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Alberto Moreno

Alberto Moreno Rojas del Río (born May 31, 1941 in Huaytará) is a left-wing Peruvian politician. He is the general secretary of the Communist Party of Peru (Red Fatherland) and the president of the Movimiento Nueva Izquierda - New Left Movement.

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I wonder what Alberto Moreno is doing right now 🤔
Reminds me of a young Alberto Moreno
And these are Alberto Moreno's boxers I took off him when I absolutely raped him earlier, did you guys s…
Almost as if they had a child and named him Alberto Moreno Perez
Liverpool have rejected an £11m bid from Napoli for the Liverpool left-back Alberto Moreno
Why have I got alberto Moreno captain?. Oops
Guys i am a liverpool Fan . So dont make me feel i am against. Add on we have . Alberto…
Alberto Moreno's £11 million move to Napoli collapsed as they wanted the money upfront whereas we wanted to pay them in…
What are you on about? I think you'll find Alberto moreno sat in the main stand when it was g…
Ladies and gentlemen, i give you Alberto Moreno via
Any team would concede when they have Alberto Moreno on their side... Firmino isn't a quick player it was Moreno wh…
Alberto Moreno must leave the team. Smh what was that??
the best argument : His name isn't alberto moreno
Not sure what this should prove. . Alberto Moreno does that all the time and we hate him for it.
Alberto Moreno being caught out of position even in training.
Alberto Moreno ball watching (for Bobby's goal) in a training session ladies and gentlemen. Elite mentality.
Alberto Moreno's Unbelievable Jeff is up there as well
Art of defending by alberto Moreno ...
If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again! Alberto Moreno's determination to become the bottle-flip king 👑
This is a really interesting perspective. Where we and are friends live plays a big part in most peoples' decisions.
I think it's about time we offloaded Alberto Moreno. Not getting any action this year. Waste of a wage and shirt
How many times can Alberto Moreno be responsible for our teams losses this season..
Alberto Moreno is just fantastic. Constant smiles.
A straight swap with Alberto Moreno and Naby Keita would benefit both parties 😉
Unless they fancy going in with £25m for Alberto Moreno. In which case - Call any time RB.
Alberto Moreno could do that and don't even get me started on that donkey
Blind having an Alberto Moreno first half. Smelling.
Coutinho's friends are Lucas Leiva & Alberto Moreno. 1 has left the other is in the shop window. His BFF is Neymar
Liverpool rejected Barcelona offers for coutinho and ask if they would like Alberto Moreno instead?
Coco - please tell me that he has a Alberto Moreno neck tattoo! Have a great time and come back safely!
Alberto Moreno is still employed by Liverpool.. how
A drunk Alberto Moreno drove a segway through the gates of Melwood and knocked over a giraffe which h…
Just play the kid on left back and he has his new challenge , just ask Alberto Moreno how challeging it is ... 😜⚽️
Alberto Moreno's attempted tackle is a thing of beauty...
Alberto Moreno | Original Prankster | 2014 - 2017 Highlights - Please RT, my dog has stolen my seg…
I'm happy with Ashley young he knows how to win trophies.and it could be worse you could decide to keep Alberto Moreno
Alberto Moreno doing the Sturridge celebration is still the best thing on the internet
Alberto Moreno found the game vs Southampton a bit boring so he decided to do the bottle flip challenge right behind…
Those great Liverpool left backs we once had. Alan Kennedy, John Arne Riise, David Burrows. Now we have James Milner & Alberto Moreno
We should Alberto Moreno for de sciglio
Was Stoke City omission the end of the road for Alberto Moreno at Liverpool? (This Is Anfield)
because the actual LB is Alberto Moreno
Alberto Moreno would be a better midfeilder than you, no questions asked
Alberto Moreno at left back with James Milner alongside Georginho and Lallana in the midfield...hope Klopp thinks like me!
Would you bring Alberto Moreno into the starting lineup against Arsenal? says yes.
Alberto Moreno is better than Marcelo, no joke.
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Alberto Moreno should be a lock in the starting 11- milner and henderson ( when he is healthy) are killing this team on the back end!
Fitch on Mexico - Mexico’s Response to a US Tariff on Crude Exports with Alberto Moreno
My blindfolded guinea pig with 2 and a half legs and obesity would be better than Alberto Moreno
Alberto Moreno's girl is pregnant again. at least he's good at something.😐
Should Jurgen Klopp be considering bringing Alberto Moreno back tomorrow evening? explores.
OUT: Alberto Moreno. Doesn't have a future at this club obviously isn't rated by club
Don't you'll think it's about time Alberto Moreno starts playing? A little stupid at times but he's had decent cameos.
Why did we buy Alberto Moreno?he makes mistakes yes...but the Liverpool fraternity seriously dont like the guy
Alberto Moreno should never play for us again
Training with the magic phil.coutinho 🤙🏻 Filed under: Alberto Moreno Hollyw…
Does Alberto Moreno deserve to start ahead of Milner in the near future?
same could be said about Alberto Moreno
I remember I had to play LB once, I got exposed more times then Alberto Moreno in the UEL final fam.
If only we'd known that Alberto Moreno wasn't good enough 9 months ago. Some small clue or a sign.
for real you are on point because we do have average players the likes of cán ,Alberto Moreno, James
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Speaking on “investing in every child” at Luis Alberto Moreno, President, Inter-American Development Bank!…
Should Jurgen Klopp bring back Alberto Moreno and move James Milner into midfield vs. Arsenal?
Moreno could be an unlikely catalyst to reignite a stuttering engine. It's time to take the risk. For -
Among who could leave this summer are Lucas Leiva, who is out of contract, Alberto Moreno and Emre Can *Andy Hunter*
Opinion: Alberto Moreno - an unlikely catalyst to reignite Liverpool's stuttering engine?
Alberto Moreno deserves another chance. Move Milner back into midfield. Emre Can can *** off to Juventus
Lucas Leiva, Alberto Moreno and Emre Can could all leave Liverpool this summer. [Andy Hunter]
Alberto Moreno is the worst left back I can remember at Liverpool, a club who once signed Paul Konchesky.
Alberto Moreno was actually surprisingly good, I always used to use shaw
I would do anything for an Alberto Moreno SBC
😧 I knew Alonso, Torres and Gerrard got it on to create Alberto Moreno but apparently Hendo and Emre Çan have done…
Do you want Alberto Moreno to start tomorrow against Southampton at Anfield?. Let us share our thoughts below?
Great start to the year and today seeing Liverpool player Alberto Moreno in Volé La Lumière & Versatile me was 👌🏻🔥
If you refer to Alberto Moreno as 'Albie' you need to sit down and think about things a bit
Blaming all Muslims for ISIS is like blaming the whole of Spain for Alberto Moreno.
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Strange how you always think you're Ronaldo if you int touched a ball in months when you're more like Alberto Moreno on a really good day
O really? . Alberto Moreno is still a player. now fume.
Schlupp had one relegation battle which he spent on the bench and PVA is a budget Alberto Moreno
Is Alberto Moreno the man capable of saving Liverpool's season? .
Some lad on Fifa there had 25 shots on goal, scored with Alberto Moreno and I still beat him. Unreal.
and you probably think Alberto Moreno is the best left back in the prem
Alberto Moreno, Jay Spearing, Joey Barton. In that order. All miles better than stupid Drogba.
I don't know why people still count Alberto Moreno as a player despite his poor outing at LFC since 2014
What YOU said about saying Alberto Moreno should play for on the left wing
fans have spoken on the great Alberto Moreno debate.
The question would be, what is a walking disaster, answer: Alberto Moreno
Is the man capable of saving season?
i know this sounds ridiculous, but would you like to see ALBERTO MORENO play on the right wing??
Alberto Moreno could save Liverpools season is an article i saw, had to slap myself make sure i was awake
Is Liverpool outcast Alberto Moreno the man capable of saving the Reds' flagging season?
Read this by on Alberto Moreno and then vote on whether he is talking any sense 🤔 .
With all due respect to the author, the winner is:. Alberto Moreno could help save Liverpool's season.
Is Alberto Moreno the man to drag back on track?
Wrote this on Alberto Moreno and how he could help save season. Give it a read before you jump to conclusions. http…
Nacho Monreal is Alberto Moreno's dopey older brother.
would love to create a squad around him, Luis Alberto, Alberto Moreno and all those LFC flops!
Alberto Moreno responds to the sacking of Sam Allardyce...
We've had Glen Johnson & Alberto Moreno in recent years. . I would like to apologise to Steve Finnan for any insults I once threw his way.
how on earth can chelsea fans be excited by David Luiz? He has the defensive ability of Alberto Moreno
Jordi Alba, David Alaba, Marcelo, or Joe Skarz would do to replace Alberto Moreno for Liverpool.
So here's an offer you can't refuse: Lucas Leiva for Xabi Alonso and super LB Alberto Moreno for David Alaba. What say you?
"James Milner and Alberto Moreno are Liverpools left backs for the season". Me:
Garth Crooks: "If he keeps Alberto Moreno in the team, he can forget the top four – he’ll get relegated."
Liverpool need to replace Alberto Moreno at left-back or face relegation, says Garth Crooks
Things better than Alberto Moreno. Paul Konchesky. A cardboard cutout of Alberto Moreno. Me. Simon Mignolet. Going down to 1…
Alberto Moreno, providing comical moments not seen since Michael Ricketts was picked for England
Liverpool fans: "I want Alberto Moreno to lower my casket at my funeral, just so he can let me down one last time". ht…
Let's hope he doesn't see Alberto Moreno's barnet any time soon...
06/08/16. The day Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi were pocketed by Ragnar Klavan and Alberto Moreno
Klopp believes that Milner can provide cover for Alberto Moreno. (James Pearce)
James Milner starting ahead of Alberto Moreno at left-back.
Imagine going from John Arne Riise and Fabio Aurelio to Jose Enrique and Alberto Moreno.
Liverpool are thought to want Mattia De Sciglio. Would he be an upgrade on Alberto Moreno?.
Liverpool plot move for Italy international: Alberto Moreno's days may be numbered -
Remember when Alberto Moreno ran the length of white heart lane to end Spurs
"Sign a f**king left Back" - Jamie Carragher was not happy with Alberto Moreno's performance in the
Jamie Carragher was NOT happy with Alberto Moreno after Liverpool's final defeat
Alberto Moreno, Liverpool defender: "Winning the 2014 final with Sevilla is a wonderful memory."
Alberto Moreno came through Sevilla's ranks & won the in '13/14. Will he break their hearts on Wednesday? https…
Not a fan of her Sinead O'Connor/Alberto Moreno homage to the side of her head though.
Roberto Firmino, Joe Allen, James Milner, Alberto Moreno & Kolo Toure will all be rested. ( James Pearce )
Roberto Firmino, Joe Allen, James Milner, Alberto Moreno and Kolo Toure have not travelled today, Daniel Sturridge has.
"If you are a left back, defend.". Lawro has some advice for Alberto Moreno. Reaction:
Could watch Alberto Moreno attempt to say 'Unbelievable Jeff' all day, has be in bits😂
Alberto Moreno trying to say Unbelievable Jeff is just pure torture 🙉
Alberto Moreno attempting to say 'unbelievable, Jeff' is one of the most extraordinary things you'll hear today:
Alberto Moreno trying to say "Unbelievable Jeff" is the best vine you'll see today 😂😂
Alberto Moreno trying to say 'Unbelievable Jeff' is amazing
Alberto Moreno's attempt at saying "Unbelievable Jeff" is the best thing you'll see this week
People actually think Alberto Moreno is better than Nacho Monreal.
Video from inside the bus taken by Alberto Moreno. Absolute scenes.
HALF-TIME: lead 2-1 at the break thanks to goals from Alberto Moreno and Daniel Sturridge
Just checked my Collins Spanish dictionary. Alberto Moreno translates as two footed lunge
Apparently Real Madrid prefers Wolfsburg left back Dominguez than Alberto Moreno smh
If I'm to sign one player for Real Madrid it will be Liverpool's Alberto Moreno
Only thing Alberto Moreno has over Jonas Hector is pace.
Alberto Moreno has twice as many key pass per 90 than Aaron Ramsey too. You can tell Arsenal fans
The base budget should be £50m plus whatever we get for Benteke, Skrtel, Moreno, L. Alberto, Markovic, Balotelli, Lucas.
Refuse to believe Alberto Moreno's dog is real.
could be looking to replace Alberto Moreno with and Netherlands full-back Jetro Willems. (Liverpool Echo)
If you cut Alberto Moreno open then his insides will be made up of Spam Luncheon Meat marinated in Sangria.
Liverpool fly out to Holland to seal deal for £11m Alberto Moreno replacement
LB: Alberto Moreno, OMG I don't even know why I'm even putting him as a left back when he doesn't even defend
Alberto Moreno. In. Dodgy as a defender, but good as an attacker. Will get better. Like Mignolet, should be an understudy next season.
Alberto Moreno wishing you all a Merry Christmas with his dog
Photo: Alberto Moreno takes on Liverpool defender in padel ahead of Tottenham clash: Alberto Moreno took on Jo...
Photo: Alberto Moreno soaks up Tenerife rays ahead of Liverpool v Tottenham: Alberto Moreno soaked up the Tene...
Alberto Moreno joins in with Daniel Sturridge dance after Liverpool goal vs Crystal... (Vine by Futbol Elite®)
I do think that Jonas Hector would be a very nice foil to Alberto Moreno. Both players have strong but different qualities. Good to have!
Alberto Moreno : IN, once he learns to stay back and not bomb forward 24/7 he can become one of the best fullbacks
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Alberto Moreno coming on in goal for Butland there.
Jonas Hector isn't an upgrade on Alberto Moreno
Am I alone in finding Alberto Moreno annoying?. All these vines of him 'loving life' tell me players get very rich for nothing these days 😕
Alberto Moreno is a woeful defender. But has great ability going forward.
If you ever find yourself questioning Alberto Moreno.just watch this 😍.
Watch Alberto Moreno take on in a table tennis challenge!
Alberto Moreno has emerged as a fitness doubt for Liverpool's Europa League showdown with Manchester United. ( James Pearce
Depth, yeah. Quality? The list has Alberto Moreno and Jesus Navas
A nice flick from Alberto Moreno in Tenerife on his return to training! (Vine by
Photo: Alberto Moreno relaxes in bubble bath ahead of Liverpool v Tottenham
Brad Smith on standby to start at Old Trafford as Alberto Moreno suffers injury scare . https:/…
Genuinely think a back four containing Alberto Moreno, Marcelo, David Luiz and Sakho could break football folklore.
Just used my Defensive Rock on Alberto Moreno on for vs
Nathaniel Clyne with a defensive error @ 22 minutes that would have Alberto Moreno butchered.
The 2% who think "no" are Jose Enrique, Nathaniel Clyne, Alberto Moreno and Ryan McLaughlin.
I find it really funny how we're playing Man City again tonight. Alberto Moreno and I were both having a good old chuckle…
Liverpool legend Jamie Carragher says, 'Simon Mignolet and Alberto Moreno must be dropped' via
The Reds legend says Jurgen Klopp has to replace both Alberto Moreno and Simon Mignolet if t...
Alberto Moreno: a quick man without a brain cell.
Mignolet, Bogdan, Moreno, Milner, Benteke should be the first to be sold. Along with Balotelli, Luis Alberto, Ilori and a load more if
Remember when Alberto Moreno was linked with Real Madrid?! 😂😂
MUST move on Alberto Moreno and Simon Mignolet this summer, says Jamie Carragher
Well the squad inquest I spoke about begins in Ernest I guess - the queue begins with Alberto Moreno
Alberto Moreno was a glaring weak link and City kept on exposing the left-back's defensive deficiencies (Pearce).
As feisty and fun as he is, Alberto Moreno is simply a defensive liability. Switches off too much and makes so many silly, rash, challenges.
How did Alberto Moreno get away with this tackle?
Alberto Moreno is good going forward but he doesn't convince me defensively so rash with his tackles
Adam Lallana replaces Alberto Moreno. Can find the goal they need in the …
Alberto Moreno was shockingly bad today.
71: make their second substitution as Alberto Moreno makes way for the returning Adam Lallana (0-1)
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Adam Lallana coming on for Alberto Moreno as Liverpool prepare to switch from a vague formation to a fluid mess
Jamie Carragher: MUST replace both Simon Mignolet and Alberto Moreno this summer
Alberto Moreno makes Bilel Mohsni look like a graceful and accomplished defender by comparison
Imagine if there was a team that had Alberto Moreno and Aly Cissokho as first and second choice left-backs!
witnessed long serving player, Alberto Moreno bow out with a 2-1 victory in his testimonial match.
has delighted the fans of Whitehawk with the signing of Alberto Moreno.
.chart Alberto Moreno's rise under Jurgen Klopp at after Rodgers rage:
65' - Substitution by Liverpool as Mario Balotelli replaces Alberto Moreno.
I did update the teams on fifa and I realised that they downgraded Alberto-Moreno from 79 to 77!Any idea why would they do that?
Brad Smith seems to be adapting well to the backline. I hope we do get to see Alberto Moreno on the wing soon though. Worth a shot.
Dont think we really have an underrated player in our squad, but I'll go for Alberto Moreno
Inspired by famous soccer player Alberto Moreno, Samantha Malczewski, stylist at Hair2Dye4 worked her magic on...
Right now, I wouldn't mind Brad Smith starting over Alberto Moreno. Think he deserves a run of games now. Better defender then Moreno.
I'd leave Smith in the team instead of Moreno. The old "headliss chicken" Alberto has resurfaced in the last few weeks...
Alberto Moreno. Is he good enough for us?
Well done First to find Alberto MORENO in our Liverpool
not that great tbh. Given the ball a lot. Caught out of position too. He's been Alberto moreno except he hasn't cost us a goal
Alberto Moreno really doesn't have anything to worry about
One thing that I love about Brad Smith and Alberto Moreno is that they love to Bombard forward !! 🙌
Watching this game for 3 minutes and already think Brad Smith is a better player than Alberto Moreno.
Here's my question: do replica kits also have Alberto.M on them or the traditional Moreno?
Liverpool Defender Alberto Moreno was spotted here with his new purchase; a Hublot classic…
Brad Smith is a must, Alberto Moreno has been sh**t defensively
Alberto Moreno has created 42 chances in the PL this season - 10 more than any other defender.
Liverpool FC boss Jurgen Klopp: I won't run my players into the ground: Jordon Ibe, Alberto Moreno, Chris...
Lallana, Benteke, Downing, Carroll, Lovren, Henderson, Clyne, Alberto Moreno are all capped by the national team. They are all poor.
VIDEO: Klopp was close to coming on the pitch and kill Moreno...
We need to talk about Alberto Moreno.
With my good friends Donna Hrinak, Pres of Boeing LatAm and Luis Alberto Moreno, Pres of IDB 2/2
Luis Alberto Moreno accepting his award for public service
"(Video) Should Alberto Moreno be dropped in favour of Brad Smith? - -Yes! Moreno great winger poor defend
Jamie Carragher is tearing into Alberto Moreno at half-time. Should Klopp turn to Brad Smith soon?
Alberto Moreno, Jon Flanagan or Brad Smith for Liverpool's LB slot? discusses.
- Liverpool team-mates Jordan Henderson and Nathaniel Clyne play Alberto Moreno and Jose Enrique at FIFA 1...
"Alberto Moreno is better than Luke Shaw"-
Real Madrid will try to sign Alberto Moreno (Liverpool) in order to replace Fabio Coentrao who joined Monaco last summer.
Alberto Moreno must be related to Canelo Alvarez
Real Madrid interested in David Alaba, Layvin Kurzawa, Alberto Moreno and Ricardo Rodriguez to strengthen the LB position.
Liverpool concern as Real Madrid plot January transfer swoop for Alberto Moreno: REAL MADRI...
Danny O'donoghue has a rose tatoo, Alberto Moreno has a rose tatoo, *** you say?
If Liverpool can go on and lift the Capital One Cup, Alberto Moreno has made a strange promise to the supporters...
I'm a fan of Alberto Moreno! He's a young talent with bags of potential
Just watched this before mate, in stitches. I didn't know Alberto Moreno was the best manager in the world either. Bellend.
He seems very found of Alberto Moreno
Alberto Moreno reveals Brendan Rodgers left him "raging" - but ...
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finally! Alberto Moreno our Novembers Player on the official calendar, alongside my officially Cheryl photoshoot pic!!
Brendan also didn't want Alberto Moreno he wanted Betrand. The manager was abysmal
Alberto Moreno has promised Liverpool fans he will dance the Flamenco on Wembley pitch if they win t..
Jurgen Klopp has asked Alberto Moreno to learn English intensively so he could understand his instructions.
Roberto Firmino, Alberto Moreno and Joao Teixeira were among the stars in their spooky get...
Alberto Moreno: Brendan Rodgers had me in a 'rage' at Liverpool
Liverpool defender was filled with ‘rage’ after Rodgers Snub
Liverpool FC defender Alberto Moreno says he was ...
Moreno - finally seeing the real Alberto. Long LFC career ahead. Terrific left back
Alberto Moreno catches up with former teammate Raheem Sterling
Alberto Moreno: I felt inner anger after being out of team
Alberto Moreno has revealed he was left raging at how he was treated by Brendan Rodgers but is now relishing working with Jurgen Klopp.
any odds on Alberto Moreno to be in the Spain euro squad?
Photo: Liverpool defender dresses up for Halloween with his girlfriend: Alberto Moreno looked the part as he d...
77mins: Alberto Moreno races clear and threatens a third but Asmir Begovic keeps out his attempt at the near post 1-2
Both Nathaniel Clyne and Alberto Moreno have made 1 defensive error neither of which have resulted in goals. (Squawka)
Mirror: - Alberto Moreno vows to dance the FLAMENCO on the pitch if Liverpool win Capital One Cup
Alberto Moreno looks to be picking up from where John Arne Riise left off
Looking at Alberto Moreno's positive performance for vs. Norwich City, for
We cant all have the likes of Joe Gomez or Alberto Moreno unfortunately...
Liverpool FC: Alberto Moreno vows to fight for his place - Daily Post North Wales
Moreno: Our rivals have 'bigger budgets': Alberto Moreno claims Liverpool's rivals for the Champions Leag...
Is this true or is it just more media lies?...
So I'm hearing speculations that Joe Gomez is preferred over Alberto Moreno to start at Left back against Stoke??? Give me a break!!!.
Rodgers trying to send a message to Moreno? He better use the right emoji combination otherwise Alberto won't understand a thin…
Joe Gomez is likely to start at left back vs Stoke City. Great news for the youngster & a big wake up call for Alberto Mor…
Liverpool transfer round-up: Balotelli latest, Alberto Moreno's Anfield future in doubt
Good examples to follow in this interesting article of Luis Alberto Moreno
ICYMI... Liverpool stars Philippe Coutinho and Alberto Moreno take the weight off their feet as they...
Express: Mark Lawrenson: Liverpool must sign new left-back to replace 'little boy' Alberto Moreno
ICYMI... Liverpool stars Alberto Moreno and Philippe Coutinho take the weight off their feet as they...
Alberto Moreno and Philippe Coutinho show off their £395 'Uberboard' via
he’s better at passing against part time pub team than Uefa Cup winning Alberto Moreno was in the BPL?
No biggie just Liverpool stars Alberto Moreno and Phil Coutinho chilling on uberboards like a couple of Marty McFlys
Accused of refuses to testify Alberto Moreno refused to testify yesterday after he was arrested over...
Alberto Moreno loves new inventions as... - YouTube
Just seen Alberto Moreno and Jose Enrique in Trafford Centre lol
If Alberto Moreno is genuinely wanted by barca I'll have a word with our big bosses and see if I can drive him all the way there at 56mph
Alberto Moreno could be on the brink of a Liverpool exit, according to reports. ( Express )
Why do people not like Alberto Moreno?
Alberto Moreno set for Liverpool exit with top clubs showing interest
Alberto Moreno on the brink of Liverpool exit with Barcelona and Roma interested
Dejan Lovren and Joe Gomez have jumped ahead of Mamadou Sakho and Alberto Moreno in the pecking order. (James Pearce)
Joe Gomez got the nod ahead of Alberto Moreno and Rodgers is prepared to play him there again at the Britannia Stadium. (Jame…
Happy Birthday to Alberto Moreno who turned 23 today
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// John Aldridge recently told reporters that he felt Alberto Moreno's performances "had gone backwards"
Look at this photo, 2 spain players Jose Enrique and Alberto Moreno is happy today(Via )
Liverpool Echo - Arsenal 4-1 Liverpool Player ratings: Alberto Moreno gets a four but do you agree with our Emirates
Congratulations to Madridista Denis Cheryshev and future Madridistas Ivan Rakitic and Alberto Moreno for winning the E…
Alberto Moreno has signed for Liverpool from Sheffield Wednesday on
Brendan Rodgers insisted his Liverpool side gave everything in their unsuccessful pursuit to overcome Chelsea in the Capital One Cup semi-finals. The Reds were thwarted at Stamford Bridge in their attempts to reach Wembley on Tuesday night, with the home side securing a victory in extra time. Long after the likes of Philippe Coutinho and Alberto Moreno had been denied an opener in London, Branislav Ivanovic nodded home on 94 minutes. Rodgers' team were unable to produce a response in the moments that remained, and therefore it was Chelsea who progressed 2-1 on aggregate. But the Northern Irishman believed his players had edged the Barclays Premier League leaders in performance level across two closely-fought legs. "I think we were the better side over the two games, but ultimately you've got to get the place in the final," assessed the manager after the final whistle. "I think the goalkeeper for them has won them the tie really. Performance-wise, we were outstanding. Again tonight, some of our play was ve ...
71mins: Jose Enrique is also introduced as Alberto Moreno is withdrawn 0-1
Jose Enrique TO CRYSTAL PALACE? The Daily Telegraph is reporting that Crystal Palace are interested in moving for Liverpool left-back Jose Enrique. The Spaniard has fallen out of favour since the arrival of Alberto Moreno at Anfield and worked with new Palace boss Alan Pardew at Newcastle.
Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers says he felt Adam Lallana's unlikely first goal of a double in the encouraging 4-1 victory over Swansea City on Monday encapsulated the kind of intense pressing that carried his team to three points. Liverpool were dominant for the majority of the Barclays Premier League encounter at Anfield, moving their visitors from side to side, forward and backward to fashion the space in which to flex their scoring muscles. The 3-4-3 formation that has helped the Reds rekindle their form during recent weeks blossomed further throughout a bitterly cold evening on Merseyside, with supporters in attendance warmed by Alberto Moreno's opener. Lallana chased down Swansea goalkeeper Lukasz Fabianski early in the second half and turned a seemingly futile cause into a healthier advantage when the subsequent clearance clattered off him and into the Kop end net. Gylfi Sigurdsson reduced the arrears almost immediately, but the No.20 grabbed a brace in the contest with a smart dribble and finish ...
THE INDEPENDENT Liverpool vs Swansea - LIVE: Alberto Moreno and two from Adam Lallana see Reds cruising at Anfield Liverpool will look to continue their improved recent form that has seen them win two out of their last three matches.
- Liverpool earn impressive 4-1 win against Swansea at Anfield - Spanish defender Alberto Moreno gives Brendan Rodgers' side first half lead - Adam Lallana scores twice to put Liverpool into commanding second half lead -Jonjo Shelvey puts into his own net after controversial elbow on Emre Can in first half - Liverpool Move Up To 8th
FT Liverpool 4-1 Swansea The Reds impressed everyone in there perfomance with Steven Gerrard & Mario Balloteli starting on bench. Adam Lallana got abrace, Alberto Moreno got one goal, & an own goal from Jonjo Shelvey. Gurffi Surgadesson got the only goal for Swansea
FULL-TIME: It’s all over at Anfield and the final score is 4-1 Swansea. The Reds turned in an impressive display here, especially in the second half. They take all three points thanks to two goals from Adam Lallana, one from Alberto Moreno and a Jonjo Shelvey own goal. LFC FANS IN SINGAPORE
TEAMtalk rates and slates the individual performances in Manchester United's 3-0 win over Liverpool. Manchester United DAVID DE GEA: Another faultless afternoon for the Spaniard, who made numerous stops from Raheem Sterling and Mario Balotelli, with a tip onto the bar from the Italian one of the saves of the season. 10/10 PHIL JONES: Back after two months out injured. He was booked for an early tackle on Philippe Coutinho but grew in confidence and made a fine last-ditch tackle to deny Sterling. 6 JONNY EVANS: Booked in the first half and very lucky to get away with an awful back pass that went straight to Sterling. 6 MICHAEL CARRICK: A calm and assured presence at the heart of United's defence. 7 ASHLEY YOUNG: Shaky at the back at times but a threat going forward and put in a fine cross for the second goal. 7 ANTONIO VALENCIA: Back in midfield and showed both sides of his game with a great run and cross for the first goal before preventing Alberto Moreno getting a shot on goal. 7 MAROUANE FELLAINI: Booke ...
Alberto Moreno is a spit of Neil Mellor
You know it's Fifa when Edin Dzeko can out pace Alberto Moreno...
Liverpool FCs Alberto Moreno looking to improve defensively but says he wont step getting forward in ... - -
Alberto: Why I'm sure Reds will get it right Alberto Moreno insists he's seen enough desire and character from his new Liverpool teammates over the last three months to convince him they can bring a recent disappointing run of results to a swift halt. Brendan Rodgers' side are currently without a win in the Barclays Premier League since Queens Park Rangers on October 19, when they emerged victorious from a frantic final eight minutes to secure a 3-2 triumph. From there, Hull City earned a goalless draw at Anfield; Newcastle United inflicted a reversal at St James' Park before Chelsea departed Merseyside with all three points after a hotly-contested clash at the weekend. However, Moreno is adamant that the squad's younger players are desperate to show their quality - and that senior members of the group, such as club captain Steven Gerrard, have enough experience to steady the ship. "I have a lot of confidence in [the squad] as they do in me," he told "I think that's very important - the f ...
How Liverpool could line up after the January 2015 transfer window Brendan Rodgers may already be looking to the January transfer window to help solve Liverpool’s thus far disappointing 2014/15 campaign. Rodgers has said that his Liverpool squad has no confidence when playing and with marquee signings such as Mario Balotelli and Dejan Lovren not living up to expectation, the Reds boss could look to add further strength to his squad. Marco Reus and Saido Berahino are said to top the list of wanted players, but if Liverpool were to strengthen in January, Rodgers may want to look at defenders. The seemingly first choice back four of Glen Johnson, Lovren, Martin Skrtel and Alberto Moreno have leaked goals this season and have made a number of howlers, and with the likes of Barcelona’s Martin Montoya and West Ham United’s Winston Reid potentially up for grabs, there could be change at the back. The return of the injured John Flanagan could also help strengthen the defence. Another problem for Liverpool i ...
season so far,that Alberto Moreno goal against spurs OMG love it,runs full length of the pitch and puts it in the corner 😊
Too much talks abt Cahill's handball vs Watching clips of a 'clearer' handball foul committed by Alberto Moreno but ignored by d ref!
Alberto Moreno liked this on IG lol.
.joins Luis Suarez in revealing the 2015 See them here |
So I'm watching yday's MOTD, didn't skip LFC Vs CFC to analyse, Alberto Moreno for Chelsea's equaliser, pure comedy. lemme make some pics.
Someone would now say tha Luke shaw is better than Alberto Moreno
Alberto Moreno absolutely devastated after making that error.
get Kyle walker at RB and Alberto Moreno or Clichy at LB
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