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Alarm Clock

An alarm clock is a clock that is designed to make a loud sound at a specific time. The primary use of these clocks is to awaken people from their night's sleep or short naps; they are sometimes used for other reminders as well.

Happy Tuesday

Big Dog at Breakfast Back Monday Morning from 7am on Like Radio with Your Chance to Win a DAB Alarm Clock!
I just bought: 'HITO™ 3.9" Smart, Simple and Silent LCD Alarm Clock- Repeating Snooze and Green... via
I set my alarm clock 30 mins earlier cause I don't trust myself getting up
Sleeping is my drug, my bed is the dealer and my alarm clock is the police..
Alarm clock app with attitude. Only snooze button missing!
My wife does this cute thing. She sets her alarm clock an hour before she has to get up and then hits snooze 27 times. It'…
Tick tock went the alarm clock. Sleepy Wednesday.
Ditch the alarm clock, you won't need it - Things You Won’t Need Now You’re A Parent -
Nice app, witty alarm tones :D the rock clock
Smartphones Digital Calendar Alarm Day Clock by Svinz with Extra ... via smartphones
Zlatan wakes up his alarm clock every morning.
How many people downloaded alarm clock? The Undertaker released one as well but it only works once a year.
"Discipline equals freedom. The alarm clock goes off, you get out of bed, you win!" success https…
Working on lots of again at the minute.. alarm clock rings - . the first tingle of. a cold sore
We dare you to oversleep with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s new motivational alarm clock app
I was hoping it was the Muslim Alarm Clock kid
Check. The Rock wants to wake you up with his motivational alarm clock app via
The Shock Clock wristband will literally electroshock you awake
You're crazy if you think I didn't download the Rock alarm clock.
You Can Now Wake Up to the Dulcet Sounds of a New Motivational Alarm Clock From the Rock 
Imagine staying up as late as you want to. Not having to set an alarm clock. Deciding if you want to work...
When you wake up before your alarm clock rings 😾😭🙄😜
"Stress is an alarm clock that lets you know you've attached to something not true for you." Byron Katie
Wisdom tooth pain is the perfect alarm clock. Isn't it?. :) :) :) :)
The best alarm clock is sunshine on chrome.
they have a Rock alarm clock app. For your phone to provide inspiration from The Rock to get up and get moving
I should add the Rosco slap you in the morning alarm clock as a project lol
Abdola wakes up his alarm clock every morning. 😎. Gemorning, peeps.
I would totally get The Rock's motivational alarm clock -- if audio alarms were ever sufficient to wake me up.
Junhyung thinks that I'm a great alarm clock
The Internet of Things (IoT): When your alarm clock talks, the coffee machine listens on
I woke up before my alarm clock rings
Waking up to clock tomorrow. "Classic Alarm" might be the greatest wake up tone ever.
Downloaded new Alarm Clock app. It's awesome! Can't wait to get my candy *** up out of bed in the morning!
I'd love to use Rock Time on alarm clock, but I'm up even earlier than The Great One to get to the gym.
I downloaded The Rock's alarm clock app last night to try. This morning he told me to 'get my candy *** outta bed' 😂
Not looking forward to this 6 o clock alarm tomorrow
Hmm. Sleep wins I think. But only because alarm set for early o'clock to try & write before work.
Because NO ONE would dare hit snooze on Another chance to win for the Ride at 5 on
Carpet alarm clock. Forces you to stand on it to turn it off, i need this
The Rock wants you to wake up and smell what he's cookin'
Whoah, be careful to set your alarm clock then at least 1 hour before your diamond 💎 race.
and follow to a Groov-e Alarm Clock and Bluetooth Speaker worth £40!
Favorite chief complaint. Patient brought in alarm clock today. She wanted help switching from beeper alarm to music. I lo…
Who needs an alarm clock when u can smell nasi lemak from yr room.
Nothing better than turning off your alarm clock for vacation ✌🏼️
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The fact that I don't have to set my alarm clock for tomorrow, is about the only thing making me happy right now :/
Will you be my alarm clock for tomorrow?
I think I'm going to have to set my alarm clock for this :)
What or who motivates you to get out of bed every morning? — My alarm clock Which is A Justin Beiber song😂
I don't need a alarm clock or a person to wake me up. My passion and desire to succeed and get things done every day is what wakes me up.
My weekend alarm clock . my furbaby comes into the bedroom and stares at me until I feel her…
is so dope. Daveed Diggs is the only rapper that could rap over an alarm clock and make it work.
My alarm clock and I had a fight. It wanted me to get up. I refused; things escalated. Now I'm awake and it's broken. I …
Some people have a "natural alarm clock" allowing them to awake when they want. This is actually caused by a natural s…
Things to make with your 3D carving machine: This solid wood universal alarm clock dock:
This rug alarm clock forces you to get out of bed and stand on it …
When you try to be the local alarm clock cause you wanna do activities 🌞
M: What's that sound?!. Ms: My alarm clock. M: Why?!. Ms: I have to go to school. M: Well quit it!
*checks alarm clock 20 times. *checks to see if door is locked 20 times. *checks phone 20 times. 'OK, for the 20th time, I'm not OCD!'
My alarm clock is the cheeriest jackhammer I've ever taken to the skull.
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you know, im feeling pretty *** motivated at 7am now. Maybe he should be my alarm clock. 😊
I want to wake up to warm sunshine not the monstrous beeping of my alarm clock in the dark.
Farhan Akhtar may used his songs as Home Alarm,Smoke Alarm,Alarm Clock,Mobile Ringtone Day in & Day out for 15yrs. 2 Done 1 to go
Help this alarm clock thing keeps interrupting my sleep
We get nowhere by ourselves... We need that alarm clock... Everyone has that responsibility to do something for...
I'm at my most "Luke wanting to go to Tosche Station for power converters" everytime my alarm clock goes off...
I been beating my alarm clock this whole week *** is going on lol
The only villain in my life right now is my alarm clock
Idk why has an alarm clock that I have to listen to every morning the kid couldn't get up to a fire alarm the way he sleeps
That alarm clock where the snooze button releases Spiders, is it at retail yet? Asking for a friend. Anyone?
I play hard to get.up from my alarm clock. Snooze at least 3 times
Why do the best dreams always get interrupted by your alarm clock?
Finally able to get up at 6.15 to be on time to work! Thanks new alarm clock!
who needs an alarm clock when you have your cat to meow in your ear EVERYDAY at 6:30 :-)
Buy Kitsound Swing Portable FM Radio with Alarm Clock, Blue from our Portable Radio range - Tesco via
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Who needs an alarm clock when you have
Alarm Clock: Good News, you have 8,770 followers this morning. Bad news, nearly all have you muted.
love it. Same here. 6am morning glory every time. It's my own body clock alarm call
Setting the alarm clock proves I’m capable of making the same mistake every day.
James, Ryan Mallett says his alarm clock didn't go off. You buying what he's selling?
I accidentally unplug my alarm clock like every other day
Hehe mom needs to wake up at 3:30 so I'm giving her my iPad to use the alarm clock feature. Ya this song will definitely wake her up! Lol
Spilling red wine all over my bedroom carpet&alarm clock&iPad at 1:30am aka this is why I can't have nice things 🍷👌🏼
I went with the rainy paris and my alarm clock is a typewriter and my notifications are the back to the future theme that sharp silvery
clock radio usb with time projection, bac..., LINK:.
I don't want to hear the alarm on that clock.
I already gain an hour every morning by ignoring my alarm clock
talking about your alarm clock... And how you don't wake up
Cat is worse than a bloody alarm clock, especially as I don't start anytime soon. :s
First day at both jobs tomorrow, and gonna be training at 7a.m .. i really hope i hear my alarm clock this time
My alarm clock is clearly jealous of my amazing relationship with my BED...
I just tried to set my alarm clock by typing the time into calculator then continued to stare at it
UPDATE: sleeping is your drug,your bed is the dealer and your alarm clock is the police
oh I know that pain. Bought a $100 alarm clock back in college due to that.
Free will the rightwardly ladies quartz alarm clock up overlay la spartan embrace: DAOh
2. than the one usually reserved. How in the *** could a man enjoy being awakened at 6:30 a.m. by an alarm clock, leap out of bed, dress,
Just typed in the time I have to wake up into my calculator as if it were an alarm clock. This is my life.
If you wanna become really rich, invent an alarm clock that takes unedited selfies and posts it every time you hit snooze.
I wish I had a nice alarm clock like Migi. Life would be so much easier. 😌
Migi is not a very good alarm clock, is he?
My pl❤️ymate and my alarm clock on weekends I loveyou bibi Salum. Sooo loved by you..👭👯
I put TXF theme song as my alarm clock and ring tone and I honestly regret nothing
UPDATE: your alarm clock is 2 and a half hours fast and you are right on time.
Set my alarm clock for Nyasia birthday 😭 the only way I could wake up rn
I hope my alarm clock decides to work in the morning
No alarm clock needed in summer in Geneva, what with all these birds. As long as you don't mind waking up at 5.30am.
Preparing my alarm clock for an early morning.
My alarm clock is 4 minutes fast and it makes me so conflicted.
is here. Not sure what to do with it so replacing this old sharper image light alarm clock.
(Schramy! Schramy! What has become of you?)... Apparently my is a pretty good alarm clock 😜
What is your definition of pure happiness? — The first Monday of summer when you look at your alarm clock and re...
Alarm clock: We only hate them when they don't work and when they do
Curtains Better and Wake On end More Energized with the Zen Alarm Clock...gkC
I thought I would never have to set my alarm clock during the summer but I have work. 😒
set your opportunity clock to leave the house by 5am for registration.Negative people call them alarm clocks.
Hopefully The power comes back on before my phone died. Otherwise I got nooo alarm clock. Goodnight y'all.
Ha, an overzealous internal alarm clock... Deep joy!
I like it when I laugh in my alarm clock's face. Esp on public holidays as compare to weekends.
Thw worst sound ever is my alarm clock at 6am
Alarm goes off, it's 12 o clock. Just spent 20 minutes or so staring at my ceiling, in other words, changes will be made tomorrow. Goodbye
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Nothing better than setting your alarm clock to 5:30😻😻
"What's up? Advertising logic "Buy an alarm clock and you'll sleep more soundly" wait a minute, what?
I'm earning in Flip Clock Free - Weather Alarm Clock and Nightstand for iPhone.
I'm in love with my bed, we're perfect for each other, but my alarm clock just doesn't seem to want us together. Jealous ***
in and out of dreamland as I battle with the alarm clock. what sorcery is this
What can be worse than waking up earlier than your alarm clock? 😩
Pablo Picasso Work is a necessity for man. Man invented the alarm clock. ok
New Seiko watch Table Analog alarm clock radio clock KR328W with Melody 31 songs
I will break my alarm clock, I will rip up my planner
My alarm clock is the only thing that surpasses my mother in terms of annoyance.
Using an actual alarm clock is great & all, but I have to check what time my alarm is set for 50 times cause I'm nervous I set it wrong 😁
At last! Large display alarm clock you can see from across the room and in any light!
Welp! season officially over for 2015 & I still got 4 hours worth of kip available before my alarm clock goes off.. Let's GO!
There's no iron, alarm clock, or coffee pot in this hotel, but there are drunk people outside my window blaring music so there's that 😊
Need to buy more incense. I gotta stop by strawberry alarm clock soon.
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I no longer need to set my alarm clock I have my precious DEMI lbvs
Good thing about that I don't need a alarm clock to get up on Time
I may have to be ur alarm clock I think Im stealing that kitter in your sleep!
I don't even need an alarm clock for suhoor, because I most likely did not sleep after taraweeh
When my suhoor alarm clock rings, I literally contemplate on a scale of one to ten, how badly do I need food for today?
What if you hit your alarm clock one morning and it hits you back... that would be alarming.
Woke up hearing my lil brother reciting Qur'an next door. Who needs an alarm clock for fajr hey. 😁😁
Yes! And now let me sleep time is ticking my Alarm Clock goes on 7am 😭
5 am. I'm setting my alarm clock. thoughts on drunk brunch tomorrow.
Officially decided my alarm clock is a tool of Satan.oh and good morning tweeps
Realizing that tonight's the last night I'll be setting my alarm clock for a while😍
Celebrating the end of a long week by curling up in bed early. No alarm clock tomorrow. Finally.
I shed a single tear as I set my alarm clock
Feels good being able to turn of my alarm clock 🙌
Waking up from the alarm clock is the worst thing ever!
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There exists an alarm clock that runs and hides if you don't get out of bed on time.
Good morning!! Alarm clock didn't go off and my mom woke up late as well what a great way to start the day off ^^
The ringing in my ears is like a natural alarm clock to take my aspirin. It's kind of nice actually
My phone is my alarm clock, flashlight, music player and camera.
S/o to the construction workers for acting like my alarm clock in the mornings
Set your alarm clock for May 5th 2015! 50% off all our tex-mex meals. RT
How did I nearly snooze threw my alarm clock! That would of set me back at least a onner, I was getting way to comfy 😏
when you don't want to get up but your alarm clock playing dmx. (Vine by
Back to switching on the alarm clock, tucking in early (sorta), and hoping tomorrow will be just fine. 🙇🏼
My Girlfriend Is Not Allowed To use an alarm clock. Her body should naturally wake her up from being so excited at the fact…
Untrue. One is allowed to set the alarm ring volume in the clock app.
God morning! If it weren't for my alarm clock that is
Why is it said that an alarm clock is going off when really its turning on ... — Lol never actually thought of this
I'm well not up for my 6:30am alarm clock tomorrow
How your alarm clock is leaving you tired and groggy (and what do to about it)
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Forever sleeping through my alarm clock
My sisters princess fairy alarm clock is good, when there are 4 is here!
The worst sound in the morning has to be the alarm clock. Good morning everyone, be great today!!
Jessica's alarm clock literally went off like 50 times before she finally woke up 😂
I have an internal alarm clock that always wakes me up before nine. 😐
No alarm clock needed my passion wakes me up
When your alarm clock doesn't go off. 😅
That dream was hella scary good thing my alarm clock woke me up 😅
Love going to bed early and waking up early without an alarm clock 😊
Must confess I still use: home phone, paper shredder, printer, alarm clock & a few others on the regular!
Apparently I turned the alarm clock on yesterday afternoon not to forget it, and I switched it back off when I went to bed. I just woke up.
The things that I hate the most are ::. 1. Alarm clock(to wake up). 2. P & P. 3. Annoying teacher 😒. 4. The time to go homeee 😪😪
We had to write poems defining ourselves and mine was "she liked trap music, sleeping with no alarm clock, chipotle, and Instagram likes"
I hate when my alarm clock gradually rings faster and faster it reminds me of a woman nagging me
kind of bagel we desired. I slept through my alarm clock, woke up, finally made my way to class and there amongst a mound of everything
I fell asleep at 3 o'clock yesterday and didn't wake up till my alarm went of this morning
Tomorrow's alarm clock set to... "what are you going to do that actually matters" 😴
In less than 24 hours the single will be available ! Set your alarm clock !
the disease my alarm clock was stricken with this morning. It's called "me hitting it with a hammer"
The fact that alarm clock ringer is the intro to Dawson's Creek. -_- . I don't wanna wait for our lives to be over
I said: . "Lord they're sleeping on me" . He said: "Don't worry I already set the alarm clock. . Your time is coming. 🙏🏾
you jerk that's why! You woke me up 13 minutes before my alarm clock
There's no better feeling than going to bed at night and not having to set your alarm clock for the next morning.
My alarm clock set just in case they wanna sleep on
I think I've adapted to my deaf person alarm clock. Twice I've turned it off in my sleep now. Think that's what's happening anyway.
The problem with using as my alarm clock is that I end up just lying in bed listening instead of getting up
I did a lil bit + I had a dream that u somehow reset my alarm clock cuz u wanted me 2 sleep longer LOL
Using my phone as an alarm clock also means I can e-mail myself when I have a great idea right before bed. This is what the future's about.
I'm convinced my iPod (shuffle...sheesh) playlist is indicative of a multiple personalities. Since getting on the train: Mamas and Papas "California Dreaming" followed by Marty Robbins "El Paso" followed by Mason Williams "Classical Gas" followed by Matchbox 20 "Bright Lights" followed by Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson "Pancho and Lefty" followed by Michael Jackson "Billie Jean" and "Thriller" followed by Neil Young "After the Gold Rush" and "Cinnamon Girl" followed by Nelly "Just a Dream" followed by Pure Prairie League "Amie" followed by R.E.M. "Man in the Moon" and "Losing My Religion" followed by Rihanna "Disturbia" (that one is Hannah's fault) followed by Santana "Se a Cabo" and "Europa" followed by Seals and Crofts "Summer Breeze" followed by Strawberry a Alarm Clock "Incense and Peppermint" followed by Sugarland "Down in Mississippi" followed by Survivor "The Search is Over" (earworm on my JMT hike) followed by Thompson Square "Are You Gonna Kiss Me or Not?" followed by Three Dog Night "Out in the ...
Chris Wells- The BASS Chaplain: The troubling sound of my Alarm Clock
Madden 12, dead island, and black ops 1 are $5 a piece battlefield 4 is $10 Nerf guns are $25 for all but i dont have very many darts due to too many nerf wars. The four smaller knives are $3 a piece and the pliers and navy knife are $5 a piece or $20 for all Alarm Clock and Radio $5 a piece... the alarm clock fits in the palm of your hand butt it works! I Phone 4 to HDMI cord $10
Stream Here Comes the Sun by Richie Havens on Alarm Clock for free on Grooveshark.
Acid reflux, screaming, etc. Jack vs Alarm Clock is very similar to Alien vs Predator. Can't wait for the sequel.
My AWESOME Friends Greetings from a Dark Wet Morning here in Western Pa. Woke up to Thunderstorm Here this morning! God's Alarm Clock!
When I go do meetings, I love ripping down walls people have put up. I imagine myself setting in a chair out there, that close minded guy, 19 months ago, before AdvoCare, (afterall, I told Julie Durham no twice, I was skeptical, I was clinging to that precious $79 lol) and imagine all the thoughts I'd be having out there, from the outside looking in. I always touch on 3 things amongst many others. I don't have enough time- To these people I ask them a simple question, if you don't have enough time now, then lets think about 5 years from now, will you still be running crazy? If you don't do something different, to CREATE time, you won't have time 5 years from now either. The beauty is you can do this on your own time, I have a friend that has 3 kids, full time job, started AdvoCare 15 months ago, he now makes over $100k a yr with AdvoCare, he will be a homeroom dad next year, no Alarm Clock, I built AdvoCare as a full time teacher and coach, on my own time. He couldn't have made $100k a year 10 years from ...
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Wake Up Vibe – Is that an Alarm Clock in your Pants?
If U Think Its your Alarm Clock that Woke You Up this morning,Try putting it besides a Dead Body and see If it Will wake up . My Dear friends its only by Gods grace we are Living .so for every time we wake up let us try to always thank him for waking us up cuz we are not better than those who are dead . I bless God for our Lives this morning and may our day be bright , may we get that Job , may our Prayers be answered. In Jesus Name ! Good day Friends!
Finding Work In Canada ... He set his Alarm Clock (MADE IN JAPAN ) for 6am. While his Coffeepot (MADE IN CHINA ) was perking, he shaved with his Electric Razor (MADE IN HONG KONG ). He put on a Dress Shirt (MADE IN SRI LANKA ), Jeans (MADE IN SINGAPORE ) and Tennis Shoes (MADE IN KOREA ) After cooking his breakfast in his Electric Skillet (MADE IN INDIA ) he sat down with his Calculator (MADE IN MEXICO ) to see how much he could spend today. After setting his Watch (MADE IN TAIWAN ) to the Radio (MADE IN INDIA ) He got in his Car (MADE IN GERMANY ) filled it with GAS (FROM SAUDI ARABIA ) and continued his search for a good paying CANADIAN Job. At the end of yet another discouraging and fruitless day checking his Computer (MADE IN MALAYSIA ), Joe decided to relax for a while. He put on his Sandals (MADE IN BRAZIL ) poured himself a glass of Wine (MADE IN FRANCE ) and turned on his TV (MADE IN INDONESIA ), and then wondered why he can't find a good paying job in Canada .
Freaking alarm clock stays going off
Day 5 Today even though my alarm clock some how went off 30 minutes late. I made lunches got ready and still made it to work on time. I'm thankful for God's hands over me. I couldn't do and be who i am in my life wouldn't be the same without him! I can do all things through Christ he strengthens me.
Didn't even need my human alarm clock!
Excuse me while I scream at my alarm clock
The sound of an alarm clock is the most painful sound omg
Day 5- I am thankful for my amazing fiance Jacob Derek Dominguez...he works harder than any man I know and will not settle for anything less than what he deserves. He is starting Peltier Nissan today and Im just so proud of the man he is. He works hard... loves my girls...loves me and is constantly doing everything in his power to keep all 3 of us happy (including getting my feminine products for me during that time of the month and taking batteries out of his flash light so BreAnna could set up her Monster High Alarm now thats a good man ladies). God bless this sweet man and show me how to do everything I CAN to make him as happy as he has made me and my girls!!!
And once again, my sleep was interrupted by the horrible sound of my alarm clock.
Someone pls tell me why my alarm clock doesn't go off until 6:30 but I'm always awake at 6😤
I dont think I hate anything more then the sound of my alarm clock in the morning
There is something so beautiful and peaceful about waking up naturally to the sun shining through your window. Who needs an alarm clock!?
You know it's early when you try to turn off your alarm clock by pressing the buttons on the tv remote.
That moment when you hit snooze on the alarm clock but you feel like it starts going off again before you can even close your eyes
To all my buddies sitting for their exams tomoro, heres wishing all of u "good luck" May the force be with you. Tips: 1) get all ur stuff in order before u go to bed. 2) drink a glass of water before u sleep. (It does not matter if u hav to wake up later to do a *** It helps. 3) Set ur alarm clock. Dun depend on mommy. She might oversleep. She is excited just like u. 4) If u find it difficult to sleep becos of anxiety, try to control ur breathing. Breath into ur lungs n hold fr 3 seconds then push out from ur tummy. Repeat tis for several minutes n you'll b sleeping like a baby in no time. 5) Lastly, say tq to ur God for giving u the opportunity to sit for ur exams. Millions out there cant afford an education. Peace b upon u all. ✌️
Alarm clock didn't go off... Horrible morning.. But good news is it can only go up from here! Happy Tuesday everyone!
The best alarm clock: hearing my littlest one talking to me thru the monitor :) Good morning world
The moment the alarm clock goes off and you awake. Thank You Lord for allowing me to awake another day! It's Tuesday Everyone. Let's make this money.
My alarm clock is my worst enemy, I swear I kick its *** every morning
My mom woke me up 2 mins before my alarm clock ...
Thank God I have an internal alarm clock. Definitely forgot to set the one on my phone.
I guess its time for me to get up... from my husbands alarm clock going off 5 times and him not flinching, my 5 year old headbutting me and knocking me off my pillow and Braxton kicking like crazy! And my husband wonders why I'm grumpy! UGH! Happy Tuesday!
Just love when my alarm clock doesnt wake me up. Thats what I get for not using my phone alarm like a normal teenager.
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I hate this alarm clock just woke me up . I can't go back to sleep :/
November 5th - I am thankful for my Alarm Clock. The Time Change always kicks my butt.
The sound of my alarm clock makes me want to throw my phone out the window every morning
I hate my alarm clock that y dont like them...i set it fot 6:00 an it woke me at 6:45 smh well at least my little sis nt late for school...s/n gm world who want a gm post n a smile
6:00 a.m. Tuesday my alarm clock is playing "Let the Good Times Roll"
My dad woke me up a minute before my alarm clock goes off... :/
Someone also set my alarm clock to go off at 430 am...
The only reason I'm still up is because my boyfriend is the best alarm clock ever! Thank god!
If you think its your alarm clock that wakes you every morning, try putting it next to a corpse and understand the Grace of GOD!'Gud morning
Snuggled all up to my husband in our comfy warm bed is my favorite place to be...even if he does steal the covers. Curse you alarm clock. I don't wanna get up 󾍆
Who needs an alarm clock when you have obnoxious birds to wake up up
My alarm clock is SO annoying STOP waking me tf up
Me and sleep broke up this morning due to an affair with the alarm clock
Thank you Lord for one more day upon this Earth that you have made! My alarm clock didn't wake me up. MY GOS did. 󾍛
Apparently the time on my alarm clock doesn't change automatically so instead of getting up at 6:50 I got up at 5:50...•_•
§ Sometimes d truth is like an alarm clock!U might not want 2 up from ur dreams & bring u back 2 reality.
I'm woke b4 my alarm clock went off 😳
It doesn't matter if I got 2 hrs of sleep or 10 hrs, i still want to cry when the alarm clock goes off.
I am like a living breathing alarm clock planted for here and now in a human body. I am a trumpet.
Well crap. I actually hit my snooze twice today because I was just not ready to get up. Finally at I got up 6:45 I get up, let the dogs out, and sat down at my computer to answer emails. I notice it was still dark then looked down at my clock on my computer.yep did not change the alarm clock on my nightstand. Just replaced it and the old on did it automatically. What would I expect after yesterday? A day of no issues LMOA
Somehow just woke up right before my alarm clock from the most insane dream of my life. Cole Murphree, Hunter Nathaniel Hosler, Zac Elliott, and Elijah Clark all tried to survive the zombie apocalypse with me and we were all eaten to death as I jumped off of a building. Now I know two things. Never go to London and never go to a church in a zombie apocalypse.
At this time of the year, I don't have to worry about waking up to an alarm. My stupid nose and sinuses do all the alarm clock stuff. Sniff sniff, sneeze sneeze sneeze, sniff, sneeze, tears, watery, itchy eyes, rub rub rub! Yuck!! And a big fat YUCK to stepping on the scale today!
Some one needs to reset my internal alarm clock to a decent time.
If anyone is interested in an alarm clock in the form of a Finn, please let me know. While the exact time may differ, I can guarantee it will go off between the hours of 6am-7am. Warning: it may occasionally get set on the annoying setting where screaming occurs because it tries to get its own glass of milk, but usually you are woken up with a play by play of what it and Mickey Mouse have planned to do that day, such as taking a trip to the mail box. The snuggle snooze is a bonus feature that makes it all worth it.
I swear my alarm clock gives me the biggest attitude
Who needs an alarm clock when you have a 4 year old that comes in the room at 543 am just to tell you he farted and it felt good.
“The alarm clock is always too soft. for me to hear.” -Luhan-
Nah but really. My roommate gotta chill with this alarm clock 😩
Awake before the alarm clock , still hittin the snooze button though
I set an Alarm clock for a reason, waking up at 5 instead of 8 is not acceptable.
..."I wake Uuuup Mama!" Cue the sound of feet running through the house, pajamas being stripped here and there, and blankies being strewn about the house...mash it all together with his new 'repeat everything 40 times, or until Mama goes mental' thing...and I've officially got myself a new self-setting alarm clock. How in the world did I give birth to the most obnoxiously happy morning person on the face of the Earth?! And why does he love 6 am SO FLIPPING MUCH!?
One more long day until I don't have to set an alarm clock!!! Yay day off tomorrow :)
I'm his personal alarm clock. the one that gets the snooze button pounced on. Lol.
My alarm clock went off 2 minutes early, is this some kind of a sick joke?! 😤
Where can I download your voices for my iPhone alarm clock?
Electric blanket set on 4. Eye balls half shut. Alarm clock set on 9:30 AM . "YEAP" . The bed is me. Good morning folks.
This morning I woke up 1 minute before my alarm clock which was set at 6:30am. After making breakfast, I realized that I read the number wrong on the alarm clock. I should have read 6:29 instead of 5:29. At least I won't be late.
up at 7:48. only to realize that my alarm clock never "fell back"... so its really 6:48...on my day off. oh well... I have plenty of things to do today so I will enjoy this quiet hour then get a move on!!! Finishing Liz's dress for the Marine Corp Ball, baking a birthday cake, packing, cleaning out van, and church pork and *** dinner later... Enjoy your day!!
Alarm clock: a small, mechanical system to get up persons with no youngsters.
I hate daylight savings time. I'm up an hour before my alarm clock is to go off.
*Random* - iLove the little ringtone 4my alarm clock .. It's called "Opening" . I wake up like "aye" Lol
Why was my alarm clock set to 645 I could slaughter someone right now.
I'm in no need for an alarm clock, because my purpose wakes me up everyday. ..
Just had the most classic "I'm bout to get it in" kinda dream get interrupted by my alarm clock
I should get paid for being max's personal alarm clock 💁
Day 5. Today I am thankful for my alarm clock without it none of us would make it on time. Boy am I beat this morning. Well everyone have a great Tuesday
Although I went to sleep early, I still didn't want to get up when my alarm clock went off! 😴
Love that I didn't have to wake Up at 630 this Morning so instead I woke Up at 6. Thanks internal alarm clock I hate you
am not to use metal mesh,a taser circuit, & an alarm clock to make a wake up version of an electric blanket. Funny, could have used this one today...
Truth is like an alarm clock, you might not want to hear it, but it will wake you up from your dreams and bring...
that 3:30 alarm clock came too quick Zz
7am.. Guess where I'm at lol never fails, internal alarm clock
Today's crappy attitude is proudly sponsored by the alarm clock. morning󾌦
“There is an alarm clock named “Clocky” which has wheels, runs away from you, and hides forcing you to get out of bed.” Omfg
Dear alarm clock, you ruin my day by just going off and it's only 7 in the morning.
Me and my alarm clock just weren't getting along this morning. It wasn't working well between us.
My internal alarm clock is still off and its starting to grind my gears
Went to sleep at 4. Alarm clock hit at 7. Let's get it.
I'm in a serious committed relationship with my bed and I'm pretty sure my alarm clock is jealous because it hates seei…
Internal alarm clock still got me up early on my day off. So I'm watching
Best dream ever no thanks to you alarm clock
This morning I am thankful that I woke up only five minutes AFTER my alarm clock should have gone off! Thank you, Lord! ;)
I wonder when my internal alarm clock will decide on a later time. 😒
I would much rather wake up to my alarm clock than a whining dog in her cage... and no she doesn't have to go to the bathroom, she was just let out 30 mins ago... she wants breakfast!!
Many benefits to not sleeping- seeing the sunrise, no need for a pesky alarm clock, plenty of time to make elaborate omelettes.
An alarm clock doesnt even wake me up ***
U got another thing comin if u think yo alarm clock is what really woke u up today.A M E N
So delusionally tired this morning that I kept hitting my alarm clock button to snooze my iphone.
Don't be mad at me for being were the one who sent your alarm clock for 3:30 in the morning.why
YAY! I feel great today!!! Finally over the jet lag. Went to bed at 9 last night and woke up at 5:30 all by myself. No alarm clock.
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