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Albert Finney

Albert Finney (born 9 May 1936) is an English actor.

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Audrey Hepburn and Albert Finney photographed by Terry O'Neill for Two For the Road, 1966
Really great movie man but that's me at 12 rewatching Actually if I remember it's not a werewolf film. G…
Will remedy this dire situation before December. My favourite one is the Albert Finney version. So far.
Havent read the book (yet)...but people who had done both told me it is a pretty good adaptation. A…
I still feel robbed we've never got to see Albert Finney do Lear on screen.
...but Albert Finney is a delight as Firmin, with fine support from Bisset, Andrews and especially Villiers.
Me too! Great underrated classic performances by Kevin Matthew & Albert Finney!
Mate of mine has a big collection of albums by actors: Albert Finney, David McCullum, Richard Harris
I'm expecting some disappointments with that remake, due to the comparisons Ingrid Bergman - P. Cruz and Al…
Seduction & incest with Albert Finney and Joyce Redman in 'Tom Jones'
They already did by casting Johnny bloody Depp! The Albert Finney version was CLASS.
I watched Tom Jones last night, and I was struck by how much young Albert Finney looked like a mix between Joel Edgerton and Donald Trump.
Albert Finney certainly looked the part for Poirot but... yeah you hit the nail on the head with him.
Conrad Black & Albert Finney separated at birth...
Huston's adaptation of "Under the Volcano" is OK (Albert Finney is terrific), but no film can capture the fevered prose of Malcolm Lowry.
Under the Volcano, 1984, directed by John Huston. Albert Finney as Geoffrey Firmin. "Day Of The Dead" scene.
Tonight's classic was Two for the Road. Audrey Hepburn is gorgeous and absurdly good, but Albert Finney steals the show imo.
Without fail, whenever RJ and I watch Erin Brockovich, I do a google to make sure Albert Finney is still alive. I don't even know why.
I love Albert Finney's Hercule Poirot, and what a lavishly dressed movie,…
Believe it when I tell you that WOLFEN (1981) is a *** casting marvel. Albert Finney. Edward James Olmos. Tom Noonan…
Nice! Only celestial event I can see as I'm working.. Gregory Hines's full moon to Albert Finney fro…
Sitting in the audience in the newly opened Trav1 next to Albert Finney watching…
After Richard Harris and Rex Harrison dropped out of this movie Albert Finney took over the lead role…
I agree .. I've got that one and the Albert Finney
Trump looks like an understudy for Albert Finney in Scrooge
Hey guys Albert Finney was three years older than I am right now when he played Scrooge
Maybe this Bannon thing is like when Gabriel Byrne pretended to quit Albert Finney in "Miller's Crossing" and then.
I'm worried ... 😩 . That kids 2day don't know about the brilliance of -. Bet Davis. Joan Crawford . Albert Finney }. Tom Courtney }🗡sir's. I doMy🆗
Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, 1960 Karel Reisz. The movie that turned Albert Finney into a star. Ra…
In 1966 & Albert Finney had a romance. They co-starred in TWO FOR THE ROAD. A year later, she and Fe…
I also like the quirky but fascinating "Two For The Road" with Albert Finney.
Albert Finney as Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot - Murder on the Orient Express (1974)
"Here comes Peter O'Toole and Albert Finney." -Joel Hodgson (as Joel Robinson), (encore of "Castle of Fu Manchu").
Watching the old version of Albert Finney starts his Poirot at 10 and then keeps cranking it up.
Albert Finney as Poirot = man overacting! More like a farce than serious drama.
June 18, 1982, the film Annie was released in theaters. Starred , Albert Finney & Carol Burnett.
No, the Albert Finney one. I've not seen the DS one despite my friend being the corpse!
Watching the 1974 and boy Albert Finney is making some CHOICES
Starring Albert Finney as Hercule Poirot, Sidney Lumet's is on ITV 3 at 12:05PM.
This illustration makes me think Albert Finney would make a perfect Trump.
I love Billy Connolly but gutted he's accepted knighthood. Always thought he wouldve done right thing like Lennon, Bowie and Albert Finney
I particularly like The Gathering Storm where he was played by Albert Finney.
Phew! For a moment there I thought Albert Finney was dead
I thought The Gathering Storm with Albert Finney was pretty good. 😕
Okay. Big Fish is still on the TV. This is a very funny movie, and McGregor is terrific in it. As well as Albert Finney.
He will have to be awfully good to beat Albert Finney in The Gathering Storm but it's a definite to see
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I believe Billy Crudup is the son of Albert Finney and Jessica Lange's characters.
I believe that's Ewan McGregor earlier and now Albert Finney because they're the same character here.
Big Fish, directed by Tim Burton and starring Albert Finney, Jessica Lange, Ewan McGregor, and Billy Crudup.
There's an error in this. Brendan Gleeson played Churchill in "Into the Storm". Albert…
Stephen, you forgot Albert Finney. Emmeline Pankhurst was married at St Luke's Weaste does…
James Coburn, Albert Finney, and Susan Dey all starred in The Looker.
I pray I die like Albert Finney in Big Fish
Tim Burton, Albert Finney and Jessica Lange on the set of Big Fish (2003).
How Richard Burton and Albert Finney helped spark the Brit punk revolution
Don't miss Audery Hepburn & Albert Finney in Two for the Road, playing 1-time only TONIGHT at 7pm at
Only a tad. No one smoldered like Brando. He had me at The Waterfront. As did Albert Finney after Tom Jones. Impressionable girl!
Off to see Art. Last saw it 20 years ago. I was heavily pregnant and it started Albert Finney, Tom Courtney, and Ken Stott. A dream cast.
Albert Finney played Tom Jones, the epitome of youth, only 7 years before he played Scrooge, the epitome of age
George C. Scott, Tom Conti, Albert Finney all played the part-but Alistair Sim was head and shoulders over them all
Not sure you were born when I first saw that at Wyndham's Theatre (Albert Finney, Tom Courtenay, Ken Stott). Terrific, isn't it?
Albert Finney apologizing to Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and Hoffman's sneering condescension is what great acting is.
Tom Watson brought in 'The Grinch' but Jacob Rees Mogg is insisting means the Albert Finney version of 'Scr…
you've missed Albert Finney, George C Scott, and Bill Murray versions. All are superior to the poll suggestions.
This was the 1938 version starring Reginald Owen. Sometime soon I'll also watch the 1970 Scrooge musical with Albert Finney.
1915 Albert Finney and Joyce Redman for Tom Jones, 1963, directed by Tony Richardson.
Here's that dinner scene from Tom Jones,. with Joyce Redman and Albert Finney,. courtesy of YouTube.
Just watched Annie with my sick-t-home daughter. Edward Herrmann and Albert Finney singing Tomorrow at the White House almost undid me.
There is a great 1997 version with Ben Chaplin and Jennifer Jason Leigh. And Albert Finney as Dr. Sloper. :)
Maybe it's because I've watched more David Suchet but Albert Finney is not a good Poirot
Watching The Gathering Storm, interestingly with Albert Finney as Winston Churchill (and a younger Lena Headey in a supporting role).
The baby in this is fantastic. And Julia is great. Albert Finney is consistently greatness. And Aaron Eckhart is AaronEckhart
“Albert Finney was the funniest, sweetest, and sexiest of men.” ~ Shelley Winters
Look at acting for example. Once upon a time working class actors like Albert Finney & Richard Harris blazed a trail across British screens.
was cast as Young Ed Bloom when producers noticed similarities between him & young Albert Finney
1968 Press and Albert Finney star in Two for the Road
“Albert Finney, Shirley Anne Field and Alan Sillitoe, October 1960. great... few films
When I read the script, I liked the script very much and I thought it was a marvelous part for
and I both wept like babies when we ssaw it. The Albert Finney version not the 1951 version.
You just feel comfortable with him, and he certainly makes sure that you're comfortable. He ma
You come on as a guest. You don't get the girl anymore. But that is our lives. You start off
So brilliant in that. Hard to believe now that Albert Finney was originally going to play Lawrence...
Anyone who thinks they've fond memories of Albert Finney as Poirot should try watching Murder on the Orient Express. David Suchet come back!
I was in London. It's a long way to go for a very long party, sitting there for six hours not
First *** Crush, posted on this date in 2011:
When they reshot "The Browning Version" with Albert Finney in 1994 they had to alter the line "the Himmler of the Lower Fourth"
Yes, sex began in 1963 when Albert Finney ate a very ripe pear in Tom Jones.
In crowded carriage trying to get off I hear the door signal. Time for my Albert Finney moment!..
We're given the springboard of the text, a plane ticket, told to report to Alabama, and there'
So the new Bourne film. Spoiler alert: Tommy Lee Jones plays Albert Finney+ Moby is trending on Apple Music.
Albert Finney's early British films are not to be missed.
It says something about the film that they brought in Albert Finney, and he had a really good scene... that's in the deleted scenes. Sigh.
It's a marvellous life, a gregarious life that we've had. We're very lucky in that way. Unlike
Tom Jones, 7:30pm. Not that one, but the Oscar winning film one - starring Albert Finney.
Two for the Road stars Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn in a 1967 film centered in their journey to France while...
Occurred to me last night that Albert Finney is basically the white James Earl Jones, the way his deep drawl enunciates certain syllables.
He tells you stories, but then, after a while, when you want more, he doesn't give you more. H
Albert Finney is the guy who comes in the third act and neatly wraps up everything.
You're not fooling me, washed out audio, I know that's Albert Finney.
8) Having Albert Finney and Brian Cox in the same series is kind of cheating. Would be like casting BOTH Logan Marshall-Green & Tom Hardy.
Also funny how Albert Finney pops up in the third act of the third Bourne and third (Craig) Bond films.
I enjoyed that they had pictures of Albert Finney next to the papers Albert Finney was supposed to have written.
They brough back the dsr? Holy fk please bring back balista 0
Is it just be or does Bill Clinton's speech have an Albert Finney in Big Fish vibe to it?
You look like a refugee from a 60s Brit angry-young-man flick. Albert Finney? Oliver Reed? Tom Courtenay? lol
You pick! 1983 or 2016? Tom Courtenay and Albert Finney or Ken Stott and Reece Shearsmith?.
Daytime cable movies. Weird but I thought I remembered it well and would have sworn on a stack of Bibles it starred Albert Finney
"I don't tell tall tales. I always tell the truth." — Albert Finney
I'm doing another Churchill. I did a Churchill for HBO and that was up...
Albert Finney was considered 4 a minor role in this -
The Albert Finney Tom Courtenay version was marvelous. Can't wait to see this one!
Tilda Swinton in a remake of The Man Who Fell To Earth. Or Albert Finney as Lawrence Of Arabia (screentested for it)
Watching Murder on the Orient Express (1974) - Albert Finney is a rather awful Poirot.
I haven't seen the film yet because I just got in from London. In the ...
That will always remind me of Albert Finney in "The Dresser." "WHERE? WAS? THE? STORM?" What a glorious ***
I don't enter, I'm entered. It's up to someone else. It's up to them.
The original Dresser with Albert Finney was a cult for us.
I wish I could see that! The original Albert Finney version was great but it'll be nice to see a new one too.
Ok flashback with pitch shifted Albert finney tells Bourne what he's been waiting three years to find out
I mean, I did a film, a musical of 'Scrooge', in '70, and the tricks w...
U lucky man. A master. His perf wth Albert Finney in The Dresser. Well, anything really.
I've always loved the 1983 film version with Albert Finney. Used to watch it with my mom.
It was great to do and it's exciting to do those things. That's anothe...
Just watching Murder On The Orient Express. Albert Finney is way over the top. If you ask me...I think they all did it.
The Albert Finney Murder on the Orient Express is mesmerisingly awful. Just...awful. Can't stop watching. Help!
Watching Murder on the Orient Express, knowing the end spoils it. Not as much as Albert Finney doing an accent though.
Albert Finney's Poirot is like something out of a Carry On film by way of The League of Gentlemen!
About to start . With Ingrid Bergman and Loren Bacall and Albert Finney. Murder on the Orient Express. ITV
Albert Finney & John Gielgud in, Murder on the Orient Express, perfect.
Not seen the Sidney Lumet version of Murder on the Orient Express. Sean Connery and Albert Finney. Settles down for a couple of hours...
The Albert Finney 'Murder on the Orient Express' is on ITV at 1.15 today. All star cast in the definitive adaptation.
I'm not a big fan of his usually, but he fit the role. Also Albert Finney is the uncle & he's awesome
Or one of those 60s kitchen sink dramas featuring Albert Finney.
The first film we looked at about British new wave in the 60's, Albert finney very charismatic 😎
My dad was great. He was very droll, very dry.
If you've seen the film, how does this compare, especially to Tom Courtenay's and Albert Finney's performances?
And it's Albert maiden name😜
Albert Finney features in the 'FACES TO LOOK FOR' section of the Preview Film Album 1963 .
The Dresser was always one of my favorite plays (and a spectacular movie with Albert Finney)- can't wait for this!!
Linda Marlowe was brilliant in Kingsley Amis's THE GREEN MAN with Albert Finney, and Nicky Henson.
so good as Hercule Poirot, is 80. What a career he's had: http…
Yeah. And the nose job. When he was being scripted by Henry Fielding and played by Albert Finney.
SHOW me a better way of doing it & I'll follow you, but don't think I'll change because you TOLD me of a better way. - Charles Finney
I think that one of Tim's great qualities and abilities is in what see...
are you sure you're not confusing him with Albert Finney? Maybe Hopkins had a minor part in it I don't know of
IMDB birthdays: Chris Zylka (who?) and one of Meryl Streep's homely bad-actress daughters coming in ahead of Albert Finney. Wonderful.
Happy 80th Director Tony Richardson speaks with Albert Finney on the set of "Tom Jones" (1963).
"Don't get above yourself, man!" - Albert Finney and Tom Courtenay in THE DRESSER (1983). A forgotten classic.
But what if Tommy Lee Jones was the shadowy, secret power behind Albert Finney behind Brian Cox behind Chris Cooper?
Stanley Donen, Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn on the set of Two for the road (1967).
I hear Albert Finney in millers crossing, "twist a pigs ear and watch it squeal"
And Tom Courteney and Albert Finney and Terry Terence-Stamp and the ones you, but not I, forget like matchless Murray Melvin
Albert Finney and Audrey Hepburn in Two For The Road are GORGEOUS. How dare they be so beautiful together?
Love Albert Finney, but just can't get into any of Burton's films, bar maybe Edward Scissorhands. Just not my thing.
dob looks like Albert Finney's Scrooge before he finds out about tiny Tim
Looker was a good movie on that theme. Crighton story with Albert Finney and Susan Dey (hot Susan Dey).
Is Albert Finney too old and possibly retired to reprise the part?
📷 keyframedaily: Albert Finney in John Huston’s Under the Volcano (1984).
To be a character who feels a deep emotion, one must go into the memory's v...
Julia Roberts is brilliant in this film, along with Albert Finney.
both John Cooper Clarke and Albert Finney are from salford mate, you dont really need more than that
Albert Finney, The Transit of and now the turn of - Only In .
Have you seen the version with Albert Finney? The train station scene is amazing.
Carol Burnett in Annie is so freaking great. And Tim Curry. And Bernadette Peters. And Albert Finney. And whoever is Grace (sorry, Grace).
🍀 if I don't come back Albert Finney probably shot me ☘ @ Imperial Hotel Eumundi
She is up there with the best of them. I can only talk about my experience,...
Ioan Gruffud and Albert Finney w Cumberbatch in "Amazing Grace" ought to be required viewing
Big Fish(2003). A young journalist searches for the truth behind the tall tales told by his ailing father. Ewan McGregor, Albert Finney,
Settling in to rewatch a film in the pantheon of one-and-done directorial efforts, Albert Finney's CHARLIE BUBBLES. It is *very* good.
also Albert Finney. Apparently he was a late replacement. Which makes sense
Erika is married to the lawyer Albert Finney played in Erin Brokovich. She used to be a bartender in the 90210. Now she has a private plane.
Forget Tom Jones,this might be Finney's greatest cinematic moment ever.The old man's still an artist with a Thomson.
Jessica Lange, Albert Finney and Tim Burton on the set ‘Big Fish' (2003)
Brian Dennehy : Charles Durning :: Brian Cox : Albert Finney. Double check my math. I think I'm right though.
Albert Finney got robbed in not winning Oscar for Tom Jones in 1963. Academy felt obliged to give it to Sidney Poitier. That's all.
Malcolm Lowry was tortured by his sexual inadequacy, a characteristic lacking in Albert Finney
Edith Evans, Hugh Griffiths, Brian Blessed, Albert Finney. I think some of the Tom Jones cast were actually in Barry Lyndon
Imagining this Osmond nephew version of Danny Boy over the Miller's Crossing sequence where Albert Finney blast everyone w tommy gun.
Vintage photo of Aileen Quinn, Albert Finney & Ann Reinking in the 1982 film Ann
Audrey Hepburn, Albert Finney & Stanley Donen,last great dir.alive from Hollywood's Golden Age on ‘Two For The Road’ https:/…
Audrey Hepburn, Albert Finney & Stanley Donen prepping on of the best scenes for ‘Two For The Road’ (1967)
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Helena Bonham Carter is thirty years younger than Albert Finney!
Helena Bonham Carter is supposed to be 10 years younger than Albert Finney in this movie!
Oops, appears Frank Finlay has died recently, not Albert Finney - bit premature, misheard/misread. Hope I'm not wishing it on him.
My favourite thing in SKYFALL is still when Albert Finney shows up. My favourite thing in a lot of movies is Albert Finney showing up.
Didn't really watch Frank Finlay in much, but he was in Gumshoe with Albert Finney, loved that film
Albert Finney & Derek Jacobi in Black Comedy,which then transferred to https…
Albert Finney in Miller's Crossing, one of the most underrated actors ever
Any tribute to should also include Neville Smith's "Gumshoe" (1971) with & Albert Finney
This Carol Burnett tribute did not include her trying to seduce Albert Finney while sitting in a bathtub full of gin, so it's disappointing.
I used to think that Albert Finney took up acting after he stopped playing for Preston NE
Erin Brockovich .Its okay now. Another easily forgettable picture. Except Albert Finney. The only one who still has weight in the movie
I always imagined Albert Finney. But sadly too old now. Or Brian Cox (not that one, the other one)
Albert Finney, who played the same role in a previous movie, declined the part of this film's detective -
The scene where Albert Finney foils the hit on his life as "Danny Boy" plays in the background is cinematic gold
We meet before the movie and she gives you charts with sounds on them and m...
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if you're ever looking for another nice person, I love Scotland and next time we should hang & drink scotch at Albert Finney's house
Biggest movie blunder of all times. Albert Finney, Judy Dench and that bloody torch
The 2003 film “Big Fish,” which was directed by Tim Burton and starred Albert Finney and Billy Crud...
Today in 1984 we presented The Biko Inquest directed by + starring Albert Finney + filmed for broadcast by
via Here's a speech by Albert Finney no one should ever have to give
Andrew Garfield will play the part of and Albert Finney will play the part of the actual Broadway theater.
in front of the Albert Finney Shop, Manchester (1987). Picture by Lawrence Watson.
the bathtub scene with Jessica Lang and Albert Finney is easily the most endearing 'love scene' on film that i can remember.
My girlfriend and I rented a nice house on the river and I was there for ab...
Actors who never won an Oscar: Harrison Ford, Albert Finney, John Travolta, Johnny Depp, Robert Downey Jr.
Happy with choice of new Rector, Hope he continues good work of Brian Cox. (Not Albert Finney,
I'm watching "A Good Year" with Russell Crowe, Albert Finney, directed by Ridley Scott. It received horrible...
There might've been wires, but I have this ability to make myself light. We...
All we did in Alabama was have a read through with the script, but there wa...
he pointed out that Albert Finney lived in England and had played Churchill to great acclaim in The Gathering Storm.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Tarantino replied, "If Rod Taylor turns me down, I'll call Albert Finney." Taylor accepted the part.
From that lovely movie with Albert Finney whose title escapes me. 'Two For The Road', I think
Dunno about sci-fi but it featured in 1967's Charlie Bubbles starring Albert Finney and Liza Minnelli.
“Sometimes the only way to catch an uncatchable woman is to offer her a wedding ring.” –Albert Finney ‘Big Fish
Albert Finney does some A+ work here. I'd kinda love to see a film all about Leo O'Bannon.
Watching Miller's Crossing, which is just fine. I keep thinking Albert Finney is Tom Hanks. 😳
Guy Mowbray thinking Albert Finney was the foghorn leghorn butcher in Coronation Street would have finished you off.
Mark Lawrenson thinks Alaska is a country and Guy Mowbray thinks Albert Finney played a butcher in Coronation Street.
I meant to add that I'd read about Sir Anthony being cast in Albert Finney's (film) role, but not Sir Ian in Tom Courtenay's.
Bowie ,Danny Boyle, Albert Finney,Alan Bennett..& the great who said 'Up yours'...mucho respect ..Gary Kri…
Albert Finney shows he the girl for not firing Erin Brockovich 30 seconds after hiring her.
. Albert Finney is the best, but don't forget George c Scott and the great Alastair Sim's versions.
Albert Finney is a terrible Scrooge. Why does he give Ebenezer a speech impediment? Guy has enough issues already...
Albert Finney, Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman, Sean Connery, John Gielgud, Anthony Perkins - Do they make stars like that anymore?
"Gary Neville, Bernard Sumner, Albert Finney, Sir Ben Kingsley, John Virgo, Mark E Smith... can you hear me!?"
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Albert Finney stars in director John Huston's UNDER THE VOLCANO. Screening on Sunday at 3:30.
jonothar: Watching genius Albert Finney (as Churchill) facing of Germa…
Watching genius Albert Finney (as Churchill) facing of Germany in my favorite film, Gathering Storm!
I had a very scary film on VHS called 'The Green Man' with Albert Finney as an alcoholic philanderer & sensualist...
Sci-fi Thriller opened in Theaters in 1981 Starring Susan Dey and Albert Finney
29) WOLFEN: Predator takes Manhattan. Albert Finney plays Danny Glover and does it better. Solid flick. -L
. Tom and I went twice. Don't forget Albert Finney. I adore him and was quite overcome when I realised who it was.
My Uncle Silas - The Complete Series Albert Finney stars as the eponymous loveab...
The females of the house are sitting around watching Albert Finney Scrooge singing I hate people. I have no chance here.
I can't see those words without seeing Albert Finney in my head :)
1) not unfair 2) sort of a hybrid between a 70s crime drama and werewolf film, with Albert Finney & Diane Venora
"P.C.P.", "227 'Lears' and I can't remember the first line", Albert Finney in the 1983 film The Dresser.
Loved the movie of, "The Dresser" with Albert Finney and Tom Courtenay. Can't wait for adaptation with Anthony Hopkins and Ian McKellen
There's one scene in Miller's Crossing I'd like to watch again, where Albert Finney defends against a home invasion with utter aplomb.
Last day to enter to win the Albert Finney starring series 'THE GREEN MAN' on DVD.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
I added a video to a playlist Scrooge Albert Finney 1970 DVDrip
Ah, good stuff. I prefer Ustinov, but they're both good. As long as it's not Albert Finney you're laughing.
Is Albert Finney making pedal axles for Raleigh here? --
Shoot the Moon (DVD) Diane Keaton Albert Finney NM from a box set
They did but his Albert Finney costume was too believable!
They’ll just CG his face and voice over Albert Finney in Big Fish.
Trailer to the classic 1974 Albert Finney & all-star cast 'Murder on the Orient Express'
Always love documentaries or films which depict life in '60, '70s in particular. Julie Christie et Albert Finney, excellence
Check out our review here of the Albert Finney starring show 'THE GREEN MAN'.
'80s cinema: Albert Finney and with their movie daughters for "Shoot the Moon", 1982.
where's Albert Finney when you need him?
Recreate Albert Finney's portrayal of Poirot by not bothering to find out what a Belgian accent sounds like and make one up.
I'm a massive fan of Scrooge with Albert Finney, got a massive christmas blu ray collection
Freddie Highmore and Albert Finney are the perfect pair.
I'll be watching A Good Year on Film 4 at 18:35 tonight in glorious HD. Is Albert Finney the gentleman he appears to be?
I don’t think I know anything about Albert Finney’s Oliver, but I do like Scrooged.
my vote is for Albert Finney...he's the lawyer in Erin Brockovich
Diane Keaton, Albert Finney, Karen Allen and Peter Weller explore love and infidelity in Alan Parker's Shoot the Moon ht…
someone with an albert finney prof pic messaged me about being a co investor for Anastasia musical. i have like $10.
. My Albert Finney films are. 1. Under the Volcano . 2. Man of no importance . 3. Uncle Silas series 1&2. Top actor.
I thought could be a take on Jack...Albert Finney is the only actor I can imagine endearing with Jack's peculiar stupidity
We changed and want Albert Finney and Ian Richardson or Albert Finney anmd Tom Courtenay
the final film today was Charlie Bubbles (Dir, Albert Finney, 1967) . . . and I liked it a lot, although it's far from perfect.
Here is the review of the Albert Finney starring mini series:. 'THE GREEN MAN'.
Here's a photo I took of Albert Finney in his old house in Salford
"Wolfen," 1981, with the great Albert Finney and a very young Edward James Olmos. Wolves amok in NY, but they might be Gods.
Texas was playing so I turned on the tv &watched Gumshoe...with albert finney. No offense, defense,or excitement...
Oh wow, love Albert Finney, love this mini series. Please count me in the draw x
Miller's Crossing on is Coen Brothers par excellence! Albert Finney, Gabriel Byrne and John Turturro are awesome in it. 👍
Ray Donovan is such a great show, I love that Avi is back and Albert Finney is great!
We should be learning to whom is awarding the latest Honorary Oscars. Could we see Doris Day, Cicely Tyson or Albert Finney?
chemistry between you and Albert Finney in Erin Brockovich never ceases to amaze me. One of those movies you can watch xmany
Fav Two for the Road pic from my collection. Albert Finney entertains director Stanley Donen & Audrey.
Tommy Lee Jones in Bourne! After Brian Cox, Albert Finney and Chris Cooper they’re seriously testing the supply of gruff old white guys.
Aww, a promotional picture of Albert Finney and Jessica Lange in Big Fish (2003)
the Albert Finney one? Delicious. Even the Alfred Molina one has it's moments but not the cast...
Have you seen the 2002 BBC-HBO production of The Gathering Storm? Thought Albert Finney was marvelous as Churchill - did you?
Two for the Road '66 Audrey Hepburn Albert Finney MAGNETIC VIDEO intact VHS RARE
Albert Finney had to put on aging make up and balding effects. The D just rolls out of bed looking like...
Fact: Marlon Brando and Albert Finney were top choices for the title role in Lawrence of Arabia (1962) eventually played by Peter O'Toole.
different Lawrence?Albert Finney/Anthony Perkins/Montgomery Clift, all considered, before Peter O'Toole was cast.All blue clickable in Wiki
reminds me of Albert Finney in the movie Tom Jones
How could I forget you, and Volcano. And wasn't that a pretty fine movie - as are most with Albert Finney.
"You're exactly as big as I let you be." —Albert Finney, Miller's Crossing (1990)
if anyone knows who Albert finney agent is my mother is his cousin and lost touch a few years ago.
Update your maps at Navteq
Earliest movie I remember was "Scrooge" w Albert Finney. Earliest as a teen, "Logan's Run" w Jenny Agutter from Capt America II.
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