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Alastair Campbell

Alastair John Campbell (born 25 May 1957) is a British journalist, broadcaster, political aide and author, best known for his work as Director of Communications and Strategy for Prime Minister Tony Blair between 1997 and 2003. Campbell describes himself as a Communicator, Writer and Strategist on his website, while others have described him as Labour's unelected, but ...

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EXCLUSIVE: Alastair Campbell urges students to take action on Brexit
I don't understand how Alastair Campbell keeps getting pops at redemption when his Machiavellian Lord Blair is beyond the pale!
Former Blair spin doctor Alastair Campbell accused of punching and spitting at 61-yea…
Alastair Campbell really needs to try and live up to his promise and lay off the sauce and come back down to earth !!
An unguided missile: MI6's view of Alastair Campbell is revealed.
Alastair Campbell critiquing the Queen's reaction to Diana's death 😷
So the film was accurate, that 'as a Grandmother' line did come from Alastair Campbell
Alastair Campbell makes me feel quite queasy.
Why would you have Alastair Campbell and Tony Blair on documentary? War criminals and murderers who should rot in jail.
This is what Labour will do to the country if we ever elect them as our Government.
We don't want the immigrants Labour so nobody will vote for you anyway
I preferred Alastair Campbell when he was having a breakdown
Diana's death triggered a change in society still felt today, writes
Blair toady Alastair Campbell ‘Are there any TV show hasn't been on to discuss dog….
Alastair Campbell: Princess Diana was a curious mix of fun and vulnerability... her death changed the way we grieve…
Alastair Campbell boasts fight to overturn Brexit is "far from over" after Labour Uturn.
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Alastair Campbell boasts fight to overturn Brexit is 'far from over' after Labour U-turn
"Completely bizarre"-Anna Greenberg;. "Weird"-Alastair Campbell, . on the LNP stonewalling on
Corbyn's success in bringing down May's majority was just swept aside by "labour" man Alastair Campbell. Establishment p…
Alastair Campbell condemns Tory deal with DUP as dangerous.The same deal Gordon Brown tried with DUP in 2010 when Ally w…
Alastair Campbell says Theresa May has "no idea what she is playing with" in seeking a deal with the DUP
re Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill - Alastair Campbell and the like were hardly shrinking violets. Difference is they had a le…
Alastair Campbell says his previous dealings with the DUP suggest they won't be easy to deal with
Alastair Campbell destroying Isabel Oakeshott, calling the Daily Mail 'poisonous' to rapturous applause. Priceless.
Prince William speaks to Alastair Campbell about mental health for GQ magazine
James Slack, the political editor, was imported to the PM's team as official spokesman - her own Alastair Campbell.https:…
The Convention at Westminster’s Central Hall includes speakers such as Alastair Campbell and Bob Geldof. So, sex and drugs and rock n roll.
Michael Howard, Natalie Bennet, when Alastair Campbell stormed on to C4 News and Ben Swain on Newsnight (Ok that was The…
Alastair Campbell's best lie about Tony Blair was "we don't do God".
Blair and his powder monkey Alastair Campbell will be behind this, ask Dr. Kelly if you do not believe this nonsense.
Alastair Campbell is a Burnley fan. Let's win this for Dr David Kelly.
Alastair Campbell on the myths about Tony Blair that fed both Corbynism and Brexit
Alastair Campbell cut off while ranting to the BBC that Remainers are being SILENCED.
Excellent, must read, demolition of the & Theresa May's by Alastair Campbell http…
Europe should have defended itself against a dangerous Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell. Two murderous slugs.
BBC: How did Paul Dacre know David Cameron tried to get him fired?. Alastair Campbell: He hacked a phone 😈. BBC: 😱😱😱.
Alastair Campbell described Paul Dacre as a 'malignant tumour' on British society, Katie Hopkins is the Polonium..
"Powell was a 'man of power' in the Blair years, alongside his friends Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell"
Funny looking bck at Jon Snow v Alastair Campbell re WMD & .
Piers Morgan is the stand in turd for when Alastair Campbell can't make it
On mental health, the Tories need to put their money where their mouths are | Alastair Campbell
Watching Piers Morgan v Alastair Campbell is great. As long as neither of them win I'll just keepcheering like
I'm not all that keen on Piers Morgan. However he just called Alastair Campbell "the great sexed up dossier king", and I like that.
Piers Morgan comes to blows with 'snarling' Alastair Campbell on ITV over Blair and Trump
Piers Morgan is a *** sometimes but Alastair Campbell helped cause so much of what is wrong with our country. I know who…
'The great sexed-up dossier King': Piers Morgan clashes with Alastair Campbell on Peston on Sunday after accusing……
Alastair Campbell of Paul Dacre:"was continuing to live in denial of who/ what he is, instead choosing to communicate in manner of a despot"
Alastair Campbell rages against the 'Brextremists' he thinks are trying to take the UK out of the single market
Why would we believe someone as deceitful as James McGrory/Alastair Campbell.
Alastair Campbell calls in to LBC defend Tony Blair. Salmond gives him enough rope.
Ken Clarke,Andrew Lansley, Andy Burnham join Norman Lamb,Alastair Campbell and Andrew Mitchell with demand for Govt action…
prefer to stick hand in bucket of boiling water than listen to Alastair Campbell, but thanks for asking!
LISTEN Iraq invasion was a cautious decision, not a risky one, says Alastair Campbell
LISTEN Alastair Campbell (opens up on depression in a frank interview with Sam Delaney
Alastair Campbell is on Drive with Delaney right now. Go to to listen.
Can't believe I'm RT'ing Alastair Campbell...But so so so true
blaming Russia+Assad's genocide in Aleppo on Alastair Campbell? Incredible.
Paul O’Connell interview: "I wanted to find Alastair Campbell and knock him out on 2005 Lions tour"
VIDEO: Alastair Campbell talks about issues at
Depression of Alastair Campbell and Amy Winehouse captured for exhibition
Only in Oxford could you see Kevin Rudd speak, see Alastair Campbell speak, and go to fencing drinks in the same evening
I'll not take lessons from Alastair Campbell on democracy. The unelected *** that has done major damage to people's faith in parliament.
I'm driven, I hate losing, I can be ruthless and short-tempered... - Alastair Campbell
Alastair Campbell said that he worries the Labour Party faces oblivion
Great talk from Alastair Campbell - didn't do much to allay fears over future of the left though
Question: "You mentioned that a lot of people have this adoration for Jeremy Corbyn--". Alastair Campbell: "No, I said some people."
'Grammar schools my *** ..' (Alastair Campbell at the Oxford Union)
"Change happens through leadership...employers are fundamental to this" Alastair Campbell
Alastair Campbell: It takes balls to go so far out of your comfort zone
Can dance rehabilitate New Labour? Diane Abbott, Alastair Campbell and Jonathan Freedland on Ed Balls and Strictly
So says Alastair Campbell's partner. Meat and drink for the Guardian's anti-Corbyn crusade...
Alastair Campbell learns how man with same illness is being helped
Stick with them or let them go? on managing big personalities https…
Find out what you missed. Today features our Leeds Leads event.
- Alastair Campbell and former player Clarke Carlisle share
- Alastair Campbell and former player Clarke Carlisle share experiences…
A powerful video from this Awareness Week.
So Alan Johnson has 3 autobiographical volumes..& Alastair Campbell 5 volumes. . Wait for the bargain bucket & that's a lo…
Julia H-B makes Alastair Campbell look pleasant and reasonable. Why do all channels go to somebody as awful as her
The Clongowes Business Lunch will be held Friday 21st Oct in the Conrad Hotel. Guest speaker is Alastair Campbell. http…
"One of the most important parts of someone's life is their employer...end stigma in the workplace" Alastair Campbell…
I expected to see Alastair Campbell sitting on the sofa...looking like Ernst Stavro Blofeld stroking a white cat...
Theresa May’s handling of Brexit has earned her an outspoken critic: Alastair Campbell. Watch:…
Corbyn, Iraq, Brexit: Alastair Campbell covers a lot of ground as he talks about his memoirs with
Alastair Campbell is not impressed with how Theresa May is handling Brexit so far
Reminded that Craig Oliver did the same job as Alastair Campbell. Whatever you think of he is out of Oliver's league
Alastair Campbell reveals Tony Blair's aborted bid to become EU president via
Tony Blair considered quitting No10 in the hope of becoming EU Commission president, Alastair Campbell has claimed.
Tonight I am going to meet Alastair Campbell, so want to say I know alter ego Andy Dunn, should I Andrina Carroll should I ? X
Alastair Campbell, like all thugs and bullies, craves attention. He was given none by our Shadow Chancellor. This will dr…
Best bit of - John McDonnell putting Blair's bully Alastair Campbell in his place.
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Talking about nasty pieces of work, wasn't The Thick of It's Malcolm Tucker based on Alastair Campbell?
Alastair Campbell is rather like Malcolm Tucker isn't he... OH WAIT.
Was that an audience of Labour supporters that just booed Owen Smith, Harriet Harman, Alastair Campbell...?? Really have had enough.
popular everywhere except with those who 'really count': Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair, Jack Straw etc
Not since Alastair Campbell (1991), no. We quarrelled over Bob Maxwell
Oh dear, can we start up a support group or something? Poor old Alastair Campbell et al.
Not surprised Alain De Boitton, Ken Clarke and Alastair Campbell think similarly - all went to the same college in Cambridge.
Has everyone forgotten that Alastair Campbell was chief architect of the false information for Iraq war and 'outed' David Kel…
Alastair Campbell apologises for being unable to take part in this point in Labour's history but he wants to spend mor…
After Max Clifford episode, the PR world heaves a sigh of relief as Alastair Campbell cleared of 'sexing up' dossier
Alastair Campbell, who went about bullying anyone dissented from Tony Blair's war push, is now on BBC blaming others a…
Alastair Campbell on how Murdoch attempted to force Blair to accelerate British involvement in Iraq war . https:/…
Alastair Campbell just instructed Kelvin MacKenzie to ‘f**k off’ over
Int'g use of the word 'papabile' by Ken Clarke . I wish Alastair Campbell would stop being Cardinal Wolsey.
What Johnson and Gove did to Cameron puts Blair and Brown in perspective, says Alastair Campbell
"If Boris is prime minister, I will be ashamed to be British" - Alastair Campbell.
I expect to be on the BBC 5 Live Stephen Nolan Show with Alastair Campbell tomorrow just after 10:00 a.m.
The Remain campaign is the dirtiest I have ever seen: just what you'd expect from Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair, Lord M…
I pay tax and not rich, how dare Alastair Campbell insult the people of Britain.
Spin doctor Alastair Campbell 'Clear' of Criticism in into
A great piece. How artist captured the suffering of Alastair Campbell and Amy Winehouse
Alastair Campbell once almost apologised to me on here for "bog standard comprehensive."
Alastair Campbell guily of war crimes presumably as well as Tony Blair.Trying to deflect flack with his stupidity https:…
Who wants to be with Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, Neil Kinnock, Will Straw, Hillary Clinton?
Send them to George Bush, Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell's house ... they're responsible ... lol !
Alastair Campbell face spewed up Traitor Tony Blair . His epitaph 'You must learn to Live with Black people"
Trump, ISIS and Putin back Brexit because it 'suits their agenda', says Alastair Campbell | Daily Mail Online
Putin and Trump back Brexit because it suits their agenda says Alastair Campbell via
Alastair Campbell tries to swing 3M Muslim votes away from and towards by claiming it'll help ISIS
Former spin doctor Alastair Campbell claims Putin, ISIS and Trump all back Brexit because it suits their aim.
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Steve Hilton and Alastair Campbell. The inspirations for Stuart Pearson and Malcolm Tucker on right now.
“We’re all opinion formers now”. “Good advice from Alastair Campbell: winning the referendum:
[cuts to Alastair Campbell in Pret at 7am]. "Black or white filter?". "So about the EU..."
Good advice from Alastair Campbell: winning the referendum:
thanks Sam! If you liked the Damian interview I think you will love the Alastair Campbell one too. And Peter Watt! Both great.
. I'll see what 1st one is like, can't stand Alastair Campbell. He's not keen on me either😉
Alastair Campbell reveals his unusual fear of ketchup
Spin doctor Alastair Campbell's greatest fear is... ketchup!
Alastair Campbell tells Government should be getting “battered” by Labour now
Alastair Campbell accuses Mail & Sun of making up stories, outright lying and spinning furiously. He's right but
Aye. Not sure how but has had some cracking guests - Lynton Crosby, Robert Phillips, John Humphrys, Alastair Campbell.
Need I point out that Remain has Tony Blair and Alastair Campbell? Not to mention Cameron.
I think I just heard them announce on 5 Live that Alastair Campbell will be on the panel on next Saturday's Fighting Talk. Quite a coup.
That guardian story had to be made up, surely? Or it's like something from Alastair Campbell's first career.
Open letter to Iain McNicol about Alastair Campbell, Dr Bennie and Special Branch…
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Reading The Alastair Campbell Diaries. From the opening pages it's quite clear that Labour could have learned lessons and didn't. Discuss.
Alastair Campbell to help Newton Mearns school in fundraising efforts.
Journalism students Beth and Dan reflect on interviewing Alastair Campbell during his residency
Alastair Campbell to speak at Scots school in bid to help fundraising efforts: Tony Blair's former right-hand ...
Isobel Mair School Parent Council Fundraising committee presents an Evening with Alastair Campbell.
Isobel Mair School PC Fundraising committee presents an Evening with Alastair Campbell.
When those bastions of trust Alastair Campbell, Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair are telling you to stay in the EU.!! .
Palpable tension between Ian Hislop and Alastair Campbell back on that 2012 HIGNFY
For those into politics & football like me this by on the demise of Labour & is worth reading
Meet broadcaster, journalist, political aide and author, Alastair Campbell, at The Gatsby Restaurant in...
BreakfastRead: House of Cards star Kevin Spacey speaks to Alastair Campbell.
Mental illness is devastating lives. Where is the outrage? | Alastair Campbell
There are many reasons for the decline in royal esteem. One is that so many...
The truth you say Alastair Campbell, hmmm, Dr. David Kelly, what's the truth about him then?
Sadiq calls in favour from war enthusiast Hilary Benn. What's next? Alastair Campbell working the photocopier?
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Kaye Adams Show editor KNOWS George Osborne diverts state funds to Alastair Campbell whose pal locked me up to stop me exposing Andy Coulson
Alastair Campbell: ‘Vilified’ Bertie Ahern took risks for peace in North | Irish Examiner
LATEST: RTÉ Radio 1 has uploaded a new track to SoundCloud. Eamonn Devlin and Alastair Campbell join Ryan Tubridy
Great event with Sir Dave Brailsford, hosted by Alastair Campbell
What is winning? Fascinating insights from Sir Dave Brailsford and Alastair Campbell - valid in so many contexts.
Alastair Campbell's intervention against Ken Livingstone confirmed me in my belief of what's going on here:
Did Ken Livingstone let himself be provoked and do something for which he had to apologize? Yes. But it's nothing to Alastair Campbell.
My one-month detention/torture that's been covered up by Privy Council member Douglas Alexander SEEMS linked to Alastair Campbell's friend.
Alastair Campbell had Iraq dossier changed to fit US claims
Would love to know how Jim Fixed It for Alastair Campbell when he was at the Mirror!
Possibly - but when does PR become Alastair Campbell type spin doctors? Corbyn is popular for not being that.
"Tony Blair, Lord Mandelson, John Rentoul, Alastair Campbell, David Aaronovitch - your boys took one *** of a beating!"…
I wonder whether Alastair Campbell urged Blair to speak out again
Maybe get Andrew Davies in to sex it up. Or has Alastair Campbell already done that?
There couldn't be a better character reference in govt than the disapproval of Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell & Jack Straw
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
The list of people denouncing Corbyn is like a rogue's gallery of dreadfulness: Tony Blair, Alan Johnson, Jack Straw, & Alastair Campbell,
Decent people do complete opposite from what Tony BlairAlan Johnson, Jack Straw, Alastair Campbell & Gordon Brown tell them to
Guardian website: "Tony Blair, Alan Johnson, Jack Straw, and Alastair Campbell have failed to dent Corbyn’s status as the favourite to win."
And what more of an endorsement does Corbyn need than Alastair Campbell and Shirley Williams telling people not to vote for him?
😅 Alastair Campbell did wonders for JCs campaign theyll have to try hard to top that
Alastair Campbell urges people outside Labour to sign up and vote against Jeremy Corbyn
Alastair Campbell accuses Labour MP of talking 'utter crap':
Alastair Campbell is the last person to lecture Corbyn & say will bring ruin on Labour. htt…
Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair Peter Mandelson 1/50 to indulge in nasty vituperative attacks on Jeremy
Seriously. The words "endorsements from Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson" will have people running away in their droves.
'Winners' by Alastair Campbell sees common traits in global leaders - Irish figure big and all Northsiders! Must be something in the water!
Alastair Campbell apparently a well-known authority on cycling matters in France ;-)
Adam Boulton starts shouting at Alastair Campbell live on Sky News via
Alastair Campbell said Savile was a great person ?
thank you! I'll be the next Alastair Campbell ;) let's meet before I leave please xxx
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If Alastair Campbell & Lord Mandelson show her how, Liz Kendall will defeat Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Ldr. In Sept.
. Why did Alastair Campbell and Tony Blear never talk about or stop the industrial scale child abuse, or the cover up ?
I understand Burnley have bid - one promised portrait of Alastair Campbell with Fawaz for Henri. Fawaz won't be able to turn that down
Don't laugh I've got visions of Alastair Campbell booting my front door in and setting Blunkett's dog on me.
Alastair Campbell would be able to make a compelling argument that would keep Labour out of power for 45 years
The 2013 Legs Open Champion, Alastair Campbell, declares his return to this year's competition.
Andrew Neil gives the oxygen of publicity to corrupt war criminal Tony Blair's pal: Alastair Campbell, dodgy dossi…
Absolutely loving Alastair Campbell's 'Winners and how they succeed' - an essential read.
Geoff Campbell is our hometown version of Alastair Bruce.
Alastair Campbell on Top Gear 😂 love the interview, one of my faves 👍🏽
oh Alastair Campbell creating a sexed up Jeremy Corbyn, move over a new boy is in town!
Someone should put all the arguments against Jeremy Corbyn together in a dossier - Alastair Campbell, maybe.
Was given by Alastair Campbell for Fathers Day - only a chapter in but already very impressed
David Miliband, Ed, Alastair Campbell, Chuka, Kendall - John Prescott's had a go at them all - ht…
Like a bad case of indigestion, Alastair Campbell keeps repeating on Britain. .
Labour facing 'extinction' warns Alastair Campbell. hoping he is right
maybe Charles Kennedy's suggestion to Alastair Campbell for a new left party not absurd at all.
If you have people like Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron ruining UK, you'd want to get drunk too.
Alastair Campbell went on to say that he'd remain loyal to the next leader but that if things weren't working in 3-4 year…
LISTEN: Alastair Campbell tells LBC that it should be easier to topple a bad Labour leader
.is hosting a public meeting with Alastair Campbell on Monday 8th of June .
Alastair Campbell is a rat. So is Shirley Williams. No truce for these ***
Very good tribute from former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell on his friend Charles Kennedy
That may be but doubt I'm alone damning Alastair Campbell for his part in the death of David Kelly & promotion of the Iraq war.
This from Alastair Campbell on Charles Kennedy is well worth a read >
A beautifully judged, candid blog about Charles Kennedy by his friend Alastair Campbell:
Charles Kennedy – a lovely man, a talented politician, a great friend | Alastair Campbell
All because we'd featured David Lammy and Alastair Campbell in the same issue
Paddy Ashdown eats his hat and Alastair Campbell eats his kilt
Paddy Ashdown must now eat his hat. Alastair Campbell must now eat his kilt. And many, far too many, must carry on going t…
Alastair Campbell is spot on, Labour need to move away from this New Labour and Blair and Brown agenda. Reenergise their identity.
Alastair Campbell speaking at Manchester Business School this evening
Dream. I also want Alastair Campbell's new one about winners. Have you got that? I imagine you would being Mr Labour!
james argent and Alastair Campbell got me
Alastair Campbell on spin, Cherie Blair, Iraq, The Thick of It and Scott...: via
Alastair Campbell: The four characteristics of winners in business: And according to Eric Harrison, youth team...
Alastair Campbell, former Downing Street director of comms confirmed as keynote speaker for ALMR Spring Conference. via…
Andrew Neil's idea of a left-winger is Alan Johnson, backed by corrupt war criminal Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, Peter Mandelson.
Are Sky Sports really giving a forum for Alastair Campbell on Soccer Saturday?!?!?!
Why does Alastair Campbell think David Cameron doesn't want to debate Ed Miliband?
"If Ed Milliband gets a landslide, I've promised him he'll be in paperback" says Alastair Campbell on Ed' omission from his book
The death of David Kelly the scientist murdered,knew Alastair Campbell & Tony Blair sexed up/lied to get us the UK into Illegal WaR
*** Hall: Alastair Campbell: How winners like me succeed.: . I can only 'assume' the piece below was first pu...
When politician Alastair Campbell met his idol: former Swansea and Burnley star Leighton James
Especially considering they were both at Barnsley too. Bit like Nicky and Alastair Campbell!
Tory Ad Attacks - Alastair Campbell to William Hague: "Thatcher in a wig? You loved that"
Alastair Campbell's logic: I can't have alcohol so you can't either. Thank goodness he's not coeliac with a nut allergy.
People guaranteed to make me switch off the radio or TV when they appear: Alastair Campbell, Janet Street Porter, Piers Mo…
'A bully, a weasel and a lunatic… like Alastair Campbell, Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair in one skin'
Peter Mandelson and Alastair Campbell called Alan Johnson about him replacing Ed Miliband
I wrote this after receiving one of those Alastair Campbell pub quiz invites
MT “Mr Speaker opens the new John Bercow spin studio should’ve named it after Alastair Campbell.
Why on earth the Labour Party thinks me being on a quiz team with Alastair Campbell will entice me to give them money is quite beyond me.
Alastair Campbell emailed me..he's doin a 'pub quiz'...BUT he wants donation..FFS..have already bought Grayson Perry bag..
I strongly resent the ageist remarks here No way is a 61 yr old 'elderly man'. Media spin for effect!
I don't believe claims that Alastair Campbell spat on a man! Campbell can insult an *** so well, why spit on one?.
Alastair Campbell denies George Galloway's street assault claim has Galloway lost the plot?
Alastair Campbell denies George Galloway's street assault claim. nothing to see. Disappointing storm a in teacup.
Alastair Campbell today said he was the victim of lies after a member of the public claimed he spat and punched him during a row in the street.
Former spin doctor & War Criminal ,Alastair Campbell in bust-up caught on CCTV . via
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CCTV footage shows the former press secretary to Tony Blair push away a man who abused him in a back street in...
Alastair Campbell denies punching man after row in street caught on CCTV - Evening Standard
Tony Blair’s former spin doctor accused of punching and spitting at a 61-year-old man:
Blair's pugnacious former attack dog Alastair Campbell heading for deep doodoo. All will be exclusively revealed here. …
Alastair Campbell: Former Blair spin doctor denies claims he 'punched and spat at man in street': Alastair Campbell…
Alastair Campbell assault denial he's a weapon .. Hate the man
What's going on? George Galloway getting slammed now.. Yay to Alastair Campbell :)
The imminent political social media fall-out almost everyone saw coming. But not quite like this:
Alastair Campbell rebuts punch claims and says he was victim of assault: Tony Blair's former spinner calls all...
>Tony Blair's former spin doctor Alastair Campbell denies hitting an elderly man in the street http:…
Former Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell denies reports he spat at and assaulted a 61-year old after claims published on social media by MP George Galloway
Alastair Campbell in violation caught on CCTV – Daily Mail
Alastair Campbell in fight caught on CCTV - Daily Mail
Alan Johnson talks politics with Alastair Campbell. Read the full interview now:
Alastair Campbell part of company - google him. It's the descriptive term widely used. Weber Shandwick certainly scrutinised
Eastenders' star Pam St Clement and spin doctor Alastair Campbell are on their way to in the new year.
It’s a little known fact that Alastair Campbell was interviewed by the police over Jill Dando 's murder
Alastair Campbell and Cliff Richard - two names that have been linked to Jill Dando 's murder
The 'downside of brilliance' - interesting to hear Interview with Alastair Campbell - shows HDS in action
"Alastair Campbell: Gordon Brown brilliant but ‘nightmare to work with’
Alastair Campbell fascinating about Gordon Brown on this morning
Alastair Campbell: Gordon Brown was brilliant but a nightmare to work with: Ex-spin doctor says there was a lo...
There is a No.10 press officer called Alastair Campbell, a Labour one called Sarah Brown and a CBI one called George Bush.
Branding our country: Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair's controversial former communications chief, was spot on w...
PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO READ THIS.Happy Mental Health awareness day. 1 in 4 of us can expect to experience a mental health issue at any point in our life. Mental illness is more common than we believe. It’s not about being weak, over sensitive or a certain type of person. As you can see by the list below, mental health issues can affect anyone. You can also see that some of these individuals have gone on to be the most successful in the world. Through discussion, hopefully we can banish ignorance, discrimination and stigma of mental health. Abbie Hoffman bipolar disorder (speculated) Abraham Lincoln severe clinical depression Adam Ant (Stuart Goddard) bipolar Alanis Morissette clinical depression Alastair Campbell depression Albert Einstein dyslexia (speculated) Alexander Graham Bell dyslexia Alfred Taubman dyslexia Ally Sheedy bulimia nervosa; substance abuse Alma Powell clinical depression Alonzo Spellman bipolar disorder Alvin Ailey bipolar disorder (aka “manic depression”) Amy Heckerling e ...
Alastair Campbell shouting down & bullying a woman trying to speak on is another reason to vote nothing changes😁😁
Wait, *Alastair Campbell* is complaining about the Scots Nats complaining about the BBC? My irony meter has shut down in a safe manner.
It looks like they've recruited Alastair Campbell (AKA Malcolm Tucker) to spin this story in the doctors' favour.
yup, and Rebekah Brooks could become Alastair Campbell...history as comic strip.
All three parties must tackle mental health crisis now, says Alastair Campbell
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The Robin Williams tragedy highlights how little we understand depression Alastair Campbell
Alastair Campbell: Like Robin Williams, I’ve had suicidal thoughts. To tackle this illness we must talk more openly
You would never say: “What does he have to be cancerous about, diabetic about, asthmatic about?”
'I honestly couldn't see the point of living.' Very good post on by for
Hope Robin Williams' tragic death will herald a change in our attitudes towards depression
Hopefully such a tragedy can lead to something truly meaningful :
Depression-postpartum or otherwise-is an illness. May this tragedy open up more opportunities for discussion.
May Robin Williams tragic end herald the start of a new attitude towards
Alastair Campbell, as in the war criminals partner in crime? Inspiring?
Great article by - hopefully will help us change our attitude towards
Thoughtful article by Alastair Campbell on Robin Williams death - worth reading from someone with insig…
"Depression has nothing to do with who you are. It just is. Like cancer is. It is an illness."
Celebrity suicides.. it's time to find causes leading to end their seemingly glittering lives. . .
Please read this. It is just spot on. Thankyou .
The tragedy highlights how little we understand | Alastair Campbell | The Guardian
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May Robin Williams' tragic end herald the start of new attitudes to depression
May Robin Williams' Tragic End Herald the Start of New Attitudes to Depression by Alistair Campbell;
Fifa, Sepp Blatter and Alastair Campbell. You're surrounded by corrupt liars.
Alastair Campbell, Prince of Wales and the Counterfeit Beatles... Not a bad first day at And Le Tour de Fra…
What supporters? Alastair Campbell, John Rentoul and whoever it is who still pays to attend his speeches in the US
Did vetting Alastair Campbell turn up his willingness to use dodgy dossiers to help Tony Blair, and brother David, start illegal wars?
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