec Baldwin speech from Glengarry Glen Ross in doling out economic development $
Someone on here compared them to bad imitators of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross, which seems right.
excellent analysis of The Donald. Blake's brief speech in "Glengarry Glen Ross" was truly memorable/hated Alec Baldwin for a minute
Someone should tell that Alec Baldwin-in- Glengarry Glen Ross wannabe that it's "coffee is for closers." Yeesh.
New popular media model of "manliness" is Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross
I loved the Mooch, (reminds me of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross)... but maybe its better he's out
In all honesty, though, I think we're doing too many Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross comparisons and not enough…
My latest interview in The Guardian: the great and hilarious Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin slammed by disabled groups for playing blind man via
Alec Baldwin replies to Donald Trump asking for "equal time" to SNL: "Election is over. There is no more equal time"
Alec Baldwin to handle the truth for NBC's live production of A Few Good Men
Alec Baldwin's interview with Howard Schultz was fantastic. "Only the paranoid survive." - Andrew Grove
Tell me it includes an Alec Baldwin / Amy Lee Duet???
Nicole Kidman, Judy Davis and Geoffrey Rush are all nominated for 2017 Primetime Emmy awards
Hydration is a must this time of year. In the voice of Alec Baldwin "A- Always B-Be H-Hydrating…
This clown looks more and more like Alec Baldwin every day. Are they twins? Both are raving lunatics.
*My wife and I were happy for twenty years. Then we met.*😜🤣. _~By Alec Baldwin_
Alec Baldwin is nominated for Emmie for the parody to Trump - RIA Novosti, 7/13/2017
Hopes for - Meryl Streep presents best supporting comedy actor to Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin nominated for an Emmy for Donald Trump act on 'SNL'
So really, brave nominations for the Hollywood elite... hey somebody, play those tapes of Alec…
Alec Baldwin gave SNL best ratings in decades.
Alec Baldwin, Matthew Rhys, Ann Dowd and Riz Ahmed doubled their chances for wins this season
This is seriously an Alec Baldwin caricature.
Thanks to Trump — and, more importantly, Alec Baldwin — SNL enjoyed its highest ratings this season since 1993
Alec Baldwin will impersonate Trump until Trump is gone
What if Mike Myers and Alec Baldwin had a baby? Say hello to the new host of
Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore fall into a not-very-steamy affair in the clumsy romance "Blind"
But he looks like a bootleg Alec Baldwin tho
You're prob right. I can picture Alec Baldwin saying it and that's what's throwing me off. Great fig…
is so ruined by Alec Baldwin. Makes me vomit when he introduces a film.
More insane . Was OK for Patty Duke & Pacino to portray blind folks, but won't fly any more. https:/…
Alec Baldwin and Demi Moore strain at in dopey drama 'Blind'
If Alec Baldwin could get an Emmy nomination on playing the worst and least funny portrayal of Donald Trump then I can become an astronaut
Congratulations on your Emmy nominations, Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin!
When Alec Baldwin wins an Emmy for the worst impression of the easiest guy to do an impression of, there’s a chance I will…
Alec Baldwin got a Supporting Actor and not Guest?
I'm glad Alec Baldwin got a Supporting Actor nomination I feel that's the proper category for him he was great
Alec Baldwin is probably a sure bet for Supporting Actor in comedy ... mainly because he had everyone talk…
Alec Baldwin's "Trump" performance was stale from the beginning and is in no way worthy of a Supporting Actor nomination. Just pure garbage.
Sidenote: Tituss Burgess better whoop Alec Baldwin's *** as best Supporting Actor in a Comedy.
Alec Baldwin nominated for Outstanding Supporting Actor for SNL, but was never officially a cast member. No argument, it's just odd.
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a comedy series (Alec Baldwin) So awesome! This has to be pissing Pre…
Alec Baldwin got a nomination for Supporting Actor and he's not even a cast member amazing
The ladies of SNL did quite well. Alec Baldwin got a Supporting Actor nod, which is weird because he's not in the a…
Everytime I see Trump speak to the press, I expect to hear Alec Baldwin say "And live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"
Can't believe Alec Baldwin is going to win a Best Supporting Actor Emmy for an uncredited role.
Alec Baldwin got nominated in Supporting Comedy Actor for SNL. Place a bet on him to win now if you can.
When president Alec Baldwin puts white nationalist Sissy Spacek on the National Security Council, will America ever be secure again?
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