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Alan Yentob

Alan Yentob (born 11 March 1947) is a British television executive and presenter who has worked throughout his career at the BBC.

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BBC wanted to axe Alan Yentob's £183000-a-year job three years ago but after ... - Daily Mail
Thompson PAC evidence shows he wanted to axe Alan Yentob's job in 2010. Yet Yentob's still on the exec payroll today, receiving £183kpa
Alan Yentob on Cracked Actor, as part of our campaign for digital arts channel The Space
Lauren Laverne, Alan Yentob, George Shaw, Rankin, Marcus Coates ... we've interviewed some tip top people on TDN!
it's called Imagine Rod Stewart with Alan Yentob on Iplayer well worth a watch
He's just trying to look like Alan Yentob
thats it I think. Called imagine. Introduced by Alan Yentob
BBC announces new quiz show PayOff! hosted by Alan Yentob in which top execs have to work together to trouser the jackpot £850, 000 reward
Cat is banging on about Alan Yentob again. The sooner he realises there's not going to be an 'Imagine' special about him the better.
ran by Jews for Jews. Islamists are their patsies. Alan yentob, all of them Jewish.
plus I was one table away from Jonathan pryce and Alan yentob! X
Ha! I'm grimly, terrifyingly fascinated by it. I keep expecting Alan Yentob to come on and reveal that it's all ..
Great programme on Zaha Hadid .. Very inspiring. Alan Yentob never fails to deliver.
Can't tell if the guy sat opposite me is actually Alan Yentob, or just a doppelganger
Tues; Blues v Plymouth, Weds; RSC and Thurs; The Worlds End. Any more culture and I'll be on Imagine with Alan Yentob
Have a look at this 12m film if you haven't seen - the Alan Yentob 'Imagine' doc on her is superb hope you caught it on BBC
Like me and Alan Yentob, but taller. Or did I ruin the mood? xx
Alan Yentob did a 1hour+ feature on her on BBC1 a week or so ago. Don't know if it's on the player.
Alan Yentob is making this Richard Rogers thing difficult to watch
Just flicked onto 'Imagine...Richard Rogers...Inside Out' with Alan Yentob . Im sure my disappointment is shared by many!!
Yeah...Alan Yentob parading his architectural ignorance on BBC ONE, tune in everyone. Poor Richard Rogers deserves much bet…
Imagine... Rod Stewart: Can't Stop Me Now Confirmed for BBC One on 9 July at 10.35pm to 12.00 midnight In Imagine...Rod Stewart: Can't Stop Me Now, Alan Yentob visits legendary rocker Rod Stewart at his LA home as he releases his first album of new material in almost 20 years - an album which, instantly shot to the top of the charts In a series of conversations, 'Rod the Mod' looks back to the 1960s, where he started out with groundbreaking acts like Steampacket and Jeff Beck, going on to front Faces from 1969. In an unmissable sequence, Imagine captures Rod with his soulmate and mischievous partner in crime, Ronnie Wood. The band’s offstage antics and wildly energetic shows became legendary, as did Rod’s love affairs with a string of models, actresses and Bond girls. In tandem, his solo career - songs like Maggie May, You Wear it Well, and Sailing - propelled him to global superstardom. Whether pouting and gorgeous in silk harem pants and eyeliner, or kicking a football around on Top Of The Pops, Rod ...
My TV Selection for Tuesday June 25th BBC 1: 10.35 pm - Imagine... Vivian maier: Who took nanny's pictures. Alan Yentob presents the incredible story of a mysterious nanny who died in 2009 leaving a secret hoard of thousands of stunning photographs. Never seen in her lifetime, they were found by chance in a Chicago storage locker and auctioned off cheaply. Now Vivian Maier's magical pictures sell for thousands of dollars. In life she was a recluse, a hoarder, spinning tall tales about her French roots. Including stories from those who knew her and those who revealed her unique work. BBC 2: 9.00pm - The Route Masters: Running London's Roads Nightbus. Series revealing how TFL and the police keep London's roads moving in the face of extreme pressure. This episode explores the world of London's night buses Itv: 9.00pm - Secrets From the Workhouse The Last Resort. Series 1, episode 1. In the first of two programmes, Fern Britton, actor Brian Cox, author Barbara Taylor Bradford and model Kiera Chaplin - grandda ...
"Imagine: Alan Yentob" is what people say to me when they want to ruin my day.
'Imagine: Alan Yentob'. It's only a matter of time.
Re La Boheme - in spite of our wonderful day yesterday, with my critic's hat on, I put it to Daniel Skelton last night that I've always thought the opera has a narrative flaw - a clumsy jump from the scene at Cafe Momus in Act 3 to Act 4 - as though there's a whole, and very obvious, chunk of story missing. Well, that's because, for some reason, Puccini took out an act from the libretto - (only discovered when the wife of one of the librettists, Illica, died some time in the '50s.) No-one knows for sure where it would've been placed but I think it's clear it would've gone between the existing Act 3 and Act 4 because it centres around a party, after Musetta's jealous, rich lover causes her eviction, during which she introduces Mimi to a Viscount. If this had been included we wouldn't have needed all of Musetta's retrospective explanation in Act 4 about where Mimi has been and there would've been more basis for Rodolfo's jealousy etc so why doesn't someone put this Act back in, eh? It's an obvious gap - and ...
Glasto costs BBC £2million, inc. 250 staff to bring us the Arctic frickin Monkeys. Free drinks for Alan Yentob.
And channel 5 it's Alan Yentob trying to train Shetlands to be race horses.
Alan Yentob cadged off someone else to pay for his Taxis. (Licence fee payers). Only £1,000 over a 3 month period!. £1,000.
The BBC's creative director, Alan Yentob, spent £1K of the tax payer's money on taxis over a 3 month spell:
where does alan yentob go? £1k taxi bill on bbc expenses in 3 months!
It would seem we have an Alan Yentob in our midst.
The wolseley was so good we going back tonight
Alan Yentob fails to report his second salary from the BBC! Estimated to be paid total of £330,000 of your money. http…
Alan Yentob spotted in the audience. Late entry to ?
St David's Hall and spot of Alan Yentob in the bar
Alan Yentob: Why is it referred to as the "borscht belt" by the way? Mel Brooks: People go there to eat borscht.
How could 'Mary Poppins' have taken such pictures? Discover the poet of suburbia and secret street photographer who hid her life...
Borough Road GalleryBorough Road Gallery is a new gallery that opened in London South Bank University’s Borough Road building in June 2012. The gallery was financed by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to renovate part of the Borough Road building, and to devise a two-year programme of exhibiti...
Watching Alan Yentob's United States of Television, the women in television episode. It's brilliant.
Alan Yentob tells me we're in a new golden age of television. I also hear Made in Chelsea won a BAFTA.
and Alan Yentob's Cracked Actor, whilst not on iPlayer, is on YouTube.
At kind of party where there's a very real possibility of Alan Yentob wigging out to Get Lucky
Chuckle-worthy pic of Alan Yentob in tomorrow's DT - wonder what text made such important reading...
To Hay Fest yesterday. Good day. Saw Alan Yentob doing bit for planet on Bike. Fold up one, can't have everything
Seth Lakeman on Tuesday, saw Carwyn, Rhodri, Alan Yentob, Jeremy Bowen wandering about yesterday. sold out unfort! offers diagnostic & repair information.
There is a man laying flat on the floor with his head under one of my tables when I arrive at the stand this morning. i'm told that he is admiring my joints. He WAS wearing hush puppies but didn't have a beard, which is probably why I was surprised. The day got better with some solid leads to follow up; set of chairs perhaps, a desk and some garden furniture. Lots of praise and admiring comments, which is always nice. The sunny weather, and Bank holiday did mean lots of people visiting the stand today. Ther seems to be a lack of celeb sighting s this year. Alan Yentob, Lloyd Grossman, Korky Paul and Sandi Tostvig were the few spotted today. Insult of the day:- ( on my sideboard of Spalted Beech, probably the star of my stand so far) "THAT is just rotten to me. i wouldn' t be happy using anything that interesting" - followed by lots of questions on how I sharpen my chisels.
Love that The Man Who Fell To Earth is basically Alan Yentob's Bowie documentary with Alan Yentob taken out.
Watching it tomorrow, so hopeful that the BBC haven't hired Alan Yentob as presenter/narrator. Again.
BBC2's Bowie programme is a fine example of how good a documentary can be if Alan Yentob isn't allowed anywhere near it!
add beer to that and your onto a winner!!. Is that the Bowie doc with Alan yentob by any chance ?
if you thought the Alan Yentob series was good, you should watch "the 80's: the decade that made us" brilliant series.
Exceptional jazz from Sonny Rollins feat. Rufus Harley on bagpipes. Jazz Bagpipes! Who knew?! Recorded by Alan Yentob in 1974 at Ronnie Scott's & presented by a very young Melvyn Bragg on Second House. It just keeps getting more interesting!
BBC 3. 2000. Not in my TVC- Michael Grade, Ben Cohen and Alan Yentob have a fight in TVC car park to find out who was the best Controller.
Doing a bit of prep for John Moores 2014? This video of 2012 juror Alan Yentob might be of help
Just had drinks with lovely friends and shared the pavement with Alan Yentob, wish I had the guts to talk to him, a total Ledgend!
The shock of seeing Alan Yentob in Nike Air Max Ones surpassed by Richard Wilson wearing Air Max 360s on a TV prog about The Lake District!
Alan Yentob was behind me in the queue at Costa. My foolish choice of a large cappuccino, which came in an absurdly capacious double-handled mug, was made much more enjoyable by the look of disgust it elicited from him
Watched last part of Alan Yentob's series about Primetime in the US. It was superb and I loved every episode. Great TV.
It's been on the BBC & it's narrated by Alan Yentob... Such a great series.
What's the deal with Alan Yentob appearing at the start of documentaries on the BBC to make it look like he was involved in their gestation?
I have just met BBC Director General Tony Hall, along with Alan Yentob, at the News Festival. They both love ViLoR.
Alan Yentob rides a turquoise Brompton. Spotted on the cycle superhighway this morning.
Watch "imagine... David Bowie - Cracked Actor. (Full 55m Documentary with introduction by Alan Yentob)" on YouTube -
Recommended by Jonathan, I just started watching The Story of Film on Netflix streaming. If you have any love of film, this is an amazing 15-part essay by Mark Cousins who uses the power of film to make his points, jumping decades to show how ideas transform, pop up time and time again, throughout history. This is not dry film history, this is goosebumpy stuff. Recommended to David, Victor, Peter, Jason, well pretty much everybody.
I love how my stupid fricken name is over my cover photo. It *** near ruins the awesomeness that is Frye and Lorre. ;p
Alan Yentob documents the history of US primetime television.
This Alan Yentob series on primetime TV is amazing. Welling up remembering how amazing freaks and geeks was. All eps still on iplayer
Really enjoyed Alan Yentob's look at US primetimes Dad's - only watched 25% of the shows named but its a quality production anyway
Colour me impressed. The BBC/Alan Yentob have interviewed everyone for this America in Primetime programme.
Watching documentary about US comedy that has had Alan Yentob edited into it like the keeper of the Fraggle Rock lighthouse.
Alan Yentob's Imagine did a program called that on the BBC a few years ago, it was a curious piece. Interesting.
Really enjoying Alan Yentob's series on Primetime US tv. It's got me salivating thinking about the return of Arrested Development next month
In case anyone missed it, a link to the BBC doc on Murakami by Alan Yentob:
Watching Alan Yentob's show on American TV in primetime. 1st show is on the-man-of-the-house & the 2nd talking head is Tom Werner! ***
H has persuaded me to watch something hosted by Alan Yentob on the promise that Tina Fey is in it. This is how much I love Tina Fey.
Been watching United States of Television: America through Primetime on iplayer. Presented by Alan Yentob, gets into what makes US TV tick.
Alan Yentob's United Stares Of Television is a must see. Still on Iplayer.
The Misfit, nerd, odball, geek: they spice things up on tv. onmisbare Alan Yentob doc The United States of Television
I really like this Alan Yentob series on US TV. Mostly because I love listening to Alec Baldwin talk.
Alan Yentob has managed to gather everybody important from the last fifty years
Alan Yentob's series on US primetime is really interesting if you like TV and the way people are portrayed. (on iplayer)
God how I love the BBC and Alan Yentob. "The United States of Television" is an awesome series.
To understand the US - watch primetime TV. Alan Yentob's series on BBC 2 last night - is a good introducation to the American way of life.
If you love US dramas and comedies as much as I do I'd recommend Alan Yentob's documentary series on iplayer now
Up early. May as well watch Alan Yentob's awesome BBC series on American Primetime TV.
United States of Television: America in Prime Time. Great Documentary TV series by Alan Yentob.
United States of Television on BBC2. Presented by Alan Yentob. Very watchable. Apart from the very brief PTCs from Alan Yentob. IMHO
Alan Yentob documents US primetime television. Ep1: the archetypal American dad from the 1950s to the present.
Alan Yentob doc features Freaks & Geeks. Ladles and jelly spoons, TV will now never be bettered. Ever.
Great Alan Yentob documentary on Beeb 2 on US TV progs. I say great, would be awesome if they could edit out the bits with Yenton in.
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Alan Yentob's series the US of TV is just fantastic. Best thing on tv on a Saturday night.
Alan Yentob needs to do a series all about Twin Peaks
Weekly remender: That 'Alan Yentob show' on the BBC is just a repackaged PBS programme from 2011
Brilliant show on at the mo hosted by BBCs Alan Yentob about TV from USA, Seinfeld, Arrested Developement, Twin Peak covered so far.
Never thought I'd see Beavis & Butthead in an Alan Yentob documentary but just did. Marvelous.
Alan yentob is presenting a bbc2 show featuring beavis and butthead. He should stick to commissioning Jimmy Savile shows.
I made Alan Yentob up in a dream once. Turned out that he was real.
Loving The United States of Television on BBC Two. So many great shows and characters... Alan Yentob's witterings entirely superfluous.
Really enjoying the Alan Yentob series about American TV . Bbc2 now.
Who in the BBC, other than Alan Yentob, thinks that Yentob is a good enough presenter to inflict on us licence fee payers - but he's useless
Who else is watching the Alan Yentob doc?
22:30 The United States of Television: America in Primetime: Alan Yentob looks at some of the most high-risk charact…
If you're a fan of American TV, Alan Yentob's The United States of Television on BBC2 is a must. It explores all aspects of US primetime TV.
Highly recommend Alan Yentob's United States of Television on beeb2 tonight.
TONIGHT: Alan Yentob continues his look at 'The United States of Television' on BBC 2 at 22:30.
Yentob's United States of Television: America in Primetime, is a fantastic view on the leading male! Compelling watch indeed.
Caught a couple of swell documentaries last night. Interesting topics from both and Alan Yentob respectively.
Watching the first episode of United States of Television: America in Primetime by Alan Yentob. Enjoying it so far.
got drunk and recommended the Alan Yentob documentary to all
Alan Yentob's American TV doc on the BBC makes most other TV shows basically look like ***
Many have come and gone - Alan is one of great survivors in TV - he also knows where most of the bodies are buried!
hunt out the Alan Yentob interview with the writers from a few weeks back, brilliant. Came across as such nice guys.
Cracking cast tonight: Simon Schama, Alan Yentob and Imeda Marcos, on stage that is. Join us Radio 3 at10
Alan Yentob's next documentary is going to be him searching for someone who's seen an Alan Yentob documentary
Did you see Alan Yentob's United States of Television t'other night? It was like being back in AmPopTv :D
Love American TV? Alan Yentob explores the history of US Primetime TV in new series The United States of Television:
Watched less than a minute of that United States of Television doc...already though 'Alan Yentob's a nob'
The United States of Television - America in Primetime| 1. Man in the House Alan Yentob presents prog about tv's archetypal American dad gr8
First ep of Alan Yentob's series about primetime American drama/comedy is worth an iplayer.
This Alan Yentob thing on US TV is rather good
I'll blow a raspberry at Alan Yentob, just for the sheer *** of it.
Highly recommended documentary by Alan Yentob on American Primetime TV. Worth watching if you are a…
Watching the Alan yentob story of American TV. Brilliant
Forget the Americans, whatever happened to our Likely Lads? CHRISTOPHER ...: Alan Yentob's new four-part serie...
...that aside I do recommend the Alan Yentob Documentary 'United States of Television' on - 3 more episode to come.
Today I shall mostly be texting my good friend & inspired creative leader Alan Yentob on the hour, every hour to see when the news is due
A train ride to London awaits. Do I watch The Voice, some Alan Yentob doc on American tv drama or Graham Norton? I can't win.
Alan Yentob documentary on Sir Tom Jones was clever, witty, sassy and great BBC Four entertainment.
Alan Yentob interviewing Tom Jones on BBC4 at the minute. Deafened by the sound of names dropping from a great height
New band name - Alan Yentob and the Methodist Preachers.
might not be your cup of tea but its the Tom Jones What Good Am I interview with Alan Yentob
'Imagine' Alan Yentob with Tom Jones, on footage with Ethan Johns...legends!!!
At Broadcasting House - just saw tall science man Brian Cox being led round the Alan Yentob
move providers! we need to find out what Alan Yentob is doing!!
Important letter to BBC's Alan Yentob from top UK directors
201478_100% Performance Guarantee from - Every Item, All of the Time
In these techno times, interesting letter to from UK top directors
Screendaily reports most leading UK Film Directors urge BBC not to ban Super 16mm as a format for showing on HD
Uniquely talented in that she is Alan Yentob's daughter.
This could be good: Alan Yentob (yes, I know) presents a new series about the history of US primetime TV. Starts on BBC2 on 20th April.
I'm right now sat next to Alan Yentob at the BBC. Mucky fella's got stains all over his trousers
Alan Yentob's 'Cracked Actor' is a wonderful insight into the fascinating world of Davie Bowie. Very interesting documentary.
Alan Yentob called a “narcissistic muppet” on Radio 4, we might be paraphrasing |
listening to Alan Yentob bloviate about arts on TV via the BBC makes you want to punch something, really really hard…
One day left to watch Alan Yentob's Bowie Cracked Actor documentary if you've never seen it
Alan Yentob kept checking his mobile all through Damon Albarn's Dr Dee in Manchester two summers back then led standing ovation
Watching Alan Yentob's David Bowie documentary, Cracked Actor from 1974. Very strange (in a good way).
To mark David Bowie (Official)'s comeback album 'The Next Day' and the exhibition at the V&A, Alan Yentob looks...
got her Alan Yentob t shirt printed at snappy snaps tooting.
In regent street cafe sitting next to Alan Yentob. That guy is passionate about the bbc!
Alan Yentob's 1975 BBC documentary about David Bowie saying goodbye to Ziggy and Major Tom is on
Cracked Actor reminded me of how much more enjoyable Alan Yentob's documentaries are when you don't have to look at Alan Bloody Yentob.
A combative Gillian Reynolds takes on Alan Yentob in this discussion about Arts broadcasting.
Did you see David Bowie - Cracked Actor last night? Join Alan Yentob as he discusses it tonight
Also if your of a certain age you should watch the Alan Yentob doc on Bowie on I player "Cracked Actor"- brilliant!
Does Alan Yentob have to appear at the beginning of all BBC programmes now?
I watched this last night - to mark David Bowie's comeback album and a new exhibition, Alan Yentob looks back at...
Suppose you were too young to remember my sit-com 'I, Lovett' BBC2 - Alan Yentob hated it.
I did like Alan Yentob's Dalek Quandry. More at with
Just watched the Alan Yentob doc on pretty darn good time capsule of the lead up to Young Americans.
Just got in after seeing Alan Yentob speak about "Cracked Actor" at the V&A. Seen the film many times so really enjoyed the discussion
That was ACE. Cracked Actor, brilliant Bowie doc Particularly liked the insightful Q&A with Alan Yentob.
Alan Yentob spoke about you and Moon and Sundance tonight.
Alan Yentob was fascinating at the Cracked Actor screening, but no-one dared ask the big question... will he tour?
Jason Manford on Just A Minute? Like having Alan Yentob interviewed by Chris Moyles.
Judging by this, Alan Yentob isn't a massive Michael Bublé fan. I however, love the man
Bridal shoes at
Imagine w/ Alan Yentob? A real eye-opener! So thorough! At the risk of being repetitive is the new book a Rebus? Or complaints?
Listening to co-hosting with on BBC Radio 1. Loving the lift exploits with Alan Yentob.
Our PA Vickie has just been chatting to Michael Bublé and Alan Yentob in a lift being filmed by Radio 1... It's all go in BBC towers today!
One more thing about it features Alan Yentob riding a bike through reception to Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Watching goodbye to TVC on iplayer saw Alan Yentob leaving building on had to walk mine last Tuesday
Dread to think how many times Alan Yentob will get his smug face onscreen on the Imagine… David Bowie: Cracked Actor (4 April) special.
'Cracked Actor' 1974 BBC television film crew Alan Yentob was invited to follow David Bowie mid-tour in and around LA
I hope the RAF drop a massive gold statue of Alan Yentob on top of Madness.
Alan Yentob and Michael Grade said BBC TV Centre was no longer fit for purpose. That's *** really isn't it?
I didn't take Eldorado off because it only had an audience of 4-5 million. It wasn't good enough and it was misconceived - Alan Yentob
Sad programme. Usual names. Usual clips. Best bit? Alan Yentob cycling away from the sorry mess. Best thing to do...
After success of on & releases statement; it's sad but Alan Yentob no longer fit for purpose.
Alan Yentob said it so well, times of course change but its always sad when a dream factory closes.
It was pretty self-satisfied throughout but the appearance of Alan Yentob pushed it over the edge.
Alan Yentob has the pastel beard of dead jews that toiled to bring you Jazz lined entertainment
233437_Brand Focus
Alan Yentob cycles out of Television Centre on a fold-up bike. The Daily Mail dies of an anger stroke.
Does Alan Yentob only with with really small cameramen?
does something right. Alan Yentob leaves on a - without a helmet.
Alan Yentob just got into one lift, and emerged from a different one. WHERE IS THE TRUST IN JOURNALISM?
I can't decide if Alan Yentob is a force for good... or evil!
You know what's inside Alan Yentob's rucksack? A thousand signed photographs of Alan Yentob.
Alan Yentob looks like a tourist with that back pack on!
I have no evidence to back this up, but I'm almost entirely certain that the closure of TV Centre is Alan Yentob's fault.
Partly for recent personal reasons, and maybe a little bit due to Grade hosting. Was Alan Yentob busy? ;)
Alan Yentob there, no longer fit for purpose.
Yay Alan Yentob... The cry goes out around the country.
Now Alan Yentob. Talk about putting the boot in.
What we all want to see right now is one of the BBC's biggest screen assets, Alan Yentob. Said no one.
Alan Yentob doesn't wash his hands.
Goodbye, Television Centre. I loved working in you, meeting nice people, lunches in the Blue Peter garden & seeing Alan Yentob looking lost
Alan Yentob flipping burgers at a barbecue in the Blue Peter Garden during some Drama and Entertainment jamboree
Worked at for 2.5 years. Defining memories: chatting to Des Lynam in a lift about valentines day and Alan yentob doesn't wash his hands
Alan Yentob's Imagine:Glasgow,Grit and Glamour documentary has really, really made me want to go to gsa when I finish college.
On the other hand, I bumped into Alan Yentob, so that was nice.
Bowie 1974 Cracked Actor with Yentob talk not sold out - just got tickets - see film here
Guys, I have lots of Paul Morley based questions. now that I know I will never be Alan Yentob, being Paul Morley seems the next best proposition . Find out all you can Bridie Jackson Carol Bowden Rachel Catriona Jenny Nendick
Do you need to know what the words actually mean though? A documentary on scrabble pros by Alan Yentob suggested most don't
The cat is banging on about Alan Yentob hoping to impress me. I giggle in all the right places. I'll probably kiss him but that's it.
Just caught up with chatting with Alan Yentob Refreshingly frank reflections. Thanks.
I can't tell whether The Book of Mormon looks genuinely good, or if Alan Yentob has worked his standard magic again...
I hope Alan Yentob goes crazy at a campsite so I can call him Alan Tent Yob.
30 min show with Alan Yentob interviewing Trey Parker & Matt Stone about SP & the Book of Mormon. Woz gol.
Sorry for that attack of the rants - I just really hate him. On a brighter note, Alan Yentob is doing a special on Matt Stone & Trey Parker.
Great show Alan yentob so can't wait to see book of Mormon . Excited !
God when are we going to be free of the smug self-importance of Alan Yentob? Could he be more patronising to Trey Parker and Matt Stone?
Alan Yentob has to be the most boring man in broadcasting.
Just watched Alan Yentob intelligently break down the humour of Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the South Park guys "MATT DAMON!" Good job...
Both amused that Alan Yentob just took on the might that is Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Surreal.
Watching Alan Yentob interviewing Matt and Trey of South Park/Mormon fame. Shame he looks so disgusted by them or is he just confused?
Alan Yentob chatting to on - feel both totally vindicated for South Park love & really REALLY old.
The BBC appears just to be a mechanism for funding Alan Yentob junkets
"Jewish jokes are a regular feature, with Cartman insulting Kyle in almost every episode." - Alan Yentob, 2013
I'm absolutely loving hearing Alan Yentob talking about and 'festive faeces'. I have to see The Book of Mormon.
Alan Yentob could make anything appear boring. It really is a gift
Do wish that it was Louis Theroux doing the Book of Mormon show on BBC2 instead of Alan Yentob
Um, do those Mormons realise that Alan Yentob ain't one of them?
Alan Yentob following Mormons is exactly what I needed.
Really wanted to watch culture show spec on Book of Mormon but ugh. Can't stand Alan Yentob. Self-congratulatory ***
Alan yentob could not look more like a naughty child whilst interviewing stone and Parker on the culture show
Matt Parker and Trey Stone talking to Alan Yentob about South Park on The Culture Show? Um, ok. Let's try this.
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22:00 The Culture Show: Alan Yentob talks to Trey Parker and Matt Stone about The Book of Mormon.
Alan Yentob interviews Matt Stone and Trey Parker about 'The Book of Mormon' on BBC2 at 10pm.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone talk to Alan Yentob on BBC2 tonight at 10pm RT
Lawyers for the former Chilean dictator General Pinochet have said the Queen could, in theory, be arrested for alleged crimes by the UK.
Details of talks, workshops and lectures taking place around the exhibition, David Bowie is.
no... Sue and Mark, and also Debbie Vertue, Alan Yentob and more.
Books - The Last Chapter?. I'm watching it for the 2nd time. To me : BBC + Alan Yentob = Perfection.
Imagine.A show about Boris Bluff Johnson,produced by Alan Yentob Imagine Bluff as Prime Minister.No.End of show.Running time 2mins
Observer yesterday. ‘Alan Yentob, the BBC’s creative director, denied the charge that programme makers are aloof.’
This Wednesday at 10pm Alan Yentob meets creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone
I've just heard a quote on the TV saying "A rock guitarist can be turned out in 12 hours, but to be a classical guitarist takes at least 12 years" ***
Check out our special next Wednesday 10pm BBC2! Alan Yentob meets Trey Parker and Matt Stone.
Tonight on the culture show: Peter Zumthor and BILL MURRAY, Alan Yentob & Jonathan Miller
I wonder if Alan Yentob has made an imagine documentary on this new album? I bet he has.
I have power and influence around these parts. I'm like Colchester's Alan Yentob
Heads up - Next week's features Alan Yentob talking to Jonathan Miller about Rutherford & Son which comes to OP in Feb
Alan Yentob is an anagram of "ant boy lane", which I like to to think is analogous to a car pool lane.
It's because Alan Yentob knows what's good for the rest of us.
Hmmm there's actually some truth in this:
Alan Yentob meets Ray Davies who candidly discusses the vicissitudes of his career.
Presumably Miranda Hart saved Chris Patten and Alan Yentob's life at some point.
Saw Alan Yentob's "The Girl From Tiger Bay" again last night. Have fallen in love with Bassey's "The Performance".
I just saw Alan Yentob on a small blue bicycle.
was it a repeat of the Alan Yentob one? I've seen & forgot most of it so I shall peruse that tomorrow. Not wrong, she's a hottie.
Watching a great Alan Yentob documentary about Shirley Bassey and the collaboration involved in her new album. One of the LAST true stars!!
Trying to watch a documentary about Shirley Bassey but Alan Yentob is farting all over the top of it. He's the BBCs answer to Keith Vaz.
BBC4 Alan Yentob's Imagine...Shirley Bassey. The of my favourite albums ever!!
Alan Yentob and Gary Barlow on same TV prog...slipping into coma...send help...or someone interesting...
Alan Yentob gets the work, doesn't he.
Watching Alan Yentob pay serious attention to Gary Barlow adds enormously to the stature of the latter.
If you're enjoying Alan Yentob's interview with Shirley Bassey right now, here's an alternative
Thank you BBC4 for the Shirley Bassey night. Exactly what I need.
21:15 imagine...: Alan Yentob gains an insight into the creative world of Dame Shirley Bassey.
Don't miss programme on Hayley Mills on Alan Yentob's Imagine series tonight
I hear Alan Yentob is making a six-part series on how Francis Rossi cuts his toe-nails.
Alan Yentob: The Trouble with Tolstoy on DVD best price now £4.39
that's a brilliant documentary Cracked Actor. Made by Alan Yentob. Love the footage not least Bowie wired as wool in the car!
Probably the best Bowie Documentary. Alan Yentob's Omnibus "Cracked Actor" from '74/'75 In full and good quality here:
Alan Yentob takes an epic train ride through Tolstoys Russia examining how Russias great novelist became her great troublemaker. In this programme he reveals...
Mel Brooks special had some great clips but Alan Yentob?
by the way - I really enjoyed your documentary and chat with Alan Yentob. Comforting to see the creative cycles of others.
Watched a brilliant BBC4 doc on Tom Jones last night. Well done to Alan Yentob & The Beeb for a great job! Some fascinating insights...
Watched Tom Jones - What Good Am I? on BBC4 tonight and loved every minute. Alan Yentob gets the best out of his interviewees!
BBC's Alan Yentob still trying to bond with Tom Jones. But why???
Just watching BBC4-What good am i?-Alan Yentob. You are something else. Amazing voice. never stop!
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Tom Jones being interviewed by Alan Yentob - can TV dumb down any more than this? QTWAIN for
Alan Yentob, will you please learn to pronounce Pontypridd properly. It's doing my head in watching this Tom Jones documentary.
Was going to watch this Tom Jones doc but Alan Yentob just gets on my *** way too much
Alan Yentob on Tom,not the eighteenth century novel by Henry Fielding..the sexy male singer from the valleys..what's it coming to?
Alan Yentob can be annoying but at least he pulled the BBC2 schedule to put on Traviata . .
Shame about Gnasher, Cancer and Alan Yentob, left on the bench again. Maybe next year guys.
bbC4 Nothing Like a Dame, not presented by Alan Yentob for some reason.
Does Alan Yentob really think of it as the Hutton Affair? I thought it was the Hutton Report. Maybe the Beeb have a diff view
Just listening to old BBC material. Alan Yentob can sing all the songs from South Pacific
If you missed Matthew Bourne talking to Imagine's Alan Yentob last night, catch up here on
Is there anything better than Mel Brooks singing Bing Crosby to Alan Yentob?
You *are* so international. Y'should try & catch the doc. Nice BTS with Alan Yentob for new ballet
Why is alan yentob the expert of every form of culture/art?
Alan Yentob talking to on BBC1's 'Imagine'.now can't wait to see Sleeping Beauty in the flesh!
Alan Yentob must have the best job in the world alongside Melvyn Bragg
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Alan Yentob on BBC1 now looking at Matthew Borne's Sleeping Beauty - should be good viewing.
22:35 imagine...: Alan Yentob charts the career of choreographer Matthew Bourne.
A must for viewing tonight .. Alan Yentob on Matthew Bourne's Sleeping Beauty
Oh, brilliant! Imagine is on BBC1, 10.35 tonight. Alan Yentob watching it all come together.
On Tonight's Imagine: Alan Yentob follows a new art movement which involves throwing ducklings into buckets of paint.
If you want to know more about Matthew Bourne’s watch the Imagine documentary with Alan Yentob on BBC1 at 10.35pm tonight
Imagine... and Alan Yentob have exclusive access to Matthew Bournes Sleeping Beauty. From the first workshops to...
Tonight on HBO at 9 PM: Mel Brooks Strikes Back! Tune in for hilarity, old stories and a sure fire good time. This hour long interview with Alan Yentob is one of the greats.
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