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Alaska Native

Alaska Natives are indigenous peoples of Alaska: Inupiaq, Yupik, Aleut, Eyak, Tlingit, Haida, Tsimshian, and a number of Northern Athabaskan cultures.

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Did you know, that in the aftermath of Pearl Harbor, the U.S. rounded up native Aleuts in Alaska, and packed them...
The Alaska Legislature Encourages Congress to Open the Coastal Plain of ANWR to Oil and Gas Exploration -…
Alaska is literally one of the best places I've been to. I may be biased as a Alaskan Native though. Beware it rains a lot!
Wonder if Alaska might shift, having such a high Native population, gov. workers, scientists...all fed up.
Well actually Native Americans came to America via land bridge that was between Russia and Alaska. Indigenous is a…
The bright side of parent-teacher conference in Alaska is the Native Youth Council handing out free moose stew & caribou chili.
A mockup of our new Domestic Violence Awareness Board for Native American and Alaska Native communities.
Renowned Alaska Native healer Blumenstein hopscotches from old world to new
beautiful short film on Indigenous language revitalization in Alaska
Stop setting precedent to get federal lands - could relinquish state lands to AK Native veterans for land allotments.
A5: Yes. American Indian & Alaska Native children are 4x more likely to have untreated tooth decay than white children.
Sign and share to protect Alaska's native wildlife.
Assistant Professor Chie Sakakibara collaborates with Alaska Native community to study climate change:
The Caring for Our Own Program supports American Indian and Alaska Native populations in developing a highly...
Race: Black or African-American, Asian, American Indian or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiin or other Pacific Islander, White
"54 cents for Latina women, and 59 cents for Native American and Alaska Native women."
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Tonight at 6:30pm! We can't wait for the opening reception for "National Parks of Alaska and Hawaii" & "The Gottlie…
1. Bernie did very well among Asian Americans, Arabs, Muslims, Native Americans, Alaska&Hawaii indigenous people and Latinos.
This morning at Museum Of Native American History presents Alaska Native folktale “Berry Magic” for a great time...
Alaska Native village still seeking approval for 'life-saving road'
Tribal Land in Alaska Put into Trust - Native News O... via
WV native, Kelly Stout, is looking to make a name for herself in the MMA world. .
definitely agree. Just ask my lady,
Thank the BLM for protecting Alaska Native traditional lands:
Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium's new patient housing facility is now open for guests from around Alaska:
USDA announces $3 million for colleges serving Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians
Visit on Inauguration weekend to support Nat. American and Alaska Native cultures. (Closed Fri.)
A lot of people, when they have a problem, say ‘I know, I'll use Alaska Native'. Now they have two problems
.is looking for a lead cook at Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage. Apply online at:…
Our standard across NASPA is to include Native American or Alaska Native. We take this very seriously and again apologize for the omission.
Alaska Native healthcare leader Sally Smith dies at 70
Thank you for helping Alaska Native tribes protect ecosystem and their way of life.
US President Barack Obama has responded to appeals from Alaska Native villages and given them more of a……
“The Vietnam War really affected us, and it affects me 51 years later,” said Fred Bennett, an Alaska Native vet.
Election day Getting out the vote, Alaska Native edition - The Economist (blog) ☄ ⛱ $v ℅ Economist $
According to the 2010 U.S. Census, about 5.2 million people in the United States identified as American Indian and…
November is Native American Month and Alaska Native Heritage Month. We have lessons, activities and resources here:
Native Americans refers to all Natives to America, the term American Indians excludes those native to Alaska
Is using the term "American Indian" when referring to the Native Americans not from Alaska offensive/inappropriate?
growing desperate for threaten Natives ht…
growing desperate for threaten Natives
Alaska's Inupiat elders use gaming to keep culture alive via I would love if other native tribes did this!
Thank you to Mike Bone and to all of the candidates for showing up to the Mixer as well as the concert to encourage…
November is Celebrate diverse cultures & traditions w/the help of our
Alaska aviator comes under fire after remarks about Alaska Native passengers -
Native Americans were not the first ones here either. They migrated to the North American continent by the Bering land bridge to Alaska
State of Native Corps ask US Supreme Court to enter fray over polar bear habitat
November is Native American Heritage Month and Alaska Native Heritage Month, paying tribute to the rich ancestry... https…
HKY: While we wait for puck drop in Alaska, learn about a native Alaskan in John Teets.
22 indigenous languages in Alaska,are they endanger Human? Saving endanger specie what about Native Alaska and Northern Frontier
Come to the Alaska Native Heritage Month film at the Bear Tooth Theatrepub on November 7th!
Did you know? November is National Native American and Alaska Native Heritage Month. Diversity is our strength!
American territory and Canada belong "The Native" who are much in Alaska and higher region of Northern Frontier. Surviving race of yesterday
True Alaska Native are the earliest of earliest inhabitant in Much of the American territory, and they push up North and population decline
Alaska, why there are so many name National Park and Preserve, is that mean The Native being kick and push around and can not reside?
Please message us if you have an event that you will be doing for Alaska Native and American Indian Heritage Month! Mahsi cho!
Join us on Monday November 7th at 5:30pm for the Alaska Native Heritage Month film "The Seventh Fire" from...
November is American Indian & Alaska Native Month. Test your knowledge: ()
Words from one of our Alaska Native sisters who made it to Standing Rock yesterday. ❤️
83% of American Indian and Alaska Native women & men have experienced violence in their lifetime
Alaska aviator comes under fire after controversial remarks about Alaska Native passengers.
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Learning about screening in populations in
At a time when voter access is an issue, Alaska steps forward with automatic registration. NNN Elections Project: https:…
"Nearly 24,000 Native American and Alaska Native households somehow manage without access to running water or... https:/…
story by KBBI AM 890: "For students and teachers in the tiny Alaska Native community of Port Graham...
There are probably more but they did not check "American Indian" or "Alaska Native" as their race
In France, a new exhibit marks first collection of contemporary Alaska Native art in Europe
U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch will meet with Alaska Native leaders on Friday
AG Loretta Lynch announces focus on Alaska Native issues - and doesn't rule out VP run
they're not only native to Alaska. Northern Canada too.
Obama signs bill striking offensive terms from US laws So now 'Alaska Native Pie'; but, still have a Puerto Rican?
There should be some sort of certification program.
Metlakatla's 🏀 obsession is partly geographic. It's the only Native reservation in Alaska
what is that beard!? Anderson visits Alaska for a week and tries to go native!
Shocked this endured this long. Other changes: Hispanic for 'Spanish-speaking,' Native American not 'Indian,' Alaska Natives
Violence Against American Indian and . Alaska Native Women and Men - new report that are discussing
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - Laws meant to protect African elephants may hurt AK Native artists (ADN)
etc...meaning as GOVERNOR OF ALASKA once stated publically- (in OUR time! He being married to Native America...WHITES w/ *** 'unnatural'
Fighting illegal ivory is an important part of conservation, but can have unintended consequences
"How laws meant to protect African elephants may end up hurting Alaska Native artists"
Woman imagines a deity, it become part of the native cultures of Alaska
Can teaching Native languages improve graduation rates in Alaska?
Where dentists are scarce, Native Americans forge a path to better care - Alaska Dispatch News -
Lily Lust is a gorgeous Native American Eskimo from Alaska. She is totally not what you ex…
Liz Medicine Crow discusses racism in Alaska: "The binary is White and Native Alaskan, not White and Black."
I have self published my book 'Eagle Drums' get your copy while you can!
All babies born at the Alaska Native Medical Center receive a new book every month from O to Age 5 to encourage a lifetime of reading!
Melting Away: Documentary ‘Children of the Arctic’ Exploring Alaska Native Youth Airs on PBS via
Do you know an American Indian/Alaska Native student seeking scholarships? Check out this scholarship -
Alaska Native People are the healthiest people in the world. We are resilient and strong.
New on our blog: How might affect Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawai’ian students?
The Circle of Life is Cancer education and wellness for American Indian & Alaska Native communities.
Grants to Alaska Nonprofits, Tribes and Individuals for Education and Heritage Activities in Nat- Due: 06/01/2016
''If you are Alaska Native, you are more than three times more likely than a white Alaskan to be imprisoned.''
it's primarily about the shareholders, not the race. It's about what was done with Alaska Native land and Alaska Natives.
Why anti-Native American bias was key to case according to
Hearing re the American Indian/Alaska Native Initiative on Cancer (“Spirit of EAGLES”) & Native Circle
A response from an Alaska Native student asked re:Harry Potter books "Why would I read white people stories? We have our own."
Ingenuity is a response to change. An example of Native
US Dept investing $9 million to deploy clean energy in tribal nations.
We will be cheering for on 6/1. Alaska Native people are the healthiest people in the world.
"It’s in our tradition, it’s our heritage, it’s the way our forefathers did it to feed the community, to eat.”...
I'm glad the mountain in Alaska being renamed back to its native name Mt Denali, seriously
More information about the Alaska Native Studies Conference is here.
The first Alaska Native/Native American elected to the Board of Directors hails from Sand Point, AK. Congrats to Tiffany Jackson!
Dr. Melissa Walls: American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) suicide deaths are 50% higher compared to Whites
Wow! Did you know: the state with the greatest number of native orchid species is Alaska.
African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans and Alaska Natives make up only 9% of the in this country.
State lawmakers don Alaska Native garments to honor culture
New WA grad data shows progress for most students, but not American Indian/Alaska Native
tbh with u most of Alaska is run by strong native ladys imho
Native American and Alaska Native infants are at higher risk for deficiency
thanks to our amazing partners at Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium for their support!
Shop owners charged with selling fake Alaska Native artwork
Juneau School Board adds back one position for Native ... via
As more and more Alaska Natives move out of traditional communities and into urban areas, indigenous languages...
These native villages of SW have no roads-only accessible by air! LOOK->
Alaska Native peoples - are you all registered and excited to vote! Honor the legacy of Elizabeth Peratrovich!
How micro greens are helping Native communities stay healthy year-round in Alaska!
Pres. Cartney & William Mendoza, Ex Dir of the White House Initiative on American Indian & Alaska Native Education
Looking for a spring break camp for your Anchorage kids? Alaska Native Heritage Center's camp is still accepting...
"The State believed that every Alaska Native that stood up and gave an alibi was lying and conspiring to get these four out of jail."
...and made sure that I had a safe way home, but these boys were Alaska Native."
… tribes pressing 4 info on layoffs/finances. Tribes say concern over Alaska Native corporation is intense.
Vermont, Alaska and a number of Native Nations would actually be easier than Texas
.expansion=a significant opportunity to expand coverage for Native Americans
Nome and Fairbanks! Have you got your tickets for THRIVE Native Humor Comedy show yet?
In last 30 hours or so, Native people who object to what you did re Native ppl are getting trolled by your fans.
The University of Alaska Fairbanks hosted the three-day Festival of Native Arts for the…
Click here to learn about efforts to end among Native Americans.
My favorite thing about Alaska Native culture is our talk. We never say, "we shot a moose," it's "yeah, we caught one"
covers stalled legislation to protect American Indians and Alaska Natives right to vote
Bucyrus native Kristin Bacon reached the Rohn Checkpoint of the 2016 Iditarod in Alaska on Tuesday afternoon at 2:04 p.m.
A bill to amend the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to clarify the treatment of authentic Alaska Native ...: Text fo...
In 2008–10 asthma prevalence was higher in children & among multi-race, black, & American Indian or Alaska Native persons than white persons
Some thoughts about the epidemiology of alcohol and drug use among American Indian/Alaska Native populations.
Elizabeth Wanamaker Peratrovich,Tlingit Native Alaskan sista who successfully got Alaska Senate to pass 1945 Anti-Discrim Act
Which is what I noticed about dismissal of Native science and knowledge as "magic."
Are you an American Indian/Alaska Native student seeking scholarships?
About 11 Alaska Native Cultures and at least 20 languages, learn more at:
V. int. that there is no Afr. Am. sexual minorities in only:. Alaska Native. Arab Am. Asian Am. Hispanic Am. Pacific Islander Am
Alaska Native gets special invitation to the State of the Union address
Alaska court which wrongly convicted 4 Native American kids for murder sets them after they promised not to sue.
Study closes gaps on genetic diversity of Native American ancestors.
In the midst of turmoil Native culture remains strong, explore how the Modern Native Corp is helping...
In case you missed our news on Monday...we're opening the first RMHC in Alaska!
Alaska Native Lydia Doza, invited to join First Lady during state of the union
Will climate change mean greater salmon catches in Alaska and fewer in BC? New study predicts so:
American Indian or Alaska Native -Central America and who maintains tribal affiliation or community attachment.
American Indian or Alaska Native -A person having origins in any of the original peoples of North and South America
I tell all 3 of my kids to just mark down Alaska Native. Even though they are half white.
The ability to prosecute DV may be the first step toward creating Indian Country in Alaska. https:/…
A Minnesota native is now the first Alaska-based partner of a major law firm in US history
Congratulations! to Alaska Native Medical Center on its recognition as a comprehensive pediatric emergency care facility. 🍾🎉
Great to spend the day with Lydia Doza, inspiring Alaska Native youth & one of guests.SJ
Dom always eats crab legs before fight scenes to celebrate the fighting spirit of his native land, Alaska.
The Qayaq Co-Op is pleased to announce a paid internship for the Spring 2016 semester. Alaska Native preference,...
We support programs that focus on American Indian and Alaska Native youth. Learn how:
Nice! I'm a 2nd Gen Alaskan. Which is rare, unless you are Alaska Native. My grandparents came here before it was a state.
How to revive an endangered Alaska Native language in the age of social media - Alaska Dispatch News
The Native American Congressional Internship Program provides American Indian and Alaska Native students with the...
ARISE is a movement. It's people committing themselves to the success of Alaska Native and American Indian...
- 2014 Native Youth Report : 92 percent of all American Indian and Alaska Native children are enrolled in public s…
Expanding economic opportunities for American Indian and Alaska Native businesses, in today's WatchBlog:
So I was born on Kodiak.. It's an island in Alaska in the pacific. So yes colleges I am Pacific Islander and Alaskan Native I promise
One-in-four and Alaska Natives are living in but let's get upset about
upworthy: Originally posted by paarthrnax An Alaska Native group decided to make a video game. It’s like...
Indigenous Alaskan group makes a game to teach its values and reality, despite naysayers find resounding success
Adam Oates 'brought me back from the dead,' says Alaska native Scott Gomez via
Alaska Native Heritage Month is supported by The CIRI Foundation! Learn more about them at...
Anti-trans bias has been especially devastating for American Indian & Alaska Native folks.
Cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of death in the Native American and Alaska Native community...
Native Alaska families struggle to maintain lifestyle of ancestors:
Alaska Native Corporations are a key player in AK economic development, controlling >90% of privately held land.
Nov. is Native American Heritage Month! Check out our great AI/AN outreach and education resources:
Alaska Native Corp. invests for hopes of faster, cheaper Internet via
Judge asks plaintiffs, state to consider settlement in Alaska Native voting rights case - Pedia for today
Scientists join effort to restore place names in Alaska: .
Manhunt underway for Alaska police officer who sexually assaulted a woman while on duty.
Feds side with Alaska Native group in artifacts probe Fairbanks Daily News-Miner ANCHORAGE…
"I will examine the situation of the American Indian/Native American, Alaska Native and Hawaiian peoples against...
An American Indian/Alaska Native child is born into poverty every 33 min htt…
156,515. The number of American Indian and Alaska Native veterans of the U.S. armed forces. .
Trio of suicides in Alaska Native village leaves community in mourning | Star Tribune
Judge sides with Interior Department in dispute over Alaska Native village road
First meeting in Alaska? With AK native leaders. Many live in communities dealing w impact of climate change.
26in. by 26in. Native American Wood Totem Pole with Wings Handmade in Alaska
Denali is a Native American Term...and Alaskans have been wanting to change it back for years.Ohio isn't Alaska?
I've seen firsthand how is impacting public & Native lands—from to Village of Kivalina Alas…
So President Obama gave the Native Americans their mountain back!! Denali it is again. ..McKinley never went to Alaska
Renaming Mount McKinley to Denali restores an Alaska Native name to the 20,000-foot-plus peak
Obama has announced the name of Mount McKinley will be changed back to Denali, name given by the Koyukon Athabascan, na…
Obama focuses on Native issues, climate change as he starts Alaska visit: The arctic is the fastest-...
So the native people have historically called the mountain Denali, the "silent majority" come into their home and...
Mount McKinley returns to its roots as finally recognizes its native name —
Final Rule in Federal Register: Section 306D Water Systems for Rural and Native Villages in Alaska
Electronic Device Insurance
USA ALASKA President Obama to give back Mt. McKInley its original name, "Denali"
President Obama meets Native leaders after landing in Alaska »
Breaking: White House plans to rename the tallest mountain in the country from McKinley to Denali. It's traditional Alask…
Today we’re returning Mount McKinley to its native name - Denali, a step to reflect the heritage of Alaska Natives.
drafting policy to expand work with Indian and Alaska Native tribes, plus AK Native corporations. Ideas?
We are seeking comments guiding our working relationship with American Indian tribes and Alaska Native corporations:
Internship opportunity in Washington DC! From the Eligibility page: "American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native...
Alaska Native middle-schoolers build and fly drones at UAA camp via
'Returning as a guest' - Conservancy TALK on the return of land to Tyonek (with link to your story):
place matters! great award for healthy homes congrats to Alaska Native Tribal Consortium and Children's Mercy Hospital an
New research: A process evaluation of the Alaska Native Family Outreach Program
After TNC gives Alaskan land to Dena'ina people, gains new outlook as "guest."
DK : Inuit Alliance formed - Three Alaska Native Corporations have announced the formation of the Inuit Arctic...
Native Alaskan students built and flew a drone as part of the Alaska Native Science and En...
Grants to USA Nonprofits & Tribal Agencies to Improve Nutrition for Native American Children- Due: 08/19/2015
As I leave Alaska tonight my heart is full of emotions. This group of native young ladies stole my…
Awesome work, again! Here in SE Alaska the Dogfish is an important animal to the native Alaskans:
Barrow, is 1 of fastest warming places on planet, threatening life & native culture:
If you are Native American & in need of medical coverage visit these sites: and
Check out this Informaticist at Alaska Native Corporation in
Alaska Native communities on the frontlines of impacts & risks of oil drilling> htt…
An Alaska native, Powers grew up around frontier women who fished and hunted...Sounds Just Like NY
Here's a great piece on celebrating Alaska native culture:
Call for Alaska Native artists (any medium) to study in the museum collection.Deadline June 29
My Edmonds News | Edmonds native and Iditarod musher Jan Steves loses home and lead sled dog in...
Pleased to give this culturally significant land back to native people after finding artifacts
Tomorrow at noon learn about Alaska Native cultures on tour lead by Smithsonian anthropologist
SCF Board Member Roy Huhndorf explains history of Alaska Native people and it's effect on health care
Landless Natives bill gets first hearing before Congress
time to do work (@ Alaska Native Medical Center in Anchorage, AK)
The # of births increased for all women in 2014 except for American Indian or Alaska Native women
America is 78% white 13% black 5% Asian 1% indian/Alaska native 3% etc PAY attention ur foreign to this country my BLACK PPL
Bumble other wild native pollinators more important ... -
Never Alone (the game in partnership with the Alaska Native community) is apart of the Summer Sale on Steam if you want to buy it!
The Alaska History and Cultural Studies site is adding some new content including a chapter on Alaska Native...
is 2nd major cause of death among women who are Hispanic, Asian and Pacific Islander, and American Indian or Alaska Native.
is the leading cause of death for Hispanic, American Indian or Alaska Native, and Asian and Pacific Islander women.
All Day - 13th Annual Oratory Competition: The purpose of this event is to promote our State's rich Alaska Native…
Greeting with a lovely Dwarf Lake Iris. Native Irises can be found in every state in the lower 48, and Alaska
So what tribe do you hale from?We are of the Blackfoot clan my wife is Athabaskan. native to Alaska and Canada.Many brite days.
The Kodiak, which is native to Alaska, is the largest bear & can measure up to eight feet & weigh as much as 1,700 pounds
Alaska Representative Andy Josephson has introduced three bills that if passed will bring much needed...
NDC will be closed on Monday, March 30, in observance of Alaska Native Day.
Why is it OK for native Alaskans to hunt & kill whales/ polar bears? Read about natives partnering with Shell:
3 Wildlife Troopers' mission: they travel by in temps.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The institutional challenges of converting indigenous rights into corporate shareholding:
NANA Regional Corporation's offices will be closed in observance of Alaska Native Day, Monday, March 30, 2015.
-> Promoting greater knowledge of American Indian, Alaska Native, and Pacific Islander veterans efforts in wartime
Luke, Anthony and Steven headed to the Native Youth Olympics tourney in Seward, Alaska WITHOUT MOM! If you see...
Alaska Native adoption case draws concern - Bristol Bay Times
Wood bison to be released into their native habitat in Alaska, for first time in hundred years h…
Alaska Native adoption case draws concern
Thank you for introducing House Bills to improve the way Alaska manages wildlife!
Alaska Native corporations push change to quorum law
How an Alaska Native corp. helped make $34B Dish Network into a "very small business" via
Learn about the Alaska Native Heritage Center & their work w/ youth
Glimpse in this video featuring music by Lauren Heyano.
YES! will team with tribal governments, says
How does health play into the culture of indigenous peoples in Alaska, Hawaii and Lower 48
Tuned in to a great webinar w/ presenter Nathan Lojewski of the Chugachmiut. More on the project
Our 11th profile on the Alaska Native Heritage Center is here! Learn more:
Native Elder Aurora George of Clark’s Point creates intricate baskets in
profiles model of sharing Alaska Native cultures w youth. Learn more:
"Alaska Natives have survived for over 10,000 years, and there's a lot of truth and knowledge in what we know."
“It’s not very often where I tear up in the Oval Office" - Obama
Former Producer at Fox News Kills Self at Fox News HQ Protest - Racism overdose at Fox?
Mallott tells Juneau Native forum of better relationships with tribal governments - Alaska Dispatch News
American Indian and Alaska Native children suffer exposure to violence at a higher rate than other races
My favorite food as an Alaska Native American Indian First Nations Seminole Miccosukee
My favorite food snack as an American Indian Alaska Native First Nations Seminole Miccosukee
Some of the best stories I've produced have featured Native voices and languages.
I love how I am Alaska native and just a native from the lower for 48! 😇😇😇
Reading something that lists "Native culture" as a difficult experience in working in Alaska makes my stomach churn 👎
Gwich’in & Inupiat tribes support plan to designate 80,000 km^2 of as protected wilderness:
Help us by becoming a member at: Read the full article here:
American Indian and Alaska Native organizations, please. SAVE THE DATE. for aTraining Session: The Fundamentals of...
"The Alaska Art Colony is offering a paid artist in residence program this year for Native artists. One artist...
Struggle with inflammatory bowel disease? It may be from the imbalance of "good bacteria" that inhabits your gut?
Check out our offerings for Alaska Native Organizations.
.This lone Alaska Native earring is on the way!
Learn how is documenting traditional knowledge from Alaska Native hunters
Hey, ? An Alaska Native Democrat thinks you're wrong on
American Indian + Alaska Native youth have the lowest graduation rates. See what is doing about it.
Alaska Native and American Indian people have special protections and benefits when it comes to the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
African-American, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, Latina, American Indian/Alaska Native women make $.18 less than white counterparts
The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation is a national nonprofit that supports American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian arts and cultures. With the support of generous arts patrons, forward thinking partners and equally committed co-funders, we provide support to individual artists, Native arts and cultural organizations and Native arts programs. To be among the first to hear when funding is available, subscribe to our newsletter: us continue this work and offer more opportunities like these, please make a gift today:
The INSPIRE Pre-College Program is a full scholarship open to Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian...
Santa's North Pole might be protected by elves, but 200 Alaska Native villages are at risk from climate change
Medicare cost-sharing, gaps in benefits can be problematic for some American Indians & Alaska Native beneficiaries
Last night, Section 910 of the Violence Against Women Act was repealed! Section 910 excluded our Alaska Native...
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
One of our Alaska Native art faculty and student at UAF :)
Never Alone a beautiful puzzle platform game with Alaska Native folklore and setting
In the U.S. - Hawai'ian and all 20 Alaska Native languages are recognized as official in addition to English!
Both and addressed the ANB/ANS grand Camp Convention. Begich is definitely more pro-Alaska Native rights.
TekPro Services (, a dynamic 8(a) Alaska Native Corporation, is recognized for its excellence in Engineering and Technical Support...
This is what Lupus looks like. We do not look sick everyday. I am 24 years old. A mother, a student, a business owner, sister, friend, cousin, and aunt and I HAVE LUPUS. There is no look. I have organ involvement and good days and bad days. I may not look sick to you but if you could turn me inside out you would truly understand. It attacks my heart, kidneys, pancreas, and most recently, my lungs. Around 80% of Lupus patients downplay their symptoms so they do not stress or alarm family and friends. There is NO one look for Lupus. Where I have Kidney involvement, another patient may be dealing with heart issues. There is no textbook case because all cases present differently. I was diagnosed when I was 20 and it's been a roller coaster ride ever since. There are days when I HATE this condition and then there are others where it has taught me so much. I've learned to appreciate life. I learned that I am not immortal. Life eventually ends...but what matters is what you do in between your beginning and you . ...
.REFUSED to stand with HUD Secretary as he presented millions in grants to Alaska Native communities.
Again, as in the Aleutian Islands this summer, where we met marginalised native peoples of Alaska, I find myself questioning my identity.
Wouldn't it be terrible if a media helicopter flew over and caused a stampede that killed the baby walrus.
Alaska Native tribes to receive about $7M of $60M in newly announced HUD grants to Native American communities,
HUD Grants Aimed at Alaska Native Housing Projects: US Secretary of Housing and Urban Developme... >
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