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Alan Yentob

Alan Yentob (born 11 March 1947) is a British television executive and presenter who has worked throughout his career at the BBC.

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I'd say Lib Dems took an easy win in Richmond from Kernel Sanders, Lee Nelson and Alan Yentob.
If you haven't already, watch Alan Yentob's Imagine - Women Who Write Crime Fiction feat. our very own
Dear people in the know, anyone know if Alan Yentob is on here? Would like to get in touch re:Xmas
Alan Yentob's doc on women in crime fiction was a fascinating watch.Glad to hear you are adapting a classic.
Saw you on the Alan Yentob programme re female crime writers. Really enjoyed it - crime is my favourite genre to read.
I saw you on the Imagine doc with Alan Yentob! You looked very interested in what the panel were saying. x
In case you missed it, BBC iPlayer Alan Yentob interviews female crime writers.
I completely agree. And watching Alan Yentob's face when was describing what she did a…
Alan Yentob on crime writers is riveting. Worth finding on iplayer.
with Alan Yentob - All about women who write crime fiction! Fascinating - Catch it on
All 'held' together by a rather bemused looking Alan Yentob. It was v frustrating as it could and should have been great.
Alan yentob new career. Undertaker, perfect
Decent on women crime writers on BBC1 now, but I wish it weren't presented by smarmy Alan Yentob. No women presenters available?
Alan Yentob! He gets everywhere! Why is he presenting a serial killer program on the BBC?!. Bloody Alan Yentob.
Tonight Alan Yentob explores the world of female crime fiction with some of its best-selling authors
Haven't seen this yet but rest assured Alan Yentob will hog more camera-time for himself than all the interviewees…
Tonight on One, join Alan Yentob as he speaks to & others in "Imagine...Serial Killers: The Women…
Have to say, I particular love this photo of with Alan Yentob. Have had the pleasure of hearing her tal…
First Andrew Marr now Alan Yentob speaking to female crime writers. Either a) BBC woke up in 21st c or b) they only have one idea, all share
ABC tonight: Richard Flanagan travels with Alan Yentob to Tasmania and then Thailand to site of the Death Railway
ABC tonight: Richard Flanagan journeys with Presenter, Alan Yentob, through his native Tasmania, and on to Thailand.
I think most women make Alan Yentob nervous! Enjoy .
Thanks to Anna Jones for visit to William Kentridge exhibition. and to Alan Yentob for reco…
Lots of murderous women making Alan Yentob nervous...
This week's Imagine is the one where I stalked Alan Yentob We talked about my dad getting his MBE...
"If Alan Yentob got a whiff of the story it wd have been everywhere"
Alan Yentob was on the board of trustees but if there was a head it was Camila Batmanghelidjh the chief executive a…
Very interesting programme on Alan Yentob's Imagine...hope William Kentridge gets further exposure as his art is sp…
The best Vine - Ray Davies, Alan Yentob and the listed pear tree.
David Baddiel: ‘I am constantly mistaken for Ben Elton and Alan Yentob'
Alan Yentob not looking too keen to face the photographers on his way into the Murdoch-Hall 'blessing'. Geldof a bit shy, too.
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Alan Yentob of Kids Company notoriety unfavourably mentioned ('entirely unaware') in this. One of many.
Alan Yentob from 1976 to 1983 approx at 99 Blenheim Crescent, Bayswater
Michael Grade, Alan Yentob and Esther Rantzen ( amongst others) are all key players in the abuse?
Alan Yentob sits silently in the shadows, plotting Bieber's demise:
"Mr Yentob earns £320,000 a year for two jobs and has £6m pension pot. Memo says that his job was .." via
Haven't seen much of Alan Yentob recently but am I right in thinking this is him at the Brits watching Adele?
the same Alan Yentob who said there would be slaughter on the streets if Kids Company closed. They had 30,000 fake clients.Him
Weird memory of Alan Yentob wandering round Warner Brits afterparty like a ghost last night
It seems that Alan Yentob is in possession of one of those wipe-clean memories that so many senior BBC managers seem to have possessed.
Alan Yentob claims in Dame Janet Hall’s report that he had no knowledge of the rumours about Savile or press boasts about sexual encounters…
Where's Alan Yentob when you need him?
Don't be afraid is not scary! We can help - all it takes is a little thought and some pointers
I spy with my little eye something beginning with Alan Yentob.
To be fair, Alan Yentob's met more kids tonight than he ever met at Kids Company
Alan Yentob is in the audience. Coolness personified.
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Is that Alan Yentob in the crowd? Staring at the camera behind Adele?
Why is Alan Yentob front row at the please?
In case of interest, Alan Yentob's interview with Brewster Khale of the wayback machine:
BBC Prepares to Launch ‘Planet Earth II’ Will be of equivalent mass to Planet Earth I but inhabited only by Alan Yentob clones.
Stoating about in a raincoat and sunglasses. Alan Yentob would have been within his rights to make fun of me.
Good points raised in this blog. In the past it's put me off idea of being Trustee in a small charity
The Bowie documentary was made by a young filmmaker called Alan Yentob. (Yes, i assume it's the same one)
Enjoy! He did a great docu on Merchant with Alan Yentob a few months ago - wish it was on iPlayer for my Y11s
I'm a charity trustee and terrified of being the next Alan Yentob
"Minister, Alan Yentob has just said sorry for his role in the collapse of Kids Company"
Straight through to Alan Yentob's voice mail.
That's not a bad idea: If you claim you've been sexually assaulted at the BBC, have you spoken to Alan Yentob?
you looking handsome dear. Like a 1990s Alan Yentob.
Loving Alan Yentob's interview with - are you watching ?
He sounds more and more like alan yentob everyday but funnier ..are you hoping for a swanky tv management gig dave?
Website Builder 728x90
Just because WeiWei is promoted by Alan Yentob and Charles Saatchi doesn't mean you have to take him seriously.
Is there any truth to the rumours that Alan Yentob was near Radio 4 this morning?
on top form tonight. Very funny indeed. Even Alan Yentob is smiling!
concerns come to the fore as inexperienced trustees fear becoming the next Alan Yentob!
Late to this but it's glorious. Alan Yentob tries to interview :
"If name-dropping were an Olympic sport, [Alan] Yentob would be suspected of doping." - re-reading past weekend's Lunch with the FT.
This is superb: Lunch with Alan Yentob via
the scoop Alan Yentob is useless as a trustee and spends 35K of tv licence on taxi
A diary item on February 3 suggested that Alan Yentob had misled Sir Terry Wogan by persuading him to continue with his BBC1 chat show.
03:25 imagine...: Howard Jacobson talks to Alan Yentob about his retelling of The Merchant of Venice.
MPs pass grim verdict on Kids Company trustees, as Alan Yentob is singled out for particular scorn
This has caused some damage to Alan Yentob's reputation. No doubt!
I know that, why doesn't John Humphries? I'm not suggesting it's in any way connected with Alan Yentob btw.
So the BBC ditch Formula 1 coverage to save money, but keep paying the likes of Alan Yentob and Andrew Marr big bucks for very little!
David Chipperfield: A Place to Be. Alan Yentob talks to the British architect. 70mins
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Alan Yentob resigns as the BBC's Creative Director in the wake of controversy over his role as chairman of the Kids Company charity.
Alan Yentob just stood down as Creative Director of the BBC in the wake of the Kids Company controversy
"In this week's Imagine, Alan Yentob tells us he has Martin Scorcese's mobile number and attends his first Jobseekers Interview."
It'll just be me , John Virgo and Alan Yentob for Christmas again this year
Gormley was good on Imagination with Alan Yentob. I liked this one stood in front of Sean Scully work
Camila Batmanghelidjh and BBC's Alan Yentob "verbal ectoplasm and pile of Aladdins laundry"
Loving documentaries with Alan Yentob, looking forward to the imagine... My Curiois Documentary
Problem is the BBC seems to have a never ending line of Danny Cohen,James Purnell & Alan Yentob types to t…
A rather fantastic from Alan Yentob and Howard Jacoson on - a must watch!
imagine... The arts series edited and presented by Alan Yentob.
.. Especially on 'live' or 'real time' programmes. . .. From Lady Gaga to Howard Jacobson .. Alan Yentob to Graham Norton.. Poppies reign ..
Petition the BBC to dismiss Alan Yentob. who persecutes BBC Savile Whitleblowers …
the celebrity lookalike who does you is never out of work as he also does Ian Broudie and Alan Yentob
BBC’s Yentob misled MPs over the damning PWC report on cavalier profligacy with taxpayers’ money
Yentob accused of misleading MPs over 'gobsmacking' Kids Company report …
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You see What worries me is How Much 'Children in Need' you've had orf Ala…
Alan Yentob meets the sculptor Antony Gormley, creator of the iconic Angel of the North, on BBC1 tonight
I never knew that Alan Yentob had a twin brother living at London Zoo.
Missed it last night? Catch Alan Yentob in conversation with Antony Gormley on
would you pay full license for Strictly, and Alan yentob ?. No
That Alan Yentob Imagine documentary on Antony Gormley last night was excellent. He was so meditative and articulate ab…
A recent article by our next speaker Meirion Jones on Alan Yentob's 'crumbling empire'
lunch at Tate Modern and bumped into Alan Yentob, which was nice
either that or someone from the BBC was eavesdropping in on our convo. I swear I saw Alan Yentob in the toilets.
Alan Yentob and the BBC have no imagination - via
I was blinded by the lights up there and a 'brief encounter' with Alan Yentob shortly beforehand! x
BBC's Creative Director Alan Yentob - who is also embroiled in the Kids Company scandal - is already under fire for racking up £85k in
Many of us what to know why Alan Yentob still in situ
I would love to hear his explanation for why Alan Yentob is still working there.
Serious question for any BBC management: What is the point of Alan Yentob? featured in NBC s Science of Love
Turns out the latest media power couple is Rupert Murdoch and...Alan Yentob?
Alan Yentob and the BBC have no imagination -
I used to like Anthony Gormley, but I've just seen him stand atop a cliff with Alan Yentob without pushing him off.
Gillard Winners joined by Head of News James Harding and Alan Yentob.
On Demand imagine... Alan Yentob travels to the ghetto in Venice with award-winning novelist
Sadly cut from the final awards - The Alan Yentob Award for being Alan Yentob.
I once got into a revolving door one section behind Alan Yentob. He just stood there and waited for me to push it.
And here is Alan Yentob in 1997, with a young Mark Thompson
Andi Peters, Alan Yentob and Sid Little demanding the fall of the Berlin Wall. 1986.
This autumn Howard Jacobson and Alan Yentob look at Shylock in Imagine
Next Thursday my committee takes evidence from Camila Batmanghelidjh and Alan Yentob on Kids Company http:…
Alan Yentob, who was chairman of the Kids Company, ‘overstepped the mark’ by phoning presenter Ed Stourton just 45 minutes…
The claim about Alan Yentob (pictured) was made by Meirion Jones, Newsnight's former head of investigations, whose 2011 report into sex
What has Danny Cohen & Alan Yentob done with 'The Red Nose & Children in Need cash' in Haiti Nepal & Lebanon etc 'Toilet Paper' BBC
has been caught with it's Trousers Down, Alan Yentob & Danny Cohen! A New Management Team will take Over The Remains!
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Alan Yentob (pictured with Camila Batmanghelidjh) is celebrating 47 years at the BBC. And with a salary of £330,000, it's easy to see why
executive Alan Yentob is the chairman of with serious allegation of child abuse/pedophilia yet remains to influence report
Charity scandal raises questions about BBC boss (Alan Yentob) who loves spending your money: via
Alan Yentob: I was right to act on BBC coverage of not aware of any allegations of sexual abuse. OK
Perhaps the Queen upset the BBC elite. You know: Danny Cohen, James Harding, Alan Yentob, Ian Katz, Anthony Reuben...
Al Saxon - "I'm All Right Jack" - FILM version it should be BBC Danny Cohen & Alan Yentob ;)
It's like Alan Yentob getting spitroasted by Brian Sewell & Melvyn Bragg
BBC! Danny Cohen, Director; James Harding, Head of News; Alan Yentob, Creative Director - more sympathy for ISIS fans than th…
» Sadie Frost Sadie Frost, Paul Gascoigne and Alan Yentob in phone-hacking payouts from » …
if you do, can you please call it Niall? Or Quinn. Or Alan Yentob.
Alan Yentob denies BBC is home to 'the Metropolitan elite': "We reach out to C2, D, Es.."
BBC Creative Director Alan Yentob insults nearly half the country as he says 'C2DEs still catered for' by... -
BBC News - Jeremy Clarkson: Return not ruled out, says senior BBC figure Alan Yentob
Dear Alan Yentob, 'the guy' Clarkson attacked has a name.
BBC has changed. I remember punching Alan Yentob in the face for not doffing his cap as I walked past. He never forgot again.
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Alan Yentob refuses to rule out Jeremy Clarkson return to BBC
Yep for now but as quoted " BBC Creative Director Alan Yentob said lastnight he would not rule out Clarkson returning to the BBC
One of the best bits of interviewing I've heard in ages. Eddie Mair grills BBC Creative Dir. Alan Yentob - so tense!. https:/…
Clarkson return 'not ruled out': BBC Creative Director Alan Yentob says he would not rule out Jeremy Clarkson making a return to the ...
Well done, Alan Yentob. Expressed sympathy for Jeremy Clarkson, Tony Hall, James May, Richard Hammond - but not for Oi…
Yentob friends 'violated' by hacking: BBC Creative Director Alan Yentob says the privacy of his close ...
Brilliant, and I mean truly brilliant Imagine Tonight with Alan Yentob about one of my heros -Mike Leigh. Inspirational!!
By women is difficult; have really enjoyed the 'Imagine' series by Alan Yentob .. most particularly the one about Judith Kerr.
Trinity Mirror admits for first time to hacking voicemails. Compensation payments to 3 actors/actresses and BBC's Alan Yentob
Only 1 day left to see Alan Yentob documentary about photographer Vivian Maier. Photos not seen in her own lifetime!
I absolutely loved that too. Did you see her talking about it on the Alan Yentob Imagine? Brilliant
this is from Alan Yentob former BBC controller
I think that is in a recent Alan Yentob doc. That was 'LittleSteve' spot on guy & analysis.
I could live with a lunch session enlivened by Steven Fry, Alan Yentob and Slavoj Zizek. Seconded.
I've never found Alan Yentob that attractive personally, but go right ahead.
Would suggest these are the greatest contribution Alan Yentob has ever made to the BBC
last night I watched a BBC1 Murakami doc on youtube. V interesting. Never seen it. You have to wilfully ignore Alan Yentob though
Set de fotos: David Bowie Scenes from the documentary Cracked Actor circa 1974 Produced by Alan Yentob
Everyone wants to be the next George Michael or Alan Yentob. Just focus on being happy.
Alan Yentob, Miriam Margolyes, Charles Dance: All would be bosom buddies with Sue Limb... if only they knew her:
Fun fact: this Fela Kuti at Glastonbury 1984 film was produced by Alan Yentob, who went on to run BBC 1 and 2..
Alan Yentob did a BBC doc on Machiavelli where GoT author George RR Martin was heavily consulted - so this will be pol history?
Alan Yentob meets the five surviving members of Monty Python ahead of their reunion.
I can't watch coverage without thinking of Alan Yentob backstage, plate of buffet in his hand, attempting to chat to Rudimental
Tonight on 10:25pm, Alan Yentob meets the Pythons as they prepare for Monty Python Live (mostly) at the O2
When did Alan Yentob start drumming for The Pixies?
James Harding, Danny Cohen, Jenny Abramsky, Alan Yentob, Ian Katz Jews in the BBC.They are 0,5% of the population.Why so many
Cracked Actor - Bowie: Alan Yentob's incredible documentary made for the BBC in 1974,.
Managed to wangle my way into Alan Yentob's luxury caravan to watch some Soccer Awesomeness. Expect it to finish 0-0.
Monty Python with Alan Yentob. Has it been shown yet / when is it on? THANK YOU!
Anyone got Alan Yentob's number? Got an idea to see if Ian Thorpe can keep up with a duck.
Story from the pub: "I taught Alan Yentob how to rollerblade" (CC
term used to describe people who seem clever but don't appear to do anything. See Alan Yentob
watch out for Alan Yentob challenging you to arm wrestling sessions ;)
Forgot to mention anything involving Melvin Bragg or Alan Yentob
Steady on there, who do you think you are? Alan Yentob? Melvyn Bragg? Mark Lawson?
"Cracked Actor" is a song written by David Bowie, originally released on the album Aladdin Sane in April 1973. The track was also issued as a single in Eastern Europe by RCA Records in June that year. One of the album's hard rockers, the song is about an aging Hollywood star in an encounter with a prostitute, the chorus including various allusions to sex and drugs: Crack, baby, crack, show me you're real Smack, baby, smack, is that all that you feel Suck, baby, suck, give me your head Before you start professing that you're knocking me dead Rolling Stone suggested that Bowie's goal was "to strip the subject of his validity, as he has done with the rocker, as a step towards a re-definition of these roles and his own inhabiting of them". However NME writers Roy Carr and Charles Shaar Murray considered that the song "reveals little else except that Bowie's capabilities with a mouth-harp are decidedly limited". Following its release on Aladdin Sane, "Cracked Actor" was issued as Bowie's first single for the R ...
Grayson: Alan Yentob's 1 piece of advice for me in making docs was to get a good director
Starting my day the right way - cup of coffee, and the second part of Alan Yentob's Philip Roth interview.
Actual recent conversation. Me: I liked the drone, was it your idea? Alan Yentob: No it was Julian's.
Was at a party with Alan Yentob last night
it better, or I'm putting my foot through my telly and sending Alan Yentob the bill
BBC spoof might have Alan Yentob ruing his little bit of largesse | Media Monkey
Good news: I’ll be sitting down with Alan Yentob next month to discuss how I feel about every R.E.M album. Even the last few.
Steve Coogan talks to Alan Yentob about the development of Oscar-nominated film Philomena
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Testament to the lightning brilliance of Philip Roth that he managed to overshadow Alan Yentob’s tiresome ego on the Imagine specials.
Great new interview with about his career, &
Steven Moffat talks to Alan Yentob about DW and Sherlock
Coogan thinks he & Alan Partridge are becoming more & more alike "by the time I die we'll be the same".
Alan Yentob on TV on Sunday definite that will go through to be internet only
The phenomenon - Steve Coogan talks to Alan Yentob about the making of Philomena
Excellent interview of Alan Yentob by - We need such probing because we need a better BBC
Steve Coogan and Stephen Frears talk to Alan Yentob: via
BBC trot out Alan Yentob to defend the Corp. things must be desperate, or is he capitalising on his recent cameo?
Briantist has posted trevorjharris Alan Yentob isn't part of the BBC Trust he's in the management team It
Alan Yentob in denial. Trust in BBC has gone down. Also BBC shows are constantly being dumbed down!
since when was points of view, the Alan Yentob show, its about viewers opinions, its not Jericho & your,e not Joshua, get real.
What an arrogant man Alan Yentob is and so out of touch as well
Can anyone please reveal what does Alan Yentob actually do in his role as Creative Director of the
Alan Yentob putting Jeremy Vine in his place and with style!!
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Points of view are people's view not a Q&A with Alan Yentob
“Alan Partridge is a middle Englander, typical Daily Mail reader but he’s not a Ukip voter”
Stalin as an Alan Bennett Talking Head and Alan Yentob as Dobby the House Elf. Highlights of Harry and Paul's Story of the 2's …
Erm, I wonder which of Alan Yentob's two wages are paying for him to fly out to Brazil? That's right, neither of them...
David Attenborough joins BBC Creative Director and presenter Alan Yentob to discuss the origins and early years of the BBC’s natural history television broadcasting.
Date for the diary: "Rio 50 Degrees" by Julien Temple on on 18 May at 22.30. Part of Alan Yentob's Imagine.
Can't wait for next year's when coverage is forced to shift to BBC Four and Alan Yentob has to do the continuity
Apparently there's a BBC1 'Imagine' with Philip Roth in a few weeks - Alan Yentob going round Newark with him etc! :)
unlike poor old Alan Yentob in his Imagine special!
For real just saw Alan Yentob struggling with a foldaway bike cc for verification
Will Young trying to be Alan Yentob, basically
Small ad for a nanny to look after Alan Yentob, 3rd May 1951:
Perspectives with Will Young very enjoyable shades of Alan Yentob in depth insights into artists nice job
Wife took one look at Will Young on Magritte and said "He's hardly Alan Yentob."
Best doc Alan Yentob has done for the Beebe since his Dennis Potter interview in 1987
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Then, Alan Yentob and Melvyn Bragg will interview each of them in an in depth post-ponce exclusive!
n March 1994 it was a time of deep uncertainty about all radio. Two commercial networks, Classic and Virgin, were already on the air but struggling to make a profit. The ratings for BBC Radios 1, 2 and 4 were all dropping, Radio 1’s disastrously. Director-General John Birt decreed in 1993 that BBC radio must change and brought in Liz Forgan from Channel 4 as his new Managing Director of Radio. Soon he closeted her with Alan Yentob to review BBC television output but not before she had announced that she would replace the existing Radio 5, carrying news, sport, Open University, Schools and children’s programmes, by a dedicated news and sport network, Radio 5 Live, with Jenny Abramsky as its first Controller. Abramsky had already very successfully set up and run an experimental 24-hour news station covering the first Gulf War on Radio 4’s FM frequency. By 1994, competition from commercial radio was real. Capital Radio’s new man-in-the-stands style of football commentary was leading the field and Cla ...
Matt Baker, Alan Yentob and Antony Head. Just another day at Broadcasting House with Helen Whitbread.
Alan Yentob: 'The BBC can't compete with its hands tied behind its back' Alan Yentob is having his picture taken on a staircase overlooking the vast BBC newsroom at New Broadcasting House and telling me about the flooding at his house in Somerset when we are interrupted by annoyed news staff. They ask us to move as flashes from the camera can be seen on-screen on the BBC News Channel – illustrating the perils of having a newsroom as a backdrop for live bulletins. Yentob apologises and we retire to his office – a former radio drama kitchen that sits between Old and New Broadcasting House. Apt, as Yentob bridges the old and new within the organisation. His office is narrow but cosy – desk stacked with books and an Alan Yentob mask someone sent him. There is a fold-up bike below his desk, just like the one Hugh Bonneville's character Ian Fletcher has as head of BBC Values in John Morton's forthcoming follow-up to Twenty Twelve, W1A, in which Yentob has a cameo. But as there's no table, we move to direc ...
Drama-documentary presented by Alan Yentob, with Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role as Van Gogh. Every word spoken by the actors in this film is sourced f...
Broadcasting House turning ever more surreal, with Lord Grantham and Alan Yentob by the corporate see saws while some Royal Marines tune up.
Lin said I ought to put up a couple of my short stories about celebs and possible alternative lives they may lead. Wayne Rooney It’s getting on for eight o’clock on Monday night and tonight is one that Wayne has been looking forward to for a long, long time. He’s watched the show for years and tonight’s final promises to be an absolute belter with the combined intellect of eight of the nation’s sharpest minds in action. Wayne presses a button on the remote control and a panel in the ultra modern and stark wall slides opens to reveal his secret bolt hole. He enters, presses the close button and the wall behind him slides shut. The room is sparsely furnished with an old desk with red leather inlay, on which lies a fountain pen, a half written letter and a chess board. Wayne is playing correspondence chess with Alan Yentob and the game is revealing itself to be almost identical to the famous 1985 Octopus Knight game between Karpov and Kasporof. He glances at the board and knows what move he will ma ...
Another chance to see a rare film made with writer Doris Lessing, five years before her recent death at the age of 94. Alan Yentob meets this acerbic, forthright yet warm woman, winner of the 2007 ...
My first thought: K West used to be Kensington House, a BBC building. One of the rooms will have been Alan Yentob's office. I am evil.
Former BBC controller Alan Yentob did not think Colin Firth was 'handsome enough' to play Mr Darcy in the famous BBC adaption of Pride and Prejudice.
Last night I dreamt that Joolz Richards and I went to meet Dean Bower. We met on Adams style staircase. I chided Dean for drinking spirits (pot, kettle) then we went up to the roof where Marie Bower was being filmed for some property show about people building homes on the roof of other buildings (flat roofs, obv). It wasn't their house, or even a house more a shed like Andy Devonshire's. This didn't bother the producers of course. Then I was at the transmission party where Alan Yentob was trying to persuade Felicity Kendal and her husband (who I think is Tom Stoppard, but not in this dream) and kids, to join the cast of EastEnders. Alan tried to use me to persuade Felicity, in a slightly boorish way. Then I woke up. Elements of this dream are scattered across the last few days of my life, places I seen, people I have spoken to, stuff on tv. Happy Christmas.
Our team was privileged to photograph another incredible event tonight... a conversation between Alan Yentob and Nicholas Hytner.
Super 16 gets go ahead for UK HD channels Pressure from some of the UK's leading directors, cinematographers and manufacturers has clearly won the day for Super 16mm film, with the lifting of an effective 'ban' on the format for HD TV channels. New television industry technical standards are to allow UK broadcasters to accept programmes originated on Super 16 for broadcast on high definition channels. The new standard follows a campaign in favour of supporting the right of filmmakers to make the creative choice to shoot and deliver on film led by Directors UK and supported by a substantial group of industry stakeholders including Kodak, Deluxe, Panavision, i-Dailies, Cinelab, and the British Society of Cinematographers. In April of this year, Directors UK sent a letter signed by 32 of Britain’s most renowned directors to the BBC’s Creative Director Alan Yentob, calling for a review of the BBC’s technical guidelines. The signatories include Ken Loach, Stephen Frears, Michael Apted, Lynne Ramsay, Paul ...
'How is Alan Yentob allowed in the buildling?' Wow, Jennifer Saunders lets rip at the BBC via
Jennifer Saunders on 'top-heavy' BBC: How is Alan Yentob still allowed in?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Enjoyed Jennifer Saunders ranting about Alan Yentob. It's also nice to hear someone ranting about Botney.
"How is Alan Yentob still allowed in the building?" ha ha ha ha via
Richard Bacon to lead session on trust and the BBC at this year’s Radio Festival: Session with Alan Yentob and...
BBC wanted to axe Alan Yentob's £183000-a-year job three years ago but after ... - Daily Mail
Thompson PAC evidence shows he wanted to axe Alan Yentob's job in 2010. Yet Yentob's still on the exec payroll today, receiving £183kpa
Alan Yentob on Cracked Actor, as part of our campaign for digital arts channel The Space
Lauren Laverne, Alan Yentob, George Shaw, Rankin, Marcus Coates ... we've interviewed some tip top people on TDN!
it's called Imagine Rod Stewart with Alan Yentob on Iplayer well worth a watch
He's just trying to look like Alan Yentob
thats it I think. Called imagine. Introduced by Alan Yentob
BBC announces new quiz show PayOff! hosted by Alan Yentob in which top execs have to work together to trouser the jackpot £850, 000 reward
Cat is banging on about Alan Yentob again. The sooner he realises there's not going to be an 'Imagine' special about him the better.
ran by Jews for Jews. Islamists are their patsies. Alan yentob, all of them Jewish.
plus I was one table away from Jonathan pryce and Alan yentob! X
Ha! I'm grimly, terrifyingly fascinated by it. I keep expecting Alan Yentob to come on and reveal that it's all ..
Great programme on Zaha Hadid .. Very inspiring. Alan Yentob never fails to deliver.
Can't tell if the guy sat opposite me is actually Alan Yentob, or just a doppelganger
Tues; Blues v Plymouth, Weds; RSC and Thurs; The Worlds End. Any more culture and I'll be on Imagine with Alan Yentob
Have a look at this 12m film if you haven't seen - the Alan Yentob 'Imagine' doc on her is superb hope you caught it on BBC
Like me and Alan Yentob, but taller. Or did I ruin the mood? xx
Alan Yentob did a 1hour+ feature on her on BBC1 a week or so ago. Don't know if it's on the player.
Alan Yentob is making this Richard Rogers thing difficult to watch
Just flicked onto 'Imagine...Richard Rogers...Inside Out' with Alan Yentob . Im sure my disappointment is shared by many!!
Yeah...Alan Yentob parading his architectural ignorance on BBC ONE, tune in everyone. Poor Richard Rogers deserves much bet…
Imagine... Rod Stewart: Can't Stop Me Now Confirmed for BBC One on 9 July at 10.35pm to 12.00 midnight In Imagine...Rod Stewart: Can't Stop Me Now, Alan Yentob visits legendary rocker Rod Stewart at his LA home as he releases his first album of new material in almost 20 years - an album which, instantly shot to the top of the charts In a series of conversations, 'Rod the Mod' looks back to the 1960s, where he started out with groundbreaking acts like Steampacket and Jeff Beck, going on to front Faces from 1969. In an unmissable sequence, Imagine captures Rod with his soulmate and mischievous partner in crime, Ronnie Wood. The band’s offstage antics and wildly energetic shows became legendary, as did Rod’s love affairs with a string of models, actresses and Bond girls. In tandem, his solo career - songs like Maggie May, You Wear it Well, and Sailing - propelled him to global superstardom. Whether pouting and gorgeous in silk harem pants and eyeliner, or kicking a football around on Top Of The Pops, Rod ...
My TV Selection for Tuesday June 25th BBC 1: 10.35 pm - Imagine... Vivian maier: Who took nanny's pictures. Alan Yentob presents the incredible story of a mysterious nanny who died in 2009 leaving a secret hoard of thousands of stunning photographs. Never seen in her lifetime, they were found by chance in a Chicago storage locker and auctioned off cheaply. Now Vivian Maier's magical pictures sell for thousands of dollars. In life she was a recluse, a hoarder, spinning tall tales about her French roots. Including stories from those who knew her and those who revealed her unique work. BBC 2: 9.00pm - The Route Masters: Running London's Roads Nightbus. Series revealing how TFL and the police keep London's roads moving in the face of extreme pressure. This episode explores the world of London's night buses Itv: 9.00pm - Secrets From the Workhouse The Last Resort. Series 1, episode 1. In the first of two programmes, Fern Britton, actor Brian Cox, author Barbara Taylor Bradford and model Kiera Chaplin - grandda ...
"Imagine: Alan Yentob" is what people say to me when they want to ruin my day.
'Imagine: Alan Yentob'. It's only a matter of time.
Re La Boheme - in spite of our wonderful day yesterday, with my critic's hat on, I put it to Daniel Skelton last night that I've always thought the opera has a narrative flaw - a clumsy jump from the scene at Cafe Momus in Act 3 to Act 4 - as though there's a whole, and very obvious, chunk of story missing. Well, that's because, for some reason, Puccini took out an act from the libretto - (only discovered when the wife of one of the librettists, Illica, died some time in the '50s.) No-one knows for sure where it would've been placed but I think it's clear it would've gone between the existing Act 3 and Act 4 because it centres around a party, after Musetta's jealous, rich lover causes her eviction, during which she introduces Mimi to a Viscount. If this had been included we wouldn't have needed all of Musetta's retrospective explanation in Act 4 about where Mimi has been and there would've been more basis for Rodolfo's jealousy etc so why doesn't someone put this Act back in, eh? It's an obvious gap - and ...
Glasto costs BBC £2million, inc. 250 staff to bring us the Arctic frickin Monkeys. Free drinks for Alan Yentob.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
And channel 5 it's Alan Yentob trying to train Shetlands to be race horses.
Alan Yentob cadged off someone else to pay for his Taxis. (Licence fee payers). Only £1,000 over a 3 month period!. £1,000.
The BBC's Creative Director, Alan Yentob, spent £1K of the tax payer's money on taxis over a 3 month spell:
where does alan yentob go? £1k taxi bill on bbc expenses in 3 months!
It would seem we have an Alan Yentob in our midst.
The wolseley was so good we going back tonight
Alan Yentob fails to report his second salary from the BBC! Estimated to be paid total of £330,000 of your money. http…
Alan Yentob spotted in the audience. Late entry to ?
St David's Hall and spot of Alan Yentob in the bar
Alan Yentob: Why is it referred to as the "borscht belt" by the way? Mel Brooks: People go there to eat borscht.
How could 'Mary Poppins' have taken such pictures? Discover the poet of suburbia and secret street photographer who hid her life...
Borough Road GalleryBorough Road Gallery is a new gallery that opened in London South Bank University’s Borough Road building in June 2012. The gallery was financed by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to renovate part of the Borough Road building, and to devise a two-year programme of exhibiti...
Alan Yentob tells me we're in a new golden age of television. I also hear Made in Chelsea won a BAFTA.
and Alan Yentob's Cracked Actor, whilst not on iPlayer, is on YouTube.
At kind of party where there's a very real possibility of Alan Yentob wigging out to Get Lucky
Chuckle-worthy pic of Alan Yentob in tomorrow's DT - wonder what text made such important reading...
To Hay Fest yesterday. Good day. Saw Alan Yentob doing bit for planet on Bike. Fold up one, can't have everything
Seth Lakeman on Tuesday, saw Carwyn, Rhodri, Alan Yentob, Jeremy Bowen wandering about yesterday. sold out unfort!
There is a man laying flat on the floor with his head under one of my tables when I arrive at the stand this morning. i'm told that he is admiring my joints. He WAS wearing hush puppies but didn't have a beard, which is probably why I was surprised. The day got better with some solid leads to follow up; set of chairs perhaps, a desk and some garden furniture. Lots of praise and admiring comments, which is always nice. The sunny weather, and Bank holiday did mean lots of people visiting the stand today. Ther seems to be a lack of celeb sighting s this year. Alan Yentob, Lloyd Grossman, Korky Paul and Sandi Tostvig were the few spotted today. Insult of the day:- ( on my sideboard of Spalted Beech, probably the star of my stand so far) "THAT is just rotten to me. i wouldn' t be happy using anything that interesting" - followed by lots of questions on how I sharpen my chisels.
Love that The Man Who Fell To Earth is basically Alan Yentob's Bowie documentary with Alan Yentob taken out.
Watching it tomorrow, so hopeful that the BBC haven't hired Alan Yentob as presenter/narrator. Again.
BBC2's Bowie programme is a fine example of how good a documentary can be if Alan Yentob isn't allowed anywhere near it!
add beer to that and your onto a winner!!. Is that the Bowie doc with Alan yentob by any chance ?
if you thought the Alan Yentob series was good, you should watch "the 80's: the decade that made us" brilliant series.
Exceptional jazz from Sonny Rollins feat. Rufus Harley on bagpipes. Jazz Bagpipes! Who knew?! Recorded by Alan Yentob in 1974 at Ronnie Scott's & presented by a very young Melvyn Bragg on Second House. It just keeps getting more interesting!
BBC 3. 2000. Not in my TVC- Michael Grade, Ben Cohen and Alan Yentob have a fight in TVC car park to find out who was the best Controller.
Doing a bit of prep for John Moores 2014? This video of 2012 juror Alan Yentob might be of help
Just had drinks with lovely friends and shared the pavement with Alan Yentob, wish I had the guts to talk to him, a total Ledgend!
The shock of seeing Alan Yentob in Nike Air Max Ones surpassed by Richard Wilson wearing Air Max 360s on a TV prog about The Lake District!
Alan Yentob was behind me in the queue at Costa. My foolish choice of a large cappuccino, which came in an absurdly capacious double-handled mug, was made much more enjoyable by the look of disgust it elicited from him
Watched last part of Alan Yentob's series about Primetime in the US. It was superb and I loved every episode. Great TV.
It's been on the BBC & it's narrated by Alan Yentob... Such a great series.
What's the deal with Alan Yentob appearing at the start of documentaries on the BBC to make it look like he was involved in their gestation?
I have just met BBC Director General Tony Hall, along with Alan Yentob, at the News Festival. They both love ViLoR.
Alan Yentob rides a turquoise Brompton. Spotted on the cycle superhighway this morning.
Watch "imagine... David Bowie - Cracked Actor. (Full 55m Documentary with introduction by Alan Yentob)" on YouTube -
Recommended by Jonathan, I just started watching The Story of Film on Netflix streaming. If you have any love of film, this is an amazing 15-part essay by Mark Cousins who uses the power of film to make his points, jumping decades to show how ideas transform, pop up time and time again, throughout history. This is not dry film history, this is goosebumpy stuff. Recommended to David, Victor, Peter, Jason, well pretty much everybody.
I love how my stupid fricken name is over my cover photo. It *** near ruins the awesomeness that is Frye and Lorre. ;p
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