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Alaska Natives are indigenous peoples of Alaska: Inupiaq, Yupik, Aleut, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and a number of Northern Athabaskan cultures.

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In case you missed our news on Monday...we're opening the first RMHC in Alaska!
Alaska Native Lydia Doza, invited to join First Lady during state of the union
Will climate change mean greater salmon catches in Alaska and fewer in BC? New study predicts so:
American Indian or Alaska Native -Central America and who maintains tribal affiliation or community attachment.
American Indian or Alaska Native -A person having origins in any of the original peoples of North and South America
I tell all 3 of my kids to just mark down Alaska Native. Even though they are half white.
The ability to prosecute DV may be the first step toward creating Indian Country in Alaska. https:/…
A Minnesota native is now the first Alaska-based partner of a major law firm in US history
Congratulations! to Alaska Native Medical Center on its recognition as a comprehensive pediatric emergency care facility. 🍾🎉
Great to spend the day with Lydia Doza, inspiring Alaska Native youth & one of guests.SJ
Dom always eats crab legs before fight scenes to celebrate the fighting spirit of his native land, Alaska.
The Qayaq Co-Op is pleased to announce a paid internship for the Spring 2016 semester. Alaska Native preference,...
We support programs that focus on American Indian and Alaska Native youth. Learn how:
Nice! I'm a 2nd Gen Alaskan. Which is rare, unless you are Alaska Native. My grandparents came here before it was a state.
How to revive an endangered Alaska Native language in the age of social media - Alaska Dispatch News
The Native American Congressional Internship Program provides American Indian and Alaska Native students with the...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
ARISE is a movement. It's people committing themselves to the success of Alaska Native and American Indian...
- 2014 Native Youth Report : 92 percent of all American Indian and Alaska Native children are enrolled in public s…
Do you know a American Indian/Alaska Native student seeking scholarships? Check out this scholarship -
Expanding economic opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native businesses, in today's WatchBlog:
So I was born on Kodiak.. It's an island in Alaska in the pacific. So yes colleges I am Pacific Islander and Alaskan Native I promise
One-in-four and Alaska Natives are living in but let's get upset about
upworthy: Originally posted by paarthrnax An Alaska Native group decided to make a video game. It’s like...
Indigenous Alaskan group makes a game to teach its values and reality, despite naysayers find resounding success
Adam Oates 'brought me back from the dead,' says Alaska native Scott Gomez via
Alaska Native Heritage Month is supported by The CIRI Foundation! Learn more about them at...
Anti-trans bias has been especially devastating for American Indian & Alaska Native folks.
Cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of death in the Native American and Alaska Native community...
Native Alaska families struggle to maintain lifestyle of ancestors:
Alaska Native Corporations are a key player in AK economic development, controlling >90% of privately held land.
Nov. is Native American Heritage Month! Check out our great AI/AN outreach and education resources:
domain names
Alaska Native Corp. invests for hopes of faster, cheaper Internet via
Judge asks plaintiffs, state to consider settlement in Alaska Native voting rights case - Pedia for today
Scientists join effort to restore place names in Alaska: .
Manhunt underway for Alaska police officer who sexually assaulted a woman while on duty.
Feds side with Alaska Native group in artifacts probe Fairbanks Daily News-Miner ANCHORAGE…
"I will examine the situation of the American Indian/Native American, Alaska Native and Hawaiian peoples against...
An American Indian/Alaska Native child is born into poverty every 33 min htt…
156,515. The number of American Indian and Alaska Native veterans of the U.S. armed forces. .
Trio of suicides in Alaska Native village leaves community in mourning | Star Tribune
Judge sides with Interior Department in dispute over Alaska Native village road
First meeting in Alaska? With AK native leaders. Many live in communities dealing w impact of climate change.
26in. by 26in. Native American Wood Totem Pole with Wings Handmade in Alaska
Denali is a Native American Term...and Alaskans have been wanting to change it back for years.Ohio isn't Alaska?
I've seen firsthand how is impacting public & Native lands—from to Village of Kivalina Alas…
So President Obama gave the Native Americans their mountain back!! Denali it is again. ..McKinley never went to Alaska
Renaming Mount McKinley to Denali restores an Alaska Native name to the 20,000-foot-plus peak
Obama has announced the name of Mount McKinley will be changed back to Denali, name given by the Koyukon Athabascan, na…
Obama focuses on Native issues, climate change as he starts Alaska visit: The arctic is the fastest-...
So the native people have historically called the mountain Denali, the "silent majority" come into their home and...
Mount McKinley returns to its roots as finally recognizes its native name —
Final Rule in Federal Register: Section 306D Water Systems for Rural and Native Villages in Alaska
USA ALASKA President Obama to give back Mt. McKInley its original name, "Denali"
President Obama meets Native leaders after landing in Alaska »
Breaking: White House plans to rename the tallest mountain in the country from McKinley to Denali. It's traditional Alask…
Today we’re returning Mount McKinley to its native name - Denali, a step to reflect the heritage of Alaska Natives.
drafting policy to expand work with Indian and Alaska Native tribes, plus AK Native corporations. Ideas?
We are seeking comments guiding our working relationship with American Indian tribes and Alaska Native corporations:
Internship opportunity in Washington DC! From the Eligibility page: "American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native...
Alaska Native middle-schoolers build and fly drones at UAA camp via
'Returning as a guest' - Conservancy TALK on the return of land to Tyonek (with link to your story):
place matters! great award for healthy homes congrats to Alaska Native Tribal Consortium and Children's Mercy Hospital an
New research: A process evaluation of the Alaska Native Family Outreach Program
After TNC gives Alaskan land to Dena'ina people, gains new outlook as "guest."
DK : Inuit Alliance formed - Three Alaska Native Corporations have announced the formation of the Inuit Arctic...
Native Alaskan students built and flew a drone as part of the Alaska Native Science and En...
Grants to USA Nonprofits & Tribal Agencies to Improve Nutrition for Native American Children- Due: 08/19/2015
As I leave Alaska tonight my heart is full of emotions. This group of native young ladies stole my…
Awesome work, again! Here in SE Alaska the Dogfish is an important animal to the native Alaskans:
Barrow, is 1 of fastest warming places on planet, threatening life & native culture:
If you are Native American & in need of medical coverage visit these sites: and
Check out this Informaticist at Alaska Native Corporation in
Alaska Native communities on the frontlines of impacts & risks of oil drilling> htt…
An Alaska native, Powers grew up around frontier women who fished and hunted...Sounds Just Like NY
Here's a great piece on celebrating Alaska native culture:
Call for Alaska Native artists (any medium) to study in the museum collection.Deadline June 29
My Edmonds News | Edmonds native and Iditarod musher Jan Steves loses home and lead sled dog in...
Pleased to give this culturally significant land back to native people after finding artifacts
Tomorrow at noon learn about Alaska Native cultures on tour lead by Smithsonian anthropologist
SCF Board Member Roy Huhndorf explains history of Alaska Native people and it's effect on health care
Landless Natives bill gets first hearing before Congress
time to do work (@ Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage, AK)
The # of births increased for all women in 2014 except for American Indian or Alaska Native women
America is 78% white 13% black 5% Asian 1% indian/Alaska native 3% etc PAY attention ur foreign to this country my BLACK PPL
Bumble other wild native pollinators more important ... -
Never Alone (the game in partnership with the Alaska Native community) is apart of the Summer Sale on Steam if you want to buy it!
The Alaska History and Cultural Studies site is adding some new content including a chapter on Alaska Native...
is 2nd major cause of death among women who are Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Islander, and American Indian or Alaska Native.
is the leading cause of death for Hispanic, American Indian or Alaska Native, and Asian and Pacific Islander women.
All Day - 13th Annual Oratory Competition: The purpose of this event is to promote our State's rich Alaska Native…
Greeting with a lovely Dwarf Lake Iris. Native Irises can be found in every state in the lower 48, and Alaska
So what tribe do you hale from?We are of the Blackfoot clan my wife is Athabaskan. native to Alaska and Canada.Many brite days.
The Kodiak, which is native to Alaska, is the largest bear & can measure up to eight feet & weigh as much as 1,700 pounds
Alaska Representative Andy Josephson has introduced three bills that if passed will bring much needed...
NDC will be closed on Monday, March 30, in observance of Alaska Native Day.
Why is it OK for native Alaskans to hunt & kill whales/ polar bears? Read about natives partnering with Shell:
3 Wildlife Troopers' mission: they travel by in temps.
The institutional challenges of converting indigenous rights into corporate shareholding:
NANA Regional Corporation's offices will be closed in observance of Alaska Native Day, Monday, March 30, 2015.
-> Promoting greater knowledge of American Indian, Alaska Native, and Pacific Islander veterans efforts in wartime
Luke, Anthony and Steven headed to the Native Youth Olympics tourney in Seward, Alaska WITHOUT MOM! If you see...
Alaska Native adoption case draws concern - Bristol Bay Times
Wood bison to be released into their native habitat in Alaska, for first time in hundred years h…
Alaska Native adoption case draws concern
Thank you for introducing House Bills to improve the way Alaska manages wildlife!
Alaska Native corporations push change to quorum law
How an Alaska Native corp. helped make $34B Dish Network into a "very small business" via
Learn about the Alaska Native Heritage Center & their work w/ youth
Glimpse in this video featuring music by Lauren Heyano.
YES! will team with tribal governments, says
How does health play into the culture of indigenous peoples in Alaska, Hawaii and Lower 48
Tuned in to a great webinar w/ presenter Nathan Lojewski of the Chugachmiut. More on the project
Our 11th profile on the Alaska Native Heritage Center is here! Learn more:
Native Elder Aurora George of Clark’s Point creates intricate baskets in
profiles model of sharing Alaska Native cultures w youth. Learn more:
"Alaska Natives have survived for over 10,000 years, and there's a lot of truth and knowledge in what we know."
“It’s not very often where I tear up in the Oval Office" - Obama
Former Producer at Fox News Kills Self at Fox News HQ Protest - Racism overdose at Fox?
Mallott tells Juneau Native forum of better relationships with tribal governments - Alaska Dispatch News
American Indian and Alaska Native children suffer exposure to violence at a higher rate than other races
My favorite food as an Alaska Native American Indian First Nations Seminole Miccosukee
My favorite food snack as an American Indian Alaska Native First Nations Seminole Miccosukee
Some of the best stories I've produced have featured Native voices and languages.
I love how I am Alaska native and just a native from the lower for 48! 😇😇😇
Reading something that lists "Native culture" as a difficult experience in working in Alaska makes my stomach churn 👎
Gwich’in & Inupiat tribes support plan to designate 80,000 km^2 of as protected wilderness:
Help us by becoming a member at: Read the full article here:
American Indian and Alaska Native organizations, please. SAVE THE DATE. for aTraining Session: The Fundamentals of...
"The Alaska Art Colony is offering a paid artist in residence program this year for Native artists. One artist...
Struggle with inflammatory bowel disease? It may be from the imbalance of "good bacteria" that inhabits your gut?
Check out our offerings for Alaska Native Organizations.
.This lone Alaska Native earring is on the way!
Learn how is documenting traditional knowledge from Alaska Native hunters
Hey, ? An Alaska Native Democrat thinks you're wrong on
American Indian + Alaska Native youth have the lowest graduation rates. See what is doing about it.
Alaska Native and American Indian people have special protections and benefits when it comes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
African-American, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Latina, American Indian/Alaska Native women make $.18 less than white counterparts
The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation is a national nonprofit that supports American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian arts and cultures. With the support of generous arts patrons, forward thinking partners and equally committed co-funders, we provide support to individual artists, Native arts and cultural organizations and Native arts programs. To be among the first to hear when funding is available, subscribe to our newsletter: us continue this work and offer more opportunities like these, please make a gift today:
The INSPIRE Pre-College Program is a full scholarship open to Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian...
Santa's North Pole might be protected by elves, but 200 Alaska Native villages are at risk from climate change
Medicare cost-sharing, gaps in benefits can be problematic for some American Indians & Alaska Native beneficiaries
Last night, Section 910 of the Violence Against Women Act was repealed! Section 910 excluded our Alaska Native...
One of our Alaska Native art faculty and student at UAF :)
Never Alone a beautiful puzzle platform game with Alaska Native folklore and setting
In the U.S. - Hawai'ian and all 20 Alaska Native languages are recognized as official in addition to English!
Both and addressed the ANB/ANS grand Camp Convention. Begich is definitely more pro-Alaska Native rights.
TekPro Services (, a dynamic 8(a) Alaska Native Corporation, is recognized for its excellence in Engineering and Technical Support...
This is what Lupus looks like. We do not look sick everyday. I am 24 years old. A mother, a student, a business owner, sister, friend, cousin, and aunt and I HAVE LUPUS. There is no look. I have organ involvement and good days and bad days. I may not look sick to you but if you could turn me inside out you would truly understand. It attacks my heart, kidneys, pancreas, and most recently, my lungs. Around 80% of Lupus patients downplay their symptoms so they do not stress or alarm family and friends. There is NO one look for Lupus. Where I have Kidney involvement, another patient may be dealing with heart issues. There is no textbook case because all cases present differently. I was diagnosed when I was 20 and it's been a roller coaster ride ever since. There are days when I HATE this condition and then there are others where it has taught me so much. I've learned to appreciate life. I learned that I am not immortal. Life eventually ends...but what matters is what you do in between your beginning and you . ...
.REFUSED to stand with HUD Secretary as he presented millions in grants to Alaska Native communities.
Again, as in the Aleutian Islands this summer, where we met marginalised native peoples of Alaska, I find myself questioning my identity.
Wouldn't it be terrible if a media helicopter flew over and caused a stampede that killed the baby walrus.
Alaska Native tribes to receive about $7M of $60M in newly announced HUD grants to Native American communities,
HUD Grants Aimed at Alaska Native Housing Projects: US Secretary of Housing and Urban Developme... >
Millions in federal funds are coming to Alaska's Native communities to help with affordable housing options.
Native Village cares for 35,000 walruses affected by looks after Mother Earth
1 in 3 American Indian & Alaska Native women will be raped in their lifetimes. Help me stop this. Join
It's beautiful. Great demonstration of our Alaska Native culture & art. :) Have you been?
Native Village of Point Lay hailed for stewardship of 35,000 walruses: via
Take your classroom on a Virtual Field Trip to the Museum for Nov.’s American Indian & Alaska Native Heritage Month:
Fun article about rural Alaska native villages and the campaign for Alaska's senate seat. via
Adams River sockeye salmon run underway north of Kamloops:
Kicking off our announcement of $60mil grants for Native American communities.15 in alaska
Sitnasuak would like to say congratulations to shareholder Haven Harris. Haven is being recognized by The...
Prep for Guide to CBPR in American Indian and Alaska Native Communities:
Day 5 of meet the newcomers! Welcome junior forward Bobby Murphy. Bobby is an Alaska native who played…
Alaska becomes the second state to officially recognize indigenous languages via
In partnership with the Alaska Native Heritage Center, First Peoples Fund will be conducting a FREE two-day...
Why Alaska Natives and Native Americans will Turn-Out- To- Vote 2014 and 2016 via
Indigenous peoples of the United States are commonly known as Native Americans or American Indians,& Alaska Natives.
Native Alaska Village of Point Lay Hailed for Stewardship of... via
languages could have been official in April! waited for his own benefit. Shame on him!
Indian and Alaska Native population now lives away from reservations.
Check out the size of these whale rib bones. @ Alaska Native Heritage Center
WootWOOT! Aspiaq! Hooray! ...' Lillian Aukongak, an Inupiaq Alaska Native, is the first female Alaska Native to...
"It's real, global warming, it's real". Indeed. 86% of all native communities are at risk because of climate change
Alaska court allows adoption of Native child by non-Native couple
Another blow to ICWA - Alaska top court rules Native American girl can stay with adoptive family
Shift from traditional foods takes toll on Alaska Native populations - Alaska Dispatch
So Lisa Murkowski just joined up with Sullivan. That means the lady who exempted Alaska Native women from the protections in the Violence Against Women Act, VAWA, despite having high rates of abuse, has joined forces with the man who sued Katie John, an elderly woman from Mentasta who was defending subsistence rights. I will be voting for Mark Begich, and I hope everyone I know has the good sense to talk with their families about how dangerous Murkowski and Sullivan are to our women, our people, to our cultures, and to Alaska. I also hope you encourage everyone you know to register to vote, and to vote for Begich, we need at least one ally who will work for Alaska, and Alaskans.
Fifty four percent of American Indian and Alaska Native alone householders who owned their own home in 2011.
Thanks to the Annenberg Foundation for bringing Alaska Native heritage back home.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
A bill symbolically making 20 Alaska Native languages official state languages is heading to the House floor for a vote.
Can't wait for launch of vid game Never Alone, new approach to preserving TEK explores Alaska Stories as Iñupiaq girl
Many of the elders today in native culture are ones who went through boarding schools and now seek to keep language alive. ThankYou
The Alaska Native Studies Department at UAA. has many fantastic classes offered for Fall 2014! Register today!
- Reminder of the Native American and Alaska Native population in USA.
NOFAS has published a report on on Implementing CHOICES in Clinical Settings
There are at least 75 remote Native villages with no law enforcement that can only reached by air or boat. http:/…
Pay a visit to Saxman Native Village to see its Totem collection.
Alaska Journal - CEO: Sealaska bringing focus back to SE - In the wake of the Alaska Native corporation’s 2013...
Alaska Native artist weaves heritage into modern fashion | KTOO
More than 300 AK Native Firefighters from villages across the state are in CA, OR and elsewhere battling
Preserve our native habitat. . 'No' to the in
1935 - Grand Saline native & aviator Wiley Post was killed when his plane crashed on takeoff at Barrow, Alaska. Also killed was Will Rogers
One day I said to my Alaska Native assistant, I've been stopped ONCE in 11 yrs. living here. She was dumbfounded. Expired plates.
You guys put on an awesome show, but as an Alaska native I feel obligated to inform you that Texas is not the largest state!
Meet Black Singles 300x250
so my softball coach asked me if I was Native just because I'm moved from Alaska .
Our intern, Nathan, presenting on his interactive map of American Indian/Alaska Native lands. Great job!
Public Speaking; How to Have a Presence: Join us for the Alaska Native Professional Association (ANPA) 's August...
Atwood Chair of Journalism at Univ of Alaska Anchorage encourages Alaska Native journalism students
it's times like now where I really wish I was an Alaska native
Medicare Reports High Use of Opioids by SSDI Recipients, August 14, 2014 – More than 40 percent of Social Securi...
It's a shame has a gang consisting of grown men which targeted native kids at the Tanana Valley State Fair
When global warming kills your god: How climate change is devastating native communities in Alaska
Fantastic new open course on Cook Inlet history (Alaska) and the native Dena'ina by the fantastic Prof Alan Boraas
Sen Begich and Cantwell announce legislative effort to make monitoring a national priority:
DYK:. African American children, American Indian or Alaska Native children and children of multiple races had the...
U.S. Senators Begich and Cantwell call for a strategy to address ocean acidification
Seeking resources for among native populations? Check out our American Indian/Alaska Native pages
Koch Brothers will Fail with Alaska Native and Native American Voters via
Reaching from coast to coast. Check out:
Harper: Now tribal govts can prosecute non-native perpetrators against indigenous women. Alaska exception will be revoked
Native to Siberia, the Siberian Husky was brought to Alaska in 1909.
Troopers Ask Public for Help Locating Fairbanks Suspect, At 8 am on Wednesday morning, a call went in and troopers...
Video: tubooks: "Missing the Point: The Real Impact of Team Names on American Indian and Alaska Native...
Racist names, mascots are harmful to American Indian and Alaska Native youth, says Center for American Progress ...
WATCH: Racist mascots & team names undermine understanding of native people by not native people
The suicide rate for American Indian/Alaska Native youth is 2.5 times higher than the national average, per report.
Why is the so hesitant to take a stand on this?
"Unequal treatment of NA youth PREDICTS adverse affects."
New report out on how native mascots and team names impact American Indian & Alaska Native youth!...
Looking @ Native youth suicide rates: “This is an issue of public health not political correctness”
Interesting conversation about the effect of mascots on American Indian/ Alaska Native youth at
STARTS IN 30 MINUTES: The impact of mascots and team names on AI/AN youth. Watch here:
Impact of racist mascots: “It’s created an environment where, as political leaders, we’re not respected”
The impact of Native mascots/team names on American Indian and Alaska Native youth:
Electronic Device Insurance
Our panel discussion is starting now. WATCH:
I grew up cheering for Washington's football team, and will always be a fan, but it's time to
LIVE: The real impact of on American Indian youth via and
When people hear that we are Native, all they see is a big-nosed head on a football jersey.Tune in:
If you want to hear real impact of mascot names, listen to Dahkota Brown's experiences. Powerful stuff:
.speaking now about racism, American Indians and the Washington football team.
Jane Palmer to advise for study on violence against American Indian and Alaska Native women
Daily Kos Elections Morning Digest Leading Off: AK-Sen: The New York Times takes an interesting look at Democratic outreach among Native Americans in Alaska, who make up about a fifth of the state's population but are often difficult to reach as they're spread across the state's vast wilderness; tend to have low voter turnout; often deal with a lack of election materials printed in native languages; and don't typically divide their loyalties along traditional party lines. But native voters were a key bloc in electing Sen. Mark Begich in 2008, and Democrats are deploying an army of 130 field workers around the state to reach out to them this cycle. A tireless campaign, Begich himself has traveled many miles to meet with native communities, and Democrats are also hopeful that their gubernatorial nominee, Byron Mallot, will drive up the native vote as he's an Alaska Native himself. However, the GOP frontrunner, Dan Sullivan, is married to a prominent native woman, and Sen. Lisa Murkowski, who will almost cer ...
Hawaii losses weigh heavy for Alaska Native corp.
Soo, if any of you re familiar with Young Life then you are awesome! && for those of you who aren't, we'll...Young Life club is discipleship with young is a weekly party/time to hang out and give attention to youth (games, camp, etc) and at the end, share messages about God's love. It includes meeting with young people and other adults who want to learn more or grow in their faith through study, service and leadership (& still have fun) After all, that's what the celebration is about... I am asking all people: what is your vision for Chevak Young Life? What do you want to do or see happen? If you have further questions and comments you may privately message me or comment...By the way, Chevak will be the 1st remote Alaska Native community to bring Young Life to our people! If you have been or are currently in YL would you please share your experience below...
Food for Thought.we may be looking at this happening to us May 4, 2014 Feds consider taking Alaska tribal land into trust Written by ASSOCIATED PRESS ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - The U.S. Department of Interior announced this week that it will consider taking Alaska tribal land into trust. The move could lead to pockets of "Indian country," where tribal courts and governments would have authority to create their own laws and justice systems, the Anchorage Daily News reported. Currently, the only Indian country community with a reservation in the state is Metlakatla, in southeast Alaska. The state opposes the move. A judge in Washington, D.C., last year agreed with Alaska Native tribes, supported by nonprofit law firms, which sued in federal court saying the Interior Department should have been taking land into trust years ago. The state has appealed the decision, but the Interior Department acted on the U.S. district court judge's decision. The department is opening a 60-day comment period on the subject. Att ...
It was a record-setting year for Alaska Native students receiving degrees from the University of Alaska Southeast:
View images of the Alaska Native culture that the Westboro Baptist Church this week said that God hates and that it would protest on June 1.
So I hear the Westboro Baptist Church says "God hates the Alaska Native culture" and that they might picket the Alaska Native Heritage Center beginning June. Even with the infamous Fred Phelps gone, his followers still driven by his blatant ignorance. I feel that the best way to deal with such matters is to applaud their wasted efforts. The best way to confuse someone who is angry at you for superficial reasons is to tell them to "Have a nice day!" instead of bullying them. Besides, anyone who says they hate you after you tell them to have a nice day looks like a total imbecile in public.
Mary Jane Fate, a Koyukon Athabascan born in Rampart, labored tirelessly to improve all aspects of Alaska Native people’s lives. As one of the original Alaska Native Land Claims Settlement Act lobbyists, she worked with others to convince the White House and Congress of the fairness and justice in c...
Watching the Senate Floor session and Dr. Walter Soboleff Day passed the Senate. Alaskans will be celebrating a great Alaska Native leader
Bering Straits Native Corporation (BSNC) is headquartered in Nome Alaska, and is owned by Alaska Native shareholders, BSNC actively pursues responsible development of our resources and other business opportunities. Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our people through economic developm...
What is the legal status of American Indian and Alaska Native tribes? "Article 1, Section 8 of the United States Constitution vests Congress, and by extension the Executive and Judicial branches of our government, with the authority to engage in relations with the tribes, thereby firmly placing tribes within the constitutional fabric of our nation. When the governmental authority of tribes was first challenged in the 1830's, U. S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall articulated the fundamental principle that has guided the evolution of federal Indian law to the present: That tribes possess a nationhood status and retain inherent powers of self-government" From the BIA website... Use their own words against them...
Prosperity within Reach for Alaska Native and Native American Tribes: Prosperity within Reach for Alaska Native...
I have been fortunate this year to travel to Alaska in my service to Alaska Native people. This is a banner from a Native Festival I attended in Fairbanks identifying the native people. I have been above the Arctic Circle in the village of Kotzebue, visited Nome, Bethel, Metlakatla, Kenai, and of course all the large cities. I have seen the Yukon River, the northern lights and Denali(Mt. McKinley). It has been quite a rewarding adventure.
American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) students continue to be significantly underrepresented in institutions of higher education and continue to face barriers that impeded their academic success.
HB4214 [NEW] To promote the academic achievement of American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian children ...
My goal for this column is explanatory. Why I think spending for American Indian and Alaska Native programs is awful.
The American Indian and Alaska Native population includes people who marked the ?American Indian or Alaska Native?
Best JECDSW Article on providing services to urban American Indian/Alaska Native youths/families
Undergraduate and graduate scholarships are available for California African-American, American Indian, Alaska Native, Asian American, Pacific Islander or Latino/Hispanic students expressing financial need to study nutrition, physical education or culinary arts in the state of California. Checks wil...
Native American organizations are asking the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the treatment of American Indian and Alaska Native children in the private adoption and public child welfare systems. Tribal leaders delivered a letter Monday to DOJ Attorney General for Civil Rights...
National groups seek civil rights probe into welfare of Native American and Native foster youth
Culture Awareness Workshop Feb. 12 and 13. Learn about Alaska Native cultures, communication styles and a lot more!
APPLICATIONS DUE: FEBRUARY 5TH! Interested in public health, allied health, environmental science, biomedical science, biotechnology, medicine, chemistry, physics, biology, nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, biomedical engineering, biotechnology, and/or physical therapy? Then apply to attend the 2014 Biomedical Science Careers Program Conference! Date: April 5, 2014 Time: 7:30 AM - 6:00 PM Location: The Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA Cost: Free The primary objective of this conference is to provide hundreds of African-American, Hispanic/Latino and American Indian/Alaska Native students with an opportunity to network with advisors/role models from the basic and clinical sciences, medicine, public health, academic administration and the private sector that will encourage them to complete advanced studies, and provide concrete advice and information on available resources, professional opportunities and career paths. The conference is open to students in high school, community college, college, medical school, d ...
move to Alaska to be Sarah.we Americans celebrate the Native Americans wish they had stronger immigration laws
Come to the University Center tonight to hear a lecture on “Dena Artwork: More than Beadwork and Baskets” by Dena’ina cultural historian Aaron Leggett. When: 5:30-6:30 p.m. Where: UAA University Center, Room 143 (3901 Old Seward Hwy) This lecture is part of an Alaska Native Art History lecture series that is offered in conjunction with the class Alaska Native Art History at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Limited seating available.
Department of Public Safety Still Waiting for Results in Talkeetna Helo-1 Crash - Alaska Native News
Seniors - More scholarships are available in Naviance... if you meet their criteria, consider applying - could be worth BIG BUCKS towards your college education! The Alaska Native Medical Center Auxiliary Scholarship and the The Pioneers of Alaska Scholarship were recently made available! Check them out.
UH-Manoa & KCC attendees of the annual ANSEP banquet. Without the Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program...
Obama Care Check!!! Got Exemption Application for American Indian/Alaska Native? Check!!Found out i can not fill out Application online...but get copy online and fill out and mail..FYI!!! Check!!
Charlene Walker from Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium will be on KZPA 900AM today at 1:30pm to talk about & answer questions regarding the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the Indian Exemption. Please tune in and call in with your questions. Let your friends and family know.
Start planning your weekend today and learn how qualified Alaska Native and American Indian people can get tax assistance from the Kenaize Indian Tribe at this link to our website:
LAGRANT Foundation Scholarships are targeted toward minority undergraduate and graduate students, offering scholarships for students interested in careers in advertising, marketing or public relations. Students must be American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian/Pacific Islander, Black (non-Hispanic) or Hispanic. Up to 12 scholarships are offered to graduate students. Graduate students may apply in their freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year, or in graduate school. A grade point average of 3.2 or above is required. Up to 24 scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students who maintain a grade point average of 2.75 or above. All scholarships are renewable. Scholarship recipients are required to attend the LAGRANT Foundation awards program in either New York or Seattle where they will receive their scholarship and attend a workshop to learn career development skills. After the scholarship is received, recipients must agree to ongoing professional guidance for one year from the LAGRANT Foundation. The LAGRAN ...
I was notified this morning that I am not on the list submitted by the Tongass Democrats to go to the Governor for consideration on the vacated Juneau House seat. There was one other Alaska Native on the list. I am grateful for the opportunity to have applied, and to go through the process! I felt good about my interview on Saturday, and did my best and spoke from the heart. Thank you to all who send me encouraging notes/messages and phone calls. Everyone who applied are people I respect and admire, I think I know all of them but one. There will be a press release going out in about an hour or so I was told, on the 3 people they chose. Again, thank you--'doyckshim, how'aa, gunalcheesh!
Disparities in health and access to health care continue to persist among the American Indian/Alaska Native population, despite federal efforts to call attention to and address these disparities.1 Policy makers should direct resources to ensure that this population has sufficient access to primary c...
& folks - a bill in the proposes Alaska Native languages be official languages of Alaska. Drink on that.
yes, Native people live from Alaska to Chile. I'm happily, proudly a trans woman. I'm not undocumented anymore.
Are you an Alaska Native? Find out how the health care change will (or won't) affect you.
Juneau Empire - Native groups to meet in Petersburg - PETERSBURG — The annual Grand Camp of the Alaska Nativ...
As alcohol and drug abuse run rampant throughout Southcentral, one Alaskan turns to music to mend old wounds. ANCHORAGE – Samuel Johns stood at the back of the room, gripping a moose-hide drum in one hand and a curved drumstick in the other. The Tuesday afternoon crowd at Bean’s Cafe was subdued. People sipped old bottles of flat soda and read books or played cards in groups of threes and fours throughout the main hall. A few slept, heads resting in their arms on the long dining room tables. Others sat and watched as Samuel, 28, beat the skin drum and sang the Alaska Native songs he’d learned by heart. “I’m a little nervous,” he said, shifting his weight on scuffed Jordans in between the music. But his audience didn’t seem to mind. “Don’t be nervous!” called a woman standing against the wall. Samuel started to play again, the sleeves of his black hoodie pushed about around his forearms. As the beat grew stronger, a man sitting with a group of people at a middle table began to sing. He ...
Tetanus: Make Sure You and Your Child Are Fully Immunized Playing outdoors can mean getting cuts that may become infected with bacteria commonly found in soil, including the ones that cause tetanus. Tetanus vaccine can help prevent tetanus disease, commonly known as "lockjaw." Tetanus is an infection caused by bacteria. When the bacteria invade the body, they produce a toxin, or poison, that causes painful muscle contractions. Tetanus infection mainly affects the neck and abdomen. Tetanus is also called "lockjaw" because it often causes a person's neck and jaw muscles to lock, making it hard to open the mouth or swallow. It can also cause breathing problems, severe muscle spasms, and seizures. Complete recovery can take months. If left untreated, tetanus can be fatal. Tetanus is different from other vaccine-preventable diseases in that it does not spread from person to person. The bacteria are usually found in soil, dust and manure and enter the body through breaks in the skin – usually cuts or puncture ...
I'm looking to cast a play. The play is a reader's theater, so all you do is read aloud a play. I need the following Alaska native actors: Man aged 40+ Woman age 40+ 2 Girls 20-35 2 girls age 6-16 There will be one rehearsal and then a dress rehearsal before the performance.
In Gleasons court the Aztec take presedence over the Alaska native Barrow tribe
BEOFRE ALL OF THEM MADE AN APPEARANCE the land was habited by native peoples who had crossed the strait connecting alaska and
Learn about your health coverage options if you are an American Indian or an Alaska Native at Visit the Health Insurance Marketplace
Photo: valscrapbook: Alaska Native Heritage Center. shoot # by brian_adams on Flickr.
Waqaa dear Laqlliit (Neighbors) I nominated beloved Yup'ik Elder Gust Bartman for an Honorary Doctor of Letters through the University of Fairbanks. If you wish to write a letter in support of this worthy nomination, please send it to the Director of the Alaska Native Language Center, Gary Holton: gmholton474-6585. Quyaanaq'vaa for your consideration. Piura, Amy Amy Eisenberg, Ph.D. (907) 843-0708
Way up here in Alaska!!. CO native.go ORANGE CRUSH. oh, ok, so -- showing my age a little bit.. Whatever!!. 😎💃
phillip helps coordinate the indigenous film festival at the Alaska Native Heritage Center. PhillipHe'll help.
Bristol Bay Borough is 32.9% Alaska Native according to the US Census 2011
Are you American Indian or Alaska Native? Learn how the Affordable Care Act can affect you and your helathcare at...
sorry you have taken the L whales are not native mammals of Alaska 😌
Wow, what a collection. There is a lot of Alaska Native regalia and art at shops up here too.
Learn the place names and of many places in with this map.
So as NOT to appear totally ignorant, White American men up to same thievery with Native Alaskans. Read Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.
Who's Counting Candles - Don't Ask Clearance Sale Online Deals CHECK DEALS NOW Counting Candles - Don't Ask Inquiries To Inquire Opportunity Contractors Prior to Generating Your Selection If you have property enhancements in your upcoming, it is crucial to job interview quite a few contractors ahead of building your choice. Here are some of the inquiries you should really request all through the job interview. Who's Counting Candles - Don't Ask Granite Countertops for Your Ultra Modern day Kitchen area Granites are 1 of the ideal normally readily available stone in the earth. Granite is an igneous rock and is fashioned from magma. Granites are utilised for many purposes like kitchen area countertops, lavatory tops, vanity tops and many others. Fees of Possessing Household Lifts In today's entire world, owning house lifts have turn out to be a requirement for a lot of folks. They have turn out to be crucial for the mobility of people today who are handicapped and for all those who are physically challenge ...
How cute are we??? Juneau, Alaska. Mary and Ricky and Me.
Beginning January 1, 2014, every American must demonstrate health care coverage under the Affordable Care Act, but there are special exemptions that apply to Alaska Native and American Indian people. The landscape of health care insurance is changing quickly. Here is what Alaska Native and American…
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