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Alec Baldwin

Alexander Rae Alec Baldwin III (born April 3, 1958) is an American actor who has appeared on film, stage, and television.

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Johnny Depp wants to take over Alec Baldwin's Trump impersonation on SNL
Alec Baldwin was right. actually does look like he's taking a crap on whatever chair he's…
Best part? You can read it as Alec Baldwin .Then read it as Stephen Colbert . Now Seth Mey…
Trump may dislike Alec Baldwin's impersonation, but someone in the White House apparently digs it. -
It was a academy award and nominated for 11 others. Winona Rider, Alec Baldwin, Michael Keaton.. amazing…
I felt same way about William Petersen & Alec Baldwin until SNL stuff!Like he was always medias darlin…
Alec Baldwin would love another *** role. His obvious enjoyment when sucking Russell Brandt's tongue was…
Watch 'SNL' Make Fun of Donald Trump Firing James Comey Alec Baldwin reprises his role as Donald Trump to mock th...
Alec Baldwin's Trump gets skewered again by 'Lester Holt' on 'SNL.' via
Alec Baldwin Returns to SNL as Donald Trump to Kiss Spicer, Impersonate Nixon - Newsweek
wow Alec Baldwin definitely has a donkey ***
That old open was one of the show’s most brutal mockeries of the president so far.
Watch Alec Baldwin do Trump doing a Nixon impression on
Watch: “SNL” host Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin make use of a White House week that wrote itself…
"Spicy's back!": had Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer meet with Alec Baldwin's President Trump last night
MUST SEE: Alec Baldwin as Trump on SNL Admits to Being a ‘Serial Tapist’
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Saturday Night Live: Sean Spicer and Donald Trump kiss as Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin return
Alec Baldwin returns to SNL as Trump, to kiss Spicer and impersonate Nixon
Melissa McCarthy reprises her role as Sean Spicer on SNL: "That's right -- Spicey is back, Sarah is out."…
Stephen Colbert & Seth Meyers do a much better Trump voice than Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin is the Stephen Baldwin of making me like Trump impressions
Isn't it Great how trump goes after Stephen Colbert for mocking him? Alec Baldwin as well! *** trump can't Stand it! I'm Loving it!
Alec Baldwin just had a Stephen Colbert moment. Trump primes the pump with a little blue pill, anyhow.
Allways do, only Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin are funnier than you.…
Alec Baldwin shares the secrets of his President Trump impression
Trump impersonator Anthony Atamanuik opens up about his 'harsh' feud with Alec Baldwin via
Just got videos from Billy Bob Thornton, Alec Baldwin & Sheryl Crowe... "what advice would you give your 21 yr old…
"45 Fired Comey," a political comedy directed by Nancy Meyers, starring Alec Baldwin and Jason Bateman, or this week's opening SNL skit.
SNL’s steamy Morning Joe send-up features Alec Baldwin on the phone as Trump’s publicist ‘John Miller’
Looking for just the right words to send Samantha Bee, Alec Baldwin, Trevor, Colbert, Seth, Hasan…
Alec Baldwin claims turned down an appearance on because of him:
The host of "S-Town" talks to Alec Baldwin about going viral, the joy of killing stories, & what he wishes he asked…
Listened to (and liked) Check out the new episode of Alec Baldwin's with Brian Reed. Great peek behind the scenes
Sorry but I'm sick of the nonsense and disrespect shown by *** like Alec Baldwin and the dumb…
First Jason Dohring now Alec Baldwin. I can't wait for 2030 when hoechlin writes his biography & talk about falling in love with Dylan.
Swap him out with Alec Baldwin then we could at least laugh about it.
ICYMI — Alec Baldwin as Trump gave guests words of encouragement: "Keep up the good work" htt…
picturing Alec Baldwin using his Trump impression then Azula putting him in line
Alec Baldwin's got nothing on this Trump impersonator via
A Spanish newspaper 'accidentally' used a photo of Alec Baldwin. . As a result, I expect Spain to be put on the immigrant ban l…
Alec Baldwin's got nothing on this Trump impersonator John Di Domenico via
Good thing I needed some comic relief. You were even better than Alec Baldwin at ma…
Alec Baldwin sends quick message to journalists at Correspondents' Dinner. More:
Not even 1 vote from Dems. If it fails, when it fails, it won't fail but if it do…
I bet Alec Baldwin smells like a Clear green turtle and plastic fork with toy car and tulip and vase
Watched for first time in months. Alec Baldwin much improved, w/better control. Show remains vulgar and unfunny, though.
Alec Baldwin promises tonight's episode of is truly special.
I was literally 😂 at this clip last night. just might be a comedic genius:
Just out: cover on reluctant transformation into his wig-clad presidential persona.
Script on SNL: Alec Baldwin as DT to Tina Fay as Nikki:" I don't like vindaloo cuz it is ethnic"; Nikki"…
When did turn into Alec Baldwin and Stephen Hendry into George Michael's Scottish cousin?
Check out the vibe "Alec Baldwin"now there is an ugly stupid looking jack ***
Jack and Diane are *cough* edgy and I legally ban Alec Baldwin's animosity towards paparazzi.
Next SNL: Will Farrell as W + Alec Baldwin as Trump + Darrell Hammond as Clinton + Tina Fey as Palin and Melissa McCarthy as Spicer...GO!
Alec Baldwin . Why pick Trump? . Stand Up Staffer . Because the majority of Americans feel that his heart is in the right place Jack. .
Can we afford to be picky? And why not Alec Baldwin's Jack Ryan from "The Hunt For Red October" eh?
Love that movie! Alec Baldwin, James Earl Jones, Scott Glenn--what a classic! 🍿
This sounds like something Jack Ryan would say...Alec Baldwin's version
Avengers-style movie with Alec Baldwin as The Shadow, Billy Zane as The Phantom, and Val Kilmer as The Saint VS Cyrus the Virus from con air
"Mr. Trump goes to Mar-a-Lago" starring Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, no one as Melania Trump, & Jerry Mathers as the Beaver.
Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy reprise roles as Pres. Trump and White House press secretary Sean Spicer on "SNL"
Alec Baldwin impersonated the President again on last night, taking Trump back to his reality TV roots
Read this initially as "Alec Baldwin is Kendal Jenner's coroner"
You know you've had a long week when you see "James Baldwin Archives" and think "What does Alec Baldwin need archives for?"
Alec Baldwin has been doing an outstanding Lloyd Bridges impersonation = Darryl Hammond is the best Trump…
- Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland frees the nipple, The model daughter of Alec B...
Love seeing Billy Bob in rodents, or to understand why I should care about Alec Baldwin's opinions.
I would watch a BEETLEJUICE sequel all about Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis arguing with Catherine O'Hara about home decor.
Why did Alec Baldwin name his child Ireland
In 3 parts. Alec Baldwin enters the no spin zone of Trump & Bill O'Reilly of 1 of 3 from Saturday Nigh…
Alec Baldwin's Bill O'Reilly impersonation is even better than his Trump impersonation. Louis CK
Alec Baldwin weaponizing his middle-aged white potato-head is what good allyship looks like
Watch Alec Baldwin as interview himself as from tonight's
📹 nbcsnl: Alec Baldwin as Bill O’Reilly interviewing Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.
Alec Baldwin is clearly tired of playing Trump on SNL, but he does a great Bill O’Reilly
Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump is like finding a 'finger in your chili' on 'SNL'
Yes, and in the cold open, they did not pull any punches. Thank you SNL& Alec Baldwin!
Alec Baldwin pulls double duty as a disgraced, creepy Bill O'Reilly on
yes Alec Baldwin is back and he's worse than ever.
Alec Baldwin plays both Donald Trump and Bill O'Reilly in searing 'SNL' skit
Alec Baldwin does a double take as Bill O'Reilly and Donald Trump on 'SNL'
Watch Alec Baldwin debut an uncanny Bill O’Reilly impression on
Alec Baldwin pulls double duty on plays Bill O'Reilly and Donald Trump.
Alec Baldwin as Trump tells his supporters to "keep eating that finger chili"
Does this have something to do with Alec Baldwin beating up Kim Bassinger?
Alec Baldwin's interview on Fresh Air podcast about his DT impression was hilarious. Said a similar thing.
Alec Baldwin explains his decades-long feud with Harrison Ford Harrison Ford is a man,Alec Baldwin is a mouse!
A 47 year old Alec Baldwin climbing all over 17 year old Nikki Re…
HuffPo media ♦ Hollywood producer Dana Brunetti is taking Alec Baldwin to task for claiming he didn’t know that…
Alec Baldwin knew Nikki Reed was underage in racy movie, producer claims
Wow…Alec Baldwin has disliked Harrison Ford since he lost the Jack Ryan films to him. Excerpts from his new memoir:
Alec Baldwin, Mary McCarthy, ROSIE O'DONNEL should stand-in at annual White House Correspondents Dinner for cowering Trump Adm. Oh yeah! 😂
If Trumpsters shun the White House Correspondents Dinner, SNLsters Alec Baldwin, Mary McCarthy, ROSIE O'DONNELL should stand-in.
Stars take aim at Trump and Pence for ACLU live benefit
Watching SNL, is Alec Baldwin getting Senile? Cant do the lines without the Cue Cards?
Dogs are confusingly both my *** cheeks and I get married to Alec Baldwin's animosity towards paparazzi.
“I’m not Donald Trump, although I did impersonate him once..." at last night's htt…
Won't take my kids to see Boss Baby because of hatred for Trump and supporters! At home this weekend
I know it's a repeat, but Pete Davidson making fun of Alec Baldwin losing his youthful good looks is brutally funny.
Showing replay of Alec Baldwin hosting SNL!! :-)
I know this is isn't a new episode of but I love Alec Baldwin! 👏👏👏
Alec Baldwin is the thing of nightmares he is HORRIFYING and REPTILIAN
I think Kyle Mooney and Vanessa Bayer are gonna make movies.and Alec Baldwin's gonna become NYC city councilman
Boss Baby's resemblances to Trump are ‘total coincidence’, film’s director says
Mom: I hate that one!. Me: what?. Mom: Alec Baldwin, ay no me cae tan mal!. lmao
I love the reruns with Alec Baldwin as a host and McCarthy guest starring. Cracks me up!
Tom Hanks , Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin think their fans are just stupid and need to be "Shown the way"
2 minute Warning. Alec Baldwin will be on soon.
Alec Baldwin might call it quits on President Trump impersonation.
"I don’t think people will be in the mood to laugh about it come September”
.reveals the secrets behind his Donald Trump impression
I have to agree that SNL has been really funny this year. Alec Baldwin's impressions of President Donald Trump,...
I had to do a double take of this Alec Baldwin picture...looks like Mr. Johnson so much
Watch telethon with Tom Hanks, Alec Baldwin, Tina Fey, and others live here:
Tonight, take a stand for our rights and liberties with funsters Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and a bunch of others to raise money…
At 7pm ET tonight I'm part of a nationwide telethon to raise money for the ACLU. I'm with Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin & others on F…
WATCH LIVE: ACLU hosts fundraising telethon with Tom Hanks, Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin and more
A parent's love is whole no matter how many times divided. John and Elizabeth Hovick (Played by Alec Baldwin and E…
Alec Baldwin 'fell in love' with Tina Fey when they met - Page Six
"Alec Baldwin puts Kate McKinnon in rare company as one of the three most talented individuals he's ever worked with." 😭😭😭…
. From U who lies constantly, this means nothing. Diff btw U and Alec Baldwin: He's IN on the joke.
This thesis was proven in The Edge, between Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin,
Alec Baldwin as Trump. Melissa McCarthy as Spicer. Rosie O'Donnell as Bannon. and now... Patrick Stewart as Kellyanne Conway.
Let Alec Baldwin get in costume and throw the pitch.the crowd can still have their cathartic booing moment ;)
Everybody loves Tina Fey -> Alec Baldwin on first meeting Tina Fey: "I fell in love."
ok its probably not. I don't know who Alec Baldwin is tho, nor do I watch SNL
A way to tell Donald Trump and Alec Baldwin apart
Alec Baldwin says he nearly passed on playing Donald Trump on 'SNL'
Reaction to Bill O'Reilly applying Libtard logic: Alec Baldwin is a nazi rascist comb over-ist' for his portrayal of Trump. Is anything fun?
Vanity Fair’s April cover star sounds off on Trump, Tina Fey, and
"I know, baby" 😎 the epitome of star power. Alec Baldwin on Whitney Houston in Vanity Fair.
.says he almost turned down his Donald Trump gig because he "just didn’t want to play him":
Alec Baldwin on Trump: "In New York, his hometown & base of operations, Trump is endured, at best. Trump was never an admir…
Well we have at least one thing in common with x
Alec Baldwin imitates Trump in reaction to his popularity. Trump impression Baldwin has a book deal
At least trump isn't abussive to his daughter like Alec Baldwin is
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Alec Baldwin says he fell in love with Tina Fey the very first moment he met her:
Alec Baldwin almost turned down Donald Trump 'SNL' gig: 'I just didn't want to play him'
Alec Baldwin has revealed that he almost passed on playing Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live."
Thankfully, plenty of tickets are still available for the Alec Baldwin show. Best of luck!
Can we at least get Alec Baldwin to throw the first pitch at Nats Park?
Alec Baldwin Reveals the Exact Moment He 'Fell in Love' with Tina Fey -
Why ? Alec Baldwin 'stunned' at popularity of Trump impression
Alec Baldwin is warmed up and ready to go.
Alec Baldwin is 'stunned' at popularity of his impersonation of President Trump on 'Saturday Night Live'
what was I thinking, of course they'll complain. I just get the mental image of Alec Baldwin's char at the end of Team America.
Alec Baldwin does comedy routine about calling his daughter a 'pig' [VIDEO]
Alec Baldwin reveals he fell for Tina Fey when they met on SNL - Daily Mail
They are? Geez, what next? You'll tell me Alec Baldwin is nothing like his Jack Donaghy character in real life.
How does Alec Baldwin's SNL portrayal of Trump influence our view of the president? via
The funniest thing about Alec Baldwin in Boss Baby is that the movie itself sounds like one of Jack Donaghy's terrible TV ideas
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Pretty sure that new dumb movie where Alec Baldwin voices a baby is part of Jack Donaghy's plan to tank NBC by greenlighting terrible shows.
This might just be the BEST Netflix show ever!. Alec Baldwin, Idina Menzel, David Hyde Pierce, Jim Hensen...
WATCH: Alec Baldwin teaches young fan his Trump impression
send this info to Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin and Robert DeNiro
send this to Michael Moore, Alec Baldwin , Robert senior !
Watching Robert Osborne interviewed by Alec Baldwin on He was such a gracious, lovely man & shall be greatly missed.😥
I like to think that somewhere right now Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, and Michael Keaton are hanging out together and having a good laugh.
This is so unbelievably insane, I started hearing it in Alec Baldwin's Trump voice halfway through.
Move over Alec Baldwin, we may have found the ultimate Trump family impersonator:
| Alec Baldwin talking about Louis in a recent interview with Evening Standard.
After Trump, played by Alec Baldwin, is told that aliens vaporized California: "So then I won the popular vote?”
Kate McKinnon is scary good as Jeff Sessions on SNL – Alec Baldwin returned as Donald Trump
Alec Baldwin's SNL spoof of Donald Trump's response to an alien attack: 'Everyone in California is ...
Alec Baldwin reprises his role as President Trump on to confront a group of aliens attacking planet Earth
"SNL" last night: Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, Scarlett Johansson as Ivanka Trump, Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions
On SNL, a clueless Trump faces an alien invasion - CNET: Commentary: Alec Baldwin is back as the president, who's……
Alec Baldwin's President Trump faces an alien invasion on "Saturday Night Live"
That was back when Alec Baldwin was still good looking LOL
Alec Baldwin returns to Saturday Night Live as Donald Trump in Independence Day spoof (News)
Frightening resemblance. This is your moment. Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy, and now. . .Rosie O'Donnell. Killing it.
gimme some more Melissa McCarthy & Alec Baldwin. seems like SNL is going tame on Trump admin last episode
Alec Baldwin returns to 'SNL' as Donald Trump - The actor reprised his role during the show's cold open.
Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump botches an alien invasion on 'SNL' - USA TODAY
I love Alec Baldwin but I thought we all stopped laughing at his impression on November 10th.
Bob Huggins looks like Larry Bird had a love child with Alec Baldwin.
Alec Baldwin should play Bob Huggins in an skit for
I think Bob Kerrey and Alec Baldwin are still weighing their prospective '05 and '13 runs, respectively. It's never…
A Dominican newspaper used a picture of Alec Baldwin as Trump for a picture of Preesident Trump. (pic via ht…
"I don't know how much more people can take," says Baldwin of his Trump on
Oh man. He was so funny. I totally understand though. Im so sick of all the same childish bs.
Between the contributions of Al Franken and Alec Baldwin, are we going to have history books that say SNL saved dem…
If Trump won't do the the WHCC dinner, send Alec Baldwin + whole SNL crew, with special guests. Make it a pay per view fundr…
We're now in the timeline where Santa Claus is bitter and gaunt.
Trump's got no chill, so we'll cool it.
Alec Baldwin is leaving He is tired of being :)
Alec Baldwin made history on Saturday Night Live tonight.
The ideological Right forgot the immortal words of Alec Baldwin in Glengarry Glen Ross. Always Be Closing
Alec Baldwin says he won't play Trump for much longer on SNL
Now for Match Game thought: Alec Baldwin is trying too hard to be funny instead of The Spice Girls?
But Alec Baldwin is better at being Donald Trump than the actual Donald Trump
⚡️ “Alec Baldwin may not impersonate Trump on SNL much longer”.
Alec Baldwin urges Louis Tomlinson to employ hefty personal security after his airport bust-up
Alec Baldwin on calls for him to host the as Trump: "If they wanted me to do it, I would probably do it"
Hollywood star Alec Baldwin offers some advice to Louis Tomlinson after airport incident.
Alec Baldwin says his days of playing Donald Trump are numbered: "I don’t know how much more people can take it."
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Why might not play Trump on much longer:
"News: Alec Baldwin's days playing Donald on 'SNL' are numbered"
Alec Baldwin says he might give up his Trump impression on 'SNL':
he is afraid people will get tired of it. MEANWHILE he says he's completely open to doing it at the...
People can take it, - it's that we're sick of You're not that relevant.
Among those considerd for the lead in this movie were Bill Murray, Alec Baldwin and John Travolta…
Missing David Letterman love the Medal of Freedom thoughts for Alec Baldwin but not from
Letterman compared Alec Baldwin to that swarm of flies from the Indians-Yankees ALDS in 2007. . Does that make Joba…
Alec Baldwin: I'd stand in for Trump at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. Please!
George W. Bush forgives Will Ferrell. So does Alec Baldwin have a chance with Donald Trump?
Let me say how excited I am to be covering the White House w .
Remember in 2013 when Alec Baldwin got his show cancelled by NBC? How the
Let Alec Baldwin fill in for tRump at the White House Correspondent's dinner. We'd much rather watch him anyway!
Thanks to I have revived my sideline as a Trump profiteer.
Alec Baldwin is planning on how to never work after Trump is no longer President and honestly I’d do the same.
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Alec Baldwin to coauthor satirical book as President Trump
who does the best Donald Trump impression,it's a tie between and Alec Baldwin.
This should be good... Alec Baldwin and Kurt Andersen are writing a Trump book together. Sad.
.TNN (Trump News Network) and Trump impressions are the best😂 So funny. Way better than Alec Baldwin on
I'm calling for Alec Baldwin resignation. He's also part of all this.
Jimmy Fallon and Alec Baldwin are hilarious impersonating Donald Trump. Fallon uses this little arm and very small hand looks like Trump's
Alec Baldwin called his 11 YO rude little pig, why free pass??!
Alec Baldwin to co-author satirical book as President Trump
Actually they just talked about SNL, and Sessions was advising the Russians to boycott Baldwin's Trump impression, saying…
Kurt Andersen, Alec Baldwin to team up for “You Can’t Spell America Without Me,” satirical book about Donald Trump https:…
taken down by Al Franken. This will be first administration, between Franken and Alec Baldwin,…
Alec Baldwin as Trump against the West Wing cast could be funny. Or terrible. But it's work.
or Meryl Streep :-) ".I hope they replace you with Alec Baldwin."
"Let's petition Alec Baldwin to attend the White House Correspondents Dinner as Trump. That would be hilarious & would kil…
Alec Baldwin makes a better fake President than Trump.
As long as Alec Baldwin fills in at correspondence dinner, TRump will not be missed.
Dear White House Correspondents Association: Please ask Alec Baldwin to stand in for Donald Trump at your annual dinner. Thank…
that's cool, we'll get Alec Baldwin instead. Or an orange bobble head, or a Trumpinata, or a troll doll.
Yeah. Obama as headline and Alec Baldwin doing Trump. Throw in Keegan Michael Key translating.
Zach Braff suggests Alec Baldwin fill in for trump at WH Correspondents' dinner
trumplethinskin decides NOT 2 attend this year's WHCD. Would be GREAT if Alec Baldwin shows up instead!
Top choices for MC:. Alec Baldwin, or... Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon.
OMG What if Alec Baldwin went as 45! That would be so classic, 45 would have a STROKE! could be there too!
Hope that all attend and debut 'Trump Roast' w/Colbert, Stewart, Noah, McCarthy, Bee & Alec Baldwin. Ratings would be sky high.
Watching The Departed now for the 26th time. Matt Damon Leo Mark Whalberg and Alec Baldwin are life.
Alec Baldwin's brother Stephen Baldwin RIPS Trump hater Bob Beckel for his salty feelings! . "Why do you hate him so much?"…
2017 Life time "You like like" tally: 1 million David Schwimmer / Ross from Friends, 20 John Travolta, 3 Alec Baldwin, 1 Vincent D'Onofrio
SNL NEEDS to keep casting outside their main cast for politicians because Larry David, Alec Baldwin and now Melissa McC…
had their best ratings in 6 years thanks to Alec Baldwin, Melissa McCarthy and Kate McKinnon
Alec Baldwin is so awesome. Why did he never play batman?! Young Alec as Wayne and young Daniel day Lewis as the joker.
SNL scores highest ratings in 6 years with Alec Baldwin as host
Newspaper runs photo of Alec Baldwin instead of Donald Trump
I didn't think that anything was better than Alec Baldwin as Trump until I saw Melissa McCarthy as Spicer.
Alec Baldwin sets host record and shows what would happen if Trump took 9th circuit judges to "People's Court"
Leafs couldn't pull out the win. with Alec Baldwin and Whitney Houston followed in just over an hours time by
Awww...watching a vintage with Alec Baldwin and Whitney Houston. RIP Whitney. Kick some *** tonight
What a Patriot looks like: Alec Baldwin (SNL) Thank you. "The Emperor wears no clothes".
go Rosie, let's get Alec Baldwin there to will lmfao
pokes fun at the Trump Nordstrom debacle!
Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon’s dueling Trump impressions will get you pumped for this week’s SNL htt…
can't wait to see what Alec Baldwin has in store tonight. 😀😀
Alec Baldwin’s “SNL” teaser promo manages to be both endearing and emotional:
Maybe they should have written in Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy for pres instead of tapping Republican
Alec Baldwin's impression is good, but I thought his impression of a bad father, who abuses his daughter on a lea…
Definitely a striking resemblance to Alec Baldwin.
Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon do dueling Trumps and more late-night highlights this week.
Watch Alec Baldwin poke fun at Ivanka Trump's Nordstrom debacle on the
Chevy Chase praises Alec Baldwin and Melissa McCarthy's Trump and Spicer impressions on http…
I can't watch Trump speak live anymore without seeing Alec Baldwin's SNL Trump speaking. I just can't.
SEE IT: Alec Baldwin brags about wearing an Ivanka Trump men's suit for 95% off in an epic roast h…
I liked a video Box of Lies with Alec Baldwin
Rosie you do a great Trump impersonation but I like Alec Baldwin also.
Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon just did competing Donald Trump impersonations via
Alec Baldwin hosting SNL for record breaking 17th time.
mash::: Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon have a Donald Trump impression-off
WATCH: Alec Baldwin and Jimmy Fallon break out dueling Trump impressions
Jake Roberts once shook my hand and tugged on my earlobe after peeing, ala Alec Baldwin in Along Came Polly.
Alec Baldwin and Saturday nite live should be ashamed of themselves
WATCH: Returns as 'Freaks Out' on Several... by via
Alec Baldwin returns as in hilarious SNL Cold Open 02/0...
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Alec Baldwin has no class just trying to be relevant
adviser: we need you in the situation room, things in Yemen are going bad. Trump: no time, Alec Baldwin is doing a lame…
'Australia *** prepare to go to war': Alec Baldwin returns to SNL as Trump botching world leader calls
American comedian as Malcolm Turnbull stars in this week's episode of opposite Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump.
Can we get Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin for the next four years instead??
Watch and Alec Baldwin bash Donald Trump's diplomacy skills by via
SNL was terrific. Everything Alec Baldwin and the others depicted exactly what our "so-called President" and admin…
This is so Hilarious, Watch Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump return to SNL: 'Prepare to go to war'
Melissa McCarthy took on Sean Spicer for SNL... And it was amazing
WATCH: Alec Baldwin returned to to play Donald Trump, accompanied by the grim reaper as Steve Bannon
4 more years of Trump Humiliation. Alec Baldwin & Melissa McCarthy are brilliant.
Alec Baldwin returns as Trump on SNL — and "Steve Bannon" made an appearance, too
I thought Alec Baldwin's Trump was tedious after a few minutes, but Melissa McCarthy doing Spicer, priceless.
Wow. This was insane: Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump wreaks world havoc with a skeletal Steve Bannon on ‘SNL’
Alec Baldwin was back as Donald Trump in this week's "Saturday Night Live"-- featured in NBC s Science of Love
I liked a video Alec Baldwin returns as President Trump in hilarious SNL Cold Open 02/04/17 -
Between Melissa McCarthy and Alec Baldwin, I may start watching again - hilarious!
SNL's Alec Baldwin taunts Trump again, but Melissa McCarthy steals the show playing Sean Spicer
Dear White House Correspondents: For your annual dinner, please hire Alec Baldwin as the host (and Melissa McCarthy).
Alec Baldwin returns as Trump on SNL, where an evil Stephen K. Bannon is actually president.
WATCH: Alec Baldwin brings Donald Trump back to SNL for first time since inauguration.
ALEC BALDWIN CRUSHES IT " Last week it was Holocaust Remembrance Day. And, as you know, 6 million people... were at my i…
Melissa McCarthy deserves to join Alec Baldwin as an Honorary SNL Cast Member for Life (a more prestigious "Five-Timers Clu…
Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer is even better than Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump on
It's the end of the world. Alec Baldwin is hosting The Match Game. Sarah Palin is a celebrity panelist, just like Charles Nelson Reilly.
After president Rutger Hauer started a war in Iraq, will new president Alec Baldwin really bar Iraqi refugees from the U.S.?
How about a episode of where Tina Fey has to try to convince Tracy Morgan not to let Alec Baldwin play trump on SNL?
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